They Will Question YOUR Integrity. In Fact, He Told Me I Was Going To HELL!

They Will Question YOUR Integrity. In Fact, He Told Me I Was Going To HELL!

– And the flip side is, and
again, don’t wanna sugar-coat it but when you are out in front, you are out in front. – [Woman On Panel] Yeah, it’s hard. – The first TRIBE launch that I did, I was told that I was going
to hell from a guy who asked if he could get Tribe
for free and I said no and he said, “But you claim to be “a guy who has his own
charity, blah blah blah, “and you should give it to me for free.” And I said, “That’s not how it works.” And he said, “You’re going to hell.” and he wrote like this whole
thing and just laid into me and blah blah blah blah blah. And I was just like, (laughing) wow. And they will question your integrity, they will do this, they will do that. So you do have to be prepared
for that but at the same time you have so much to offer,
and just like what you’re sitting there, this is
born from a place of like, “I wanna help more people.” So stay in that place and if
people are on board, awesome. You can’t please everybody. – [Woman In Audience] Yeah. – Love me or hate me, there’s
no money in the middle. So do your thing, be
grounded in the fact that you have integrity in what
you do and that you know how you operate, you know how you show up. You know what your both intentions are and ultimately your actions are. So stay grounded in that and when you’re grounded in that,
you gotta keep moving forward. (Scribbling)

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