Time Management Tips for Busy Working Women – TIPS THAT ACTUALLY WORK

Time Management Tips for Busy Working Women – TIPS THAT ACTUALLY WORK

What is the one thing in the world every
human being on this planet has in common? Time! We all have 24 hours in the day so
how is it possible that some people look like they have it all together all the
time and they look so good while doing it? This is because these people use
their time much more effectively. Even though there are so many ways to manage
your time more wisely, we will be talking about the top 5 that are the most
crucial, so if you are a busy woman who wants to manage your time better then
keep on watching. Number one on the list of time management tips is to do the
most important thing of the day in the morning. When you wake up you are your
most productive self, so why not get the most important thing out of the way
right away. As the day goes by, you become more and more tired and less
likely to complete tasks you promised yourself that you would get done so get
that work out of the way first thing in the morning, or get those important
meetings out of the way first thing in the morning, or if you are a homemaker
get the cleaning done first thing in the morning. I like to film my videos first
thing in the morning because I know that this is a time I am my most sharpest and
most energetic. Also by filming my videos first thing in the morning I make sure
they get done as opposed to me waiting later in the day where something might
come up and I might not be able to get to them. By completing the most important
things unique done earlier in the day you can mark that off your calendar and
to-do list and then basically concentrate on something else. This helps
you with your time management because know you’re not procrastinating or
wasting time thinking about the things you need to get done, instead you’ve
completed them and now you have time for more important and other things. So
ladies make sure you get the most important thing out of the way first
thing in the morning. Number 2 for time management is to say
and no to things that support your immediate goals. I will
repeat that, say no to things that don’t support your immediate goals. Think about
it for a second if you say yes to doing something you are taking away or saying
a no to doing something else. You can get sick and become better again you can
lose money and get it back in but the one thing you cannot get back is your
time, so make sure you are using it much more wisely. When you are trying to
manage your time better you are aware that your time is very valuable and you
therefore say no to things that don’t support your immediate goals in life. Say
no to the parties on the weekends, which you know will last all night and as a
result you’re going to sleep in all day Sunday, just to recover. Now I’m not
saying work and be productive 24/7, that’s not possible to do and probably
isn’t even good for us instead, what you can do is give yourself a set time to
attend that friend’s party for example. So commit to leaving at 10:00 p.m.
regardless of how much fun you’re having and when you’re watching Netflix give
yourself maybe a maximum of two hours to watch what you want and pull away after
that before Netflix asks you to continue to the next episode. Number three in
time-saving tips is to use a personal calendar and actually schedule your time.
We all have access to calendars but until we use them and schedule or a time
on there we are not able to manage our time better. Also, we use calendars at
work but why are we not using them for our own personal lives as well? When you
use a personal calendar throw everything you need to do on there from when to go
to the gym to when to attend a bridal or baby shower to even scheduling me time.
When you use a personal calendar you are able to see what you have going on on a
daily, weekly, and monthly basis. As a result you manage
your time so much better and you’re also able to spread out everything by
spreading out all your meetings, routines, parties anything else you have going on
you can pick and choose what you want to do and what you need to scrap. This helps
you to not over exhaust yourself because everything is spaced out perfectly this
is also great if for example you have a business meeting on the other side of
town and you know that your friend who you’ve been really wanting to see lives
there now you can basically schedule both meeting and coffee date with your
friend on the same day and save time on travel. Personal calendars are probably
the easiest and best ways to manage your time better, so get started ASAP. Moving
on to number four on the list of time management tips is to plan what to wear
a day before. Men have it so easy, my husband wears a black plain t-shirt to
work almost every day (he has 30 of them by the way) but he basically wastes no
time in the morning deciding on what to wear. Now I know we can’t all wear black
t-shirts to work every day because if you’re like me you need a little bit of
variety in your wardrobe and you need to style yourself differently almost every
day. So instead of wasting time every morning deciding on what to wear plan
the night before this works better and helps you save time because there is no
immediate urgency like there is in the morning, the urgency if anything
stresses you out and in the end you spend more time looking for what to wear.
This will save you at least an extra 10 minutes you would have used deciding
what to wear in the morning. Another thing that ties in with dressing
yourself is doing your makeup keep your makeup to a minimal and only stick to
the absolute must things you need to do. If I get started on my makeup I can take
up to 30 minutes just to do my makeup, instead I have condensed my daily makeup
routine to the absolute bare minimum. I don’t spend more than 10 minutes any
more in the morning. I use that extra time
for more useful things now. Next we have number five, number five on the list of
time management tips for busy women is to set boundaries. What do I mean by that
exactly this basically means to set boundaries for social media family time
friends time and also me time. The goal at the end of the day when you are
trying to manage your time is to be able to do everything you want and be able to
do it without compromising in any areas of your life, so that means you have to
set boundaries in all areas. When you are on social media
give yourself specific time whether that’s thirty minutes or two hours in a
day, when you spend time with your family and your friends make sure you are
giving each appropriate amount of time not overdoing or under doing it either.
When you have your me time make sure that time it’s used for things only you
enjoy doing even if that’s watching your favorite TV show, limit yourself to one
or two episodes and try not to get up by losing time by watching five whole
episodes in one sitting. My record is seven by the way comment below if you
beat my record. But of course that was before I learned to manage my time much
better. Something my father-in-law recently told me is about the eight
times three rule. This rule basically states that you should divide your time
by eight our time frames, this means you should be using eight hours of your day
to sleep eight hours of your day to do your work and the remaining eight hours
of your day to spend as you’d like. By doing this you maintain a balance in
your life and you have enough time for everything that you need to do I hope
you found value in this video and apply some of these tips to help you manage
your time better especially if you are a busy lady. If you liked this video make
sure you give it a thumbs up so I know to make more content like this also if
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sure you check out these videos I think you will find them very
valuable. Lastly remember that life is short it is a blessing so please make
every day count and be the best version of yourself, you can do this by managing
your time much better. Until next time you guys this is sincerely Maria signing
off. Take care

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