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True Detective 3×05 Promo “If You Have Ghosts” (HD)

Something init? How quick this town died. Didn’t die, got murdered. Lost child is a void that echoes backwards and forwards in time They’re all gone vanished killed, kept silent How you gonna talk to these people- when we done what we done? There ain’t any secrets. We don’t stop. Take it all the way this time. Tick-tock, clock’s ticking for our girl out there detectives. Where have you been? Did any of her research suggest a larger conspiracy? Things I’ve seen… the things I know… don’t do anything but cause harm. The case. It’s only ever the case. Why the children posed this way? Prayerful repose signifies their innocence and rebirth in Christ. Why’s Will have his eyes closed? suppose he blinked Who took these pictures? I did. The hour in the day That’s a reference to a line in Matthew in the Bible which says For thou knowest neither the hour nor the day of the Lord’s judgment So it’s a biblical reference while also being a reference to Wayne’s disintegrating mental state and the idea that these are three dreams within the mind of one dreamer that the hour and the day of Right now have become uncertain, much less when the hour or the Day of Judgment will be. There is a feeling the 1980 story that we’re starting to move towards some kind of breaking point Our guys investigate a part of town that’s more exclusively dominated by the black community and we get to see a lot of the socio-economic differences there, and something about the way that community views the police. Y’all come over here! Come watch these nefarious men, what they trying to do to me. and sort of how they they treat Wayne, being both black and a policeman and you How you gonna wear that badge? It’s got a little clip on it Why you messing with ol’ Sam? Leave him alone! Be cool y’all. It’s nothing… so far In 1990 Wayne and Rowland are now part of a task force being run by Rowland. Officer Hayes, I know it’s been some time since you’ve been involved in an investigative unit And I hope, officer, you might use this new role to redeem an unfortunately stunted career I think it speaks to how desperate he’s become having worked a desk for the last ten years and how Being in this role being being the hunter Being the detective in some ways suits his nature much more. It’s been five hours not through a whole day yet You gonna watch all this video at once? Part of the reason. He’s there all night looking at that footage is because he’s given to obsession And I think part of it is that he doesn’t particularly want to go home. He’d rather be working. God damn.

Future Man Season 2 Trailer (HD)

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Future Man Season 2 Trailer (HD)

– How are you
in my living room 150 years in the future? – [singing] I thought
the future would be cooler – Hachi machi. – [singing]
I thought the brave world… – Our mission failed. We need
to un #$%@ this timeline. – [singing]
I thought the future… – [screams] – [muffled shout] [screams] [both squeal] [music continues] [crowd roars] [music continues] Instant chemistry. [music continues] – I love you, Dad!
– And… – [singing] I thought
the future would be I thought the future
would be… – [strains]
– [singing] I thought The future would be,
would be, would be cooler Underneath the sun I thought the brave world
would be newer… – [gasps, sputters] – You left just a little bit
right there. [music continues] – [singing] I thought
the future would be… [echoing]

Supernatural 15×01 Sneak Peek “Back and to the Future” (HD) Final Season

So what Except those freaking zombies at us now. They’re zombies Do you think one of those souls came up from hell that they they just they what just jumped into the nearest body I guess yes So thinking hold more doors a band of iron stone I hope Chuck he said welcome to the end. What would that be? Yes Come on, man ideas. Can you smite our way out of here? No, you saw them. I would be overwhelmed Dean I I Don’t know they’re ghosts technically maybe maybe we can burn their bones we’re in their moods Cast their minds can be anywhere great. So we go outside we get ripped apart. We’d stay in here. Where what what starve to death Well, I would be starve. Oh good for you