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Future Shock Episode 18 – A Proposition

Wish me luck Hold tight, yeah Hello Tracy, thank you for coming You Big Boss? Yes, my avatar projector was damaged Look, I need your help, I’m going to bring
down The State But you don’t trust me, I killed your rebs,
and I’ve been hunting you since? Anyhow, why? The State looks after us, “Safe and Secure”
and that The State is very bad for humanity We are mere pets I want to feel sunlight on my skin without
the Solar Net blocking it all out The real-world should be like it is here I want to eat real food with fragrance, taste
and texture Not the nutritionally balanced tasteless grey
goo made from reconstituted homo sapiens I want to choose to help others with my credit Rather than being restricted to transactions
with The State I want the opportunity to grow and make mistakes without incurring potentially life changing fines I want privacy and not be watched all the
time, everywhere I want to be able to put my one good hand
in my underwear and masturbate without being watched by something that couldn’t possibly understand I want freedom Whatever Tracy, I’m taking down The State anyway, you
really need to be on my side Go to sector 1120D, you will find it enlightening That lady can rant Locate sector 1120D Bruv, we’re going Got it, it’s bare long We’ll need to take the loop

Flight Night 75  | Popham to Kemble | Real Weather | VR

Welcome back to Popham airfield on 19/3/20 for leg 75 of our UK Tour. Today we’re heading NE to EGBP Kemble, but expecting a low cloudbase and limited visibility. Today’s leg is about 42NM on a heading of 313 degrees. There arent many distinctive features to pick out so we may struggle for definitive positioning as we progress.. But we’re still only using the chart and our eyes. Start ya bastard.. Correcting the gyrocompass as always. First up will be flying between Whitchurch and Overton Mag check Should state that I’m only using Oculus Touch controllers here, no yoke/pedals/throttles etc. It’s harder, thats my excuse… Let’s get going before the weather gets worse. Danabb transport depot down there Starting off at 1200′ but there’s higher ground ahead. That should be Overton And Whitchurch to the left of our track. Picking out the A34 It runs all the way to Southampton We might be able to see Andover to our left, but it’s a way off track so maybe not… Higher ground approaching Should also note that I don’t pre-run or practise these legs, so this is all as legit as can be. At this point besides a few very vague peaks, it’s hard to pinpoint our exact position. Looking for forested areas on the chart This could be Savernake forest (Which would put us to the south of our track) But we’ll find out when we see Swindon over the hill A slight step up in alt, but must avoid the clouds… X-Plane cant quite decide how bright today will be.. Constant weather changes hampering my CPU.. Again trying for definite locations, but nothing to cross-check with here Doves Farm Foods This distinctive driveway puts us over the forest a few miles SW of Hungerford, so only about a half mile north of track Of course the subtitles are retrospective, so it’s not helping me at present Looks like my garden… Ramsbury We’re over a mile north of track now. Swindon will get us back on track. Hillwood Stud, if you’re into horses! Cycling OVR to aid smoothness… Getting back on track based on the shape of Swindon. Picking out Chiseldon I think… Definite fix on the M4 as it passes south of Swindon And then on to Bristol Now we need to pay attention to avoid missing Kemble.. Nationwide Building Society Wroughton, a former RAF base and community Ridgeway school A local Waitrose Driver navigates as well as I do… We’ll be looking for lakes to the north, and Oaksey Park airfield to the South as we go. Purton Lakes up ahead Minety And a railway line as expected, though they’re often hard to tell from roads in this. Need to be sure at this point… There’s Oaksey Park There we are… Fast prep for landing Lining up for RW26 Exiting onto Alpha and we’ll join the 1%ers on the D-Site Apron Thanks for sticking around. I really do appreciate the views, likes and subscriptions. Much appreciated. Next week we’re back on grass again, Eastbound to RAF Halton Flying Club Please join us!

Half-Life Alyx – What will the gameplay actually be like?

Without spoiling anything that isn’t already
in the gameplay videos that VALVE and IGN have released, let’s take a look at what
Half-Life Alyx’s gameplay will be like, and how it might be different from past Half-Life
games. It looks to be a slower-paced experience.
The action still looks like it can be a frantic affair, but especially in the earlier segments
of the game, the combat is going to be slower-paced, starting from a very forgiving level. The
game is built with VR in mind and they know that most people won’t have had much experience
with it before, so you’ll be given plenty of time to prepare for the challenges ahead.
This is best explained in IGN’s 13 minute gameplay video with commentary from Valve
employees. It’s worth checking this video out to get an understanding of all the decisions
which go into making a VR game accessible to new players.
If we go through the first few encounters in an early chapter, you can see exactly that-
the first time you see a zombie it’s behind a locked door, and shooting it open will cause
it to walk into a barnacle’s tentacle. Even my MUM would be okay with this!
As they say in the IGN video, at this early stage in the game they want to be ‘extremely
fair to the player’. Nothing will jump out, nothing will happen to scare people off. They’ll
be lowered in gently. OR VIOLENTLY SUCKED UP!!!
The second time you see enemies is with these barnacles here, and their placement ensures
you either deliberately avoid them, or get sucked off by them which should hopefully
teach you not to run into them again. They’re in plain sight and are easy to shoot.
The third ‘enemy’ encounter is on the top of this train carriage. These are hidden
from view and thus harder to shoot, which should encourage players to use the canisters.
This encounter serves more as a tutorial on how to use the gravity gloves to pick items
up and how to chuck them at stuff to gain the advantage and to save ammo. Again, you
have all the time you need here- the barnacles aren’t going to suddenly launch themselves
off the ceiling to get you. There is, of course, still risk here- if you run into the barnacle
it will still give you a nasty suck. But hopefully players won’t make this mistake more than
a few times. Finally, as you jump down into the train carriage
here, you now have to contend with a zombie who can’t reach you, but looks scary…
and another, who will eventually get you. But this is the beauty of Valve- they talk
about how much THOUGHT went into this encounter. The zombie can get you, but he’s in no rush.
I don’t know how long you have before he reaches you exactly, cos in this demo he keeps
shooting at it which delays its advances. But I reckon if you don’t do this then you’ll
have a good 5 seconds before it gets to you. Maybe more, because it is dramatically swaying
around like it can’t be bothered with stuff. And all the while he’ll be making noises
to get your attention. As the Valve employee says, he’s in a train carriage, heading
in a straight line, so it won’t be a hard target to hit. They say they’ve tested this
with countless players, so they’re in the best position to know if this is a fair challenge
this early on in the game. Even at the end of this segment, the headcrabs
we see are still taking a lot more time to pounce than they did in older games. Don’t
worry, though- this whole game won’t be set to EZ mode. Valve reassures us that the
horror element is still there, and I can hear the sick delight in his voice as he describes
how players fail in VR. ‘…Something and then that first zombie
comes at them and they, you know, they may not be an experienced gamer, they may not
have made sure that they had many shots in their clip- maybe they’ve one shot left,
they put that shot in, now they need to reload for the first time while THERE’S A ZOMBIE
COMING AT THEM AND THEY JUST GO TO PIECES! One of the fun things about watching VR playtests
is when people make mistakes, it’s almost always way more entertaining than in non-VR,
so you’ll watch people fumble and drop clips and you can SEE THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE ZOMBIES
‘…so he’s kind of looting the room here in a really, like, methodical way…’
I like how the IGN guy doesn’t know how to respond to that and changes the conversation.
But I know exactly what you mean, Valve guy. And I know you’ll leave plenty of chances
in this game for it to screw the player over in horrible, horrible ways! Even staples of the game series, like these
health machines, come with their own twist. To use them you need to find a grub somewhere
in the level, which is then disgustingly squashed to extract its goo, which is then injected
into your hands. This changes the experience in several ways: first, it turns healing into
a bit of a mini-game to encourage players to search the area. Second, it’s a satisfying
visceral display of bug popping and needle-stabbing into your hands, which I know is going to
go down a treat for players who are new to VR. And THIRD, requiring them to keep their
hand on this pad will restrict their movement and ability to defend themselves, turning
healing into a high-risk, high-tension experience! Also, he let slip that this is not the only
thing the combine use the antlions for. ‘YOU KNOW, THE COMBINE USE THE ANTLIONS
When it comes to armour, I don’t know how it’s going to work exactly. Alyx doesn’t
have the same HEV suit as Gordon does. If I’m honest, I wouldn’t even care if we
didn’t get armour. It only serves as extra hit points any way. Why not just increase
your maximum health to beyond 100 instead? And did you really know how much armour was
helping in Half-Life 2 or was it just another stat to maintain? Sorry, rant over. What we
HAVE seen so far is the hard-hat, which serves an obvious and more immediately rewarding
purpose by saving you from a barnacle attacks. They’ll suck your helmet off, rather than
your head. What a useful idea! Maybe all armour in this game will work in similar ways, protecting
you from more specific kinds of attacks. Maybe as the game progresses, you’ll find
increasingly lavish and valuable hats to wear as this game slowly transforms into Team Fortress
3 in the greatest twist the world has ever seen!
We see her use a car-door as a shield at one point, and a bar found in the level as a weapon-
so maybe we won’t be getting traditional ‘melee’ weapons like the crowbar in this
game. It’ll be more about what you can find around you in the environments. Hopefully
there will be a crowbar somewhere. We see a few hacking minigames to unlock things
like upgrade stations, or doors. Nothing’s ever easy, is it.
This minigame involves placing an orb so the lines go through all of the red dots at once.
It’s definitely a puzzle that works better in VR than it would on a mouse and keyboard.
There’s another one in the second gameplay video that shows the colours of all the connections,
which then disappear the moment you start playing and you’ve got to remember where
they all were as you join the colours up again. This one could be done with a standard mouse
and keyboard setup. And there’s another puzzle shown in the
trailer, which might be like pipe-mania as you have to complete a connection from one
point to another. This time around the game has an RPG-style
element: there’s an in-game currency, called ‘RESIN’. They look like this, and are
scattered about the levels. This rewards you for scavenging and exploring. You put this
RESIN (Nicely stacked in groups of 5) into these machines and in return you can unlock
weapon upgrades, which I assume will remain with you for the rest of the game.
These Combine Fabricators know exactly how much resin you have, even when you’re not
stood at them- you can see it go from 9 to 10 in this sequence here, as Alyx picks another
one up in the level. Valve please fix. So let’s have a look at the upgrades for
the pistol. We can see here that there’s a ‘Reflex
Sight’, which lets you aim through the sights and it highlights things of importance, like
the bits on zombies which will make them explode. A Valve employee revealed in the IGN trailer
that they’re parasitic ‘bloaters’. ‘…SMALL ALIEN GROWTHS ON THEM, CALLED
If this video’s anything to go by, this upgrade won’t help your aim(!) (IGN 6:46)
(IGN 8:08) The ‘Bullet Reservoir’ looks like a handy
way to store the ammo you find- it might be what we see attached to the shotgun in this
gameplay scene here. It certainly looks like something similar’s attached to the right-hand
side of the pistol in this screenshot. Burst fire will fire 3 bullets in quick succession,
which I must say I use very seldom in games, but I like the idea of this giving you an
excuse to use the lowly pistol later on in the game when you’ve got lots of spare ammunition.
And laser sight is going to be awesome cos it means you don’t have to waste time aiming
down sights. These are of course all for the pistol. I
don’t know what the shotgun’s will be but I expect it will have ‘bullet reservoir’
cos we’ve already seen it, probably some kind of ‘grenade attachment’ cos we’ve
seen that as well. Half-Life hasn’t had upgradable weapons
before, but it works out well in the lore because in Half-Life 2 (set after this game)
you can see that Alyx’s pistol is super modded out and kitted with all kinds of firemodes
and stuff. So the upgrading in this game makes sense. When it comes to your HUD, it’s all displayed
on your hands and weapons. You can see your health, measured in hearts. The red thing
is your flashlight, which I guess you turn on and off by twisting the red thing with
your other hand. The blue thing shows the amount of RESIN you have, you can see your
ammo displayed here. Last are these two LEDs, which can either
be off, glowing green OR glowing red. Maybe it’s to show whether you’re free to move.
Or whether enemies can see you. Or if your teleport feature needs to recharge. Or whether
your health is increasing or depleting. Or maybe something else entirely! I have carefully
looked through all the gameplay footage and can’t find a pattern yet. I even did a google
search. Nothing. So I’ll just admit defeat here and say that I don’t know.
Your weapon appears to glow red when it’s out of ammo, and has a visible ammo count
running down the grip. It does this even at the start of the game, so it’s probably
not something that needs upgrading. To add to this, Alyx can be heard saying how many
magazines you have left when you reload. I don’t know if anybody else saw this, but
the enemy’s weapon on the ground here disappears as the player teleports towards it, so I guess
that’s how you pick up extra ammo. When it comes to items, you can store them
in your sleeve. We see in several of the gameplay videos that the player picks up a syringe
and places it there, and it remains on show there for the rest of the video for easy access.
It seems like you store ammo and resin by placing it over your back. This kind of syringe can be found lying about,
or on the bodies of enemies. And according to this bit of gameplay, is used to heal you.
‘Does it have a skull and crossbones on it?’
‘I don’t see one…’ ‘Probably medicine then.’
You can see it being stabbed into Alyx’s hand here during the third gameplay video,
even though Alyx already had full health at that point. In fact, she remained at full
3 health throughout this video despite being shot up so I think they might have been cheating
a bit. It’s nice to see that the supply crates
break so easily. Looks like one brisk motion is enough to do it- which makes them a helleoalalot
easier to get into than the ones in boneworks, which I felt would often interrupt the flow
of the gameplay as I either searched for a suitable weapon, or smacked it repeatedly
against a wall. We also see two different types of grenades
being used- the first seems like the standard type, while the second is taken from this
alien creature, and squeezed to activate. Speaking of enemies, we see numerous types.
We see barnacles, as well as baby ones to show that they don’t just ‘appear’ on
ceilings out of nowhere. We see zombies. In Half-Life 2 if you reversed their voice clips
you’d be able to hear them screaming stuff that made it obvious they still had a bit
of humanity left inside. In this game we see they’re still hanging about, doing kind
of human stuff, like browsing maps or trying to get a machine to operate. Poor things.
We see manhacks, which look just as annoying as ever.
We see antlions, which now look fabulous. We see other variants of zombies and headcrabs.
We see the Striders, which are half machine, half creature and go waltzing about looking
very clumsy. We see a scary electrical monster and his
pet headcrab. Combine come in various shapes and sizes.
Some have explode-able cannisters on their backs. In Half-Life 2 there were 3 tiers of
guards- regular Civil Protection with small arms, Overwatch soldiers with SMGs and shotguns,
and Combine Elite with advanced weapons and armour. At normal difficulty there wasn’t
a lot of difference between them, but on hard mode it really did take a lot more bullets
to bring these guys down! So I assume we’ll see different ‘ranks’ of combine in this
game as well. This one here looks better-armed and armoured
than most. If we freeze it here, we can see that there
are 4 different difficulty modes, of which NORMAL is… second hardest? Does that mean
we’ll get a ‘harmless’ mode? Hopefully this video has given you a better
idea of what to expect from the game. Check out this one to see what differences VR makes
to the Half-Life experience. And this one to watch me climbing all the way up the Citadel.

3D: The Most REALISTIC Photography Style Yet?

– Ooo. – Woah! Look at that. Wow, it’s so real! Ah, look at that! I can almost touch it. THIS IS COOL Wow. Wow. Wow. You gotta see this. Come on. Uh, no. That was a 3D photo I was
just looking at and… oh my God. It was like so lifelike! It was like I was just standing there in the moment, and I could reach out and touch things. So I’ve just had my first taste of 3D, and it was better than 360. Wait, what? It was better than 360. But Mr. Ben, how could you say that? Your whole channel was built around 360. I know, but just hear me out. Here is why I think 3D is going to be the next big thing in photography. To take a 3D photo you’ll need a camera that shoots 180 like this one. You’ll notice it has two lenses that look like two eyes. This is to create the depth that mimics what our eyes can see. They’re like mathematically placed the same distance apart that our eyes are. With a 360 camera, it only has one eye on each side so it can only see a flat field of view. This is called monoscopic. This is called stereoscopic. This camera is called a Vuze XR. I’m going to take a photo by pressing this button here, and I can point it towards my subject if I don’t wanna be in the shot. Or, I can point it towards myself if I wanna take a 3D selfie. Cheese! Now we download our 3D photo and upload it to the Oculus Go. (whooshing sound) Wow! It’s like full-on 3D. It’s like I’m real,
like I’m a real person. This photo is real, it has depth to it. I can see I’m really close to the camera. I can see different
layers of depth behind me. Even the lenses on that shelf over there had a distinct depth to them. But what’s most incredible, is my face. I can see full-on depth. I can see my nose sticking out, my mouth, my chin, my eyes, my ears. They all have this really realistic level of depth to them. It’s like Madame Tussauds
had finally added Ben Claremont to their collection. This is seriously incredible, and really weird to look
back at yourself in 3D. It’s not like a photo of me, but it looks like the real person! This is both creeping me out and blowing my mind at the same time. I know you guys can’t see this in full 3D like I’m seeing, so sorry about that. But at this point in time you need a VR headset to bring out the depth in 180 3D photos. I just wish you could
see what I was seeing! It’s like so realistic. (gasping) I’m gonna look at one more. Cool, I’m standing in
front of the Opera House and it’s like I’m actually here. I’ve stood in this exact spot so many times before. But to be able to sit here at home and see it with depth. I can see the depth of the railing on the edge there. I can see the Harbour
Bridge in the background. As these people walk around the frame, their depth changes from close to far. I wish you guys could see what I just saw. This is game-changing! 360 has always been good because it captures
your entire environment to watch back later. But with 3D, it’s even better than 360 because it captures depth in your image and it feels so much more like you’re actually there than looking around at a flat 360. It doesn’t matter how
much resolution you have. You could shoot the exact same thing with a million megapixals on a DSLR, but it’s still only a flat image. Even with much lower resolution shooting on a 3D camera, the experience was so much more realistic because of the depth aspect. It felt like I could reach
out and touch things. It’s like stepping in to a time machine and actually being able to be there in moments in the past, with so much accuracy and
detail and atmosphere. It takes 360 to a whole new level. This is the most realistic photo viewing experience I’ve ever had. And by the way, you can actually get 3D and 360 in the same image, but it’s kind of expensive right now. Whereas 180 cameras like the Vuze XR actually make 3D accessible without breaking the bank. And now, for the limitations. The first limitation is with viewing them. You can’t view a 3D photo without something like this. And look, the Oculus Go
is awesome VR headset, and you totally should buy one. But it’s around $200,
so it’s an extra expense and it’s kind of bulky and it doesn’t fit in your pocket, and it’s just ehhh. It’s good, but VR viewing technology will definitely get better. There are smaller versions
like foldaway headsets where you can clip in your phone, and still get the 3D experience, although it’s not going to be as good as the Oculus Go. But it’s cheap. These are something like $5 on Amazon. Another limitation is 3D is kind of hard to share on social media. You can do it, but the
viewer on the other end will need to be watching on a 3D headset and not many people own these yet. I’m anticipating some kind of innovation with Facebook and the
other social networks that will allow us to view 3D on our mobile web. Just move our phone around, and suddenly the photo
or video comes to life. There could also be some
kind of phone accessory like you put a lens on top of your phone, and it helps simulate the 3D effect. Another limitation is 180’s kind of suck when viewed back in normal 2D. Because then it’s just half of a 360, and that’s not very exciting, is it? So, ideally 180’s need
to be watched back in 3D. So is 3D the future of photography? I say yes. Watching my 3D photos back in a headset was the most realistic
photo viewing experience I’ve ever had. The sense of realism and
atmosphere it portrayed was way better than
any DSLR or 360 camera. When you see a 3D photo,
you’ll know what I mean. It’s not going to be the only way we take photos in the future, but it’s going to be a bigger and bigger part of the
way we capture moments. I really don’t see 3D
photography as a fad, because what I just
witnessed taking this photo, viewing it back in the headset, was absolutely incredible. This gave me so much value. And if someone were to take a 3D photo at an important moment in my life, say my wedding, and it was captured with
such realism and detail and I was able to watch that back 20 years later, that would be the greatest gift anyone could give me. It’s like they said, here’s a ticket to travel back in time, where would you like to go? That’s awesome. Even if 3D doesn’t catch on, I’m going to shoot so much more 3D it’s not even funny. Because I’ve seen what
this technology can do, and the way it preserves moments. And this gives me so much value, even if I was the only person on Earth with a 3D camera, I’m going to keep doing it. Because anything that
gives value catches on, and I know when enough
people find out about 3D and the awesome value it can give them, it is going to take off. So let’s consider this to be the early day at the Wild Wild West of 3D. There are very few people shooting 3D so there’s massive opportunity, just like there was with 360. A few years ago hardly
anyone was doing it. And now there are hundreds and thousands of people doing it, and really getting a lot of value from it. That’s going to be 3D in a few years. I’m seeing more and more
cameras incorporate 3D. So hopefully as they come out, they will overcome some of the issues associated with it. Like the work flow, we
need to be able to send out photos straight from this to this. Which I think they’re actually working on. And of course the viewing limitation. Expecting people to own one of these is still a bit too much to ask, but when we can view 3D
seamlessly on our phone, that’s when it will take off. So should you look in
to buying a 180 camera? Uh, you know what? We shouldn’t even use the word 180, because 180 is such a lame name. Who wants 180? It sounds half as good as 360. Let’s call it 3D. Should you look in to getting a 3D camera. If you offer any kind of
photo or video services, it would be a really good upsell to offer your clients 3D photos. Imagine capturing five to ten key moments of someone’s wedding in 3D, that they can then watch back and step back in to the day, in to their shoes again? Would that not be of value? Likewise if you’re
capturing important moments in your own life, to be able to step back in to them with such a high degree of realism 20 years from now. Would that not be worth the 400 and something dollar price tag of buying a 3D camera? It’s kind of one of those things where you might respond eh, maybe. And then you actually see the 3D effect in the headset and you’re like shut up and take my money! Ahhh! Just trust me on this one. I’ll link a few 3D
samples in the description if you want to watch them back on your Oculus Go, or if you have a foldaway headset so you can get a feel for 3D, and whether you like it or not. I’d just say don’t watch them back in 2D 180, because as we discussed before, 2D 180 is lame. I’ll definitely be posting more about 180 in my upcoming videos, so be sure to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss them. And hey! I’d be curious to know,
are you considering 180. What are your thoughts of 180. Have you viewed it, and what do you think. Did you have the same life-changing experience that I did. And if you haven’t yet, do your best to get your hands on a VR headset to view a 3D photo or video, and tell me your thoughts. Alright, that’s it. All the links you need are down there, and I’ll see you in the next video. Cool! Wow! It’s like I’m real! Ho-ho. Now that’s a good-looking guy. Heh-heh-heh-heh.

Is the Holodeck Actually More Trouble Than It’s Worth?

Hey! Check it out! Picked this baby up cheap from a collector
last week. Can you believe the guy told me he was having
trouble unloading it? He said he’d already sold it twice before
in the last few years, but nobody kept it more than a couple of weeks. I guess the other numbskulls who bought it
just couldn’t appreciate what they had! I, on the other hand, as a life-long Star
Trek fan with a particular affinity for the Next Generation era of the franchise, know
value when I see it. Of course, it’s not perfect. It’s pre-owned, for one thing. It’s off-brand, for another – the guy
I bought it from had to make some changes to the original design to avoid the whole
“unauthorized use of intellectual property” issue. So if anybody asks this isn’t a “holodeck,”
it’s a “holographic simulator,” okay? The other thing is, it didn’t come preloaded
with any programs. I guess I can download some, but I haven’t
yet, so for now I’m somewhat limited in the environments I can, you know, recreate. It does have this neat feature where it can
extrapolote a 3-D simulation from 2-D images, though, so I uploaded one of my Trek, Actually
videos to it, and check this out: Computer, run program Actually-1. Eh? Pretty cool, right? Accurate down to the smallest detail, I can
assure you. It’s like I’m really here! Which is perfect for what we’re about to
do, because wouldn’t you know it? This episode of Trek, Actually will be devoted
to an exploration of the question: Is the Holodeck Actually More Trouble Than
It’s Worth? Personally, I think this one is pretty straightforward. But, this topic won the poll, so I’m gonna
do right by it. Only I don’t think I’ll have much to say,
because the holodeck – not to be confused with my functionally identical but legally
distinct holographic simulator – is obviously pretty awesome. The holodeck is what you get when the writers
of a sci-fi adventure series set in the far future aboard a starship capable of traveling
thousands of times the speed of light in a galaxy densely populated with intelligent,
spacefaring species, decide that concept is too limiting. What if the starship encountering all these
other intelligent species as it flies at thousands of times the speed of light through the galaxy
also had a magic room where characters could create totally convincing virtual reality
simulations of anything or anyone they could imagine? Does that open up the premise enough, ya think? The holodeck is officially introduced in the
first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Encounter at Farpoint”. A very similar technology, called the rec
room, is shown aboard Captain Kirk’s Enterprise in “The Practical Joker,” an episode of
Star Trek: The Animated Series, but that’s the only time it’s ever seen. In “Encounter at Farpoint” and the other
early appearances of the holodeck, characters treat it like stunning, cutting edge technology,
not something that’s been available on starships for 100 years already, so let’s do what
the writers of subsequent live action Star Trek shows have usually done and pretend The
Animated Series didn’t happen, unless we need to refer to it for a super nerdy call-back
or something. The question that comes to my mind about the
holodeck isn’t “is it more trouble than it’s worth,” but “how does anyone get
any work done?” The locations, objects, and people simulated
by the holodeck are depicted as seeming utterly real to the flesh-and-blood characters who
interact with them. I know people have said that artificial intelligence
will be humanity’s final invention, but if we invent convincing, totally immersive
virtual reality first, I think we might just stop there. Holodecks can create interior and exterior
locations. They can simulate all kinds of weather and
environments. They can bring fictional characters to fully
interactive life, and they can even recreate real people. More than anything else we see in the Next
Generation era of Star Trek, the holodeck is proof of just how far humanity has progressed. These must be disciplined, dedicated people,
because not only are they not spending every waking moment living out their fantasies in
the magical dream room, almost every time we see a character wanting to use the holodeck,
there’s one available! You mean there’s not even a waiting list?! Our species truly has evolved. The holodeck isn’t without its flaws, of
course. But many of those flaws are due to inconsistencies
in how the technology is portrayed in the various shows. For example, it took the producers of Star
Trek: The Next Generation a couple of years to really nail down what the rules were as
far as what happens to stuff created in the holodeck when it leaves the holodeck. In the early seasons we see things like Wesley
exiting the holodeck, still soaking wet with holographic water, or Picard taking a holographic
snowball in the face despite the fact that he is standing outside the holodeck at the
time, or Data taking a sheet of paper outside the holodeck, walking down the corridor with
it, and showing it to Geordi. In later seasons this is ability to take holographic
objects out of the holodeck is retconned away – in the sixth season episode “Ship in
a Bottle,” Picard explains to the sentient hologram of Professor Moriarity that matter
created on the holodeck ceases to exist once it leaves the holodeck, and demonstrates this
by tossing a holographic book through the doorway into the corridor. The book instantly vanishes. Of course, if you can’t abide inconsistencies
like that, you can suppose that in the early seasons of TNG the holodeck was able to use
matter replication to create simple objects that people were likely to interact with,
like water or snow or pieces of paper, and because these objects were replicated rather
than holographic, they could be taken outside the holodeck. And you can further suppose that after Picard
ate that snowball, which was about halfway through the first season, he called engineering
and was like, “Look, you need to change the settings or something so it only makes
holographic stuff from now on because I’m the captain of the starship Enterprise and
I shouldn’t have to worry about getting face washed when I step out of a goddamn elevator
across from the holodeck!” Since it was a low priority task, it took
engineering a little while to complete the modifications on all of the Enterprise’s
holodecks, which is why we still see the odd holodeck object able to be carried away intact,
but by the time Moriarity shows up for the second time in season six the problem has
long since been taken care of and what is created on the holodeck, stays on the holodeck. There. That explains it. The cracks in the reality of the made-up TV
show about aliens and future astronauts have been repaired, so you can relax now! Okay? Well. Sorry this one was so short, but I like I
said, this one’s kind of a no-brainer. I talked about how great the holodeck is,
cracked a few jokes, ridiculed my fellow Trekkies. I think that’ll just about do it. This concludes my presentation. Computer, end program. Computer, end program. Exit. Arch. Computer? . . . Alexa? So. Seems we have a bit of a situation. That’s okay. These things happen. They happened on Star Trek from time to time,
too. And whenever the holodeck went all screwy
on Star Trek, the solution was usually to play the scenario of the program all the way
to the conclusion. Then the program would end automatically and
everything was fine! This program was created by scanning one of
my Trek, Actually videos. Since it’s still running, that must mean
I haven’t completed this video yet. All I have to do is finish making this video,
the computer will end the program, and I can get outta here! I think. No problem! I’ll just keep talking about the holodeck. In fact, I just now thought of something I
forgot to mention before. Kind of a counterpoint to the whole “the
holodeck is awesome” case I presented. For all of its good points, the holodeck – and,
it seems, this distinguishably different but suspiciously similar holographic simulator
– have a tendency to . . . malfunction. Now that I think about it, the holodeck has
been going haywire since before it was even officially introduced. Remember that episode of the animated series
I mentioned, “The Practical Joker”? In that show, the Enterprise passes through
a mysterious energy field that causes its computer to start playing pranks on the crew. When Dr. McCoy, Sulu, and Uhura enter the
rec room, the computer sets a pitfall trap for them in a forest simulation, and later
subjects them to some life-threatening winter weather. So in the very first appearance of something
like a holodeck, that wasn’t even called a holodeck yet, it goes all screwy and tries
to kill the people in it. Funny how, for the purposes of the fiction
of this video, I never noticed that before. The first proper holodeck episode of a Star
Trek series was in season one of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It’s one of the better episodes from that
very uneven first season. It even won a Peabody Award, for exemplifying
“a new standard of quality for first-run syndication.” Maybe the fact that it was so warmly received
is what compelled the producers of Star Trek to treat it as the template for pretty much
every other holodeck episode that followed. As I’m sure most of you already know, the
episode I’m talking about is called “The Big Goodbye.” So the Enterprise is on its way to meet with
this species called the Jarada. The Jarada are very picky about matters of
protocol, and Picard has to greet them in their impossible to pronounce native language
without flubbing a single syllable or they’ll be upset and won’t want to make friends
with the Federation, which would be bad for reasons. Picard has been practicing for hours, and
Troi is like, “You need a break, go unwind on the holodeck for a while.” So Picard goes to the holodeck, runs a program
based on Dixon Hill, this 1940s pulp detective that he’s a fan of, and he’s really impressed. So, after a brief staff meeting where the
importance of nailing the greeting to the Jarada is reemphasized, Picard gets dressed
up in period costume and goes back into the program, this time accompanied by Data, a
historian named Whalen who’s just along to get shot so his imminent death can be a
source of tension when everything goes wrong, and, eventually, Dr. Crusher. Everything’s going fine, Picard and friends
are enjoying the Dixon Hill program, when a long-range probe from the Jarada scans the
Enterprise, which causes the ship’s systems to go all screwy. Geordi soon figures out that the holodeck
is locked – no one can get in or out. Meanwhile, Whalen is shot by a character from
the program and Picard and friends realize that the safety protocols have been disabled,
which allows holographic bullets to be just as lethal as real ones. And Picard’s like “I’ll remember that,
that might come in handy some day . . .” Anyway, while Picard and company are stuck
in the Dixon Hill program with Whalen bleeding to death, Geordi and Wesley are outside trying
to repair the holodeck controls so they can get everybody outta there. Riker’s starting to sweat because the Jarada
are being all pissy wanting to know where Captain Picard is, so he says to Geordi and
Wesley, “Just unplug it or something. Turn the holodeck off, we’ll crowbar the
doors open, problem solved.” And Wesley’s like, “Oh, that’s a bad
idea because if the program aborts instead of being shut down properly, everyone inside
the holodeck, including the real people, could vanish.” WHAT?! . . . Lucky for me CTRL-ALT-DEL didn’t work. Meanwhile in the holodeck, Leech, the guy
who shot Whalen, comes back and he’s got the Kingpin with him. And Kingpin is like “How long have you known
about Matt Murdock’s ‘other life’?” And Picard is like, “I think you’re in
the wrong program?” Wesley and Geordi finally get the doors to
work, and the Kingpin and Leech are like, “Hey, let’s go through the magic doors
and become racketeers on the spaceship!” So they walk outside the holodeck and they
disappear. And Kingpin is like “No, they can’t do
this to me! I’ll have my final revenge! Daredevil’s real name is Maaaaaaaa . . .” Anyway, they get Whalen to sickbay before
he bleeds out, Picard rushes to the bridge and nails the greeting to the Jarada, and
then orders Data to immediately leave orbit and set course for another planet. So that’s it? All Picard had to do was drop in for two minutes
and say hi? No ceremonies, no negotiations, no diplomatic
functions of any kind? The Jarada are awfully persnickety for a species
we never see again. Plus their long-range scan, you know, broke
the Enterprise. Are we sure these dickweeds are that important? Like I said, “The Big Goodbye” is the
model for most of the holodeck episodes that followed: characters enter holodeck expecting
to have a good time, something malfunctions, holodeck tries to kill everybody. This formula is embellished a bit in the first
holodeck-centered episode of TNG’s second season, “Elementary, Dear Data,” when
we learn that, oh by the way, the holodeck can also create conscious, sentient beings
if you ask it to. That’s totally okay and not loaded with
horrifying moral implications. Since potentially lethal malfunctions happen
so often when the holodeck is prominently featured in episodes, I guess it is reasonable
to question whether the holodeck, as awesome as it is, is worth having aboard a starship. Because it’s only awesome when it’s working
properly. When it’s not working properly, it becomes
a threat to the safety of everyone onboard. I can see how that might be somewhat of a
liability. And while that is certainly a problem for
characters living within the reality of the show, it’s also a problem when viewed from
the outside. Almost immediately the holodeck became a hook
on which writers could hang every off-model, self-indulgent idea they could imagine. “I’m tired of writing a space western
– I want to do a literal western!” “Holodeck!” “I’m tired of just referencing Shakespeare
all the time – I want to make a mini-movie of a Shakespeare scene starring one of our
characters!” “Holodeck!” And it spread beyond TNG, as well. “I’m so goddamned bored with this pointless
series that I think it would be more interesting to devote lengthy sequences of multiple episodes
to just watching the captain act out a totally unrelated gothic novel!” “You got it, Ms. Taylor! Holodeck!” “We want to drive this entire franchise
over a cliff by framing the series finale as taking place during deleted scenes from
an episode of a completely different show!” “Gee, Mr. Berman and Mr. Braga, are you
sure? Okay, then. Holodeck.” So, yeah, I guess I was wrong! The holodeck is a crutch for lazy writing
too tempting for even good writers to resist! And, from an in-story perspective, why would
you want to have a magic fantasy room on your spaceship when at any given moment it could
turn into an inescapable murder box? I guess the holodeck is actually more trouble
than it’s worth after all! This concludes my presentation? Computer, end program? Goddammit. I’ve made the case for both sides! What else can I say about the holodeck?! Either characters – and writers – use
it for wish-fulfillment, or it malfunctions and threatens the ship, and usually both of
those things happen one after the other! Hell, sometimes even when the holodeck does
all right for one episode, it messes things up later, like when Geordi created a holographic
Lea Brahms to help the Enterprise escape a booby trap, became infatuated with Dr. Brahms
through the hologram, then met the real Dr. Brahms in a later episode who was nothing
like her hologram, who eventually discovered the hologram of herself, which made Geordi
look like a sad lonely creep. Which . . . Wait a second! That’s it! In the booby trap episode, before he develops
his pathetic crush on holo-Brahms, Geordi goes to the holodeck not for recreation, but
to use it as a tool! To help him solve a problem! That’s what I’ve been missing! Because that’s not the only time we see
the holodeck used that way! In “Identity Crisis” Geordi uses the holodeck
to find the source of an unexplained shadow in a visual log. In the Rashomon episode, “A Matter of Perspective,”
the holodeck is used to illustrate the testimony of various witnesses during a hearing about
whether or not Commander Riker tried to sexually assault a woman and then murdered her husband
by blowing up his space station to prevent him from reporting it – remember that light-hearted
romp through the stars?! And in “Schisms” members of the Enterprise
crew use the holodeck to reconstruct their fragmented memories of a mysterious room to
which they had all been abducted. Now that I’m thinking about it, the holodeck
is shown to have other practical uses, too. The crews of various starships use it for
training. On Voyager, Tuvok uses the holodeck to help
him teach former Maquis members proper Starfleet procedures. On TNG we see it being used as part of the
bridge officer’s test. There’s Troi ordering holo-Geordi to his
death – goddamn, real or holographic, that guy cannot catch a break on the holodeck,
can he? And how can I neglect to mention Worf’s
calisthenics program, where he exercises and blows off steam by fighting Skeletor – hey,
maybe that’s why Worf wears his hair like He-Man for most of the series, eh? And finally, since I talked about the times
when the holodeck malfunctions and almost kills everybody, what about the (admittedly
fewer) times when something goes horribly wrong somewhere else, and the holodeck is
essential to saving the day? Like what happens in my favorite holodeck
episode of any Trek series, from Deep Space Nine’s fourth season: “Our Man Bashir”. In this episode, Dr. Bashir and Garak are
in the middle of Bashir’s James Bond fantasy when, outside the station, a runabout carrying
almost the entire senior staff explodes. Eddington manages to beam everyone out just
in time, but the explosion overloads the transporter, trapping the crew in the buffer and forcing
the computer to save their patterns until they can be re-materialized. Eddington and Odo, the only other main character
not either in the holosuite or on the runabout, are forced to wipe the station’s computer
memory in order to store the neural information of the crew. And, with nowhere else to put them, the computer
stores their physical patterns in the holosuite’s memory and incorporates their images into
Bashir’s program. This is a great episode for a few reasons. Firstly, it allows the cast members who were
on the blown-up runabout to play their characters out-of-character, as they assume various roles
in Bashir’s program. Avery Brooks given free reign to overact his
ass off as an over-the-top supervillain is amazing. And the episode allows the writers to play
with two sets of tropes at the same time: they poke fun at James-Bond-style spy movies,
and they manage to acknowledge and subvert some of the tropes that by that point had
made Star Trek’s holodeck episodes so predictable. The safety protocols are disabled again, of
course, which makes the program very dangerous, but they can’t just end the program because
they’re afraid they might lose the patterns of Sisko and the others who were in the runabout. But that is complicated by the presence of
Garak, a ruthless pragmatist who is totally willing to leave the holosuite and risk killing
the others if it means saving his own life. The loss of the safety protocols allows Bashir
to actually shoot Garak at one point, preventing him from leaving the holosuite, and possibly
saving the lives of his crewmates. Ultimately Bashir, stalling for time as Eddington,
Odo, and Rom scramble to modify the Defiant’s transporter to re-materialize the trapped
crew members, saves the day by intentionally destroying the world – in the program. Realizing that his goal is for everyone trapped
in the holodeck to survive rather than to defeat the evil Dr. Noah, Secret Agent Bashir
lets the bad guy win! Because who cares? It’s just a fantasy. It’s not the real thing. But sometimes a fantasy . . . is all you need. “Our Man Bashir” proves that the holodeck
(or holosuite if you wanna get technical) can be useful in unexpected ways. If the holosuite hadn’t been there, Sisko,
Kira, Dax, O’Brien, and Worf would have died. The episode also demonstrates that holodeck
shows don’t have to be rote, by-the-numbers retreads of the same formula. In the hands of creative, motivated writers,
the holodeck can be utilized in ways that are clever, imaginative, and even moving – as
is the case in another great DS9 episode, “It’s Only a Paper Moon,” where Nog
takes refuge in Vic Fontaine’s holosuite program after losing his leg in battle. And let’s not forget one of the best recurring
characters in the entire franchise, Reg Barclay! I won’t say much about him here, because
I did a whole video about him already, but his first two episodes of TNG, “Hollow Pursuits”
and “The Nth Degree,” are among the best holodeck shows ever done, and two more examples
of how the holodeck can be used to develop character and tell complex and emotionally
satisfying stories. So you know what? I’m changing my conclusion . . . back to
my original conclusion. Yes, the holodeck sometimes malfunctions and
turns into a murder box, but there are many technologies that can be dangerous when they
aren’t working properly or are being intentionally misused, but which are still beneficial to
our modern lives. And the potential uses of the holodeck, both
practically and recreationally, are virtually unlimited. I think the good outweighs the bad. No, the holodeck is not actually more trouble
than it’s worth. It’s a nice thing to have around. When you’re not trapped inside of it. What do you think? As for me, I think I’m done here. Computer, shut this bloody thing off. That’s better. Now the only problem is, what to do with this
thing? I suppose I could re-sell it, but after this
video goes up there’s no way I’m not losing money on that deal. Maybe I can download a program for it that’ll
let me get some use out of it. Wow, there are so many holodeck programs on
MyAbandonware! Ooh! Tool shed! Nah, I don’t have any tools. Here we go: walk-in closet. That’s the one. I’ll have to tell my wife not to turn it
off just in case aborting the program would make our clothes disappear, but other than
that, yeah, I think this’ll work! I always wanted a big-ass closet. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go see
if I can fix our washer and dryer. They’ve been acting kinda funny since that
mysterious energy cloud passed through the laundry room. See ya next time!

Technology: it’s in our homes
and in our cars, but why can’t it be in us? Well, now it can.
Ronny Chieng has more in his segment
Today’s Future Now. ♪ ♪ Thanks, Trevor. For years, we’ve mostly
just operated our technology with our hands and our fingers, like a bunch of cavemen or people from Michigan. We love to finger
our technology. We finger it all day long. But now “science” has found a way to get
our whole bodies involved. Exoskeleton vests
are changing the game for the American
manufacturing workforce. Ford Motor Company
recently unveiled its plan to provide workers
with wearable technology. REPORTER: It’s an exoskeleton
that helps maintain good posture, adding up
to 15 pounds of support to each arm
when it’s raised up. Nicholas Gotts spends much
of the day on the Ford Mustang
assembly line reaching up. Really? They call you Rocket Man
and Mr. Incredible? Or are you trying
to give yourself a nickname and make it stick by saying it
on national television? Because it doesn’t work
like that, man. Okay? If you want to give yourself
a nickname, you got to be more subtle. Take some advice
from the Chinese stallion. You got to slip it in, when people
aren’t paying attention. W-Wait, wait, wait.
You’re the Chinese stallion? Yeah, I mean, tha-that’s what
I keep hearing people saying these days,
so I guess it’s official. But, more importantly, I don’t know if I trust
that robot vest, okay? I see what’s happening. First, the robot’s like, “Hey, let me help you
lift that.” Then the robot’s like,
“Hey, you know what? I-I can do that myself.
Why don’t you go take a break?” And, next thing you know,
the robot has your job and is banging your wife, okay? And there’s also downsides. Because not only is technology
taking over our lives, it’s about to make us look
a lot stupider. REPORTER: Swiss drone scientists
are working on a wearable drone controller. It’s basically a fancy jacket
with a lot of sensors on it. You put it on and then you add a little virtual reality
headset and then you raise your arms
like a bird, as free as you can be, and, uh, you’ve got to twist
your torso every which way to pilot the drone. Oh, wow. How convenient. So instead of using
a remote control for my drone that fits in my hand, now I just have to put on
20 pounds of equipment? I can’t lift 20 pounds, okay? Do I look like the Rock? Do I? (shouts of assent, cheering) No! No, I don’t. But thank you. (laughter) So, I shouldn’t need
a whole workout routine just to spy on my neighbors
sunbathing on their roof, okay? My problem with this
is that it’s too small-minded. We’re in the future.
We shouldn’t be flying drones. -We should be flying ourselves.
-MAN: Yes! REPORTER: It’s not a sight
you’d expect to see on the streets of London. But few are more blown away
by the jet suit than the man who invented it,
Richard Browning. It’s almost like that dream
most people seem to have around being able to just think
somewhere and fly there. REPORTER: It can reach speeds
of 32 miles an hour and an altitude of 12,000 feet. Anyone can fly it,
with training and insurance. It’s made up
of five mini jet engines, one on the back and two on each
arm, which control direction. Finally. Now, this is
an awesome way to travel, even though he looks like Tony
Stark got his suit from H&M. And… look
at all those engines. I can finally fulfill
my childhood dream of flying and killing
eight geese at once. But as cool as this suit is,
there is one drawback. REPORTER: For now,
the fuel pack limits the suit to only three
or four minutes of flight. (laughter) So this thing can fly up to 12,000 feet but only has gas
for three minutes. That sounds like a great way
to fall from 12,000 feet. But you know what? The good thing
about all this new technology is that we’ve all been worried
that robots are gonna take over and kill humanity. But it turns out
we’re becoming the robots and we’re gonna kill ourselves
first. So, suck it, robots. That’ll
teach you to bang our wives. The Chinese stallion, everybody!

101 Facts About Ready Player One

December 19, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

101 Facts About Ready Player One

greetings lover factors my name is Sam
and today I’m here to talk to you all about the nerd culture phenomenon that
is ready player one started as a novel now we here started as a novel now whole
filmies here references aren’t they fun I sincerely hope you agree with that
because references are kind of like ready player ones entire whole thing so
just FYI but which famous nerd have rates the ready player one audiobook
clue not me why did one of the ready player one posters give the internet a
good chuckle let us know in the palapa bomb and how does everyone use those VR
headsets all day every day without throwing up I use button for about two
hours on some games I feel like I’ve spent 10 hours on an asking crab trawler
ie ill but enough about me to answer three
these questions gonna be answered so strap yourself in get comfortable
prepared to drown in pop-culture references as we take you through 101
facts about ready player one number one ready player one is a 2011 science
fiction novel and the debut novel of American author turned nerd does your
ernest cline it also may have evolved into a movie which is why we’re making a
video about it just being real here ok number two the title term ready player
one is a phrase that we use frequently in the era of classic video games and
the since become synonymous with the gaming nostalgia and the culture that
surrounds it reference numero uno guys and it’s only gonna get worse from here
after all this is fact – number three the story of ready player one is set in
a dystopian future of 2044 and follows the story of Wade Watts a teenager
living in a slum he spends too much of his time in a virtual world called the
Oasis a massively multiplayer online simulation game on his deathbed the
games billionaire founder James Halliday makes a stunning declaration
revealing that he is hidden within the oasis of video game Easter egg and the
first person to find it will inherit his immense wealth and control the Oasis
this Rockets Wade and his avatar are known as possible into a global battle
to find the Easter egg before a greedy multinational corporation could
innovative online industries or ioy get their grubby mitts on it because they
want to take control of the Oasis and monetize it number four Klein has stated
his favorite video games are black tiger and battlezone both of him inspired to
write ready player one and no I’ve never heard of either of them either black
tiger is an eight-way scrolling Avenger featuring a barbarian hero and
battlezone is the classic tank warfare game with the delightfully retro
wireframe graphics number 5 client spent much of his youth working a number of
tech support jobs that still allowed him to browse the internet and research his
many pop-culture obsessions dude that’s basically my job what a life I lead
number six other jobs that Klein worked before becoming an uber successful
sci-fi author included short-order cook video-store Clark a fish cutter and even
a plasma donor which well at least that one sounds kind of sci-fi number 7 like
pretty much everyone else on earth crime is also a huge fan of the Back to the
Future films and a Ken prepare yourselves for many many references to
that end in pursuit of his passion for the series crinoids in 1982 DeLorean
dmc-12 sports car that has been specifically modified to look at the
actual Back to the Future DeLorean number 8 Klein has stated that the
character of holidays inspired by the likes of eccentric American business
magnate Howard Hughes an American video game developer Richard Garriott who was
responsible for creating Ultima one of those declaimed open-world fantasy
role-playing games ever made Klein says that a mixture of the two forms the
holiday personality an incredibly intelligent slightly mad video game
designer number nine Oasis co-founder and holidays best friend Ogden Morrow is
said to be inspired by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak who shares similar
backgrounds both helped create a huge tech Empire only for their friend and
colleague said to be the mastermind behind the successes to die of cancer
number 10 Klein is also stated that table all the characters in ready player
one he identifies most of the books protagonist Wade watts as well as James
Holliday the creator of the Oasis monastic I number 11 the book was
published on the 16th of August 2011 accompanied by an audio book that was
released on the thirty same day that audio book narration was provided by
nerd royalty Wil Wheaton number twelve ready player one was a New
York Times bestseller and ended up on numerous best books of 2011 ranging from
Amazon and Entertainment Weekly to wired and
io9 basically people liked it it did well I liked it I also partially adapt
suit into a screenplay the University work so good work line number 13 but the
accolades didn’t stop there in 2012 the book received an Alex award
from the young adult library services association division of the American
Library Association I mean wow what an honor I assumed number 14 ready player
one also won the 2012 prometheus award which is an annual prize awarded by the
libertarian future Society in recognition Vexen tin libertarian
science fiction there’s in case you didn’t know which like how could you not
know perhaps the most honest indication of the success of ready player one is
it’s been translated into over 20 languages including not only francais
German and Spanish but also a bunch of fancier ones like polish Czech and
Turkish number 6d client has stated in an interview that a number of people
working at oculus VR the company that produces the oculus rift virtual headset
have told him that ready player one was a direct influence on them and inspire
designers of the technology the book is now apparently required reading for
oculus VR employees number 17 at some point Andy where the author of
the extremely popular book is a Martian which was also adapted into a Hollywood
movie read ready player one and enjoyed it so much he wrote his own ready player
one fanfiction titled Lazzaro the piece is a prequel which provides an origin
story for Nolan Sorento the book’s main antagonist Kline must have liked it
because he later declared it canonical in the ready player one universe number
18 in an elaborate display of literary intrigue several months after ready
player one was first released Klein revealed that the book itself contained
a meticulously hidden easter egg which would lead participants into a series of
increasingly difficult videogame tests the first person to complete all three
of those challenges would be rewarded with the grand prize of a DeLorean
none of the 19 the Easter Egg was a web address which took readers to a website
where they could play an online Atari 2600 game called the stacks the second
challenge was a Facebook game called ultimate collector garage sale which was
created by the aforementioned game developer Richard Garriott number
the final say to the competition challenge players to set a new world
record on one of several classic arcade or atari 2600 games the first person to
do this was a fellow by the name of Craig Queen gas Queen who sets a new
world record on the classic cramming title joust on the 9th of August 2012
true to his word Kline handed over the keys to the DeLorean to Queen which was
featured on the TV show x-play at number 21 a film adaptation also titled ready
player one has a release date of the 29th of March 2018 it’s been directed by
the one and only Steven Spielberg so at the very least it’s got that going for
it number 22 the film rights to ready player 1 were purchased by Warner
Brothers on the very same day Kline finalized his book deal with Random
House a whole year before the book was published before someone’s keen number
23 Klein was then presented with the task of adapting his unfilmable novel
into a screenplay when you’re writing things I find that pens are helpful and
so decline because luckily he had a little help from a friend appears
screenwriter Zach pen there who previously worked on huge Hollywood
franchise it’s like the x-men series and the Avengers number 24 Kline and Penn
met each other while working together on Atari game over a 2014 documentary film
about the North American video game crash of 1983 and the subsequent
exploration of hundreds of thousands of video game cartridges that Atari buried
in a landfill including a tame number 25 a number of huge directors huge isn’t
successful not huge erson well you know why considered to captain the ready
player one film adaptation vessel including Matty Vaughn Christopher Nolan
Robert Zemeckis Edgar Wright and Peter Jackson number 26 however in March of
2015 Steven Spielberg signed on to direct the
film Spielberg later made the distinction the ready player one was not
in fact a film it’s specifically a movie okay number 27 when asked to would star
in the film adaptation ready player one clone revealed that he would actually
prefer a cast of unknown actors with the lone exception of the American actor and
writer Wil Wheaton who is in fact a character in the book
yet the studio’s though not having any of that number 28 in September of 2015
in the entertainment and media news website The Wrap reported that the likes
of Elle Fanning and Lola Kirk were being considered for the role of Artemis
before actually it was neither of them an Olivia cooks snack the role for
herself number 29 in the same month variety film reporter Justin crawl
tweeted that Spielberg was interested in American actor Nick Robinson for the
lead role as Wade watt and pars of all this turned out to be a vicious lie or
at the very least incorrect information as the role eventually went to ty
Sheridan number 30 a list Hollywood actor Michael Keaton was also considered
for JD Halladay but it ended up going to British actor Mark Rylance Keaton was
probably too busy being very frightening somewhere number 31
three of the actors are many player one Ralph Ineson Kai Alexander and Hannah
John Kaman have also appeared in the award-winning fantasy series Game of
Thrones innocent paid tag mere cleft jaw and exam two played leaf not that leaf
and Hannah John came and played Ornella number 32
Jane Douglas represent on the video game YouTube show outside Xbox is an extra in
this film she plays a sixer and in the first trailer she can be seen
just behind another sixer with a number six six five three one two on his helmet
there you see yeah she’s playing a bad guy in this but I very in real life and
actually she’s very nice number 33 production on ready player one began in
the spring of 2016 and was filmed in both the United States and the United
Kingdom much of the UK filming took place in Birmingham of all places
locations included floodgate Street and the chiller eek Walter number 34
the Brom a section of ready player one filming also included filming underneath
gravelly Hill interchange aka the original Spaghetti Junction knowing that
some flyovers in Birmingham a doubling for a city of a futuristic dystopian
America warms the cockles of my heart of it number 35 in June or 2016 it was
reported that Spielberg’s longtime collaborator John Williams would be
composing the film score however conflict with this other work on another
Spielberg film the post prevented him from doing so and
Spielberg ultimately brought Alan Silvestri composer of the Avengers no
less on board to score the film number 36
this makes ready player one only the third Spielberg film that doesn’t
include a score composed by John Williams the previous two non Williams
scored spill burgers of the 1985 period drama the color purple and the 2015
historical legal drama thriller bridge of spies number 37 ready player one
constitutes a second collaboration between Steven Spielberg and Simon Pegg
since the adventures of tintin and the third collaboration between Spielberg
and Mark Rylance after The BFG and bridge of spies number 38
as it happens ready player one is also Steven Spielberg’s first science fiction
film since all the way back in 2005 when he directed the 2005 film adaptation of
the War of the Worlds written by HG Wells and released all the way back in
1897 number 39 one of ready player one so called unsung heroes a special
project supervisor Deirdre backs backs had the daunting task of clearing the
licenses to all of the pop-culture references that appear in the film and
there is a lot good on you backs I’ve got your back facts number 40 luckily
ready player one is being produced by the same studio that made the Cameo pact
a lego movie which is filled to the brim with video game references I mean it’s
not like they can actually share those licenses and stuff but hey at least have
done it before number 41 Warner Brothers initially announced that
ready player one the movie definitely not the film would be released on the
15th of December 2017 however the release date was pushed all the way back
to the 30th of March 2018 to avoid competition with Star Wars the last Jedi
nap never heard of it Loreena one difference between the film and the
books concerns the location of the stacks the dystopian slummin which way’d
lives in the books the stacks are located in Oklahoma City but the film is
set in Columbus Ohio number 43 another big difference between
the book and the film contains the meeting of widened Samantha in the book
the two don’t encounter each other in real life until the very end of the
story but the trailer indicates they meet much earlier on
number 44 fans initially acted very very angrily to the fact that in some
screenshots and stills from the movie Artemus bears not to have her problem
birthmark on her face however as we can see here she very clearly does so happy
days for fans number 45 additionally the character a fails and/or who is the
leader of the enemy sixes was not present in the book and was written
especially for the movie number 46 and then there’s this guy AGGA he days
Oasis name show can be combined with de tous name to form the word day show
which is a Japanese term literally meaning big.little referring to a set of
long and short swords worn by samurais during feudal Japan number 47 lowland
Sorrento’s innovative online industries employee identification number is ioi
six five five three two one the number bit of that is the same as the prison
identification number of the character Alex from the author Anthony Burgess’s
novel A Clockwork Orange so you know some a great guy number 48 Klein has
stated that known as Sorrento’s first name is a tribute to American engineer
and entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell responsible for creating the video game
pong founding Atari and the chuck-e-cheese pizzatime theatres chain
number 49 part of ready player ones immense draw is the almost innumerable
references to pop culture icons the trailer is dripping in references one of
the most prominent of which is the appearance of the rx-78 tube gun dam
from the Japanese mecha anime Mobile Suit Gundam number 50 the toilet
contains shots of various characters from DC Comics – including one shot to
parley Quinn accompanied by someone from some sort of comic it seems the person
accompanying Harley coin at the distracted globe is variously been
identified by viewers as Deathstroke Deadshot and even Marvel’s Deadpool
however the combination of double swords and the armor costume suggests is
probably Deathstroke but what do you think let us know if you
think we’ve got it right in our fabulous YouTube hole number 51
Deadshot can be seen in the battle scene identifiable by his glowing red scope
Deadshot is considered to be one of the deadliest assassins in the DC Universe
often boasting that he never misses a shot number 52 there’s also another shot
of Harley Quinn this time with a classic pre ledger version of the Joker I’ve
been going out with desk trunk and the Joker the hussy to be there it could be
different people with different but that doesn’t work my joke about
Heidi crimping hussy so let’s ignore that I see number 53 at one point wave
can be seen dressed at the ticular here open The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
across the 8th dimension that is a really obscure reference by the way
which means if you got it you’re better than everyone else it’s it’s actually
confirmed now number 54 that’s another point in the trailer we see hundreds of
PHS and DVD covers floating in the AR most of them are too small to see but if
you identifiable covers include Full Metal Jacket Batman and Scarface number
55 the dance floor in the bar of the distracted globe a zero gravity
nightclub in the Oasis is the same one from Saturday Night Fever although if
it’s at zero gravity nightclub then why does avid dance floor but I first saw it
I stupidly assumed it was a reference to Dance Dance Revolution because I’m a
pathetic loser who is unworthy of love number 56 and one point in the
distracted globe there’s a shot of several people floating the swirling
mass of levitating ballroom dancers because you know it’s virtual reality
while you’re perfectly entitled to dance at a huge churning people tornado if you
so wish one of the people spinning around at the bottom of the group is
Gandalf from Lord of the Rings number 57 Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series
to whom we’ve recently dedicated an entire what am on facts video can be
seen a number of times in the trailer fighting in the battle scenes in
ordering a drink at the bar of the distracted globe raiding tombs is
thirsty work apparently number 58 Commander Shepard from Mass Effect can
be seen turning away from the bar in the same scene probably trying to chat up
Lara Croft who got rejected open there but all been there number 59 elsewhere
Mass Effect fan favorite famous Shep can be seen in attendance making sure a
female contingent is representing the brand to number 16 the bartender can
also be seen wearing so-called energy domes a distinctive article of had care
associated with the American new wave band Devo
the band first began wearing the circular ziggurat champ hats as part of
the myth surrounding their third album freedom of choice released in 1980
number 61 the massive car race in ready player one is a veritable smorgasbord of
particular pop culture references prior to and during the race we can see the
possessed 58 Plymouth Fury car from Stephen King’s Christine the Mack Phi
from Speed Racer the modified Ford Falcon from Mad Max the 1983 GMC vandura
van from the a-team the famous monster truck big four
the Interceptor from Mad Max the motorcycle that can eat arrived in akira
and of course Wade’s custom DeLorean which if you didn’t know it’s kicking
out with KITT the on-board computer from Knight Rider it’s also got a custom
license plate and a bunch of snazzy Ghostbuster lime goes on the gullwing
doors number 62 speaking of kennedy’s motorcycle from
akira Artemis has decorated it with stickers the bay homage to miss pac-man
Wonder Woman The Greatest American Hero and the Japanese video game developer
Taito number 63 similarly Wade is decorated the inside
of his secret van hideout with Garfield and Garbage Pail Kids stickers nerd
Nintendo 64 wired can be seen wearing a Thundercats belt buckle before getting
into his snazzy custom DeLorean that genuinely seems that something you find
in Primark number 65 additionally the dashboard in sideways DeLorean which can
also be seen for a split second in the trailer reads Feb 11 2014 15 or vol
number 66 wave could also be seen using a modified version of Max Rockatansky
shotgun from Mad Max he always has to modify things doesn’t he kids these days
can’t you settle for a standard sawn-off and sad really
number 67 in the aforementioned shot of all the famous cars vanta monster trucks
dizzy wall in from the kia turf war video game franchise can be seen
chatting to a fellow driver prior to the race I assume they’re discussing a
particularly interesting article on fracking he saw in The Guardian but who
knows number 68 one of the most obvious and glaring references is to Jurassic
Park which can be seen in the form of an enormous dinosaur namely Rex Lee the
female Tyrannosaurus Rex that are paid in the first Jurassic Park novel and
later renamed Roberta in the tour attic park movie Rexy can be seen in the
trailer hurtling after a monster truck as dinosaurs got a dinosaur number 69
another massive and super obvious movie reference comes when a very large
gorilla appears in the trailer grappling onto the Empire State Building aka King
Kong number 70 eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that the car that is
eviscerated by the Bigfoot monster truck has a large QR code on the bonnet this
is in actual fact a real code if you pause the trailer and scan it you’ll be
taken to a recruitment website for the IAO by sneaky references are the best
references after all number 71 a manned ball can be seen
painted on the side of a trailer in the stacks a brief glance of wikipedia tells
me that bad balls are more of an American phenomenon so congrats to you
America on your exclusive references number 72 there’s also a brief flash of
a billboard that reads Delta City the future has a silver lining
this is a direct reference yep that’s right another one to the metal man slash
human leftover status Robocop number 73 eventually Wayne can be seen lifting a
boom box in the air to rally his allied forces against Sorento hmm what could
this be a reference to perhaps the 80s films say anything number 74 another
interesting inclusion is that of tracer on the hit online team-based multiplayer
first-person shooter overwatch tracer can be seen very
clearly in the trailer as she responds to way it’s called to save the Oasis
number 75 Mortal Kombat’s Cassie cage can also be seen in the big battle scene
running behind Lara Croft and Trace hitting a 3-pronged lady badass barrage
number 76 to the left of Lara you can also see a brief flash of red hair on a
woman with a very skimpy black top this is actually rain particular heroine of
the blood rain video game series number 77 they are accompanied in the battle
scene by the eponymous dead night parties from the 1992 American horror
comedy army of darkness written and directed by Sam Raimi movie number 78 a
group of UNSC Spartans can also be seen running into battle referencing the
iconic video game Halo you get a reference you get a reference number 79
one of the best appearances in the battle team is that of the Battletoads
who run into battle alongside everyone else I know I wouldn’t bump into them in
a dark alley number 80 also included in the enormous wave of attack is L Drakon
from the Covidien game series battle born L drank on its own a cybernetic
arms that replaces real ones but he had ripped off in a wrestling match ah core
number 81 the Battletoads and L dragon are joined by a knight from the classic
Atari 2600 game chowster who wouldn’t want to be joined in battle
by an armed and military warrior riding an ostrich
by the way this has more significance because and spoilers here for the book
one of the ways in which Wade wins one of the keys in the book is by playing
the video game chaste pony won’t be in the movie though
because watching people play video games in real life is
let alone on-screen number 82 a wide range of street fighter
characters can be seen as well including Ryu walking between all the famous movie
TV cars chun-li instigating the battle scenes and chun-li in blank are having a
perfect the barb that distracted globe wow the distracted globe really seems
like the hip happenin place to be man number 83 a view horror movie characters
can be seen in the movie too or at least in the trailer
Freddy Krueger from a Nightmare on Elm Street to shot several times and
obliterated into dozens of gold coins and Chucky from Charles play can be seen
slicing open someone’s neck who then turns into coins – because I think it’s
pg-13 number 84 behind the aforementioned obliterated into gold
coins Freddy Krueger classic action video game star Duke Nukem can also be
seen giving someone hell number 85 the appearance of characters like tracer
from overwatch and El dragon from battle born has fascinating implications for
the trajectory of the film the fact that in includes characters from the games
word exam does the original ready player one novel indicates that the film will
at least somewhat straight from the source material you’re playing a
dangerous game here Spielberg number 86 there’s a brief shot in the trailer of a
newspaper headline that reads Oasis coin the next dharma this is a joking nod to
the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin we recently made a video about it in fact
you should watch it number 87 the much sought after Easter rank that grant the
finder ownership of the Oasis sits on a pedestal that is itself an easter egg
most people think it’s design is inspired by classic arcade game Mortal
Kombat but others have suggested it could also be a reference to the classic
arcade game Double Dragon number 88 as the director Spielberg was faced with
the prospect of including in the ready player one film a number of references
to his own work than existed in the book monty vis most recognizable work is
cited in the book so to avoid accusations of vanity he decided to
remove most of the spielberg references how ever number 89 one of the few
Spielberg references that remained in the film is Wade’s custom DeLorean the
car is now somewhat synonymous went back to the future which Spielberg produced
but the vehicle is so prominent in the book that it couldn’t be left out of the
movie number 19 in the book Wayde uses a powerup during the final confrontation
to temporarily transform into Ultraman the iconic Japanese superhero
however it appears in the film Ultraman has been replaced with the Iron Giant
the gargantuan Vin Diesel voice robot from the nineteen
animate classic of the same name this is likely due to the inability to obtain
the rights for Ultraman or because the iron giant is far more recognizable in
the West number 91 with the return of the Iron Giant at the big screen you may
be committed to know this his original voice actor the one and only vin diesel
has reprised the role 19 years after first voicing the character in the
original 99 animation the Iron Giant number 92 Spielberg approached Jean
walled up before he sadly passed away as he wanted the legendary actor to appear
in the film as himself and off to which Walder respectfully declined number 93
the ready player one movie has two main tank lines a better reality awaits and
break free the second of which is incidentally the same name is Henry on a
cron day second best song after into you sorry I don’t make the facts I just
report them okay number 94 there’s a number of very well-known classic 80
songs featured in the marketing adding to the already crushing nostalgia for
people who are older than me tract include jumped by Van Halen Tom Sawyer
by Rush and world in my eyes by Depeche Mode number 95 the plot of ready player
one is in itself an Amash to Charlie in the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
again in a lot of marketing to the film you can hear a cover of Gene Wilder song
pure imagination and that song this comes from the original Willy Wonka and
the Chocolate Factory movie in which the competition when his first step put into
the breathtaking chocolate room number 96 and the end of one of the trailers
viewers are treated to yet another back to the future reference ads are familiar
twinkle from a movie shimmers has have ready player one title appears on screen
mmm number 97 when this post of already player 1 was first released it didn’t
take long for people to point out the truly horrendous Photoshop job someone
had done anti-shia Dan’s leg I mean look at the size of that thing it’s like mr.
fantastic in a blender I’m surprised didn’t spend the entire movie walking in
a tight circle number 98 another poster shows Wade standing front and center
posing with his left hand holding a smile on his forehead strongly
reminiscent of Marty from Back to the Future with his right arm in the air
mimicking John bender in The Breakfast Club number 99 James Holiday can also be
seen wearing a Space Invaders t-shirt on the same poster they
we are packing these pop-culture not as densely as they possibly can hey and yet
no reference to the Living Goddess that is Jennifer Lawrence just seems weird to
me that’s all just seems weird to seem no you’re overreacting
oh my lord happens be praised though Lara Croft makes a number of appearances
in the trailer Artemis can be seeing actually
cosplaying as Lara Croft down at the bottom of the poster she’s wearing the
same tank top and short shorts as Croft and he’s even rocking the signature dual
pistols to number 101 in 2015 screenwriter Zack Penn stated in an
interview that Klein was working on a sequel to the novel a couple of years
later in December of 2017 Klein finally confirmed himself he is indeed writing a
sequel to ready player one what’s it called ready player one – no that’s
weird ready player two hey maybe could be
about him getting married to one of the many many pop-culture references anyway
that was 101 fans but ready player one did you enjoy yourself did you learn
much let me know in the comments below and hey did I miss a reference I may
well have done all so I need you to tell me in the comments down below what to do
next I want to give stuff to you that you want so I need to know what you want
what my saying anyway there are two videos on screen right now check it out
I’m sure you’ll like them and in the meantime see you later

I Actually Made a Girl Cry in VR – VRChat Funny Moments

are you going oh my god are you okay give them my head Pass okay okay all right are you gonna be stuck hey what’s your what’s your name can I help you um yeah maybe you can do some weight for me how dare you say something so so true to me hey hey you hey you hey you think waifu yeah this yeah you hey would you would you like to go out on a date with me hold on a second let me know hey hey we don’t talk about minecraft okay hey can you can you face me without chewing your tuchus oh my god is that oh my god is that Kermit hey hold chromatic run here oh my hey hey big giant lady I’m talking to you Oh Oh God I don’t know hey can you hear me hey yeah yeah yeah yeah come closer whisper sweet nothings to me oh my god what is happening over here hey hey listen are you dude twins are you both single oh what’s happening over there oh my god oh no what’s the final bus Oh what are you looking at Oh what is going on whoa Holy Mother and probably do a pretty good more the impression I can’t I could 100% do a good morning impression I see you are a men of culture very many answers cocaine and propane accessories I see you both are a man of culture too and lady oh that’s an appropriate sensor that please oh right yo Rick Rick yeah Maury I’ve been looking for you Rick’s oh jeez what needs to be Rick when you can be Oh might ah ah ah hello everyone it’s me all might and we are back in another episode of my new academia and today like what your inter you’re interrupting only villains do this listen tell me whatever I spawn in your about a 1v1 me bro all right all right well I this one for me to the field this machine is challenging me shall we go show him his maker all right I’m coming over oh oh Jesus I mean whoa oh my goodness everyone knows the first rule all Mike gets roasted oh let me in let me in oh yeah baby you were about to fly brother all right let’s go toss me into space Oh Hey Hey look at me I survived cuz I’m all might alright evildoer are we gonna fight or what and now let’s go 1v1 I need someone inside me first Oh once started why are you running alright let’s you want to go link yeah I’m a big fan Lincoln can I get an autograph linka I didn’t finish breath little wild but I promise we’ll get back to it my finish breath of the wild it was a good one well aren’t you high and mighty huh yo Squidward Squidward what happened when I go on a date with my female friend yeah let’s do it right here hey is she ready is she single is she 18 she’s single yes she’s 18 okay well perfect no no no no no oh excuse me link you think you can just hey you’ve got Zelda that’s enough okay don’t be don’t be a hog like that trying to go on a date with this female Grint I thought you were smart I know you smarter we all know me sorry guys hey you know hey what hey what makes you think that I care that’s the real question it’s 2019 okay I can like whatever I want now back away take my hand angel God we take you on a magic ride that’s right hey what do you want what are you gonna do are you gonna make a good game hahaha Goti just kidding I love you Nintendo what I’m Rick Morty I boys he’s Lee Morty this is a really bad time for you to just spawn around okay I don’t want you to see this is legal I don’t want you to see this oh my now I definitely don’t want you to see this okay all right can you skedaddle I got a room I gotta go I gotta go take this waifu okay can you hear if you’re here you can hop in her what go hop in there I can you can hop in there hey can you pop it inside it you can ride her you’re too young and you need to stay here LM huffing in boys Oh Oh Mike whoa oh jeez okay all right let me hop that hey get back down here wait wait wait wait no hey you got more tea what is it more tea I think so I think you did I don’t like this you know what more tea no one likes you one you know what this was a scam bud you know what’s sad because no one this is a scam oh my god that’s two now I’m sorry give me a three starter veal and Yelp guys okay I’m getting a little creeped out now I like I get it but at the same time this is getting a little weird hey Morty you can run while you can well apparently one of them survived they reproduced and now they’re trying to seduce you oh god okay well I’m out of here oh it looks like I’m gonna have to jump off this cliff I’m jumping off this cliff oh yeah I jumped off the cliff Morty Morty listen you’re too young to be here and you should go back to your parents they’re gonna kill me summers gonna kill me if he knows you’re in the server you gotta go right now can you get your hand out of my butt sorry hey listen what’s my favorite meal go everything neither of those were good chicken nugget you know what you win I thought I trusted you you know I let I let you watch me cry and eight giant thick waifu’s what my god it’s the imposter Rick Oh Morty it’s okay calm down Morty just just follow my scent okay I’m the real one morning worried no he’s not he’s lying think Morty Morty come on Morty come on follow me Morty come on let’s go come here Morty come here boy come here boy come with me Oh No minecraft you want it you want to know the best part about those stories my friend come here kit bring me your ear let me let me go into your ear and whisper hey we’re all [Music] Morty shut up no one asks you by the way I downloaded your song on iTunes when I was little please don’t tell me you mean in love with a villager just go with the flow as just just because you’re a true friend I’m gonna sing a line from in love with a villager for you okay they say that diamonds are the brightest that’s on that’s all you’re getting from me please stop please stop now please please stop Morty Morty you don’t need to know that’s just oh my god hey wait what oh that’s so adorable here subscribe hey no don’t don’t don’t cry don’t cry it’s okay I’ve watched your videos before dude I’ve watch your videos wait is he crying what’s going on now fangirling Oh guys oh oh my god are you okay oh my god oh that’s okay don’t cry hey well hey it’s really it’s really nice to meet all your fans that are all grown up now I mean it’s it’s a little strange but it’s also pretty cool so yeah yeah you know what guys this is a moment this is definitely a moment right now so I you know I’m I kind of lost I’m at a loss of words I broke character right now for this so are you okay hey well you know what I’m just trying my best to make a fool of myself for entertainment so it’s kind of nice to have a humbling moment with you guys like this well you know it’s so this it’s so we this is so strange but like this is so nice like what I love your interesting hey thanks man they’re all real and listen don’t listen to what people say though they’re actually all real and I made them so I can archive my memories in video format so that’s why I did it so my question is really the first I’m getting questions what formal I know ask your question one at a time one formal line that’s totally great just line up if you want to talk all right who’s first sorry you’re are you okay are you okay hey what’s your what’s your name Destinee it’s really nice to meet you and I couldn’t be happier to cross paths with you right now I really appreciate all the love and support you’ve given me over the years and that goes for any one of you guys that have watched my content you guys are literally the reason why I do what I do five years oh my god well you hey you’re already an honorary via Razer member alright with questions questions I’m mordy mordy what was your question alright my question was well you know if it feels like you’re the first like to me I watched your first doing like animator telling storytelling before I actually found other people who you know do stories and animate it you’re the first one to actually like make it friendly I think I was one of the first but Dominic’s was one of the originals I I might have been one of the first people but tommix and there was another guy it’s musii swoozie I first found yours very interesting before I actually started subscribing to everybody else étoile thanks I’m gonna guess you were you were doing to inspire them I mean I don’t know I’m gonna guess that’s what I feel like I mean maybe yo minecraft animations to draw on animations my craft a you a lot of those minecraft animations were all me that in love with the villager I animated all of that all you really need is passion hey Squidward I love you too hey shout out the destiny are you streaming yes you are hey well guys thank you so much for taking the time to watch another video here on Papa fear gaming I’d like to personally shout out all these awesome people in here and I’d like to also shout out like and subscribe for about your unique own Nicolini tux oh my god alright thanks for watching bye [Music]

Future of Fact | What Happens Next | Retro Report

I’m a captive audience in this immersive world. You’ve got my attention. Don’t squander it. Welcome. Suit-up sequence initiated. Biometric signature required. Virtual and augmented reality platforms are sweeping the world of gaming. There are games that go deep, and create richly immersive virtual worlds. And there are games that go wide, augmenting the real world and making the game appear anywhere you go. In 2016 alone, about 2.3 billion dollars in investment poured into companies working on virtual and augmented reality platforms. For some, it’s a bet that the technology is poised to cross the threshold from toy to tool. Turning the world into a screen may sound like a dystopia to some. “They called our generation the missing millions.” But backers of the technology say there could be something irresistible in a device that displays facts you need to know, right when you need to know them, right before your eyes. So many things that we now have anxiety around, about our interaction with the physical world, will just stop being an issue. You’re at a water park, and you don’t know where your child is. With a wearable device, you can see them, through buildings, through anywhere, they’re over here, they’re over there. And what about more complex facts? Some journalists say immersive storytelling could be a powerful way to capture attention of news audiences, so they don’t just think about events, but experience them. How am I going to stay relevant, and get you to care about stories that are on the other side of the world, that you’ve started to block out? I look at these immersive storytelling platforms as the next step in the evolution of journalism. One of the most straightforward methods simply allows viewers to look around. “On a rooftop above Falluja, an Iraqi sniper takes careful aim at an ISIS soldier.” When the New York Times’ Ben Solomon rode along with Iraqi special forces liberating Falluja in 2016, he took a 360-degree camera. The result was a mix of war reporting that you’d see on TV, alongside moments of something unmistakably new. These are the cells where ISIS would hold their prisoners. As the door shuts, the freedom to direct your own gaze emphasizes the confinement of the space in way that a fixed perspective just can’t. The fact, here, is something you feel. So, as a journalist, you’re always trying to give people what Martha Gellhorn called “the view from the ground.” But with virtual reality, now, I’m asking my audience to do something much more intense. I’m asking them to be on-scene, to take me out of the picture, and become the witness themselves. Nonny De la Peña and her collaborators are going further than 360 video, creating densely-researched projects that let viewers explore a street bombed in Syria, or fly above a melting glacier in Greenland. We use Google Maps. We use photographs. We use video. We’re very thorough, and very careful, to use the real source material to inform what we build. All that material helps recreate experiences like this one, with Frontline, which takes viewers inside a solitary confinement cell, alongside a man who spent years living in one. “So, you know, I would take blood and I would write messages all over my cell, you know, help me.” The screen disappears. You’re no longer separated from the material that you’re looking at. You’re inside the story. And that gives you this incredible feeling of presence. A feeling like your whole body’s on-scene, and you’re witnessing an event as it really unfolds around you. “I cut myself thousands of times. Just over, and over, and over, and over.” This immersive project, created by conflict photographer Karin Ben Kehlifa, is even more interactive. It draws on interviews with fighters on opposite sides of conflicts in Israel and Palestine, El Salvador, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Those who attacked us killed my mother and my father right before my eyes. The project, called “The Enemy,” transforms the source material into digital avatars of each man. They can appear in an entirely virtual space, or inside your living room, with the aid of a phone. It doesn’t feel seamlessly real, but it’s still gripping to share their space and listen to them, as their eyes follow you around the room. When you listen to those fighters, realize what they’ve been through, how much hope they still have, how much humanity they still carry. When people go in, they know those fighters exist. They even have a memory of having met those fighters once they come out from there. And I can see that some people are very emotional when they leave this, this experience. But some critics worry that more emotion may be the last thing we need in news. Today, faith in the press has eroded, at the same time new platforms enable new ways to push our buttons, with fake news stories, videos that can make anyone say anything, and outlets that whip up feelings to reinforce particular points of view. If a fake Facebook post can trick you now, imagine what an immersive storytelling piece could do to you, right? The moment at which our bodies and our minds really believe we are someplace else, that is an experience that really threatens deliberation and judgment. One bad scenario is that everything becomes even more about confirmation bias, and people will just completely disconnect from anybody who doesn’t already agree with them. If we are using media to create multiple and competing social realities, then we are imperiling the future of what counts as a fact. Whether you’re talking about screens that replace reality entirely, or ones that simply augment what you’re seeing everywhere, what feels new here is the degree to which this form of communication could short-circuit judgment by getting right in your face. Yet there are precedents for this. There are certain things that have a particular ability to capture our attention. And, you know, today that’s the screen, but the first iteration was the poster. The poster, when it came, out was a sensation. Especially in the late 19th century, in France, when they started using bright colors, moving images, sexy women. People were astonished, they couldn’t believe this thing. They said, you know, it controls the mind, it’s out of control. There’s still pretty strenuous laws, even in New York City, as to where you can have posters. That’s why there aren’t that many eye-level posters in New York. You may not realize that, they’re usually up. It’s because they banned posters being right in your face at all times. People worry that, if we’re giving people an embodied experience, that it’s a subjective experience, and it can’t have the transparency and authenticity that journalism has before it. VR will be used for propaganda. It will be used badly for journalism. It’ll be used for incredible films. But that’s always going to be about, who’s the maker? And it’s not about the medium. And that could mean that the best defense we have against manipulated facts on immersive platforms may well be the same non-technological defenses we’ve been using all along. When misinformation comes, journalists need to be there, to be like, “Okay. You know me. You know me. You can trust me. You know my track record. You know my credibility. You know my history. You know my values and what I stand for. That is fake. That is real.” Every information technology comes with this twin possibility of greater education and information, but greater capacity to manipulate and deceive. The technology it takes to seize people’s attention, and make them pay attention to facts, has always been a double-edged sword. And it seems every era’s next layer of innovation ends up making that sword a little bit bigger. So, you know, once upon a time, the persuaders were, basically, out on the street, in posters, maybe the town crier. Then it slowly moved into the house, that was radio and the television. Then it came closer to us, with the phone and the computer screen. Now, the future is one where maybe it’s all over your body, even close to your eyeballs, maybe plugged into your brain, you know? So it’s getting closer and closer and closer to us. So where is the future of fact in this medium? We’re just barely getting a glimpse of what it’s going to look like.