Yes, the rumors are true…

Yes, the rumors are true…

March 26, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 44 Comments

Yes, the rumors are true…

Austin and I are expecting! We are due the second week of August. Merry Christmas! I don’t really know how to say this, but like 5 days ago I took a pregnancy test because I was like, I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant, and it was negative. Then 3 days ago I took another pregnancy test because I was having all of these symptoms and I really feel like I’m pregnant, but it was negative. and I was about to start my period, like, today I was supposed to start. usually test results 3 days before are totally accurate, well, I told myself I’m not going to take a test I’m just going to wait to see if I miss my period or whatever but, I took a test and I knew it was going to be negative, but look at that! There is a faint line I think you can kind of see it… anyways… look at that! I’m Pregnant! I think I’m pregnant?! So I haven’t told Austin and my family is all out there because its family night… Anyways… I have all of my siblings here and so tomorrow I am going to go get some more pregnancy tests and hopefully I can surprise Austin, his birthday is on Wednesday, today is Monday. so hopefully I can get everything together and surprise him, but I cannot believe it! If its true, I’m shocked and I’m not actually as scared as I thought I was going to be after miscarrying (stillbirth) at 20 weeks, I thought I was going to be so nervous, but I really am not. I’m excited and I don’t know, its crazy! and I cannot believe that I found out and haven’t told Austin yet. And for some reason I did it while my whole family was here… I don’t even know what I was thinking! but, I just felt like I just knew I was pregnant and I am! so I am probably going to call Carlin first thing in the morning and ask her for ideas and tell my Mom and Jana. I cannot believe it! Anyways, I’ll talk to yall later, Bye! Well, I just went to the store and got more tests! so, I’m going to take one and if its positive then I’m positive that I’m pregnant and I will probably go to my Mom’s today because

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  1. Lauren Hope

    I'm so happy for you guys! Congrats! ♥️♥️

  2. Shaleigh Reynolds

    I had a molar pregnancy too….It’s an odd thing, and not very common in Caucasian population, or at least wasn’t 20 years ago. I pray that everything is going well now!!

  3. Carolyn Roberson

    Yay. I love that you used the term expecting. My mom preferred we use that term to pregnant. Prayers going up for a healthy pregnancy!! You are such a beautiful lady.


    Congratulations !!! New friend here !

  5. Mollie Engle

    Congratulations!! My birthday is August 18th, maybe your lil girl and I will share a special birthday!!

  6. Denise Vacco

    What else is new!😂

  7. Lisa Freeman

    Congratulations and God bless you and your family

  8. MeNevar

    Congratulations we love following your story

  9. Mik Vidz

    Is this your 2nd or 3rd child

  10. Sarah

    I’m August 13th I hope we have the same birthday congrats!!!!

  11. Robin

    Praying for you and sweet baby girl. 🙂

  12. Simply Made Humble

    Sooooooo happy for you guys

  13. nancy manera


  14. xo.Alleb

    Can some update me on her family. I’ve stopped checking on their family in the longest time .

  15. Tricia Smith

    Congrats!!!! 💗

  16. Lisa Haynes

    I hated hearing about the spotting! I was just so worried about y’all! But the way he looks at you while you’re telling the story, I can just see the love in his eyes and almost like the strength and peace he’s trying to send you!!! Love!!

  17. Erin Dolieslager

    Y not go to the dr. and find out for sure?

  18. Kristy Fowler

    So happy for u Joy and Austin congratulations

  19. Candy Keiser

    Congratulations God is so good!! My prayers are with you for a happy, healthy pregnancy an easy labor and delivery and a beautiful baby girl!! May the Lord keep blessing you!!

  20. Danielle Tracy

    I’m so happy for you, this video made me laugh and it made me cry too. You can feel your emotions throughout this video. I lost three babies before I finally got my rainbow baby, my daughter Skylar who’s now 3 weeks old and I’ll always remember those emotions when you’re pregnant after loss. It’s such a roller coaster. I’m praying for you and thinking of you. I am so unbelievably happy for your family! 💕

  21. Linda Duncan

    So happy for you both! God bless you and your sweet little family!

  22. Elisha Allen

    Congratulations you guys so happy for this sweet couple

  23. Vicki Schaffer

    Hope all goes well for you

  24. Vicki Schaffer

    My prayers I lost twins

  25. Vicki Schaffer


  26. Meghan Servidio

    Yay my daughter was born August 19th, we named her Veronica (ones true image) as Veronica wipes the face of Jesus !!!! Congrats to you both.

  27. cajunkid0

    Expect to be expecting with the Duggar women.

  28. Clint Patac

    Awesome she said she was gonna call Carlin. But awesome! Congrats!

  29. Tatiana Ariel

    Congrats Joy! We may hold different beliefs, but excitement for a baby is pretty universal. :))

  30. mama of three

    i havent watched the whole video yet i just have to say you look so much like your mom

  31. Malinda Henderson

    Congratulations on your new baby 👧. God bless you both with a beautiful, happy life.

  32. Michelle Poblete

    Congrats!!!! So happy for you!!!!

  33. anarose

    When he took off the cap from the stick 😂😂😂
    Congrats 🍼

  34. Collette Gay

    I can not stand the Duggar’s. The parents are not very good role models. They kept having kids while the older kids looked after the under ones. Girls were required to wear skirts and boys were required to wear khakis and Polo shirt. Parents would listen in on kids that were “courting” conversations. Would go with them on dates. Josh “touching” his sisters…that is just gross. Anna was stupid to go back to him. I wouldn’t allow it. The list goes on and on.

  35. Possum Wattle

    Congratulations what a special gift from God.🙏🏿

  36. Brailyn Lee

    Congrats!! God is good

  37. Teacher

    Super cheesy.

  38. Vigilant Women

    Congratulations Joy & Austin!! God blessing on your family, pregnancy and the coming baby girl

  39. Paula Bratton

    I’m hearing impaired, have lots of trouble hearing you on this video.

  40. Dave Bounds

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way i'm on my dads Youtube account. my name is Ellery by the way " lol." i'm so exited for ya'll. when i found out that you had a miscarriage with Annabelle i was praying for you and Austin everyday and i was praying that God would bless ya'll with another baby and i'm so happy that he did!!!!!! Joy seeing you on tv you have made me a better person you are such an inspiration to me! please continue making video updates! love ya'll so much. i hope that Counting On season 11 will happen! and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! MY BIRTHDAY IS AUGUST 17 SO MAYBE YOUR NEW BABY WILL HAVE MY BIRTHDAY THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!!

  41. mamacasteel

    So happy for you Joy Anna and Austin. Gideon is going to be a great big brother! May God bless all 4 of you and continue to do so for the rest of your lives.

  42. sydney mcclain

    Congrats joy and Austin and Gideon and baby on the way

  43. Deb with Diabetes


  44. Beth Saxton


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