The #broomchallenge isn’t real & your broom will stand on its own tomorrow too

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  1. Tiano Navasca

    I refuse to let this to ruin my happiness.

  2. Randir Kapoor

    I did made a video this is for real broom stands on it own.

  3. Movate Max

    Thier hiding something..

  4. Kendrick Branch

    I got up this morning to find my damn broom standing in the middle of my kitchen by itself no one was up but me soooo…… WTF!!

  5. Alicia Gauna

    We went to Walmart n target to test it out lol. Ck it out

  6. N Z iwi kiwi

    never trust nasa or mainstream news .EARTH IS NOT A SPINNING BALL OF WATER

  7. Ben Mueller

    this was dumb back in 2012 and its dumb now

  8. A Peppermint Candy

    So you smarty pants and yellow dress ,explain to us why our broom couldn't and wouldn't stand up any other day in a WHOLE YEAR? Please don't insult our intelligence with your biased narrow minds.You are NOT trying this every day are you????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. OBCD_06

    I came home and my mom said look at our broom and I said I thought it was fake

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