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Maroon 5 – Cold (Lyrics) ft. Future

February 24, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 10 Comments

Maroon 5 – Cold (Lyrics)  ft. Future

Cold enough to to my bones Feels like I don’t know you anymore I don’t understand why you’re so cold to meet with every breath you Breathe, I see there’s something going on. I don’t Understand why you’re so cold. Are we taking time out? I can’t eat in between Asking me for space here in my house. You know how to fuck with me. I feel we’re not together Not her everything the weaving through sleeping up under the covers I’m so far away from you Distant when we’re kissing If you’re so different Baby, tell me how did you get so What you’re holdin on holdin on for you need to sleep Why you wanna bite your tongue for silence is killing me nuts. Look, we’re not together If you don’t want this the words they use people up under the covers I’m so far away from you this time When we’re kisses You’re so different Baby tell me how did you get so Never thought that you would like this I took the tag on four major prizes Stan I just spent a half a million on a chandelier that each I’m coming y’all like a light switch Trying staying I leave Saying that you need some time to breathe Thinking that I’m sleeping on the far another word, but the four-letter word don’t sleep we go in two separate way you and me You gotta go where we die is to beat you don’t dig it W-with the side get attacked again Yah Debate I see Go

Technology: it’s in our homes
and in our cars, but why can’t it be in us? Well, now it can.
Ronny Chieng has more in his segment
Today’s Future Now. ♪ ♪ Thanks, Trevor. For years, we’ve mostly
just operated our technology with our hands and our fingers, like a bunch of cavemen or people from Michigan. We love to finger
our technology. We finger it all day long. But now “science” has found a way to get
our whole bodies involved. Exoskeleton vests
are changing the game for the American
manufacturing workforce. Ford Motor Company
recently unveiled its plan to provide workers
with wearable technology. REPORTER: It’s an exoskeleton
that helps maintain good posture, adding up
to 15 pounds of support to each arm
when it’s raised up. Nicholas Gotts spends much
of the day on the Ford Mustang
assembly line reaching up. Really? They call you Rocket Man
and Mr. Incredible? Or are you trying
to give yourself a nickname and make it stick by saying it
on national television? Because it doesn’t work
like that, man. Okay? If you want to give yourself
a nickname, you got to be more subtle. Take some advice
from the Chinese stallion. You got to slip it in, when people
aren’t paying attention. W-Wait, wait, wait.
You’re the Chinese stallion? Yeah, I mean, tha-that’s what
I keep hearing people saying these days,
so I guess it’s official. But, more importantly, I don’t know if I trust
that robot vest, okay? I see what’s happening. First, the robot’s like, “Hey, let me help you
lift that.” Then the robot’s like,
“Hey, you know what? I-I can do that myself.
Why don’t you go take a break?” And, next thing you know,
the robot has your job and is banging your wife, okay? And there’s also downsides. Because not only is technology
taking over our lives, it’s about to make us look
a lot stupider. REPORTER: Swiss drone scientists
are working on a wearable drone controller. It’s basically a fancy jacket
with a lot of sensors on it. You put it on and then you add a little virtual reality
headset and then you raise your arms
like a bird, as free as you can be, and, uh, you’ve got to twist
your torso every which way to pilot the drone. Oh, wow. How convenient. So instead of using
a remote control for my drone that fits in my hand, now I just have to put on
20 pounds of equipment? I can’t lift 20 pounds, okay? Do I look like the Rock? Do I? (shouts of assent, cheering) No! No, I don’t. But thank you. (laughter) So, I shouldn’t need
a whole workout routine just to spy on my neighbors
sunbathing on their roof, okay? My problem with this
is that it’s too small-minded. We’re in the future.
We shouldn’t be flying drones. -We should be flying ourselves.
-MAN: Yes! REPORTER: It’s not a sight
you’d expect to see on the streets of London. But few are more blown away
by the jet suit than the man who invented it,
Richard Browning. It’s almost like that dream
most people seem to have around being able to just think
somewhere and fly there. REPORTER: It can reach speeds
of 32 miles an hour and an altitude of 12,000 feet. Anyone can fly it,
with training and insurance. It’s made up
of five mini jet engines, one on the back and two on each
arm, which control direction. Finally. Now, this is
an awesome way to travel, even though he looks like Tony
Stark got his suit from H&M. And… look
at all those engines. I can finally fulfill
my childhood dream of flying and killing
eight geese at once. But as cool as this suit is,
there is one drawback. REPORTER: For now,
the fuel pack limits the suit to only three
or four minutes of flight. (laughter) So this thing can fly up to 12,000 feet but only has gas
for three minutes. That sounds like a great way
to fall from 12,000 feet. But you know what? The good thing
about all this new technology is that we’ve all been worried
that robots are gonna take over and kill humanity. But it turns out
we’re becoming the robots and we’re gonna kill ourselves
first. So, suck it, robots. That’ll
teach you to bang our wives. The Chinese stallion, everybody!

You Should Never Order Lo Mein At A Chinese Restaurant. Here’s Why

Lo mein may be the perfect Chinese comfort
food, slightly sweet, a little bit sticky, not too spicy, but oh-so-satisfying. If you can’t eat a whole plateful in one sitting,
the leftovers seem to taste even better the next day, even if you eat them straight from
the carton and cold from the fridge. Still, as tempting as lo mein may be, it’s
really not something you should order from a Chinese restaurant. For one thing, lo mein in most American restaurants
isn’t even remotely authentic. Unlike the totally-American General Tso’s
chicken, lo mein can easily be found in China, but the Chinese version is quite different
from the one Americans are familiar with. “Lo mein” actually means “stirred noodles”
and refers to a method of preparation rather than a specific dish. According to My Great Recipes, the Chinese
method involves stirring noodles into a soup broth just before it finishes cooking, so
the noodles become soft and absorb the flavor of the broth and its seasonings. ChowHound further explains the differences
between lo mein as it might be served in Boston versus Beijing. In the U.S., lo mein noodles are tossed in
a hot wok with a thick brown sauce. Chinese lo mein noodles are also stir-fried
in a wok, but the sauce is lighter and thinner, perhaps made with soy and rice vinegar with
just a tiny bit of thickener. Despite these differences, we realize most
people won’t pass on lo mein just because it’s not entirely authentic. “I gotta have a lo mein.” However, most people should pass on lo mein
because it’s so unhealthy. Lo mein is basically a heaping helping of
carbs and a whole lot of oil. If you order it from P.F. Chang’s, even the veggie version has 630 calories,
10 grams of fat, and 114 grams of carbs. By adding pork, your meal will hit 920 calories
and 32 grams of fat. Also, if you’re watching your sodium intake,
you might want to look away from lo mein, soy sauce boosts the sodium content to 3,540
milligrams for the veggie dish, and a whopping 4,170 for the shrimp version. “Mmmm, salty.” The sugar content isn’t looking good, either,
20 grams for each type of lo mein except veggie, which tops out at 23 grams. If you’re wondering how this compares to the
recommended daily values based on 2,000 calories per day, pork lo mein will deliver nearly
half of your daily allowed 78 fat grams, and all the lo mein entrees offered will give
you more than one-third of your 275 grams of carbs. You’ll be nearly halfway to your permitted
50 grams of sugar, but way over the top on sodium, since you should really only be consuming,
at most, 2,300 milligrams a day. Lo mein also isn’t the best choice when it
comes to your budget. CheatSheet lists lo mein as one of the top
Chinese restaurant menu items that are a waste of money. At most places, the dish consists primarily
of noodles, which is one of the cheapest items in a restaurant’s kitchen. What’s more, they can be bulked up with inexpensive
veggies such as cabbage, while you’ll find fewer pieces of more expensive proteins, like
shrimp or beef. It’s a simple way for restaurants to skimp
on serving anything that’s actually going to cost them too much money. Plus, they can get rid of any veggies they
may have overstocked. It’s a nice arrangement for restaurant owners,
but you won’t be getting the best meal for your money. “Well, that place was a rip-off.” If you want to enjoy a healthier version of
lo mein for a lot less cash than it will cost you in a restaurant, it’s actually a really
simple dish to make at home. If you don’t have any Chinese egg noodles,
Epicurious points out that you can easily use any type of round noodle instead. Also, you won’t need any complicated ingredients
for the sauce. You should be able to find everything at your
local grocery store. Then just add veggies and, if you like, some
pork or other meat for the protein. Even the wok is optional, as chef Jet Tila
points out, almost any large pan will do. “A simple pan with high sides that gets hot
is totally fine.” It will take about 15 or 20 minutes from the
time you start boiling the water to cook the noodles to the time dinner is done. Plus, it will be healthier and much cheaper
than if you ordered it in a restaurant. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
dishes are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
bell so you don’t miss a single one.

How To Find Your PASSION In Life In 2020 | Find Your True Purpose ft. Tom Bilyeu

No one is born with a passion,
right? You would
imagine me saying that Steve Jobs was born with a passion for technology,
what if he’d been born 7000 years ago? 50 000 years ago?
Would he still have that, would he be dreaming of the iPhone?
No, of course not. So,
where you grow up is going to influence your outcomes
far more than who you are. Like,
this is terrifying, the greatest predictor of your future success
is the ZIP code in which you grow up, it’s not your IQ.
It’s all about like, what are you going to build?
Like at what point do you look inside the brain
and go: “Ohhh,
this is how it works”. And so,
I’m going to build desire.
So, building desire is one of the most misunderstood
things in the world.
It’s like when people say, “Oh my god I’m in love with this woman”
and they think it’s gonna be like that forever and when that wains
and they break up and they keep chasing that initial high
without recognizing, that’s just not the truth of human
neurochemistry. It’s never gonna be like that.
So, it starts with that just all-consuming drug-like
quality and then it smooths out into something
that’s long term pair-bonding and you have to know how to ride those waves.
So, desire is very much the same, you have to learn how to fan those flames,
to take an ember of interest and turn it into a raging inferno.
So, when I was at Quest, my raging inferno,
my reason for existing, was to end metabolic disease.
Well, now I’m doing Impact Theory and I’m not thinking about metabolic disease
anymore, I’m thinking
about the poor mindset
and I’m trying to save people from their ZIP code
is an easy way to think of it. And so, I
fan those flames,
which is something I wasn’t even thinking about when I was at quest ,
so it’s like, you can very much pivot,
you can decide. But it has to be something real,
like these are real things, I really did care
about ending metabolic disease because of my family,
I really do care about the ZIP code being a predictor
because of people I’ve loved in my life who have succumb to that,
my inability to help them up to this point. So it’s like,
you take that initial spark and then you cultivate it like you would a
fire. So,
“techne” is an ancient Greek word that is a set of skills,
that matter to you, that you work extraordinarily hard to build
so they are unique to you, that allow you to serve not only yourself,
but other people. So, we are a social creature.
So, I always want people to understand,
there are certain things in you, hardwired into you,
that if you ignore, you ignore at your peril,
and if you leverage, can really propel you forward.
Such as helping other people. It feels good.
It’s so immediate, when you do something nice for somebody,
you feel that right then man,
it feels awesome, and like when you see people,
like really, like fighting
and just like, think of
hurricane Katrina to use an American
disaster where people flew from all over to come and
help and save people,
and it’s like, dude,
people working more than 24 hours without stopping,
working until they collapse, it’s crazy!
But, when you feel like you can help another human
being alleviate suffering,
people go all in man. That is innate to us,
we want to do that! We’re gonna get this neuro-feedback loop
of, “This feels awesome”,
“I feel good”, “I feel urgency”,
“I can not stop myself, I have to help”.
And that’s so powerful. And if you can make your business about that,
now all the sudden like, the thing for me I hate:
working with my hands. I hate it.
I hate grease on my hands, all that.
And I was having to repair equipment
which is something I absolutely hate. So, when I was under equipment,
and I’m talking about, you’re working,
it’s 2AM on a Friday and your knuckles are bleeding from like
trying to fix something, and you’re thinking,
“What am I doing?” I kept saying,
“I’m here to save my mom and my sister” because they were morbidly obese.
And I knew if I couldn’t give them food they could choose
based on taste that happened to be good for them,
that I would literally lose them too soon. And so, I was like,
“That’s what this is about, that’s why I’m here,
I’m not here to get rich, I am here to save my mom and my sister”.
When people say, if you just want it
and you’re going after it, it’s gonna happen.
I will tell a very different story. So the struggle is guaranteed,
the success is not. The money may never come.
So, every great success story
has a certain element of timing, there’s certain amount of luck that goes
into it, now you have to prepared to be able to capitalize
on that, like the inhuman amount of work
that we did to launch Quest, to launch Impact Theory,
most people just are definitely not going to work that hard,
that tenaciously for that long, or get that good and face their inadequacies
day after day, but at the same time,
for it to be the kind of success that it was there was timing involved.
So, it became readily apparent to me
that I may never get rich,
but I could definitely do something that I loved every day.
And so, what I know is,
even if I lost my money, that
through simple things like being grateful, being willing to build from the ground up
again, putting in the work,
doing something that’s meaningful, serving not just myself,
but other people, I can live a life that’s fulfilling
and since that’s the only thing that really affects your neurochemistry,
cause I’m always telling people, look,
the punchline of life is not wealth, it’s not fame,
it’s not admiration, it’s how you feel about yourself
when you’re by yourself. That doesn’t require wealth,
in fact wealth can’t touch that. So,
now becoming a badass, like that will make you feel good about yourself,
and that’s something that nobody can take away.
We all have the ability to change. And if people really knew who I was before,
because they have a hard time believing it, when they see me now,
but I’m like, go ask my mum,
who was surprised that I succeeded.
Ask my father-in-law who did not want me to marry his daughter.
Ask my best friend. All the people who knew me the most,
were like, “We did not expect you to be successful”.
My mom recently told me that when I told her I was going to get rich
that, her and my aunts and uncles used to laugh
at me behind my back,
cause they were like, “Bless this kid, he’s, you know, just
a.. a dreamer, but he’s never actually going to get rich”.
So, when you realise,
there is a process to go from hopelessly average to accomplishing something
really extraordinary and that any human who meets what I call minimum
requirements, so if you do that and you put in the work,
you can get the result. And I’ll say that the result is fulfillment,
you’re not necessarily ever going to achieve wealth,
but you can achieve deep fulfillment, do amazing,
serve yourself, serve other people,
like you can do some really really incredible stuff.
I think that’s far more open to people than they think,
going back to my original… what I was talking about is,
I don’t want people focused on the money, cause the money’s not gonna change how you
feel, but if you focus on the fulfillment,
of “techne”, building up this rad skillset
that’s letting you serve yourself and other people
and then marry it to business savvy, your odds of becoming financially successful
skyrocket! That’s, where I hope people get their heads
around, that fulfillment really is the punchline,
but if you wanna express that in a way that generates wealth for yourself,
it is very
very real!
That is a very real possibility.

Is This Viral TikTok Actually the Best Way to Carry Chicken McNuggets? | Lifehacker

– I think so. – Like, I could see myself
walking around downtown (laughing) eating my
chicken nuggets like this. – You think you would
walk around SoHo like this and everyone would be like, “Oh, look at that cool guy.” – So, Joel, today’s
“Hack or Wack” come to us from our managing editor, Virginia Smith. She came across something
called a “tok-tok”? – A Tic Tac. – Tic Tac, that’s it. – [Pablo] McDonald’s Hack Check! Grab a 10 piece nugget. There’s a little opening right here in between the little nugget box. Place it over your drink. Add some fries and then you’ve got your little cocoon or whatever. (laughing) – It’s so good. – I think we should make
the cocoon or whatever. So we have here our chicken nuggets. There is in fact the seam. – Yup, yup, right here. – So the seam that is in
the video is really there. These are large drinks cause I figured you needed the surface area to balance it. – [Abu] Exactly. You
need the stability here. So far so good. – I think so. Okay, first off, if your
straw is all the way down, you can’t really get to it. – Straw length is a factor, definitely. But at least on the large drink, it seems to be pretty stable. I could see myself walking around downtown (laughing) eating my chicken nuggets. – Shall we add some fries as in the video? – Yes. The lovely part
of this is that there’s a whole other side now to this container. You could throw sauces, ketchups, whatever you want in there. I got to do a walk test with this. Okay. I could picture it. You can’t picture me walking
around SoHo like this? (laughing) – If you do go to take a sip, you do get a face full of fry. (laughing) And you definitely feel
the warmth from it. – You do have to commit
to the large cup I think. I don’t actually think a
smaller cup would be as stable. And you certainly couldn’t
walk around with it with a small size drink. – What do we say? Hack or wack? – 100% hack. Hack through and through. I’m going to start implementing this in my fast food lifestyle. – And you’re going to start
walking around downtown. (laughing) – I feel like fast food
containers are ever-evolving and you get so many of
them with each order. So there must be other
ways you can use them creatively or efficiently. – Right. There’s got to be a
way to put them to use. – So we got two orders of fries. One we took out of the bag immediately and one we left in the bag. Taking it out of the bag is supposed to make it crispier. You leave it in the bag
it might stay warmer but they’re going to get soggy. – So those have been in the bag the entire time we’ve been filming. – Oh. Definitely soggier. Yeah. – But you can see one is already like… As soon as you get your fries, take them out of the bag. Keep them fresh, keep them crunchy. Don’t eat soggy fries. – I would say, if they give you an option, don’t put them in a bag. Say, “I will carry the fries.” Or, if you already have your cocoon. – Present your cocoon
to them and tell them, “Fries directly in here, please.” – This is the double hack. – This is the double hack. Cocoon plus fries out of the bag. – This next hack is that if you have a fast food
container that’s like this, that’s white on the inside, and you needed to take
a picture with flash or something with a light, you could use it, the white cardboard, to reflect the light
and make your skin glow. – I’m so not sold on this. – Well, we are video professionals. – The flash doesn’t stay on when you are in the camera app. So you need two phones to
also make this hack work. – This is the wackest
hack we’ve tried so far. This is the light on my face. And then with it, did that do anything? – It doesn’t do a single thing. Let’s try it in complete darkness, then. – Okay and now we put the
chicken nuggets over it. – Should go into the box
and then it bounces off. – Oh, is that soft? Santi, am I beautiful yet? – [Santi] Not, not really (laughs). – We’ve given this hack
more time than it deserves. – And I think we can absolutely agree this is wack. – Definitively wack. – And this hack is that if you keep ketchup packets in the freezer, and then you get a boo-boo, a bruise, (Abu laughing) you can use them as very
directional ice packs. Very small, directional ice packs. – It’s hard to consider this a hack considering it’s just
taking some sort of liquid, making it cold, and holding it up to
a bruise or an injury. – The thing I will say though is these have been out of the freezer for a few minutes, and I’ve been holding them and they’re still pretty cold. – Yeah, they’re retaining
their temperature. – But you know what is
the not-wack part of this? Is that these match my outfit and those match your outfit. – Wow. – Frozen ketchup packets, hack or wack? – Total wack. They “work” technically
but they just are not a reasonable use of packets in any way. – I guess if it is frozen it doesn’t leak. I don’t know why I’m
scrutinizing this hack so much. – Joel, I think you’re
grasping at straws here to really make this work. – This is me grasping at straws.

TOP 5 Football boot technology that actually works – no gimmicks!

My friends Today we’re looking at a pretty cool top-five list over the boot technology that actually works See in these times of big ballertechnology and boundaries constantly being pushed or the football brands they need a standout technology to really set them apart from everyone else and to stay top of mind in your head when you need to go out and buy a fresh pair of boots, and sometimes some of these innovative technologies turn out to be nothing more than um gimmicks with zippers and other times they actually work extremely well So today we’re doing the top five boot technologies or features that actually work that you can visibly see when you’re on the pitch Now of course keep in mind that despite the fact that the technology or feature on your pair of football boots might not be on the list, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad technology Maybe it’s just doing its job, so well that you don’t really notice that it’s there anyway, let’s kick it off with the list Number five is the ACC technology also known as all conditions controls from Nike and NSG known as Non-stop grip from Adidas, and these two technologies are kind of similar in the sense that they both promise you to give you better control in the wet And while that might be a little bit of a stretch you actually do feel that the both of them work So if you go outside, you bring a football and it`s wet out there you clearly feel how there’s much more grip on the ball with the boot that has either non-stop grip or ACC compared to a boot that doesn’t, it simply grips the ball more when both the ball and the boots are wet Will it change your game much? Well being honest it It won’t, but the fact of the matter is that the technology it clearly works In fourth I brought the formskin technology from the Under Armor Magnetical that promises you an extremely personal fit that feels broken in from the moment you’ve put it on and um somehow it actually really delivers on that promise because this upper is not just soft It has a suppleness that’s extremely difficult to describe but somehow Extremely pleasant on your foot, and the way it stretches to match every foot shape and feel extremely personal like it’s made just for you, but at the same time not feeling overly flimsy or fragile while Under Armour They’re on to a winner with the formskin, I`m a fan Now number three is a bit of a funny one because the anatomical soulplate on the Nike Mercurial boots Kind of feels a bit horrible at first because if you feet aren’t used to it They’re gonna cramp up and it’s gonna hurt, and it’s not gonna be very nice at all But if you give it a bit of time, and you actually get used to it. It feels downright amazing and extremely fast See the thing is that the anatomical plate is made to follow The natural curvature of your foot so your foot kind of sinks in a little bit to the plate instead of just plainly sitting on Top of it And it gives you the sensation of being a little bit more one With the boot and being more securely locked down to make you feel like you’re not moving inside the boot at all and that’s really good for when you want to accelerate basically like you’re firmly placed inside your rocket ship Ready to explore and okay it might mainly happen in your head, but hey if it works I’m all for it Now number two is another technology that just hands-down works, no questions asked Anti-clog technology from Nike the promise is to give you better traction in the wet because you won’t have any mud clogging up your soulplate And if you remember to actually moisten up the plate to make it lubricious Before you go out and play with all the mud and all the dirt And the grass is just gonna slide right off because well it is lubricious and Nothing is gonna stick and not only is it gonna make your traction a million times better because the studs will actually be free It’s also gonna weigh less because you won’t be carrying around half of the football pitch Now of course the anti-clog played itself it weighs considerably more than the normal FG plates do so I only use it when it’s really really wet but if you regularly play on wet muddy pitches This is gonna be a very best friend But before we move on to the Big Boss number one I want to give a shout out to some of the other technologies that do a pretty good job And the first one is the CT-Frame on the Mizuno Rebulas because it’s this form skeleton that gives you a lovely stability and a really great padding and texture on the ball. I absolutely love it No nonsense there Then there’s also the forged knit technology on the Predator 18+`s and the 18.1`s that somehow goes in to give you stability a 3D texturing for better grip on the ball and somehow also keeps the upper extremely maddeningly Insanely soft and supple. Second only actually to the Under Armour Magnetical So big up to ever Invented forged knit and then there is the last thing, a thing that’s been used on football boot for ages Laces talking about technology that actually works laceless boots are all cool They have a lot of advantages, but when it comes to straight-up lockdown nothing does it better than a pair of laces And that’s how it is but number one is the net fit technology From Puma and actually may know I’m a big big fan of net fit. Now the thing is that Execution-wise is actually a pretty low tech thing It’s a woven net sitting on the outside of the Puma Future But the idea behind it is absolutely brilliant because it allows you to customize and personalize your lacing system Completely to the way you want it so if you want more lockdown you can get that if it’s to accommodate for a really wide fit or Basically to make it huck your very slim foot you can do that. You can even clean up the striking surface If you so please in other words you can do Whatever you want now of course if you don’t understand Ned Fodor you suck at net fitting well The technology in itself might suck as well, but if you get good at it You can turn a decent fit into a fantastic fit and when it comes down to it seeing that Fit in the football boot is king something that can help you achieve more or less the perfect fit well That’s good enough for me. That’s number one. So there you go my friends five boot technologies that actually deliver as they say they will now of course keep in mind that just because a certain technology your boot feature isn’t on the Doesn’t mean that it sucks Now for instance some of Adidas`s boots have a lot of technologies around the fit And as we know fit is really really important so while they do their jobs They might not be as should we say directly visible on the pitch as some of the technologies I have on the table And maybe that’s where technologies work the best at least that’s [foot for thought?] But guys which of the boot technology is mentioned on the list or basically on any football boot do you think works as promised? You should let me know in the comment section right down below now if you want to see more videos We’ve got more top 5s. If you click the playlist right down here, but before you do that You should go make sure you subscribe with the notifications on of course by clicking the green bubble over my head And if you want some of these awesome boots you can grab a pair for yourself by clicking the link right over here With that said guys. I’m gonna sign off for today cheerio

What It’s Actually Like To Have The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

It’s Christmas time, and instead of spending
time with friends and family, you decide that you’re overdue for some travel. Instead of visiting grandma, or going home
for Christmas dinner just so you can get into political fights with your drunk libertarian
uncle- you decide that this year, you’re taking a ‘me-holiday’, and book yourself a plane
ticket to the heart of China. On your way there you end up missing the heart
by a few thousand kilometers and instead end up in Wuhan, but hey, it’s a new place, a
foreign culture, and it’s all very exciting anyways. Eager to dive into the local Chinese culture,
you hop out of your plane and head to the first place you’ve read about- the Seafood
Wholesale Market. Upon arriving you notice two things: the place
sells a whole lot of land animals for it to be called a “Seafood” market, and most
of those animals are very much alive. In fact, the entire thing is rather macabre
and definitely depressing, you find everything from porcupines to bats to even wolves just
sitting in cages next to freshly skinned corpses of what you can only assume were their former
compatriots. You very quickly decide to end your visit,
realizing you’ve walked head-on into an animal cruelty nightmare, and as you quickly leave
the market you decide that you really need to think your sightseeing through a little
bit more. China is one of the earliest human civilizations,
there’s plenty of cultural wonders to see elsewhere! On the way out of the market though, that’s
when you spot it- a snake slithering along the ground. Except it doesn’t quite look right. Suddenly the snake stops, and starts hacking
and coughing, and you realize- omg (say the letters), that snake is choking! A crowd gathers around the poor, choking snake,
nobody knowing what to do. Lucky for you though, you just got your CPR
certification for your new, totally not depressing job as a mall guard! You’re Johnny-on-the-spot, and leap to the
snake’s help. “Out of the way!”, you cry out, showing
your CPR credentials, as you shove the crowd aside. The snake is gasping now, it’s almost over. You flip the snake on its belly though and
start doing compressions, humming to yourself the tune to “Staying Alive” by the Bee
Gees, exactly as you’ve been trained. This is it, this is your moment. You check the airway and realize there’s no
obstruction, this snake isn’t choking, it’s dying! Not on your watch. You didn’t take a 12 hour public safety course
to earn the coveted mall guard badge in your pocket for nothing. You pry open that snake’s mouth and start
giving it breaths, quickly followed by more compressions. You continue this cycle of breaths and compressions,
working up a fierce sweat. “Live, you snake bastard, live!”, you
cry out. Suddenly, the snake coughs, sputters, and
opens its eyes. It’s alive! Tears of joy flood down your cheeks. The crowd cheers. A pretty lady feints. You’ve done it, you saved this snake’s life. With deep gratitude in its eyes, the snake
looks up at you and whispers, just faintly enough that only you can hear it, “One day,
when you need me the most, I promise I’ll be there.” You leave that market a hero, and hey, you’ve
made a snake friend for life now. Thinking back on that poor snake, you wish
him well and go on about your trip, this time heading to some proper tourist destinations
and having a blast in China. The whole time though, something is seriously
wrong with you and you don’t have even the slightest clue. Deep in the cells of your body, an invader
has taken root. Unknown to you, as you were saving that snake’s
life, it was passing on to you a deadly coronavirus, one of the few that are transmissible between
man and animal. Even worse for you though is this is a brand
new strain of virus, and one that the world is completely unprepared for. The virus inside you is a stealth assassin. It has one job in its short life: to make
as many of itself as possible and then spread its brethren to other hosts. But it can’t get caught, so it’s learned to
remain undetected. You show no symptoms, you feel perfectly fine-
you’re a snake hero after all! But the entire time the deadly virus within
you is busy working. You’re slowly dying from the inside and don’t
even realize it at all. First the virus infects healthy cells, inserting
genetic code into the cell that forces it to start mass producing other copies of the
virus. This uses up all of the cell’s energy and
when it’s all spent up, masses of new viruses burst out of the shriveled up, spent cell
like xenomorphs bursting out of wayward space marine’s chests. Your body fights back, calling in white blood
cells- the heavy hitters of your immune system. The white blood cells are tough, but the virus
is even tougher, and unlucky for them, they’ve never seen anything like this virus before. Normally white blood cells would call for
help from antibodies, but your body has no idea what antibodies to even send. This new virus is like nothing it’s ever faced
before. Your white blood cells are helpless to stop
the infection from growing, and soon you are so filled with the virus that you’re infectious. Every time you wipe your snot, cough into
your hand, or lick a stranger’s plate you’re leaving behind deadly virus, and the worst
part is: you’re completely unaware. You show no symptoms whatsoever! No serious cough, no fever, no headache, no
fatigue- nothing. You continue your trip through China, not
washing your hands after digging for gold in your nose, licking every door knob you
come across- hey, you’re on vacation, anything goes! And the entire time you’re leaving behind
traces of the deadly virus in your veins. Two weeks later, you’re finally on your way
home. As you board the plane you feel a little bit
fatigued, but hey, you just spent your Christmas traveling through the exotic orient, you’re
probably just bushed. You look forward to a nice few days at home
before returning to the daily grind, and to pass the time on the long flight home, you
get into a coughing fight with the kid in front of you. You’re both having so much fun, that soon
the other passengers get in on it! Pretty quickly, the whole plane is laughing
and having a good time with an old fashioned cough fight, everyone doing their best to
cough as hard as they can in each other’s face. A few days later you’re showing up to your
first day at your exciting new mall guard job- but you don’t feel so well. You’ve got a headache and you’re developing
a nasty cough. Well, you did just travel internationally,
you probably picked up a small bug somewhere, it wouldn’t be completely unprecedented. You ignore your symptoms and take to your
duties as the first, last, and only line of mall defense against shoplifters and Karens
who complain about their expired coupons not being accepted. You’ve got a runny nose by now, but no big
deal- you make sure to wipe away the boogers every time you have to give CPR or shake someone’s
hand. You know you really should be washing your
hands frequently, especially since you’ve been coughing and sneezing into them a whole
lot lately, but hey, the life of a mall guard is a high-stakes, high-pressure gambit, and
mall crime doesn’t take any breaks so neither can you. At the end of your first week at your job
you definitely aren’t feeling well at all. Your cough has gotten pretty severe, so bad
it’s starting to hurt when you cough. You’ve got a full-blown fever and your uniform
sleeve is practically dripping with all the mucus you’ve wiped on it through the course
of your day. Plus people are starting to complain that
their CPR tastes like snot. You know you have to ask for some sick time
off, even though that’s really not a good look for someone who’s literally just started
their job. Your boss agrees, the CPR-snot complaints
have reached his desk. “Take some time off kid, you can’t fight
mall crime unless you’re at your best.”, your grizzled veteran of a boss says in between
bites of food court Panda Express orange chicken. As you get home though, your vision starts
to swim. Your fever is spiking, and you’re pretty sure
you could cook an egg on your forehead. You drag yourself to the hospital, and as
you walk into the emergency room you collapse in the lobby. When you wake up you’re laying in a hospital
bed with an IV in your arms, dripping fluids into your body. The virus has put your body into overdrive,
and you’re pretty dehydrated. You’ve been given various cough suppressants
and medications for your fever, but they’re barely doing anything. To your alarm, on the second day of your stay,
the doctor comes into your room wearing a full-body plastic suit that exposes only his
face, which is itself covered by a surgical mask. They wrap your bed in a plastic sheet as the
doctor informs you that you’ve been diagnosed with something strange- a coronavirus they’ve
never encountered before. Given your state, the doctors fear that you’ve
infected many of the medical staff, and so they have been quarantined as well in the
hospital’s other rooms. Your condition worsens by the day, the virus
is replicating completely out of control now- what started off as one little hitchhiker
has turned into billions upon billions of copies. A man enters your room in a full-body contamination
suit. He sits by your bed and identifies himself
as working for the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC is America’s frontline defense against
disease, even though they forgot to add the P from Prevention to their acronym. There’s no time for that, the man says as
you point out that fact. He has to know where you picked up this strange
virus, and who you may have been in contact with that could now be infected. Reluctantly, you start back at the beginning,
telling him about your impromptu trip to China’s Wuhan. You tell him about the seafood market that
definitely sold more land animals than seafood. You tell him about the dying snake and the
CPR you administered. You tell him about the giant cough fight you
started on the plane ride back. The man pats your hand, “That was a brave
thing you did, giving that snake CPR- but we’re afraid that you’ve been infected by
an animal-born coronavirus. The snake you saved, it passed it on to you.” Then the government man leaves you, scurrying
to track down every member of your flight back home from China. By now, the disease could be anywhere and
everywhere, and completely undetectable until its sufferers start showing symptoms. Over the course of the next few days, you
deteriorate even further. Breathing becomes more than painful, it becomes
difficult. Your parents come visit you, as does the rest
of your family- everyone knows that the end is near. Your siblings lean in and kiss you on the
cheek through the surgical masks they wear. Even your libertarian uncle shows up, tears
in his eyes. He leans in and gives you a kiss on the cheek
one last time, whispering reassuringly in your ear, “Taxes are just another form of
theft.” Your body can’t function properly anymore,
the virus has saturated all of its systems to the point that basic functions begin shutting
down. Much like an over-consuming humanity, viruses
have no sense of self-control, and once they infect a host they reproduce completely out
of control until the host dies from the burden of the virus within it. Like the earth, but with people. The light is fading now, and in your final
moments you think back to that snake you saved. You remember its parting words to you: “One
day, when you need me the most, I promise I’ll be there.”. Suddenly you hear a slight hiss, and hope
floods your body as you barely manage to lean up just slightly and look around your room-
but it’s just the hiss of your air conditioning unit winding down. As the light fades completely, you think to
yourself, “Man, that (bleeping censored sfx) snake lied to me.” At your funeral your supervisor shows up along
with several of your co-workers. Using Dicks Sporting Goods air rifles, you’re
given a twenty one gun salute. With somber purpose, your supervisor stands
at attention before your grieving mother, handing her a folded Spencer’s band T-shirt-
the official flag of mall security. We bet now you’re probably in the mood for
something a little bit happier, so why not click this video over here, or maybe you’d
rather enjoy this video here? Either way, click one now, because the only
viral content Infographics puts out is fun, awesome vids!

7 Things Greek Americans Know To Be True

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– Oh, hey, Dmitri, you’re Greek. Do you know my friend Nick Stanatopolous? – So just because I’m
Greek, I have to know every other Greek person in LA? BuzzFeed presents:
7 Things Greek-Americans Know to be True – No. Look, I’m sorry, you
probably don’t know Nick. – Of course I know Nick. He’s my cousin. Shouting is a Form of Communication – Do not even tell me it’s George. – It’s George. – Shut up. – To Sullivan’s. He’s
taking me to Sullivan’s. – Oh my God. – What’s happening? – She’s going on a date. – We’re excited. I’m
going on a date tonight. – That’s it? Things Escalate Quickly – So, I saw you with Mike
yesterday. He’s cute. – You touch him I’ll cut your throat. Change is Never Welcome – Effectively immediately, we are changing our approach for video across the board. We are gonna start
building a team approach, so you have to have everything
approved by three people. “Is your Boyfriend Greek?” – Umm … Spotting Other Greeks John Stamos is a God Ouzo isn’t for Everyone – What are we drinking here, huh? – Oh no no no, that’s not
for you! That’s not for you! – Why would you drink this? – Uh. That tastes like a licorice fire. Music: Greek BouzoukiWarner/Chappell
Production Music For even more wonderful things Subscribe to Buzzfeed Yellow. BuzzFeed presents

TikTok Life Hacks that ACTUALLY Work!!! Part 2

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TikTok Life Hacks that ACTUALLY Work!!! Part 2

today we are testing drumroll please TikTok life hacks it actually worked help my neck my neck hurts this is the only way to make my neck not hurt whelp it’s white it is permanent ah ah ah now we washed it I’m gonna see if it feels like nothing I can’t feel them I can’t feel them so our next hack is charging
the iPad without plugging in it okay let’s do the video well this is how you
charge your phone without plugging it in so what you need to do is plug in at
five times 1 2 3 4 and 5 he did a cut scene and you plug it in okay let’s try it yeah do it ten times one two three four five six seven eight nine ten
okay if this works it would be funny [drumroll] what ah and that shuts off after a couple
of seconds because it stops charging let me try
I’ll try 20 1 2 3 6 hours later 18 19 20 ok ok now the moment of truth do it [drumroll] oooohhhhhhh aaaahhhhhh I think it’s like a 5 out of 10 because it didn’t charge so we
could like actually use it but it did charge and our next one is the what is that thing
called zip escape the zip ties so you put them on your wrist you tighten it up as
tight as you can and then you go dah ok let’s see if we can find the video ok let’s watch the
video okay this is how you escape zip ties first you want to tighten it all the way like that then it’s as easy as this rip zip tie [laughing] so we’re gonna tighten it ouch it’s hard ouch how do i they’re never gonna get off of me I can’t
it’s hurting me we have a plan B that did not work let’s try a
different one ouch my hands hurt okay I’ve seen this Oh so it’s like a file Oh I get it it cuts through okay lets try that okay we’re gonna try it mine won’t work does it hurt ouchie I got it It’s like burning me how aaaahhhhh okay so I guess Brinley is out of
Commission temporarily because look at this look so it worked but aaaaahhhhhh on to the
next life hack this time we’re gonna do a Rubik’s Cube like that with two moves
just repeat over and over let me get Brinley and the Rubik’s Cube okay let’s check out
this video um so I’ve done this [shhhh] your gonna solve a Rubik’s cube from any position all your gonna have to do is know a couple of moves and your gonna impress everyone what your gonna do is so this side and this side right here you go down across up down across up and just keep repeating this as many times as it takes to solve it already that was too quick it was like 10 seconds I can’t solve it I’ve solved it once before by myself that was five
years ago do it faster man I can I cannot one hour later it’s
actually kind of working it’s working two hours later well the greens going to have to be on this side cuz this green one will never ever move three hours later I go even faster than you man six and a half hours later he probably
sped the video up and it took like a couple hours to do it this doesn’t I don’t think this Works Weston so much later that the old narrator got tired of
waiting and they had to hire a new one I think it works but it takes like really
long time cuz we’re not having any luck right okay whatever whatever I’ll just
throw it over there for now now we’re doing the hack that makes it easier to
open closed chips okay c’mon alright here we go this is life hacks with granny here’s the one alls you gotta do is grab a lid from a wipe container stick it on the bag of chips grab a knife ah she looks creepy and have a lot of fun okay that’s how you do it so lets get this Cheetos where are the wipes well that actually definitely works like there’s no way it cant how do you do this let me try should we cut it off no it oh you got it sticky that’s why it will stick on lets do it right there this is going to be so fun finally easier way eat my Doritos finally here we go [gasp] I might have cut one of the cheetos probably did okay you don’t have to cut the entire now peel it ah sorry did that hurt no you didn’t hurt me you almost cut my fingers off oh there we go see finally a better way to eat Doritos and stuff so you can close it then check mark it works we need this tape to tape this back up okay so we liked most of these hacks of the works and some didn’t either way we had so much fun with these except for the zip ties we exposed you all whether
you were right or you’re wrong and we’ll see y’all next time wait don’t forget to like and subscribe and hit that notification bell and we’ll see you guys all next time bye