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Is the CASTLE from NARNIA’s Prince Caspian realistic?

But they may take our lives. But they’ll never…take our MACHICOLATIONS! Ahem. The Machicolations shirt. Available Through teespring.com. Link in the description. Greetings I’m Shad. And in this video I’m gonna be taking a look at the castle from the Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian. Oh sorry. I always think of Snap Jelly* when Prince Caspian comes up. It must be that beautiful hair of his. No, no no no no. This Prince Caspian. Who has hair equally as beautiful. Specifically I’ll be reviewing how good of a castle it really is. Comparing it to proper real historical castles that existed in the medieval period and also just analyzing it according to effective defensible castle design. And Gee…This one is gonna be a lot of fun because. Really. When I think about all the great fantasy castles the Prince Caspian castle, actually, is one of my favorite. But that doesn’t mean it is perfect. In fact, it’s such a good example of a castle to analyze. Because they have done so much right in it. Yet, there is* also a lot of problems. And it’s castle designs like this that create the most discussion in our analysis. So, we shall begin where I always begin in any castle review that I have done. And that is Location. And guys, have a look at the location of this castle. You cannot get a better location. This is just beautiful. Remember the principles. The first option that you want to go for is elevation. We’ve put a castle up high it makes it very difficult for people to be out and employ siege weapons against you. That nullifies siege towers, trebuchets, catapults. It makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for, you know, attackers to do ladder rushes and they force the enemy to approach the castle in only one direction. Because every other approach is completely untenable. Unfeasible. But there is something uniquely interesting about the Prince Caspian castle location. Compared to other castle locations that we have looked at, that have had really good high elevation. One of the fantasy castles that comes to mind, is a castle from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Skyhold. Put up really high this incredible position. But the difference between Skyhold and the Caspian castle is the Caspian castle actually isn’t necessarily on a higher elevation than the access point or the nearby village. It’s on a rock outcrop that sits further away from an edge of a cliff. This actually creates a huge amount of convenience and makes it a far more practical and usable castle. Now, in terms of defense. Like, a castle up high? Awesome. You’ll want to go for it and you would just deal with the impracticality of it being so high up. Classic Example. A historical example that comes to my mind. And I reference these castles in my previous castle review when I looked at Markarth from Skyrim. But specifically, I want to focus in on one of those castles. So I was referring to the Five Sons of Carcassonne. Or they’re also called Cathar castles. We’ll have a look at this specific one and (laughs) Yeah…alright…Let’s go with this pronunciation “Poor-le-rruns?” I’m just gonna call it Pailaurens. All right? Look at its location. This is incredible. But climbing up to the castle would be the biggest turd. Certainly acceptable to get such an impregnable position. This castle is just amazing. But Gee. Getting in and out of that castle? Just for, whatever daily duties, traveling to and from? Oh…Look at the stairwell access way. You literally have to climb a cliff to get to it! The Prince Caspian castle, on the other hand, has as much of a defensive advantage without the inconvenience. It just has this beautiful straight bridge that runs right to the castle. And it establishes the only approach. If you want to assault this castle, the only way you can get to it is from along this bridge. No other access way at all. And realistically, there would be a postin* somewhere. It is referenced in the film that castles had postins*. So, we can assume. Hopefully, it might have it there. So yes. All the advantages of having an incredibly high, unassailable, elevated position, and none of the disadvantages of the people who live in the castle getting to and from it. So, location? 10 out of 10! Perfect! Could not be better, in my opinion. Now, let’s look at some of the layout of this castle. And it’s a bit hard. Because we’re limited to only the angles that the movie shows us. Which is why reviewing our castles from video games works out so much better. But we can get a decent enough idea from these shots. And look at what we…see… here…I see one gatehouse. I see a second gatehouse. And w-what i-i-is? Is this a third gatehouse?! Do we have three gate houses?! On the approach to this castle?! Oh my goodness! It’s like they actually thought about layers of defense! And then, on the approach to this castle you have this big long beautiful bridge that will funnel the enemy into a massive bottleneck if they try and assault it. But after the first, kind of, gatehouse-ish part. There’s a drawbridge! Yes Oh Gee! If you remember my review of Skingrad, there was another castle with kind of a similar approach. A bridge going to it. But there was no drawbridge on it. In fact, I’ve even seen this, kind of, on historical castle. Though it’s hard to confirm. Because the castle was destroyed and so I’m not sure if it added drawbridge originally. But from what remains, it doesn’t look like it has a drawbridge. And this is on my favorite castles I’ve mentioned before. Corfe Castle. Big beautiful bridge running to the mound or elevated position that the castle is on. And I should have mentioned Corfe castle because this is actually a very good historical comparison to a similar kind of location. But there’s still a slight climb after you get through the outer baileys to the main keep. But still, massive benefits from its elevation and not nearly as many inconveniences. with its axis. But when looking at the bridge, I have not been able to find a drawbridge. So this might be one example where a fantasy castle has taken a historical principle or design location and executed it a little bit better than the actual real-life comparison. This is amazing! And the drawbridge actually plays a very pivotal role when the heroes actually try and assault this castle. They’ve got to lower the drawbridge. And we’ll get to how they approach the assault of the castle because, of course, the heroes, they’re forced to think a little bit outside of the box. Because you just can’t do a standard assault to this castle. Now realistically, if the Caspian castle existed in real life, your only option, if you wanted to take the castle. Because assaulting it is like a hundred different types of suicide. You would have to be insane to try and take this castle by force. So really, the only best option you have, would be to starve it out. A long-term siege. And remember, many people who took castles in the past, that is exactly how they did it. Of course, in the movie they are able to employ a tactic that would be impossible in a true medieval setting. And that’s flight. Actually, you know, use griffins and fly heroes over the walls where they sneak in and try and lower the drawbridge and raise the porticullis. Because that is really the only other option when trying to assault a castle with such amazing defense. And that’s the, you know, Trojan Horse and sneak someone in, kind of thing. To open the gates from the inside. And if you can just sneak your, you know, army right in through the front gates without any massive battle on the battlements to get through the walls Well, you’ve avoided the biggest issues in taking the castle. Unfortunately, we can’t give the heroes full credit for their inventive way of trying to circumvent or bypass the castle defenses. Because as good as the Prince Caspian castle has appeared to be so far, it’s actually missing some very crucial elements that, if they were there, I don’t think the heroes would have been able to actually break in. First issue, the outermost gatehouse. Okay? Isn’t really fortified. The only thing on it that we see in the movies, is it has a very flimsy metal grate. Flimsy enough, that a minotaur was able to just bust through it with his head. When in reality, his horns actually would have been caught in between the bars because the horns will have gone through the bars before the actual impact from his skull hit the metal. And then as the doors tried to swing shut, the side mappars* would have been caught on the horns that were protruding through them! Physics! People! I mean… can’t you just think about these things? And from this shot, we actually get the see the outermost gatehouse. And you can see it would be a bit hard pressed to raise a porticullis into it. Which is perhaps why they didn’t put a porticullis on this outer part. But that’s a flaw in design. If they were thinking about this properly and this was, you know, a castle that wanted to complete its design in the most practical and effective way, this outer gatehouse would have a porticullis on it and there would be a second drawbridge on it as well. And it would be built large enough to have the porticullis being raised into it. If these heroes had to deal with a second drawbridge and a second porticullis, I’m not sure they would have been able to raise them. And if the guards were, you know, not absolute morons. That are so easy to…like…look. Slight tap on the back of the head they get knocked out. These guards are like lemmings. One flick and they die. But if they had proper guards and, you know, there were actual guards on the outermost gatehouse, I think they would have noticed their porticullis being raised and the drawbridge being lowered. And it would have made sure that no one would have snuck in and been able to do the same thing to their gatehouse. And of course having a proper gatehouse means that minotaur wouldn’t have been able to bust through with his charge. And if you’re interested in my own personal analysis of minotaurs in combat and the usefulness of charges. I’ve actually made two whole videos on the best medieval weapons for minotaurs. If you’re interested. The next thing, it does not seem like any of these gatehouses have secondary porticullis, an entry porticullis, an exit porticullis with no kind of kill-zone in between where you could employ arrow loops on the sides or murder holes up above. So as great as the Caspian castle is, we have already run into, in my mind, a fairly significant problem in its design. Well, it’s funny. What the castle has, actually is very adequate. Okay? It’s just the fact that they have a third outermost gatehouse not really fulfilling the function of what a gatehouse is supposed to do. It just has this flimsy metal grate on it. It’s like, why else is it there? You know? So, if you’re gonna put a gatehouse, put a proper gatehouse on it! That’s what I’m saying. So that’s the big flaw. So now we come to the main part of the assault in the movie. Which is mostly conducted within the primary bailey of the castle. You see, when assaulting the castle, the main parts that you want to get your soldiers onto is not actually the bailey. The baileys are always made to be somewhat kill-zones. Not always. But it’s an area where you have walls surrounding you on every single side with potentially soldiers and archers. Which you do, kind of, see in the movie. So, instead of getting your soldiers into the bailey, you actually want to get your soldiers on the ramparts and battlements. That’s their parts of the castle you want to take. But, I mean yet, take what you can. If you can’t get the walls? Okay? Taking the bailey? That’s at least one step forward in taking the castle. But what’s interesting about this situation in the assault of the Caspian castle, is that the heroes take the bailey and there are walkways surrounding this bailey on all sides. In fact, in some instances, there is more than one walkway as they’re kind of layered up. Which really would have been the best option for the defenders here. Instead of sending down men into a big melee in the bailey. Just use your archers. Don’t send your men down! Archers! It’s a kill-zone! Just destroy everyone! Because it doesn’t seem like the attackers here have any archers to try and fire back. So it would appear they would’ve been wiped out. End of the fight right here. And of course, ultimately, they’re pressed into a retreat. But the captain is actually reluctant to fire down on the people in the bailey because his men are there fighting the other people. “Give the order.” “My men are still down there.” So, of course, you know it would have been better to not have sent your men down there in the first place. But because the bailey does ultimately function as a kill-zone. Just not a perfectly effective kill-zone, in my opinion. Because there just seems to be way too much easy access to these internal ramparts and walkways that surround it. The people attacking the castle are getting there far too easily and they end up fighting on the walkways. So yes. This part could have been done better. Now, let’s look at some of the design elements of the crenellations, the towers…And the layout doesn’t really need to be spoken of too much because it’s just that. It has got towers. It has got a keep. And yes, in reality, the towers facing the sides and backs of the castle aren’t really serving much of a functional purpose. Because honestly, who can assault the castle from that direction? So there’s not really much need to have them there. But it looks cool. And maybe, you know, they actually built them to have the rooms of these towers. And then they just put the battlements on top for the sake of having the battlements there. Now, what I like about the apparent design of, say the crenellations, is that they look very very authentic. I actually think some of their turret designs, I can recognize these turret designs from historical castles. But unfortunately, the one I’m thinking of, I can’t remember the specific one. Maybe I can find it if I scour through my references. But this has been taken from a historical source. Which means they have been looking to historical castles for inspiration in their design. Which I love. We can see here that the size of the crenellations, specifically the Merlons, are almost coming up to the shoulder here. Which, honestly, is good enough. Because on the angle, because the attackers have to shoot up to any of the defenders. And by virtue of that angle, they wouldn’t actually be able to hit anyone standing behind this merlon. And oddly, they have a kind of step up in front of the merlon. And I can make a concession here. I could say, all right, if you have so many defenders that there’s not enough crenels for the defenders to fire in between. There might be some circumstances where you’d want the defenders who do not have access to the crenels to actually step over and shoot over a merlon. And so, in that sense, I could see some functional reason for there to be a step there. And the step does not seem to be too big. In that, anyone standing behind it would have to be on this step to get the cover. They can just step a little bit behind it. Because the step doesn’t look to be big and still receive full cover from anyone attacking. So I give a thumbs up to the design of these crenellations. But this design is not the same on all the crenellations on the castle. In fact, when I look at some of the top of other towers. The crenellations are half as big. Like, in terms of height. This is bizarre. Why on Earth did they do that? Maybe, I don’t know, because they don’t actually have any shots in the movie of people standing there. But we can see them! Alright? And so there are crenellations on other parts of the towers of this castle. And they are not big enough! And that is not good enough! And I’ve said enough on the crenellations. Because I just want to say “enough” again. I can be a bit of a “nuffy”. (laughs) What we also see. And this is where we come to a massive fail in this castle. So they did so much right yet there is a big issue here. And like, the problem that I see here. I think, if you’re familiar with my content, you’ll know this is the one that gets my goat. We see corbelling. So the top of these towers, their battlement has been extended off the rampart a little bit. Which if you know, this is to provide provision for (whisper) machicolations I did that for you headphone users there. So, the machicolations. There is complete provision for them. But there’s actually no machicolations. Okay? We can see from the upwards angles from this shot here. There is no hole or area to be able to fight through, down from behind, their battlements. Which means the machicolations are completely aesthetic. They’re fake! They’re not real! There’s no real proper machicolations on this castle! My goodness, would they be useful on the three gate houses that they have on this castle. Having some, you know, battlements, crenellations above the gates, and with machicolations there as well. It can, kind of, give you some murder hole functionality. Because there doesn’t seem to be murder holes in the gate houses themselves. So, while they’re trying to break down the gates, you can shoot through the machicolations and be perfectly safe. But they’re not there! They don’t have them! Such a disappointment…So it’s hard for me to speak on the other elements of the castle because we’re just not given enough detail. I mean, we are shown some shots of certain windows. And it does look like the windows are built into alcoves. Which would say the walls of this castle are properly thick. But having said that. The the main parts of the walls that you will need to fortify are the parts of the walls that are facing the bridge. At the main access point. Because good luck reaching any of the walls with trebuchets from any other angle. It’s also clear that they’ve incorporated a certain gothic kind of design elements. Especially in the windows. There are a gothic cathedral kind of windows. Which is perfectly fine. Especially for a fantasy castle. They look great. They could be made with the technology. And it’s not a detrimental feature in its defenses because these windows are clearly positioned on parts of the castle where bombardment would not be able to reach at all. And there we go. This has been my review on the Caspian castle. And gee…it’s such a really great castle. But yet there are some design elements that are just ridiculous and I’ve no idea why they’d put them there. Because like, say the crenellations, you know. Properly sized crenellations. And then ones that aren’t big enough. And they did it right in one area. So, why didn’t you do it right? You knew how. But they didn’t do it right on all the parts of the castle. Very confusing. All the machicolations are completely fake. And then, you know, some of the gatehouses weren’t as fortified nearly as much as they could have been. So there’s flaws! Unacceptable flaws on this castle that could have been avoided. But still, there’s a lot to love about it. And I hope you’ve enjoyed guys. Thank you for watching. And until next time…farewell

Toy Trend 2020 – Toys for Future

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Toy Trend 2020 – Toys for Future

Children are the future! And these toys
prepare them for it. So let’s take acloser look at these “Toys for Future” Now, the Fridays for future student demonstrations have done what politicians and other environmental initiatives have been trying to do for years. Simply get the public talking about climate protection on a global scale. Their message is simple this is our earth, there is no planet B, what we´ve got is al we´re gonna get. And it´s up to you and me to protect it. And that is where playtime comes in. It seems even younger children are really receptive to playtimet hat include messages of renewability, recycling and sustainability. Take for example the Was ist Was book collection. Wheter it´s about the lifecycle of a bee or climate change. They feature really short engaging chapters with exciting diagrams and at the very end of every one of these chapters, they have a test. Which means while you´re learning and having fun, you get to see if all that infos sticking in the old noodle. Now going from books to action. Check out the Hagemann breed set for wild bees. It´s exactly what you think. You get sent this mini hive with your own baby bees and you get to have your own personal colony. You get to repopulate the wild bee population from your own back doorstep. And if that wasn´t cool enough, check out this little sculpture that I made myself earlier. I didn´t. Someone else did, but I´m taking credit for it. This is CLIP IT, now the bottle caps that´s not the product itself. No, no, that wat we´re looking at is the little clips in between they´re made from recycled bottle caps and they let you and me make cool structures like this out of what we would have thrown away otherwise. I´m not going to eat, it I´ll be silly. So, as if bottles, bees and books weren´t enough, there are many more „Toys for Future“ here at the TrendGallery.

Professional Pole Dancer Rates 10 Pole Scenes In Movies And TV | How Real Is It?

What if you don’t have muscles to do that? Rachel Tolzman: I love this part [laughs] where she’s like, “What if you don’t have
muscles to do that?” And then she’s like, “All girls have the muscles to do this.” My name is Rachel Tolzman, and I’m a professional pole dancer. I’ve been pole dancing for probably around eight years, and I’ve competed internationally and won a bunch of prestigious titles. And today I’m going to be critiquing some iconic pole-dancing
scenes in several movies. OK, so she’s doing, like, a proper, like, back hook spin there. Underarm turn. Then it kind of cuts out, and I notice we only see, like, the
top half of the body, and we don’t see what’s
going on in the bottom half. I think they make them look more skilled with the camera angles that they choose. That hand change at the
end was a little bit rocky. With the top hand, she doesn’t move through the twisty-grip position and then back naturally
to a true-grip position. Like, I think she leaves
her hand position, like, in her wrist, in the
same kind of formation, and gets, like, stuck there at the end and then has to quickly change it, so it’s not very fluid. So, there are several
competitions out there that are highly regulated, like the International
Pole Sports Federation. They send you a booklet full of tricks, with the pictures of the tricks and how many points are
allotted to that trick and how you have to do it and how long you have to hold
that specific position for. That’s, like, very highly technical and maybe more sport-like, whereas there are other competitions that are more theatrical in nature. So that requires you to
also be a good storyteller, good actress, a very good dancer as well. Like, a seven out of 10. 7.5. So, definitely this is
not Rihanna. [laughs] When she does the whole
kind of pass on the pole, she does a, well, that’s
called a flying K. And she’s doing it in heels,
so that’s pretty cool. And then she hooks her outside leg, and then switches to an inside leg hang, and then kind of reaches back. That’s called an allegra, when she reaches behind the
pole and grabs the other leg, and she’s trying to
extend it even further. So it also shows, like,
some flexibility there. That’s just a fan kick. So, starting from the inside leg to the outside leg. It takes quite a lot of work to hoist your leg up like that, that first move she does, the flying K. And then to have the confidence
to do it on spin pole. So, poles can either
be fixed, like, static, or they can be spinning, so that just a mechanism at
the bottom is released, and the pole rotates. If you compete, then you are expected to do some of your passes on static pole and some of your other elements on spin. Mainly if you’re doing any sort of, like, backflips or things like that, you’re gonna be doing it on a fixed pole. So you’d be doing it on the static one. Eight out of 10. Almost at an advanced level. What an entrance. Like, she’s [laughs] already, like, approaching the stage and the pole with such confidence. So, she goes into, like, a basic spin that everybody learns
when they begin pole, so it’s a chair spin, and then she goes into, like, a back hook. And body waves. I mean, she has this down, you know. [laughs] Body rolls. Front-hook spin, maybe fish-hook spin, I can’t really tell ’cause
they cut off her legs. Now it’s, like, a fairy sit, and coming down. Oh, here’s where she inverts, and that’s really actually quite great. However, she does use her outside leg to kind of hoist herself up on the pole, but, I mean, it’s amazing, what she does. Sliding down on the pole
is a little bit like… I don’t know, like how she
was taught to come down, but it looks very nice. Actually, so, she’s crossing her legs almost like a hang back. However, it’s sort of like a mix between a hang back and a crucifix, because she’s keeping her inside shoulder in front of the pole. If you can’t come down from an invert in, like, a forwards
position, in a controlled way, then it kind of looks kind of clunky. And that just requires more strength and probably more time than she had to prepare for this role. But she actually does invert,
so that’s pretty cool. There are so many dollar bills. I’m like, I’m pretty sure that that
never really happens, that you have, like, that amount of money being thrown at you. [laughs] I mean, I think more people would
be doing it otherwise, you know? Ramona: Hold on with that knee. Destiny: OK. Rachel: I really, really like this scene, because it does actually kind of showcase somebody, like, learning the very first basic moves in pole. How you can hook your legs on the pole, how can you hook your ankle on the pole. We sort of have, like, a common vocabulary in the pole world with names of tricks. Some of them vary slightly,
depending on where you are. Ramona: Here you could do a carousel. Rachel: So, I would
call this a chair spin. To me, a carousel spin is when your hips are actually facing the pole
the whole time in the spin, whereas the chair spin,
you’re spinning to the side and you’re basically parallel to the pole as you go around. Ramona: Go into a fairy sit.
Rachel: Fairy sit, yeah. Ramona: Stag. Rachel: Well, so, we call this a stag, or double stag, or sun wheel as well. Here she does a, I would say that’s a
layout, not a tabletop, but [laughs]. Destiny: What if you don’t
have muscles to do that? [laughs] Rachel: Where she’s like, “What if you don’t have
muscles to do that?” And then she’s like, “All girls have the muscles to do this.” Like, it’s just so, it’s
a lovely moment, I think, that they showcase here in this scene, because this is just
like the typical journey that everyone takes when
they start learning pole. And, you know, she has these
probably 7-inch heels on, so she’s already starting from an elevated point on the floor, so when she does do the two climbs, it looks like she’s quite high. The viewer probably may
come to a realization, “Oh, wow, well actually this is really, like, can be very technical
and is a lot of hard work.” I would give a nine out of 10. I think they’re purposely
doing a really poor job [laughs] of anything pole-related. There’s a competition called Pole Theatre, and there’s a comedic category, so you can enter and do
something funny like this, and the purpose is to
make people laugh, so. They’re trying to do body waves here, but they’re doing, like, these strange undulations. [laughs] This is like, very poor
example of, like, “Magic Mike.” The hand position is always so weird. Like, why would anyone grab here? I would not advise licking the pole. Yeah, that’s kinda gross. [laughs] Like, a 1.5. Yeah. Sorry, Steve. The arching back, I mean, it’s so common in some of these clips. It’s just, like, throwing
yourself in a backbend. Like, OK. This, I was really impressed with. It’s kind of like a box split that she’s sliding down into, so she has great flexibility. Her back hook spin is really nice and really fluid at the
end where she kind of, kind of does, like, a little arch up. And here is where she’s doing an invert, and she comes into, like, almost like a caterpillar climb, like, body wave. First you invert, you go upside down, you go into what’s called a crucifix. So, that means your legs
are above your head. And then you proceed to
climb the pole upside down. And the reason why it’s
called a caterpillar is because you’re kind of, like, if you go up the pole like that, it kind of looks like
a little bit of a wave, like a little worm or a
little caterpillar going up. Yeah, she’s not moving with the climb, she’s just holding with
in between her knees. And there’s not a lot going on, but the elements that do happen, I mean, it’s, like, a seven. Little bit of sassy kind
of, like, hip movement. This is definitely, I think, along the lines of more of a striptease, burlesque, rather than anything pole. There was sort of a step around. Pole dance can be so
many different things. It is, I think it is an art form. I think it is a sport as well. So, one could argue that this is just highlighting kind of one aspect or one side of the pole world. The thing that comes to
people’s mind the most when they instantly think of pole, if they don’t know otherwise, maybe they kind of assume that it is something that belongs
in the exotic world. The art form evolved from different forms, coming from India and China first. So, we have men on poles
doing acrobatic tricks and jumping from pole to pole. And so you have that element, but then, of course, the more burlesque kind of side of pole evolved in circuses and circus tents and ladies, you know,
dancing around the pole, and then, you know, doing
a little burlesque act. And so that’s kind of where that side of pole originated. She’s very believable as
that kind of character. But technically, maybe like a two. So. [laughs] For some reason, reminds me
a little bit of “Flashdance,” but it’s not as nice, you know. [laughs] It’s like…[laughs] That was so bad. Sorry, I don’t mean any
disrespect to the actress. But, like, basically
looks like she was trying to do a fireman spin. A fireman spin is where you have the pole, like, in between the thighs, and your feet are
pointed towards your bum. But it’s just like, she just, like, jumps onto the pole. First teaching people how to
do spins and basic things, I was like, “No jumping.” [laughs] You’re not allowed to just kind of jump onto the pole. And then a very aggressive striptease. Some sort of, like, step-around spin. More licking the pole! [laughs] This is the worst. That one, like, little
turn she does with her leg out to the side, it looks quite nice. I think that’s the best
move she does here. I would give her an A
for effort, but [laughs] I would probably, 4.5. Well, it is highly
choreographed, first of all. Kind of jazzy elements in it, and also, oh, there, like, Latin dance. Like, ballroom. [laughs] The heels on the poles. I don’t know, it just kinda reminds me of something like Fosse. I don’t know why, like… yeah, just the clacking of the heels, and then the stomping. Then some acro tricks. OK, so these guys now are
doing proper handsprings. So, that’s what that move is called. And they’re just hanging
up there in, like, a pike position or something. And then they do, like, a little middle split leap. I love it. Nice, dramatic ending, just with some amazing, like, camera work and camera angles, because
she’s not doing much. Seven out of 10, yeah. OK, so she does do something
quite technical there, and has, like, a proper grip, called, like, a bracket grip. So, the outside arm is kind of across, and the bottom hand is low. And she goes into a move called cradle and opens up to, that
split is called jamilla. So, yeah, that’s actually
pretty technical. And I wonder if it is her that did this, or a dance double, or… it’s definitely a skill that requires a bit of strength to do, so. Based off of that little, little section, like, that little move, I would say maybe six out of 10, ’cause it’s not bad. Yeah, I’ve never seen
this before, actually. This combination of striptease and singing a very kind of emo song. And then, yeah, there is, like, the random pole in the background, and she takes a few walks around the pole. There’s an underarm turn, OK. The arms right now are kind of in, like, a shoulder mount position,
so someone must have, I don’t know, maybe she
thought that up on her own, but maybe someone kind of
directed her to do that. Producer: Like, it’s a
little bit hammy, isn’t it? Rachel: It is really hammy, yeah. [laughs] I never use that word, but yeah, it’s cheesy. Yeah, I would say cheesy. I’m not gonna mark it as
low as, what was that, “Date Night”? [laughs] Because she actually did,
like, an underarm turn. OK, so we’ll give it a two out of 10. And this is, like, very
poor example of, like, “Magic Mike” kind of,
like, twerking. [laughs]

Real Life MINECRAFT The MOVIE – Minecraft Box Fort Part 1

dragon came to my crib nobody was safe
it changed my crab flavor no one was able to stop him welcome to Minecraft
the movie where we survive in Minecraft for as long as it takes to take down the
dragon we gotta eat minecraft food make Minecraft tools and live the Minecraft
way follow our journey as we meet new friends build our Arsenal so we can take
down the drain what are you doing I mean minecraft dude we’re not in Minecraft
we’re out your pants backyard that’s who we are at the Bois gee Papa Jake house
because today we are doing something extremely special for the very first
time ever we are going into the world of Minecraft and we are gonna be surviving
Ferb well as long as you guys want we are trying a new challenge where we are
gonna live in Minecraft for as long as possible so far we’re scheduled for two
days it’s two days but we can keep going riki keep expanding we can keep building
the world is our oyster even under the water is our oyster cuz they water
because minecraft has underwater now if you guys want us to keep continuing the
series make sure to smack that like button and subscribe and hit the bell
bun any of you guys want a shout out at the end of this video make sure to
comment down below and we’ll be picking a lucky viewer at the end to give a huge
shout out but guys we are gonna be like I said live in like Minecraft we need to
build our base make our food tame our horses we have horses
we might get horses Logan it–what right now all I have is this pickaxe and that
helmet we don’t have a lot of stuff but that’s the beauty of Minecraft we can
craft all of it we can build it so guys if you want this series to continue
let’s try and crush 50,000 likes and comment down below what we should build
and what we should expand on the Logan we need to start building our base
because it’s gonna become nighttime soon and the creepers and the monsters are
gonna come out and we need a place to survive I’m kind of getting hungry
right Jake wait where do we start well the first thing first look when we need
to gather some resources so we can start working on our base the base will be the
first thing we need to build let’s go find some wood
looks like we got our first tree here now I know what you’re all saying Papa J
you need to have an axe I realize that but all I have is this pickaxe so we’re
gonna have to do with it let’s get some wood really hard to mine a tree with the
pickaxe okay timber ah looks like we got some wood brother
let’s start working on the base alright guys so check it out we’ve been working
on the box board for some time now and our minecraft house is coming together
pretty well time to see in this thing but guys check
this out so this is what we’ve been using our wood resources on we are
currently building our base so that it can be big enough for both me and Logan
to survive it but we also won’t leave room for a bunch of additions it’s
really hot in there but guys remember we still want to add in a place for us to
raise chickens you know maybe maybe we raised some Mook house I also want to
have a place for us to cook dinner and we might even start our very own farm so
we still have a lot of building to do we don’t have a crafting table yet though
so I was thinking Logan I’ll continue working on the home base why don’t you
go out and gather some resources with the one pickaxe we have because we
really start crafting some new stuff Logan if I don’t think my eyes are
looking right that I’m seeing what I think I’m seeing Jake what are you
seeing you get a dog I don’t have a bone I want to get the dollar when I wanna
have the minecraft dog doggy do you want to join our minds nope
she doesn’t want to join us Logan cuz we don’t have a bone we’re gonna need to
find a bone because I want my own dog I’m gonna name a mr. fluffy big fluffy
or some Thai guys before we can build anything we’re gonna need to get a
crafting table so it’s time to mind some wood and we might as well get some rocks we’ve got our wood let’s go make a
crafting table Jake good guys check it out inside we still don’t have a roof
yet as you can see there’s no roof we haven’t got enough wood for it but we
have most of it ready this glass is massive yeah I thought
we’d start you know pretty big I used up most of our resources but obviously guys
this is minecraft so if we ever do need to expand we can always expand this I
was thinking yo maybe I have my own room so we don’t I don’t have to see you here’s my bedroom Jake build that’s
that’s the fun of Minecraft we gotta make it did you get the resources for
Scrabble yes Jake I have the wood well the
crafting table is the most important thing in all of Minecraft so we need to
put it somewhere nice Logan why would put it right in this corner here it’s
where my bedroom was gonna be you know what you’re gonna have to move maybe
we’ll make it expansion onto this going backwards and out of room you know we
can also always go outside and build anywhere we want I mean the world’s our
oyster but here we go boom first crafting table and our first
achievement in Minecraft high five bro this is a survival challenge and we are
gonna survive out here for as long as physically possible which means Logan we
need to become minecraft people we need to eat sleep live minecraft we are only
eating chicken and pork mistake actually minecraft has a lot of food there’s
apples too and sugarcane and bread okay we have the the food is in the issue but
the issue is Logan the elements okay not only is there rain wind Sun a lot of
Sun right now there’s also mobs of creatures like creepers like creepers
and creepers come out at night so first things first we need to get this base
built but we need some more wood so I’m gonna use this craft table to craft a
stone axe and there we go we got our first stone axe bro time to collect some
more wood now once it gets to night time even though it’s extremely hot right now
it might be cold so we’re also gonna want to build a fire
many resources would take your axe isn’t doing anything to that would realize
that Logan in Minecraft is a lot easy just don’t done done and you get what
this is this really give me like 40 minutes Jake you know I’ll I’ll do it
see okay yeah or you could just do that with your pickaxe are all right well at
least we got our what dude but we need to use it for the roof so guys I think
we’re gonna start working on the roof and we’ll update you when that’s done
and then we can start customizing the inside of our fort for survival alright
guys so we’ve just finished decking out the fort now it’s not 100% complete we
we actually ran out of resources okay what to build the roof so we still got
to work on the roof but in the meantime I thought it’d be really fun to go
inside and start decking it out because obviously we might be here for a long
while I mean I mean that’s really up to you guys and how many of you like the
video but if we’re here for a whole week Logan we want to make this as little as
possible so why don’t we head into the Minecraft if I’m I’m just gonna get a
little bit of wood in case we need anything inside
I brought my Minecraft backpack with some goodies in it that’s gonna help us
deck this place out we want to make sure that it’s homey but also has a lot of
usable resources inside I’m thinking we definitely need to build the chests to
hold all of our gear and before the Sun Goes Down I’m hoping we can craft a boat
to travel across that ocean I don’t know if you guys notice but there is a
massive ocean behind us across this ocean you’re gonna need a big boat this
place is actually looking sick we have put a lot of work into it obviously a
lot of resources and made it really big and this place is huge inside the roof
finish because the darker gets the more scared I get because obviously we got
minecraft creatures but Logan there’s also real live creatures like raccoons I
don’t know it’s kind of cool having like an open space you can pop your head out
of stuff or our bedding I’ve got a starter kit of seats so that we can
build our minecraft garden which I’m definitely an app start working on
tonight ants we got flint and steel which you
guys know and minecraft is the only way to start your fire Jake maybe no fire in
the box boy will definitely have to make our fire outside and guys remember we
are doing this for real which means we can only eat Minecraft food that’s
chicken apples I like I said that there’s actually a lot of stuff but we
need to cook it on our fire before we get to that though we got to start
building a deck in this place up I also brought mr. blue shoes why did
you bring this thing in here it’s a call what is this thing Oh mr. motions he’s
my sheep bro hi mr. mushrooms you’re gonna go over
here maybe in the future we’ll build your own little pen so while Logan’s
working on the interior of the fort I went ahead and use some of our resources
to craft myself a shovel because one of the most important things about survival
is well food that’s probably like up there with water so I’m gonna be making
our very own minecraft farm which means I need to take some water from this so
we can use it to fertilize the crops and then go behind our fort and dig up some
area now in my minecraft kit it came with some seeds so we’re gonna use this
I don’t know what’s gonna grow out of this but hopefully we’ll get some good
vegetables all right first things first we need some water
not on water now let’s head to the back of the board where we can start building
our fire anything from you know stepping on our crops we don’t want that but I
think what we’re gonna do is you’re gonna use a little area here so I’m
gonna dig up some blocks and pour some water down for fertilizer and then maybe
start planning with our seats let’s start digging alright our holes
ready let’s get some water there we go we got a nice pool of water which should
fertilize the crops to the right and left of this now I ain’t no farmer in
fact I have no skills in farming but we’ve got our seeds here you know I
guess all we need to do is put it on the left side in the right side and we’ll
grow a different crop on the left side I have absolutely no idea what’s gonna
grow here guys but that’s the first time farmer I think I did pretty good
it’s small but I think it’ll work also guys one reason why I really want to
build a boat and cross the ocean is I don’t know for sure but I’ve heard that
on the other side of this there might be a village full of villagers which would
be great for us because then we can trade resources and if we want to
survive here for as long as possible we definitely need to do that sub – oh dude
check you know what okay so pretty much we have our sleeping quarters made which
we have our custom minecraft pillows I could definitely sleep here for an
entire year let’s make this challenge go year-long Logan I want to do a year
minecraft challenge outside I don’t know guys it depends here it’ll be this long
it’ll be the biggest beard you ever seen if we get 50,000 likes every video we
will stay here in an extra day dude I love the pickaxe oh let’s see so we have supplies and we have our awesome pickaxe
hold it next to our crafting table and some cool little artwork now definitely
need to make a chest I want to do that we also need to get more resources and
finish the roof because the roof Logan although it looks really nice that is
that is screaming for raccoons to jump down here or spiders or even worse if it
starts to rain Jake the Sun is going down and we don’t have food yet we need
food that’s right we’re not gonna survive unless we get food so we need to
figure out we need to figure out what to eat and Logan unless you’ve seen a bunch
of chickens running around I haven’t seen any chickens Jake does mr. mu shook
on his food okay no we are not eating mr. mooshrooms he’s the fluffiest thing
I’ve ever seen in my life I don’t care how much you like pork
chops Logan we’re not eating him I have an idea to find this food it’s a little
crazy the little early on to be doing it but I
say we craft yourselves a boat and we cross the biggest ocean in the world on
the other side I heard there was a village and maybe we can trade with
those guys for resources I’m just so hungry Jake I hope this works
no every good bump builder needs to start with some prime resources they can
wood I’m ready to go the boat has been built
and I won’t be crossing the Narrow Sea so it’s quite the boat Jake I don’t
think there’s enough space for two people in here you all right I will be
sacrificing myself to cross the Narrow Sea no those villagers are bad and they
are griefers I might not make it back don’t touch mr. muchos doing this for us
Logan we need food and we need to survive three two one Jake I feel like I
could have told you that was gonna happen I’m gonna get anywhere do that we’re gonna need to rethink how we get
our food now I’m all wet and freezing cold so we don’t have food I’m freezing
cold our roofs not done it’s getting dark Logan we are in a lot of trouble
and it’s only the first video calm down why don’t we make a fire and warm up a
bit all right I did bring flint and steel so let’s grab our resources of
wood and let’s start a fire maybe if we can find some food we can cook it on
there all right guys now just like in
Minecraft we are gonna start our fire but we ain’t got no matches up in here
no we got foot and steel so in Minecraft they literally do this once and it
starts a fire but I don’t I don’t think it’s it’s my taking a few tries but
we’re gonna get it just like you wouldn’t minecraft okay Jake’s been
trying with the flint and steel for quite some time now Minecraft and I’m
freezing cool and I’m hungry let’s just watch all I brought was flint and steel
because that’s all you get in Minecraft Oh guys there we go I did it with the
flint and steel what do take it we cannot let this fire
go out Logan make sure we got our wood resources ready
aw dude that is warming me up we have our very first fire in Minecraft
Survival that’s a nice fire bro it’s really warm
but Jake it’s not feeding us Logan there is a very large possibility that we
might need to sleep in the box for tonight without any food we’ll just have
to wait for my crops to grow in the morning
okay we’re under attack what do you mean we’re on their attacks another player
here what are we doing where’s your pickaxe we might have to pay tax
pickaxes inside waiting we have this to find ourselves what do you want what do
you want no I’m no mind reader but it might be a friendly player just want to
enjoy a fire he’s gonna try you that food you chopped up another player and
now you’re eating the other player I don’t think that’s what he said no it
straight apps you want you want an axe for the food
don’t go get the axe here do you want this then that’s our only pickaxe but we
really do need to eat well we may have lost the pickaxe but we got some food I
mean pickaxes are pretty easy to repair what do buddy give us cookies bread
steak Jake okay pasta steak I mean weed I did say we out here doing
real Minecraft and we are definitely out here doing real Minecraft that is our
dinner are we are we splitting it or is this just for me we’re definitely
splitting it but we don’t have plates in Minecraft Logan we over pretty much
gotta go hands in on this one first night in Minecraft first meal a
Minecraft steak could be worse could be better could be cookies but not bad my bio deaf who pulled me up at
the end of the day looking it over surviving and we almost starved you that
it’s quite a nice being out here minecraft oh you’re good yeah Jake it’s
it’s lovely inside man we got the lights all ready to go in the Minecraft port
I’m the old fired up because I eat steak I’m excited it was okay steak Jake guys
we got extremely lucky though that we happen to come across another player
I’ll slogan we would be going to sleep without any food and that wouldn’t be
fun at all there’s my stomach rumbling it don’t feel good
but luckily even though we haven’t seen any more animals hopefully tomorrow my
crops will have grown yeah Jake yo is pretty lucky we got some food but we
don’t have a pickaxe now that’s why it’s minecraft I’ll just make another one bro
courtesy of the handy dandy crafting table alright well let’s make ourselves
a brand-new pickaxe boom boom oh there we go we’ve got yourselves a brand-new
pickaxe and that’s not all Logan we got a few extra resources so I thought we’d
brighten this place up and night check this out check it out a very own light
switches check out how awesome this fort looks at night I mean it’s blue I do not
call that a back play outside is looking beautiful you know what we need to do
Logan we need to find some sheep and then shear the sheep thanks call sharing
and then we get their wool and then we take their wall and we make it into
carpet and then we find some plants and we turn the plants in to die and then we
dye the wool and then we make carpet I don’t know why you just said Jake it’s a
little confusing but okay I think we need carpet that would make this place
even more cozy and comfy we should next episode we need to find sheep also I was
thinking for these light switches I don’t know why but in Minecraft I always
love to put the right beside the door like this so when you come in you just
flip it on you got light if you flip people do it as much as you
want alright I got her and I made another one at the back here
so when I’m in bed at night and we’re done with the day I’m assuming we’re
gonna be here for a week cuz I think everyone’s gonna get a bajillion likes and I sleep like this what are you going
full minecraft are you okay Logan’s going full minecraft you sleeping with
job you sleeping with my line should I sleep with my pickaxe
y’all Logan Logan don’t move whatever you do do not scream near you
Enderman outside for just ignore him you should just keep walking around doing
whatever Enderman do I can’t know where his eyes are this might be a really good time to turn
off all lights Yoda Bennett we don’t want to get eaten by that Enderman how
can you just sleep with that guy walking around nor do anything to us
I’ll just chill out all right I think we’re gonna get to bed now guys we’ll
update you in the morning with what’s going on hey yo what’s going on everyone
its Logan here and we’re back with day two of our minecraft survival Channel
Jacob fun night actually this fort worked out pretty well I like God
sleeping my coffee minecraft stuff it was actually a pretty good night for a
first 24 hour challenge and guys as you know this minecraft challenge will go as
long as you guys want however many videos we get 50,000 likes and we will
keep sleeping here Logan it is a brand new day in Minecraft which means we need
to turn on power power switches and make a plan for the day of course any good
minecraft builder knows that he needs to have a plan and today’s plan I’ve got a
couple things that I want to do first things first we need breakfast because
all ate last night was steak and since it is a Minecraft challenge we can only
eat minecraft food now I do have a garden that’s working we’re currently
waiting for that to grow have no idea what I’m growing back there ain’t no
farmer but Logan I thought for breakfast where you could get the portlet have
some apples where we gain apples from Logan its Minecraft we’re gonna pick
them from a tree brother but guys if you haven’t checked out the Minecraft for it
yet this is what it looks like from the outside last night we had a fire we
slept in here and since it is minecraft the world is our oyster we might want to
expand this we might want to go other places Logan looks like you just woke up
hashtag squad wha down whoa but Logan does to keep the voices
down because last night we saw an Enderman we don’t know what other kind
of creepers monsters spiders or even skeletons are out here I’m all geared up
and ready to go yeah mister mushrooms on my backpack here
minecraft helmet on yeah I want an only pickaxe now all we gotta do is find some
trees with apples Logan Jake where are we gonna find trees with apples I’m no
expert scientist Logan but I’m pretty sure those are trees and I actually can
already see some apples let’s go all right now the key to picking apples Jake
what it’s quite simple you need to search for the Apple Nina
smell ya feel the Apple Logan don’t interrupt me while I’m searching for
apples no I don’t know where the apples are but I do know they’re close because
I can feel it in my body see right there there’s an apple right there Logan you
would have never found it very first Apple dude just like in Minecraft
there’s one right here nice I know they say guys an apple a day keeps the
creeper away oh not too bad for breakfast of course we still have my
farm which is gonna make us some food but Logan if we are gonna be surviving
out here for potentially an entire week we definitely need to find more food we
also need to find more resources because all we have right now is this pickaxe
we need armor we need weapons we also want to expand the base and we need to
build ourselves a chest I think the first thing we need to do is go out on a
little mission and find some more resources I am fighting we are Apple I
think it’s time for us to build our very first storage chests we’re starting to
get a lot of resources we got our pickaxes we got our apples out here we
even got some wood so we need a storage chest to start storing this stuff
definitely need to start cleaning up in here this place is already starting to
get a little bit messy we need some more storage guys if you
have any crazy ideas on what you want us to do and expand the base be sure to
comment down below I’m already thinking we definitely need to get carpet in here
and I really want to find some redstone so I can start making some redstone
items Jake I want to go explore like there’s so much to explore out there why
don’t we go explore we’re gonna need one of these bad boys before exploring we
got our very first storage chests check it out
place it right here in the Minecraft board it’s coming together pretty well
got our chests over here crafting table over there holders over there we got our
sleeping quarters over there I think one of the next things we could do Logan is
we could expand this place going backwards and maybe make ourselves our
own bedrooms I want to explore if we’re gonna go explore probably need to get
some resources like mining so we’re gonna need a miner cave we already have
our pickaxe but we need some defense because as we saw last night there are
already mobs of creatures outside so I think I’m gonna also try and craft
ourselves a bow and arrow this is exploring time we’re going on an
adventure today an adventure I’m gonna be making a bow and arrow guys so let’s
head up to the crafting table hey grab our bow one two there we go we got our
arrow looking pretty good now we just need a bow to fire this with alright now
for our bow one and there we go we got a bow and arrow sweet I want a weapon
alright well we’re definitely gonna need some resources because I have spent all
our last resources using this let’s check it out we’ve got our very own
minecraft bow and arrow I do want to get some armor though
because if we’re gonna be going deep into these caves and maybe even the
nether we’re gonna need as much armor and weapons as we can Jake I’ve never
been to the nether I know you know if we fight the another dragon that’s a battle
that we are not ready for so I say we head outside and do some exploring to me
some resources maybe we can find some diamonds build ourselves some diamond
armor got my ass here ready to go on our first
minecraft adventure I got my bow and arrow I got my backpack on we’re ready
to go okay they need to be serious though cuz
we need resources I say we head down this way and look for a cave okay Jake
sounds look good all right mr. mushrooms you gotta lead us to a little cave okay
that means that means he’s happy all right should we head down here find
ourselves a cave you got got a quicker way to cross the ocean that’s not even
close to how you drive a boat I’m no boat expert but that was far from how
you do it happy now Logan I’m just kidding like I know the boat won’t work
I just kind of want to swim here for as long as possibly years what if everyone
keeps liking this video we have to spend our next eight years here
well now that Logan’s all cooled off we got to keep moving we got some serious
exploring to do what is that thing that’s creepy Logan if they mess up your
house and they mess up your day as long as we take it out before it gets too
close to us and won’t explode get it with the boat you miss Jake can I hit
him yeah hit him once it him once what shot should do it we gotta be
careful out here we barely have any armor on and we don’t have a lot of food
we found an entrance to a cave guys when we head down this way it’s dark cave
Logan we might need a flashlight diamonds can you pick us up right now
when you get this stuff more diamonds over there check it out enough to make
ourselves some diamond arm or maybe even a diamond shovel of all the crops I
could build with diamond shovels no it looks like there’s cobblestone here oh dude check it out drop some slime yeah
that’s kind of gross oh man I’ll put this in my backpack maybe we could bring
it back and put it in our chest oh yeah it was definitely something we should
keep we keep all the resources we find it’s just okay I’ll put on my pocket you
gotta come in here bro you know it’s another part of the cave Jake what is
this it’s a gold ingot definitely gonna want to grab that dude check it out
these are like mystery box that says diamond on the cover of it but there’s a
chance that there isn’t a diamond in here I say we grab this and grab the
gold one and head back to her base to see what kind of or we have in here to
get another diamond Logan we’re gonna be in diamond city we’ll be rolling in the
diamonds we have enough cobblestone okay we just
broke a bunch of columns so let’s take the slime let’s take the diamonds at the
Redstone we got I want to build a redstone device today and let’s open up
these and see what we have in here there’s a chance from that I have a
diamond I can bring it back to our base safe and sound I think it’s time to go
inside and check out the resources we gathered we need to make a place of all
their bow and arrow maybe we can put it like here I’ll be really cool but let’s
check out the backpack item so we were able to get some diamond not bad let’s
put it in the chest some gold we got ourselves a little bit of redstone here
and Logan really like mining cobblestone so we have a lot of cobblestone and one
of my favorite items we got the mystery box which might have a berry own diamond
in it there might be a real diamond or it’s gonna be more cobble so I take
redstone or iron or gold really but definitely wouldn’t want dirt alright
Jake here’s a mini pickaxe alright go for it is that what I think it is I think this
might be diamond guys I think we hit the jackpot
I got it dude that’s a piece of diamond yo all right well definitely gonna add
this one to the box which means we have enough diamond to craft something I’ve
wanted to craft my entire life ever since we started this challenge a day
ago put it in the box I think it’s time for me to craps my very first piece of
diamond armor no creepers messing with me now because I will armored up out
here how do I look do I look cool tell me I look cool I must look yeah
Jake you look really cool oh dude I’m so I feel stronger too like I feel like
nothing can affect me nothing can hurt me you just taking my armor off I also
still want to make diamond swords and a diamond shovel so I can you know work on
my farm which speaking of Logan we need to check the farm it’s been a full day
Jake there’s no way your carrots could have grown in one day something’s
growing I mean I don’t see you check you know right here so who’s growing out of
the ground this is where I put my waterway which hydrated all the
surrounding area and then I planted seeds that we have from a backpack only
one way to find out what do we grow ah yo we got carrots up in here what I got
one two three four carrots grew I mean it’s not much but it’s humble work being
a Minecraft farmer and you thought I couldn’t grow anything Logan we’ll look
at this for Brian spanking new carrots looks
like we’re having a feast tonight for dinner well we’re definitely gonna have
to utilize this farm for food our bliss brings back to the chest and stored in
our fort I also want to use some of that redstone we got to do some building
today because I want to make an awesome attachment for a front door I want to
have a pressure plate that when you step on it the front door opens see Jake well
you build the redstone pressure plate I’m gonna go on a mission to find more
materials when you get back we’re gonna have us
new thing on our base I’ll see you in a bit who are you
names Billy Macpherson fancy seeing a new play around these parts uh yeah I’ve
been here like less than a day a day I’ve been here my whole life raised for
two chickens 50 cows even have a couple dogs all right guys so while Logan’s off
doing whatever Logan’s doing I thought it’d be really sweet to add an awesome
pressure play to our so that when we go up to the door like so you put your feet
down click the pressure plate and the door
will magically open for you now we do have a lot of redstone and there is some
other awesome stuff I want to do with it but I think this is a pretty easy thing
that we can start off and there we go we’ve got the very first
redstone creation on this fort and it is looking pretty sweet so we got a
pressure plate here when we step on this it will activate the redstone coming
along here off the wall and then connecting to the door and the door
should open some some really fancy armor is that diamond that’s the best did it
myself I had to dig deep in the mines for this fight off scale to beat down
creepers want you to know that if I want to I could cut you down right now take
you up but I’m not gonna do that no need to cut me down I came here to
trade with you I’m a hugger man making some stew I have a carrot don’t carry a
pear I seen a carry around here in 50 years house you wanna I give you this
diamond sword for five of your diamond sword for a carrot I only have one
carrot right I’m a bargaining man I’ll give you this sword for sir sir I only
have one carrot all right my bottle offers one carrot take your leave okay
well I may have lied I have three carrots no one care final offer
don’t mess with my bargaining skill some sir one carrot enjoy thank you this is
awesome I mean as we have more than one carrot I think he lost that bargain oh
well go show Jake my new diamond sword this thing is pretty awesome no it’s what Jake was saying the
Enderman ky have this awesome store maybe I could take him out go away go
back go back where you came from stay back I’m warning you
oh he’s gone okay wasn’t so bad stay back Jake said not to look it in
the eyes why are you sleeping I just got attacked by an Enderman Jake what an
Enderman we’re but I got this diamond sword you got a diamond sword Logan well
I treated a guy carat for a diamond sword doodad so what I mean there’s an
Enderman where is Logan did you didn’t look him in your eyes did you I hit him
with my sword it’s fine I just ran away the sword then you drive Jake what do we
do where did he go do they disappear he’s
found my precious mr. motions you let mr. motions go because you just had to
fight it I didn’t know that what Enderman would come and take mr. Mushu
you know what that means that means we’re starting a war with the Enderman
that means we are going to find him at all costs and get back mr. mushrooms
can’t let him do that to mr. motions now he’s gone well let’s have to wait for
him to come back well Logan on the bright side I did install a brand new
pressure plate made completely out of redstone for us that’s see I used a
redstone to formulate a pressure plate and if when we step on this block door
will open dude try it out the door opens that is
placement you need to use your hands Logan it’s a hands-free operation we got
going on here thanks to my redstone plate the Enderman came in and stole my
Mushu today’s day three of our minecraft
challenge I don’t know what happened to the top of the four guys but I
definitely took a beating last night because the heat it just kind of I went
ahead and did a little bit of upgrades to make sure the court was more
structurally stable added these like little poles here we also still have the
pressure plate which I made out of redstone that opens up the door whenever
you step on it and don’t forget guys in this challenge we are doing everything
like you would in Minecraft we need to eat minecraft food sleep minecraft sleep
dream minecraft dreams and also if we are building we need to gather resources
like you would do in Minecraft takes taking this really seriously I want to
eat real food no Logan we can’t eat real food we can
only eat minecraft food which actually is a pretty nice menu and for breakfast
you’re gonna be pretty happy so I think before we start gathering resources to
add on to this base I’m gonna go whip us up a nice minecraft breakfast now if
you’re wondering Pappa Jake what are you gonna add on to your base it’s already
legit we had a plan today we were gonna add on a second story so we could make
it even taller first things first if we’re gonna be making breakfast we need
our resources and it just so happens that I looked over here check this out
we’ve got wheat on wheat I am not eating that well no you’re not
gonna eat this Logan see I’m gonna turn this into a beautiful breakfast first we
gotta gather the resources up oh yeah that’s a premium wheat locust
it’s beautiful thing about Minecraft guys you’re out here in nature
everything you eat is pure and natural you take wheat you take water you make
bread but in order to do that we need to craft a furnace so why don’t we head
back inside and use your crafting table to make a furnace and add a tour for it
it’s time to make ourselves a furnace i’ma head over here to our chests grab
out some cobblestone we got from the mine yesterday got our cobblestone now
we’re gonna head over to the handy dandy crafting table don’t count three we
should have ourselves a brand new furnace one definitely need to expand
the base we’re running out of room Jake needs his own room just a nice key size
bed if you guys keep liking the video and we keep getting 50,000 likes like
the last video got we’re gonna be here for a while which means Logan we need to
invest first in a Papa Jake lounge if you got a pop Jake lounge then I got a
Logan lounge check it out guys we got the minecraft furnace it’s a little hot
to have a furnace but we got the fire down below and anything we put in here
we can cook which is also important if we want to melt down our resources to
build armor let’s grab our wheat we’re gonna stick in the furnace here give it
a little bit of time a little chef Papa Jake luck and in a couple seconds we
should have some nice bread for breakfast guys I am so sick of Minecraft
food please comment down below if you guys have any ideas of what we can eat
other than apples bread and steak fancy you mentioned bread because we got
ourselves a fresh loaf of bread I call it labret because it’s French
how about check it out dude this is our breakfast oh yeah this is all I get to
eat Jake I shall love food like a full Paulus
oh well it’s really hard Brad Jake its tasty though it’s made by chef papa Jake
well after we finish eating their breakfast guys and we got a little bit
of energy into us I think it’ll be time for us to head out and start planning
our day especially we need to go looking for some resources now the breakfast is
done it’s time for us to head out and gather some resources if we’re gonna be
building onto this base and making it two stories and expanding it we need a
ton of resources mainly wood mostly mostly wood but we could always use some
more cobblestone and diamonds diamonds are always fun especially my diamond
helmet which I got yesterday and I like it because Logan doesn’t have one so it
makes me look extra cool don’t you all got one today Jake I got us a diamond
sword sure you did get us a diamond sword and I was hoping that later on we
could maybe go searching for villagers because if you guys don’t remember it’s
kind of too hard to bring up but yesterday I lost a friend Jake it was
just moo shu lost missions an Enderman came in stole my motion and I want to find him and get him back
if that means going everywhere and finding that Enderman I’m gonna do it so
I love mushrooms you guys should love them – hashtag
mushrooms let’s pack up head to the forest
grab some resources and then head back here and start building onto this base a
little far away from our fort but we found some good resources here in the
forest so we’re gonna be looking for wood there’s a bunny we might be eating
rabbit tonight don’t hurt the bunny if we could bring it home and make it our
pet and then eat rabbit no no no no you’re not hurting the rabbit bunny
you’re right I can’t live on bread and steak a little rabbit don’t think we’re
not hurting the rabbit well at least let’s get a ton of wood there’s
literally enough forest here to build us a three four thousand storey house you
scared it away Logan we could’ve had a bunny that’s a big log if I ever seen
one that’s gonna get us some good wood Logan follow me this is a lot more
inefficient Logan’s going to look on the other side because we think we hear
someone following us he’s gonna take a look down there I got my minecraft bow
out so if I do see any bunnies or anyone be able to take him out so far though
pretty good I mean we have traveled quite a distance away from the home base
but we’ve gathered a lot of resources here we’re finding a lot of cool stuff
out here I’m actually really excited to add on to the base because I think it’s
gonna be so sweet we had a second story you see anyone I can’t see anything with
this on Jake it’s time to go mind some materials thank God that was a pretty good solid
amount of mining we just did so we got a lot of wood we got a lot of resources
but I think it’s time we head back home because Logan I’m pretty sure someone’s
following us I can feel it in my bones bro out there I’ve heard them before
we’re on our way home we have nothing to worry about
oh yes we do cuz he’s sitting right there Wow Wow Wow look who we have here
a new victim for griefer McCree person you see I roam these parts of town
looking for people just like you and agree
well you’re not grief in anything today grief or make 3% so I’m sort of a
Minecraft pro I’ve also got this bow try this on for size buddy and didn’t
exactly go anywhere near me I got the spread I got him where’d you get that
bread why are you using bread yeah diamond sword cuz you’re not at least of
use that ax me Jake this bread was disgusting and it’s very
hard wasn’t know what it says good weapon it was made with love I don’t
know man I think you need a touch-up on your baking skills at least we stopped
that griever I think we better get back to our base guys there’s more griefers
out here we don’t want to run into them if we have enough troubles all right
guys now that we are back and we have tons of materials it is time materials
bro check it out we got enough for four four it’s 5 ports I want to build my own
fort like three stories down time to repair this for it and make some
additions so while Logan starts preparations on expanding the fort I
need to tend to my farm which obviously is a good source of all of our food so
first things first let’s grab some water from the ocean here
I’ve been planting on both sides of this like waterway here would you where I
pour my water to fertilize and I got some new seeds from the last time I
picked carrots so we’re gonna put them down and see what grows I have no idea
what we’re gonna be able to grow but as long as it’s edible
should be good I got my seats here if you have any idea
what these could be let me know down below but we should be able to find out
tomorrow morning so let’s start planting it along the side what are you planting
I don’t know Logan that’s the beauty of planting you never know what you’re
planning pretty sure you’re supposed to know in your plant and tomorrow morning
we’ll find out now it’s time to make my fertilizer block full of water here and
there we go guys we got a block full of fertilized water if seeds planted beside
it tomorrow we should have some beautiful crops as you guys can see this
roof needs a serious refurbishing so what we’re gonna be doing for this space
is we’re gonna be tearing down the front wall and then expanding it out this way
plus adding a second story so that we have a look out onto all the mops that
might come at us during the night but the Sun is starting to go down it’s been
a pretty long day so we need to start building this thing fast hi guys I couldn’t take any more of
Jake’s minecraft food so I had to sneak in and make myself dinner didn’t tell
Jake about this so we’ll keep it our little secret guys I don’t think Jake
notice where where I went or what I’m doing well I enjoy my nice delicious
dinner he just builds our fort hey Jake what’s up yeah I don’t think Jake cares
what we’re doing so we’re we’re good we’re just gonna eat without Jake Jake’s
loss all right guys check it out I have the second story complete and the full
revamp of the fort Logan where have you been bro scanner broom you 40 minutes to
get a broom up the whole thing literally all windows in the door on and you come
for that I gotta bring a broom Jay’s like the least important thing all right
you might as well start broom and go check it out we got the second story
here yeah gee this is a good job you did looks real good all put together but all
in all you added on to the old fort made the front entrance here look nice and
sleek and brand new plus we have a full new room that we can go up into for look
pretty sweet ah Jake one question what are we doing for dinner I haven’t
thought of that yet so I’ve been so busy on the fort Logan we either can eat what
we either gonna have to find steak chicken we could make more bread bread
was pretty easy to make or we could always look for more apples well let’s
get the roof on this thing and start adding the windows so the Sun is pretty much set our
two-story box fort is looking pretty sweet and we have our new door check it
out guys oh man we cleaned it up in here so it’s even bigger plus we got room for
all of our cool stuff and we’ve got our brand new two-story lookout over here so
you pull this flap up like this and then you can come in here and check it out
guys up onto our two-story lookout so you can look out the windows here make
sure there’s no creepers or mobs coming at us you can even see the moon outside
and we got extra room to chill I mean this even up space look check it out I’m
lying down the sex store you can be down there and I’m up here this could be your
bunk bed oh dude honestly could Plus through space down here too like we get
stored stuff down here and we can put another supply chest down here with all
our stuff now we get to pretty much chill out in the fort enjoy the night
didn’t get everything we wanted to get done today there’s still a lot of
building we wanted to do plus I really wanted to go check out that village
that’s close to us so I was thinking tomorrow we can build a minecart as well
as a minecart track so we could travel to the village which I think would be
sweet plus I don’t know like diving underwater but we have yet to go
underwater and check out what’s down there
I’m gonna also head the bed before we do that I think it’s time for the
traditional bedtime Pappa Jake dance that’s right Logan’s today it’s party
get buggin with it alright well guys I will update you in the morning when I
wake up after another beautiful night under the stars in Minecraft and we’ll
see you in the morning welcome back to real life minecraft today is day four of
living using only items you can find in Minecraft you guys have been destroying
that like button and loving in today’s video we build the minecart
go swimming eat a chicken and have the biggest battle of our lives hold on
we got a creeper stop right now creeper saved our base again Logan what’s going
on everyone it’s Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new which I’ve been
extremely excited about if you guys didn’t know we’ve been living in our
Minecraft fort in the Minecraft world for the past four days and welcome
inside the fort guys check it out it’s a little messy because we have been living
here but so far we have upgraded this place and made it super sweet we got
chess we got an oven we got a crafting table Logan’s Curley outside sweet look
what are you doing bro I’m sweeping I tore it why are you sweeping our porch
man I guess we got it I guess we got to keep it clean out to keep it clean Jake
hey guys check out the outside of this thing is absolutely massive this is
where we’ve been living eating minecraft sleep in Minecraft but not showering
like you don’t do in Minecraft which hasn’t been too great we have a lot of
chores to do just like in Minecraft we got upgrading the base we got finding
more reality sweep the floor Jake that’s that’s like the least of our problems
today but I thought because we are a little low on food we can travel to the
local village and try and grab some food from those guys not not take it Jake you
haven’t even had breakfast you haven’t had any food all right we went through
our bread we ate our bread and we ate the steak we’ve got nothing left so in
order to get to the village we need to use some of our resources and build a
minecart track to take us there like a train but in Minecraft so we have to
head to our crafting table Rana so we can build our minecart and grab some of
our resources out of here we’re gonna grab some raw gold now this might just
look like regular Rock but inside this there is little pieces of gold you
probably asked him Papa Jake how are you gonna get it out of here that’s why we
got this bad boy I call it furnace pick furnace II
Kopp the golden and the five starts up down there so we’re smelting gold now we
got a ton of rocks and stone that we mined in the last episode so we’re gonna
use that to build our minecart track but we’re also going to need to build an
actual minecart that we can drive around all the way to the village I think I
need to jump in the ocean well we can go in the ocean do we can go searching down
there also for resources because minecraft has underwater now but check
it out we’re getting the premium gold coming
out of the furnace so we’re gonna take some of this I’ll start working on the
minecart track I don’t you want to go swimming go swimming it’s time to add
the resources to the Google crafting table here and build ourselves some
minecart track oh there we go we got some right kart track now all we need is
like 6,000 of these and a minecart and we should be good to go
I mean the village isn’t too far away guys but hopefully this isn’t all for
nothing I really hope they have food and resources that we can use and I’m even
hoping that today we can get some diamond armor Oh
diamond armor now while Logan’s building the minecart track I also thought it’d
be really cool if we made like a base fort you know kind of like a train
station where we can get in get ready and then we can leave from the train
station and go all the way to the villagers there’s also a second reason
why I’m going I don’t want to tell Logan that we’re wasting our resources for
this yes we’re going to the village because I think there might be food
there but I also lost a friend that Enderman took my friend it’s almost too
hard to talk about got mushrooms guys got mushrooms so for those of you who
are still looking for mushrooms I am too I’m thinking that week look where you
where you were you supposed to be building my log building minecart track
I guess Logan’s not build a minecart track he’s swimming
well after Logan’s done swimming and building a minecart track then we should
be able to go to the village and I’m hoping we’ll get some answers as to
where mr. moose is check it out I just finished our train station slash our
minecart station so here it is it’s a little ways away from our main house but
you enter into the back here through this door and inside we’ve
got a working minecart now I added a window at the front here so once you get
in the minecart you simply push it forward and then you could go out open
up the front door and start going along the track get out of my way time to
install the track track all right Logan’s gonna go in and start installing
the tracks we can get to the village but I got some bad news we’re completely out
of Golding yet that that does suck we had to use all the gold and get on the
track but that’s okay because once we get to the village it opens up a lot of
trading opportunities for us okay so now it’s time to start building our track this should be enough track to get us to
the village awesome all right well we definitely
have enough track to get us there I think now what we need to do is get on
this minecart and test it out I’m inside our little minecart station inside the
minecart and I’m ready to go hopefully the the track works I’ll label the
Heather and make my way to the village I’ll send it back for you Logan
hey here we go guys that was awesome we made a real working minecart on a
minecart track all right guys looks like the village is
just up ahead put on my diamond helmet here so I can now make sure we’re
protected in case things go so Logan you got your sword all right now we don’t
know how these people are they might be mean or there might be good friendly
traders keep an eye out for anything hello someone’s in there it’s a villager
a real-life villager sir look we are extremely hungry we are travelers from
without that way but look we want to trade for food if you have any sort of
food you can give us do you speak English I speak okay well do you have
any food we can trade for I mean we have Logan’s diamond sword not my damn sword
give them something I grow chickens all I can give you is chickens but in return
I want emerald emerald we don’t we don’t have emerald i I mean I have a diamond
helmet I don’t have as well kind of like an emerald right it’s like Browns like
good emerald no no no I only accept emerald we’re starving like we’re just
gonna have to get some emeralds fine fine but we’ll find emerald and we’ll be
right back okay don’t do anything with those chickens you stay right there
they keep the chickens warm we’ll be back we need to do something we need to
figure out a way to get emeralds guess we have no food I mean yes we could go
out and look for chica but there probably aren’t any I haven’t
seen one all I saw was a dog in a bunny and you made me scare away the bunny
yesterday Jake where are we gonna get emerald sigh well we’ve already been to
a cave beforehand I mean yeah we found diamonds but there was nothing else in
there half an idea in Minecraft you can swim and underwater they now have chests
there is a chance that in that ocean which we swim deep enough
we’ll find a chest in it and some emeralds we take it back to the chicken
dude and buy ourselves some nice juicy chicken it sounds a little far-fetched
Jake Logan if it was so far-fetched then why did I bring my swimming goggles Jake
I have no idea why you brought your swimming goggles going in the water
Logan and we’re gonna find that emerald and get back to the chicken man with
enough emerald abayas enough chickens to last the rest of our lives come on we
got some swimming to do let’s go cause I’m ready to go swimming I got myself
some Spears in case we run into some underwater creatures and all you have to
do is find ourselves chests last one in the water loses Logan see ya guess we
gotta go find some emeralds check it out let’s see what we got
Oh business we got diamonds cobblestone hey Thomas
is not that cool but you know what’s that
that’s my friend is it Emma oh we’re gonna be eating chicken tonight brother
why you keep calling it chicken guy say was tikka I don’t know hey we need give
this back to the basement dry off we gotta go get that chicken that’s now
that we got our little ticket to get some chicken I think it’s time to head
back to the village and see if we can trade for a little bit of food Suns
already starting to go down and I am starving for some yummy dinner all right
well let’s head out on the minecart track and pay this villager a little
visit it’s got our Emerald and everything ready to go let’s get on this
bike our track see you there hi mr. villager we have returned with
your emerald which I think means we get one of your chicken tikka tikka chicken
Oh Jake I’m so hungry just that with his bare hands
well yeah but I mean it’s mine crab we’re surviving mmm I’m for hunger cheek
where’s your fork and knife oh by the way mr. villager had a
question for you see I lost a dear friend of mine same as
mr. motions Jacob mr. moochick ask ask have you by chance seen an Enderman
carrying a little mr. mushrooms around an Enderman yes I have seen he walks
around with a gang of griefers I do not recommend you go after them though they
are very bad people whoa evening you you’ve seen him you’ve
seen mr. mushrooms oh no we need to go after them I don’t care if they’re
greeters I think we just take the chicken and we go back home loca I want
to get mr. mushrooms back and if you know where he is I’m gonna go after him
and i’ll take out those griefers for you I can tell you the coordinates to the
way they are not far over the mountains that used but be aware they are bad
people and have struck our village many a times their Enderman is very dangerous
well I think we need to get back and gear up man they have mr. mushrooms we
got to go and take the fight to them but we’re gonna need to make some serious
Raj we got some diamond from the chest we got in the ocean I mean we can we can
put together a full diamond outfit plus lots a diamond sword for the both of us
hey thanks dude thanks for the chicken kinda gross but thanks enjoy every last
bite of this you make great you make good chicken all right goodbye we’re
gonna get back mister mooshrooms and take down those griefers we’re gonna
need all the power we can get just why we’re gonna use our diamond to craft
some awesome diamond armor you go mr. crafting table bring me some diamond
armor what – here we go we got some diamond armor check it out dude now all
I need is a weapon I do up my bow and arrow but I think for this I’m gonna go
with the sword three and there we go we got ourselves a
diamond sword Jake did that just turn from a pickaxe to a sword
yeah it’s magical diamond sword dude it’s like pardon chanted boom pickaxe a
boom sword Jake look at this candle I just found
why is that at all important right now we’re about to go take down we go to a
cave or something we could use this if you got your diamond sword I got my
diamond armor we’re gonna head out take these guys down and get mr. mushrooms
back let’s go all right guys the villagers said that they should be
somewhere around here now these creepers are known to be
dangerous and they have some sort of pet Enderman who stole my mushrooms we’re
gonna find these guys and take them down Jake how do we know where they’re gonna
be I have no idea Logan that’s what we got
to look for them there’s no call for hey gray fur come out and fuck they’re there
I thought you said there are two guys behind us Logan I got an eagle vision
all right look I’ll take this guy you take that guy meet up in the middle oh no yes an enchanted bow and arrow you’re mine now got him hello he’s my help you need my help no I was pretty easy
Jake oh now here he is

Lady Gaga and Jimmy FaceTime Tim Cook to Fundraise for One World: Together at Home

-We’re talking to
the one-and-only Lady Gaga. We love you.
Thank you for doing this. We all appreciate you
doing this and having this big announcement
you’ve been working so hard on. We were talking about it
last week, and we can finally admit
what this is. You are putting together
a huge global citizen special. This is called
“One World Together at Home.” April 18th.
-Yes. -Can you tell me
kind of what it is? -Well — huh. Would you like to know
who’s hosting? -Yeah, I would love to know
who’s hosting. -You.
[ Both laugh ] Would you like to tell everyone?
-Yeah. I just want to say,
I’m actually honored. I’m hosting this special with
the help of two other friends. -I got Jimmy Fallon.
And guess who else I got. Kimmel and Colbert! -Come on!
At these times, we have to come together
and work together. Come on. See?
-I mean, come on. All three of you agreed to
join forces for a good cause. I’m so happy. And then NBC, CBS, and ABC,
everybody’s working together. It’s just, you know — I think the thing that I’ve been
most excited about is when I talk to people,
and I just see everyone want to jump in and help
and be a part of it. And like — it’s like we’re dissecting it
like art science, too. You know, watching the news,
watching culture, watching how all the pieces
fit together. And I’m just — I’m so grateful. And you know who else
is going to be on the show? -No.
-Friends — Friends from “Sesame Street.” -No! Come on.
See? Now, what — Is the whole show going to be
a mix of everybody? -We’ll have artists. We will have
lots of different people. We’ll have athletes. We’re also
going to have “Sesame Street.” We’re going to have
amazing hosts and actors. And the truth is that
we’re also going to do a lot of other things that are
gonna be different and exciting. And this is what I really
want to do with the show. Number one, I want to highlight
this global kind community that’s coming together
right now. And it’s this valiant effort
that we’re all witnessing, this triumph
that is the medical community. It’s amazing
what’s happening with them. And I know it’s easy to say
that, yes, this is a disaster, this is a global pandemic. But also, take a second
to marvel at the bravery. It’s just astounding
what they’re doing. And I also want to highlight
that this is not just a historical moment
in the history of humanity, but there’s a cultural moment
that’s occurring, as well, and it’s a kind one.
So, number one and number two, both have kindness
attached to them. No big surprise because
you’re dealing with me. -[ Laughs ]
I love — As soon as I heard
that you wanted to do something, I was like —
jumped right on board. And I know you were like,
“Would you, you know — Would you want to do something
with Kimmel? I go, “I love Jimmy Kimmel.
I love Stephen Colbert.” And especially in this time,
I don’t think there is an NBC, a CBS, ABC ratings thing. It doesn’t matter at this point. It’s about…
-No. -…entertaining
and getting out there and telling everybody
and reassuring everyone and spreading kindness
and saying, “Hey, we’re in this. Let’s help each other
when we can.” -That’s right. That’s —
And you know, what you just did is you did the very third thing
on my list for this special. It’s to celebrate the courage
of the human spirit. And, you know, that’s what
I really want to do is, I want to show
lots of acts of kindness. I also want to show things
that are happening in the world that maybe people
don’t know about in ways that we can feel
grateful for what we have, and we can give more
to help other people. But what’s also wonderful is,
it’s not a telethon. It’s not a fundraiser. So when the show starts,
put away your wallets and put away your credit cards
and just — -Just watch.
-Just sit back and watch the show,
because we will already have raised money ahead of time. We’re already at $35 million.
-What?! Can we say who’s donated so far? -I won’t tell you everyone. I’m gonna tell you
everyone slowly. -Okay.
-I would love to give a very special shout-out
to IBM and Ginni Rometty, the CEO.
She’s wonderful. She actually built
an entire digital platform for her to be able to send — send, basically, an ability
for her employees to donate and for other companies to use
the digital platform, as well. So she was very, very generous. And also, on behalf of Cisco, CEO Chuck Robbins
made a donation. -Wow.
-And he was wonderful, as well. So we’re just very grateful
for the generosity. And, you know — -So you’re talking
to some big names. -Well, you know,
what else am I gonna do while I’m at home right now? I thought, “Let’s figure out
a way to do a great show.” And, you know,
as soon as Dr. Tedros asked me, I said, “Of course.” I didn’t even think twice
about it. And then I thought,
“How much more can I help?” And they were already cooking,
fundraising. And so was Global Citizen. And I said, “You know,
if I can be of service, I’d love to be of service to,
you know, the world.” And I actually have
a lot more calls to make, so do you want to make one
with me? -I would love to.
I’d be honored. Who are we gonna call? -I think
we should call Tim Cook. -Uh — I don’t have his —
I don’t have his number. -I’ll just give it to you.
I’ll send it to you. -[ Laughs ] -I — I don’t know if he knows
he’s gonna be on TV just yet, but we’re gonna FaceTime him
and find out. -Oh, really? Hi, Tim Cook.
It’s Jimmy Fallon. -Hi, Jimmy!
Hi, Gaga! -Hi.
-How are you guys? -How are you?
-Nice to see you, Tim. -Good to see you. -Um, so, Tim, I feel bad
’cause you’re on TV. Sorry.
-Oh, no. [ Both laugh ] -We’re airing this.
But this is all through — -It’s gonna be fine, though,
I promise. Like, everything’s
going to be fine. I just — I had a question
for you, if you don’t mind. -Not at all.
I’m just working from home. -Of course we all appreciate
everything that Apple’s done already to support COVID-19. And as the CEO of Apple,
we’re very grateful to you. I was just wondering, you know, we spoke last night about a
certain number for the donation. And it was —
it was quite sizable, and I just wanted to make sure we were okay on that
this morning. Can I confirm you
for that donation? -You can confirm me. We’re so proud
to be a part of this. -Yeah! Whoo!
Ai-yi-yi! -[ Laughs ] -Tim, my next singles call,
Tim Cook. -Hey, I love it.
I can’t wait. -I’m putting it out tomorrow.
-I can’t wait. -You just helped
a lot of people. Thank you so much. -This is amazing
that you’re doing this. And, Gaga, this is amazing
that you’re making these phone calls
and doing this. -Tim’s the one
that’s making it happen. He just picked up the phone. -Yeah, that is true.
-Thanks so much, Tim. -I appreciate it.
-You’re the best. -See you.
-I’m gonna have someone follow up with you
just to lock it in, okay? -Will do.
-Bye, Tim. -We love you.
-Bye-bye. See you, Gaga, bye-bye.
-Thanks for all the Apple stuff. -Thank you.
[ Chuckles ] -I love that
you can make these calls. -Bye-bye.
-Bye. -That’s — That’s —
all right, yeah. And we will find out how much
we’re raising on April 18th. Is that correct?
-Yeah, we’ll know more then. But you know what?
I just want to say that Dr. Tedros and
the world Health Organization and Hugh Evans
at Global Citizen, everyone’s been working hard
at fundraising. I’m very grateful to be
a part of this team. And I just encourage everyone
that’s at home to, of course — I hope they feel
a warm hug from me. -Yes.
-And know that — that, you know,
I know the difference between the fight that I’m in and the fight
that other people are in. And that’s okay. And we’re here to be of service
and here to help. And we love you.
-“One World.” -“One World.”
-“One World Together at Home,” April 18th.
Mark your calendars. Set your DVRs. It’s gonna be an epic,
epic event. Lady Gaga, we love you so much
for all of this. Thank you, thank you so much.
-Thank you. -Wait.
Hold on one second. Do you want to know
who’s gonna be on the show? -Yeah.
-Like I said, our friends from “Sesame Street,” me, you,
Kimmel, and Colbert. We also have Alanis Morissette,
Andrea Bocelli, Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong
of Green Day, Burna Boy, Chris Martin,
David Beckham, Eddie Vedder — ohh! —
Elton John, Finneas, Idris and Sabrina Elba,
J Balvin, John Legend, Kacey Musgraves, Keith Urban,
Kerry Washington, Lang Lang, Lizzo, Maluma,
Sir Paul McCartney, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, as well as Shah Rukh Khan
and Stevie Wonder. And did I say Sir Elton John? Yes, I —
Yes, I did. Reading off a piece of paper. -Oh, that is massive! That is massive!
-We’re gonna do this. -I love you.
I love the world. I say this
with so much sincerity. Thank you to all of
the medical workers all over the world right now for risking your life
to save the world. I love you.
And… -This is great.
Thank you so much, Lady Gaga. Thank you.
I’ll talk soon. -Thank you. Bye.
Thanks, Jimmy. -How cool was that? We actually got word
from Tim Cook’s people to say we could disclose
how much money they donated. And that is $10 million already. We’re off to a great start,
everybody. “One World Together At Home”
airs April 18th.