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Flight Night 75  | Popham to Kemble | Real Weather | VR

Welcome back to Popham airfield on 19/3/20 for leg 75 of our UK Tour. Today we’re heading NE to EGBP Kemble, but expecting a low cloudbase and limited visibility. Today’s leg is about 42NM on a heading of 313 degrees. There arent many distinctive features to pick out so we may struggle for definitive positioning as we progress.. But we’re still only using the chart and our eyes. Start ya bastard.. Correcting the gyrocompass as always. First up will be flying between Whitchurch and Overton Mag check Should state that I’m only using Oculus Touch controllers here, no yoke/pedals/throttles etc. It’s harder, thats my excuse… Let’s get going before the weather gets worse. Danabb transport depot down there Starting off at 1200′ but there’s higher ground ahead. That should be Overton And Whitchurch to the left of our track. Picking out the A34 It runs all the way to Southampton We might be able to see Andover to our left, but it’s a way off track so maybe not… Higher ground approaching Should also note that I don’t pre-run or practise these legs, so this is all as legit as can be. At this point besides a few very vague peaks, it’s hard to pinpoint our exact position. Looking for forested areas on the chart This could be Savernake forest (Which would put us to the south of our track) But we’ll find out when we see Swindon over the hill A slight step up in alt, but must avoid the clouds… X-Plane cant quite decide how bright today will be.. Constant weather changes hampering my CPU.. Again trying for definite locations, but nothing to cross-check with here Doves Farm Foods This distinctive driveway puts us over the forest a few miles SW of Hungerford, so only about a half mile north of track Of course the subtitles are retrospective, so it’s not helping me at present Looks like my garden… Ramsbury We’re over a mile north of track now. Swindon will get us back on track. Hillwood Stud, if you’re into horses! Cycling OVR to aid smoothness… Getting back on track based on the shape of Swindon. Picking out Chiseldon I think… Definite fix on the M4 as it passes south of Swindon And then on to Bristol Now we need to pay attention to avoid missing Kemble.. Nationwide Building Society Wroughton, a former RAF base and community Ridgeway school A local Waitrose Driver navigates as well as I do… We’ll be looking for lakes to the north, and Oaksey Park airfield to the South as we go. Purton Lakes up ahead Minety And a railway line as expected, though they’re often hard to tell from roads in this. Need to be sure at this point… There’s Oaksey Park There we are… Fast prep for landing Lining up for RW26 Exiting onto Alpha and we’ll join the 1%ers on the D-Site Apron Thanks for sticking around. I really do appreciate the views, likes and subscriptions. Much appreciated. Next week we’re back on grass again, Eastbound to RAF Halton Flying Club Please join us!

Art is Real, Art is Virtual – Brought to you by Hyundai Motor Company

We are wondering, what are the ideal ways to
show VR exhibitions? And it seems that there are lots of different
ideas and some artists like the fact that they can be
shown anywhere because you are catapulted into a totally
different area, a different region, a different sphere. And there is VR on the one hand
and there is AR, and then there’s mixed reality which is being
developed. I think it’s going to be a spectrum of
possibilities and they will actually merge into each other
a little bit. I know Bjarne Melgaard as a very important
Scandinavian painter, also someone who makes sculptures. And I know of video works, etc, but this is the first time you work with this
new, very powerful medium, virtual reality. And an obvious question is of course,
not only why you did it but rather, what it offers that you couldn’t have done in
more traditional mediums? How the VR functions for me
was that I had the possibility to materialize a narrative
in a kind of almost transcendental way. So, I could take all these older references and I could present them
in a totally contemporary context. I couldn’t have done that in any other medium. It’s something strange with VR,
that it promises sublime experiences. What is the experience for the audience? You are immersed in a very isolated experience
which you are not in a regular museum. And here, you can somehow
be within the artwork. I feel like, isn’t it a little bit of a challenge
for VR now to go beyond just three masks
from the ceiling? I mean, just talking to people who try this
medium now, I feel like there are almost two schools
or two approaches. And I could see your piece, could we say that it’s almost like
a hyperdense retrospective. -It could of course, be inside a show of yours.
-Yes. There are others with whom we have worked who like the fact that it’s a totally abrupt
kind of cut that you know, you can sit in the basement
and then you are kind of catapulted -into a different space. Many people, they talk about how will this be
for artists, this medium? How will this develop? But I haven’t heard so many people talking
about how will this be for a curator? What is a curator now in relation to the art? In a way, I have been
a very classical old school curator, working for museums,
the Venice Biennale, things like that. So, of course it will change everything. We can apropos the emerging
or the kind of mixing of real and virtual. One could probably do,
I wouldn’t even call them bi-annuals but kind of events that happen in LA,
Copenhagen, some in South Africa at the same time. And it’s you know,
it takes place in a physical space but it has so strong a virtual presence that
it’s actually a kind of international event. I think, that these technologies
and VR being the visually most overwhelming and therefore maybe the best example, is a possibility to actually totally disrupt
traditional structures of the art world. The gallery, the art fair, the museum,
the private collection; all of that to a certain extent is irrelevant
because it can actually be art for all. Is it also interesting
that the artworks get detached from all these openings and conferences
and talks, and you can go back to maybe
the individual experience of an artwork?

Virtual Reality Bar Simulator Turns Into MASSIVE FIGHT! (Drunkn Bar Fight VR) w/ xFudgy!

oh oh we’ve got a bigger guy I picked a big dude what’s this guy doing oh my god okay let let’s let him do his thing let’s just drink up cheers man hey studs oh my dude how dare I here this is yours ticket yeah nice yeah by the way I’m I’m Felix what’s your name fudgy yeah sorry I’m sure she’ll get you another drink just be patient all right okay and she’ll do it all right calm down okay I know you’ve had a lot surgery it’s fine okay okay this is calm okay that’s it let me try again with Tracy may I please have a drink another drink of your delicious beverage [Applause] join me join me join the Dark Side that’s okay I’ve got the strength – you are crazy man hey man just go ahead hey man you gonna protect me oh sorry uh I was listening to your speech get away from my friend thank you I got you man oh yeah oh my goodness we gotta find us who’s this guy without asking we would like to drink please come over in service yes I would hold the trigger drink – this is a wedding venue that we have crashed and look there’s the bright so I told you I need you on your best behavior today okay okay all right so no fighting okay don’t drink too much and just enjoy yourself all right so come with me all right so what do we got here we go a couple of bits whoever that is oh look a camera ah dude you can restore it we can blogs all right I’ll get him I’ve look everyone is fudgy and welcome to hello blog now this is fear here what’s up we have crashed this wedding pie so yeah let’s grab a drink here’s a beer you grab a beer right there and yeah cheers man Cheers goodnight hey I’ll be honest man I uh I don’t think vlogging is for me so oh no no man it’s just not me so uh yeah well you know what that I think another head Hey no smoke smoking is bad that’s why I’m putting in your drink man okay put it in my drink all right smoke it in this this area down down bro okay look it’s good see oh you taught you to kill someone down there wait why walks dude check it out do you want to use this yeah man let’s try it all right oh here we go oh my gosh you wanna hear all oh dude dude they’re after us dude I’ll vlog you you you go I’ll vlog it okay all right what’s this ready yeah man I’m gonna get to monetize what screw it I don’t I’m good for the price of girl for the bright come here you’re mine now all my sacrifices must be made Oh what are you on the screen what’s going on air man just here have it have a drink I can’t even reach the beer just drink up oh dude I’m here wait you’re you’re like you’re a head on the table for me oh and I would you just joined us whoa oh no he started the fire oh hello excuse me we have a drink please you want a drink hey yeah I’ll bet see ah do they have Coors Light or chocolate mag I don’t know chocolate no crap oh shoot Oh chuckle you know give it a Bailey’s give me a Bailey’s Bailey’s please Bailey’s Bailey’s Bailey’s there’s only one I think we can do about this are you ready to get D monetize for this I’m ready to get D monetize let’s go [Music] No he’s gone he’s dead Jim good you’re back up your backup you got your good man good let’s get this guy I’m gonna double fist this thing have this oh okay Wow all right you ready there’s no we end this video now bro so everyone needs to comment like and subscribe and if they want to see more of this then they should definitely like the video alright alright let’s go oh I missed I miss what’s this guy doing oh okay let let’s let him do his thing let’s just drink up cheers man [Music]

RT Life – Bruce’s Virtual Penis

September 27, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

RT Life – Bruce’s Virtual Penis

This video, presented by the latest Rooster Teeth documentary “Connected”. Coming April 15th for Rooster Teeth sponsors. (BEEPING)
Shut up. Start your free 30-day trial
now at roosterteeth.com. ADAM: VR is the future and we’re here in Funhaus land where we have virtual reality. -To test our virtual reality,
we have Joel. JOEL: I’m like Galactus. [INTRO THEME PLAYING] ADAM: This is Joel. -Joel’s doing all this. -BRUCE: Do something cool, Joel!
-JOEL: I can’t– there’s not– I can’t do– -Oh!
-ADAM: Hit the button! Ah. ADAM: Joel may look like a crazy person, but he’s actually stomping around. -Boom. Bam.
-BRUCE: Get the monster! Suck it! ADAM: Punch that. Yeah… -Oh, yeah, there you go. JOEL: Dah!
ADAM: D– ADAM: Nice… (Joel laughs) BRUCE: Wait, what did he punch? ADAM: He punched the wall. -Alright, my turn. -Ooh, got two lasers. -You know what, Joel?
JOEL: What? ADAM: I think you broke the controller. JOEL: I don’t think I did. -Dah!
ADAM: D– -Nice… (Joel laughs) (Joel laughs in slow motion) JOEL: Maybe you’re just not good at VR. BRUCE: Looked like you were
humping it there for a second. ADAM: Look at him draw.
He’s in his element. BRUCE: Did you draw a tiny little penis
on that drawing? -Is that was that is?
JOEL: No. -Definitely not. ADAM: That’s- BRUCE: That’s a tiny little penis right there.
ADAM: That’s a baby penis. JOEL: Here, I guess-
BRUCE: Joel, look down at my penis. -Joel, Look down at my penis! ADAM: Wow!
JOEL: It’s too small… ADAM: It’s very small.
BRUCE: Accurate, but small. JOEL: Boop! See, isn’t that gorgeous? ADAM: Oh, it’s shooting semen.
BRUCE: Oh, wow! *Laughter* -It’s beautiful! ADAM: Joel, I’m gonna draw you! JOEL: Me?!
ADAM: Yeah, you! -Joel is mostly… Hair…
JOEL: Oooh… ADAM: Whoa!
JOEL: I know. There are no mistakes, just derpy accidents. (Flashback to wall punching again, and slow-mo laughing) -Whoa, that’s… Okay, that’s a thing. -Man… I have a dick nose. ADAM: Well…
JOEL: Dick and ball nose. BRUCE: Police! Can you draw someone? Free sex?
*Everyone laughs* JOEL: Are you proud of yourself?
ADAM: Ah, yeah! ELYSE: I’m going to draw the uh… Most artistic man in this office… Matt Peake.
JOEL: There we go. -Matt Peake who’s right he- ADAM: He’s gone. ELYSE: Hi guys! JOEL: Oh man, he looks just like that pizza you had for lunch yesterday! -Matt “Peake-za!” (Slo-mo laughing again) JOEL: You can draw in three dimensions!
BRUCE: *Laughs* JOEL: So you have to uh, make it…
ELYSE: Oh really? ADAM: Yeah, look a- Walk up to him. ELYSE: Ya- Oh, fuck!
*Everyone laughs* ADAM: Elyse, what are your thoughts on VR? ELYSE: I love it! (Slo-mo laughter again)

Mosh Pit Simulator Actual Trailer

September 16, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 33 Comments

Mosh Pit Simulator Actual Trailer

blerghe blergvhe beeghlurgh blurghve blughlurghu bleerbregh blyrghbu blergha bleeergh blahgerbleh blargh blegho blergh blghrebleh bleh bleh gheerle blargh blargh bloorgh reekapoo dideda bahdeydoo reebah deh keh peh deh booh booh booh bahrah behreh gihdee behre beh beh rehgehse phohho pochoh pah dah pah rrrraawrrr behrhe ghedeh voh reh gehdeh voh reh gedheh blergh blergh blergh blergh blergh blergh bleughrg rehghe bhedeh boh reh vehdeh goh reh vedheh bleughrha deugrlha heurghla bloorgh wohahla bee ibeedeewo raahrghl raahrghl raaaahrghl rahrghl rrahrghl rahrghl rahrghl rahrghl raaaaahrghl ribidibooh glaargh rghley dharhrara glebrgh glebrgh glebrgh glebrgh glebrgh glebrgh glebrgh glebrgh glebrgh grhbgleehbrghl

Kerbal Space Program – Virtual Fighter – Htc Vive

Robus here playing more Kerbal space program today we will fly in VR I’m just gonna make a yet fighter something we can relate to wait I can build a VR as well I don’t think so I don’t want to get motion sick before me within the aircraft aircraft just do all in yin I want to feel the speed literally literally all right this is so bootleg dammit I don’t have benign installed never do it the best I can with what I have that’s pretty good shape actually looks very sharp looks like a bad Batarang I know exactly what to call it the V or vegan yes it’s not really a vegan though to be honest its dual Indian oh my god it begins this would be how the kerbals feel like before to get into a fiery rank all right look at that Ken aid I can control it with my nob like this even back dad elevators are working its magic the problems are physical so a Boop SAS turn on safety shield and pinion on let her rip I don’t even need a kerb us anymore I can do the missions by myself wait a second how do you steer oh no oh no pull back pull pull pull pull the knob this changes everything everything feels so quickly as well holy shit alright let’s do a roll test oh my brain hurts from that anything you did yeah oh fuck oh that feels great up you go that’s horrible that’s adorable alright this one thing I always wanted to do in VR a loop-de-loop alright give us some power let’s gain some speed it tickles a little god damnit brain oh fuck this is what it feels like being Australian all these fucking hoje in the brains it hurts it’s like deep in between the eyeballs it hurts oh that’s probably the rocket test I did earlier you can’t see anything in the rocket let’s bus the tower in VR alright wait turn it back turn back turn back boom boom boom oh shit is this where kerbals go when they die okay hello we need to put guns on on it and use the trigger as the trigger oh I have to breathe a little sitting and doing V or do it it’s so fucking no no no she a ting I think he world is V or is definitely going to be in the future warfare you know little dabbing dumbass fortnight players controlling drones there we go rocket pods side wider nurse side whiteners and volcano Hannon’s what if this isn’t a vr simulation what if i’m right now sitting in a top-secret american prototype do it rocket pods oh fuck alright I think I solved it yeah stream of piss oh shoot estar wish for the structure I’ve placed out some targets that we’re gonna try to well attempt to hit but from from the best of our abilities all right something weird about this it feels like there’s a bug flying around me when I shipping the missiles whoa do it what the fuck was that take two are you spying on me are using the lighthouse laser to measure my dick fuck gear let’s give it a little power I don’t know where we will be stalling with this thing anyway yes god damn that’s cool Bea your works really well with this game it translates over into it the graphics the physics everything piece of shit hit it that’s on come on fuck you yes fuck I would be the most trigger-happy American yet planet ever they need America needs me dee dee the dead zone is pretty trash easier to hit in New York then an actual gameplay look at bullseye a little shit feels good man now getting a little too emotion sick for my own good but you know what full power I’m gonna go exploring a bit with VR I would go into the mountains actually I feel so tiny it’s like looking at the mountains in Skyrim VR you feel like an ant yes oh fuck don’t click shout now good stop it all right thank we go this has been a good experience I like this I wish I had a real joystick though I have decided I might actually get the vipro as well it’s for it’s it’s all worth it don’t get one don’t become a professional you know but for flying it might just be worth it and porn had a given beef a fun thought Linda they are speed blind whatever is called English Frank oh shit I’ll have no brakes at all this is a bummer I make I can’t break I wish could have a brake pedal down there but fuck it let’s use the gun OOP that worked that work fuck yeah dude I love this then it’ll work a little bit more on the mod but damn this is this is quality I feel happy I feel sick as well fuck this I’m done very well like a favorite this shit buy an expensive headset for VR today [Music] [Music]

ODG Augmented Reality SmartGlasses + the Future of Media-Tech with Keith Boesky on MIND & MACHINE

hi I’m August welcome to the show where
we explore ideas on the future my guest today is Keith Bosque when you work in
California tech media circles it doesn’t take long to run into Keith he seems to
be everywhere sitting on boards and advising a wide range of bold media tech
companies he cut his teeth in video games as the president of idose
Interactive a gaming company where he worked on titles such as Tomb Raider and
Final Fantasy all of this gives him a deep insight into what’s happening and
where it’s heading I recently hosted a dinner in my loft with media tech
innovators Keith arrived with a pair of augmented reality glasses that looked
like Oakley spore traps the demos that followed blew us away through the
glasses I watched a fiery Sun and richly textured planet’s orbit my loss with
remarkably vivid color and resolution I then saw a virtual desk with an array of
screen is hovering in three dimensions inside the familiar setting of my home
these glasses were the newest augmented reality devices from ODG keith is on the
board of the company and works closely with them to develop and share what this
technology is capable of we’ll talk with Keith about the future of augmented
reality and how it will change our lives let’s dive in Keith it’s great to have you on the show
you’re involved in a lot of different to startup ventures and some of the most
interesting ones in the California sort of media space like go toy two bit
circus lots of cool company spaces how did you get involved in so many and
particularly one that seemed be having an impact I’m old and I have a short
little attention span so when it goes back to when I was practicing law the
best thing about being an attorney was working with a bunch of different
companies because I was able to see what one company was doing and often they
existed kind of like a Venn diagram there were pieces of it that overlapped
and an awful lot that didn’t but sometimes there were really good
practices or really good business models that came from one that could apply to
the others and the other thing that I’ve always done is I’ve worked with
companies that are pretty much in the same space it may not all apparently be
the same space when I was practicing and I had upper deck company and a comic
book company and video games from the outside they don’t look like the same
space but they’re all platforming IP or they’re all so it was a way to get them
working together and knowing each other how do you choose which companies to
work with what are the criteria you look for it’s it’s the people yeah it sounds
kind of glib in cliche and it’s what everybody says but a lot of the people
I’ve known for a long time Ralph foster I ordered ODG I’ve known for over 20
years same thing with Jules Oh toy I’ve known
for over 20 years and but often in a new relationship I just get in and start
working with somebody and it either works or it doesn’t
I either can add value to what they’re doing or I don’t understand and then we
just start going but it’s it’s usually the people and I I can get excited about
anybody’s any idea and anybody who’s excited about something that sounds cool
and you you just mentioned your deep in augmented reality with ODG no Gigi was
one of the first maybe even the first of the major
players with actual product in the market and just for viewers who are new
to augmented reality augmented reality an AR is where you lay a digital layer
of information or assets or objects that interact with your view of the the room
and environment you’re in so what sets the ODG apart what’s you know given that
there are a number of augmented reality headsets starting to make a splash well
they’re a whole bunch and that’s the exciting thing we want everybody to
succeed because we want developers who want to be able to have a market to
develop into right and even Apple doesn’t carry a hallmark and we don’t
think we will right but everybody’s got a little bit of a different focus and
what we’re looking at is giving you a wholly self-contained mobile platform
mm-hmm it’ll give you pick witness access to your data wherever you are
till mobile it’s under that mobile focus untethered a doors outdoors wherever you
are wherever you want to have access to your data that’s our focus and we’re
kind of unique and choosing what we are unique and choosing that space ok
battery life does that have a imagine that’s your phone and it’s use dependent
yeah so if you’re doing email or you’re using your citrix office or doing
something like that it’s gonna last longer than if you’re playing pokemon go
or some kind of intensive augmented reality I mean you probably know when
you’re playing Pokemon on your phone you’re gonna burn down in a couple hours
you could go for half a day at least non-stop yeah yeah and the other the
other nice thing about the glasses and what people are using when they are
doing the heavy they are applications and enterprise applications we’ve got a
data pass-through battery pack that they can plug in or any battery pack you can
plug in and keep you going all day while you’re using glasses ok they are your
clients at this point mostly enterprise or as consumers
starting to happen or the classes that are on the market right now or the our
sevens and we’re just about to release they are 7hl which is a hazardous
location version and those classes are for enterprise so we have we’ve sold
into forty five percent of the fortune 500 right now oh wow this is happening
fast oh yeah and you have one right here that these
are the eights they’re the new one of the two new ones
yeah these will be out at the end of the year we’ll be going to developers a
thousand dollar price point we’ve announced sub one
subway which is remarkable for that kind of for that product I mean nothing
nobody is doing well it’s yeah it’s a computer on your face
yeah and it’s it’s cool and I’ve warned them and just the how vivid the the
resolution the colors are really remarkable it’s like it’s that’s a
quantum leap from what I’ve seen before right the other glass is the r9 they
have a slightly larger field of view and those are the only wearable that’s been
certified by thx for cinema. Oh wow, so watching movies is a thing on this? Well
it is because this is the only had worn device that allows you to have that
cinema quality pixel free I didn’t even know that oh yeah no screen door fact
pixel free display just perfect photo real but I tend to think we are is the
optimal place for cinema because you’re blocking everything else out what’s the
thinking of of an AR device that’s what’s doing a lot of cinema well these
are smart glasses so they’ll do they are they’ll do smart applications computing
and they’ll do VR as well even though that’s not our primary focus they can
black out the rest of the environment right the biggest difference with
watching using this instead of a VR device is in the lenses and the type of
optics so when you’re watching a VR device you’re magnifying pixels so you
see pixels so the resolution deteriorates right and for a lot of
people that’s distracting and this is not magnifying but not at all no this is
reflection so you’re seeing a perfect no screen door effect can’t pick out a
pixel and everything also the only head warned that you can read text all the
way down to eight points so you could see people using text documents in this
without eye strain without oh absolutely hindrance absolutely no kind of
applications are typically being done right now what’s what’s out there
software why the most popular application is telepresence so in the
enterprise will have somebody in a place and an expert in another place so you
might have somebody in a factory or working on a machine or a doctor in an
operating room or something like this where or an EMT in the field oh well
they’ll arrive on an accident they’ll be able to wear the glasses be completely
hands-free and a doctor can look at exactly what they’re looking at give
them instructions draw on the glasses and tell them what to do that’s being
done right now yeah same thing with heavy machinery they can
look at heavy machinery and on their own identify parts and have instructions on
how to repair these things but they can also if something goes wrong they can
have an expert who’s thousands of miles away tell them look at it tell me what
to do and what’s wrong so you’re saving days in getting these mission-critical
machines back up we’ve got warehousing applications for
picking and speeding up picking because if you’ve got a big warehouse it’s
hundreds of thousand dollars per second or something these numbers are crazy and
so you can light up the box is supposed to go
shelving parts oh just how kinds of different stuff I mean the fun thing
about enterprise is that if we just hold glasses up in the air the applications
kind of come flying at us Wow yeah I recently did an episode with the UPS lab
lead at NASA and he was saying this is actually one of the best uses for this
technology because they got people up in the space station right and it’s one
thing when you can’t fly to another city it’s another one you have people in this
space we had an earlier version up where there were manual replacements so they
would identify parts on this base station and people would be able to look
at the part astronauts would look at the part and our astronauts on the space
station so they’d have the astronauts on the space station would be able to look
at a part and would give them the manual and walk through so they don’t have to
carry the paper the way and then also like I said to back up for telepresence
if that’s what they wanted to do what else is being done with with this
technology well we’ve seen applications and the
operating room and surgeries where the surgeons when are able to see the vitals
when they’re looking right at the patient and oh you actually get a closer
deeper look well no but they can see the vital statistics so they can see heart
rate and the information that can support information right Terminator
vision right without having lookout that all those extra screens they can also if
they’re looking to place an appliance or some kind of part in a person they can
see where the part supposed to line out um telepresence in surgery I had a video
that I used in a talk that I gave where there was a doctor in Beirut that was
guiding a surgery in Gaza Hand Surgery Wow also for doctors in the operating
room and he wants a second opinion he can just say call Bob and Bob on the
golf course can pull his phone and look right there where the surgeon
is looking and and struck them what to do in some ways this makes a small elite
group of experts more valuable because they’re gonna be called on to touch
cases all around the world I mean I mean just off the cuff just thinking what
this means for sort of status within a field
I mean expert versus you know average all right these are the average guy in
any field surgeon versus one of the elite surgeons right it changes I mean
it just pushes more work I guess if they’re willing to take it toward these
elite guys who can reach around the world and and be involved gives you a
lot of value and a lot of different skill sets we’ve seen there’s a
foundation called em love that sets up mobile care units and refugee camps oh
wow and getting medical care to people it sends big problems communicating with
them so they’ve got a base of translators who cover about 150
different languages and right now they’re working with tablets where they
look at this tablet and their hands are tied up while they’re talking to
somebody but they can there’s one base of translators that they have centrally
to communicate out to all of these camps all around the world are you starting to
integrate AI with it I mean obviously it will happen but is that starting to
happen or you mainly letting it communicate with other people right now
we’re making the hardware yeah so we’re enabling with third-party you know
things that they want to do we’ve got a bunch of value-added resellers that are
out there with their applications and we’ve got other people they’re just
buying the glasses direct and building onto them but this seemed like an ideal
interface with AI it is I mean it’s it’s it’s it’s a hands for your computer yes
so anything you’d be doing with your computer and anything you would look at
there you can look at doing with the glasses and it’s just something that
takes the strain out of your neck of sitting and staring at a cell phone and
it also has volumetric interaction and adds depth which is something that we
have not in the past really thought about well it’s definitely Rijn def so
I’m really excited about data visualization
we’ve got cross city collaborative design going on where there are
different companies that are able that they’ve got designers spread out across
multiple cities and a bunch of different industries and they will put the glasses
on and look at an object and they can see the other people in the room right
which is really important it’s you can’t do in VR data visualization is something
I’m really excited about where it can take a dataset you know look at the
difference in data just going from spreadsheet to a chart to 3d on a screen
now what happens when you and I can be sitting in a pool of data right now
looking for patterns and anomalies and move the data around and pick it up and
do it but we can also see each other so we’re not separated and if I want to go
ahead and point at something and say hey August you see this you can see my
finger right it doesn’t sound on oisin to me like I love any infographics they
just simply taking a table and putting it into an infographic it brings an
emotional substance to it it increases the value of the data absolutely I mean
even though it’s the same data this is like a quantum leap in that same
direction beyond that I mean it’s real-time updated its depth it has any
kind of media there’s really really smart companies looking at ways to do
this there’s a spin-out just came out of Caltech and JPL so
smart guys called virtual lytx virtual Linux and I mean I just saw these guys
reported I’m so excited about this specific segment of data visualization I
just call these guys and let me come out and show you this stuff a lot of those
companies doing stuff I think that’s a big do you I mean it seems the natural
extension of this over time as capable capabilities expand is that we’ll have
this layer of data over us most of the day is that how you envision it or is it
at a specific thing I think it’s generational if you just look at the way
that we interact with social media look at the way we interact with photography
look at the generation that accepts snapchat and I can say that because the
old man sitting here telling it with gray and my beard look at the generation
that accepts a picture on snapchat when they put the spectacles out one of the
commentary happens when somebody’s taking pictures
and the object of the photo doesn’t want to be photographed and the response was
well that’s the whole point that’s the fun thing and then we post it well the
other third of the back part of the backlash scoop to Google glass just a
few years ago with the different generation all right so these people are
coming up and I think that people are coming up one of the biggest issues
confronting air is the social norm of wearing the glasses in my mind these
things are like sunglasses I’m not wearing I’m talking to you right
now because I also won’t be wearing sunglasses wanna see each other that’s
how we communicate that’s the whole point of being people when you say a
data layer all around I think there are case and use specific times when people
will be walking around with them the form factors will change and they may
become more socially acceptable but I always see people one and have that
connection to each other you know I don’t think but the data layer doesn’t
preclude a visual contact with people around you but there’s something that
comes up in the communication between you and I if I’m looking at something
that’s not you or I’m getting more data on straps that mate so like I said
that’s a social evolution that has nothing to do with the technology and
we’re at the point now where we don’t get upset when we walk around and every
got their face buried in the phone some people we generally less unless we
accept it yeah you don’t want to come and just slap people or if you walk in a
restaurant you see people on a day accepted part of life today how many
times you sit in a restaurant and people on a date are both looking at their
phones yeah I think you guys do why you see your explanation between the
snapchat spectacles and Google glass was generational I was thinking that there
was a fundamental difference oh there was a snapchat product all it does is
take pictures like there’s no there’s no hiding it deception after I did a
brilliant job of marketing the device yes when you just look at it from the
standpoint of do we have sergey brin wearing it and standing on stage at the
TED conference saying it’s a feminine take your phone out of your pocket
and these fix that issue or do you have supermodels and cool people so that’s
the beginning with marketing that’s the beginning point is just
marketing the next is snapchat really really really knows their audience and
they knew how to position a product and like you said a lot of people have
commented on as being a single-use device we look at this thing we know
what it does and we’re nothing sing about it there’s the camera in the
Google glass felt a little sneaky hey there’s a big difference I mean this is
this is always an issue with things that come out the technology world into the
mainstream people making technology of a tendency to develop things for
themselves and if they work on it for a really long time they work way beyond
the point of anything that anybody’s gonna understand it’s a good insight at
first instance and they don’t understand the marketing side of it it’s all
utility so we can look at the measure of Google glass and say it was a big
success if we look at the subset of engineers there were a lot of engineer
impressive technology it’s a utility and they were walking around with it all the
time and he got branded as this sort of elite geek class exactly and if we want
to look at it as a mainstream thing then the staff class did a great job and and
that’s one of the things that’s really encouraging about AR to me is that SAP
did a great job until there were a lot of people saying we would never put
technology on somebody’s face and people won’t accept technology on their face
well they did a great job and also like Apple they weren’t the first to do it
you could walk into you know here in California we’ve got oz the party store
I could buy a pair of photo glasses just like that for 50 dollars on the counter
at oz I can pick out 30 different pairs at least on Alibaba and since the
spectacles came out I can pick out 200 different pairs right but they position
they branded they position that market and they did it really really was what’s
the timeline in which consumers the majority or a mass adoption happens in
the consumer side for AR glasses I wish I knew yes bill great statement that
it’s always slower than we think and okay and then happens faster than we
think I think we’re really close I mean we look at things like like these like
the RA it’s it comes down to the applications and how people see them as
useful one smart applications I mean smart not good
idea but smart like computerized applications is we can display multiple
screens on these glasses and when I do demos of the glasses I’ll show people an
object floating in space you know medical diagram or a planet that’s neat
now what can I do and when I throw out multiple screens and they look around
and there’s a monitor right in front of them where they can do their work and
here’s a movie plan over here and write game over here that gets exciting you
know it’s so economical I can see you don’t need to buy the giant screen TV or
the five the two or three monitors and this is one of the reasons of China
Mobile is excited for as one of our our first announced distribution partner so
I can see something like that happening right away for commuting for being on
planes for watching TV when your spouse or significant other is asleep in bed
things like that I mean it’s it’s a simple thing it’s not exciting in the
air but it’s something’s really really useful and visicalc was not all that
exciting but other than it comes but that’s what really brought in the PC
revolution that’s what made the Apple to take off I can see that right now at the
initial launch is a really exciting application and as more applications
grow we’ll see a wider base we’re gonna see we’re gonna see an evolution of the
platform of the hardware and then we’re gonna see an evolution of the
applications I imagine there are not a lot of applications right now really
there are a ton if you look at all the upload and do search right now just in
the past few weeks go look on YouTube and just type in a Arquette wait to the
from Apple the applications available for this in the past few weeks has
skyrocketed for AR K when you look at in a archit right it’s it’s it’s crazy
before that there are a couple hundred thousand developers on different AR
platforms okay there’s ton of air development going on in unity it’s all
been done for smartphones so there was a little bit of work being done for
project tango from Google some good stuff but it was a limited hardware
platform so one is it wasn’t as much there’s some stuff going on for hololens
which is still somewhat limited there’s a ton going on for smartphones the only
thing that’s holding a are back on smartphones is it’s not the best
platform to use it we don’t walk around doing that as soon as in terms of your
finish terms of glasses based computers is there a lot of software for that
putting inside the smartphone there’s not a lot because there aren’t a lot of
glasses right yes which is the chicken and egg with new technology always
places well these are Android based so we see a lot of Android applications
coming over so we’ve got a layer called reticle okay on top of Android that
helps you convert the Android applications and today our Tony app
developer can pretty easily take an existing app and port it over
they port over pretty easily and then also we’ll have an SDK that they can use
we’ve also got the euphoria that is just a pull down tab on unity to output to
odg Oh toy on unity output to ODG so they’re a bunch of different ways to get
stuff in there and to develop for these is that typically done on the game
engines like unity and unreal it’s done anything you want to use anything that
you’ve used from a mobile phone you can use for these because that’s that’s
basically what it is it’s a Snapdragon 835 and 64 is the same chip usually
mobile phones yeah and the highest and mobile phones
do you see this beyond the utility this changing how we live meaning increased
or decreased isolation connection that facilitate social connections or does it
I mean I’m just putting on your associate law sociologist hat
how can you anticipate the effects of this being prevalent one of the first
times I went out and did a talk about the glasses I was really excited about
the facial recognition I think we can basically cool so he held up the facial
recognition on the glasses and I said okay how many people want these now and
three 500 people in the audience whatever it was every single one raised
their hand so that’s one of them because that’s kind of a double-edged sword so
it gives you abilities but it also invades privacy well I just think about
me walking through the convention again I’ve been engaged for over 25 years
man I don’t remember I was bad with names to start with right
and so walking through it I can see somebody and oh there that’s their name
that’s not really to get much more on that basis we can help an awful lot I
mean Ralph’s giving an example we’ve got an
application for the glasses called there’s a company called new eyes it’s a
our new eyes is for people with macular degeneration retinitis pigmentosa and
they’re actually able to put the glasses on and be able to see for the first time
in a long time and in some cases marry a friend of the company had a friend who
was a journalist and he hadn’t been able to read a newspaper for three years Wow
and he put the glasses on from new eyes and he was able to pick it up right away
and start reading because they enlarged or how do they enlarge and they focus on
the parts of the eyes that are still working oh if I was in an in a talk with
with Ralph Oscar out and he was talking about this for people with beginning
stages of Alzheimer’s and we imagine putting them on somebody
his example was elderly woman goes into church and all of a sudden she has the
names to tell her who the people are to feel more connected so there’s things
like that where we can come together that is so friend of mine
Shawn Fay he was gonna show developed an app for people with dementia and
Alzheimer’s that captures these memories and shares it but to do it in a headset
with vision it would be so much more theme right so yes there’s a potential
for really really good and potential for really really bad and there’s no putting
the toothpaste back in the tube no I mean I sparked phone can bring one back
as a phone can bring people together but just like we talked about earlier when
we’ve got two people sitting at a table on a date and they’re both got their
noses in the phones and they’re not here that wasn’t an intended use even though
social media I mean on the surface connecting people I mean how can that
not be great it has done a lot of things that this the charade of posturing in
the bubbles and we anticipate that’s a whole nother talk we got a couple hours
we can talk about that I mean I think that in that regard alone they can kind
of become an amplification of your personality if you’re inclined to do
these things it’s gonna help you they can definitely help you isolate
and they can definitely help you join the world so it just magnetism it’s a
force man multiplier for sort of whatever we’re drawn I think all beyond
those are the applications are what are the most compelling applications that
are we’re gonna be building things that bring people together do you have any
concerns about people walking through and having all this real-time data
streaming about you and your background and your life and did you join you then
you know but the accessibility that this provides is just a quantum leap forward
I think that makes a difference do you not I don’t okay available it I don’t
yes I’m freaked out about of the amount of data that’s online right I’m glad the
Facebook and smartphone cameras didn’t exist when I was in college
mmm-hmm that’s not a record I would like the world to have right now but no the
the data is out there and this is just another way of retrieving the data you
also have a very as you mentioned a deep long background in gaming and and to me
I’m fascinated by the game worlds the communities the societies I mean the
economies that grow in these these multiplayer worlds it’s do you see
things we can learn from digital gaming experiences that we can put into these
new immersive media environments it seems we’re creating these immersive
context through AR and VR which are very social very dynamic real-time generated
activity content data objects what can we learn from gaming which has been
going on for a while into these new spaces beyond gaming well there’s a ton
of stuff and first of all you have to define what a game is fair enough
and when we look what a game is it’s and this comes from Katie salen it’s a it’s
a goal achievable within a rule set with real-time feedback along the way so if
we look at something like that then Amazon is a game it’s a role-playing
game and reviewers are making reviews to an eBay as an action game and tinder is
obviously a game and even eber is the game right it’s
anticipating your first question giving you a god power on that basis there’s an
awful lot that we can learn from the people who’ve been executing and
everything from development cuz games are really enterprise software and they
have been for a long time since the beginning how are the enterprise
software building we’re building software from multiple users to interact
ok so it’s effectively enterprise software it’s multi user functionality
bring the functional enterprise type functionality but the end users are
consumed our consumers in the games we’re learning how to keep people
engaged the dynamic of making games interesting is different than in film or
in television well we’ve learned over the earth with games is that people get
bored if they’re not led in an interactive environment ok right so the
second life not having mature and went to a great place to sell digital
genitalia ok viewers Second Life was a place you it’s been around for years
more than a decade right right where you can go on on to intuit the Metaverse a
digital environment and interact with people but there was no real objective
you was just hanging out and as opposed to war crowd four people get married and
meet each other and okaying out walk out had a gleaming objective it had a thing
to do if you chose to though you didn’t have to right okay right and we see this
with alt space happening now and but on Facebook a Facebook is directed we don’t
know we’re directed and Facebook and some of it is heavier than others when
they’re how do you feel today okay what are you doing but the rest of it is
directed electron pyramids and you’re you’re prompted but also subtly prompted
by picking out the things that they put in your newsfeed the outreach and is
curated how I recently heard it described yeah so but what we learned
from from games is a way to engage people and get people to interact with
each other and retain them on the platforms right and
this is essential to really any any media but certainly immersive media sure
people understand giving them feedback to tell them where they stand their
objective or where they stand just and their existence in the environment with
so many transformational technologies happening now we have immersive media AI
robotics and space exploration life extension gene hacking where do you see
the biggest entrepreneurial opportunities Marie talks about blue
water or white space or deep ocean those are all empty areas areas where things
don’t exist okay heroes of opportunity the only things that I’ve ever seen
successful are the ones were you’ve got an entrepreneur or a creator who’s doing
something that they’re really passionate about I know it’s an overused word but
they’re passionate and excited and this thing has to get built no matter what
anybody says it’s a mission to talent yeah and these are the things when we
talk about things that are disruptive the things that change the world things
that create great wealth these are things that are disruptive and by
definition we don’t know what those are so anything can be entrepreneurial
so there’s any area where there can be success if somebody’s driven to do this
because they’re making a product the things that I see fail are things that
are people saying I can do this because it’s gonna make a lot of money I can do
this because there’s space in the market but I don’t really care about it so the
question is all material is somebody gets over funded so there’s too much
money in something all of those for me our recipes for sale failure I read an
article this morning where it was something online where somebody said
that there’s never going to be in the next 10 years it won’t be a technology
that will be as world-changing as the iPhone that’s a pretty bold statement
but you can’t say it’s it’s like it’s like I know I saw there was there’s a
famous quote from some guy who said at the turn of the 20th century everything
has already been invented well no you don’t know that the whole
point of inventing is that you don’t know
what’s gonna come down know that he was wrong oh we know that he was wrong yeah
and we also know that next week or tomorrow or this afternoon
somebody may launch something with the impact of an iPhone we didn’t know the
iPhone was the iPhone when the iPhone came out we just forgot because we’re 10
years in now amazing it was only 10 years ago and the iPad was stupid and
yeah and Steve Ballmer said that nobody would pay $500 for a phone and that was
loud about it yeah so we just don’t know so when you should I welcome you on for
Amero something that you just have to do and you would do if nobody was ever
gonna give you any money and you would do if you weren’t gonna get rich for the
fire in the commitment to it because it’s gonna be hard anyroad it’s going to
be super super hard yeah yeah to me it just seemed like there’s so much
opportunity there’s so many areas what’s happening they’ve never been so many at
once that I think I’m aware well what’s happened is the cost of entry has been
reduced not financed because finance is a completely different discussion the
cost of entry if I wanted to if I wanted to start a cop if I wanted to build a
web page today it’s not even a thought if I wanted to build a web page in 1996
there’s a couple hundred thousand dollars a hundred thousand yeah yeah
Steve Cohen was on and he was talking about yeah he was able to take his VR
rig from $150,000 down to 25 Wow we were building VR stuff in 1995 we
meaning angel studios I was I was a suit yeah we is the wrong way to describe it
I was a suit on the outside making contracts but they were building through
our applications and their computer was a million and a half dollar reality
engine right now that’s a samsung galaxy snapped into a piece of plastic on your
face that they give away for free so the access to technology the access to these
things that enable these ideas that people get excited about the spreading
out the information in the access to people who wouldn’t have had access
before when we’re looking at these new technology when you want to create
something that’s that’s truly disruptive the reason a lot of young people do it
is because they they’re not bound by legacy Apple
patience and hardware and ideas and business models yeah nothing to lose
nothing to lose they don’t know they’re wrong and they so much don’t know
they’re wrong that they pursue it until they’re right like anyone who knew this
space wouldn’t even knows that this is not a good thing to know you can’t do
that and they go I didn’t they do it anyways and then they prove that there’s
a new model or things have changed and they can do something so approaching it
with that beginner’s mind and that’s what makes it disruptive it’s that they
can see the opportunity I didn’t mean that
I mean there’s no inalienable right to being successful with your idea lots of
people fail but there’s great value in failing there’s great value on being
turned down you know the guys at riot Brennan and Mark were turned down by 71
VCS before the 72nd said yes I heard a podcast one the founder of Muse was
turned down by thing was 148 went been 158 he sees before somebody gave her or
her seed round these stories are endless yeah not unusual no and it’s not and
that’s yeah yeah if you’re in it to make money well if you’re in it for the quick
head you’re gonna drop out by around 50 maybe 25 if you’re in it because you
know that this is right and somebody’s gonna see it because they just don’t see
it yet you’re gonna do it anyways and then you’re just gonna hit somebody
further along right because it’s the financial reward is not your only reward
right fact probably and you can see the people companies very rarely are
successful with their initial idea LinkedIn was successful with their
initial idea and the reason people talk about that is because it’s a rarity but
Reid Hoffman had done other social networks before but his business plan
LinkedIn’s business plan was exactly what he said it was gonna be there was
no pivot who did it if you google but that’s after having
done failed yes but Google was gonna have little yellow
boxes they were installing server rooms as a revenue mark and that was only one
of the ones that they came up with to figure out how to do this so that’s why
you’re really looking at the person is the person gonna take in
information to know when they’re pursuing the right path or the wrong
path are they going to be able to adapt or the change will it be open will they
listen to smarter people appreciate so much to sharing these thoughts you have
such a unique and deep insight across technology and entrepreneurship and all
those things so thank you for for sharing these ideas of course where can
people learn more about what you’re up to and what you’ve been doing my
LinkedIn page okay is that your hub yeah okay yeah that’s the best place and
people can reach me through that thank you so much this has been awesome of
course I learned some thanks for having earned a lot of things every time we
talked so and thank you guys for watching if you have any thoughts or
comments leave them in the comments below if you like this kind of
conversation subscribe and I’ll see you next time thank you

Going On The Greatest Vacation EVER! VR Vacation Simulator (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

– Hi buddies, you guys
are watch Kawaii Kunicorn, and I am on VR Vacation, so this is the brand new
VR Vacation simulator from the same people that made the jobs and games that I know you guys love so I am so excited to get my first look at what it is like to be on vacation. – Hello buddies of the
internet, it’s Kawaii Kunicorn. – Oh my gosh, I’m in the vacation museum. This is so cool. All right, so, hello human,
waiting for guest pass. All right, so let’s load a
guess pass into the machine and oh my gosh, we are going on vacation. I am so excited. (soft jazz music) Oo, already got some music. Ah, I’m in an elevator. I think we’re arriving. (gasps) Hi.
– Welcome to the grand opening of vacation island. – I am so happy to be here. – Before you vacation, we should
learn how to talk to bots. – Oh, okay.
– When you’re close, just wave to get a bot’s attention. – Hi bot, how’s it going?
– Try it now. – Hello, can you see me?
– Good job. – Thank you.
– You really nailed the standard human greeting protocol. – Tried my best.
– Now for the fun part. Let’s take a peak inside your suite. – (gasps) Oh my gosh, I get my own suite. – To move around, look
where you want to go. Then hold this button until
you see your destination. – Okay, it is time to enter my suite. Oh this is gonna be so cool (gasps). Whoa, all of this is for me? – Before we go on vacation,
– Yeah. – we need to make sure you look relaxed. – Good point.
– Head into the bathroom to personalize the way you look. – Okay. Oh my gosh, this is so cool. Okay, so this whole
suite looks to be mine. I’ve got like a whole
building here to myself. What’s this? Welcome to Vacation Resort,
you are here in suite 101. So I’ve got my own bathroom, it looks like I’ve got a
little office space over there that looks like it’s my bedroom but I need to customize
my look, apparently, to be extra relaxed, so let’s head into the bathroom. – Every human starts as a blank slate. You can be the you, you see in yourself. – Oh, no way, this is so cool. All right, so we get to
customize my human appearance. I’m gonna probably try to
make the human look like me. I have pretty pale skin so I
think that probably looks good and, oh my gosh look, it’s me (laughs). It’s like a mirror, hello, I’ve got a bald
head, super, super bald. Alright, so I think I
need to get some hair. Um, oo, this moves up and down. What does this do? Oo, okay, I am going to make
myself have a pink pfizer, I think that’s a great look for vacation, um, and then, awesome, alright,
so I can pick some hair. Let’ try to find a hairtsyle
that looks the most like me. Oh, yeah, definitely
this one, ah, it’s me! I’m gonna need to change
the color of my hair. I can have blue hair, I can be a blondie or do
I want to have pink hair? Oh my gosh, that looks so cool. Let me know in the comments section what color hair you think I should have. I’m gonna go with my
actual hair color for now, maybe it’s more like this one that looks pretty good. Alright, let’s see what other
kinds of customizations, I can do here. Oh my gosh, I’ve got a beard (laughs). Oh, no, oh my gosh, okay,
let’s shave that off. Does it actually work? Oh my gosh, I shaved it off! I wonder what else I can shave off. Let me cut this one off,
maybe a nice long beard. I kind of look like Timo,
let’s shave this off, alright. Well, cool, I think I’m
looking pretty good. I could wear a pair of
glasses over top of this. There’s lots of cool styles. These ones or maybe these ones, oo, they all look good but
I usually wear contacts, so I’m gonna stick with this. Okay, this looks so amazing so far. I’m so excited, if you like
the new vacation simulator, give this video a thumbs up and after you’ve watched the video, let me know in the comments section what your favorite part of this is so far. Alrigth, so I guess, I should probably get washed
up before I head outside, so I’ve already given
myself a nice clean shave, which is good. Alright, let’s just brush my teeth, I feel like I’ve kind of got
some bad breath at the moment so let’s get the toothbrush (laughs) and let’s brush these teeth, alright. I’m starting to feel a
little bit fresher, eeeeeh, that’s probably good, alright. A quick comb of the hair, looking good and probably
haven’t had a bath in a while so maybe I should just head into the bath. Oh my gosh (laughs) no way,
this is so cool, alright. This is like the biggest bathtub
I think I’ve ever been in, let’s fill this up, oo, there we go, ah, oh my gosh, this is so cool. Alright, I want to have some
bubble and shine in my bath, let’s add a bit of this. I’m not really seeing
a whole lot of bubbles, is this thing on? There we go, maybe the bubbles
don’t work, that’s cool, I can always use the
soap, let’s turn this off. Well, oh, wow, look, I can
touch the water (laughs). Can I go underwater? Oo (laughs) this is so cool, alright, what else have we got here? It looks like we got some bath
toys, a little rubber ducky, very cute and a doughnut, I
definitely want a doughnut. I think that was a bath
bomb, let’s try this again. Oh my gosh! They’re bath bombs and they
change the color of the water. Um, okay, this is amazing,
I gotta try all of them out, oo, green bath. What about this one? (laughs) this is so cool, alright, I like the doughnut bath the best so I guess I should just
lather up a little bit, just give myself a little
wash there, tsh tsh tsh tsh. That’s proabbly good, alright,
let’s drain this bath. I think it’s draining, drain the bath. That’s fine, I’m sure that somebody, one of the people who works here in the suite will come and drain the bath for me so I think, I’m pretty much ready for the day. Let’s have one more look
in the mirror, yeah, I look nice and clean now. My hair is looking good, awesome, alright, I think we are ready to
head out on vacation. This is so exciting,
alright, let’s open the door. – Looking good human. – Thank you. – Before we head out into the world, you’ll want a place to
keep all your cool stuff. – Oh, yeah. – Here, take this one of a
kind human bag storage device. – Oh my gosh! My own bag storage. – I think they call it a backpack – Oo, nice and a doughnut, sorry, I was supposed to store this,
you saw nothing, that’s fine. I’ll just pop that in my back. – Wow, human, you look really Torres. – Thank you. – Feel free to continue
exploring your sweet, I’ll be outside when you
want to check out the rest of vacation island. – Awesome, okay, it looks like
there’s a lot to see in here. There’s a game room, there’s
a like office, the bedroom. I really want to check this out but I want to go on vacation
really, really badly, so I gotta make a decision. Okay, I’m gonna go outside and
I’m going to go on vacation, but if you want to see another video where I explore the rest of my suite, let me know in the comments section and I’ll totally do one
of those but right now, I gotta go outside. (gasps) hello. – Well, I thought we
were ready to vacation, but it looks like all the
destinations are closed right now. – (gasps) no. – What is this? – What is it?
– This was not here earlier. – Funny you should ask, the bureau of simulations requires metrics to prove the success of
a project which you seem to have conveniently forgotten. Luckily, I’ve figured out a
way to measure a vacation, quantified memory management. – Right, cool. – Oh, efficiency bot, I should have known. – We can’t take efficiency bot anywhere. – Here human, take this wristband, it will be your key to unlock
efficient, measurable fun. – Cool, thank you. – Efficient, now use it on
that scanner over there. – Alright, awesome, it looks like this watch is gonna tell me about the amazing memories that I’m making while I’m on vacation. – Repeating myself is inefficient, swipe your wristband on the scanner. – So sorry, um, let’s check this out. – Access denied. – What? – You don’t have enough memories, oh, yes, you need memories to gain access to different areas of the resort. Here, try this, a memory of the times you
didn’t have enough memories and that is how you vacation. – So I guess we’re doing memories now. – Yeah. – Anyway, it looks like, your wristband has enough
memories for that scanner, try it. – Awesome, alright, let’s try it that. – Pass accepted. (vibrant chiming music) – And with that, vacation island is open. – Yay! – You can visit any of
our three destinations. – The beach is the most
efficient place to start. – Okay, so obviously, efficiency bot wants
me check out the beach and I promise I’m gonna go to the beach but can we just appreciate the fact that there is a vacation
forest and a vacation mountain, which sounds amazing. Let me know in the comment section, which of these you would
want to go to first and what you want to see in my next video so I’m gonna go to the beach
today but in the next video, do you want forest or
do you want mountain? Both sound amazing. Alright, let’s go to the beach. Efficiency bot is kind
of giving me a little bit of a glare there so I think he wants me to be a little more efficient,
so let’s go to the beach. How do I do it? It opened a second ago, there we go. – Welcome to vacation beach. – Oh my gosh. – Humans came to the beach to reconnect with the moment they
evolved to walk on land. – Ah, I see you’re finally
getting the hang of vacation. – Yeah, I’m trying. – Make enough memories
and you’ll get access to more areas of vacation island. – Cool! – I’m not sure that measuring
vacations was the point but I’m happy that we
made it to the beach. – Totally. – The bureau of simulations
won’t be satisfied unless we have clear metrics. – I don’t think we’re seeing
screen to screen on this one but I know to track the
moments you enjoy human. There’s a camera in your
backpack, try it out. – Cool, let’s check it out. Alright, here’s my backpack,
oo, this must be my camera. – Just tap the button on
the camera to snap a photo. – Alright, I’m going to
take a picture of you. – Wonderful, now this is vacationing. – Sure is. – There are plenty of actual memories to be made on the beach.
– Yeah, like this. – And I’ve heard you can
find bot bits treasure at the dive site. – Maybe this looks… – Have fun vacationing your way human. – Thank you so much. – We’ll see you later. – Alright, see you later, the
moment that the bots left me. There we go, document
this important memory. Oh my gosh, this beach is
beautiful, there’s palm trees, there’s this like beautiful waterfall. This looks like the lifeguard
tower which is pretty cool, probably want to explore that later and it looks like that we’ve got a board here
that’s telling us all about what’s happening on vacation. Vacation bot, obviously
my new pal and then, what else is going on here? The vacation beach dive site,
reach botbeard’s lost treasure that sounds amazing. Alright, I guess, we will probably save
searching for lost treasure for another day because I am here to relax so let’s head down on the
beach, see what’s going on. Oh, wow, look at these,
are these some magazines. What are you reading? A sandy romance, I hate sand
but I love this by spicybot, author of Kiss A Fish (laughs). Alright, oh, sorry, it looks like you’re kind of overheating. Let’s try to, I don’t know that this is
actually very good for you. You didn’t apply– – Hey, is that you ElizaBot? – What? – It’s just you human. – I’m not ElizaBot. – Next time a wave would suffice. – Oh, okay, sorry, I’m
just gonna put your, A Sandy Romance novel back here. What else are you reading? What is this? Simulation’s A Beach,
suit up, the magazine. Hot tips on staying cool, okay, well, it looks like you’ve
got some great options there so I’ll just leave them to you. I really do think you need to sort out this overheating
issue but don’t worry about it. I need to go for a swim, I think I’m gonna head over
to this beautiful waterfall. (laughs) oh my gosh, this is so cool. Oh, wow, the water is so nice, oh, hi! – Oh my, would you like a round? There are so many
butterflies on this beach, I, emotion, all of these tiny creatures. – They’re beautiful.
– Would you be a kind human and patch me three different types. They’re very shy so move
slowly, butterfly, flyer by, into my collection. – Okay, don’t worry, I can totally find some
butterflies for my collection. If anyone see’s a butterfly that I miss, let me know in the comments section. There it is, okay, I see a pink butterfly. The bot did say to approach slowly so I’m gonna go real slow, yes, gotcha! Alright, here you go,
a beautiful pink one. – Thank you human, two more butterflies will really make my screensaver a reality. – Amazing, alright, I can try
to find some more for you. This looks like a half eaten doughnut or a macaroni or something. Oh my gosh, a penne, they’re pool noodles. This is so funny, um, okay, I don’t need these at the moment. No, so I’m gonna pop these over there. I don’t know what this is, oh, they’re appearing
again and a nice doughnut. Where are the other butterflies? Do you guys see any other butterflies? They’ve gotta be somewhere. Alright, maybe they’re
somewhere else on the beach, maybe they’re under here,
oo, I’m under water. Oh my gosh, look at this, is this money? What is this? I think I found treasure, okay, I’ll just put that in my pocket. Put that in my pocket and
look at you, you’re so cute. Are you happy down here? Are you having a nice time in the ocean? I should probably leave
the wildlife alone, sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you there. Alright, what else have we got down here? I don’t know what that is,
I don’t see any butterflies. I need to come up for air. Okay, let’s see, are there any other
butterflies around here? I don’t see any, alright. Alright, I haven’t found
the other butterflies yet, but I feel like they might be
somewhere else on the beach so I’m just gonna have a look around. I will be back and don’t worry,
I’m totally gonna find them. Oh, what’s this? A castle blaster, okay,
this is an electronic game, this should not actually be in the ocean. I’ll chuck it back on shore
for you, don’t worry, here. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. Sorry, my bad, you can
keep the game if you want. Alright, let’s see if I
can explore over this way. Oh, I can go over here, what’s this? Are there any butterflies around here? Oh, hi. – The sun is on, the water
is wet, it’s time to, sports, pass me your ball and now it’s game on. – Okay, then here’s the ball. – Hey, it’s a hand ball, let’s play. The rules are simple, get the ball passed me
and I’ll hand you a point. – Alright. – Try to beat my high score human. – Alright, let’s make some memories. Oh my gosh, we’re gonna
play, this is so cool. Where did my ball go? Are you gonna give me the ball? Oh, here’s some balls, alright, get ready. Yes, got one in, it’s going in. I’m very sport, oh my
gosh, this is awesome. I’m sorry, I think that
they’re letting me win. Oh, they got that one, oh
my gosh, well done, alright. – Incredible. – Thank you. – You were great human recourse, you’re really getting the hang of sports. – Thank you. – Level your game by trying
some different sports, just bring me a new ball. – Oh, okay, um, maybe, just one more ball because
I was kind of on a bit of a mission to find some butterflies for this lovely bot over here and I don’t want them to think that I’ve forgotten about
them so how about… Is this a ball? How about this? – Human that’s not really a ball but we can still play catch. – Awesome, hee, here you go. Oh my gosh, it’s just
like we’re at the beach. This is so funny,
alright, um, another ball. Do you guys see another
ball around here somewhere? I’ve already played with
this one, what about… I don’t see any other balls. Okay, well, I don’t
actually see another ball, so we’re gonna play some more sports, how about we play some more sports later? I’ll pass this ball onto
someone else, or not. Cool, so I’ll be back in just a minute, I’m gonna have another
look for these butterflies, maybe up here or somewhere, let’s see. It doesn’t look like
he can go up there yet, maybe I need to unlock those areas. Okay, I’m gonna head back
over to the beach so buddies, we are looking for a butterfly
that appears to be a drone. I’m really not sure where these other two
butterflies could be, maybe over here, let’s have
a look, oo, what’s this? Hi. – Welcome to the sandcastle station human. You can design your own castle or try to follow the blue prints. – Cool, oh my gosh, sandcastle station. This is so cool. Alright, let’s see if we
can make a basic sandcastle. Alright, let’s see how this works. Oh my gosh, I haven’t made a sandcastle in so long but I’m gonna try my best. Do you like this? Judge me. – Zero angles match this blueprint but at least you’re having fun. – That’s a little bit of
a backhanded compliment but um, oh, okay, I think it’s because I
used these tower blocks, instead of this solid
block so I’m just gonna, maybe I’ll just chuck some
of these over that way and let’s try that one more time. Alright, all of you, get out of the way. We’ll try that one more
time and I’ll go like this, I’m trying to do the basic
sandcastle up at the top there. Let’s make this castle,
alright, how’d I do this time? – It seems you’ve got some work to do to complete the challenge. None of the angles match. – None of the angles match,
okay, um, I think that… Oh, okay, I’ve got it. This is telling me what it
looks like from a top view and that’s the front view
and this is the right view. Okay, this is actually a lot harder, than I thought it was gonna be. Let’s try one more time, I
want to make a sandcastle. Alright, so, I think
this must be the front, like that and we’re gonna need a door, so this looks like a pretty
good door piece there. Alright, that’s looking a
little bit better and then, maybe some torrets, I
think it looks like that, that looks pretty good
and then, from the right. I think it’s got like this thing there. How do I see, how do I see the next page. Oh, I think this demolishes my sandcastle, let’s not do that. Let’s see what this does. What’s in here? Oo, tools, this is cool. Are these like decorations? (laughs) that’s so cool, alright, I don’t think I need
any of these right now so I’ll just pop them back in there. Oh my gosh, alright, oh,
these change the colors. Wow, let’s see what purple ones look like. Ah, they’re so pretty, oh, I’ve got to get this one out of here, it’s kind of blocking up the drawer. Sorry, just pop you there. Let’s see what blue ones
look like, so pretty. Wait, did that shell just
turn into a little critter? Let’s see if that works again, alright, what if I go like this, will
you turn into a critter? Maybe not, hmm, alright, well, I’ve still gotta figure
out how some of this works. Okay, let’s see what’s in here,
oh, cool, more decorations. Put lot’s of nice stuff
outside, have a little, maybe I’ll make a little
beach here, can I do that? Put this in here, oh, no,
just makes it disappear. Alright, so it looks like, we’ve got lot’s of
materials to work with here. I’m just gonna try to guess
what I think it should look like so it kind of makes sense to me that these would be symmetrical. I am going to go like this, put one of these at the back like that. I don’t know, maybe there
shouldn’t be a backdoor. Okay, I’m not totally sure
but this is the best I’ve got, so let’s pull the judge me cord. – You’re almost there. – Almost there. – The only thing that
needs fixing is the front. – Oh, the front, what’s
wrong with the front? I thought it looked perfect. Hmm, okay, maybe it’s this one here, maybe that’s the problem. I’m gonna put a solid block at the back. Alright, what do you think now? – Well done human, a few new pieces can
make such a difference. – Right? – Can’t they? – Oh my gosh, I am so proud,
my castle looks amazing. Now, for the most fun part,
I get to destroy my castle. So, uh-oh, the tides coming in. You didn’t think about the tides, did you? Before you were building the castle. Oh, no, watch out, alright buddies, I think it’s time for me
to do a bit of relaxing so I’m gonna have a snooze
over here on this little towel and if you want to see some
more vacation sim videos, let me know in the comment section and I’ll see you really soon, bye buddies. (lively pop music)

An Introduction | WebVR | Intel Software

August 20, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 1 Comment

An Introduction | WebVR | Intel Software

For the next eight weeks,
we’ll bring you a new series– WebVR– which will teach you
insights and best practices in creating VR experiences
in your browser. I’m Alexis Menard,
and I’ll be your host where we help you
understand WebVR and how you can target
millions of web users. Virtual and augmented
reality is gaining momentum amongst consumers
and enterprise users. As the technology matures
and content grows, the cost of VR solution
can be as low as $100 for an entry-level
immersive experience. Today, one of the
main challenges of VR is content delivery,
which require giant downloads, and complicated
app store installation steps, and often involve proprietary
stacks which locks users to a particular vendor. Leading VR companies have
spent significant resources to create content, yet
it didn’t proliferate because it was cumbersome
for the developers to go to market because
of multiple vendors, SDKs, and the need for
extensive skill sets. WebVR addresses the challenge by
leveraging the power of the web platform with low friction,
discoverability, indexing, and an open
development environment to deliver rich and entertaining
portable experiences. The web doesn’t
pose gatekeepers. You can deploy or
instantly update a virtual augmented reality
experience on your website. WebVR allows the
developer to easily create virtual experiences that
can be seamlessly deployed across different operating
system and browsers without compromising
capabilities. We’re thrilled to bring you
this series over all the coming weeks. You’ll learn about
values of VR concepts to help you easily create a
VR experience for the web. We’ll also cover
the future of WebVR and where we see
this industry going. A new episode of WebVR
will be out every Wednesday until the end of June. Don’t forget to subscribe to
the Intel software channel. And we’ll see you next
week for the first episode of this series. [INTEL THEME]