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Hi, fellow birdies! Today, I’m having fried seafood! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! Let’s start off with some classic french fries! These are by Great Value. I’m dipping it in cheddar cheese sauce. Nice and crispy! The cheese adds a rich flavor. I air-fried the fries at 400 for 10 minutes. Let’s try a calamari ring now. They look like onion rings! What a crunch! This is fried squid. So I guess you can say I’m eating squid for the 1st time! The taste reminds me of shrimp tempura. Rather fishy, but pleasant! I’m going to eat some jumbo butterfly shrimp next! Delicious! That cheese sauce just makes anything taste better! This shrimp and calamari are by Seapak. You can eat the tail since it’s fried. But I chose not to for this meal. A lot of you were requesting seafood. So I’m glad I found some new items to try. If you guys like crunchy sounds, this video is full of it! By the way, the cheddar cheese sauce is by Great Value and can be bought at Walmart! This was a major feast, but I was very hungry for it! What would be your favorite from this? I would personally pick the camalari. It reminds me of onion rings so That cheese sauce can be messy if you don’t watch your bite! I personally like shoestring fries more than the other varieties. Although waffle is also a good choice. I was debating whether I would have enough cheese sauce for this feast. But I think it’ll be fine! How many fries do you dip at a time? I like varying it up! I usually enjoy fried shrimp with soy sauce. It can go with a variety of choices! Every time I take a bite of this meal, I feel like I’m literally in heaven. While I eat eating this, I got a huge craving for Captain D’s Seafood. We have one right down the road! This food is giving my jaw a much-needed workout. LOL I think if my son had been here with me for this meal, he would jump on the fries. He loves ketchup with them. But I’m not sure ketchup would’ve worked for the calamari and shrimp. LOL I swear, I could eat these fries all day! Sometimes I have to mentally tell myself, work on the other items, then finish the fries! I wish I could share this meal with you all! If I could describe the taste of fried shrimp, it’s like eating crunchy breading that’s meaty and fishy! But the flavor is enriched with the cheese sauce. A perfect combo! Even though calamari is squid, it surprises me how much it tastes like the shrimp. Raise your hand if you like big bites! I’m saving some of the best items for last! And I want to use up that cheese sauce! Now it’s on to the fries! Will I have enough cheese sauce? Only time will tell! I’m thinking I barely will! It depends on how much I use per bite. LOL Last of the fries, going down! So happy and good! What a meal! See you next time! Bye, birdies 🙂

Mystery Fighters Arrive vs Moro!? Future Trunks and…. Dragon Ball Super Manga

Hello and welcome back all my Dragon Ball
Theorist, there has been some talk amongst the community that there could be some mysterious
fighters joining the heroes of Earth in the epic battle against
Moro and his Army. I mean Earth did have 2 whole months to prepare
and assemble to stop this villain from doing what he wants with the Universe. So who do you call? Well anyone you can with that
much time and there was some clues that fans have seen on page 6 of the Dragon Ball Super
Manga Chapter 56. At first glance when seeing the arrival of
a sleeping Buu it was easy to miss who is watching
but when we zoom in and enhance this image. We can clearly see the Pilaf Gang on the right
with a young Shu and Mai. Then front and center it appears to be none
other than Future Trunks and Mai standing right next to them. Furthermore in the very next panel Toyotarou
made sure to block out these mystery characters faces by putting Mr. Popo, Dende and Esca
in front of them. This to me screams out subtle clue with the
intentions to not make it obvious that indeed a well known fighter could be returning to
lend a hand against Moro. So lets explore what we know up to this
point and cover in detail just who these mysterious characters are. As well as some potential other allies that
could be making a surprise visit to stop Moro while Goku and Vegeta make their way
back to Earth. I think it was obvious that we were going
to have the Androids arrive since they don’t have Ki which makes them a formidable counter
to Seven-Three and Moro. So this was the expected reveal many fans
saw coming in chapter 56. Then their presence means one thing, as Gohan
asks “Are Goten and Trunks doing okay 18” Yup, they are having a blast over on monster
island. Those 2 were thrilled when they
heard they could fill in for 17 as rangers. Again we expected young Goten and Trunks who
do have a lot of potential aren’t making it just yet into the big battles. This does ensure though that this
image needs to be given some thought because it can’t be an error in drawing in what looks
like Trunk and Mai. It’s not like it could be young Trunks either
as he is on Monster Island. Well the answer to why it could be Future
Trunks is the person who is responsible for all the recruiting for this battle, is none
other than Bulma. Back in Chapter 53 when Earth had little time
to prepare to fight off Moro’s scouts. Jaco anxiously stated, “Hey Bulma, I told
you to gather up all the toughest warriors!!” Which not to her fault she didn’t have time
and only Krillin was available. Now with 2 months of preparation she likely
pulled out all the stops since Gohan and Piccolo were defeated in that chapter by Seven-Three
using Moro’s powers. Even 18 stated last chapter that Capsule Corp
is also giving her 10 million zeni to fight, as soon as we mop up here it’s pay day! One thing you can say about Bulma is she can
get things done! Her
powers of persuasion have no equal, especially if given ample time like 2 months to make
preparations. Which makes it possible that Bulma could of
arranged to visit Future Trunks and recruit him for
this battle on Earth. Now I would like to state from a writing stand
point this could complicate a story that already has a lot of fighters involved. So there would have to be some sort of pay
off and specific reason to involve Future Trunks
into this Arc. Maybe having Trunks here to help tackle Moro
will help us make a smooth transition into the next Arc that is planned. Before I get into what that could be, I want
to tackle the other mysterious fighters that could be helping our heroes. As we know when times are tough Bulma spares
no expense in bribing who she needs to get the job done. Even if it is an Angel or God of Destruction
with Food. So when everyone was sitting around trying
to figure out who could help with defending Earth. This must of created a
situation very similar to them recruiting fighters for Tournament of Power where the
Universe is on the line. In reality Moro is a threat to every living
thing in Universe 7 which means Frieza absolutely had to come up in the discussion. Like many fans reading the Manga we have wondered
when the Emperor of Evil would make his grand entrance into this Arc. I thought that Moro would of ran into Frieza
first and made him an ally before heading to Earth with his grand plan of reshaping
the Universe. That didn’t happen but there is no reason
to really not call on Frieza’s help now in the 2 month’s leading up to this battle. He showed
that he could be an ally in the tournament of power under the right conditions. I believe that Bulma can also approach Frieza
and make a good enough case to persuade him to be an ally once again. This is how it likely went down, Bulma using
a delicious dessert food tried to contact Whis during the 2 months of time they had
preparing for the upcoming battle. Whis obviously is well aware of it as
he has been observing the situation with the Angel Merus and Goku. So Whis takes the call and Bulma starts shouting
that there is this Moro guy on the way and he is going to wipe out Earth and all of
it’s precious food if you don’t come and help! Whis responds yes, I am aware of Moro and
I am currently preoccupied with Angel business so I can’t come help you at this time. Goku and Vegeta will
likely have to make it back there and you guys will have to defeat Moro on your own. A frantic Bulma screams what!! Well then can you arrange for me to talk to
Frieza? Whis ponders and says Ohhhhhh are you planning
to recruit him again? What an idea that is. Sure I can make that
happen! Whis uses his staff and looks to find Frieza. Then he opens up communication with him. Frieza!! You remember me it’s Whis! Frieza grins and says interesting why are
you contacting me now? Well I am doing it on behalf of Bulma she
has an urgent message for you from Earth. Frieza curious says fine go ahead. This is where Bulma explains to Frieza that
the Universe is in danger by this villain known as Moro the planet Eater. He is on his way to Earth in 2 months and
everyone is assembling here to stop him and we could use your help! Ho ho ho ho ho! Frieza chuckles and why should I help you? Better yet, maybe I should just stop by and
watch this Moro destroy your planet. Besides where is Goku and Vegeta? shouldn’t
you be calling them instead. Bulma tells Frieza that they are off training
because Moro defeated them easily and they aren’t strong enough to stop him! Frieza stunned in disbelief says what!! This Moro could defeat
both of them easily? Yes Bulma screams, he has powerful Magic and
drained them of all their energy so we are working on a way to fight him. Even worse Moro has an Army of powerful fighters
that is even stronger than yours! Some of his hench men defeated Gohan and Piccolo,
so if you don’t come and help you will be surely taken out by this guy. Frieza immediately realizes the gravity of
the situation, that someone who can beat Goku and Vegeta then an Army capable of defeating
Gohan and Piccolo is something he stands no chance against. He looks
at Bulma and says fine! I will agree to help you but I require you
to fulfill one promise? Bulma agrees fine what is it, you want your
hands on the Dragon Balls I suppose. Frieza says I will let you
know my terms after we defeat this Moro, how much time do I have before he arrives? Bulma says almost 2 months and Goku and Vegeta
should be here by then to help, I hope. Frieza says fine I will
arrive in 2 months and if Goku and Vegeta are training, it is obvious that I will need
to train myself and find a way to fight Moro as well. I will see you then. With this much time and Bulma doing everything
in her power to make sure Earth has enough fighters I think that Frieza is a logical
choice in this situation. I also think with a 2 month time frame
that it would give Frieza enough time to train and calculate on appropriate measures needed
to make sure he comes out on top in this encounter. I know some have a love hate relationship
for Frieza but I really enjoyed having him in the Tournament
of Power and thought he added a very needed element to that Arc. Just as important as it was to bring back
Android 17 into the main story. So it is
possible that both Android 17 and Frieza will continue being used again. Finally I want to quickly mention the one
person I expected to see get involved that oddly hasn’t been mentioned at all this entire
Arc, is the Supreme Kai. It would be impossible for the Supreme Kai
with the Old Kai to not have seen Moro on his planet eating spree. I know they probably left out the Supreme
Kai initially to set up the story with the Grand Supreme Kai but I find it kinda shocking
that the acting overseer of the Universe hasn’t put any plans into motion yet. I don’t know how Toyotarou would plan to involve
the Supreme Kai but I can’t imagine we go this entire Arc without seeing
him get involved with something that is a Universal threat. With that said I do think they are going to
slow down this story a lot. It’s possible that Goku and Vegeta might not
make it to Earth right away and then this gives a reason to bring in these
mysterious fighters like Future Trunks, Frieza and perhaps the Supreme Kai to lend a hand
against Moro’s army or hold off Moro till they arrive. Initially it seemed odd to have Future Trunks
on this panel but after some thought if this Arc is
going to go on for awhile, he could be a part of what lies ahead for the next story in the
Manga. Maybe this Galactic Patrol Arc introduced
a new Angel with Merus and intends to get all our favorite
characters in the story so we can finally prepare for an Arc we all been waiting for. An Arc that finally explores the demon realm. Hope everyone has been having a great week
and we have the new Manga chapter 57 coming out in 2 days. Now I want to hear from you, is this really
Future Trunks? Did Bulma going on a massive recruiting
spree the last 2 months and got Future Trunks or Frieza to come help? I always love to hear your thoughts and theories
in the comments below. If you enjoyed this video don’t forget to
share it and smash that like button. Also please subscribe to support the channel
and turn on that notification bell to keep those theories coming!!

Guess The Anchors By These Crazy Facts | Part 2 | Ok Tested

I am back! And if I don’t give the answers today. You can wish me goodbye!Today’s quiz is a very interesting quiz. It is can you guess the anchors from these facts. I am afraid if I rank second in this quiz… Mom, will you beat me up again while shi*tng? Do I know any secrets about the anchors
that I want to share? I know many secrets. But I don’t think I will share it with you. Half of the conversations happen in situations when none of it stays in the memory. If I let you know then
no one will share their secrets with me. So…noooooo. Just dm me about it.
Maybe I’ll tell. Yes even today when I burp.. I say ‘Sorry Bhagwan’. Because I think God is everywhere and we burp on him. I have learned this that.. I am going to give wrong answers with confidence. Like you guys know it. So I don’t give a fuck. Now spill everyone’s dirty secrets! WHAT THE F*CK!!! Who is this desperate guy!? This looks like a very English anchor. Okay! So Rohit Bhattacharya or Akshay. I think this is Kaustubh’s kind of vibe. Antil can never think about it. Pavitra Paruthi can also not think about it. Kaustubh cannot think about it I think maybe when Joshua was high
he shared this story with me. Joshua? Is it Joshua? Kaustubh is my answer. I think it’s Kaustubh. Not even Arushi.
It can be Rohit Bhattacharya or Sonali. No, not even Sonali.
It’s Rohit Bhattacharya. Definitely lock my answer. The answer is Joshua. Did Arushi even have time to do something except reading her books!? ‘Tattian ne menu mene mardiyan’ This person is very bold.
Cause shared it on camera. Which anchor comes like a baby? I feel only Kanishk can pull this off. Some really fun anchor this seems. Is it Kaustubh? It can be Pavitra Paruthi. I think it can be Akansha. Pavitra Paruthi. Akansha keeps saying ‘tatti tatti’ I think it’s Akansha. My heart says it’s Kanishk. Because I can actually see Kanishk doing that. And also talking about it. Random guess Tenzing. If you will be eating crabs, Scorpio, snake ,rat. Then definitely this will happen right? Tenzing has worked really hard for ‘Eat like a girl’ The kind of things she had to eat! HATS OFF TO TENZING! Wy will someone call the other as Donut!? I never used to eat donuts during childhood man. Didn’t even know donuts like thing existed. It can’t be Akansha Akansha’s nick name would be ‘Malpua’. It can be Akshay. It can be Sonali. It can be Joshua. Oh nooooo. It can be Sonali. Tenzing! Yes..she has names like these only. Like her dog’s name is fudge. So maybe her nick name would be donut. Is it Tenzing? It can be Rohit Bhattacharya. F*ck bro! Donut..something sweet no. I think it’s Tenzing. Okay I’ll say Joshua. Okay I will not say Joshua. I want to change my answer. x5 Akshay. Did Akshay have a hole in here? ‘Poo ko mudke kisne dekha’ Even I like Kareena Kapoor a lot. I used to go into the washroom and act like I had some magic wand. And in a jiffy, my face would turn into Kareena’s. This can be Pavitra. Newspapers. Sania mirza and Kareena have no connection. This is that guy who pastes the cut out from newspapers in his washroom. Akansha? Satyam? Antil? Not Kaustubh, not Kanishk , not Antil. I think it’s Tenzing. Is it Pavitra? I will go with Satyam
because he has some interest in sports. Satyam. Out of all the anchors
if there’s one who has the most unique traits is.. Vivek. WHAAAT!? Boys can go to any extent! Now I know. Mangoes with monkeys!. Kaustubh can have it Not Kaustubh, maybe Akansha or Rohit.Rohit bhattacharya. After listening to this there’s just
one person coming to my mind. And that is of Kaustubh Chaturvedi. I have a feeling, it could be Satyam. Because Satyam is such a gentleman that he must have taught some manners to monkey also. I don’t know. The one who has kept bear as a pet, that person can also have mangoes with monkey. So I think it’s Sonali. Let me just check on OK Tested app
if am not missing on any of the anchor Have you downloaded the app yet? The new update is really awesome. Akansha can do this!!!! Yess!! Oh my god!! I am wrong about everyone. Bhattacharya or Sonali.. or Akansha. That is a very me kind of a thing to do. It can also be Rohit bhattacharya. Rohit must not have realised what’s he is doing. Akshay won’t kiss. I am just imagining all three people go to club and… Akansha..because she is bold like that. Could be Pushp because she is like wildly feminist. So she must have done it. Recently in a video Josh kissed me on my head after getting drunk. So Joshua. Akansha. Akansha or Sonali.. Sonali. GOD!!! ###@** DAMNIT! Was it me? It can be Joshua. This sounds like a Kaustubh thing. This could be Satyam because
he is a Bihari then he had to go to Orrisa. And he still doesn’t know much odia. I know Arushi’s story. When she came to Delhi. She didn’t know how to speak in Hindi. Kanishk because he is like ‘GAWD DAMNIT!’ So whenever he talks in English this accent comes out. I think it’s Sadhika.
She can do such things. Who are the anchors? I almost forgot..Antil. Joshua also got shifted to Delhi
and he didn’t know much Hindi. So I think the answer will be Joshua. From my first answer till the last one I have taken Joshua’s name. After reciting the name so many times you can find God. Can I not get one answer right? Joshua is the answer. Final answer is Joshua. Yes!!! Whooohooo! My guess was right but logic was very wrong. Because he went to study Australia and he had to fake Australian accent. So I will request you all to tell Joshua.. To do another video in Australian accent. This has been nice. I have gotten to know
a lot of things about a lot of people. I thought I knew them but I guess I don’t know them. Now everyday I will talk to them. So tell me something about yourself. I would want to know something about you. Wow wow. The best thing is you know these people from the past two years. but even then there is so much you don’t know. Whenever I am near Tenzing I will smell around first. ‘Jhappi’ for Pavitra and Tenzing. If you like this video Go LIKE , SHARE , COMMENT And SUBSCRIBE to OK TESTED! And our OK TESTED app is here. Go and download the app It will be there on ios in three to four months. Please go and download it’s on Play store.

10 Mobile RPG Games That Are Actually OFFLINE!!!

February 19, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

10 Mobile RPG Games That Are Actually OFFLINE!!!

HEY GAMERS!!!!!!! Welcome back to IsItThatGame! Your one stop destination for the best smartphone
games out there! This is your friend ‘Big Smoke’ and today
we will see Top 10 Awesome RPG games that can be played completely offline! So No Internet? No problem! Make sure to Leave a BIG FAT LIKE if enjoy
this video and now without wasting any time… Lets get started! [Pause]
We’re kicking off this list with none other than The Elder Scrolls Blades, one of the
most highly anticipated mobile RPGs of 2019. The game comes directly from Bethesda Softworks
and is a spin-off of the main Elder Scrolls series, which also includes highly acclaimed
titles like Skyrim and Oblivion. Despite its relatively small size of 150 MB,
the game features gorgeous graphics, plenty of quests, an in-depth character creator,
and even a PvP mode! [Pause]
Next up we have Infinity Souls, a 297 MB fantasy-themed action RPG inspired by the Dark Souls series! The game isn’t quite as bleak as Dark Souls
but features similarly challenging bosses that can end you in two hits and a combat
system that rewards skill instead of mindless screen tapping. Make sure you’re prepared to die repeatedly
as you try to “git gud” at this game because Infinity Souls will absolutely wreck you otherwise. [Pause]
Remember how we mentioned that the last game was inspired by Dark Souls? Yes, well, this next one is called Animus
– Harbinger and basically IS Dark Souls! The action RPG was developed by Tenbirds and
is pretty much identical to Bandai Namco’s infamous series both in terms of gameplay
and aesthetics. You’ll need around 1.5 gigs of free space
if you want to pick this one up but it’s definitely worth it. [Pause]
If you’re looking for something more colorful, you may want to keep an eye out for Nimian
Legends: Bridge Ridge. This hand-crafted open-world RPG developed
by Protopop Games isn’t free but will only take 429 MB of your space and will give you
plenty of pretty environments to look at in return. The game can probably best be described as
a combination between Skyrim and Shadow of the Colossus. Need I say more? [Pause]
Coming up next on our list we have Ice and Fire: Dawn Break, an action RPG with anime-inspired
graphics developed by Auer Media & Entertainment. This free 836 MB game challenges players with
constant hack-and-slash combat across over 100 different levels and several difficult
boss battles along the way. There are only three characters to choose
from, however, this lack of variety is offset by the fact that each of them comes with unique
weapons and abilities. [Pause]
Next, we take a look at yet another souls-like game that wears its inspiration on its sleeve. This particular title is known as Revenant
Knight and offers dozens of different types of enemies along with 14 bosses, each more
terrifying than the last. Developed by 6000Software and weighing in
at 416 MB, Revenant Knight is arguably even more difficult than most of its siblings as
you can’t level up or equip items that will increase your stats. [Pause]
Moving on, we have Portal Knights, an excellent RPG developed by 505 Games. At first glance, some might dismiss Portal
Knights as yet another Minecraft clone but there’s a lot more to this game than meets
the eye. Portal Knights is a very immersive sandbox
RPG with robust building mechanics, solid combat, and even a 4-player co-op mode! This 1.4 GB title isn’t free but it definitely
offers great bang for your buck. [Pause]
If you love Diablo you’re going to get a kick out of our next pick. Eternium is a very popular ARPG developed
by Making Fun, Inc. with over 1.8 million downloads on Google Play alone and hordes
of dedicated fans constantly singing its praises. And why shouldn’t they? This free-to-play game takes some of the best
elements of Diablo and combines them with a unique spell casting system in order to
create something truly special. [Pause]
Next up on our list, we have Battleheart Legacy, a funky looking RPG developed by Mika Mobile. Don’t let its blocky aesthetic fool you,
though, because there’s a lot to love about this title. Battleheart Legacy is a highly immersive RPG
with 12 character classes and over 150 skills to choose from. Epic boss battles? Check. Great story? Of course. Loot galore? Yep, and then some! All that and more tucked neatly inside an
890 MB package. [Pause]
We’re wrapping things up with an absolutely epic game known as Arcane Quest Legends. This 2.2 GB hack & slash RPG developed by
Nex Game Studios is massive in size, as well as in scope. The game takes place across a vast landscape
filled to the brim with countless dungeons to explore and hideous monsters to slay. There’s also a highly in-depth character
customization system and a compelling storyline to boot. In short, a true classic RPG experience. [Pause]
So thats all for today guys…hope enjoyed the video! To watch this video with awesome music checkout
the link on the top comment! See you in the next video! Till then, this is your friend ‘Big Smoke’,
Signing Offfff!


[Music] [Music] we are going to start on the front porch I have this sleigh here but I just decorated with some florals this is from last year and then I made this bow which this is the matching bow from the kids tree some folk poinsettias but I always had then I got this from Walmart last year the oh holy night Sun came from Hobby Lobby it is a wreath embellishment I got it this year and then I made the wreath [Music] in the front room this is where I have the kids tree and I am going to start up here I have this tree skirt that I’ve had with Isabelle oh it was her first Christmas and I got this at Big Lots so that would be 17 years ago and I love it I don’t care what my decor is I will always have this tree skirt I think it’s so sweet and it reminds me of those days when she was a baby so the tree in here is very colorful and it’s just for the kids it’s got all of our homemade ornaments on them all the ornaments that the kids made I have the baby first year all the ornaments this tree is my favorite because it just resembles our family and I think it’s a snowman’s cat to it that’s where kirklands I got that a couple of years ago and then this year I added all the ribbon to tie it all in this is a tree that my neighbor was getting rid of two years ago it was pre lit and the lights didn’t work so I actually cut off all of the wire lights and then these are lights that I added as you can see and then I actually flopped it I bought the flocking off of Amazon and did it myself and it is held up very very very well so if you guys find a tree for nothing or super cheap and you want the flocking look it is so easy to do and I think it was only maybe twenty dollars but a mental value like this one was this a Bella’s when she was five years old this one was for drew Liam made that we did this 2014 my mom’s got this for the kid it’s probably four years ago so all of the ornaments have some sort of special meaning Tolman to me just coming over here I just took some of these mercury glass candles and then I put all of my snow globes that I collected I stopped collecting them because I couldn’t find many after 2002 2010 I could not find any more so I just stopped but it starts at 2005 keeps on going I love these if you guys know where to find the rest of the years let me know over here is just a little sitting area my red velvet pillow covers from Amazon and then Drew’s first Christmas [Music] but the differ is this time is it ever since – I’ve been happier than I have ever been safe to say that my love for you is true tomorrow it is Christmas [Music] [Music] so for my entryway I kept it super simple this year and I’m gonna start with a bottle my sister actually made this for me last year it is a wooden nativity set I think it’s so cute and so I put this on the bottom and then I used a flocking a flocked garland it gets from Walmart last year and then I’ve got my willow tree Nativity that is so pretty I love the details on this then I made this at a craft party with a friend of mine and I have a little wreath I need to get on here and we put it on the days until the 25th the kids love it and they move it in every morning so I just made this from some pics from Michaels and added the antlers here these were all 70% off and I got those this year and added it into the blue troll [Music] [Music] and occasionally have my Christmas spirit foaming hand soap this is the job s and I will have a link for this in my description box I’m also diffusing the Christmas spirit essential oil dare and then I just got my pops of red I kept the kitchen super simple and I will be doing a whole cocoa bar but that is going to be heard later this weekend right here Chris actually did this and I thought he did such a good job I’ve got this really pretty ticking red ticking stripe runner with little bells on it and then he added this here and I’ve got my cranberry bliss and my birch wood pine candles and these are for the cozy candle company I talk about them a lot on my Instagram it’s the only candle that I can even tolerate and they are so so good I got this from Target last year for $3 [Music] and then the let’s see here the one two three four plays are actually snowflake plates and they are really cute so right here I added an O Holy Night you’ve gotta have a little bit of my bleedin going on and then I got these pillowcases you have to excuse me it was so perfect and then Ruby laid on it I’m just gonna leave it but I’ve got like these dear fond pillow covers kind of a silvery cream and grey I got those from Amazon those pillowcases were from Amazon and these pillowcases are from Amazon you guys know I love my pillow covers from Amazon same over here and I like this because it made me think of like a deer some people call it antelope I call it deer and I think it’s so cute you look like row a cozy throw here so for the table you guys probably remember this I’ve got my blue velvet reindeer and my birch wood candle all lit up coming over here my mom actually got gave me this pillow when we were decorating her house she had it it was perfect in here and then I am still in the process of painting all of this I just haven’t had the time and I put the three trees here and I thought this would look so cute they made it look like a little mantel or under like the fireplace and I’ve got my flock tree from Target and a pine cone and some birch wood logs those aren’t real so I was trying to give it like the illusion of a fireplace I just add little touches of Christmas [Music] up here I’ve got a garland it it actually not just the one in the kitchen and I’ll show that one to you and then here is the adultery or mom’s tree and I’ve got this wooden horse from home goods and then all of these sparkly ornaments these are action from the Dollar Tree I’ve got my snowy magnolias these are from the Dollar Tree gets the more pretty sentimental ornaments on here [Music] some blue snowy ornaments to come tie in there [Music] so I wanted to show you guys on the top of the kitchen cabinets I’ve got another garland like I have on top of the entertainment center and then I have a Santa Claus up there in oh holy night I kept it super simple in my room this year I just added a throw blanket and then the dark blue pillows and then maybe it’s cold outside I did not put any garland up here this year just because I’m trying to do blasts with all my allergies and stuff I figured I just didn’t want to have to put that up to dust so I’m doing it really simple say hello sweetie the sweetest boy ever defusing Christmas spirit up here and I kept this very cleaned off very minimal [Music] okay the last thing is the boys bathroom super simple added more of the Christmas spirit foaming hand soap this is from young living and I will have a link in my description if you want the Christmas spirit essential oil and this it is so amazing so so amazing so I’ll have that my description box and then if you need to get a diffuser for that as well and then I’ve got these hand files naughty and nice very simple when you’ve got this many kids and boys that bad they’re not really interested in much [Music]

If ZELDA Breath of the Wild was Realistic

February 17, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

If ZELDA Breath of the Wild was Realistic

Voice: Open your eyes, wake up link. Wake up Link! [Zelda]
Okay! Gahh~ [Link]
That’s worst alarm clock ever [Link]
Wait who am I-
Where am I- She said link right?
Weird name–
named after a chain, excellent parenting. [Link]
Oh sweet. Is this the new iPhone 9? This is the iPhone 9s. Is Link really my name? let’s find out. [Link]
Siri, what’s my name? [Siri]
Your name? But you asked me to call you link,
Some prick who loves Goron cock. [Link]
Who’s been messing with my phone?
Goron cock, yeah good one. [Link]
Hey, Siri where the nearest pizza joint? [Siri]
Okay Here’s what I found- [Link]
Super Pizza Town,
one review one star not good, CLOSED? Well I guess pizza’s off the menu. *Grunts*
What are these [Link]
Ewwww How long have these been in here for? I’m so going to catch something from this *Opens Another Chest*
Oh, really? Ugh! Oh god I feel dirty… [Zelda]
Hold the iPhone 9 up to the pedestal! [Link]
Okay, where’s that coming from? Am I being watched right now? [Link]
Am I a lab experiment?
Zelda: your Google maps will show you the way. [Link]
What are you on about? [Zelda]
-Aright! grouchy pants- [Zelda]
Link. You are the light, our light [Zelda]
As you shine upon Hyrule… *Cute cat noises*
hehehehe hehehehe PAY ATTENTION!! Ok, sorry. Just leave. Augh, do I really want to? *Splashes* it’s cold~ *sobs* [Link]
They get all wet, I don’t like it, I don’t like it. *Insert Link Grunting Noises here* *Dramatic Music Plays* [Link]
*pants* Nothing’s….
(Comments are Transcribed by Kyle Lee And Reviewed By OmgguyyoutubeRBLX) (Watch the fucking video you prick) Old Man: Hello. Link: Hi Old man: Did you enjoy the faces?
Link: If I say yes do I get food? Yes. Link: Oh then yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. [Old Man]
Nice. Ponytail hippie, huh? [Link]
Oh yeah, I didn’t even notice I had one.
Old Man: That’s what they all say Yeah but I’ve got Amnesia.
Old Man: Oh look at you with your fancy condition about a hundred years ago [Old Man]
Hyrule got fucked up by this big thing in the sky probably Ganon or something a big boss essentially, and over there was the temple of Scientology. Woah Woah, back up. So the last boss is over there.
Old Man:Yeah Link: like that thing right there Old Man: Yeah
Then what are you sitting in your ass for? Let’s go!
Old Man: Oh that’s not a good idea. I do oh oh- oh… No, you don’t want to go that way. [screams] Save me! Save me! Aaah I told you.
[continues screaming as he gets tortured by guardians]
What is this?! Never again. Never again ???: Give me your wallet! [Link]
Is this a stick up right now? No, this is a give me your wallet! I mean, I’ve got a branch
???: A branch? I don’t like eating branches I only eat wallets. [Link]
Sounds like a healthy diet, what even are you? I’m a B-bbb-bolbol-
Link: A what? Bbbolbkablin: [unintelligible] Bbbolbkablin: [unintelligible]
Link: Yeah Bbbolbkablin: [unintelligible]
Link: Uh huh So you’re a what now? [Kevin]
Look my name is Kevin okay? Now Kevin: I’m going to stab you and eat your face and pretend it was a wallet because I like eating wallets you see. Link: Yeah, Well I don’t think so because I-I Uhh… [Link]
EAT TREE BRANCH! [Swoshing sounds]
(#eattreebranch. let’s get this one trending) Link: Where’d it go? I’m gonna kill you [unintelligible] bokoblin style. Huh look it’s raining (JONTRON: SLAP IT ON WITH THE MIGHT OF ZEUS) *poof* Well that was pretty shocking. [Laughter] Link: Oh cool an axe! I wonder what I do with this Chuchu:Blauba Blaub
Link: Die! Die! Die! Ha Hah. I am a god. I’ll take this U-uugh [Disgusted Link Sounds] There we go. Just just stay away from me- and that’s exactly what happened.
I got down on my knees I said Jennifer, I love the balls out of you. Would you [unintelligible]-kkkkoblin marry me? Well what did she say? She said no.
Why? Apparently I’m already married so… [Bokoblin Laughter] Oh Billy, goblin humor *ded* You just killed my friend.
Link: Yeah, I mean look at him look at him Mmm. Look all I want is his food and I’ll be on my way. I need a pre-pizza snack~ You know how it is.
But we’re just like you. We’re just trying to survive! Daddy? Stay back inside son. What happened to Billy? I said get back inside! Well okay, this just got awkward We’re just trying to survive! Well you kinda put me on the spot now- [Bokoblin Tears] Y-you’re an asshole! Did you kiss your mother with that mouth
He was my mother!
(That’s fucked up. Also but he said friend eariler. dafuq) Okay I’ll just leave, I hate to be around I’m not a fan of it so enjoy your life. I guess. Thank you [Link]
Uh huh. Thank you
[Link gets shot by an arrow]
(You shouldn’t have done that.) Go get him son (ded x2) [Link]
It’s the Circle of Life man, Circle of Life. *beep*
Ooh two likes already. Now according to Siri, the Pizza Joint should be here. Hello? I’d like to order a thin and crispy. I guess they’re busy *Tower gets activated* [Intense music plays] So do I get pizza now, or? Remember, try to remember, the fifth of December.
Link: Why the fifth?
Zelda: because that’s my birthday! Link: Oh, it is? Let me write that down in my diary.
Zelda: You aren’t actually putting that down, are you? Link: Nope. You have been asleep for the past hundred years Yes, but does that mean I’ve broken the record for the longest nap of all time let me google it real quick Stop! Just go kill this floaty thing.
Link: I already tried that and got bummed Well then stop being shit! Just climb down the tower and trigger a cutscene! Link: Well when you put it that way– [Link proceeds to be shit] OH DEAR- [RIP LINK 2017-2017] Link: OWW! Old man: It will appear that your iPhone 9 has uncovered the secrets of the secret towers of the secrets. Is there a secret for getting rid of this pain?
Eat this. [Link]
Ah there we go! [Old Man]
Now if you don’t mind me being nosy. [Old Man]
Now if you don’t mind me being nosy.
Link: I do mind Did anything happen on top of that tower? Well aside from no pizza falling down and breaking every bone in my body, I did hear a voice in my head- What are you psycho or something? Aren’t you supposed to be helping me? You’ve got to try to go the castle again. Link: No.
You’ve got to try to go the castle again. Well you’re on this plateau, We’re surrounded by cliffs, and if you jump off one you’ll die. Thanks for the obvious health and safety lesson Of course you might not die if you’ve got a paraglider like me. (Wow.) So you’re gonna give me it? No? Stupid question really wasn’t it. What do you want? Get on your knees What are you doing? I’m trying to get the paraglider Wha- NO!
I meant get down on your knees and pray to the temples to get the treasures ah Oh, I can see how that got a bit misconstrued.
That’s not what I intended I just wanted you to go to the shrine. Sorry, there you go.
Um, I’ll leave. We are so screwed Link: Brrrrrrubbbubb Let’s do this system update. Got these new cool emojis. Ooh it’s a spooky door! Aaaaah! To you who sets foot in this Shrine, I am [unintelligible] Yeah didn’t quite catch that. I am [unintelligible] Just do the fucking trial. Oh another update? The magnet app, huh? Wooo- Woooeeee OH SHIT
(RIP Link) Oh it’s one of these things again but tiny crazy space octopus thing. Who’s a good little octopus. I was going to adopt you and take you in but now Hi, yes, is this the animal shelter?
Yeah, I’ve got a rogue metallic octopus on the streets proper octopussy like okay, yeah, mhmm- Okay, cool.
Grab and bag him boys! Thank you officer. No problem. Have a great day. You too. It’s fine, I’ll just adopt you instead. Come on Sparkles That’s a nice door Yeeaugh! Haha, and I bet you thought I’d hit myself in the face didn’t you? [Suddenly, Pianos] *Pmmmh*
Hello did I just stumble into somebody’s funeral? Strange open casket?
You have proven to possess the resolve of a true Goon. I am [unintelligible] the creator of this trial uiehfeshfuhih: I can speak without my mouth moving and my eyes are always closed good thing I still maintain my good fashion sense though. Look at my glorious hair. What do you think? [Link]
It’s alright Now, take my orb thing. Hey! Wrong way. Oh, well alrighty. Well. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment to go to teleportation magic thing I can’t tell if I enjoyed that or not Aah! Can you stop doing that? [Old Man]
I see you’ve got a spirit orb. Paraglider. Now. All these shrines are connected to your iPhone 9. [Link]
Why is that? They brought back the headphone-jack, which created the towers. to receive telephone signals and support the Wi-fi (WLAN). You see an old tribe built these shrines, Apple, run by a legendary Apple, Steve jobs
(soo he’s an apple now?) Oh really– awesome, man~ [Link]
Now give me the paraglider you prick. I wanna mess with you some more Find me three more orbs so use your iphone to teleport up there. Well if it’s that easy, why don’t you just do it? Yeah? I was… I was… You’ve had a hundred years to do this right? I was making the paraglider and baking apples. I was a busy man. *Magic Teleportation thing* We meet again.
Let’s just find these goddamn shrines No. No. No… Double no Definite no [Link]
There we go. Wait-
Can you just not- Why is this happening? There we go definitely not again, and there we go. Well just be careful on your way to… Ahhhhhhhh! *fades* so screwed (Death #3: Barrel) (Death #3: Barrel and Piano too?) [Epic montage] [Kenaut Murt Shrine]
(Death #4: Death by epic failing a jump
then crushed by a piano) [Ree Dahee Shrine]
(Wait a second. This isn’t even in the great plateau) (Death #5: Death by Piano yet again) *gasps* I’m dying, I’m dying… *gasps* Did you bring the orbs? Yeah hold on [Link very disturbingly poops out Spirit Orbs] There we go.
Old Man: You could just put them over there. Well a deal’s a deal so here you go.
Finally! Now go to the temple of Scientology. I’ll meet you there bye! He had two this whole time!? Why me? I Just wanted piz- I just wanted some plain pepsi n’ pizza~ Oh you’ve made it, Yeah- so as you might have guessed I’m not actually an old man Wait, you’re not?
Nope. I’m a dead old man. What’s the difference? Wait you lied to me?
Huh? I thought you were an old man, but really you’re a dead old man. You lied to me! Yeah but I’m the king and… Don’t care what you are, you lied to me, but you’ve got to go defeat Ganon or else he’ll destroy the world I don’t, I don’t care. But the world is in turmoil- [Link]
Well my trust issues are in turmoil! I’m going back to bed. *Ganon Screams* But I said Ganon’s attacking! *yawns* Hmm. I’m Gonna Sleep like a baby tonight. Wake up Link. [Link]
Good night world. Hey guys Thank you’re checking out this week’s Zelda cartoon This one was animated by Alexander Ivatin and Written by Dexter Manning make sure you leave a like and subscribe if you haven’t already and we’ll see you guys next week. Thanks

Crazy Drill Press From the Future! Is the Nova Viking Worth $1000?

My old drill press was way too big, so
I got the smaller, lighter benchtop one. Check it. This is my old drill press. Now I’m going to say some things
that I don’t like about it. It’s a good drill press. There’s no doubt it
drills holes just fine. But I didn’t like the chuck that came
with it because the key would slip and you’d bust your knuckles
on your all the time. So I ended up replacing the
Chuck with a keyless Chuck, so that worked out great. The travel per rotation I wish was a
little bit greater cause I would find myself getting so far. Then having
to use my other hand to hold this, to reposition to get onto
the next lever, to pull down. Petty little annoyances,
trivial annoyances. I’m aware. But the one thing that just drove me
absolutely bonkers was the depth stop on this guy. It takes a long time for this to turn
and tuh get it to where you want it to be and then you got to do the
same thing with the other one. It’s when you’re in the flow,
when you’re in the zone, you don’t want things like a silly
little depths up to just ruin your day. I’m hoping that this new
one fixes all the things, takes up way less space, doesn’t need a floor stand and just is
more of what I’m looking for in a wood shop. This guy is going to live out here in
the garage and my metal shop and the new one that’s going to be our
new woodworking drill press, so let’s go back inside and unbox it. This is the first drill press I ever
purchased that had a USB cable in the package. No idea, no idea. I will say we put the whole thing together
and about 10 to 15 minutes without even opening the instructions, so the
assembly was pretty quick and painless. This is the Nova Viking bench-top drill
press and I will say it’s a little bit bigger than I was expecting. My old bench-top drill
press was way smaller, but that’s okay. The
great thing about this, it has the direct drive motor on top, so that means it doesn’t need a
lot of depth and there’s no belts. So this will sit perfect
on one of the benches. My, my work bench here is a
little higher than normal, so it won’t actually be this high. But let’s go over some of
the really cool features. It’s got a direct drive motor
and a consistent power torque, meaning like you’re
drilling into something. If you had a belt system like a normal
drill press, it might slip and slow down. This guy will make up for it in
torque and keep that consistent speed, which is really cool. It’s got a little variable speed knob on
there so you don’t have to move around and change belts. You can do that. All
right here. We should plug it in. Dan. Let’s plug it in. This is it. Oh, ah, That say DP for David
Picciuto? Can I, can I, I need to say something right now. I
paid for this. This is not sponsored. Nobody’s making me say anything. I paid for this with cash money
that I made from selling drugs. So this is mine. This is my drill
press. I can do whatever I want to it. I can cover up the name.
I could take a leak on it. I’m not going to cause I don’t
want to get urine in the carpet. It’s got forward and reverse. Dan. What
would I use? Reverse for? Go backwards. Left handed drill bits. Left hand. Is that a thing? Okay. Oh, for left-handed drill bits. I didn’t know why is why or why or
reverse drove. It’s called lefthanded. That seems insensitive. So I
can set the depth stop. Oh, here we go. Yeah. On. No, You hear that? That sounds… What? Wait. Did you see that? Did you
get that on camera? Check this out. You go. I got my depths up set and a half
inch and it stops and goes in reverse! What, what a time to be alive, Dan. Come
here. Come here. Come here. Come here. What a time to be alive.
It’s out of focus? Who cares? Um, so let’s do that again. So you take this, you bring it down to your piece of wood, we’re going to zero it out at zero
right there. So I lift this up, goes to negative. Let’s set our depth. We want to drill a hole that
is a quarter of an inch deep. Confirm our depth is set. We can hit self-start so we can do a
one handed operation. Check this out, check this out. It
automatically starts up, you can hear it beeping. And then
when it gets to a quarter of an inch, it reverses itself and
then automatically stops. I didn’t even know this was possible. Every project from here on out is going
to use the drill press every single one for no reason. That’s pretty cool. Accurate
dude, this is exciting. All right. And then, uh, check out
our, our variable speed. That’s slow and speed that up. And then as soon as it hits that depth, puts it in reverse. How cool is that? So the quill trouble of this
guy is four and a half inches. On my big old floor-standing
drill press, it only had three. What’s so funny, Dan? Oh, this guy has four and a half inches
of quill travel. My other drill press, the big old floor-standing one
only had three and an eighth. So even though I’m downsizing,
I’m upgrading in so many ways, it takes up less space.
I can drill further. I can do cool types of drill operations. Perfect. Stop, stop, stop. I don’t have
to worry about that. Stop anymore. Yeah. Uh, I guess we need, Oh, before we
find a home for it, I got a fence. Let’s, uh, let’s check
out what this fence is. Still still have not even
opened up the instructions. We figured this all, we figured this
space, age, technology all by ourselves. All right, so we got the,
got the fence on there. It locks those two knobs back there
and then this little stop, right Dan, you want the USB cable? Okay.
Maybe use it for your printer. DVR technology. You can
record Game of Thrones. I just dated myself. There’s no
more gGame of Thrones. Come on. Yeah, I think that’s what
this tool is for. Boop. I think.. So… Obviously this guy is super freaking cool. If I could change anything about it. Um, and maybe there’s a reason
for this being circular, but I would actually like this to be
square so I could quickly make inserts on the table saw and drop them in there. I mean I could cut out a bunch with the
bandsaw or the CNC or even a hole saw, but I like squares just
easier. It’s hip to be square. The other thing is, um,
the fence is get in there. All right, get in. There you go. It’s a
nice, good, good, good tolerance there. The fence, it rides on these,
these slots right here. So it’s not like super
easy tuh move in and out. It’s you gotta you gotta kinda do a thing, you get it in position
and then you lock it down. Where on a fence that
you would make yourself, you would have the T track in there
and it would just slide back and forth. I may replace the fence or make my
own fence in the future or something. It’s a little bit easier to maneuver
but it’s a good, it’s a good build, but just the way drill press tables
are designed doesn’t make this a quick, super easy loosen move into place, pop back into place thing. I mean again, petty little things. Things
that I can I can deal with. I can fix and plus if I
make my own wooden table, I can do the square top like we did with
the previous one and then install that third party fence in there. That’s slides on the t-track so I can
make this the drill press of my dreams. It’s already the drill
press of your dreams. Now I need to make it the
door press of my dreams. You love this drill press. You
do. So where should it go down? Okay. Dan I really need help know. Okay. I was sacrificing myself like
don’t destroy the new table. Don’t destroy the new table. There it is. I don’t know if this
is going to be its final home. I want to test it out here. It’s not in the way of the
router and the miter saw, but it is sort of in the way of
the lathe. The lathe Actually moves out in front here.
If it doesn’t work, I’m going to move it to the other side
of the shop. If it does work here, it’s a, uh, I’ve increased
a lot of shop space, so, um, yeah, I mean it’s expensive.
It’s.. For me it’s worth it. When I buy tools, I’m looking for safety. There’s some cool safety features on
there and I’m looking for convenience and speed and this has all of that. And hopefully this is the last
drill press I ever buy for the shop. If that’s the case, then yes, of
course the money is worth it. Uh, final thoughts? Holy crap. This thing is super awesome. I will say I’m going to change
out the chuck for a keyless chuck. I’ve gotten too used to the keyless
chuck to have to deal with with this. I don’t, I don’t like that. Um, you know,
that’s just an annoyance thing for me. Uh, I got a bolt it down. It’s a,
it’s a little wobbly. Um, the, uh, the fence, I think I’m going to make my own fence
for there so I can easily move it in and out and uh, I and just have a nice wooden top with
a little inserts that I’ve made on my previous one so I can swap out
the little waste board in there. So I’m going to make my own
fence and tabletop for that. Um, so the drill press is one of the
messiest tools in the shop by far. Because there are dust
collection solutions, but we all know that they don’t work. People have tested them out and they’re
annoying in the way or they just don’t work very well. So I think I’m
going to make some sort of bin, that kind of collects to the table that
I’m gonna make and that’ll just kind of collect the chips. Like especially
when you’re using Forstner bits. forstner bits, just
throw chips everywhere. Just that one whole made quite a mess. So, and you don’t want forstner uh,
chips on your carpet, right? So, uh, I’ll make some sort of bin that can
catch the chips and maybe tuck away. I don’t know. I’m going to, I’ll engineer
something. I’ll think of something. We’ll think of something for sure.
So we’ll work on that. But yeah, I am super excited. The features on
there, the self start, the self stop, the reverse, the variable speed, the depth set is just crazy amazing. The thing that annoyed me so much on the
other drill press is now the thing that I love on this drill press. Direct drive, super accurate with the,
that stop. Very, very, very happy with this
purchase. So that wraps it up. Uh, yeah. I don’t got anything
else to say. So as always, be safe, have fun, stay passionate
and make something You can’t even hear that. Put
my microphone up against it. Don’t get your clothing caught in there.

Let’s Talk About Our Future

February 17, 2020 | Articles, Blog | No Comments

Let’s Talk About Our Future

Hey guys, salut!
This is Alex. Happy new year,
I wish you all — I wish us all the best for the year
to come. To be honest, I’ve been thinking
a lot about whether to post, or not post,
this video, but in the end, I feel like you guys
deserve to know what’s going on on this channel. So I…uhhhh — the pressure is on.
Okay! I created this youtube channel on
March 15 of year 2013. Since then, I’ve been uploading more than
320-ish videos, in which I have put basically my heart
and my soul, in order to make them good, educational
content. They might be crispy, and fun, and
light-hearted and silly on the outside, but hopefully inside, they are…… juicy!… genuine,
they are…… juicy!… meaningful. Now if my goal is basically the same
that it was six years ago, basically bringing inspiration and
confidence to you guys as cooks. On the other hand, my production game
is much, much more demanding. I film way more, write, research, meet,
experiment, camera work, sound work… yeah I know it sounds like I’m complaining,
but it’s quite the opposite in fact. Ilovemaking these big, bold,substantial
episodes. But, I guess one of the cons of always
trying to up, up, up my game is that I basically need more, more, more
time to make these episodes. And that just… leads us to the… decision that I
have taken. So starting right now,
starting in 2020, I decided to focus mainly on big series,
on the content in which I feel like I can make a difference. So I’m talking about series like the
mozzarella series, the ramen series, in fact, the very first exciting series is
coming this saturday, the first episode at least — here’s a sneak peek. [clap] [classical music, excited,
dramatic, fast, complex] [laughs] So this isveryexciting.
But I guess, this also comes with a little… side dish.
[suspenseful music] I won’t be allocating any time for…
less substantial episodes. So there will be series uploaded
every week, and then there will be periods of silence,
or of… more quiet time, I will keep, you know, informing you —
with posts, or behind-the-scenes stories on instagram or on youtube, or… or even
on twitter as well. This is like, something experimental,
something I’ve been thinking about, something some people might be
pleased with, something some people might not
give a f—[clap], this is something the algorithm on youtube
might not be super okay with, but — just remember that I’m not doing this
because I want to stop, it’s quite the opposite in fact. I want this adventure to remain genuine, and… meaningful… Anways, I think you get my point now;
remember that it’s always a great pleasure to have you with me on these adventures,
to read your comments, to read your messages — I’m…alwayshappy to turn on the camera,
and I want it to remain the same. That’s what I want. And that’s why I’m sharing this with you
as well. So I guess we’ll see us this Saturday…
maybe in a less dramatic, like, setup — but hopefully with the same… spirit.
[clap] Take care, bye bye. Salut!


oh yeah sharers what is going on welcome
back to another awesome day that’s right we are back at the Sharer Fam house so far
so good there’s been no signs of the gamemaster
but that’s not going to stop us because we are back for another game master
mystery challenge detective course isn’t that right great oh yeah that’s right
Sharers because even though the game master hasn’t been around since we got
home there’s some suspicious things going on like check out that van right
there I don’t know if that’s a game master van or one but a definite looks
pretty suspicious yeah sure and then last month
you saw the I changes even to figure out these top-secret mystery clues in order
to hack the game master that’s right I’m building up my skills to learn how to
defeat the game master says today I’m gonna challenge great I’ve put together
four top-secret clues and if grace can solve all these Clues you’ll be able to
unlock a super top secret safe with a super top secret mystery clue inside
let’s do it that’s right sure some of these clues are pretty tricky hang on
look at that there’s a lot of people out there grace what do you think that is I
don’t know make it yours we don’t know who could be working with the game
master who cannot be but check this out today’s a lot as you saw Chad wild clay
was trapped in a laboratory but he sent me this special vial and check out what
this does ready for this grace Lucy what are you doing wait for this just a
little of the super top secret mixture in my hand and a little bit of this and that’s right shows the end of this game
master mystery challenge is to figure out how to open this safe
look at this safe who knows what could be inside of it it takes a four-digit
passcode to open right now grace knows none of the numbers so in order to get
the numbers you got to start with the clues so let’s start with level one okay
one way to find out grace level one starts over there and they grab in the
crash yeah check it out see I guess first you guys see if you can even find
something is that that yes go over there I love soda okay sure is this is level
one at the soda round so grace the first clue is right there it says make that
with only soda and mint yeah how do I do that
grace that’s the whole point Sharra’s as you know the game master is a trickster
and he does some clues that don’t even make sense so you got to just use your
brain and figure out what the game master is trying to trick you with so
grace time starts now go go go you got to figure this out do I shake it
I don’t know figure it out I don’t know what to do think about it
with only soda plus mints and you have to make something you have to make that
out of it wait I think that means explosion I need four Mentos put soda in
equals of explosion and you open these up okay
hurry I gotta get these out okay I got the Mentos hopefully three is enough I
think I need a shake this you’re really good okay let’s twist this
cap off wait whines no opening we’re doing the
right thing Joyce you got twisted off grace you
gotta open the soda bottle why isn’t it exploding oh wait
it’s supposed to be Diet Coke not normal coke I don’t get it Steve did you mess
up her what’s going on like I said Sharers the game masters a
trick sir so grace think about it it didn’t explode but what could you
possibly have to find that’s supposed to happen uh well when things explode it
like goes up in the air oh wait the cap falls off
is there anything with the cat oh wait there’s something inside look is this a
there’s something in here oh oh the first number a number two whoa
that’s right you got the first clue one down three more to go so let’s go to the
next level next level level two let’s go let’s go let’s go the next clue is down
in the sheriff damn basement but you gotta find it grace thinks small Oh yep that’s your clue
all right level two cute for your next clue I’ve never done one of these before
oh boy Cher’s I might need a lot of help for this comment down below if you’ve
solved a Rubik’s Cube oh let’s get started there’s always a technique for
solving Rubik’s cubes I’ve never really had a technique but I think there’s some
sort of technique but let’s hope grace can do this great you remember you got
it you got it work quick the game master is very tricky and everything is always
timed so keep going whoo shirts look I’m almost there I have
four okay wait I just need more white pieces wait wait that mean wait it was
outside we start the blog outside that must been wired to start the blog by the
shared love bug that must be it aha sure smash like button for grace
she’s getting pretty clever at this let’s go to the Share The Love bug, Lets go see if Grace can find a clue on it let’s see grace will you find it she’s getting
one step closer to opening the safe let’s see yours I kind of put it in a
good spot on the beetle bug but let’s see oh it’s so obvious let’s see if
grace and find this will you find it grace yes a number it could be anywhere
in the show The Love Bug anywhere oh it’s open
okay good luck sure nothing on the windshield grace come on you’re running
out of time you got to find it it can’t be that hard
I don’t know keep looking Bernie look inside you’re getting colder colder is
it like that number number number number quick I can say it’s time for your next clue
guys we’re running out of time if the gamemaster is here we’d be like
one step behind can we to be one step ahead of him at all times okay back
inside quick next clue Go Go Go okay grace quick we’re running out of time
you gotta solve this this yes you got it okay do you know how to play this game
play the game until you find a clue do not lose or game over yeah that means
I won’t be able to open the safe oh I need to do this that’s right Gracie
you got to focus you got to get this done ready three two one go
strategy is just to tap very softly whoa they’re not loose at all oh don’t knock
it over grace and do not knock it over uh-huh don’t wanna do a corner I don’t
know whoa there you go clue no clue no okay keep going
okay sure so my strategy is pick the ones that are loose already like these
ones they’re all very tight look the illness pull over and the reason why I’m
digging the bluestones because that means someone already took it out we’re
the number on it or something and put it back in so
see all those are pretty like stiff and hard I just need to tap gently and I go
for the middle ones – there’s one getting harder to push I want to tip it
over whoa careful but I can’t touch it
no oh hey keep going since I did that one Oh No careful okay
number five that’s right grace Oh to nine and five one more it’s time for
level four aka the final level and then we’ll see if grace master and open the
safe okay for this one grace you got to think back to last log what were we
doing last log oh I was doing the gamemaster challenge on you that’s right
and what device for reasoning what spy gadget was I using spy gadget I searched
high search low search bar search near yes exactly where that for the
magnifying glass over there wait that wasn’t there before maybe you go check
go check aha using your mystery detective clues well yeah this
definitely was not here yesterday let’s bring it up here okay we do here wait
I’ve seen this before Rebecca’s Zamolos has this, the game has always uses this with Rebecca Zamolo that’s right Sharers the Game Master loves
these type of directional arrow locks so grace you got to figure out how to solve
these this is super tough training so I guess I’ll do something with these
letters and the arrows maybe it spells out nothing maybe I don’t know
quick you got to hurry you’re running out of time okay okay B oh okay um wet
up up left oh no it doesn’t work okay maybe suppose something else like so
it’s not boom and that’s about something else
like hook see oh and then up up right oh nothing oh wait it’s a four letter word
plus the sweets so it’s a five letter word wait five letter word that sounds
familiar oh you’re laughs move with that brittle
it is a five letter word and this year’s had to comment down below what they
thought it was what has a face and two hands but no arms or legs it’s a five
letter word what is the answer to that one let me login let me go Steven share
YouTube okay oh here’s your let’s block okay let me scroll through to see what
those Sharers have been singing to solve that riddle oh look a lot of people are
hunting o’clock look at all that oh good clock be the answer it’s five letters
Sharers you all are so epic let’s try clock okay see L uh-oh Oh see
okay so squeeze twice one two down up up right what are we doing here
okay tools magic 8-ball oh is eight the last number oh look it’s a it is Curtis
AHA good grace good okay let’s take these numbers and let’s try and open the
safe come on chairs we’re almost there we’re running out of time if the
gamemaster was here it would be added already okay let’s get the safe whoa
it’s so dark outside okay let’s make sure the gamemaster is not behind me
whoa what was that I don’t know all right let me try and
get whoa whoa it’s heavy what could be inside here whoa oh my
gosh whoa okay let’s take this inside whoa I’m gonna drop it okay so number oh wait which is the last
panel when you you’re running out of time at the game Esther’s here he’d be
on copies of hurry okay so I’m just drink gets the order
that I stopped them in so to from the soda nine for the touch buggy five from
the Jenga eight oh it’s not it what could it be
things think think I need to be clever really good at solving these clues um
maybe like pink non pink pink pink I’m sure up to five nine eight oh no oh
my what could it be come on share the need your help have we
seen these numbers before if it’s not a pattern order to be uh oh wait maybe by
side so like to buy eight nine small gorgeous smallest to
largest state in the game master