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March 26, 2020 We’re starting today’s video
with some political news, as
President *******’s recent comments about the U.S.
economy could have a huge
impact on the wrestling world. In a press conference from the
White House, the Apprentice
star-turned Politician announced that people who
have lost their job recently
due to the global situation can receive their full salary
up to four months, and that
includes independent contractors. Given that professional
wrestlers are classed as
independent contractors, this will be a huge boost for
wrestlers who are unable to
compete right now due to guidelines that
******** ********************,
such as wrestling shows. Whilst the President has
said he aims for the U.S.
economy to be open in a few weeks in time for Easter, this
doesn’t seem likely according
to the advice of ******** experts, but at least things
will be a little less stressful
for wrestlers now, who are struggling to make end’s
meat. We’re looking ahead to
WrestleMania now, as whilst
the biggest show of the year will take place next weekend,
the company are taking
precautions in case their Performance Center gets
shut down. Speaking on Wrestling
Observer Live, Bryan Alverez
said how WWE has filmed some of the show’s matches,
but didn’t specify which ones.
He said: “WrestleMania is taping right
now and the impression I
have been given is that a lot of the big matches have
already been taped. I’m
pretty sure that they’re gonna be all done before this stay
at home order begins.
They’re going to have everything done until the
RAW after WrestleMania.” Given the unpredictable
situation we are living in,
it certainly makes sense for WWE to film WrestleMania
whilst they can, and fans
will have to wait until April 4th and 5th to see who reigns
supreme at this very unique
showcase of the immortals. Speaking of the Performance
Center, the WWE has been
using their personal facility a lot lately, but it
seems this will be coming
to an end today. Per an edict by Orange County,
Florida, a “stay at home” rule
is in effect, meaning that the company won’t be
able to film any more content
at the Performance Center. Fortunately for WWE, the
rule goes into effect at mid
night tonight, meaning that they have the rest of today
to film any content, including
WrestleMania, though we can’t help but wonder
what will happen for WWE’s
schedule after the show of shows has aired. Now, it’s obvious that this
year’s WrestleMania isn’t
the one WWE had planned just a month or so ago, but
that doesn’t mean the
company isn’t trying to make some money out of this
unpredictable situation. After it was announced that
the show would be split into
a two-night event without a crowd, the company
quickly started selling “I
Wasn’t There” shirts, and included the phrase “Too
big for one night.” Recent copyright filings from
the US patent office reveal
that WWE has filed a trademark for the ‘too big for
one night’ phrase,’ leading
to speculation that the show could be split into a
two-night event in the
coming years. If WWE does split Wrestle
Mania again, hopefully it
will be under better circumstances, but at least
the company has a trade
marked phrase in place if they do go down that route. We’re taking a look at WWE’s
financial side now, as the
company has had a difficult time in 2020,
especially with the
current situation. Recently, Vince McMahon
filed an 8-K form, meaning
that WWE received quite a bit of money, but McMahon
retained his voting power. In a statement to Yahoo
Finance, WWE confirmed that
the Chairman wasn’t going anywhere, despite both his
age and the current
situation, saying: “Mr. McMahon has informed
us that he intends to
continue in his capacity as the Company’s Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer for
the foreseeable future.” Though fans may question
his booking decisions, the
fact remains that Professional wrestling
wouldn’t be as prominent
today without McMahon, and fans can get used to the 74-
year-old being in power for
a long time to come. From the most established
name in WWE, to a fresh
face in the company, as this week’s NXT ended with a
very intense promo, with
saw the debut of Killer Kross. During an intense confrontation
between Johnny Gargano and
Tommaso Ciampa, the segment ended with a
promo on the big screen,
which clearly showed the words “Tick Tock” and Kross
on the screen. After strange glitches appeared
on SmackDown, it was rumored
that Kross may debut on the main-roster, though
it appears these glitches mean
something else. Given that Kross’ name didn’t
appear on the broadcast, it’s
possible that WWE could change it, but one thing
we know is that the former
Impact star has made a huge impression on his first
night in NXT. We’re looking at AEW now,
as Cody Rhodes has helped
make the new promotion one of the biggest wrestling
company’s in the world, but
it wasn’t too long ago that he was adorned in
facepaint and gold. In 2014, Rhodes became the
Stardust character, and whilst
the gimmicks was interesting at first, fans quickly
soured on the character. Speaking about the character
on Twitter, Rhodes said that
WWE wasn’t to blame for the character not getting
over. He said: “Not pushing Stardust wasn’t
the crime, the character had
broke me and I was a subpar performer under the
paint during that period.
The crime was not capitalizing on 2010-12 where
I was cooking with gas and my
live event work was top level consistent. In the
end, blame is on me.” Cody certainly doesn’t have to
worry about donning the
bodysuit anymore, as WWE owns the Stardust
character, and Rhodes is
doing much bigger and better things as the Executive Vice-
President of AEW. Now, Chris Benoit may have
been considered one of the
greater wrestlers of his generation, but the former
World Champion’s final
actions have arguably overshadowed his entire
career. Recently, Vice put out their
season 2 premiere for their
‘Dark Side of the Ring’ show, and plenty of people tuned
in to find out more about the
Canadian’s actions. The season premiere drew an
impressive 320,000 viewers,
which is an all-time series high, beating the
previous record of 240,000. If Vice can continue with numbers
like this with their upcoming
episodes about New Jack, the Brawl for All, and
the death of Owen Hart, then
it’s almost guaranteed that there will be a
third season, as there’s plenty
of controversy left in wrestling’s history. Speaking of Benoit, Jim Ross was
someone who knew the Candian
personally, as the pair worked for years on
Monday Night RAW at the
same time. During Dark Side of the Ring, it
was mentioned that in WCW,
Benoit was involved in an angle regarding his wife
Nancy and Kevin Sullivan,
which blurred the lines between a work and a shoot. Drung his latest Grillin JR episode,
the Hall of Famer disagreed with
WCW’s creative decision, saying: “I thought their private life got
way too public. It became an
angle, it became a storyline. As if we’re obligated
to share our personal life and
that should be voluntary, it should not be
made a storyline out of.” “I felt like making that, the
marriage, the adultery, all
this other stuff was simply unnecessary, we have to be
more creative. Did we have
to go there? I wasn’t really sure what was true in
that whole deal and what
wasn’t. In any event it made me uncomfortable.” Ultimately, we’ll never know
what could have been if Nancy
and Chris’ relationship wasn’t so prominently featured,
and even now, nearly 13 years
after his death, Benoit final actions remains one
of the darkest stains in
wrestling’s history. Back to the present now, and
one person fans haven’t seen
in awhile is Samoa Joe, as the former US Champion
recently served a 30-day
Wellness Policy suspension. That 30-day period ended
yesterday, and with WWE
filming content today, there is a chance that Joe could
return for the RAW after
WrestleMania. With that said, Joe currently
has no angles going on,
and with the stay at home rule coming into effect tomorrow,
it’s more likely that the Samoan
Submission Machine will have to wait until
WWE goes back to running
live shows, before he can finally make his return
to the ring. One person who knows all
about WrestleMania is
Triple H, ad whilst the Game won’t compete this year, he
did compete at WrestleMania
31, where he defeated Sting in the Icon’s WWE
match debut. One person who wasn’t a fan
of this booking was Arn
Anderson, as the veteran WCW and WWE star took to
his podcast this week and
claimed that the commentators were instructed
to bury the Stinger. He said: “If you go back and watch it and
listen to it, they just buried him.
As it turned out, they prostituted each other’s
finishes which I’m not a fan
of because guys don’t have finishes anymore…” Double-A carried on by claiming
that Vince McMahon booked
the match to downplay WCW, 14 years after
the company went out of
business. He said: “It was the last nail that Vince
could nail into the coffin and
say ‘okay, it’s done, we’re the superior company,
they said they were gonna
put us out of business, they led for all those weeks
but in the end, here’s your
last remaining guy and he was your biggest star and we
just crushed him before your
very eyes at the biggest event of the year.” Whilst it was strange of WWE to
book a storyline about the
Monday Night Wars, 14 years after it ended, the match
is still enjoyed by many, though
clearly Arn, isn’t a fan. From WrestleMania to Smack
Down now, as for the past few
months, one of the most engaging storylines has
been between Mandy Rose,
Otis and Dolph Zigggler, as the Golden Goddess chose
the Show-Off over the lovable
Heavy Machinery star. Speaking to Digital Spy, Rose
revealed that this angle has
been a long time coming, as she said: “He’d (Otis) walk around the
Performance Center and
he’d call me ‘peach’ and ‘Mandy candy’. The whole
‘Mandy candy’ and ‘peach’
thing started in NXT a couple of years ago, it was
always really funny, he’d
even cut promos on me. It’s like a Beauty and the Beast
storyline and it’s awesome,
But I don’t think I thought they’d be this much into
it and this much behind it and
care about it that much. It’s really cool.” There have been rumors of a
match between Otis and
Ziggler being booked for WrestleMania, but with the
show just days away, the
company will have to announce the match fast, if
they want it to take place in
Orlando. Speaking of WrestleMania, this
year’s show will be the first to
take place without a crowd, but that hasn’t phased
Seth Rollins. Ahead of his Mania match with
Kevin Owens, Rollins
appeared on WWE’s The Bump, and pointed out that he
and KO have plenty of history
at the Performance Center. He said: “There’s so much history that
Kevin and I both had in NXT
and in this building. I sort of detailed it a few nights
ago on Raw. But, it really
adds a different element to our match. Though we won’t
have a live crowd there, we’ll
have millions of people watching around
the world.” Rollins went on to say that he
was in attendance for Owens’
tryout at the PC, so it’ll be interesting to see their
careers go full circle, when
they meet, one last time, at the Performance Center. Back to AEW now, and this
week saw the in-ring debut
of Brodie Lee, who didn’t take long to defeat QT Marshall Before the match took place, a
backstage segment saw Lee
get mad when someone sneezed near him,
apparently a dig at Vince
McMahon, who is known to see sneezing as a lack of control. There have been plenty of
times when AEW has taken
shots at WWE, and it’ll be interesting to see where Lee,
and his Dark Order go from
here, after this week’s impressive victory. From one AEw star to another,
as Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy
had to reschedule their Save the World tour, but
that won’t stop fans hearing
one of their most iconic tracks. With no live crowd to sing
Jericho’s entrance theme
Judas as he makes his way to the ring, fans have started the
Judas Challenge online,
where they post videos of themselves singing the theme. And finally today we’re ending
with the results of the
Wednesday night War, as this week’s show saw opened
with Tyler Breeze defeating
Austin Theory. After Killian Dain bested Tebuti
Miles and Cameron Grimes
defeated Tony Nese, Io Shirai made a statement by
defeating Aliyah, earning
herself a spot in the upcoming number one
contender’s ladder match. Up next, fans saw North
American Champion Keith
Lee brawl with Damian Priest and Dominik Dijakovic, and after Oney Lorcan and Danny
Burch defeated Shane
Thorne and Brendan Vink, Candice LeRae became the
next woman to join the
women’s ladder match, defeating Kayden Carter. Up next, Matt Riddle defeated
Roderick Strong, before
being attacked by two mysterious new stars, and the
show ended with an
appearance by Triple H, who confirmed that Tommaso Ciampa
and Johnny Gargano will
compete, in two weeks time. On AEW Dynamite at the same
time, the show opened with
guest commentator Kenny Omega putting over
Jimmy Havoc, who ultimately
lost to Cody Rhodes. After Darby Allin defeated Kip
Sabian, Jake Hager made an
impact by demolishing Chico Adams, and only ceased
his beatdown when AEW World
Champion Jon Moxley hit him with the
Paradigm shift. Up next, fans saw Brodie Lee
defeat QT Marshall, whilst
Kenny Omega defeated Sammy Guevara to retain the
Triple-A Mega Championship
title. And in our main event spot,
Chris Jericho called out Matt
Hardy, and after failing to get the Woken 1 to join the
Inner Circle, delivered a
beatdown assisted by Guevara. Fortunately, Hardy was saved
by Cody and Omega, and the
three faces stood tall to close out the show, on
another unique but impressive
week, on Wednesday night wrestling.

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