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10 Futuristic Technologies We Actually Need

People watch sci-fi movies and get excited
by the crazy ideas presented. Some of them even go on to become scientists or inventors,
and many have helped bring the world inventions that mimic what they once saw in movies. In
a way, these people are making a specific vision of the future happen, but some of these
inventions aren?t really practical and are really more a form of wish fulfillment than
they are moving humanity’s scientific advancement forward. But there are many inventions humanity
could actually use, in a practical sense, that are also really cool and wouldn’t seem
out of place in a science fiction movie… 10. An Accurate Breathalyzer-Type Device To
Know If Someone Is High On Marijuana Today, law enforcement everywhere has a difficult
task on their hands when it comes to the roadways. They have to not only deal with drunk drivers,
but drivers who are high on heroin, meth, and now (legally in many states) marijuana.
And this raises a really difficult question for the police: How do you know if a driver
is under the influence of marijuana, in a way that wouldn?t be instantly thrown out
in any court of law in the country? The roadways need to be safe, but it’s no use prosecuting
someone if you don?t have evidence that will hold up. Now, a small startup does have a device they
are testing with law enforcement that can also test for alcohol as well, but it’s
limited. The device can only tell if you’ve smoked within the last two hours. This isn?t
exactly the futuristic level we were talking about, but it likely would be a lot of help,
and may be enough to keep the roads safe for the time being. While some people may dispute
that they would be safe to drive sooner, two hours is a pretty reasonable window of time,
especially for state regulation. 9. Home Security Systems That Use Carefully
Targeted Infrasound To Scare Off Intruders Today, we have a lot of state-of-the-art security
systems but most of them are just concerned with motion detection, cameras, making loud
noises, and so forth. And, of course, all of them alert law enforcement. However, some
have already considered the use of infrasound detection in order to help find intruders,
and with that in mind, infrasound could help us in an entirely different way. Instead of
guard dogs, actual guards, or weapons and the legal liability they can involve, if infrasound
could be properly weaponized you could essentially scare people off your property. Infrasound, often known as the ?fear frequency,?
usually stirs up the fight or flight feeling in people, and in the absence of anything
to fight, most people just? run. A properly designed passive system that could detect
and target intruders could theoretically use inaudible sound in order to keep your property
safe and secure — almost like a magical spell that deters intruders. And as we know,
it doesn?t get much more futuristic than something your enemies cannot distinguish from magic.
Infrasonic detection could snuff out intruders quietly and alert the police if needed, but
the active component would likely scare them off before they even broke a window or got
up to any other shenanigans. It might even help deter teenage vandals from your property
or, to put it another way: it might finally get those young punks to stay the heck off
your lawn. 8. The James Bond ?Fingerprint? Gun, For Which
Only A Partial Prototype Exists In the recent James Bond movies with Daniel
Craig, Q gives Bond a special gun that can’t be fired without his handprint. Now, while
there isn?t anything like this in real life, a German company did try to make a prototype.
However, it involved a separate watch and the whole thing was all rather cumbersome.
This technology, if it could actually be implemented in a way that truly worked well on a consistent
basis and didn?t require any extra components, could revolutionize gun safety in the modern
world, and especially in America. Of course someone looking to hurt people could
still use their gun to do so, but they couldn?t use their dad?s gun, a friend’s gun, and
so on. And, a huge amount of gun deaths are tragically accidental, like when a kid gets
his hands on a parent’s gun and, sadly, it goes off. Technology like this would keep
your firearm from being used against you by someone who took it, and avoid horrible accidents
that would scar you for life and destroy your family and relationships. 7. An Exercise Bike — Or Bike Switching
Station — That Powers A Home Generator As You Use It At the moment, this is the stuff of fantasy
because of the amount of power it would (or more to the point, wouldn’t) generate. A
bike-powered generator could fuel, say, lights for a little bit… and that’s about it.
Some people have done the math and it really doesn?t sound like much. However, our imaginations
have always wondered about how much power we could get from our own work, and many of
us think of hand crank emergency radios as a good analogy. Still, those don?t use very
much power at all, and that’s the real problem. While powering some lights is within the realm
of reason, the biggest reason people want electricity after a disaster is heating and
cooling. Those things require a much more significant
amount of power, and thus it’s quite difficult to actually get enough to make a real difference,
or do anything for any significant amount of time. The amount of effort, in comparison
to what you actually get in terms of cooling, or heating, might not be worth it. If a bike
with enough gears and an efficient enough system was created so that a small family
could, at least, generate enough power to keep themselves warm, or cool, as needed,
it would be an incredible help in any kind of big disaster. 6. Ferromagnetic Roadways And Walkways For
Practical Hover-Vehicle Technology Not long ago, people saw the demo of the Hendo
Hoverboards and got very excited… only to quickly crash back down to earth. The Hendo
Hoverboard could hold several hours worth of charge, and really and truly hovered above
the ground. It was a dream come true to many (especially those of us who have been waiting
for Hoverboards since Back to the Future II), until the realities of the project hit. Now,
it was a genius bit of engineering and did use some clever new techniques, but it was
basically maglev technology, which requires a surface with metals that interact with magnets
to actually do anything at all. In other words, unless it was on top of the right metal surface,
it was just a big hunk of expensive junk you could stand on. This meant you could use it
nowhere other than places specially constructed its their use. However, if we had ferromagnetic roadways,
we could have hoverboards, hover cars, and other hover technology. With the precision
of maglev technology, we could likely cut down greatly on accidents while increasing
our overall speed and efficiency at the same time, which is a big win-win. Of course, this
would be ludicrously expensive, but in the long term, if built right, it would probably
also last a lot longer than our current roadways. 5. Researchers Are Looking Into Ways To Use
Our Own Body Heat To Charge Our Phones Several years ago, people latched onto an
article about some very experimental ideas to use a small device in your pocket to generate
energy from your body heat, and some magazines started wildly speculating that you would
have body heat-powered smartphones before you knew it. However, several years of fast-moving
technology later, we really aren?t any closer on that front. The good news is, researchers
are looking into it now for real, and not just looking at something that theoretically
could get there for unrelated reasons. If something like this could be designed,
it could at least help with supplementary power. It’s possible it would only be enough
to slow down the battery degradation, and not charge it enough to go much farther, but
with battery technology bottlenecked every little bit could help. This would allow us
to push our phones just a little bit further without resorting to bulky and cumbersome
backup batteries and the like. 4. If We Could Create A Truly Energy-Efficient
World, Much Fossil Fuel Use Would Be Eliminated Today, there’s an incredible amount of energy
used that is simply untapped. This source is motion, in general. Whenever something
is moving, a certain amount of force is used. Some of that energy is transferred (energy,
as we know, cannot be created or destroyed). If we could truly harness all kinetic energy
from movement, especially all of our movement throughout the day, and not waste any energy
potential around us, we could greatly cut down on our reliance on fossil fuel and other
energy sources. One company that found its way onto Shark
Tank?called Tremont Electronics?designed a special device that could help charge a smartphone
while you walk. They are working on other smaller products, but are also thinking big.
They hope to one day secure the funding to test their technology to make ?wave farms,?
where energy is generated by using the motion from… well, waves. That was probably obvious.
With this kind of technology, we could take green energy to an entirely new level most
people never before imagined. 3. Affordable Water Filtration Infrastructure
That Removes Pharmaceuticals And The Like ? Today, the water infrastructure of some of
the biggest countries — including the United States — has some huge deficiencies. And
we aren?t even talking about places like Flint. But a huge amount of pharmaceutical?byproducts
are ending up in the water supply. Unfortunately, many water filtration plants are not properly
equipped to clean this stuff out of the water. Even those sites that can get most of it out
often only boast success rates of about 95%, which doesn?t sound so great when you realize
the other 5% or so is pharmaceutical byproducts in your water. To make matters worse, the FDA doesn?t really
even have proper guidelines for this yet in the USA, and there really isn?t a standardized
technology, much less a standardized system or set of methods get water to a safe level
across the country. Part of the problem is people aren?t even sure what a safe level
is with some of this stuff, as hormones have even ended up in the water can have effects
in incredibly low concentrations, which we don?t even fully understand yet. If someone
could invent a filtration method that could get this stuff out entirely (or, at least,
almost entirely), and get water to a safe level — that could be easily implemented
across the country — it would be an incredible help to humanity. 2. Sound Technology That Allows You To Filter
And Hear Only What You Want To Hear Hearing aids allow deaf people, or those hard
of hearing, to hear. There are now special prototype speakers out there that can direct
sound to an almost pinpoint degree, to the point where it will only be heard in one small
location. Now, the second technology is fairly new and experimental, but with a little tweaking
the two could be combined into an incredible invention. If you could truly direct sound
accurately enough, you could make a device you could fit in your ear that could block
out everything except for the sounds you did want to hear. Imagine having a device where you could tell
it to listen only to the TV in front of you, and not anything else that might be going
on in the background. You could also use it to pay better attention to a conversation
without worrying about background noise, or just shut out people or things that are bothering
you in your environment. Let?s face it: All of us need our peace and quiet sometimes,
and almost everyone would use this. 1. Even In The Year 2018, In The Fanciest
Cars, You Won?t Find A Truly Accurate Gas Gauge It’s fairly amazing to think that, even
in the year 2018 — when most vehicles now are decked out with all of the most ridiculous
new gauges and sensors and features — the one thing that’s stayed pretty much the
same is the gas gauge. It still operates on the same principle with the floater mechanism
where, on inclines, you may think you have more (or less) gas than you really do, and
overall even when you think it?s full, it often really isn?t. The truth is your gas gauge is actually designed
to lie to you, mainly because car manufacturers think you enjoy the crazy game of trying to
figure out how much gas you have left at any given time, and like going for broke — psychologically
speaking. They also like to give you the false sense of security you get when you think it’s
full when it really isn?t. Apparently, people really enjoy that feeling and don?t like how
quickly the full meter would truly go away. Now, we believe that in 2018 people are grown
up enough to accept the truth and enjoy the convenience of a truly accurate gas meter.
It would lead to fewer people being stranded on the road, as they’d know the exact percentage
at any given time — if this theoretical design was done right — and it would just
be a great convenience for everyone in general.


Hi there! Thank you for watching the video Especially this time it should be a completely different thumbnail Thank you very much for watching Here are the two points I will tell you Thanks and upcoming this YouTube channel Thank you very much for watching a lot of snow removal videos during the winter I had many comments I recieved info about where and when snow removal operations would be done Thank you very much for receiving such information I thought I could take a little more videos This year, the thaw was strangely fast, so I couldn’t at all By the way, I will attach the outside image a little I think the migratory swan came about two weeks earlier than last year Well, next It’s about this channel itself This channel was originally in a poor direction It was always an experiment YouTube analytics tell us the reason why the video is watched a lot or not Watching various data, we can try to make better another video. I mean I want to make one while experimenting A new video can be of no interest to you If anyone has notifications turned on Turn off notifications Or unsubscribe from the channel It may be better to take such measures That ’s it for this time. Thank you for watching

How To Set Realistic Goals & Achieve Them Successfully? Goal Setting & Personality Development

Hi, My name’s Aakash and you are watching
Skillopedia – The place to learn skills for the real world. Well,this is my first
Skillopedia session. I was going through the comments you guys have posted on our videos,
a Lot of you people have requested for a video on how to achieve goals or how to achieve
success in life, So, here it is. In this video I wanna share with you a 5 essential steps
for achieving your goals faster. Now, Instead of giving you lengthy explanations, I decided
to do something very short, that is easier to remember and implement for you. So, Let’s
get going…. If you want to reach towards your goals faster
you need to Be specific about what you want to achieve
Now, Most people don’t know what they want to do with their goals, and even after thinking
hard, they don’t come up with anything they really want to do in life. This is one of
the main reasons that in spite of so many resources available on success, motivation,
goal setting, most people just live an average life. Let’s look at an example – Say your
goals are- You want to earn a lot of money. You want to buy a car. You want to lose weight
and look great, you wanna run a marathon. All these goals are great, and I am sure many
of you out there have these goals in mind. These are super common goals. But still, I
could say around 90% people are unsuccessful in achieving these very simple goals. Have
you wondered why only 10% are able to achieve these simple goals, what is that, they do
differently, that they reach these goals or achieve them faster. It’s simple – they
are specific. Now, what do I mean by – being specific, Say you want to achieve or earn
a A LOT OF MONEY, what is a lot of money? How much money? You are not specific about
it, is it 1000$, 10000$ 1 lac $ or 1M $, how much guys. Be specific.
You want to buy a car, which car, a hatchback, a sedan or a luxury brand. Which one, again
you need to be specific about it. You want to lose that extra weight and run a marathon,
but how much 10, 20 or 30, how many kilos. Unless and until you are specific you wouldn’t
be able to set a target. The moment you are specific, you would start visualizing things
better. I want to earn a million dollars, I want to buy a BMW 5 series car, or I want
to lose 30 kgs. Now, these are specific goals. Or I could say these are productive goals
or quality goals. The moment you are specific with the picture of what you wanna achieve,
The picture is gonna be pretty clear in front of you and you start asking yourself how,
how should I achieve this? So guys be specific with your goals, otherwise you are just shooting
a bullet in the air meaninglessly and without specific direction. As we have looked at setting specific goals.
Now let’s take a step further. Now, When you set specific goals for yourself, it is
also important that they motivate you. Now What do I mean by this, let me decode this
for you, this means making sure that they are important to you, they are close to you
and there is value in achieving them. When you set your goals, Ask yourself a question,
Why do you want something in the first place? Imagine If you have very little interest in
the result of your goals, or if they are not so relevant to you then the chances of you
taking the real effort in achieving them are less and very very slim. Also you need to
set realistic goals, goals that you could achieve, goals that are within your limits
and reach. I call this WALLET SIZE GOAL SETTING. If you set unrealistic goals, that are out
of your limits, you would be certainly demotivated on the path of achieving them and your motivation
is certain to die and you are sure to leave them half-way. Now what are realistic goals,
let’s look at an example. As we looked earlier, you wanna earn a lot of money. Say, You set
your goal to make a million dollars a year, and presently you are earning around 100,000
dollars, now that’s a quite an over ambitious goal. You need to introspect on your skillsets,
whether with your current skillset you could really reach your goal of ACHIEVING THAT amazing
figure of 1 million dollar. If you don’t possess the required skills or don’t have
the required resources to achieve that Million dollar goal, you are certain to lose motivation
mid way. So make sure you set goals which are within your reach. In short, Set a goal
that makes you want to jump out of the bed every single morning Now that you have set goals that are realistic,
specific and within your reach. You need to also keep in mind that you set goals that
are of high priority in your life. It means you need to set goals that are important to
the situation in your life. Now if you don’t set a priority for your goals, what’s gonna
happen is, you can end up with far too many goals to achieve, leaving you very little
time to devote to each goal. Remember goal achievement requires dedication, commitment
and focus. So, to make sure that you reach the finishing line of your goals and make
them succeed, you need to feel that sense of urgency, you need to have that ‘I MUST
DO THIS’ attitude. If you set too many goals, your focus would get divided on less important
goals. This could result in giving less focus to important goals in your life, leaving you
feeling disappointed and frustrated with yourself, and that’s de-motivating for you. And what’s
gonna happen is, you would end up in a very destructive “I can’t do anything” or
I can’t be successful at anything” that’s going to be your frame of mind. So make sure
you set high priority goals and pay less attention to smaller or irrelevant goals. Now that you have set goals, it’s time to take action on your goals. How do you that,
well you need to define a timeline for your goals. I want to earn a million dollars, but
when? In a year’s time. I want to lose weight 30 kilos, in six months, If you set deadlines,
This will provide you with the necessary focus and sense of urgency to turn them into reality.To
set a deadline you simply need to ask yourself one question – By when do I want to achieve
my goal? List the steps down, you need to take, such
as signing up for a course, studying, reading, developing the required skills, going to the
gym, working out, looking out for new opportunities and many other steps you need to implement
that will take you closer to achieving your goal. Take action and follow the steps on
your list. Don’t just wait for things to happen. If a certain plan, say plan A doesn’t work,
look for an alternative one. Look for plan B. Some goals aren’t worth achieving. Circumstances
and people change. Some goals lose their importance. It is a good idea to re-examine your goals
regularly and weed out the worthless ones or the irrelevant ones. Now this is the most important step to reach
your goals faster – In life and work, success begins with a goal. It could be losing weight,
earning that 1 million dollar, quitting smoking or starting your own business. Big or Small,
goals give us purpose and, they are like a compass, they keep us headed in the right
direction. Of course, it takes lot of hard work and determination to reach your destination.Now
Unfortunately, many of us remain stuck at the goal stage. We start out with good intentions
and perhaps have a plan of action, but then we can’t seem to make it happen. Before
we can believe in a goal, we first must have an idea of what it looks like. To paraphrase
an old saying : “We must see it, before we can believe it.” This is where picturization
technique comes in, which is simply a technique for creating a mental image of a future event.
When we visualize our desired outcome, we begin to “see” the possibility of achieving
it faster. Through visualization, we catch a glimpse of what it is, in other words it’s
the “preferred future.” When this happens, we are motivated and prepared to pursue our
goal in life. Now don’t get confused, I am talking about with the “Just think it
and you will be able to do it” advice which is given by a lot of popular self-help gurus.
I am not asking you to daydream things and they will happen, of course you need to take
action. I am asking you to just visualise the success of your goals so that you could
get a first hand feel of it. CONFUSED? Let me give you an example, if your goal is to
run your first marathon, visualize yourself crossing that finish line in the time you
desired. Remember we talked about being specific. Hold that mental image as long as possible.
What does it feel like to pass that finishing line, looking at your watch, the cool air
on your overheated body? Just imagine Who is there to greet you as you hit the finishing
line? Your family? Your Friends? Other runners? Imagine that excitement, that satisfaction,
the thrill you will experience as you walk feeling exhausted in their arms. Now that’s
visualization or picturization I could say, you get the first hand feel of your success.
But please keep this in mind that Visualization does not guarantee success. It also does not
replace hard work or practice. It is just a powerful way to achieve positive, behavioral
change and create the motivation required to achieve your goals. Don’t set yourself up for failure by letting
your dreams get bigger than your abilities. In other words don’t set hard goals for
yourself, just make sure they’re attainable. There’s a great quote that says, “It’s
funny how day by day, nothing changes but when you look back everything’s different.”
So,One year from now, you’ll be one year older no matter what. How you plan and act
on your goals today will make you feel really different and really satisfying a year later.
That’s all for today, I hope you found this session useful and motivating, press the like
button and subscribe to our channel skillopedia, and don’t forget to press the bell icon,
so that you would not miss any of our skillopedia sessions. I would see you soon with another
great video, till then stay motivated and act towards your goals. Bye….

Drawing Baahubali ( PRABHAS ) realistic sketch

You are our sun resting on the mighty western
mountains You are our king who has relinquished the
breached fortress Rise again from our teary eyes and protect
us like our god We will follow your footsteps We would bestow our lives to you Hail to the king!… We hope that you will always be with us! These rocks will be overwhelmed with joy,
for being fortunate enough to stand the weight of their ruler This land will be elated and flourished with
greenery, for being glad to be drenched with his hard work Oh, dear king!! your word is our word.. your
glance is our command You are our King, father and also our son
Our life is yours Hail to the King! You should always live like our King!

How Things Actually Work

April 10, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 37 Comments

How Things Actually Work

There are crucial things we use every
single day but we usually ignore them and don’t really think about how they
work but what do you really think about it how do things like locks and zippers
actually work how does toothpaste always come out in that swirly pattern and how
to niche things like Michael Jackson’s leaning dance actually work well today
using amazing animations graphics and visuals we’ll find out I’m Charlie and
today we’re going to look at how things actually work before we get into it why
not subscribe and press the notification bell Michael Jackson’s leaned Michael
Jackson is said to be one of the best dancers of all time
everyone knows the moonwalk dance and if you put your mind to it you can learn it
but one thing that everyone’s tried and failed to do is Michael Jackson’s lean
well we now know exactly how it’s done if you try and lean forward at a
45-degree angle you’ll fall over but it turns out Michael Jackson was being a
smooth criminal and playing us at the entire time his gravity-defying lean
involves a patented shoe it was patented so that only he could use it the shoe
has a hole in it and in the stage there’s a base and a hitch member
markings as to where he should stand were painted on the stage and he simply
leaned forward and put all of his faith in that page if it broke he’d fall flat
on his face but thankfully that never happened locks we put all of our trust
in locks some of your most valuable possessions may be behind a simple
padlock but why do we trust lock so blindly not knowing how they really work
as you can see from this cross-section it’s actually pretty complex in a lock
various pieces of metal block keys from going in but if a key has the correct
cuts it will make all of these bits of metal rise up that’s because the metal
inside the lock is cut to the same shape as the key all of these then rise and
you can then turn the lock zippers I’m sure in your clothing or bags you have
zippers but how does that one zip seal up all of these stubs of plastic well
check out this animated cross-section of as in as you can see similar to a
railway track switch there’s two different inputs the two steps of
plastic sit on top of each other and then they’re released out of the one
output it’s funny how we use this invention every day but never think
about how it actually works grenades we all know grenades you pull the pin throw
it and it explodes but one thing you never see is the inner workings of a
grenade those who do see the insides of grenades are usually being blown up by
them but check out this cross-section which demonstrates how a grenade really
works the top part is the striker which makes
a spark all of those beads are the explosive material the red part is the
detonator and the section below that is the chemical delay so now you know how
grenades work maybe you can disarm one if one is ever thrown at you just make
sure you have a safety pin handy paper clips paper clips are very mundane
office objects but how are they made something human beings twist a roll of
metal around and around but instead there’s actually a pretty awesome piece
of machinery a thin metal wire is out put it then a heavy piece of rotating
metal smacks it into shape it only has to do this three times before cutting it
off and they have to say it’s incredibly satisfying to watch toothpaste
squirting out toothpaste is incredibly satisfying and everyone is used to
seeing those red blue and white swirls but how does it come out of a tube like
that why doesn’t it all get mixed together
well this cross-section of a team of Colgate toothpaste demonstrates how as
you can see the colored toothpaste is loaded in with an X shape as you squeeze
it and it goes out of the tube it makes a swirl toothpastes are squirted out
like this into a chew and for a toothpaste like the one in this image
seven different nozzles are use bowling ball bowling balls seem pretty
self-explanatory it’s simply plastic and resin formed in
a spherical shape but that’s actually not the case as you can see from this
bowling ball cross-section the asymmetric core allows you to drill the
ball to behave differently depending on where you drill the finger holes in your
side of bowling you can make a ball hook at different distances on the lane
there’s an incredible amount of science behind bowling balls
however some bowlers do use symmetrical balls allowing you to track straight and
some have even been scammed and a fort fake bowling balls the inside of these
fake balls are simply for with plastic and cement fans many people
use oscillating fans in their home or office we just press the button and then
the fan switches on and starts moving around but how does it actually work
well as you can see here the rotor always spins when the fans on when you
press the button it pushes a cork down this causes the fans blade to rotate it
also moves another cog at a slower rate which moves the fans head so that’s how
fans move and rotate I never knew there was a crank-rocker mechanism which moved
it back and forth alligators alligators are very scary aquatic creatures
although they are less aggressive to humans than crocodiles they can still
take your life and they do prey on humans with some regularity we often see
them in lakes and ponds but you’ve never seen a cross-section of them standing up
and when I say standing up I really mean it instead of swimming they usually
float flat on the surface of water but this is their resting position when
they’re hunting they usually stand up kind of like how human beings stand on
their hind legs so it turns out GEICO’s commercials aren’t that far from reality
but now it’s time to make your voice heard vote in the poll in the top right
corner which item on this list was most interesting if you want some more
amazing videos then check out my second channel but as always thank you for
watching there’s some more videos you may like on screen now leave a like if
you enjoyed and if you haven’t already what are you waiting for subscribe to
Top 10s

Craziest Things Actually Sold on The Black Market

The Black Market is a blanket term that refers
to the sale of illegal, immoral, or contraband items in exchange for money all across the
globe. The black market is basically everywhere – from
dark alleys to stores selling bootleg iPhones to secret websites on the deep web. When you picture items sold on the black market,
you probably imagine your classic gangster wares and accessories – guns, drugs, and
sex. However, if you scratch beneath the surface,
you’ll find that a lot of what you can buy on the black market is even stranger. Social Security Numbers with Great Credit
Scores Have you ever been denied a loan, or the lease
on an apartment, because you had a lousy credit score? It’s a problem thousands of Americans with
credit card debt experience every year. However, like any enterprising businessmen,
hackers on the deep web are eager to swoop in and offer a solution for a shockingly affordable
price. Companies like Equifax have been known for
experiencing data breaches that leave the personal information of tens of millions of
Americans vulnerable. Hackers can take advantage of situations like
that, skimming the breaches for social security numbers attached to great credit scores – typically
750 and above. They then take these social security numbers
and sell them on the deep web, often for as low two dollars apiece. This seems almost like a Robin Hood scheme
for people with low credit scores, but it’s not quite as fun for the people getting their
identity stolen. For all you know, your social security number
might be on one of these sites right now. Human Body Parts
We’ve all heard the classic urban legend: After a night of heavy drinking, you wake
up in a bathtub full of ice with a scar in your abdomen. You’re also minus a kidney. The question rarely asked is “what happens
to that kidney after the story ends?” Well, unless you’ve had a run in with Hannibal
Lecter, chances are your kidney has ended up on the black market. If you’re someone in need of an organ transplant,
you’re already aware that the waiting lines for getting a new heart, liver, or kidney
are incredibly long. And time is a luxury that a lot of sick people
can’t afford. Once again, entrepreneurial black market salesmen
enter, stage left. The black market organ trade is a truly booming
business, often trading in up to 1.7 billion dollars every year. In 2014, almost five thousand Americans died
while waiting for an organ transplant, and that’s just a fraction of the people suffering
from delays in transplantation. This is a product with an extremely high demand,
and only 10% of that overall demand is met legally. This makes body parts one of the black market’s
hottest sellers. Laundry Detergent
When you think of illegally-distributed liquids, you probably picture 1920s bootleggers moving
liquor in speedboats off the coast of New York. What you probably don’t picture are thieves
stealing bottles of Tide laundry detergent and selling them at obscenely marked-down
prices to turn a profit. The so-called “Tide Bandits” fill up shopping
carts with laundry detergent, and then bolt out the door before anyone has a chance to
stop them. These bottles of detergent are then sold off
to the general public or convenience stores. This is part of a larger trend referred to
by some as “organised retail crime”, or ORC. Groups of organised criminals employ well-paid
crews of career shoplifters to obtain millions of dollars of commercial products every year. Each shoplifting session often plays out like
a mini-heist movie, with distractions, misdirection, and a final score. The result? The cheapest spin cycle you’ve ever had. This seems like a bizarre thing to buy illegally
when you could just get it from the store, but laundry detergent is among the more expensive
over-the-counter products people regularly buy. Tide products also regularly fund the drug
habits of the sellers, and the circle of crime keeps on turning. Sand
Next time you’re at the beach, making a sand castle, consider that some people would
happily shoot you in the face to take it. That’s because there’s a violent black
market around sand. Sand and gravel are two of the most extracted
minerals on earth, thanks to their incredible usefulness in construction, with up to 59
billion tons of both being mined every single year. China and India in particular are experiencing
an infrastructure construction boom, meaning the demand for sand in the East is even higher. However, sand is a finite resource, and construction
booms all around the world have rapidly depleted it. Specifically, sand from around water sources
and riverbeds are the supplies in high demand, because desert sand grains are too round to
be effectively used in construction. Criminals colloquially known as the “sand
mafia” steal huge quantities of construction-ready sand from beaches to sell to the highest bidder
on the black market. Some members of the sand mafia in India have
even murdered to get their hands on more of it. Historically, organised criminals have used
beach-fronts to ship and receive stolen goods. Now, they can make even more money just stealing
the beach. Netflix Accounts
Ever invited some friends over to watch some movies or binge a TV show on Netflix? Imagine if you were secretly sharing your
account with hundreds or even thousands of people, most of whom you probably wouldn’t
consider friends. If you’re a Netflix account owner, it’s
very possible this is happening to you right now. That’s because clever hackers are able to
obtain Netflix email addresses and passwords through data breaches and email phishing schemes. They then sell off these emails and passwords
for as little as twenty-five cents on black market websites and forums. It may seem like they’re seriously under-selling
the product here, considering the annual subscription fees for Netflix accounts, but the high number
of stolen login credentials means the prices don’t need to be high to turn a profit. These black market salesmen make their real
profits on the sheer volume of credentials sold, sometimes even offering bulk packages. If this has made you feel paranoid, don’t
worry about it. Changing your password should solve this one. Flight Attendant Uniforms
Sexy Halloween costumes are all the rage these days. Sexy nurses, sexy priests, and even sexy hazmat
suits. So, what about sexy flight attendant? Well, that one is a little more complicated. Posing as a flight attendant can create some
serious security risks, so authentic flight attendant costumes aren’t readily available
to civilians. However, as in every other entry on this list,
people on the black market are here to supply even the strangest demands. Enter the black market flight attendant uniform,
particularly popular in Japan. Japan Airlines had to put in official measures
in 2010 to prevent former flight attendants from illegally auctioning off their uniforms
on the internet, where they can sell for thousands of dollars. Thankfully, most of the people buying these
uniforms aren’t people attempting to sneak onto commercial flights for nefarious purposes. The most frequent customer of these black
markets are Japanese exotic dancing clubs, where flight attendant characters are very
popular with a select clientele. Still, probably better in the hands of flight
attendant fetishists than violent criminals. Sperm
It isn’t always easy to have kids. There are a number of issues – from non-viable
sperm to infertile eggs – that could prevent someone from conceiving. For many couples, sperm donation and IVF are
the answer to their problems. However, without good health insurance, these
treatments can be out of many people’s financial reach. And, even in countries with universal healthcare,
the waiting time for IVF can run as high as two years. For a lot of people out there, two years is
too long to wait, so they turn to the alternative fertilisation options offered by the black
market. China, France, and the UK all have thriving
online black markets for sperm, used in DIY home self-insemination kits. Typically, you can buy these sperm samples
in sealed containers. But, some enterprising gentlemen in the Chinese
black market have offered to do the insemination themselves by having sex with their customers. Of course, compared to the rigorously tested
and professional methods of official IVF treatment, the black market method is risky. Disease and contamination are a significant
risk, as well as the fact you have no sure-fire way of knowing the sperm you’re being given
is viable. That being said, this sperm is a lot cheaper
than the legal method, so you get what you pay for. Fake Degrees
Ever wanted to pursue your dream career as a doctor, lawyer, or academic, but don’t
have the money, time, or dedication to actually pursue a degree in your chosen subject? Don’t worry about it! The entrepreneurs on the black market have
your back on this one, too. There’s a robust underground industry of
fake degrees, diplomas, and certifications willing to furbish you with a realistic-looking
fake degree for a far lower cost than actually pursuing your favourite subject in college. These degrees can open huge doors in the professional
world for their owners, so naturally, the demand is high. The shady institutions pedalling these bogus
qualifications are known as “diploma mills”, which make millions of dollars every year
illegally providing fake certificates. Some people are willing to pay through the
nose for their documents, too – with one British diploma mill customer paying over
$600,000 for his order. Tech companies also maintain thousands of
fake university websites to maintain the ruse, with names like “Brooklyn Park University”
and even the unfortunately named “Nixon University.” It’s the perfect place to get your fake
degree for when you’re later insisting that you’re totally not a crook. Creepy Realistic Masks
Have you ever wanted to look like an incredibly, almost creepily realistic old man without
a lot of money or a time machine? Then maybe the best option for you is getting
a tor browser, logging on to the deep web, and buying yourself a black market silicone
mask for a few Bitcoins. No, I’m not kidding, this is actually something
you can buy. What’s so black market about this, you’re
probably wondering? Well, to get masks of this quality for a decent
price, they’re likely stolen from movie lots and special effects studios. Masks like these are also sometimes used to
commit further crimes. For example, in 2014, a man in a highly realistic
silicone old man mask robbed four Seattle banks. If you purchase a stolen mask like that on
the black market, then use it to commit crimes, the chances of it getting traced back to you
are even lower. Though if you don’t plan on disguising yourself
to commit a serious crime spree, and just want a freaky Halloween costume, maybe just
pay a little more and buy it from a party store. Baby Formula
Picture this: You’ve got your life together. You’ve bought an excellent credit score
online. Your illegal kidney transplant was a complete
success. Your clothes are clean, thanks to your stolen
laundry detergent. You’ve got a law degree, kinda. You’re watching someone else’s Netflix
account, while wearing a flight attendant’s uniform and your scarily realistic silicone
mask. Your illegal IVF baby is playing in the stolen
sandbox outside. That’s when it occurs to you – with all
the money you’ve spent on these black market products, how are you going to afford baby
formula? Baby formula is a commodity so valuable it’s
often referred to by black marketeers as “liquid gold.” It often costs mothers up to $150 a month,
despite costing significantly less to produce. With an extremely high demand from almost
all new mothers, and the fact that the product is bought at a huge bulk discount by retailers,
makes it perfect to steal and redistribute. They’re stolen in pretty much the same way
as the laundry detergent: Efficient, well-organized teams of career shoplifters steal baby formula
in bulk. The price is then ludicrously marked down,
and sold to mothers who don’t feel like playing supermarket prices. Feeding your new-born with black market products
doesn’t seem ideal, but it’s rarely a matter of choice. For many working mothers, particularly single
mothers, a $150-a-month outlay is impossible. The same can be said for most of the products
on the black market – crime meets the demand that legal supplies can’t. While drugs and guns are a black market mainstay
for career criminals, when it comes to laundry detergent, baby formula, and sperm, the root
cause is desperation. Until legal supply can fill the gap, it’s
likely these crazy black market products won’t be going away any time soon. Here at The Infographics Show, we wouldn’t
recommend you buy anything on the black market. Instead, we recommend you check out “What
Horrific Things Can be Found on the Dark Web?” Thanks for watching. If you need us, we’ll be over here improving
our credit scores…

Hyper-Realistic Shadows That Trick The Eye (Illustrator Tutorial)

in today’s a graphic design illustrator
tutorial I’m gonna show you guys how to make some realistic shadows within adobe illustrator. now for today’s tutorial I found it really neat PNG of an iPhone
on Google and you can find this file link down below for you to download if
you want to use it for yourself to practice the techniques that we’re going
to go through right now so in today’s video is gonna be really really helpful
to use and utilize the layers window and you will see just why as we get on with
the video but yeah next we’re going to make a
background and you’ve seen me do this many many times on my channel so just
press M for the rectangle tool and cover the entire artboard with a rectangle it
might be a good idea to make the background color a sample from the image
itself so in this case the iPhone and just use the eyedropper tool to navigate
around the iPhone picking off different colors and seeing what’s gonna work best
for your background design so once you finally land on the color that you want
to use we can lock the background layer in the layers window by just clicking
next to the eye icon I’m gonna bring down a guide from the rulers that’s
gonna act as a kind of fictitious or a imaginary ground level and this will
help me build up the shadow as I move along the design this isn’t necessary
but I just find it helps quite a lot we’re making shadows you can also
right-click or control-click the background to lock the guides down in
place if you don’t want them moving around or being in the way so now it’s
finally time to make the first shadow so press M for the rectangle tool and then
generate a rectangle like so and add a gradient fill now in the gradient window
apply black to both sides of the gradient but then lower the opacity down to 0% on
one of the ends of the gradient and this will help blend in the shadow to the
background as you will soon see in the layers window make sure to bring the
iPhone to the front of all layers and actually we can lock this down as well
which will be very handy when building up the shadows in our design so going
back to the rectangle here and we can use the live corners in illustrator CC –
rounded off like so but if you don’t have illustrator CC just head up to
effect and then round corners another really useful tip here is to press the G
which will access the gradient tool and here we can actually dictate the
direction of the gradient and also the slider which will help blend in the
shadow to the background as far as you can see this is already looking pretty
needs but I’ve got some more techniques that are really gonna help build up your
realistic shadows for your graphic designs in Illustrator Sonax come up to effect and then blur
and Gaussian blur we’re going to apply a Gaussian blur to the shadow now how much
you apply is completely up to you and also your design but after you’ve
applied it I do suggest that you come up to the document or raster effect
settings and increase this value here as it’s going to help all of the blends and
the blurs look that much more smooth so that’s looking pretty neat already I’m
imagining a light source coming from the kind of top left direction coming down
so the rest of the shadow is going to be behind the iPhone itself kind of and I
would suggest that my light source is kind of more vertically speaking than
far out to the left so my shadows not going to be too long
and elongated so when you’re ready press a P for the pen tool and still with the
same gradient selected in the color palette we’re going to draw a shape that
will dictate the shadow I remember this doesn’t have to be too
perfect right now because we can adjust it later and also the Gaussian blur
effect means that we didn’t have to be neat with our pencil paths if you’ve
been drawing the path of just a stroke only press shift annex to flick the
stroke over to a field or gradient and then move the iPhone layer back up to
the top of the layers and this is why we use the layers panel because even though
the iPhone is locked we can still move around the positioning of the layers now
again press G for the gradient tool and adjust the gradient until you’re happy
with the final outcome of this part of the shadow now again go ahead and add a
Gaussian blur effect to the shadow and I really do love this gradient because it
blends so well into the background and that is one of the most you know crucial
techniques for this kind of design but yeah I suggest that you add a few more
shadows closer to the bottom of the iPhone to make it darker in that area
and this will add more emphasis and again some more realism to the shadows
on your graphic design but I was today’s video on making shadows in Adobe
Illustrator that adds some realism to your graphic designs I hope you learned
something today and if you want to keep learning essential skills as a graphic
designer subscribe to my channel for weekly
graphic design content and of course until next time design your future today
peace you

VA Individual Unemployability (TDIU) Myths and Facts

Linden Nash: Hi, everyone. Welcome to another
edition of Facebook live from Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick. My name is Linden Nash and I
am an attorney with the firm. Joining me today is Nicholas Briggs who is an accredited claims
agent– also with the firm, and Alyse Galoski, another attorney here at CCK. Today, we are
going to be talking about the most common myths and facts surrounding TDIU or otherwise
known as Individual Unemployability. This is a really important topic because it is
something that our clients seek really often because it has the similar or the same monthly
compensation as a 100% ratings, so it’s about $3000 a month. It stands for the fact that
your service-connected conditions do not allow you to work. We will get into more details
about TDIU as we progress but please keep in mind that we are filming this during the
Covid-19 situation in our country and around the world. CCK is working almost entirely
remotely, which has been a really unique experience, but we’re here for you and we are available
should you need anything. Hopefully we don’t have any technical difficulties, but we did
ask you earlier in the week for any questions that you might have for this broadcast. If
we don’t address your question, please check out our website, cck-law.com, we have a lot
of really greats blogs with awesome information. You can also look at our YouTube channel or
our Facebook page for other videos that address a whole wide array of topics, so hopefully
you’ll find your answer there. Again, we are talking today about TDIU myths and facts and
so as I said before, TDIU stands for the fact that you’re unable to work due to your service-connected
conditions. I think with all of that said, we can hop into our first myth or fact. Let’s
see, Alyse, our first statement– and while you let me know if this is a myth or a fact.
The statement is, “If I don’t meet VA’s TDIU rating percentage requirements, then I do
not qualify for unemployability.” Is that true or false? Alyse Galoski: That is going to be a myth.
There’s two different ways that you can get TDIU, they are under section 4.16(a) or 4.16(b).
4.16(a) is that schedular TDIU. That’s what we more traditionally think of when we think
of TDIU, and that’s those rating requirements that you mentioned. More specifically, you
can become eligible for TDIU if you have one service-connected disability rated at 60%
or more, or if you have more than one service-connected disability with one rated at at least 40%
and the combined rating being at least 70%. That’s the schedular way, but you don’t have
to have those ratings to be eligible for TDIU. The alternative way is under 4.16(b), which
is also known as an extra-schedular TDIU. Basically, that means you have such an exceptional
disability picture that even though you’re not meeting those schedular criteria, you
still are unable to complete substantially gainful employment and you’re still eligible
for TDIU that way. An example might be, if you are particularly disabled from just one
disability for example maybe you have a 40% rating for your back, which is a pretty significant
rating for a back condition, or maybe a 50% PTSD, again, a pretty significant rating,
but it’s not going to meet that schedular TDIU. Still, it could render you unable to
complete substantially gainful employment so you’ll still be eligible under 4.16(b). Linden: Okay, great. That first statement
was a myth. You do not– just because you don’t have the certain percentage requirements
to hit the schedular requirements for TDIU or what would be listed under 4.16(a), you
can still be found entitled to TDIU based on 4.16(b), otherwise known as the extra-schedular
TDIU. Alyse: Correct. Linden. Okay, great. Then do you have any
advice or pieces of evidence that you suggest one would submit to the VA in order to get
TDIU granted under b or even under a? Alyse: Yeah, absolutely. One example would
be if you have a social security determination, if you are deemed disabled by the Social Security
Administration. Another, you could have medical records, any lay evidence letters from yourself
or people who are close to you that know you, that have observed your disability, maybe
former employers, co-workers, anybody, again, who is witnessing your disability and how
it impacts your ability to work. You could also have a vocational assessment, it could
be from the VA or it could be your own counselor who has worked with you. That’s all evidence
that could go towards that. Linden: Awesome. Okay, great. Thank you very
much. Now, let’s move on to our next myth or fact. Nick, why don’t you let me know if
this is true or false. Veterans can collect Social Security Disability and TDIU benefits
at the same time. True or false? Nicholas Briggs: This one is true. It is a
fact. There are certain government benefits that there are double-dipping rules form,
meaning you can’t get both programs at the same time, but SSDI and VA Disability benefits
don’t count as double-dipping. There is sampling called Supplemental Security Income, where
you receive benefits that are needs-based, meaning that because you don’t receive a certain
amount of money, you are entitled to that amount of need-based aid, but once you receive
a certain amount of income from other sources such as VA benefits, then there would be double-dipping
rules that prevent you from getting both. But with SSDI, it only counts earned income,
meaning that you can get both SSDI and VA benefits at the same time. Linden: Great. I feel like this comes up a
lot. I’m always surprised how frequently I’m asked this question by our clients so I think
this is a common myth or facts, depending on how you look at it, but yes. Just so everyone
is clear, you are allowed to collect Social Security Disability and TDIU benefits at the
same. Just because you have Social Security does not mean you are not allowed, or not
able to get TDIU.� Nick: Absolutely. Linden: So I’m glad we were able to clear
that one out. All right. That one is pretty open and shut so why don’t we move on to the
next True or False, Fact or Myth. Alyse, if Social Security Administration deems you totally
disabled then you automatically get TDIU benefits from the VA. Is that true or false? Alyse: That is going to be another myth. SSA
and TDIU are two– they’re coming from two different administrations. Just as Nick just
said, they have two different purposes. They have two different definitions of what renders
somebody totally disabled. In our world, somebody is eligible for TDIU if they’re unable to
complete substantially gainful employment. The decisions are not binding on each other,
but like we had just mentioned, it can still be helpful if you’re deemed disabled to show
that because it’s persuasive evidence even if they’re not binding. It’s a myth that you’re
automatically entitled to TDIU if you’re deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration,
but it definitely is something that’s in your favor. Linden: Great. So yeah, if you do– like Alyse
just said, if you happen to have documentation from Social Security that deems you disabled,
that can certainly be helpful towards your TDIU claim and for getting TDIU granted, but
unfortunately, it’s not an automatic grant. It’s not as though you can just submit that
to the VA and automatically get a 100% for TDIU evaluation. That is really good to know,
and good to keep in mind. Also, Nick and Alyse, if you guys have anything to say while we’re
going through this– just because it’s not your myth or fact, feel free to jump in. Nick: Sounds good. Linden: Okay, great. All right. Again, that
one was pretty clear as well. All right, let’s move on to number four. Nick, VA can deny
unemployability benefits due to my being over the retirement age. Is that a myth or a fact? Nick: This one’s a myth. The only thing that
VA can consider age for is non-service connected pension through service-connected benefits
for unemployability. They’re not allowed to consider age as a factor. It’s something that
case law or supposed to leave out of their consideration entirely. That’s not to say
that they don’t do it sometimes, but whenever possible, you should make sure to point that
error out to VA because it’s something that we often see but it’s definitely not something
they’re allowed to rely upon. Linden. Okay, great. Just because– maybe
you retired a couple years ago, and you’re 75, that doesn’t mean that they can take that
into account in deciding whether TDIU is applicable on your case. Nick: Exactly. It’s important to mention,
though, that it’s a two-way street, meaning that in the same way they can’t use it to
deny you, the mere fact that a veteran might be 75 years old isn’t in and of itself a reason
that VA can grant unemployability. It’s something that is limited just to the consideration
of whether or not the service-connected disabilities prevent them from engaging in substantially
gainful employment. Linden: That’s a really great point. Age cannot
help you, or hurt you, necessarily. Nick: Exactly. Linden: Depending on how you look at it. Okay,
well that is really good to know, and good to keep in mind. Again, I think that is pretty
straightforward, as well. Okay, on to our next myth or fact. Alyse, VA can reduce or
terminate unemployability benefits. Is this true or false? Alyse: That is unfortunately true. TDIU is
not a guaranteed benefit unless VA has determined that you have a condition that won’t improve,
and that is something that you get when it’s considered permanent and total. TDIU can become
permanent and total but it’s not automatically permanent and total. Basically, what that
means is you have a condition that is what it sounds like. It’s permanent. There is a
reasonable certainty that it won’t get any better and you’re also rated totally disabled.
You can tell if you are P and T, which is important to do to see if your TDIU is considered
permanent and total. Basically, if you– there are certain ways. You might be told that you
are eligible for a DA benefits, you might have– Sometimes there’s a little box that
team and check that says your 100% disability is permanent. Sometimes, in rating decisions,
you’ll also see a notation that ‘No further examinations are scheduled. That’s also an
indication that your disability has been determined to be permanent, but unless those things are
true, you’re not considered permanent, and if you go back to work, your TDIU will no
longer be a benefit that you’ll receive. Linden: Great. Yeah, so as Alyse went over,
TDIU is unfortunately not something that– Just because you’ve had it for 10 years doesn’t
mean it can never be taken away. VA does check up on things sometimes, so if they’ve granted
you TDIU based on your inability to work, and then five years from now, you start working
full time and you maintain that position for over a year, unfortunately, TDIU can be taken
away. Please just keep that in mind. As Alyse said, probably the easiest way to know if
you are permanent and total, is if you’ve been granted DEA benefits, so dependent’s
adhesion assistance under chapter 35. That will be usually pretty clear in your rating
decision that you have that. For me, that’s the quickest way to tell, and if you’d like
to be rated P and T, you can always specifically ask to be rated for that, as well, just to
be really clear. Let’s see. Nick, am I missing anything? Nick: Nope, that’s exactly right. We’ll get
into it a bit later, but obviously there might be situations where a veteran can still work
and maintain their TDIU rating, but that really comes down to the specific type of employment
and how much they’re making. Like I said, we’ll talk about that in just a second. Linden: All right. Alyse: Yeah, and working is not the only way
that they might reduce your benefits. If you’re not P and T, you are required to continue
to submit those 21-4140 forms annually. If you don’t submit these forms, they can take
your benefits away. It could result in either termination or reduction. And other example
might be that if your service connections conditions have actually improved. Maybe you’re
not working but there are some evidence out there that shows your situation has improved,
that’s another way you could receive some kind of reduction. Linden: Okay. All right, great. Thank you,
both. Let’s move on to our next one. Okay. I cannot work at all while receiving TDIU
benefits– Nick, I think you eluded to this previously, but is that true or false, fact
or myth? Nick. Yup. This one is false. It is a myth.
There are certain circumstances in which a veteran can continue to work and still be
granted entitlement to TDIU. First, if a veteran is working in a marginal capacity, meaning
that they’re employment is considered marginal because they make less than the federally
established poverty threshold, which is a little over $13,000 a year nowadays. If a
veteran works part-time or full-time, but makes less that $13,000 amount, their employment
can be considered gainful, and as a result, they can still be granted TDIU if it’s determined
that they’re limited to no more than marginal employment due to their service-connected
conditions. However, there are also additional circumstances where if the veteran makes more
than the poverty thresholds, they might still be considered unable to work if their employment’s
only maintained because it’s what called the protected work environment. The regulation
doesn’t really define what a protected work environment is, it just gives examples like
a family business or a sheltered workshop, but at the most basic level, it’s basically
a situation where a veteran’s excused from the critical functions of their job. They
are less productive than other employees, they are less reliable, and they might not
be penalized for a certain behavioral issues or mistakes, that might get a traditional
employee fired. And as results, the veteran might still be paid the same, or a similar
amount, as other employees despite this protections. That’s basically a recognition on the employer’s
part that– but for those accommodations, the veteran would not be able to work. In
those situations, VA should still be granting the veteran entitled to TDIU. Linden: Right. Okay. As Nick just said, there
are certain ways where you can work, very certain specific situations where you are
able to work and still receive TDIU benefits, marginal employments, so you make under the
poverty thresholds, or you’re in– as Nick’s just described, a protected work environment,
meaning that maybe you work in a family business, or something similar, where you are given
unreasonable accommodations in order to complete your job everyday. Maybe you are paid an average
salary of someone in that position, but you don’t really fulfill all of the roles or task
that someone else in that position might be required to fill. Okay. That is well said.
Alyse, are we missing anything? Alyse: I don’t think so. I think Nick hit
all the points there. Linden: All right. Just to be clear, you–
very certain, tiny circumstances you can work while receiving TDIU, but it is– Typically,
if you are getting TDIU, it means you’re unable to work due to your service-connected conditions.
All right. Alyse, let’s move on to the next one. Veterans in receipt of TDIU have a 100%
VA disability rating. Is that true or false? Alyse: It is actually a myth. You’re rated–
You do not have a 100% disability schedular rating. You’ll receive the same amount of
benefits that somebody would if they had a 100% schedular rating, but you technically
do not have a 100% schedular rating. That matters in certain aspects. Some States, for
example, might give certain benefits to people who have schedular 100% ratings. In most avenues,
it might not matter as much, but it’s technically– there is a difference there. You have TDIU
and you are being paid out at 100%, but you do not have a 100% rating.� Linden: Okay, great. Nick, anything on top
of that? Nick: That’s it. Linden: Okay, so yeah, pretty straightforward.
As Alyse said, you are paid the same amount, so TDIU monthly compensation and a 100% schedular
rating are paid the same amount every month, which is just over $3,000, I believe. They
are similar, but they are not the same. However, we have clients all the time who ask us or
ask VA for a letter stating their rating, or stating that they’re totally disabled.
Sometimes, that can help in certain States for tax purposes or different housing situations,
so if you are looking for a letter like that, you can ask VA for– I forgot what they call
the letter, but something about your benefits– total disability benefits letter. That could
be spelled out for you, if need be, but they are technically, not the same. Just paid the
same. Okay. Our last myth or fact– Nick, how about this one. You must file a separate
claim for TDIU benefits. Is that true or false? Nick: This one’s a myth. As a general rule,
VA is required to assume that a veteran is seeking the highest possible rating for their
conditions, off to and including unemployability benefits and sometimes, even higher benefits.
What than means is, if the veteran is seeking an increased rating for an underlying condition,
and there’s evidence of records suggesting that they can’t work due to that condition,
VA is supposed to consider TDIU as a reasonably-raised issue. That being said, it’s better to help
VA along and do what they ask you to do by submitting the VA form 21-8940 because it
provides lot of information that might not be included in treatment records or in the
letter that a veteran might submit. And at the end of the day, if the veteran doesn’t
have any other claims pending, they can submit the 8940 form to initiate a claim for TDIU,
but that’s not supposed to stop VA from failing to consider it as a part of what’s already
pending. Linden: Okay, great. Technically, you don’t
have to file a claim for TDIU, but as we all know, it’s always helpful to give VA that
nudge and just be really clear with them about what the veteran is asking for, why they’re
asking for it. As you said, Nick, the 8940 is extremely detailed. It ask you for all
of your service-connected conditions that impact your ability to work. It ask you for
your recent work history, when you stopped working, if you’ve been hospitalized or seeking
treatment. It’s really a inclusive form, and it gives VA a really clear idea as to what
you’re going through, so I would definitely suggest filling one out just to be extra clear
that you’re unable to work due to your service-connected conditions and that you’re seeking TDIU. Although
not necessary, it’s definitely encouraged, in my opinion. Nick: Absolutely. Linden: Great. Alyse, anything I’m missing
there with TDIU 8940’s? Alyse: No, I think it just goes to show sometimes
things just aren’t always required but it’s always good to help VA want to help you. Fill
out those forms, fill out the forms that you have to fill out yearly, make sure that you’re
doing everything that you can to keep an up and up with your benefits. Linden: Right. That was actually our last
myth or fact that we’re going to go over, but this kind of goes into my final question
for you, guys. Anything– Any big tips for a veteran who may be seeking entitlement to
TDIU– I know we touched on evidence a little bit, or how to treat your claim, or how to
treat VA in this process. Any kind of last pieces of advice for someone seeking TDIU? Alyse: Nick, do you want to start or I–? Nick: Sure. One of the big things that we
often see is making sure that a veteran submits everything that they need to submit regarding
their employment history. The 8940 form request the last five years that a veteran worked,
but oftentimes, we might see situations where a veteran tried to continue applying for jobs–
or succeeded in getting a job, but lost that job after one or two months. Alyse: Right. Nick: All that information’s both important
for VA to know when exactly a veteran stopped working, but at the same time, it can also
be useful to show the fact that a veteran can’t work and their service-connected conditions
affected those failed to work attempts. It’s all relevant information to include so it’s
better to be over-inclusive in what you submit VA, than have something that they might find
out about in some other circumstances. Linden: Definitely. Alyse: In the same theme of the evidence,
don’t feel like you have to rely too heavily on your medical evidence– what those VA exams
say. Sometimes they don’t have a lot of good facts in to how something might impact your
employability. They might just say, “Oh, well, it impacts his ability or her ability to stand,”
but that’s really not the full picture of it. Lay statements can be very helpful for
you. It doesn’t have to just be something you’re saying, it can be something a co-worker
is saying– your sister or your brother, your loved one. They can help paint the picture
a little bit more realistically than just a couple lines in the examination can, so
don’t shy away from those. Linden: Great advice. Following up on what
both of you just said, VA is a really busy department, they have a lot of claims everyday,
they have a lot of submissions coming in and out from veterans and representatives. They
have a lot going on, so I would just say to be as clear as possible, don’t hide the ball,
be honest, submit lay statements from your friends and family. Like Alyse said, submit
lay statements from yourself, do the 8940 just to be thorough, and really let them know
what you’re asking. Be as clear as you can and don’t assume that they know what’s going
on, and don’t assume that they will grant you the highest benefit even though they’re
supposed to. Definitely ask for TDIU outright if you are unable to work due to your service-connected
conditions. Okay. Anything else from you, guys? Pretty good? ` Nick: Good. Linden: All right. Okay. With that said, thank
you everyone for tuning in today. We hope that you and your families are staying safe
and healthy, and we’re thinking of you during this time. Our office is open if you need
anything. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Like I said, we are working remotely
so it might seem like we’re not around, but we are. We’re here for you. Please call us
and let us know what we can do to help you. Keep washing your hands and we will see you
next time. Thanks again.

Calupoh – Mexican Wolfdog – Facts and Information

Calupoh is extremely rare dog from
Mexico. They are also known as Mexican Wolfdogs and they are crosses between
various dog breeds and Gray wolves. In this video I will tell you all the
important facts and information about the Calupoh. I would love to thanks Demonas
Hellhounds and Arya for letting me use their photos and videos. If you will like
the Calupoh and you would love to see more of them definitely check out their
Instagram profiles. At the first glance the Calupoh is very strong, large and
athletic, yet very elegant dog. The height should be between 58 to 75 centimeters
which is 23 to 30 inches. Females are naturally little bit smaller than
males. With their athletic body and very long legs they resemble the wolf body
structure a lot. Their long legs enable them to reach incredible speed. The
Calupoh has deep chest strong neck powerful head and always erect ears
Calupoh has a weather-resistant dense double coat, most often in black color
But it’s not the only possible color you can also find them in a silver white or
smoky black. They can have white spots on the chest and in their adulthood they
develop a wolf-like mane around their neck. It might surprise you since this is the
part wolf but the Calupoh has quite stable
temperament. They are very active so they will require daily long walks, jogs or
hikes accompanied with some task-oriented playtime but if you will
provide them with enough physical and mental stimulation they are pretty easy
to manage. This is very loving devoted tolerant and friendly dog with their
owners and family. They are eager to please its owners and they do ok around
kids which makes them good family companions. Of course you should never
leave any dog unsupervised with a very small child
Calupohs are also doing good with other dogs in the family especially if
they are socialized of them from the puppyhood
This is a social animal who will love to live in a pack
Calupohs tend to be a little bit alert and reserved with other people. The
strangers must earn their trust but don’t worry once you show them that it
is your friend they typically have no problem with the stranger. The
socialization is the key to have obedient companion buyer side Most wolfdogs are not very versatile
workers well this is not true with Calupoh. Thanks to their trainable and loyal
personality they were used for many purposes mainly as sheep dogs and cattle
dogs Thanks to their territorial instinct they
can also be used as guard dogs and as I already said earlier in the video lately
they are used as amazing family companions. The Calupoh we know today is
a result of dog wolf crossbreeding in the 1990s but there are
archaeological evidences of Mexican wolfdogs from the pre-hispanic Mexican era
The remains of these old wolfdogs were found on important Mexican places like
Pyramid of the Moon or Templo Mayor these dogs were probably sacrificed and
they most likely had high spiritual meaning which is why the experts
believed that the crossing was not only natural and casual but also intentional
The reason behind the recreation of the Calupoh was to rescue part of the old
Mexican culture and the breeding was successful, because today we have one
more amazing dog breed in the world. This is usually very healthy dog breed but
since it’s still a young crossbreed there is not enough evidences about the
possible health issues. The one issue Calupoh can suffer from is hip dysplasia
and their lifespan should be between 12 to 14 years. Of course if you want to
have happy and healthy Calupoh in your home daily proper exercise is a must
Other than that the maintenance is not hard. They do shed especially during the
spring and fall so regular brushing will help you to remove the dead hair and
minimize the shedding. Other than that you should regularly check their eyes
ears and nails and clip them or clean them if needed. Tell me in comments what
do you like the most about Calupoh and what is your experience with this
dog if you’re new on this channel counties are subscribing turn the
notifications on and check out Instagram Facebook links are in description thank
you for watching see you in the next video