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The BEST true wireless earbuds? Aukey EP-T16S Review | mrkwd tech

if you’re tired of trying to cram the
case of your true wireless earbuds into your pockets and then walking around
with a suspicious bulge in that awkward lower area, then you need to check out
the Aukey EP-T16 s true wireless earbuds. they’re the lightest and most
compact wireless earbuds out of anything I’ve ever reviewed. but are they worth
the money? what do they sacrifice to get that compact size? well stay tuned to the
end and you’ll have all the answers my friend! when it comes to budget true
wireless earbuds it’s pretty shocking how they consistently blow airpods out
of the water in terms of battery life and sound quality. but actually it’s
worth noting that very few manage to match air pods insanely compact design…
until now! ok let’s get started with unboxing Aukeys new true wireless
earbuds. as always check the affiliate links in the description below for the
most recent and up-to-date prices. with a magnetic case that’s matte black on the
bottom and glossy on top, first impressions were pretty good and it’s
hard not to be blown away by their compact size and weight and them
weighing just 36.3 grams. now most other options i’ve reviewed recently are
roughly around the 50 grams mark so that’s pretty impressive! plus the
earbuds themselves are also smaller than your average true wireless earbuds
offering a very similar profile to that of the Soundpeats TrueFree+. however
unlike the TrueFrees you’re getting touch controls here too without
increasing the bulk of each earbud and I think that’s pretty awesome. they also
include three sizes of alternate ear tips to ensure you get a nice secure fit and
they’re IPX5 rated – that makes them sweat proof and waterproof. ok if you’re still
watching then give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve made it to the test
run section of this review and to be quite honest, it’s the best part! this is the
part where I’ll be putting the Aukeys through their paces in terms of battery
life, audio-visual lag and sound quality, mic test and giving you guys my thoughts.
so let’s just dive right in! let’s begin the test run by addressing the elephant
in the room… battery life! and a course that compact size had to come at
a cost and that cost is a reduction in battery life. the earbuds themselves
offer three hours of playback in one sitting which is okay and the 400
mAh case provides three further charges, providing an additional eight to
nine hours of playback which I did find to be pretty accurate during my testing.
compared to other budget true wireless earbuds this is definitely on the low
side with other options offering closer to 30 hours in total. but you’ve gotta
bear in mind that those options that offer more battery life have a
considerably larger case – some very large indeed! but to look on the bright side at
least the Aukeys still manage to provide a better battery life than air pods…
which I do find quite funny. when it comes to fit, I have to say – I love the
design and the style of the Aukeys. I just find that they always fit my ear
perfectly with this type of rectangular shaped earbud. I always get a great seal
that ensures great passive noise cancellation – and the fact that they’re
so light helps massively on this front as they don’t need to rely on the ear
tip so much to keep them anchored, they haven’t got as much weight attached to
them. so that’s a big thumbs up for a nice secure fit and comfort too. Despite
running bluetooth 5.0 and the support of AAC and SBC codecs for some reason
there’s still a very minor audio-visual lag when watching YouTube and Netflix
which was not surprisingly worse on my iPhone because iPhones are notoriously
terrible for this type of thing. but it wasn’t so bad on my laptop where it was
just noticeable, barely noticeable – but it’s something that you should bear in
mind. here is a little sample of audio recorderd through the Aukeys
microphone to record a voice memo on my phone. what do you guys think? let me know
in the comments below. Here is a little bit of background noise
hopefully you can still hear this – a little bit banging and crashing, annoying
noises in the background. hope you can still hear my voice and it shines
through! I’ll also test each individual ear bud – mic test, mic, mic test, mic test mic test, mic test – and the range… mic test, mic test mic test! and let’s leave the test at that.
okay so here’s the big one though – sound quality. let’s start by listening to
some audio samples from the Aukey earbuds so get your own earbuds or earphones,
headphones on and let me know what you think SOUND ON FOR THE SOUND TEST now, recording audio from an earbud,
through a mic, then listening to them through another earbud, isn’t the most
reliable way to experience sound quality! so I guess that’s what my take is for
which I’m going to share with you right now!
first of all I want to start by saying this: make sure you’re getting a good
seal with these earbuds to experience them as intended. I initially was a
little bit underwhelmed but after getting the earbuds seated perfectly by
just giving them a little twist further into my ear – getting them placed a little
bit better – things instantly improved. whilst these earbuds don’t emphasize bass
especially, there’s no denying that the bass is definitely pulling its weight in
the mix – in fact the mids are Aukeys strong point with vocals taking center
stage, always sounding incredibly crisp, without instrumentation bleeding into
the spotlight. the highs offer impeccable clarity at
all times too, and I mean just how are these just $70?! everything from bass
heavy hip-hop to orchestrated soundtracks… they all sound awesome on
these earbuds – I don’t know why and if I’m honest, I have to say, the overall
sound profile is better than 90% of budget earbuds I’ve ever reviewed – there
I said it. and I know this sounds weird but this is one of the few earbuds I
would happily recommend to bass lovers and to those searching for a more
balanced sound profile. I know that doesn’t really make sense but just trust
me on this one, it’s true and you will love these earbuds no matter what. I
genuinely did not see that sound quality coming and these earbuds will definitely
be my new go-to earbuds for the foreseeable future. it is a shame about
the battery life but at least you’re taking a hit in longevity in exchange
for something else – you’re getting the compact size and it’s lightweight. I
would love to see a USB-C port at this price point or wireless charging, but
that is really nitpicking now because let’s be real: just for this sound
quality alone, these earbuds are insanely good value.
now you’ve watched this video, if you still really want to check out other
options for a bass heavy sound profile then you absolutely must check out the
taotronics soundLiberty 53’s by clicking the video you see on your
screen now here, or you can check out the Sabbat E12s which are another awesome
option at this price point by clicking this video here – they’ve got wireless
charging, USB-C, they’re really good so pick one of those and I’ll see you in
the next video!

Why We Watch Realistic Drama

February 19, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 58 Comments

Why We Watch Realistic Drama

What happens when dirt goes into our nose? Our reaction is to immediately sneeze and
often in a violent way. This reflex of the human body forces the material
out in the quickest way possible. But what happens when something external enters
the mind? Something like strong emotions, particularly
negative ones. Let’s say, for example, the pain of losing
your daughter. Often there are no automatic reflexes to cleanse
the mind of these feelings because we tend to suppress them if our mind feels that they
are socially inappropriate to express. Christ! you know what I fucking… These thoughts don’t lie dormant in the
mind forever. They often try to come out. What are you doing? I am a hunter Martin, What do you think I’m doing? Taylor Sheridan’s directorial debut Wind
River, does an excellent job at showing us the unfolding of these emotions. The daughter you couldn’t protect…. That’s not something you get to talk about. Before we move on, we have to make a quick
separation between two types of films. 20th-century british philosopher R.G. Collingwood drew a distinction between what
he called Amusement Art and Magic Art. Amusement Art is what you see in movies like
Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings, it helps the audience escape from reality and dive
into a fictional world after a stressful day. Magic Art, on the other hand is the type of
art in movies like No Country for Old Men or Wind River, which represent a view of this
world’s reality. I am not going to tell you that life is fair ’cause it ain’t. The basic difference between these two genres
is the “tragic pleasure of pity and fear” the audience feels while watching Magic Art. For the protagonist to evoke these feelings
in the audience, there must be a balance. He cannot be either all good or all evil, I want you to run. But he must be someone the audience can identify with. And if he’s skilled in some way or another,
the tragic pleasure can be intensified. This is Jeremy Renner’s character, who is
a Wildlife Service Tracker and helping an FBI investigation. But at the same time just wants to find the
person responsible for the murder of Natalie to kill him. Magic Art raises some philosophical questions
concerning art itself, in this case film being the medium through which art is expressed. Questions like: What does art tell us about
ourselves and what purpose does it serve in our lives? One of the first people to ever consider these
questions was Aristotle. He argued that our bodies need to experience
a full range of emotions in order to stay in balance. Meaning that if we haven’t been sad or scared
in a while, we can start to crave those feelings. When we lack this balance in life, art can
step in and help us. You got any idea what that feels like? When we finally experience these sensations
we experience an emotional release called catharsis. It’s the mind’s process of releasing,
and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions; just like the body
expels dirt from the nose by sneezing. Good drama can be incredibly effective in
helping the viewer identify with sorrowful experiences of the characters in a story. You okay? I’ve been better. This can move people and they can leave the
movie-experience clean, refreshed and purified in emotional experience. Catharsis tells us why we choose to watch
certain films for more than pure escapism: Get away from the door! Movies that don’t necessarily directly evoke
positive emotions in the viewer can lead to emotional health. How can we know what happiness is if we’ve
never been sad, angry or frustrated? In the movies, we choose to experience horrible
situations like a woman being raped or her boyfriend being beaten to death for defending
her, for a reason. Of course, such events would horrify us in
real life and while they also do so in film, they evoke a special kind of after pleasure
as well, a sort of minty aftertaste after the initial sting. It’s one of the main reasons, besides technical
mastery, why people continue to rewatch movies like Se7en, Titanic or Schindler’s List. In many ways, catharsis is more about what
we, as an audience, experience upon the unfolding of events in the story. Tragedies in film remind us that terrible
things can happen to decent people, ourselves included. This is a type of cleansing, where you get
rid of negative emotions. As Aristotle saw it, the meaning of art and
perhaps including all of film is to make profound truths about life stick in our minds. I got some good news, and I got some bad news. Bad news is you’ll never going to be the same, You lost your daughter, and nothing is ever going to replace that. Now, the good news is as soon as you accept that, and you let yourself suffer, You’ll allow yourself to visit her in your mind. You’ll remember all the love she gave or the joy she knew. That concludes this essay guys, we hope you enjoyed it. We want to thank our amazing subscribers for the support, and if you are new to the channel subscribe. We upload a new video every Friday. Let us know in the comments what movies would you like us to discuss. We’ll see you next week!

Crazy Drill Press From the Future! Is the Nova Viking Worth $1000?

My old drill press was way too big, so
I got the smaller, lighter benchtop one. Check it. This is my old drill press. Now I’m going to say some things
that I don’t like about it. It’s a good drill press. There’s no doubt it
drills holes just fine. But I didn’t like the chuck that came
with it because the key would slip and you’d bust your knuckles
on your all the time. So I ended up replacing the
Chuck with a keyless Chuck, so that worked out great. The travel per rotation I wish was a
little bit greater cause I would find myself getting so far. Then having
to use my other hand to hold this, to reposition to get onto
the next lever, to pull down. Petty little annoyances,
trivial annoyances. I’m aware. But the one thing that just drove me
absolutely bonkers was the depth stop on this guy. It takes a long time for this to turn
and tuh get it to where you want it to be and then you got to do the
same thing with the other one. It’s when you’re in the flow,
when you’re in the zone, you don’t want things like a silly
little depths up to just ruin your day. I’m hoping that this new
one fixes all the things, takes up way less space, doesn’t need a floor stand and just is
more of what I’m looking for in a wood shop. This guy is going to live out here in
the garage and my metal shop and the new one that’s going to be our
new woodworking drill press, so let’s go back inside and unbox it. This is the first drill press I ever
purchased that had a USB cable in the package. No idea, no idea. I will say we put the whole thing together
and about 10 to 15 minutes without even opening the instructions, so the
assembly was pretty quick and painless. This is the Nova Viking bench-top drill
press and I will say it’s a little bit bigger than I was expecting. My old bench-top drill
press was way smaller, but that’s okay. The
great thing about this, it has the direct drive motor on top, so that means it doesn’t need a
lot of depth and there’s no belts. So this will sit perfect
on one of the benches. My, my work bench here is a
little higher than normal, so it won’t actually be this high. But let’s go over some of
the really cool features. It’s got a direct drive motor
and a consistent power torque, meaning like you’re
drilling into something. If you had a belt system like a normal
drill press, it might slip and slow down. This guy will make up for it in
torque and keep that consistent speed, which is really cool. It’s got a little variable speed knob on
there so you don’t have to move around and change belts. You can do that. All
right here. We should plug it in. Dan. Let’s plug it in. This is it. Oh, ah, That say DP for David
Picciuto? Can I, can I, I need to say something right now. I
paid for this. This is not sponsored. Nobody’s making me say anything. I paid for this with cash money
that I made from selling drugs. So this is mine. This is my drill
press. I can do whatever I want to it. I can cover up the name.
I could take a leak on it. I’m not going to cause I don’t
want to get urine in the carpet. It’s got forward and reverse. Dan. What
would I use? Reverse for? Go backwards. Left handed drill bits. Left hand. Is that a thing? Okay. Oh, for left-handed drill bits. I didn’t know why is why or why or
reverse drove. It’s called lefthanded. That seems insensitive. So I
can set the depth stop. Oh, here we go. Yeah. On. No, You hear that? That sounds… What? Wait. Did you see that? Did you
get that on camera? Check this out. You go. I got my depths up set and a half
inch and it stops and goes in reverse! What, what a time to be alive, Dan. Come
here. Come here. Come here. Come here. What a time to be alive.
It’s out of focus? Who cares? Um, so let’s do that again. So you take this, you bring it down to your piece of wood, we’re going to zero it out at zero
right there. So I lift this up, goes to negative. Let’s set our depth. We want to drill a hole that
is a quarter of an inch deep. Confirm our depth is set. We can hit self-start so we can do a
one handed operation. Check this out, check this out. It
automatically starts up, you can hear it beeping. And then
when it gets to a quarter of an inch, it reverses itself and
then automatically stops. I didn’t even know this was possible. Every project from here on out is going
to use the drill press every single one for no reason. That’s pretty cool. Accurate
dude, this is exciting. All right. And then, uh, check out
our, our variable speed. That’s slow and speed that up. And then as soon as it hits that depth, puts it in reverse. How cool is that? So the quill trouble of this
guy is four and a half inches. On my big old floor-standing
drill press, it only had three. What’s so funny, Dan? Oh, this guy has four and a half inches
of quill travel. My other drill press, the big old floor-standing one
only had three and an eighth. So even though I’m downsizing,
I’m upgrading in so many ways, it takes up less space.
I can drill further. I can do cool types of drill operations. Perfect. Stop, stop, stop. I don’t have
to worry about that. Stop anymore. Yeah. Uh, I guess we need, Oh, before we
find a home for it, I got a fence. Let’s, uh, let’s check
out what this fence is. Still still have not even
opened up the instructions. We figured this all, we figured this
space, age, technology all by ourselves. All right, so we got the,
got the fence on there. It locks those two knobs back there
and then this little stop, right Dan, you want the USB cable? Okay.
Maybe use it for your printer. DVR technology. You can
record Game of Thrones. I just dated myself. There’s no
more gGame of Thrones. Come on. Yeah, I think that’s what
this tool is for. Boop. I think.. So… Obviously this guy is super freaking cool. If I could change anything about it. Um, and maybe there’s a reason
for this being circular, but I would actually like this to be
square so I could quickly make inserts on the table saw and drop them in there. I mean I could cut out a bunch with the
bandsaw or the CNC or even a hole saw, but I like squares just
easier. It’s hip to be square. The other thing is, um,
the fence is get in there. All right, get in. There you go. It’s a
nice, good, good, good tolerance there. The fence, it rides on these,
these slots right here. So it’s not like super
easy tuh move in and out. It’s you gotta you gotta kinda do a thing, you get it in position
and then you lock it down. Where on a fence that
you would make yourself, you would have the T track in there
and it would just slide back and forth. I may replace the fence or make my
own fence in the future or something. It’s a little bit easier to maneuver
but it’s a good, it’s a good build, but just the way drill press tables
are designed doesn’t make this a quick, super easy loosen move into place, pop back into place thing. I mean again, petty little things. Things
that I can I can deal with. I can fix and plus if I
make my own wooden table, I can do the square top like we did with
the previous one and then install that third party fence in there. That’s slides on the t-track so I can
make this the drill press of my dreams. It’s already the drill
press of your dreams. Now I need to make it the
door press of my dreams. You love this drill press. You
do. So where should it go down? Okay. Dan I really need help know. Okay. I was sacrificing myself like
don’t destroy the new table. Don’t destroy the new table. There it is. I don’t know if this
is going to be its final home. I want to test it out here. It’s not in the way of the
router and the miter saw, but it is sort of in the way of
the lathe. The lathe Actually moves out in front here.
If it doesn’t work, I’m going to move it to the other side
of the shop. If it does work here, it’s a, uh, I’ve increased
a lot of shop space, so, um, yeah, I mean it’s expensive.
It’s.. For me it’s worth it. When I buy tools, I’m looking for safety. There’s some cool safety features on
there and I’m looking for convenience and speed and this has all of that. And hopefully this is the last
drill press I ever buy for the shop. If that’s the case, then yes, of
course the money is worth it. Uh, final thoughts? Holy crap. This thing is super awesome. I will say I’m going to change
out the chuck for a keyless chuck. I’ve gotten too used to the keyless
chuck to have to deal with with this. I don’t, I don’t like that. Um, you know,
that’s just an annoyance thing for me. Uh, I got a bolt it down. It’s a,
it’s a little wobbly. Um, the, uh, the fence, I think I’m going to make my own fence
for there so I can easily move it in and out and uh, I and just have a nice wooden top with
a little inserts that I’ve made on my previous one so I can swap out
the little waste board in there. So I’m going to make my own
fence and tabletop for that. Um, so the drill press is one of the
messiest tools in the shop by far. Because there are dust
collection solutions, but we all know that they don’t work. People have tested them out and they’re
annoying in the way or they just don’t work very well. So I think I’m
going to make some sort of bin, that kind of collects to the table that
I’m gonna make and that’ll just kind of collect the chips. Like especially
when you’re using Forstner bits. forstner bits, just
throw chips everywhere. Just that one whole made quite a mess. So, and you don’t want forstner uh,
chips on your carpet, right? So, uh, I’ll make some sort of bin that can
catch the chips and maybe tuck away. I don’t know. I’m going to, I’ll engineer
something. I’ll think of something. We’ll think of something for sure.
So we’ll work on that. But yeah, I am super excited. The features on
there, the self start, the self stop, the reverse, the variable speed, the depth set is just crazy amazing. The thing that annoyed me so much on the
other drill press is now the thing that I love on this drill press. Direct drive, super accurate with the,
that stop. Very, very, very happy with this
purchase. So that wraps it up. Uh, yeah. I don’t got anything
else to say. So as always, be safe, have fun, stay passionate
and make something You can’t even hear that. Put
my microphone up against it. Don’t get your clothing caught in there.

101 Facts About Better Call Saul

February 17, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 67 Comments

101 Facts About Better Call Saul

greetings mother factors my name is Sam
and today we’re here to talk about a criminal lawyer
no no way criminal lawyer that’s right we’re talking Jimmy McGill also known as
slippin Jimmy also known as Charlie hustle also known as Jean Tucker vich
also known as kevin costner also known as Saul Goodman in better call Saul
yep the Breaking Bad spinoff has taken on a life of its own calling cheapen and
slip in its way through trouble on its own Dark Descent but when is the exact
pinpointed moment where Jimmy transitions into Saul how many
references are there to Breaking Bad and where does Jimmy get his suits made I
have a new style but I want to give a ruddy good go to answer three of those
questions are going to be answered so get your contracts written up lay your
plans feel calm write out as we trawl through a dumpster for some shredded
blood-stained documents as we take you through 101 facts about better call Saul
number one I’m sure you know this already but in case you fell asleep on a
101 binge on you’re now just waking up here’s what better call Saul is it’s the
name of a spin-off show from the world’s best television program of all time
Breaking Bad number two luckily this ain’t no jury situation the show was
created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould the writers of Breaking Bad which
ensures a nice clean standard of dark drama number three they started to think
about a spinoff for this show as far back as 2009 11 years ago in fact it was
so early that they pitched it to Odenkirk while shooting the Breaking Bad
season 3 finale number 4 ok here’s a quick little synopsis for you the show
follows Saul Goodman back when he was known as slippin Jimmy McGill a
small-time lawyer and former con artist it’s also set six years before Breaking
Bad starts and therefore is in the early noughties for maximum nostalgia number 5
I mean you just can’t beat these stunning vistas of desert in the
Breaking Bad of Earth can you so better call Saul is wisely shot in Albuquerque
New Mexico both for interiors like this and exterior like this number six now
originally the show is going to be a lot different to what we see today in fact
it was conceived as a half-hour comedy show Vince Gilligan even admitted that
they’d sold better call Saul to Sony without knowing what it was
number seven each episode was going to be a different case brought to Saul’s
attention by celebrity guest actor but then they decided to make it an
hour-long drama instead in fact Bob Odenkirk
himself says it’s 85% drama 15% comedy a bit like my life number 8 there’s a
chance of this show looks even better than Breaking Bad did how I hear you ask
well Breaking Bad was shot on 35 millimeter film better call sold though
is shot in 4k crisp digital number 9 turns out this isn’t usual spin-off
though we’d received a hell of a lot of critical acclaim and some shiny Awards
too including over 20 Emmys 7 Writers Guild of America Awards and two Golden
Globes which Jimmy would probably pawn so keep him away number 10
in fact it’s so beloved that some people have served some piping hot takes saying
it’s better than Breaking Bad which I mean some people are clearly being
controversial purpose although that being said it does include spook
extraordinaire Guillermo del Toro so number 11 in fact in the first of
many many references to Breaking Bad seriously strap in there’s a lot even
the theme music is a rearranged version of the Breaking Bad main theme seriously
listen to the most side-by-side they are the same thing number 12 in fact in fact
Jesse Pinkman himself Aaron Paul was in heavy talks whatever they are to do at
least a cameo in the show but then decided against it
don’t worry though Paul still got a pretty good paycheck from his own movie
El Camino well I imagine I don’t know that for sure
number 13 El Camino has a throwaway line from the disappearing vacuum cleaner
salesman there may hint at a frankly awful ending for our Jimmy he says to
Jesse from where I see it you make your own luck as did your former partner as
did your lawyer seems innocuous enough sure but he mentioned what there who you
know died so could solve ace the same thing could e number 14
hey by the way Saul Goodman sounded familiar to you even before Breaking Bad
here’s why Saul Goodman is also the name of a police detective in the 70s book
series d lumen artist trilogy by writers Robert Shaye and Robert Anton Wilson
number 15 ironically won’t be fast talking scams look that the hardest
parts playing Jimmy Bob Odenkirk finds those parks most fun to play the most
difficult scenes he says are the ones where he’s actually hurting someone
which spoiler alert does happen sometimes number 16 it’s worth noting
too that the writers of the show have pulled a reverse Kathleen Kennedy in
that they actually have a plan for how the show ends and have done so
apparently from the beginning that includes the final end
for Jimmy / salt / Jean Lall server characters like Kim Wexler – number 17
it’s also worth noting that Saul is the only main character to survive Breaking
Bad that wasn’t in season 1 that’s still a lot of death to think about number 18
the cat trades It’s Showtime folks which Jimmy can be seen saying a lot in
bathrooms is a reference to the movie all that jazz where Joe Gideon can be
seen saying internment of a mirror repeatedly as well there’s something
about the fact that Jimmy’s catchphrase is ripped off something else that seems
so fitting somehow number 19 there will be six seasons of better call Saul
before it finally finished it up and that’s when it catches up to the events
of Breaking Bad in fact Vince Gilligan has said that
this will also be his last full range at the Breaking Bad universe as a whole
which frankly makes me throw up with sadness number 20 teeth should be noted
– I suppose while we’re at it that while all the seasons have 10 episodes the end
of it all season 6 will have 13 juicy law fluid goodness number 21 however
Gilligan has said that were he to do another spin-off he would do it about
Rhea seehorn character Kim Wexler he says this is all down to seehorn herself
and her astounding range Wexler in the city anyone break him bad I have a lot
more of these number 22 oh hey speaking of Kim works though there’s a dubious
fan theory about her and she becomes addicted to meth and ends up as Wendy a
lady of the night as seen in Breaking Bad pretty much
these stole evidence for this so far is that they’re both blonde but hey I guess
we’ll wait and see number 23 anyway before we start
speaking about season 1 before it was released
AMC released the digital comic book detailing saul and mike’s early
adventures while looking into walt weirdly this takes place after pretty
much all of better call saul to number 24 hey speaking of Mike he’s in BTS –
again played by Jonathan banks he’s a pretty
kilee man before he himself got killed by Walton Breaking Bad that is spoiler
alert sorry in case you’re wondering by the way he’s killed 12 people so far in
the body verse number 25 as you’ll soon come to notice there are many many many
things that links all too bad but one of them are the various tributes and
implement sister Stanley Kubrick this is hardly surprising as Gilligan is a
Kubrick fanatic saying he could never replicate what he did so he just uses it
inspiration nice number 26 speaking of directing like we were sorta
Walter White himself Bryan Cranston has been in talk to direct an episode but he
doesn’t want to why because as a fan of the show he doesn’t want spoilers
himself what a lad number 27 Terry McDonough has directed a couple of
episodes of better call Saul in seasons 1 and 2 which is fitting actually is
he’s the one who directed the episode in which Saul was introduced in Breaking
Bad number 28 the show is distributed in the Saints by AMC in Sony Pictures TV
but in other territories like here in the UK get it served up by good old
chillin soundtrack Netflix Netflix was in fact interested in distributing it
everywhere but ultimately a deal was made between all the parties number 29
Vince Gilligan revealed in an interview that the biggest challenge for him
making this a prequel was a couple of references here Breaking Bad to solve
being in two failed marriages a so Farber mention of one wife but not to
number 13 sum of salt suits later in the show can be described as well garish I
suppose her for being kind but Bob Odenkirk probably isn’t that aware of
that considering the fact he’s colorblind whether he was before or
after looking at the suits I don’t know number 31
Odenkirk actually didn’t start out as an actor something which think about
considering his buying in performance in BCS he was originally a writer writing
for the Ben Stiller show and SNL as well as getting a couple of Emmys under his
belt not a euphemism despite that though he’s never written
an episode of BCS himself number 32 Jimmy’s very hateful brother Chuck is
played by veteran actor Michael McKean he was the first to join who wasn’t from
Breaking Bad originally but had worked with Gilligan on the x-files and I’m
sure he was very McKean from the role I’m sorry I’m going through a lot guys
I’m sorry number 33 Chuck suffers from something
called electromagnetic hypersensitivity a condition that means electricity
causes him pain this is a real phenomenon though it should be noted
it’s not recognized by the medical or scientific community so in the UK
apparently a staggering four percent of all people I said to perceive some
symptoms of this but it’s not happening really it’s all in your mind
number 34 Howard Hamlin the other sort of antagonist of the show is played by
Patrick Fabian Fabian says he actually quite likes his character despite being
called Lord he also described acting alongside
McKean like trying to play tennis with a broken leg because making such a prior
should say otherwise that’s a very specific burn number 35
another small fact about the Howard character he was nearly called Burt just
Burt that changes the character completely for me for some reason he’s
called Burt number 36 a real telephone number in New Mexico was created for
Saul’s law firm to promote the series when you call it it’ll give you a
switchboard no actual legal advice though number 37
that chose them but also appears in season 1 – oh I forgot to say there’s a
character called nacho the here he is that’s nacho anyway give that a call and
he’ll ask you ever so nicely to leave a message at the tone number 38
speaking of nacho while he doesn’t appear in Breaking Bad his name appears
in the series way way earlier in the episode better call Saul when he’s
scared and being kidnapped in his first appearance Sean tells Walt and Jesse it
wasn’t him it was ignacio ignacio is not toast first name and this
line now totally makes sense in the continuity sacred hooray number 39 in
this same Breaking Bad scene Saul tells Walter Jesse he has bad knees he also
tells the cop this in the first season of better call Saul apparently this is
because of all the states falls from coms he would perform back in Chicago
number 40 once again speaking of nacho his last name Varga means cobbler in
Hungarian this is referenced in the fact that the second episode of the second
season is called cobbler gee whiz that Gillikin guy knows what he’s doing
number 41 something you eagle-eyed people out there will notice every
episode of season one is a word that ends at the letter O all except one
Alpine shepherd boy now this episode was originally going to keep it the theme
and be called jell-o but they couldn’t get the trademark legally cleared as
it’s a real product thus ruining the naming scheme completely the meaning of
life better call Saul seasons tend to begin with black-and-white footage of
sold post Breaking Bad and his new identity as gene the manager of a
Cinnabon in Omaha this is foreshadowed in Breaking Bad’s 15th episode of season
5 in which he predicts that best-case scenario I’m managing a Cinnabon in
Omaha number 43 in the first episode there’s a slight fake out when we see
Jimmy walk towards a nice car before going to his actual car and in between a
stall banger the car he looks like he’s going to get into is a 19
87 Cadillac DeVille which is exactly what he drives in Breaking Bad
number 44 speaking of the first ever episode
Jimmy kicks the absolute hell out of a bit at one point halitosis now some have
said this is a direct parallel to Walt you know when he punches that paper
towel dispenser although I think it’s just men being mad what do you think
though is this a call back let me know in the comments down below
number 45 it seems like there’s only one diner in all of Albuquerque why well
Jimmy meets the kettlemans in the same one where Mike meets both Jesse and
Lydia you know in Breaking Bad it’s called early yola’s and you can actually
visit it too is it’s real number 46 it also seems like this one particularly
popular bit of desert to the place where Jimmy negotiates with to go in the
second episode is the exact spot where Heisenberg gives his famous say my name
line we heard that by the way straight from
the Gilligan horse’s mouth so we know it’s correct number 47 in this first
episode by the way a windshield gets hit by a skater the windshield actually
cracks but it wasn’t supposed to however they didn’t want to do it again so they
left it cracked what an expensive up see that is number 48 in the opening for the
season 1 episode hero you can see a fetching Hello Kitty mobile phone this
cell of the Americans call it was given to Jesse by Saul in Breaking Bad
number 49 the black sheep of naming convention for the first season episode
Alpine shepherd boy shows the bench you don’t know what I’m talking about by the
way it’s the one that he advertises on him Breaking Bad and we’re a pretty big
bust happened so but a history right there number 50 this episode also has an
in retrospect horrifying bit of foreshadowing well Chuck is in hospital
dr. Cruz urges Jimmy that he is a mental illness and is dangerous to others and
himself for instance she warns he could set the house on fire with a gas lantern
two seasons later Chuck does exactly this on purpose
killing himself in the process number 51 jumping to season 3 for a quick second
this is foreshadowed again in episode 1 when Jimmy and Chuck mentioned a Daffy
Duck nightlight that could overheat and burn the house down
number 52 it’s worth noting too by the way that at the end of the episode in
season 3 the National Suicide Prevention lifeline was displayed here in DES again
by the way just in case you ever need it number 53
anyway about season one for a sec more specifically Alpine shepherd boy again
in this episode we see Jimmy sworn turing around a nursing home that
nursing home is called Casa tranquila and if it looks familiar is because
Heisenberg blew it and gust the hell up in Breaking Bad number 54
speaking of nurses or nursing or whatever it’s a segue TC Warner appears
in this episode as a nurse who tells Jimmy to Nath off when he’s trying to
see Chuck now she’s done this before in season four Breaking Bad and she throws
Jesse out when he’s trying to see Brock she has a power thing it seems number 55
Embrapa little old kitty Drew was murdered by
meth Damon while he was by a train track looking for a tarantula Mike arrives in
ABQ via a train in season 1 episode 6 in a flashback ok not the best Easter Egg
short people get trained all the time but his panel also warns him in that
same episode to beware of tarantulas 1 an ABQ so number 56 in episode 10 of
season one we see slippin Jimmy in action with a hell of a lot of con jobs
on the go with his buddy Marco all these scams are actually really done in real
life and are based on real cases so just use the episode as a warning so you
don’t get got ok number 57 one of these cons is apparently convincing woman he
was Kevin Costner and getting Kosta with her does that work for the weight gain
Costner with her yeah probably not anyway this is actually already
prophesized in Breaking Bad when Kevin I mean Seoul relays this story to Walt
number 58 another one of those scams involves munching a place called
equatorial Akbar Orbis which isn’t actually real place
but it’s in fact of reference to jorge luis borges story tian akbar Orbis
tertius sonic number 59 marco also says the potential mark hey
kid help me get my wife’s car after this bad neighborhood right in the middle of
a con montage a cantar sorry con touch this is a reference to the 80s film repo
man number 60 it’s also here in this episode where jimmy obtained Marco’s
ring which is an iconic but have kept the Saul Goodman as he’s seen wearing it
throughout Breaking Bad number 61 hey by the way remember how I said every
episode in season 1 was gonna end with the letter O until them lawyers came
along ironic really anyway similar final must happen in
season 2 but this time successfully because you can take the first letters
of each episode title and rearrange them for a hint for season 3 namely freeing
back number sixty-two worth noting here by the way that season two was
originally meant to have thirteen episodes but AMC wanted to cut it down
to ten what would that anagram even spell with those 15 letters though
Frings back hand number 63 worth saying again by the way that Gus being a
medical soul is a bit strange because Saul never actually met Gus in Breaking
Bad he does meet him in Episode two of season three of BCS though but he’s
completely unaware of who Gus truly is as he’s in chicken manager mode Nintendo
64 season 2 is also where we see another returning character for Breaking Bad
come back into the fold stock broker Ken he first appears in the
fourth episode of season one of prabha being a complete dick essentially and in
the first episode of season 2 of bakkasur where he gets conned by Jimmy
and Kim sweet catharsis baby number 65 in season 2 Kim starts dealing when the
bank could Mesa Verde Mesa Verdes building is in fact the same one team in
brubber went Adams gonna go there for their massive audit and Scylla does her
frankly incredible turn as a ditzy idiot number 66 they was in main there’s a law
firm that appears in season two but wait this isn’t a reference to Breaking Bad I
know what may it’s a reference to a restaurant in Vince Gilligan’s hometown
of Richmond in Virginia it was named after the corner it was on specifically
on the corner of Davis Street and Main Street number 67 we see some tequila
did it did it did in the first episode of season 2 and it’s good cefiro nao
this is the same tequila although marginally less deadly that Gus fring
uses to assassinate the cartel in Breaking Bad
number 68 in brubber soul can be seen directly from a couple sometimes that
says world’s greatest lawyer on it in the second episode of season 2 or the
other way round Kim gives him a carp saying world’s second-greatest lawyer
mug based foreshadowing baby number 69 Showtime folks
in the episode armadillo season 2 episode 3 by its longer name Mike gives
his granddaughter a pink pig a pink pig that she goes on to save Mike’s life in
Breaking Bad’s fifth season can’t wait for its spin-off but a dig pig number 70
by the way I sent a why I find this weird but I do you can actually buy that
pig for real it wasn’t a prop just made for the show see look at it there you
can buy that if you want and just have it in your house
your life to think about it hashtag non spawn number 71 Ice Station zebra
associates is the name of the company Seoul uses to launder Walt’s tilty drug
money in Breaking Bad by sheer happenstance Simeon Kim can be seen
watching a movie called Ice Station zebra in armadillo and just three
episodes later they used a fake company for a scam number 72
Jimmy’s offices are located at 160 Juan Tabo pool who live at 160 who want fo
Boulevard yeah okay that’s just normal stuff sure but it’s worth noting that
Gael bet occurs home addresses along the same Boulevard at 6353 Juan Tabo
Boulevard number 73 in episode 4 of season 2 we meet Lawson
for the first time for illogically anyway this gun seller gave water
firearm and Breaking Bad – which is where we actually first saw him with our
very own eyes number 34 episode 7 inflatable starts with a flashback to
young Jimmy in the 1970s reading playboy the naughty sausage anyway apparently
this was actually shot with the intention of being used as he called
open of the season 1 episode pimento number 75 season 2 episode 8 Fifi opens
with a 4 minute 22 seconds long unbroken 1 shots this was inspired by Touch of
Evil by Orson Welles and resulted in the episode getting a nomination for the
outstanding special visual effect in a supporting role ma number 76 on season 3
now and yes as we mentioned earlier fring is back baby
to celebrate AMC released a 10 episode web series in the son of los Pollos
hermanos employee training called los Pollos hermanos employee training I
won’t list them all here don’t worry but the animations within them are basically
a Breaking Bad reference first see how many you can spot but after this video
yeah yeah number 77 incidentally actually it was this digital series that
won an Emmy believe it or not for outstanding short form comedy or Drama
Series ironically it means this won an Emmy and the actual show it’s based on
did not so far number 78 in the first episode of season three one of Jimmy’s
old nanos mentions the name of a particular flower that sure to send
spines chillin for Bravo fans out there the lily of the valley which is the one
that Walt uses to poison poor little innocent child Brock
number 79 in season 3 episode 3 Jimmy can be seen smoking Wilmington’s a
fictional brand of cigarettes this is also the same fictional brand that Jesse
uses to hide ricin in during season Thor Breaking Bad number 80 another callback
to Saul’s first breaking bad episode happens in season 3 episode 2 in setup
in order to secure attorney-client privilege Jesse puts $1 into his pocket
Kim gets Jimmy to do the same for the same reason showing that Saul ripped a
lot off Kim didn’t he a lot number 81 the episode Sabrosa toe kicks off with
Don Eladio diving into a pool in an eerily reminiscent way of how he ends up
dying in Breaking Bad after being poisoned and falling into the exact same
pool number 82 it’s worth noting that Saul Goodman productions actually has
it’s very own website that you can access right here right now don’t
actually do it do it later after this but still interesting a number 83 there
is a slight mistake in episode 7 in season 3 when Jimmy’s in front of the
music store you can see a sign for like a mobile this episode is set at around
2002 but like a mobile hadn’t been set up then it was established in 2006 for
huge plot hole there ruins the whole thing never gonna watch again I’m just
kidding I’m addicted and I can’t stop watching woo baby yeah number 84
then episode also marks the turning point where Jimmy has had more
appearances in the badder verse than Walt or Jesse number 85 there are a
couple of names that crop up in a very blinken you’re missin turn you’ll
probably miss it even if you don’t blink kind of way namely the characters of
crazy eight and nodoz who appear in Breaking Bad’s first season first off
when Jimmy’s walking through the mall he walks past a store called crazy eight
number 86 secondly when Kim is having trouble staying awake before our car
accident you can see she’s taking some medication some medication called nodos
number 87 in season 3 episode 9 Hector does some threatening at nachos dad
eagle-eyed viewers can see a bell right next to him which may be a little
glimpse into a bell ring in future number 88 Gael appears in season 4 of
the show and looks pretty quite different doesn’t he well that’s because
he was filming for both billions and dig at the same time just didn’t get to do
three shows on here to memorize that entire chemical elements song
softer the guy number 89 for season 4 a MC wanted to try and replicate the
success of the emmy-winning los Pollos hermanos employee training except this
time with Madrigal electro-motive security training presented by Mike
Ehrmantraut himself number 19 alas it was originally emmy-nominated
but that got revoked because it didn’t reach the minimum length of six two
minute episodes you’d think that Mike would be able to you know get involved
and get that corrected but alas he’s fictional nonetheless he won in a season
4 episode 5 we see a Breaking Bad ear a snippet of soul preparing to leave
before the episode granite states in this scene he called EDD disappear
Headley disappear is also said to appear in the opening episode of season 5 magic
man however this is the last we’ll see of him as his actor Robert Forrester
sadly passed away in late 2019 number 92 the finale of season 4 is 60
minutes long this makes it the longest episode in the entirety of the Breaking
Bad universe and from what I’ve been told
length it’s umberto important dammit number 93 conversely the seventh episode
of season four called something stupid not literally in it no it’s literally
called that that wasn’t a dig of the show it’s only 41 minutes long the
shortest episode in the Breaking Bad universe number 94 here’s a real
learning nitpick for you guy can be seen playing a pinball machine called the
getaway high-speed – however the noises it’s making you’re actually from a much
older machine number 95 in winner episode 10 of season 4 we see Chuck and
Jimmy laying down as the camera slowly pulls back above them this shot has been
used ominously quite a few times on the characters of the proper universe
normally in a way that’s associated with death it’s happened with Walt’s Jessie
and now Jimmy perhaps symbolizing Jimmy’s death and salt emergence or
Chuck’s death which you know is actually happened so far who knows number 96 also
this episode’s opening was filmed in a place for the Monte Carlo liquors and
steakhouse where Vince Gilligan said the cast and crew of Breaking Bad once had
dinner with Warren Buffett so Wow number 97 also also in season 4 episode 10
Jimmy’s car breaks down and won’t start and similarly Jimmy breaks down because
of it it’s said to be here that the producers say Jimmy’s fallen to becoming
Saul actually starts number 98 after season four Emmy voters
received actual burner phones with which they could call characters like Jimmy
nacho Kim Mike Gus and Howard Hamlin despite the free phone giveaway they
still the last one nothing but hey next year is your year Saul number 99 here’s
something to mull over there is only one character so far that’s been in all of
the Breaking Bad reverse shows and properties and that character is Mike
Ehrmantraut nobody else has been in all three number a hundy row year Season 5
is out this year 2020 but you may notice there’s a slight delay in when the
seasons come out because before it was yearly we got all greedy and we’re very
angry when we didn’t get it this isn’t because they got lazy in fact it’s far
from it it was because they had to have time to make El Camino in case you’re
wondering what season five is all about Peter gold has reeled the question that
they wanted to answer with it specifically we all know who Saul
Goodman is but who is Saul Goodman – Kim Wexler
in the drinking and I for one can’t wait to find out so that was 101 fact about
better called saw other a nice frankly miss now kiss my god we went through
like a thousand of them there and what do you prefer better call Saul our
breaking bad or maybe El Camino let me know in the comments down below if you
good dough give this video a like and subscribe to one on one fact if you
haven’t done so already it really does help us out and we’re so so close to
half a mil so close I could taste it and smell it anyway thank you for watching
but in the meantime there’s another two videos you could be watching right here
on screen now why not click on one and I’ll see you there bye bye now bye you

Supergirl 5×11: “Back from the Future – Part One ” – Reacción y Review –  Reaction With Subtitles

It seems like a police bus, right? I guess he is already working for Lex Luther. There he is. Jeremy. Cool. An entire moth with vacations? He’s not our Winn? No, he isn’t.This one is a bad guy. Oh, look! The episode was directed by David. They are acting. William isn’t playing his part very well. Is his name William? I already forgot his name. I really like Lex, I won’t lie. Our Winn. What happened? He looks angry too. He won’t say hi? They are all friends. There it is, hug! Cool, in the future Lex is still a hero. Maybe he will become President, they will keep been seeing him as a hero and those stuff. She knows nothing or she is lying to her. Maybe she’s more team Leviathan here. Is it him, right? People are crazy, so they will start to like everything. But you have to be careful. Now Willian isn’t a sucker because. He doesn’t hate Andrea, he hates Lex. What does the wild cat means? Betrayal or something like that? Maybe he understand more her powers. Because of his bf And their she is, look. But that too crazy. People would stop sleeping. I would prefer to be all day in my own lie. Oh, two. She is our version of what Vibe was able to do. Can’t she take them all out? Cool, nobody died, right? We fixed it. Oh, but now he will return back home. That sucks. Stop seeing each other. But you can eat it in your way home! Both of them are really great actors. We were missing this chemistry. And he’s gone so, that’s gone too. But he can’t. But don’t move the table!! And now Kara is heterosexual again. She could be bisexual if she wants to. “live for ever”

Does Contour BEFORE Foundation REALLY work?

February 14, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 25 Comments

Does Contour BEFORE Foundation REALLY work?

hello gorgeous welcome back to my
channel it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a highlight and contour video
that kind of is my bread and butter like that’s what got me started on YouTube I
will never forget the feeling when I first posted my highlight and contour
video if we can even find a clip of it we’ll pop it up somewhere I don’t know
if we can but honest ostia Beverly Hills reposted me hooda Beauty reposted me
like tons of places reposted me and I was so proud and then a well-known
makeup artist posted me and completely slammed me for it and look I know that
that’s not everybody’s cup of tea I get it but some of us liked it so I watched
a video earlier today it was toddy I love toddy she did a video with Scott
Barnes who is JLo’s makeup artist and he is just he’s incredible him I love his
work and he did a technique where he actually highlights some contours before
foundation and so I’m gonna test that out today and see how we like it just a
disclaimer this is not gonna be everybody’s cup of tea I know that and
also not everybody is ever going to feel like there’s an appropriate occasion and
their life to ever wear this much makeup I can I get that but I only do this much
makeup when I’m doing something like the red carpet video photos so like if you
have like senior photos or a photo shoot of any type coming up this could be good
so I don’t know we’ll see we’re gonna try it I’ve never done this before it
could turn out into a total disaster you’re just gonna have to watch with me
and see how it turns out okay so one thing I really respect about something
he said in that video and I actually didn’t even watch the full video I
watched the first half of it so I don’t even know I didn’t see everything that
he did I just got totally inspired by the fact of doing highlight and contour
first before foundation that I’m like I said Mike stop I’m gonna I’m gonna try
it so the thing that he said that I thought was really interesting is that
why do you need primer and I don’t talk about this a lot but on an everyday
basis I don’t typically use primer and it’s mostly because I’m lazy a B it’s
because I really feel like my makeup looks
the same whether I use primer or not not everybody’s gonna feel that way because
we all have different skin types but for my skin type I just don’t feel like
primer is completely necessary sometimes it is but first things first I’m gonna
go ahead and color correct before highlighting in contour so we’re gonna
do that real quick okay so eye color corrected under my
eyes with some peach and some green on some red spots we’re going big and we’re
going hard or we’re gonna go home using tart shaped tape and this is in light
medium and we are going to highlight the crap out of our faces I’m gonna do things a little differently
because so the shape tape is a little bit more yellow than my pale nasty
winter skin would like so I’m gonna do a little bit of the lighter concealer this
one is from Joey nothing new or surprising here I’m just gonna add it on
just to like give a little bit of a lighter shade and we’re doing a lot of
makeup here today guys cuz we’re having fun I’m using my Sigma brush this is the
40 HD kabuki the cool thing that I like about Sigma is that on the boxes –
they’re brushes they tell you exactly what they’re for so if you are not
somebody who is super used to using makeup brushes when you get them online
and get them at home and you’re like oh my gosh I forgot what I bought that for
just reference your box keep it around for a while but I’m just gonna push this
into my skin really well if ruler for concealer I went with what I had in my
makeup kit here in Ohio because all of my good makeup is in NASH well not good
makeup but my huge collection of makeup is in Nashville this concealer is making
my eyes look tiny it’s crazy okay I’m using the maybelline superstay
in olive which is 52 and I’m going to do contouring with this okay I blended everything out still got
a little bit of like residual going on in the hairline but we’ll get to that
we’re gonna do the foundation now and we’re gonna see how this turns out I’m
adding some tan drops because I’m going for that JLo glow using my Charlotte
Tilbury airbrush foundation number six and going to put in a little bit of the
drunk elephant tan drops though D bronzy drops because they are amazing and we’re
gonna play so I wanted to talk about really quickly that something that I’ve
learned the more makeup that I do and I I know when I walk when I watch back my
videos of what I’m doing my own makeup I get mad at myself because I tend to go
really fast and when I go fast my application gets harsher on my skin than
it ever needs to be and beautiful makeup takes patience a beautifully blended eye
takes patience I mean and same same goes for foundation for concealer for
highlight for everything so just so you know the more patience you are with your
application the prettier it’s gonna look using a little bit of Matt banana powder
distance from essence and going to set right under my eye and then I’m gonna
put a translucent powder on top of that I’m doing this first because I want a
little bit that yellow tone under there and then we’re going to make its maybe
bit yeah I made a mess I don’t really like to get to to to have you at the
baking personally but to each their own people to each their own contouring my bottom lip now with a
matte bronzer i’m using my Marc Jacob tantalizer I love this bronzer as you
can tell I love it a lot and I’m just really contouring the crap out of my
lips and then will blend it out in a minute
just right where we already contoured with try to get a little bit more
definition of the nose and then I’m going to take this I’m going to take the
same brush and my bronzer and I’m going to work it into my brow and I like this
brush because it’s got that angle it’s the edge precision brush from Sigma and
I like to really carve out my crease it’s not at all meant for eyeshadow going with a red-eye this is copper me
from essence I wear this on the carpet actually when Matt and I went to the
Star Wars premiere and I got a bunch of messages about my makeup and I love this
eyeshadow I mean it’s just stunning okay this is the finished look on camera
it doesn’t look very dramatic it looks very natural which is exactly what
everybody wants when you go to the contour unless you’re going for more of
like the drag style this however when I look at myself in other lights and the
mirrors in our house this is the best my nose has ever looked
I don’t know if it looks dramatic on camera or not but like I have never had
such a beautifully contoured nose that makes me sound very big-headed I’m not
saying that I’m big-headed way I’m just saying I’ve never been able to achieve
such a great contour on my nose so this method is amazing for that particular
reason also it’s really great for getting that cut contour under your chin
putting the foundation on afterwards I feel like really does oh oh it’s kind of
like adding a filter on top of the contour to kind of like tone it down but
the shadowing is still there to really give you that very natural really
beautiful contour I love the way this turned out and it’s so easy to make this
a glowy look spritz some spray on add a little extra highlighter oh my gosh I’m
very very impressed so if you are looking to just up your makeup game for
2020 and try something new try a cream contour underneath your foundation and
then comment below and let me know if you like it as much as I do
it’s a lot of makeup don’t get me wrong this is not an everyday makeup look for
me by any means like this is something I’m gonna wear on camera on a carpet in
photos not something I’m gonna wear to go on a Tuesday to Walmart just not I
kept all my other makeup pretty simple because I wanted to focus on the contour
but I loved it let me know what video you want to see from me next on my
channel by commenting below and please click that subscribe button and join the
gorgeous fam I love you guys so much thank y’all for watching

MOZA Slypod E Real Review and B-Roll . English sub  تجربة شئ خرافي جديد

Good morning houses .. good morning cars .. good morning grassland Sorry guys she just has eaten spinach in this morning Therefore she behaves like that Good Morning I am going to drive ququ to the university
and I barely slept Whether you saw … Just foucs on my face just for one time in your life Whether you saw the scene in which i have driven Ququ to the university for one more time That is because yesterday was Monday but i already know that what i have shooted yesterday will not be uploaded So that i can make a daily Vlogs do you understand ? . I don’t understand even what iam saying What is important is that today is Tuesday and i have 80% of my day free from work so i don’t have any work except of 2 hrs Beacuse the cold weather is … Beacuse the cold weather is exhusting Welcome back Good morning ququ and this is ququ when she wakes up
thanks ququ nice greetings Today morning That was hallo Chill chill Good morning houses .. good morning cars .. good morning grassland Sorry guys she just has eaten spinach in this morning Therefore she behaves like that ququ: eating spinach!!
i didn’t eat any spinach the weather today is .. ququ: i don’t want to go to the university I i just need to sleep Today the weather is good and way way better that the past 2 days the storm has passed safely and today i have just approximatly 2 hrs of work so i have to drive ququ firstly have you slept? the subway is coming in 2 min hurry up the subway is arriving Nice jacket
ququ: thank you does it makes you feel warmer
ququ: yup Bye Bye As we are not going to anything so Today is going to be a Tech review one of the most videos that i specially like Because i put alot of effort in it By taking shoots , editing which takes a tonne of time I just like those kind of videos and i don’t care about the views cout What is important is the result of the video i have adjust 2 camera in the room so that we can shoot form diffrent positions MOZA has sent me this product o make a review and it has been more than on month form its arrival MOZA. i am sorry for the delay it is not a sponsored video Moza sent me this product to make a review and after that i can keep it MOZA Slypod E what is Moza Slypod E I uploaded a video about MOZA Slypod the first version (original) The previous video will appear in this side or this side. 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101 Facts About Avengers: Infinity War

February 14, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

101 Facts About Avengers: Infinity War

greetings one of factors my name is Sam
and today we’re going to be covering a true Titan who of cinematic history the
Marvel behemoth that is was and shall continue to be long after we’ve all
turned to dust that’s right we’re talking about Avengers infinity war the
nerd equivalent of the world cup or roughly four Super Bowls at least it was
when I last checked the nerd jock exchange rate fair warning though this
video is going to be absolutely spoiler if ik of this movie hey you spoil so if
you’re a Marvel fan who was watching this video but somehow has not seen the
film please well number one reassess your priorities and to proceed with
caution but what was the film’s slightly odd working title
what horrific imagery were we spared during the soulstone sequence and when
will the bigwigs at Marvel finally cave in and make Jennifer Lawrence she-hulk
frankly I think she’d be just as stunning with green skin perhaps even
more so to utter true this person’s gonna be answered so sit down strap in
and shut the heck up as we take a furious joyride and then get really
tired at the end with 101 fact about Avengers infinity war come get some
space dogs number one Avengers infinity war is a 2018 superhero film within the
Marvel Cinematic Universe in which the Avengers fight alongside the guardians
of the galaxy and others against the supervillain Thanos who seeks to collect
the all-powerful Infinity stones not to inflict unparalleled destruction upon
the universe number two it may impress you to know it’s certainly goosed my
grapes whatever that means that infinity war is the 19th film in the MCU and it’s
the seventh film in the MCU third phase number three the film is based on a
six-issue Marvel storyline from the early 90s called the Infinity Gauntlet
in which a team of harbin superheroes fight against the supervillain Thanos
who seeks to collect the all-powerful Infinity stones in order tip you know
what you’re probably aware of the story by now except in that one Thanos does it
because he’s in love with the lady debt it’s weird
number four the film serves as the culmination of the previous 18 different
movies this means that the writers had to draw together eight different
franchises as well as continuing on from the port line of Civil War
number five infinity war was written by screenwriters Christopher Markus Stephen
McFeely who were tasked with the daunting prospect of writing one of the
most highly anticipated blockbusters in recent memory
luckily Markus and McFeely are fairly well accustomed to writing big-budget
comic book patience having written all three
Captain America films and Thor the dark world I wouldn’t go shouting that last
one off the rooftops of over you but hey I guess it’s on your resume number six
previously the pair also wrote the three reasonably well-received Chronicles of
Narnia franchise films but they love a good franchise don’t they number seven
infinity war was directed by the Russo brothers who worked together on previous
MCU titles Captain America that we do soldier and Captain America Civil War as
well as the post-credits scene by a man and the mid-credits scene of Captain
Marvel number eight the film was originally titled Avengers infinity War
part 1 as the story was originally going to be split across two films but then
Marvel decided to not do that so they removed the part one bit and that was
fact number 8 everybody hope you enjoyed it number 9 Avengers infinity war was
shot back to back with a vengeance end game which means they’ve had endgame
ready for us to watch this entire time in the making us wait to see it though
is evil conniving Oh number 10,000 interestingly the Russo brothers have
since stated that they regret filming infinity war an end game back-to-back as
this apparently made it difficult to focus on each narrative independently of
one another number 11 much of how infinity war
developed cinematically was inspired by 90s heist films believe it or not such
as heat out of sight and Point Break Joe Russo has stated that such titles were a
jumping-off point for the film stating that the film falls into a
smash-and-grab heist structure now that you say it does remind me of Ocean’s
eleven a lot said bomb Cheadle’s voice is actually good in this one number 12
McFeely said that during writing the large number of characters they were
required to fit into the movie was an issue he said that not every scene can
be 25 people in a room you’re going to have to make kickball teams and then
have a tourneys I mean that’s not what they did in the
film not really a war is it number 13 an important writing motif that the Russo
brothers and the writers used to cope with the huge scale of the film what to
have it revolving around the journey that Thanos makes with the Avengers
moving around him and their attempts to halt his progress for example Joe Russo
said that this all gomorrah’s death oh sorry yet spoiler alert by the way as
the end of act 2 because it marked a pivotal point in Thanos his character
trajectory number 14 while writing the script writers Matheny Marcus came up
with the idea of strange alchemy this was part of the process of deciding
which Avengers would fight alongside each other to generate the most interest
and tension the perfect example of this is Stark and Doctor Strange is
conflicting personalities fit well together on screen number 15 both Mark
Ruffalo and Tom Holland was specifically prevented from reading the full script
until shooting started owing to their tendency to accidentally leak spoilers
and press interviews well didn’t stop Mark Ruffalo at one point Holland was
even given a fake script because of his habit of letting slip spoilers Oh Tommy
Tommy Tom Tom number 16 Guardians director James Garden Thor Ragnarok
director Taika Waititi directly contributed to the dialogue of the
Guardians and Thor throughout the film the research brothers did this to
maintain the humor and personality that the two directors had developed in their
successful movies number 17 in an original version of the script Captain
America didn’t make his first appearance until the two-hour mark during the
battle of Wakanda according to Joe Russo he and the writers were called insane by
exact reducers which led to the rewrite with katha peering in Edinburgh to save
vision instead well might instead as well as seriously he would have even
less lines number 18 Captain Marvel also appeared in the earlier script before
she was written out in order to make space for her own film released in 2019
simply titled Captain Marvel the tease at the end of infinity war points of the
role that she will play in endgame ie kicking some purple bottom may be number
19 some of the biggest cuts from the original script were the back stories on
Thanos and his henchmen and women the woman I guess collectively known as the
Black Order the original versions explored the individual villains of the
Black Order as well as a closer look at Stannis number 20 the rooster brother
stated that they didn’t introduce more villains or go into detail about their
backstories because the film is getting too crowded at our to follow number 21
in the comic books it’s worth noting that the Black Order are much more
powerful Marga’s McFeely dulled back their powers
in order to make clear how powerful familes was as well as to allowed the
heroes a chance to win some of the fights before the final showdown with
Thanos I mean seriously imagine that depressing this film would be if they
lost all the way through number 22 she’s got a released a new
song soon right an early version of the scripts or Thanos going to and
destroying Xander in order to take the first infinity stone that’s the Power
Stone fact fans this was cut out as it was considered an unnecessary addition
and it’s what happened to Xander was made clear
in the final script without showing an actual battle but it’s Roman day still
alive that’s all I want to know number 23 both writers were fairly relaxed
about the script man chill out and would sit down with the cast each day and make
small adjustments up to 10 minutes before the actor go in front of the
camera this is partly to take into account Robert Downey jr. tendency to
rewrite his own lines to better fit his perception of Tony Stark the Russo
brothers encouraged this believing nuts having played him for 10 years now
downing understood his character better than anyone else
number 24 in an earlier version of the script Thor’s new weapon strong it’s a
bit much with actually made by dragons rather than dwarfs sure dragons are cool
but dwarfs are cooler yeah you go it tree number 25
while many films have certain sections shot in IMAX infinity war has the MPL
distinction of being the first film to ever be shot entirely with imax digital
cameras those things are heavy so well done the shoulders of those people
number 26 infinity war was filmed in various
locations around the world including exotic locations in the Philippines and
Brazil however the film was shot primarily in the Scottish capital of
Edinburgh as well as Durham Cathedral in England and various locations in the
United States mostly in the states of Georgia and New York number 27 the Russo
brothers chose to shoot an Edinburgh because it suited the romantic scenes
between vision and wonder but it was also suitable for the dark gothic battle
required between vision and Wanda against the Black Order or rather half
of them number 28 when filming at Durham Cathedral security was so tight that not
even the cathedral wardens were allowed access inside and that’s kind of their
whole thing what do they do they have nothing – Ward number 29 production
still had to respect the cathedral for army use and was forced to work around
the Sunday service God God was so unreasonable having
cleared all the pews to make space for the filming set the crew then had to
replace them to Sunday service before setting them up all over again on the
monday number 30 built in atlanta the 2,000 square foot Avengers compound was
constructed specifically for the film legend has it the building is now used
as a rocking bachelor pad for all the Chris’s Evans Pratt Hemsworth even pine
can come if he wants all love in the Chris house number 31 in order to create
Thanos on-screen actor Josh Brolin had to wear foam body parts and
extension so his fellow actors could avoid getting too close to his non CGI
body incidentally I wear a similar setup on the tube to maintain my personal
space it’s not always popular with my fellow commuters but nice trailblazers
roughly attacked for our forward-thinking plus I tend to get more
because of the fame from this YouTube channel
just kidding it’s literally never happened number 32 somewhat ominously
Brolin based on awesome Marlon Brando’s patron of the archetypical evil genius
Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now I don’t know why that is because Thanos
did nothing wrong right number 33 incidentally Thanos is the short form of
the Greek name at thanasi oz which means immortality yeah we’ll see about that
Thanos we’ll see about that number 34 Peter Dinklage is dwarf character who is
somewhat paradoxically 10 feet tall was apparently one of the hard especially
effects at the CGI team had to work on in order to make the 4 foot 5 Dinklage
look like a Giants the team used matching lenses swapping characters and
lining up characters and shots correctly for scale and according to the Russos
this required the most math but math sorry they’re American after all and
science of anything that they did in the film number 35
Thor’s new weapon actually means he’s fulfilling the plotline of a different
Thor figure named ultimate Thor the all-powerful god of thunder infinity war
is sort of a reincarnation of Thor into this new more powerful form since
Ragnarok number 36 and Hemsworth request the Thor infinity war maintained the
humorous approach the Hemsworth and Tiger brought in Ragnarok rather than
the Deathly serious approach of the first to Thor films number 37 the fact
that Thor can speak to and understand Groot was used to show that kruk’s
language can be learnt which is also backed up by the fact that the rest of
the Guardian can understand him earlier in the film whereas previously it was
only Rocket who could understand groups number 38 Robert Downey jr. apparently
refused to wear a motion capture suit similar to that of Tom Holland based
performance of spider-man saying that he and man would not be
caught dead in one instead he wore an Iron Man breastplate and black trousers
forcing special-effects teams to add the suit in later Moffat drama queen just
killing Robert love you number 39 Robert Downey jr. has a well known habit of
having the furniture from his house in Los Angeles wherever he’s filming
because when you’ve got back kind of money you need to spend it somehow I
guess infinity board was no different with several trucks being used to bring
his home furniture to Atlanta apparentiy he does this for a sense of comfort sure
why not number 40 Tom Holland has admitted that
working with Chris Pratt was particularly difficult because of the
actors tendency to ad-lib and make jokes during scenes stop bothering everyone
Pratt how are these poor actors meant to put food on the table if you’re
distracting them with your funny japes number 41 as we all know by now Loki is
brutally killed off at the very start of the film with Thanos strangling him and
then smashing his neck to bits basically right in front of his brother Thor the
Russo brothers did this to establish the tone of infinity war early on further
stating that part of what we wanted to do at the gate was to unsettle you as
you’re watching the film this was done in order to let the viewers know that no
one was safe not even established characters who had been part of the MCU
since the very beginning the meaning of her life in the opening scenes before
the sequence in which Hulk fights a Norse Loki says we have a hug to
brinkley chin himself now this is beautiful poetry here because that’s the
same line that stark toasts to Loki in Avengers Assemble that’s some good
reference boy number 43 the distress call heard at the very beginning of the
film is voiced by the one and only Kenneth Branagh who directed the first
Thor film Branagh gives a good cameo number 44 when Hulk crash lands on earth
Stark cool Steve Rogers by an old flip phone while some and yes I’ll say it
fake fans ridiculed the old technology that technics Stark used here’s a very
good reason for using it as it’s the phone that Steve Rogers sent stock in
case he was ever needed at the end of Captain America Civil War so any fans
instead of a silly you’re not true fans are you number 45 the scene in which
Hulk crashed Lance into dr. Strange’s sanctuaries actually lifted directly
from the Infinity Gauntlet comic book series with one tiny teeny green change
in the comics it’s not Hulk who makes young conventional entrances roof it’s
the Silver Surfer number 46 when fans questioned why Thanos didn’t just
destroy Hulk with the Power Stone which he goes on to use against every other
adventure on Titan later on in the film writer Christopher Markus answered that
this was to show that Stannis is unbeatable in a one-to-one battle who
instead opted to use sheer brawn to take down one of the most powerful beings in
entire MCU not even using the stone once number 47
one of the few non CGI scenes was actually one that looked CGI the
literally hair-raising moment on the school bus where Parker spidey-sense
causes his arm hurts and with the team by having someone blow
in Tom Hollands ear crunch number 48 as you may or may not be aware the Russo
brothers also directed a few episodes of the cult comedy hit Arrested Development
funnily enough there is a nod to the show in the film when the mustachioed
oddball and noted gymnast Pope Tobias from K can be seen imprisoned in the
collectors vault in his facility on nowhere
apparently right after he blew himself number 49 the fight scene in the
collectors facility C channels turning Drax and mantis into ribbons and cubes
this is a lot of the comics where Thanos turns nebula into ribbons and his
brother starfox into brick like stones number 50 writer Stephen McFeely is in
the conference room during the scene where Rhodes is asked to arrest Captain
America although he isn’t technically there he’s appearing by a hologram slick
number 51 fan also was eventually going to walk through a river of his victims
blood during the soulstone sequence but upon consideration Marvel decided to
tone down the whole Rivers of Blood thing a touch do you think was the right
call to remove this gruesome visual or what you’ve appreciated the imagery is a
poignant metaphor for the evil that is Sano’s let us know in our fancy youtube
poll number 52 when Tony Peter and dr. strange are preparing to face Stannis on
Titan Tony turns the strange and asks do you
concur doctor this is a phrase that often is asked by Sherlock Holmes to his
assistant and companion dr. Watson this is a clear reference to Downey and
Cumberbatch themselves who are both produced celebrated portrayals of Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes character number 53 funnily enough the
Russo brothers were actually planning on making an even more obvious Sherlock
joke in the film which apparently would have had Starks a and I’m gonna clean up
the language here a little bit no poo Sherlock too strange at some point in
the film however the Russo bro is eventually decided to leave it out
fearing that it would be too much number 54 before the Avengers ambushed an ER
doctor Strange’s at the time stone to peer into the future and discovers one
possible timeline at a 14 million 605 in which the Avengers beat him around
this time strange Chester Tony we’re in the endgame now in hindsight it’s pretty
obvious now that he’s alluding to the title of a man just four but the Russo
brothers those sneak heap who are brothers actually said that the Avengers
war title is not mentioned at any point in infinity war so basically what I’m
saying is those Russo brothers are liars fourteen million six hundred five
percent of the time number 55 in order to give the heroes a chance
against a Nelson is very stylish Golden Glove the film makers change from the
comics ever so slightly and decided that in order to utilize his considerable
powers Dallas has to completely close his fist and can’t do so without doing
that that last bit made no sense and I don’t know why I said it
number 56 as the Avengers come close to removing the gauntlet the character
mantis is sitting on top of phalluses hair trying to make him sleep to film
this ropes were used to lower mantas down to a foam cut out of panels his
head that had been attached the top of Josh Brolin’s head at the same time
Brolin had huge foam covered arms that mimicked the vast size of the mad tight
end number 57 you may remember with disgust at the
moment when startled loses a temper imam burning the Kimora’s dead prompting him
to flip out at panels and ruin the plan to obtain the gauntlet dooming half the
universe to dust chris pratt’s himself those defended star Lords disastrous
actions saying the guy was his mother died he watched his father figure die in
his arms and now suffered the loss of the love of his life so I think he
reacted in a way that’s very human and I think the humanity of the guardians of
the galaxy is what sets them apart from the other
superheroes number 58 as well as being the most powerful weapon any avenger has
ever had Thor’s new weapon Stormbreaker can
summon the Bifrost allowing Thor rocket and Groot to travel straight back to Bob
Condor to join the fight and to allow Thor to hurt Thanos number 59
where’s Hulk after being beaten by Thanos the Hulk stays within banner for
the rest of the film the writers have said this was for two reasons firstly
there’s the idea that he suffering from PTSD after being beaten up by Thanos and
secondly it was used to allow the plot to explore banner as a character without
the Hulk being there to back him up as the two personalities grow increasingly
dysfunctional and uncooperative number six today the writers wanted to make it
clear that Doctor Strange had got much more powerful since we last saw him here
no kidding this was done not only by presenting him as the adult in the room
but also by showing him going toe-to-toe with Thanos by himself as well as by
hiding the time stone among some stars like it was nothing like a Where’s Wally
puzzle number 61 Bucky’s referred to as the white wolf in the film and nod to
the comic books in which the Charlie’s adopted white brother is known as the
white wolf lovey number 62 – of these subordinate villains in Infinity Ward
Proxima midnight and Corvus glaive are actually married in the comics
I always thought they’d make a cute couple they’re basically the Pam and Jim
of the Black Order number 63 Proxima midnight usually wears a black horned
helmet in the comics but this was changed to organic horns growing from
her head to avoid obvious similarities with Heller’s horny helmet in thor
ragnarok nintendo 64 steve rogers is no longer Captain
America in infinity war having adopted the look of Nomad and alter ego rogers
assumes in the comics after becoming disillusioned with the US government and
the military the costume rogers wears infinity war is the same as in the
previous film but with all the American flags and stars ripped off the suits
this leaves room for future MCU films that could involve other heroes taking
up the mantle of Captain America number 65 Romanovs blond hair isn’t just her
stylish new look some have suggested the dye job could be a reference to the
comics in which Romanoff faces off with a blonde Russian spy named Yelena Bulova
with whom she switched places several times as part of their espionage it
could also be a note of the fact that she’s gone undercover having been on the
run from the US government since the end of Avengers Civil War number 66 at 66
ow well filming the Battle of Wakanda in Georgia a large cross field was grown
using native African plants to represent the fictional African nation for the
final battle scenes Wow imagine being able to say I gardened on infinity war
just nuts number 67 not only that but the production also installed an
artificial river using a large water pump that shifted 30,000 gallons of
water per minutes which I’m told is a lot number 68 the cars that are
contained with extreme weather in Georgia which range from pouring rain to
sweltering heat the fight between vision in the black hole that was filmed on a
farm outside Atlanta in 35 degree heat and 90% humanity I mean I mean humidity
number 16 we will deep fry your kebab the recent
brothers worked with Black Panther director Ryan Coogler in order to map up
the theoretical vision of Wakanda for the final battle scene that’s some good
old-fashioned teamwork right there number 17 at least 70 anyway that’s the
number of the fact two extras were used to put the book on to battle while the
rest of the soldiers were added digitally for their battle against 10000
outrider aliens number 71 at one point during a test screening a kid referred
to the outrider monsters as space dogs the Russo brothers liked the term so
much they had rocket called the alien creature space dogs in the book Honda
battle scene number 72 there’s a moment during the battle for Condor where Bucky
picks up rocket and they do a 360 spin apart from being fun to watch this is a
nod to the exact same moment in guardians when Rockets and Groot spin
around shooting in the same way number 73 production for infinity war started
only two weeks after Black Panther had ended
which actor chadwick boseman he placed a Charlier in both films said was ideal
because it helped alter the Black Panther cast stay in character number 74
Black Panther had not been released while filming from Finity war was going
on this meant that are now hugely popular war chants such as Wakanda
forever weren’t included in the first script actors chadwick boseman and
winston duke an improvised the war chants into their action scenes leading
to two challahs inspiring war speech before they charge into battle number 75
the chance which were in genuine bona fide Xhosa were originally used by Duke
and bozeman to psych up the cast members playing soldiers from Wakanda before the
camera started rolling this is how the Russo brothers heard them and adapted
the chance for the film number 76 the wakandan war cry we brought back is
hoster for hold strong though it could also be translated to hold fast or
simply just hold it number 77 right it’s time to talk about
the ending which if you somehow don’t know already involved half the main cast
creepily falling away into ash like burning amaretti biscuits hilariously
the principal actors in Infinity Ward didn’t actually know who’d be killed uh
Python asses snap until the day of shooting haha what fun number 78 the
superhero deaths a film from the perspective of the person who will be
most emotionally affected by their demise
for instance Steve what is Bucky disintegrate rocket witnesses his
partner and sort of son Groot turned dust and start cold Parker as he
desperately tries to fight against his fate this was done to enhance the
emotional impact of the film’s conclusion and yeah yeah number 79 this
devastating end sequence in which half the heroes we’ve all been rooting for
were wiped out was known by the filmmakers as the bloodbath sequence
considering there was very little blood in the scene itself in fact none at all
because everyone just melts into flakes before disappearing I think a more
appropriate term is probably the Baraka sequence number 80 interestingly the
snap felt by half the universe has actually been given a proper name at the
decimation funnily enough the word decimation itself comes from the ancient
roman practice of punishing mutinous legions by killing every tenth man so
strictly speaking the term isn’t exactly appropriate given Tanis murder 50% of
living things rather than merely 10% but as we all know language and the meanings
of words change over time so only an over pedantic loser would point that out
number 81 as you may or may not have noticed Peter Parker takes significantly
longer to disintegrate than the other heroes on screen the Russo brothers
state that this is a result of his strength will and the full warning of
his demise provided by spicy scents which allows him to resist for longer
than others the scene also served the purpose of emphasizing the father-son
narrative between stark and Parker number 82 Parker’s death isn’t just
another superhero death the Russos have said that the death was a colossal loss
for Stark equivalent to him losing a son and that this would have consequences
for his behavior in endgame this stems from the fact that Stark has dreamt
about having a son with pepper at the beginning of the film number 83
interestingly enough Parker’s lines in this moment actually improvised by Tom
Holland after initial instruction from Joe Russo
however Holland himself has downplayed this feat of acting prowess saying it is
kind of true but really all I say is I don’t want to go I don’t wanna go I
don’t want to go three times in a row so it’s not that amazing an ad-lib you know
just take the compliment dude number 84 after Thomas has murdered half of all
living things in the universe he decides he needs to take some time to relax and
ends up in a small heart overlooking a beautiful landscape the stunning scenery
that’s shown in this moment is actually the Philippines number 85 Joe Russo has
confirmed that other smaller characters are still alive and well at the end of
infinity war including Valkyrie from thor ragnarok good for her always liked
her and now she’s got a poster number 86 in total infinity war involved
a crew of roughly six thousand people spread around the world all doing their
bit to distract us from the bad guy’s hilarious chin grooves number 87 there
are a total of two thousand seven hundred and three shots in the movie of
which two thousand six hundred twenty three of them have some kind of visual
effect which works out at roughly over ninety seven percent of the film only
eighty of them were left untouched number eighty-eight at one hundred and
forty nine minutes or two and a half hours long infinity war is the longest
Marvel film to date however this beefy runtime is soon to be eclipsed by
Avengers end game which will apparently play out over a bloody rupturing 182
minutes so just over three hours number 89 for the sake of secrecy infinity war
was produced using a working title that working title was Marylou which
yeah and is the exact opposite of infinity war I guess number 90 the first
ever trailer for infinity war was shown at San Diego comic-con which had excited
fans gasping and jumping to their feet out of sheer nerdy joy the first
official trailer debuted on Good Morning America in November of 2017 number 91
the first infinity war trailer was viewed nearly 500,000 times in its first
15 minutes and 230 million times in the first 24 hours this record held until
the release of the trailer for Avengers endgame number 92 infinity wars
provisional release date was the 4th of May 2018 which was reeled back in
October 2014 wall Avengers age of Ultron was still in production that’s a full
eight MCU films in advance number 93 in order to encourage fans not to share pre
film release spoilers which have ruined the film for other people the Russo
brothers created the hashtag Thanos to mantle silence to Tad’s ominous that but
then I guess that’s Thanos his whole thing right number 94 as part of the
attempt to prevent spoilers from leaking particularly the film’s shock ending the
Russo brothers buck tradition and only allowed the press to see snippets of the
film in the run-up to its release this went against normal MCU protocol which
usually allows press members to see the full film number 95 in total infinity
war cost the ball breaking three hundred and twenty one point two million dollars
to film an absurdly high budget that would only be limited by people who were
fully expecting the film to make billions of dollars number 96
luckily the film did ultimately managed to rake in billions
of dollars if we’re being exactly the worldwide total of over 2 billion
dollars this Kevin Feige guy really seems to know what he’s doing and he’s
got good taste in caps number 97 infinity war ultimately became the
fourth movie to gross over two billion dollars worldwide after avatar Titanic
and Star Wars The Force awakens it’s also better than all three of those
number 98 upon its release infinity walk across
the worldwide box-office mark of 1 billion dollars in only 11 days faster
than any other film in history imagine making a billion dollars in an 11 days
think of the chicken knocked baby number 99
as the culmination of an uber popular superhero movie franchise infinity war
won three People’s Choice Awards including Best movie as well as three
Teen Choice Awards and for visual effects society awards for and they
deserve it I mean look at fan oz number in case you hadn’t already guessed
announcements from the release dates of films have to spider-man far from home
and gone into the galaxy vol 3 show that the characters who died at the end of
affinity to war will probably be returning to the MCU meaning we can bank
on them coming back to life in endgame see they never let the heroes die do
they where’s george RR martin when you need him number 101 why did i do it
again however it’s been confirmed that there will be some permanent deaths at
the end of endgame meaning that some of the characters who got snapped out of
existence in infinity war will stay dead so bring tissues guys anyway that right
there with the snap of the old fingers ends 101 parts about Avengers infinity
war is this your favorite MCU movie if not which is let me know in the comments
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Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone – [PV] “Black★Rock Shooter” (Romaji/English Subs)

Black Rock Shooter, where did you go? Can you hear me? How much more do I have to shout? How much more do I have to cry? Stop it, I can’t run anymore The world once dreamt closes In pitch-black darkness with no light, road that is about to collapse That day’s hope… which couldn’t be here though I thought I saw it Yes Black Rock Shooter, that gentle smell It hurt, it’s hard, swallowing down those words Black Rock Shooter, please move my feet! Exceed the world I knew it from the beginning that you’d be here Every courage inside me Is lighting the fire I won’t run away now Black Rock Shooter, I am not alone Crying out in a voice is all right Black Rock Shooter will be there to watch It’s starting from now my story If I ever start to forget, this song, I will sing

I’ve never seen something this realistic in Planet Coaster before… The Smiler recreation

so I know I say this in every single
video at this point but today I actually have a bit of a treat for you guys so I
know this person that goes by the name of Distantz on YouTube and I’ve known
him ever since I’ve pretty much started doing planet coaster videos because I
used to have a discord for my youtube channel and he joined my discord and he
was very supportive and he actually helped me out with a whole lot of
creations when it came to serie parts just recommending things I should do in
regards to realism reference material this guy’s really on it when it comes to
rollercoasters but I’ve never been able to like look at one of his creations
that he’s done himself and he made the smiler and this isn’t just a regular
smiler recreation this is a full-on one-to-one this is a complete replica of
the smiler that you would find in real life and honestly I don’t know if
anybody can top this it’s perfectly smooth I did peek at the POV a tiny bit
right and not to spoil myself but it’s perfectly smooth from what I’ve seen
which is pretty crazy especially since it’s a compact roller coaster me myself
I’ve never been able to make a compact roller coaster smooth ever in planet
coaster I haven’t seen too many people do too good with doing that as well but
he somehow has been able to make roller coasters smooth and everything even if
they’re compact so this is like I said gonna be a huge treat and he even went
out of his way to replicate all of the signs all of the music and everything
which I’m not hearing right now because I’m having some issues with the game but
I don’t even care about that at this point because just look at this dude
just look it looks so menacing man I’m really excited to get on this ride I
really can’t wait to see how good the entire ride is because man man oh man
when it comes to making roller coasters like this it’s pretty much look at a sir
point when it comes to you know properly executing the roller coaster all the
elements although the track profiling is shaping you can’t really make things
perfectly all the time in planet coaster but I really think I might have to eat
those words after looking at this roller coaster but let’s go ahead and get in
the queue but he did go out of his way to make some of the surrounding scenery
he did he did make a notice where he said that he didn’t make a ton of
details or he didn’t put a ton of detail into the surrounding scenery and the
surrounding rides so I’m assuming he did sacrifice some of the detail in this
area over here you know the surrounding rides aren’t the main focus of the
creation because of you know time obviously and also it would probably
kill the FPS because the FPS is pretty good right now I’m not having any sort
of crazy stutters there are some weird artifacts I’m noticing and stuff which
might be because of rish aid but it’s not too bad but I’m pretty sure if he
was to incorporate this much detail into all the rides over here I’m pretty sure
this park would not be able to run at all on anyone’s computer honestly but
let’s go ahead and jump in the queue and get onto this roller coaster which I am
honestly terrified to lose my legs on I just had to say it I am sorry so some of you guys probably know this
already but I live in North America so I definitely can’t really you know get on
this ride to see how it is in real life so I don’t really know exactly how
everything is supposed to look but just based off of how everything looks in
planet coaster I feel like I have a good understanding of what this experience is
like in real life because I don’t really see any empty areas at all usually
whenever I make a recreation or I see other people make recreations usually
there’s some empty spaces or you know there’s just some areas that have you
know like low poly details because you know you can only do so much in planet
coaster but I just don’t understand how he made this like I can’t even tell what
scenery pieces he used to make a majority of this structure right here
and you know I can tell he used some of the fences to make the fencing or the
smaller fencing to make these fences which is really good-looking he did an
amazing job with that but I am just beyond blown away like each video I make
each video I do a review I just keep getting more and more and more blown
away by some of the stuff that some of you guys are capable of making which is
you know honestly just shattering my ego you know I thought I was good at making
rollercoasters but man this is this is really something else and look at that
shaping man look at the shaping of that roll it’s so perfect I am like actually
crying right now I’m not crying I’m kidding but like that that’s this is
what I like to see this is the kind of stuff I’d like to see in planet coaster
you know frontier and a lot of people in the community kind of frown on making
things like this but I just this is what it’s about you know this is like the
community at like peak performance this is the kind of stuff you will see if you
allow people to make rollercoasters but the way they want to in full freedom so
I’m gonna go ahead and skip through the queue a little bit because I’m just
honestly like lost in this puzzle this maze which is this rollercoaster but man
it’s just so cool-looking how he has everything here I don’t know if he’s
been on the ride in real life I’m assuming he has but I’m just really
curious how he was able to replicate everything so perfectly I know that he
uses the billboard technique to kind of you
know recreate rollercoasters and have the layout be perfect like one-to-one
and everything but I using satellite imagery you only can get so much detail
you can only see such like small objects so having something like this here like
this obviously looks like it’s in the right place and it makes sense visually
all the sizing is very consistent I really don’t know how he did this you
know I can obviously ask him cuz you know I’m in contact with him but geez
dude he’s just blowing me away and I haven’t even gotten into the station yet
which I am definitely really antsy to see alright so I went ahead and jump
through the queue a little bit and I feel like I’m in the right area this
queue is insanely long and I believe that this rollercoaster has the most
inversions out of any roller coaster in the world where at least I had that
record for a few years I believe it could be broken at this point I’m not
too up-to-date when it comes to like all of the most recent roller coasters but I
believe this roller coaster still holds that record but you know if it’s gonna
be a record breaker like that it kind of makes sense to have a cue like this
because obviously people are gonna be traveling from all over the world to
experience this roller coaster so you know that it does make sense but
honestly in real life I’d probably get lost in the queue because I’m kind of
stupid but let’s go ahead and hopefully this is the right place let’s go ahead
and get into the mangers of the station so it looks like this is the beginning
of the inside portion of the queue and he did a really good job with it it
looks very nice it looks like everything is in the right place I love how he did
the ceiling work here in the wall work it’s really cool looking and honestly
seeing cues like this or seeing portions of a station like this kind of inspire
me because I have a really hard time like coming up with I guess just things
I could place to give a cue a different look from the generic one we have so I’m
definitely going to use this as a piece of inspiration for my next creation I
honestly still have no clue how he structured everything so well so orderly
it’s just everything looks like it’s in the right place that’s the thing I
struggle with when it comes to building scenery doing buildings stations
I can’t size things properly I can’t get things that fit properly
whenever I think of a good idea I can never execute it but this is just like a
perfect example of 100% accurate you know execution so I am beyond ready
to get on this ride so I’m gonna shut up and let you guys see this POV okay I’m speechless I don’t even know
how to respond to this I I will never make anything this good I really don’t
know how he had the patience the time the ideas like bro my boy distance you
guys need to follow him subscribe whatever you can do to show them some
support because this is how do I get out of here okay so this ride this ride gets
a 9.8 i really after looking at operators tearin like my expectations
are high very high but operator when he made that rollercoaster his main focus
was the scenery and I respect that you know
you know he’s a scenery person he’s not too much of a rollercoaster person so me
being a rollercoaster person I’m very nit picky when it comes to you know how
well people execute their creations their rollercoasters all that kind of
stuff and distance did everything perfectly
his execution on the roller coaster was perfect
– this portion of the ride right here which he I know for a fact he knows I’m
gonna call him out on this right here this portion right here man this is an
you can see it that that’s pretty it’s pretty rough that’s pretty aggressive
right there that that’s something I will not accept but you know I’m willing to
overlook that in also the transition into the beautiful double heart lined
roles whatever these are you know supposed to be called I just man this is
an amazing recreation of this roller coaster I really don’t know if you
really messed up anywhere this is a perfect ride this is literally a perfect
ride I can’t give it a 10 though because of this little drinking this right here
and the jinking is coming out of it but you know that’s expected in planet
coaster you can only get so perfect with roller coasters but
this is an example this is what you guys should try to shoot for it when you try
to replicate something recreate something make anything this level of
detail the level of detail he incorporated into this creation is
mind-blowing and I want to do something like this as well I need to collaborate
with this guy flames operator all those people man I
really want to make something like this just seeing these creations inspires me
to try and create things at a better level or you know a higher level then I
currently do so anyway like I said before you guys need to show this guys
some support some love in everything I believe this creation has gotten some
attention on YouTube before but you know give them some more attention this is
this is mind-blowing I I’m honestly at a loss of words right
now because I just never really thought like a month ago I never really thought
I’d be looking at this kind of stuff in planet coaster I have a very narrow
field of vision when it comes to I guess rollercoasters in the game creations in
the game because I’ve never been too involved in the community so I’ve never
been exposed to what people are capable of you know I’ve seen some POVs you know
I’ve seen some rides and everything but you know a majority of the stuff I’ve
seen or been exposed to have been my own creations so this is really a nice
breath of fresh air and I am in love with this thing I really am I’m probably
gonna ride it again after I stop recording here so anyway if you guys enjoyed the video
please please don’t forget to leave a like and I will leave all the
information for distance you guys can see his stuff check out all of his stuff
and check out his Steam Workshop I don’t think he has any content on his YouTube
channel currently but dude you need it you need to upload some stuff I’ve been
telling you you got to upload some stuff but anyway if you guys enjoyed the video
like I said please do leave a like and if you guys are new here please please
please do subscribe we are growing at a crazy rate which I cannot really
understand or fathom but hey we are here we are growing we are thriving in
succeeding so if you guys want to see more of this or you guys want to see
something else let me know in the comments so anyway I hope you guys have
an amazing day don’t forget to stay positive and I will see you guys in the
next video man this this is crazy