War veteran’s college dreams come true at age 33 | Militarykind

War veteran’s college dreams come true at age 33 | Militarykind

– Not everybody in life gets a do-over. It’s crazy that I got to
live like so many other lives and then get to come back to this. It’s like a fantasy that is reality. It just got to a point where, you know, she just couldn’t
do this on her own. So, I had to accept
responsibility even more and put my, you know, dreams
and selfishness on hold. And I need take care
of my kids and my wife. And at the same time I still want to, I feel like, there’s something
greater for me to do. So, that was the turning point
where I was like, you know, I need to join the military. You know, to serve something greater. – [All] One. Two. three, four, five. – Six months you’re already
at that breaking point. And it’s like, month seven,
month eight, month nine. Ten. – Head injuries, roadside bombs. Boy got his head, his
bell rung more than once. – [Roman] Traumatic brain injury during my first deployment
and second deployment. There’s a song, you know, the
Ballad Of The Green Berets. ♪ One hundred men will test today. ♪ ♪ But only three win the Green Beret. ♪ My wife had just had an ectopic. Simultaneously, she was
diagnosed with thyroid cancer. And she needed to get
surgery to remove it. Now that, you know, she lost the baby, she can have this type of surgery. And this was also at the same time that I needed to go out for training. And it was one of the most
difficult decisions to do because, you know, am I
making the right decision? It was like bright white
outside, and I can’t move. It feels like there’s fire going through my chest and my throat. And that’s where I kind of realized like, I’m being electrocuted. Lo and behold the next day, when they were gonna take
me to the actual hospital… my heart, my heartbeat was fine. The swelling in my throat had went down, it was a total miracle. I look at, you know, my cadre, and he’s like, “Are you ready?” And I was like, “Oh yeah.” Every time you went out, you
know, you are always getting, you know, hit by an IED or
some type of enemy contact. You just keep, you’re losing
people left and right. And you’re just like, man, I
just want to see my family. You know, at this point
I don’t care, you know, if I lose an arm or a
leg, just get me home. Brain’s still the brain. Having PTSD, traumatic
brain injury, vertigo, all these things that I have, if you don’t get them resolved, they’re just gonna come back later. I gotta find a different
chapter in my life. – You ready? – Yeah – Sun Devils tough on three. One, two, three! Sun Devils tough! It turns out your eligibility’s
frozen if you serve. They asked me,”Hey, why don’t
you just try to walk on?” And that just blew my mind. I was like, “I’m 33 years old. Like, is that even possible?” – [Kordell] Yeah, you know, at first, I looked at him and was like, my grandad. Gee, I was just like, I didn’t even know like why he was on the team. Like I saw him, and I was
like, is he serious right now? – [Zeke] He’s been able
to share life experiences that no one could ever
share with our team. You have to be able to
make a difference in our program to be on our team. And Roman makes a difference on our team. – He’s literally, the prototype teammate. – Aw, thank you. That was nice. – [Kordell] You know, he just legit genuinely wants to see me
be like as good as I can. – Definitely our first tradition is to always sit down and
have family meals together. To talk to each other and
see how everyone’s day was. – [Roman] It’s a lot of good one on one face time with everybody. – [Alicia] The real face time. – Yeah, the real face time. (crowd cheering) – [Kordell] For Roman to get out there, I know that would make his day. And just knowing that all he’s done and literally sacrificed, that is something I feel like could be… I don’t think it could be
repaid all at once, ever. I would not stop smiling honestly. (crowd cheering) Once I’m done with the sport of wrestling, that’s someone I would
model my life after. (crowd roaring)

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