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Lana Condor and Noah Centineo Made a Real-Life “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” Pact

-Welcome to “The Tonight Show.” -Oh, my God.
Thank you for having me. I can’t believe I’m here. -Oh, I’m so — We are so psyched
that you’re here. Are you kidding me?
You’re fantastic. I want to tell everyone
your story, if they don’t know your story. -Okay. -You were born in Vietnam? -Yes, I was. -And then you were adopted by
an American family? -Yes.
-And where did you grow up? -I grew up —
I grew up everywhere. I’m like a nomad. So, my parents
brought me to Chicago, and then to Washington State
where I lived on Whidbey Island, which, I don’t know
if you’re familiar with it, but Whidbey Island
is a farm island. [ Laughter ] -Now, Whidbey Island?
-Whidbey Island. Yes. -It’s a farm island?
-Yes. -As in it “would be” a farm
if it were not on an island? [ Laughter ] -There you go.
-Very nice. You said it was a farm island.
What does that mean? -Yeah, well, it was just —
I grew up with a bunch of horses and I grew up with
animals and just — it’s like we’re all hippies
on the island, and so now whenever I go back,
they’re like, “How did you — from here to —
now you’re doing this?” -Yeah, exactly.
How did you do that? Yeah. -I don’t know.
I think I just got really lucky. -No. You worked hard. Well, when did —
How did you get into acting? -Well, I was a dancer for
most of my childhood, and then one day I realized — like, my dad put me
into a drama class. And I realized like, “Oh, I can
entertain people with my words, and not just, like,
moving around.” -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Which was mind-blowing.
-That’s great. They’re good supportive parents. -Yeah.
Really, really supportive. -Let’s just talk about
just last year. Because I think —
I knew of you, but “To All the Boys I’ve Loved
Before” was a smash. A giant hit thing.
[ Cheers and applause ] Phenomenon. It still is this
giant, growing, massive thing. -Yeah. -Did life just change for you
overnight with Netflix? -It did. It really did. We premiered the show, and then
I woke up the next morning, and my phone was just,
like, blowing up. -Wow.
-And I checked on my Instagram. There was like
millions of followers. And in my head
I can only think of that is one million
human beings. Just lined up in a row,
holding hands around the world. -Holding hands around the world. -Right, and, like, that’s all
I could think of in my mind. It was crazy.
-A great thing to think about. Yeah, of course.
-Yeah. -And Noah Centineo.
-Yeah. -You guys, I mean, hit it off.
[ Cheers and applause ] You guys have great chemistry.
-Yeah. -But you said — you said, you
set early boundaries with Noah. -I did. We had just come back from
a hot yoga class, and we went to his apartment
and we ordered pizza. And it’s kind of like,
“Oh, hot yoga, pizza? What’s happening?” It was right before
we shot the movie. -Just trying to get
to know each other? -Just getting to know
each other. -And did you feel something?
-And I felt something. And then, so we went like this
and I looked at him. I was like, “Noah. It’s not gonna happen
between us.” [ Laughter ]
-Really? -Yeah, because I felt that
for the show to do well, we had to be
best-friend professionals, and so I was like,
“It’s just not gonna happen.” He’s just like,
“Yeah, it’s not gonna happen.” And I was like, “Great.” So we kind of did what we did in
“To All the Boys” the movie. We kind of, like, made
a contract and set boundaries, and then — I’m so happy
that we did that because the movie
turned out great and now we’re doing a sequel, so
I have to work with him again. So imagine.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Wait, so — but —
you still might have that spark? -We still have the spark.
Yeah, absolutely. We were just on the phone
the other day, just talking about the sequel. Okay. -Just saying, you guys were on
the phone and — [ Laughter ] -But, yeah. He’s great. -The books are —
There’s three of them. Is that correct?
-Yeah. -So, if the sequel does well,
then you do the third one. -That would be amazing, yeah. -Then after the third one,
you really fall in love. [ Laughter ] I want to talk about your —
this new show on SyFy. -Yes.
-“Deadly Class.” I think it’s a brilliant idea. -Uh-huh. -Do you want to explain
what it’s about? -Yeah. So “Deadly Class”
is basically — It’s based off of
the graphic novel. “Deadly Class” written by
Rick Remender, and it’s basically about
a academy that has all of the children of
various gangs and syndicates, all the children
go to that academy. -Yeah, like assassins.
The children of assassins. -Yeah. Yeah, and so we
just kind of learn — -Definitely different from
“To All the Boys.” -Yes. Yes. No, Lara Jean —
she wouldn’t make it. She wouldn’t make it
at King’s Dominion. -It’s action-packed.
-Yeah. -And this is the Russo brothers?
-Yeah, the Russo brothers. -Who did “Captain America”
films, and — -Of course. And they’re amazing because
they are making our show so action-packed, and the
choreography and the fighting is very, very realistic
and amazing. So they’re really
supportive of it, and they’ve been working
really hard on our show, and I’m really excited for it
to come out. It’s coming out on January 16th.
-On SyFy. We’re all gonna watch. -On SyFy, yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] -We love you, pal.
Come back, okay? -Thank you so much. -Thank you for doing
that sketch. And I want to show everyone
a clip. -Oh, okay. -Here’s Lana Condor in the new
action series “Deadly Class.” It premieres Wednesday
at 10:00 p.m. on SyFy. Check this out. ♪ -Just the way I feel ♪ ♪ I don’t know why ♪ [ Engine revving ] ♪ This time I will escape ♪ ♪ I’m too young to die ♪ [ Tires squealing ] ♪♪ -Get up.
[ Siren wailing ] [ Tires squealing ] -Police! Don’t move! Put your weapons on the ground! [ Groaning ] -Yes!
[ Cheers and applause ] That is how you do it!
Our thanks to Lana Condor!