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LEGACIES Season 3 Cast: Real Lifestyles, Personal Lives, Hobbies Revealed 2020

He guys
Let us introduce you to cast of the legacies Before we start make sure the subscribe and
turn on notifications Jenny Boyd
Jenny Boyd is an English actress and model who gained prominence after performing the
role of Lizzie Saltzman in the fantasy horror show CW, Legacies, a spin-off of The Originals.
She played Amber Kelly in the horror thriller Hex alongside Ross McCall. As a model, she
did a lot of modeling before becoming an actress recently. Jenny Boyd was born in Switzerland
on February 27, 1991 under the birth sign of Pisces and she is 19 years old
She holds dual English and U.S. citizenship. She was raised in Oregon and later resided
in Los Angeles. In her spare time, she enjoys skiing, hiking,
and horse riding. She has more than 450 thousands followers
on instagram Kaylee Bryant
Kaylee Bryant isn’t new to the small screen, but has slowly become one of the biggest breakout
stars thanks to her role as Josie Saltzman She was merely 8 years old when she began
her acting career. However, before that, she had started modeling and made several appearances
in print campaigns till the age of 10. Kaylee Bryant was born on the 1st of November
1997, in the USA under the birth sign of Scorpio. She is currently 22 years old.
She has more than 600 thousands followers on instagram
She’s obsessed with her dogs and loves hiking with them.
She started learning to play the cello last year.
Music is a big passion of hers. She especially loves SZA, Daniel Caesar and Frank Ocean.
Aria Shahghasemi Aria Shahghasemi was born on October 7, 1996,
in Minnesota, the United States of America. he turned 23 years old with a zodiac sign
Aries. American actor, Aria Shahghasemi plays a major
role in the TV series, ‘Legacies’. Besides, he is also a part of other few series including
‘Unforgettable’, ‘Instinct’, ‘No Alternative’, ‘The Originals’, and others.
His parents are first-generation Iranian immigrants. The actor has a largely shaped tattoo on his
lower right arm. Aria worked as a bartender in some of the
top restaurants in New York, where he acquired crucial life skills. Apart from working as
a waiter, he previously worked as a production assistant during the filming of the movie,
“Wackademia.” Thomas Doherty
Thomas Doherty is known mostly for his character in The Lodge on Disney Channel U.K., but we’re
most excited for his upcoming role as Captain Hook’s son in Descendants 2.
Thomas Doherty was born on April 21. 1995 in Edinburgh, Scotland . he is 24 years old
with a zodiac sign Taurus While growing up, he played a lot of soccer
and until 17, soccer was his preferred career choice along with acting
After graduating from The MGA Academy of Performing Arts, he worked as a waiter at an Edinburgh
based restaurant There are two things he can never go without:
coffee and popcorn Danielle Rose Russell
Danielle Rose Russell was born October 31, 1999, in New Jersey She is 20 years old with
a zodiac sign Scorpio When she was ten, a friend of her mother’s
suggested to Rosemary that Danielle should pursue modeling. Not long after, when she
was ready for a model career, she received many calls from agents and managers asking
for interviews, and she had booked several commercials and print jobs and had done a
lot of regional theater by the age of twelve. She loves to cook when she’s not acting
and is also passionate about baking. She has more than 1,2 million followers on
instagram So whos is your favorite actor or character
on legacies Share with us in the comments below
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Is the CASTLE from NARNIA’s Prince Caspian realistic?

But they may take our lives. But they’ll never…take our MACHICOLATIONS! Ahem. The Machicolations shirt. Available Through teespring.com. Link in the description. Greetings I’m Shad. And in this video I’m gonna be taking a look at the castle from the Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian. Oh sorry. I always think of Snap Jelly* when Prince Caspian comes up. It must be that beautiful hair of his. No, no no no no. This Prince Caspian. Who has hair equally as beautiful. Specifically I’ll be reviewing how good of a castle it really is. Comparing it to proper real historical castles that existed in the medieval period and also just analyzing it according to effective defensible castle design. And Gee…This one is gonna be a lot of fun because. Really. When I think about all the great fantasy castles the Prince Caspian castle, actually, is one of my favorite. But that doesn’t mean it is perfect. In fact, it’s such a good example of a castle to analyze. Because they have done so much right in it. Yet, there is* also a lot of problems. And it’s castle designs like this that create the most discussion in our analysis. So, we shall begin where I always begin in any castle review that I have done. And that is Location. And guys, have a look at the location of this castle. You cannot get a better location. This is just beautiful. Remember the principles. The first option that you want to go for is elevation. We’ve put a castle up high it makes it very difficult for people to be out and employ siege weapons against you. That nullifies siege towers, trebuchets, catapults. It makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for, you know, attackers to do ladder rushes and they force the enemy to approach the castle in only one direction. Because every other approach is completely untenable. Unfeasible. But there is something uniquely interesting about the Prince Caspian castle location. Compared to other castle locations that we have looked at, that have had really good high elevation. One of the fantasy castles that comes to mind, is a castle from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Skyhold. Put up really high this incredible position. But the difference between Skyhold and the Caspian castle is the Caspian castle actually isn’t necessarily on a higher elevation than the access point or the nearby village. It’s on a rock outcrop that sits further away from an edge of a cliff. This actually creates a huge amount of convenience and makes it a far more practical and usable castle. Now, in terms of defense. Like, a castle up high? Awesome. You’ll want to go for it and you would just deal with the impracticality of it being so high up. Classic Example. A historical example that comes to my mind. And I reference these castles in my previous castle review when I looked at Markarth from Skyrim. But specifically, I want to focus in on one of those castles. So I was referring to the Five Sons of Carcassonne. Or they’re also called Cathar castles. We’ll have a look at this specific one and (laughs) Yeah…alright…Let’s go with this pronunciation “Poor-le-rruns?” I’m just gonna call it Pailaurens. All right? Look at its location. This is incredible. But climbing up to the castle would be the biggest turd. Certainly acceptable to get such an impregnable position. This castle is just amazing. But Gee. Getting in and out of that castle? Just for, whatever daily duties, traveling to and from? Oh…Look at the stairwell access way. You literally have to climb a cliff to get to it! The Prince Caspian castle, on the other hand, has as much of a defensive advantage without the inconvenience. It just has this beautiful straight bridge that runs right to the castle. And it establishes the only approach. If you want to assault this castle, the only way you can get to it is from along this bridge. No other access way at all. And realistically, there would be a postin* somewhere. It is referenced in the film that castles had postins*. So, we can assume. Hopefully, it might have it there. So yes. All the advantages of having an incredibly high, unassailable, elevated position, and none of the disadvantages of the people who live in the castle getting to and from it. So, location? 10 out of 10! Perfect! Could not be better, in my opinion. Now, let’s look at some of the layout of this castle. And it’s a bit hard. Because we’re limited to only the angles that the movie shows us. Which is why reviewing our castles from video games works out so much better. But we can get a decent enough idea from these shots. And look at what we…see… here…I see one gatehouse. I see a second gatehouse. And w-what i-i-is? Is this a third gatehouse?! Do we have three gate houses?! On the approach to this castle?! Oh my goodness! It’s like they actually thought about layers of defense! And then, on the approach to this castle you have this big long beautiful bridge that will funnel the enemy into a massive bottleneck if they try and assault it. But after the first, kind of, gatehouse-ish part. There’s a drawbridge! Yes Oh Gee! If you remember my review of Skingrad, there was another castle with kind of a similar approach. A bridge going to it. But there was no drawbridge on it. In fact, I’ve even seen this, kind of, on historical castle. Though it’s hard to confirm. Because the castle was destroyed and so I’m not sure if it added drawbridge originally. But from what remains, it doesn’t look like it has a drawbridge. And this is on my favorite castles I’ve mentioned before. Corfe Castle. Big beautiful bridge running to the mound or elevated position that the castle is on. And I should have mentioned Corfe castle because this is actually a very good historical comparison to a similar kind of location. But there’s still a slight climb after you get through the outer baileys to the main keep. But still, massive benefits from its elevation and not nearly as many inconveniences. with its axis. But when looking at the bridge, I have not been able to find a drawbridge. So this might be one example where a fantasy castle has taken a historical principle or design location and executed it a little bit better than the actual real-life comparison. This is amazing! And the drawbridge actually plays a very pivotal role when the heroes actually try and assault this castle. They’ve got to lower the drawbridge. And we’ll get to how they approach the assault of the castle because, of course, the heroes, they’re forced to think a little bit outside of the box. Because you just can’t do a standard assault to this castle. Now realistically, if the Caspian castle existed in real life, your only option, if you wanted to take the castle. Because assaulting it is like a hundred different types of suicide. You would have to be insane to try and take this castle by force. So really, the only best option you have, would be to starve it out. A long-term siege. And remember, many people who took castles in the past, that is exactly how they did it. Of course, in the movie they are able to employ a tactic that would be impossible in a true medieval setting. And that’s flight. Actually, you know, use griffins and fly heroes over the walls where they sneak in and try and lower the drawbridge and raise the porticullis. Because that is really the only other option when trying to assault a castle with such amazing defense. And that’s the, you know, Trojan Horse and sneak someone in, kind of thing. To open the gates from the inside. And if you can just sneak your, you know, army right in through the front gates without any massive battle on the battlements to get through the walls Well, you’ve avoided the biggest issues in taking the castle. Unfortunately, we can’t give the heroes full credit for their inventive way of trying to circumvent or bypass the castle defenses. Because as good as the Prince Caspian castle has appeared to be so far, it’s actually missing some very crucial elements that, if they were there, I don’t think the heroes would have been able to actually break in. First issue, the outermost gatehouse. Okay? Isn’t really fortified. The only thing on it that we see in the movies, is it has a very flimsy metal grate. Flimsy enough, that a minotaur was able to just bust through it with his head. When in reality, his horns actually would have been caught in between the bars because the horns will have gone through the bars before the actual impact from his skull hit the metal. And then as the doors tried to swing shut, the side mappars* would have been caught on the horns that were protruding through them! Physics! People! I mean… can’t you just think about these things? And from this shot, we actually get the see the outermost gatehouse. And you can see it would be a bit hard pressed to raise a porticullis into it. Which is perhaps why they didn’t put a porticullis on this outer part. But that’s a flaw in design. If they were thinking about this properly and this was, you know, a castle that wanted to complete its design in the most practical and effective way, this outer gatehouse would have a porticullis on it and there would be a second drawbridge on it as well. And it would be built large enough to have the porticullis being raised into it. If these heroes had to deal with a second drawbridge and a second porticullis, I’m not sure they would have been able to raise them. And if the guards were, you know, not absolute morons. That are so easy to…like…look. Slight tap on the back of the head they get knocked out. These guards are like lemmings. One flick and they die. But if they had proper guards and, you know, there were actual guards on the outermost gatehouse, I think they would have noticed their porticullis being raised and the drawbridge being lowered. And it would have made sure that no one would have snuck in and been able to do the same thing to their gatehouse. And of course having a proper gatehouse means that minotaur wouldn’t have been able to bust through with his charge. And if you’re interested in my own personal analysis of minotaurs in combat and the usefulness of charges. I’ve actually made two whole videos on the best medieval weapons for minotaurs. If you’re interested. The next thing, it does not seem like any of these gatehouses have secondary porticullis, an entry porticullis, an exit porticullis with no kind of kill-zone in between where you could employ arrow loops on the sides or murder holes up above. So as great as the Caspian castle is, we have already run into, in my mind, a fairly significant problem in its design. Well, it’s funny. What the castle has, actually is very adequate. Okay? It’s just the fact that they have a third outermost gatehouse not really fulfilling the function of what a gatehouse is supposed to do. It just has this flimsy metal grate on it. It’s like, why else is it there? You know? So, if you’re gonna put a gatehouse, put a proper gatehouse on it! That’s what I’m saying. So that’s the big flaw. So now we come to the main part of the assault in the movie. Which is mostly conducted within the primary bailey of the castle. You see, when assaulting the castle, the main parts that you want to get your soldiers onto is not actually the bailey. The baileys are always made to be somewhat kill-zones. Not always. But it’s an area where you have walls surrounding you on every single side with potentially soldiers and archers. Which you do, kind of, see in the movie. So, instead of getting your soldiers into the bailey, you actually want to get your soldiers on the ramparts and battlements. That’s their parts of the castle you want to take. But, I mean yet, take what you can. If you can’t get the walls? Okay? Taking the bailey? That’s at least one step forward in taking the castle. But what’s interesting about this situation in the assault of the Caspian castle, is that the heroes take the bailey and there are walkways surrounding this bailey on all sides. In fact, in some instances, there is more than one walkway as they’re kind of layered up. Which really would have been the best option for the defenders here. Instead of sending down men into a big melee in the bailey. Just use your archers. Don’t send your men down! Archers! It’s a kill-zone! Just destroy everyone! Because it doesn’t seem like the attackers here have any archers to try and fire back. So it would appear they would’ve been wiped out. End of the fight right here. And of course, ultimately, they’re pressed into a retreat. But the captain is actually reluctant to fire down on the people in the bailey because his men are there fighting the other people. “Give the order.” “My men are still down there.” So, of course, you know it would have been better to not have sent your men down there in the first place. But because the bailey does ultimately function as a kill-zone. Just not a perfectly effective kill-zone, in my opinion. Because there just seems to be way too much easy access to these internal ramparts and walkways that surround it. The people attacking the castle are getting there far too easily and they end up fighting on the walkways. So yes. This part could have been done better. Now, let’s look at some of the design elements of the crenellations, the towers…And the layout doesn’t really need to be spoken of too much because it’s just that. It has got towers. It has got a keep. And yes, in reality, the towers facing the sides and backs of the castle aren’t really serving much of a functional purpose. Because honestly, who can assault the castle from that direction? So there’s not really much need to have them there. But it looks cool. And maybe, you know, they actually built them to have the rooms of these towers. And then they just put the battlements on top for the sake of having the battlements there. Now, what I like about the apparent design of, say the crenellations, is that they look very very authentic. I actually think some of their turret designs, I can recognize these turret designs from historical castles. But unfortunately, the one I’m thinking of, I can’t remember the specific one. Maybe I can find it if I scour through my references. But this has been taken from a historical source. Which means they have been looking to historical castles for inspiration in their design. Which I love. We can see here that the size of the crenellations, specifically the Merlons, are almost coming up to the shoulder here. Which, honestly, is good enough. Because on the angle, because the attackers have to shoot up to any of the defenders. And by virtue of that angle, they wouldn’t actually be able to hit anyone standing behind this merlon. And oddly, they have a kind of step up in front of the merlon. And I can make a concession here. I could say, all right, if you have so many defenders that there’s not enough crenels for the defenders to fire in between. There might be some circumstances where you’d want the defenders who do not have access to the crenels to actually step over and shoot over a merlon. And so, in that sense, I could see some functional reason for there to be a step there. And the step does not seem to be too big. In that, anyone standing behind it would have to be on this step to get the cover. They can just step a little bit behind it. Because the step doesn’t look to be big and still receive full cover from anyone attacking. So I give a thumbs up to the design of these crenellations. But this design is not the same on all the crenellations on the castle. In fact, when I look at some of the top of other towers. The crenellations are half as big. Like, in terms of height. This is bizarre. Why on Earth did they do that? Maybe, I don’t know, because they don’t actually have any shots in the movie of people standing there. But we can see them! Alright? And so there are crenellations on other parts of the towers of this castle. And they are not big enough! And that is not good enough! And I’ve said enough on the crenellations. Because I just want to say “enough” again. I can be a bit of a “nuffy”. (laughs) What we also see. And this is where we come to a massive fail in this castle. So they did so much right yet there is a big issue here. And like, the problem that I see here. I think, if you’re familiar with my content, you’ll know this is the one that gets my goat. We see corbelling. So the top of these towers, their battlement has been extended off the rampart a little bit. Which if you know, this is to provide provision for (whisper) machicolations I did that for you headphone users there. So, the machicolations. There is complete provision for them. But there’s actually no machicolations. Okay? We can see from the upwards angles from this shot here. There is no hole or area to be able to fight through, down from behind, their battlements. Which means the machicolations are completely aesthetic. They’re fake! They’re not real! There’s no real proper machicolations on this castle! My goodness, would they be useful on the three gate houses that they have on this castle. Having some, you know, battlements, crenellations above the gates, and with machicolations there as well. It can, kind of, give you some murder hole functionality. Because there doesn’t seem to be murder holes in the gate houses themselves. So, while they’re trying to break down the gates, you can shoot through the machicolations and be perfectly safe. But they’re not there! They don’t have them! Such a disappointment…So it’s hard for me to speak on the other elements of the castle because we’re just not given enough detail. I mean, we are shown some shots of certain windows. And it does look like the windows are built into alcoves. Which would say the walls of this castle are properly thick. But having said that. The the main parts of the walls that you will need to fortify are the parts of the walls that are facing the bridge. At the main access point. Because good luck reaching any of the walls with trebuchets from any other angle. It’s also clear that they’ve incorporated a certain gothic kind of design elements. Especially in the windows. There are a gothic cathedral kind of windows. Which is perfectly fine. Especially for a fantasy castle. They look great. They could be made with the technology. And it’s not a detrimental feature in its defenses because these windows are clearly positioned on parts of the castle where bombardment would not be able to reach at all. And there we go. This has been my review on the Caspian castle. And gee…it’s such a really great castle. But yet there are some design elements that are just ridiculous and I’ve no idea why they’d put them there. Because like, say the crenellations, you know. Properly sized crenellations. And then ones that aren’t big enough. And they did it right in one area. So, why didn’t you do it right? You knew how. But they didn’t do it right on all the parts of the castle. Very confusing. All the machicolations are completely fake. And then, you know, some of the gatehouses weren’t as fortified nearly as much as they could have been. So there’s flaws! Unacceptable flaws on this castle that could have been avoided. But still, there’s a lot to love about it. And I hope you’ve enjoyed guys. Thank you for watching. And until next time…farewell

Professional Pole Dancer Rates 10 Pole Scenes In Movies And TV | How Real Is It?

What if you don’t have muscles to do that? Rachel Tolzman: I love this part [laughs] where she’s like, “What if you don’t have
muscles to do that?” And then she’s like, “All girls have the muscles to do this.” My name is Rachel Tolzman, and I’m a professional pole dancer. I’ve been pole dancing for probably around eight years, and I’ve competed internationally and won a bunch of prestigious titles. And today I’m going to be critiquing some iconic pole-dancing
scenes in several movies. OK, so she’s doing, like, a proper, like, back hook spin there. Underarm turn. Then it kind of cuts out, and I notice we only see, like, the
top half of the body, and we don’t see what’s
going on in the bottom half. I think they make them look more skilled with the camera angles that they choose. That hand change at the
end was a little bit rocky. With the top hand, she doesn’t move through the twisty-grip position and then back naturally
to a true-grip position. Like, I think she leaves
her hand position, like, in her wrist, in the
same kind of formation, and gets, like, stuck there at the end and then has to quickly change it, so it’s not very fluid. So, there are several
competitions out there that are highly regulated, like the International
Pole Sports Federation. They send you a booklet full of tricks, with the pictures of the tricks and how many points are
allotted to that trick and how you have to do it and how long you have to hold
that specific position for. That’s, like, very highly technical and maybe more sport-like, whereas there are other competitions that are more theatrical in nature. So that requires you to
also be a good storyteller, good actress, a very good dancer as well. Like, a seven out of 10. 7.5. So, definitely this is
not Rihanna. [laughs] When she does the whole
kind of pass on the pole, she does a, well, that’s
called a flying K. And she’s doing it in heels,
so that’s pretty cool. And then she hooks her outside leg, and then switches to an inside leg hang, and then kind of reaches back. That’s called an allegra, when she reaches behind the
pole and grabs the other leg, and she’s trying to
extend it even further. So it also shows, like,
some flexibility there. That’s just a fan kick. So, starting from the inside leg to the outside leg. It takes quite a lot of work to hoist your leg up like that, that first move she does, the flying K. And then to have the confidence
to do it on spin pole. So, poles can either
be fixed, like, static, or they can be spinning, so that just a mechanism at
the bottom is released, and the pole rotates. If you compete, then you are expected to do some of your passes on static pole and some of your other elements on spin. Mainly if you’re doing any sort of, like, backflips or things like that, you’re gonna be doing it on a fixed pole. So you’d be doing it on the static one. Eight out of 10. Almost at an advanced level. What an entrance. Like, she’s [laughs] already, like, approaching the stage and the pole with such confidence. So, she goes into, like, a basic spin that everybody learns
when they begin pole, so it’s a chair spin, and then she goes into, like, a back hook. And body waves. I mean, she has this down, you know. [laughs] Body rolls. Front-hook spin, maybe fish-hook spin, I can’t really tell ’cause
they cut off her legs. Now it’s, like, a fairy sit, and coming down. Oh, here’s where she inverts, and that’s really actually quite great. However, she does use her outside leg to kind of hoist herself up on the pole, but, I mean, it’s amazing, what she does. Sliding down on the pole
is a little bit like… I don’t know, like how she
was taught to come down, but it looks very nice. Actually, so, she’s crossing her legs almost like a hang back. However, it’s sort of like a mix between a hang back and a crucifix, because she’s keeping her inside shoulder in front of the pole. If you can’t come down from an invert in, like, a forwards
position, in a controlled way, then it kind of looks kind of clunky. And that just requires more strength and probably more time than she had to prepare for this role. But she actually does invert,
so that’s pretty cool. There are so many dollar bills. I’m like, I’m pretty sure that that
never really happens, that you have, like, that amount of money being thrown at you. [laughs] I mean, I think more people would
be doing it otherwise, you know? Ramona: Hold on with that knee. Destiny: OK. Rachel: I really, really like this scene, because it does actually kind of showcase somebody, like, learning the very first basic moves in pole. How you can hook your legs on the pole, how can you hook your ankle on the pole. We sort of have, like, a common vocabulary in the pole world with names of tricks. Some of them vary slightly,
depending on where you are. Ramona: Here you could do a carousel. Rachel: So, I would
call this a chair spin. To me, a carousel spin is when your hips are actually facing the pole
the whole time in the spin, whereas the chair spin,
you’re spinning to the side and you’re basically parallel to the pole as you go around. Ramona: Go into a fairy sit.
Rachel: Fairy sit, yeah. Ramona: Stag. Rachel: Well, so, we call this a stag, or double stag, or sun wheel as well. Here she does a, I would say that’s a
layout, not a tabletop, but [laughs]. Destiny: What if you don’t
have muscles to do that? [laughs] Rachel: Where she’s like, “What if you don’t have
muscles to do that?” And then she’s like, “All girls have the muscles to do this.” Like, it’s just so, it’s
a lovely moment, I think, that they showcase here in this scene, because this is just
like the typical journey that everyone takes when
they start learning pole. And, you know, she has these
probably 7-inch heels on, so she’s already starting from an elevated point on the floor, so when she does do the two climbs, it looks like she’s quite high. The viewer probably may
come to a realization, “Oh, wow, well actually this is really, like, can be very technical
and is a lot of hard work.” I would give a nine out of 10. I think they’re purposely
doing a really poor job [laughs] of anything pole-related. There’s a competition called Pole Theatre, and there’s a comedic category, so you can enter and do
something funny like this, and the purpose is to
make people laugh, so. They’re trying to do body waves here, but they’re doing, like, these strange undulations. [laughs] This is like, very poor
example of, like, “Magic Mike.” The hand position is always so weird. Like, why would anyone grab here? I would not advise licking the pole. Yeah, that’s kinda gross. [laughs] Like, a 1.5. Yeah. Sorry, Steve. The arching back, I mean, it’s so common in some of these clips. It’s just, like, throwing
yourself in a backbend. Like, OK. This, I was really impressed with. It’s kind of like a box split that she’s sliding down into, so she has great flexibility. Her back hook spin is really nice and really fluid at the
end where she kind of, kind of does, like, a little arch up. And here is where she’s doing an invert, and she comes into, like, almost like a caterpillar climb, like, body wave. First you invert, you go upside down, you go into what’s called a crucifix. So, that means your legs
are above your head. And then you proceed to
climb the pole upside down. And the reason why it’s
called a caterpillar is because you’re kind of, like, if you go up the pole like that, it kind of looks like
a little bit of a wave, like a little worm or a
little caterpillar going up. Yeah, she’s not moving with the climb, she’s just holding with
in between her knees. And there’s not a lot going on, but the elements that do happen, I mean, it’s, like, a seven. Little bit of sassy kind
of, like, hip movement. This is definitely, I think, along the lines of more of a striptease, burlesque, rather than anything pole. There was sort of a step around. Pole dance can be so
many different things. It is, I think it is an art form. I think it is a sport as well. So, one could argue that this is just highlighting kind of one aspect or one side of the pole world. The thing that comes to
people’s mind the most when they instantly think of pole, if they don’t know otherwise, maybe they kind of assume that it is something that belongs
in the exotic world. The art form evolved from different forms, coming from India and China first. So, we have men on poles
doing acrobatic tricks and jumping from pole to pole. And so you have that element, but then, of course, the more burlesque kind of side of pole evolved in circuses and circus tents and ladies, you know,
dancing around the pole, and then, you know, doing
a little burlesque act. And so that’s kind of where that side of pole originated. She’s very believable as
that kind of character. But technically, maybe like a two. So. [laughs] For some reason, reminds me
a little bit of “Flashdance,” but it’s not as nice, you know. [laughs] It’s like…[laughs] That was so bad. Sorry, I don’t mean any
disrespect to the actress. But, like, basically
looks like she was trying to do a fireman spin. A fireman spin is where you have the pole, like, in between the thighs, and your feet are
pointed towards your bum. But it’s just like, she just, like, jumps onto the pole. First teaching people how to
do spins and basic things, I was like, “No jumping.” [laughs] You’re not allowed to just kind of jump onto the pole. And then a very aggressive striptease. Some sort of, like, step-around spin. More licking the pole! [laughs] This is the worst. That one, like, little
turn she does with her leg out to the side, it looks quite nice. I think that’s the best
move she does here. I would give her an A
for effort, but [laughs] I would probably, 4.5. Well, it is highly
choreographed, first of all. Kind of jazzy elements in it, and also, oh, there, like, Latin dance. Like, ballroom. [laughs] The heels on the poles. I don’t know, it just kinda reminds me of something like Fosse. I don’t know why, like… yeah, just the clacking of the heels, and then the stomping. Then some acro tricks. OK, so these guys now are
doing proper handsprings. So, that’s what that move is called. And they’re just hanging
up there in, like, a pike position or something. And then they do, like, a little middle split leap. I love it. Nice, dramatic ending, just with some amazing, like, camera work and camera angles, because
she’s not doing much. Seven out of 10, yeah. OK, so she does do something
quite technical there, and has, like, a proper grip, called, like, a bracket grip. So, the outside arm is kind of across, and the bottom hand is low. And she goes into a move called cradle and opens up to, that
split is called jamilla. So, yeah, that’s actually
pretty technical. And I wonder if it is her that did this, or a dance double, or… it’s definitely a skill that requires a bit of strength to do, so. Based off of that little, little section, like, that little move, I would say maybe six out of 10, ’cause it’s not bad. Yeah, I’ve never seen
this before, actually. This combination of striptease and singing a very kind of emo song. And then, yeah, there is, like, the random pole in the background, and she takes a few walks around the pole. There’s an underarm turn, OK. The arms right now are kind of in, like, a shoulder mount position,
so someone must have, I don’t know, maybe she
thought that up on her own, but maybe someone kind of
directed her to do that. Producer: Like, it’s a
little bit hammy, isn’t it? Rachel: It is really hammy, yeah. [laughs] I never use that word, but yeah, it’s cheesy. Yeah, I would say cheesy. I’m not gonna mark it as
low as, what was that, “Date Night”? [laughs] Because she actually did,
like, an underarm turn. OK, so we’ll give it a two out of 10. And this is, like, very
poor example of, like, “Magic Mike” kind of,
like, twerking. [laughs]

Toy Guitar… Does It Actually Work?

April 8, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Toy Guitar… Does It Actually Work?

Hey hey! I’m Stevie T, and I was at the dollar store the other day. And I saw… This. A guitar for a dollar… A DOLLAR! a dollar It’s absolutely perfect for those musicians who are on a budget. And I mean that’s a sick paint job! But there’s only one question that remains: does it work? We’re gonna find out today, so let’s bust ‘er open and we’ll see how she sounds! Huh, and would you know it, it comes with its own complimentary case – No it doesn’t, no that doesn’t work. MUSIC All right, let’s see here… [Stevie Noises] Tastes like plastic, looks like plastic, this thing is cheaply made. It’s like – come on. I paid a dollar. I expect QUALITY! more music HA HA would you look at that, they even got little tuning pegs! Okay, I got my clip-on tuner let’s get her in tune. Where are you supposed to put this? OoooOOO!! This thing SUCKS! (falls forward) So test number one. Can you tune it? Not really! [Sounds of disapproval] [raspberry noise] uh? Well let’s see if it tunes down, we’ll give it the breakdown test. Oh yeah, how’s that for a low tuning? BROWN NOTE! So I know you’re all wondering, does it djent? [Trying to djent] [and fails miserably] It kind of does djent! Let’s give it the breakdown test. [Clears throat] [breaks back] All right, so I don’t even know if you could hear the guitar from there, But it did kind of form something that could be considered a note…? (Struming strings open) Let’s do a quick game of “Name That Riff.” Can you guess it? That’s correct: a barely recognizable version of “Thunderstruck.” Try this one. Can you guess that one? That’s right! “White Stripes” – “Seven Nation Army. Okay one more song, but this time I need a capo ♫ Today is gonna be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to you. ♫ Did you guess it? That’s right, “Wonderwall.” How the heck did you guess that? Not a single note there was coherent! [Hilarity] HAHA! Right, so let’s try a couple different techniques to see if it works. Let’s see if we can tap. fails to tap Okay, so does it tap? [Disapproving flatulence] Let’s see if we can sweep pick! This neck is so friggin warped it’s unbelievable. no word very well! Four string sweeps!(In weird voice) Screw it, let’s just do some mindless shredding! [Mindless shredding] That’s – it’s next to impossible to shred on this thing. The frets are almost unusable, especially at speeds like that! Let’s see if we can do slide guitar with it. Put that in the guitar stand for a sec… (Guitar falls from stand) All right, let’s test this out. [Testing it out] Wow, that was unexpected, it actually works! [plays slide] [has a physical breakdown] Okay, so it’s time to put the guitar strap on to see if we can rock out with this thing. And you better not have laughed when I said “strap-on.” We are mature adults here! Let me get my strap… Guitar stand! All right. Oh! All right. What – they didn’t even give you strap pegs? Oh c-c-come on, dollar store! How are you supposed to rock out? Well I do have a solution: Tape. This is re- [Wait for it] -DICULOUS! Well ain’t I a rock star? My strap is more expensive than my guitar! [Wheeze!] I wonder if we can do a guitar flip. Yeah, there it is! Okay and as promised if the guitar was at least playable. I promised I would do a song and I did. That’s right, I recorded the song for you guys, and I had so much fun recording this song for you- No, no, no, I didn’t – it was a royal pain in the left nut actually. How are you supposed to plug this into record? There’s no input jack, there’s no – there’s no input jack! I’ll make one. I’ll make one. [Garble] No no no no…. I’ll record it by microphone then, screw it! God it’s is so quiet I got to get right up to the mic! Like how am I – how am I supposed to… Fine, I’ll just thrust into you! No – oh, you’re out of tune! No – that fret sounds different now? What the heck! [Noises of distraught] It looks like I’m using a urinal! Out of tune again! [Barbaric grunting and crunching] Okay, I’m gonna go to the dollar store buy a new guitar, and then we’ll resume! Excuse me… So embarrassing… Well there you have it folks, I hope you liked my little ditty. I was hoping to make it a little bit longer – But I was ready to pull on my friggin hair because this guitar sucks! It can’t record, the frets are this friggin tiny, and the strings sound like – Shhhhhhhhhhhhmmmm- Даааааа!!! So moral of the story is: dollar store guitars are barely playable. So would I recommend this as a toy for a kid who just likes guitar? No, nope, not at all actually! These things suck! So as always click here to subscribe to my channel for so much more content, And thank you guys so much for joining me. I can’t tell you that enough – I love you guys, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. ♫ I will miss you. ♫ ♫ I will miss you. ♫ [Annoyed grunt]


Hello everyone, beautiful little people who have come to see this video! How are you? I hope you are very well and welcome to a new video on the channel. I am very happy to finally be able to show you this video since it is part of a project that, in my opinion, is very beautiful. So I hope you can enjoy everything that comes later and that you like it; later I will be talking to you about something you can participate in and and get a surprise But before that, I will be talking to you about other things and, well, in this whole video I will be talking about many things, but all related to the same topic. So c’mon, to start, I tell you that this is a collaboration with Shahzad, a musician who is the one who was doing this whole project which is related to his new song, which you can find below in the description. The name of the song is “Real”, and the concept is about a girl looking to enter a world of social events and that kind of things, but to fit in she needs to pretend something that she is not I mean, for something she’s pretending xd But well, the point is that But well, the point is that she goes so far into this pretending that she ends up becoming something that she is not. that she ends up becoming something that she is not. Something that doesn’t represent her at all. And the message he seeks to give is that people don’t need to be pretending to be someone else so that we can be accepted, so that we can fit in the things we like. You know, the important thing is to be ourselves. And well, you may be wondering: What does it have to do with me? What does the drawing I am doing have to do with it? Well. What this singer has done is look for various artists to carry out the project together with his song, which is to make a book full of illustrations that basically represent each of us with the things we like. It is literally part of who we are. … Or what makes us the way we are. And well, he was telling me all this idea that he had to see if I wanted to participate and the whole question, and the truth was that it seemed super nice to me; I mean, I was very happy to be able to be part of this because it is a very nice idea, and as much as it may be a cliche this of the subject of forgetting ourselves and such And having to be pretending about societal issues and that this and that… It never hurts to remember, do you understand me? It never hurts to remember that we don’t have to be showing another person that it’s not really us, understand? So I love being able to be part of a project that seeks to give such a beautiful and at the same time so real message. It’s funny because the song is called “Real” But hey, now happening with what you are seeing on screen, I will be explaining this drawing And… There’s really not much to explain beyond digging into the things around me, since, as I said before, the idea of the drawing was to make ourselves with the things that we like. And well, several of the things you will see will have realized that it is no secret to anyone that I like those specific things; so, well, I will be commenting because I know that many other people will not know or just want to find out what wave I’m doing here. So well, I’ll take a quick tour of the items that accompany me in this drawing. Firstly, on one of the shoulders you can see that I made a little patch that is the hand of Gravity Falls (from the Journal), obviously that is in relation to Gravity Falls because… #SerieFavoritaPorSiempre Another thing I also did is a kitten behind me because I obviously love cats. And more if they are black. I also made some pins on my jacket and they are: a pin of a bengal tiger, since, specifically, they are my favorite animal. But … It didn’t give me much to draw a tiger behind me, and I thought it looked prettier being on a pin and that it was right in front of the kitten’s face. Most of all because the cats themselves are my favorite animals, but my favorite FAVORITE animal is the bengal tiger. Also, on the other pins is one with Rapunzel, who is my favorite Disney Princess; and another with the Toothless face since … the saga of How to Train your Dragon is my favorite, I love it so much, i love all those movies In fact, I also made some videos related to How to Train Your Dragon that you can see them up here so well, I hope you come to see them if they also like How to Train your Dragon Other things I drew were also some stickers. This statue… … that has to do with the Vaporwave… It is in specific as the image of the song of Macintosh Plus… ᴵ ᵈᵒⁿ’ᵗ ʳᵉᵐᵉᵐᵇᵉʳ ʰᵒʷ ᶦᵗ ᶦˢ ˢᵖᵉˡˡᵉᵈ ᵉᶦᵗʰᵉʳ ˢᵒ ᴵ ᵈᵒⁿ’ᵗ ʳᵉᵐᵉᵐᵇᵉʳ ʰᵒʷ ᶦᵗ ᶦˢ ᵖʳᵒⁿᵒᵘⁿᶜᵉᵈ ᵀᵒᵀ In other words, I am explaining because you don’t know, but if you search for Macintosh Plus you will find it. There is also another one that is a Spiderman sticker, because my favorite super hero, obviously. I also have a video related to Spiderman, here I leave it. And others are stickers with a face and a little star, not really because I particularly like them, but because of the fact that I like stickers, so I had to add myself more obviously; and also that they are purple like many other things you can see in the drawing like my hair, the band-aid that I have in my nose, my lips… ‘Cause other thing I love is the color purple. Other stickers are a brush, obviously because of this that I love to draw. And another is from a piano since it is my favorite instrument Yes, basically the things that I am naming here are my favorite things. I mean, I’m being very redundant by saying “favorite” every now and then. But well, on the back I have a box full of popcorn ’cause I love eating them a lot, they are very delicious Long live salty popcorn! Even if people who eat them sweet want to kill me, but… Nah… They are salty superiors, I’m so sorry. I also have a book that is The Book Thief. I highly recommend them if you like to read, I personally love it. If they don’t like to read, the story is very good, so they can listen to it as an audiobook, and there is also the movie (You can find her on YouTube actually) And on the back, it’s a Kermit I have. Basically I drew my cuddly toy. And well, I did it to him since I have several cuddly toys; and it was not because it was Kermit that I drew it, it was that I had to draw some because the point is that I love cuddly toys. Not that “oops, I have a great collection” but if I had more cuddly toys it wouldn’t bother me at all. And well. Some other little things that I can mention about the drawing; for example, lips … I had already mentioned that purple is my favorite color, but I also made them that way, with that color, because I like colored lipsticks, it doesn’t necessarily have to be purple. Also the fact that my jacket is a real jacket that I have, which is so holographic and, well, the idea of this was to do like a… I mean… … Portrait, and I don’t really like to draw realistic in the day to day, so I made a combination of something more realistic with my usual style. In other words, the dimensions of the face and everything are more realistic, but even so, I still manage the same style of drawing each thing as I usually do. So that’s why they see a little different what the facial structure is and all that. And that would be all with respect to drawing, but the issue does not stop here, since this drawing is part of a small book in which we are several artists, each with their drawing for this project, and that I will also be doing here a review. But before that, I tell you that this book will also be available to you through some raffles. The first raffle will be held on Instagram and you will simply have to like the post that you will find in the description and then follow Shahzad’s account. Those are the rules to enter the Instagram giveaway, and two winners will be chosen on April 17. And the second raffle will be here on YouTube. All you have to do is leave a comment on this video and the second step is to follow Shahzad’s channel. From this raffle 5 winners will be chosen, so well, in total there will be 7 people who can win this beautiful book full of illustrations by various great artists. Seriously, everything is very beautiful. The book is also very nice, I also want to show it to you. And also, you will have a page at the end of the book that is completely white so that you can draw yourselves with the things that you like. And well, now we go with the review of the book. Well, as you can see it is a small book that comes tied with a string, It has both the book and a small box that has some colors inside. In total, it has 5 colors which are: red, green, yellow, blue and brown. What I did here was, on a sheet of a little notebook that I have, I did a test with the colors to see more or less how the quality is and well, the only thing I have to tell you is that they have an average quality. I mean, do you know these typical school colors? Well, that’s how they paint. And it really seems to me that it’s fine for what it’s intended for, considering it’s just to draw a picture in this book. Later, if you want to use them in something else, well, great, but the point is that it is simply intended for the activity of this little book. Then, in the part of the cover we can see that the names are in order of all the people who participate in this little book. Also, at the bottom you can see that this names you, that is, the person who has the book, because that indicates that it is the last page where you can make your drawing. And well, now I will be showing you the drawings that appear in this book. They are all by wonderful artists and, as I already mentioned, they are in the same order in which they are mentioned on the cover of the book. The quality of the pages is very good, the truth is that the drawings seem to me to have been excellent, they look very nice and I feel that the weight of the pages is between 250 and 300 … That is where it is. In fact, for now the only drawback I have, is the issue of the hooks that hold all the pages because… I mean, they are very good but they are so tight that it does not give enough space to turn the pages well, so it gets a little more difficult but it is not so messy, so it is not a big problem. You can flip pages and all good, it’s just not as comfortable as simply flip them and already so good, but well, I comment on that detail. And here you can see my drawing, the truth is that the colors were super good, I mean, I cannot speak for the colors of the rest of the drawings since I do not know how those people originally made them… But really I tell you that the colors in my drawing were very good, they look super cute. I really love how it turned out. It’s like aaaAAAH I mean, the details look great, you can even see the Rapunzel very good, which is a super small detail since she is a mini person. It looks really good, seriously. The camera does not get to focus at all but it really looks very good. And well, for now I can not comment much more… And here we come to Nasuki’s drawing. If you see this, hewwo ヽ(*・ω・)ノ And I was very happy to see that other artists that I also know participated in this. In other words, it was very cool not only to be part of the project as such but also to be part of this project with artists that I know, that I follow, that I love and it was like it put me in a very fangirl mode… And well, really for now I can not comment more since I am simply showing you the illustrations made by the other artists, obviously above I leave the @ of each artist so you can go and look for it if you like their work and so support each other. And well, the truth is that there were illustrations that I really loved in this book… The artworks are very beautiful. In itself, the concept and idea of this is great and I loved what each artist did with it. Also that there is a lot of variety of styles, a lot of variety in the way of making the portrait, in the composition of the things that we like or that represent us so well, seriously I hope you are liking all the illustrations. And here we come to the last page that is where you would make the drawing. Another thing is that this page is the same material as the pages of the printed drawings, so it is not a paper that is specifically for drawing, but it can be drawn on it. I did a very smooth line that you can’t see, because I made it very smooth since they are colors and I didn’t wantto have the page scratched. But don’t worry, you can draw on the page. The only thing is that, that it is not a special sheet or that it is designed to draw. ᴼʰ, ᵐʸ ᵛᵒᶦᶜᵉ ᶦˢ ᵍᵒⁿᵉ ᵃᵃᵃᵃʰʰʰ… And well guys, that would be all for this video and I very much hope that you will be encouraged to participate in these raffles because the truth is that I would be very happy if you win and then you will get them and send us photos and… I don’t know, I am very excited that you may have a book of which I am a part. IT’S GREAT. It is the first book I am a part of, so I am very excited as you can see… But hey… I remind you that I reactivated my Patreon by the way, so there are new rewards and as we accumulate more patrons, more rewards will be unlocked, for example, two streams per month only for patrons in which I would be drawing while chatting and things like that and, well, more things that you can browse in the Patreon, so well, if you want to support me you can do it out there, but you can also by my Ko-Fi; and well, I send a greeting and a big thanks to Zaida Dubido Tachan. I really like your name on Patreon. Seriously thank you very much for all the support. See you in the next video, bye~.

AMD HD 6350 (Actually a 5450) Review (Games, Overclocking, Crysis?) | Benchy Tests

Hey everyone, welcome back to Benchy Tests.
Today, we’re going to be taking a look at this, which is a HD 6350 from ATI, or AMD
as they are nowadays. It is a DirectX11 card running at 650MHz on the core, and also features
512MB of GDDR3 memory running at 400MHz (or 800MHz effectively due to how GDDR memory
works.) It is literally the exact same card as the HD 5450, just with a slight rebrand,
and if you follow me to the kitchen, we’ll take a deeper dive into the specs of the HD
6350. Underneath the hood (or the fan to be exact)
lies a Cedar (Cedar Pro specifically) based chip built on the Terascale 2 architecture.
It features 292 million transistors built using TSMC’s 40nm fabrication process, and
as mentioned, is the same GPU as can be found on the HD 5450. It features 2 compute units,
which gives us 80 shading units in total (40 per compute unit), think of these as 80 individual
CPU cores (it doesn’t quite work like that but it makes it easier to comprehend). There
are also 8 texture mapping units and 4 raster operations pipelines as well. The gpu also
features 8KB of L1 cache per compute unit, and 128KB of L2 cache overall. The 512MB of
GDDR3 memory runs on a 64-bit wide bus. And for the benchmarks we’re going to be running
on the HD 6350, we’re going to be running some games, which are GTA V, CSGO, and Crysis,
to see what sort of performance it can offer in a relatively modern game, GTA V, and some
older games, CSGO and Crysis. We had also tested Warframe as well, but as mentioned
in the previous video, that can actually be quite inconsistent because the path that you
have to take through the mission can differ from run to run, so it’s not actually a fair
comparison at all. First up is GTA V, a game you probably wouldn’t
expect to be able to run on this graphics card, and you’d be right, sort of. We ran
this at both 800×600 and 400×300 which was achieved by setting a resolution of 800×600
and changing the frame scaling option in the settings to 0.5. Performance was playable, but not at all comfortable
in either test. With 400×300 the main issue was how awful the game looked at such a low
resolution. It was so bad to the point that my eyes were hurting from the strain. 800X600
dropped as low as 17fps with a max of around 25 in the city, whereas 400×300 improved this
to between 26 up to around 35fps. 800×600 had noticeable input lag throughout
with the inputs occasionally locking up entirely. 400X300 faired better here with minimal to
no input lag or locking up. Both had issues with inconsistent frametimes throughout, with
800×600 experiencing spikes of up to around 87ms at worst, with 400×300 having spikes
throughout of up to around 70ms. 400×300 averaged 50% higher fps than 800×600
did, at 33fps vs 22 for the higher res. With 1% and 0.1% low framerates seeing boosts of
50 and 28.57% respectively, over what 800×600 managed to achieve. Both resolutions required
different overclocks to remain stable throughout the tests unfortunately, so figures for that
aren’t directly comparable. With the overclock however, 800×600 couldn’t match the performance
of 400×300 at stock clocks. It comes close in 1% and 0.1% lows, but average fps is down
a fair bit. It’s still in the 20s throughout the city, although any signs of input lag
are gone. Occasional locking up of the inputs remains however, and overall gameplay is still
really uncomfortable. 400×300 with the overclock, widens the gap it had over the higher res
at stock with 41, 30, and 23 fps for its average, 1%, and 0.1% low framerates respectively,
or in other words, 57.69, 50, and 43.75% increases respectively over 800×600 with an overclock.
It still had some inconsistent frametimes, although not as bad as stock, and for the
vast majority of the time, was over 30fps. That said though, the amount of aliasing on
the edges of things is quite frankly beyond awful due to the low resolution, and is not
a comfortable experience at all. CSGO, being a lighter game graphically than
GTA V is, is a game more suited to what eth 6350 can realistically manage. That said though,
it required settings turned down to their lowest and a resolution of 800×600 to run
smoothly. 720P was tested as well, but mainly to give a comparison of how higher resolutions
perform. There were practically no issues at the lower
res, with 800×600 having only one occasion of brief but noticeable micro-stuttering.
It dipped to the mid 40s fps wise occasionally but overall ran great. The same can’t be said
for 720p though. The game was noticeably stuttery despite being over 30fps at all times, this
means that the frametimes are very inconsistent. It was hard to even aim at the enemies. You
wouldn’t want to play at this resolution on the 6350, even if you had to. 800×600 managed 68, 36, and 25fps for its
average, 1%, and 0.1% low framerates respectively, with 720p managing 43, 23, and 16. A drop
of around 36% in performance across the board. (Accidentally repeated a sentence here… Woops!) The overclock improved things massively for
720p. Gameplay was far smoother, but still suffered from the occasionable, occasionable?
Occasional but noticeable bout of micro-stuttering. Aiming at enemies was a lot easier, and overall
was a far better experience. 1% and 0.1% lows didn’t improve much as you can see, evidenced
by the inconsistent frametimes still being an issue. Performance at the lower resolution
improved even more, having no issues throughout whatsoever. And with figures of 80, 43, and
30fps for its average, 1%, and 0.1% low framerates respectively, it’s clear that this is by far
the better resolution to be using. But but Benchy? CaN iT RuN CrYSiS? Well yeah,
kind of. Can it do it at a comfortable level of performance though? That’s a different
story. We tested in 64-bit mode at 720p and 1152×648 resolutions with the lowest settings
and were limited to using DirectX 9, as DirectX 10 for whatever reason locks the monitor refresh
rate to 50hz with no way to change it… That aside, both resolutions showed the game to
actually be mostly playable, however both had issues with micro-stuttering throughout,
which isn’t particularly noticeable in parts, but very, very noticeable in others. Such
as the latter few minutes of the test we run here, which were pretty bad but still manageable.
Both resolutions had major issues with texture and object pop-in, meaning that at points,
the enemy might be able to see you because an object you’re hiding behind hasn’t rendered
yet. This wasn’t bad enough to be a game breaking issue in any way though, at least not in this
test. At stock, 720p managed 40, 28, and 18fps for
its average, 1%, and 0.1% low framerates respectively. 1152X648, being a lower resolution but not
by much, saw boosts in figures of 17.5, 21.43, and 16.67% for its average, 1%, and 0.1% low
framerates respectively, not bad for such a small decrease in resolution. Crysis, being one of the most intensive games
of the past, in terms of graphics, wasn’t able to overclock as high as the other games.
GTA V and CSGO managed core clocks of 775 and 760MHz respectively, but Crysis required
that dropped down to 735MHz for stability. 720P could now pretty much match 1152×648’s
performance in the benchmark. It still had issues with object/texture pop-in and micro-stuttering
at times (especially the latter few minutes of the test) but overall performed noticeably
better than stock. 1152X648 was now averaging over 50fps and showed an improvement in 1%
and 0.1% lows indicating that its approaching relatively smooth gameplay overall, but it
does still suffer from micro-stuttering and object/texture pop-in at times as well. Overall
it performed noticeably better than stock. SO yeah, to conclude, I’m actually quite impressed
at how well the HD 6350 did, especially for a card that cost under $30 on release. And
the fact that it can play CSGO, albeit at a fairly low resolution, it can actually still
play it. I’m also quite surprised by Crysis too. Considering that’s historically, a very,
very hard game to run, the fact that this can even come close to running it is fantastic.
The game is playable, but as you saw, you are going to be experiencing some, or a lot
of micro-stutter at times, but it’s not bad to the point that you can’t play it, I mean
it’s just going to be a bit annoying at times. But yeah, overall, I’m actually really impressed
with how well the 6350 did. Before we finish up today, I’d like to give
shoutouts to Patreon supporters TazFaeDodge and ShadowInTheVoid for helping to make all
of this possible. If you enjoyed this video, please consider leaving a comment and a like,
and subscribing to our channel if you’d like to see more content like this, and maybe even
sharing the video with people you think may enjoy it. And although there’s no obligation
to do so, you can support us in creating these videos through our Patreon at patreon.com/benchytests,
or through Ko-Fi at ko-fi.com/benchytests. And if you do decide to become a Patron, you’ll
gain early access to all of our videos for as long as you remain a Patron. So thanks
for watching our video, it means a lot to us that you would take the time to watch our
content. Hopefully we’ll see you in the next one 🙂

Real Thrive Experiences – “Le-Vel has given us options in life!”

So being a mom of two, I don’t think any mother
ever decides they’re going to be a lazy mom, the mom that lays on the couch on a beautiful
day or makes excuses to watch a movie after work instead of going to the park because
you’re so tired. I was fueled on coffee, energy drinks, soda,
anything just to get me through. Day 1 it was crazy and I didn’t think it was
working. I was used to that rush of energy from all
the coffee I would drink that when I took the three steps and I got to work I thought,
“I don’t feel like a rocket ship. Is it even working?” And my two o’clock break came and went, usually
that’s when I would go get some candy or I’d go get a donut from the gas station and that
day I just felt good and I worked for my family business and I’ll never forget my mom coming
out of her office and she said, “Are you cleaning? Why aren’t you trying to take a nap in the
back room? What are you doing today?” And that night when I came home and actually
wanted to make dinner and I didn’t feel like I needed toothpicks to hold my eyes open to
read bedtime stories. I felt like you can finally be that mom. All I could think of was all of the other
mom friends I had that were taking naps and were tired and snapping at their kids and
then being upset with themselves later because they just had nothing left to give. So, by Day 3, when my husband met me at the
door and said, “You’ve been the nicest you’ve ever been in three days. You’ve come home happy. You’re playing with the kids. You’re cooking, you’re cleaning. Is it that crazy sticker?” And he said, “I don’t care what it costs.” At the time we were putting groceries on a
credit card, barely getting by. He said, “I don’t care what it costs, this
is the you we love. And you need to continue.” So, from there I ordered as a Promoter. I hit my VIP and it paid off that card. So, he didn’t know about the card either until
after I paid it off. That’s really where my mindset shifted, is
to this is something I’m going to take every day because I feel good and I feel like I’ve
finally found me again. Why wouldn’t I share this with everybody that
I truly love? From there by my eight week point I had gained
eight pounds but I had lost a pant size. So, my body is finally getting what it needed
instead of junk food and coffee to get my through my day. I was craving healthier food. My energy was through the roof and my dream
in life was to be a mom and I was wasting it on the couch. I didn’t realize that until I finally felt
better, how much time I had wasted and I’m just so thankful every day that my youngest
will never remember that mom. He’ll always remember the mom that’s on the
monkey bars. My step-son tells me when we drop him off
at school, “Sammy, turn down the radio you’re embarrassing me.” Because we’re jamming out in the morning. To be able to be that fun mom and have options
in life is truly what this company has done for us.