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Meghan Markle reality show reports just aren’t true but should she consider it?

Meghan Markle reality show reports just aren’t
true but should she consider it?The rumor mill is buzzing that Meghan Markle is doing
a reality TV show with her friend Jessica Mulroney. Netflix and Jessica, who is a Toronto wedding
stylist, are teaming up for the show I Do, Redo. Jessica is set to host the Canadian series
that focuses on second weddings. Speculation that Meghan was going to make
sporadic appearances on Jessica’s show has been swirling since I Do, Redo was confirmed
by Netflix. Fans should not get their hopes up that Prince
Harry’s wife is headed to reality TV, though. Reports that Meghan Markle is joining the
new reality TV series are simply not true. A palace source told People magazine the rumors
are “categorically untrue.” However, the question remains: Should Meghan
consider doing reality TV? There are some benefits to her venturing into
that type of television.Prince Harry and Meghan want to be financially independent. One way they are guaranteed to secure a massive
payday is for them to do reality TV.If the couple does not want a show of their own,
which let’s be honest, they certainly don’t, they can make bank with guest appearances. Meghan could cash in nicely by popping up
on Jessica’s show for an episode or two, and she gets to work with one of her best
friends.Netflix would pay out the nose because fans will be so curious to see Meghan appear
on, I Do, Redo that the show’s ratings will be through the roof. People want to see Meghan as Meghan, not a
scripted role. That’s especially true after all of the
negative publicity from the British press.Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are saying
good-bye to royal life, they need to work on their own brand. The royal couple needs a brand that is separate
from their royal identity but also lets Meghan and Harry be true to themselves.Reality television
is also an excellent way for Meghan to develop her brand. She is fiercely independent, and creating
her own brand separate from Harry is going to be a necessity for Meghan.Kim Kardashian
is the perfect example of someone who parlayed her reality TV career into a multi-million-dollar
brand empire. There is no reason Meghan could not take a
page out of Kim’s book. Philanthropy is crucial to Meghan. Appearing on reality TV, even if it is only
a handful of times, will give her another platform to promote causes close to her heart. Along with it being a creative way to talk
philanthropy, reality TV is also an excellent platform for her to let the haters see the
real Meghan. She will be able to control the narrative
and give fans a glimpse at the real woman Prince Harry married.Still, the likelihood
of Meghan ever doing reality TV is slim to none. She wants more privacy and reality television
will not give her that at all.Do you think Meghan Markle should venture into reality

GUMMY vs REAL Food SwitchUp Challenge | #ShrutiArjunAnand #Fun #Kids

For this challenge everyone is eyeing on our food We also want (Chores) Hello Friends! Here we are with a fun filled challenge after a long time with my Bua Gummy Food vs Real food Challenge For this video lets target for 25,000 New Subscriber and 2,00,000 Likes rules are we will have two plates which will be covered one plate will have real food and another will have gummy food one of us will peak and another one will guess either to switch or to Keep and then we have to eat that food watch till end for the fun Twist who will peek first for that we will do stone paper scissor look at that side, don’t look here there is spring on my neck Its ok I like water melon I will eat this Gummy!! Pls Share as Sharing is Caring Aunt has 5 sec to complete this water melon and in this 5 sec you just LIKE the video Gummy food will get point Round 2 Aunt (Bua) will peek this time look that side you take the point I will eat the Yummy donut my turn to peek point is mine cola thief I got the gummy Cola and point too Can you give me one bite… Close your eyes Pls give me one bite Do try this Challenge with your Family Friends, Brother and sister We are enjoying a lot and in Its Best past time for the Summer Vacation I don’t eat Orange I got the point…I got the point eat your orange you took mine

TV Series Vs Real Life – ft. MyMissAnand | Shruti Arjun Anand

Anantya.. Your Simmi di has sent these outfits for you as these have got shorter for her wow Mom!! look like expensive one let see my child yeah Mom Madam has sent some of her daughter’s old clothes for you.. Oho Mom!! used ones Anantya.. Watching TV for long time Switch off TV now okk Mom ohh dear!! you are watching TV on this dark & black night!! Stop it Mom… Don’t you ever love me?? As I am your step daughter Oh its so late Ananta has not come yet I am from School Your daughter will reach home after 15 minutes as there occurred some technical problem in the bus okk… Thank you ohh god!! you’ve done so wrong with me but i’ve never complaint about that first you’ve made my face change I was silent you’ve made my third husband died I was remain silent And today you want to make my child away from me you’ve to return my child today I’ll not let you to take my child Swear of your motherhood I’ll see that how would you’ve not returned my child back I’ll have to take my child back with me Mom I’ve returned back from school oh You woke up.. Today I’ve cooked your favourite breakfast Potato stuffed Paratha, lady finger stuffed one radish stuffed paratha and many more also your favourite sweat dish Rusmalai so have your breakfast Thank You Mom!! Mom!! our neighbour Anishka has taken my all the gems its ok.. my dear child you can take new gems from the fridge wow!! Mom!!!… what happened my child?? Mom Mr. Bajaj has cheated us and taken our 500 crore property what!! what!! whatt!!! its ok dear.. we’ve our Haveli this also no more of ours what!! Oh Mom have you got injured?? No its ok dear!! it was my mistake Daughter-in-law. Coming Mom Wake up Mom.. Oho No.. I’ll not let her go Wake up Mom… If you don’t then what will happen to me?? who will make Potato stuffed paratha for me I know that you’ll never go anywhere leaving me alone ok my child I’ll bring stuffed parathan for you dear Wow Anantya Looking so beautiful in this Lehnga just looking like a bride what if you get married Oh Mom!! don’t you know marry a girl before 18 years is a criminal offence Yeah I know, I was just kidding oho that was very poor one oh dear!! looking so nice in this dress you are getting married in few days and you’ll go to your in-laws place Mom!! will you come to meet me there?? yeah my child… hello shruti will you want to go out?? Anantya will you want to come with me yeah Mom!! Lets go Okk we are coming No I won’t be able to come today today some people have come deep from the earth also some black braided witches stays in our home so won’t be able to come today Hello… also don’t come today As today My died husband has come No I am not coming today As its dark night today and I’ve to transform into a serpent today So that was today’s fun video If you’ve enjoyed this video then don’t forget to like & share this video also do comment below which segment you’ve liked the most and that has made you to laugh more If you want to watch behind the scenes If you want to watch cute little fun videos more Also don’t forget to subscribe her channel and press that bell icon nearby subscribe button If you want to see more collab videos so let us know by commenting below also give this video 30,000 likes so we’ll see in our next video till then take care bye-bye

Kandi Burruss Definitely Regrets Some Things She Said On ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

– You have some baby news! Congrats! – Yes, thank you! – Yes, that’s exciting!
(audience cheers and claps) – This is another big
addition to the family. A lot of people may or may not know that I had issues getting pregnant, when me and my husband got married, so we had to do the IVF treatment, and we got our son Ace. He’s three now, and we
wanted to have another child. We still had two more embryos from that, and because I had a high-risk pregnancy we were trying to figure out, “Okay, what’s the best
way to go about this?” And we decided to go with a surrogate. She decided to help me and my husband. – That’s amazing! I love that
(audience claps) ’cause you’re actually
documenting it on the show, right? – Yes. – I think that’s really important. I have many friends that have suffered from trying to have children,
trying, trying, trying, and can’t do it, and it’s a very important thing to be confident and
comfortable saying like, “Look, my body, it wasn’t made for,” my body, by the way, was
not made for pregnancy. I was hospitalized. It was horrible. – Oh my goodness.
– God bless surrogates. – It’s a very selfless– – My body, also not made for pregnancy. (everyone laughs) – It’s hard, if your
body, if it doesn’t take, it is so hard on you. So it’s an amazing thing. I think it’s so awesome
that you’re sharing that. That’s a very personal thing.
– Can I ask a question? Were you going to the, will
you be there for the delivery? – Yeah! (laughs) For sure, I mean, that’s
a lot of what you’ll see on the show this season. You’ll see we’re going to doctor’s appointments together, just that whole process because I don’t think
anybody actually showed it, because a lot of people
are quiet about it. Honestly, I really
didn’t even tell anybody that we were expecting a child until the show announced that
it was airing a new season, because I didn’t really know how to share that with a
lot of my friends even. A lot of my friends were
like, “Wait a minute, “you’re having a baby?” You know? It was really crazy to them, but at the same time I
didn’t really wanna hear anybody else’s opinion at first. And so to do it–
– You wanna do you. – Yeah, to do it on the
show it’s like a big deal because it’s like, you don’t know how people are going to comment. The first thing– – You’re getting a beautiful child. Who the hell cares what they say? – That is true!
(audience claps) Exactly. Good point. (laughs) – And I think that you’re, like honestly, that is a really touchy subject
with a lot of my friends. That’s really hard. For a woman especially, it’s such a sense of failure you feel when you can’t do it, so it’s really cool that
you’re open about it. – Thank you. With my first child, Riley, it was in my 20s, I didn’t
have to really try hard, but then later in life
when I met my husband I’m thinking that everything
was just gonna happen, and it didn’t. A lot of women start to have that struggle as they get older. – I didn’t have my kids
til I was in my 30s, it was like, oh, and I
didn’t ever look like that. (Kandi laughs)
(audience laughs) Nope! Definitely didn’t! So you’re also, I found
out you’re a big fan of The Real Housewives. What draws you in? – What? – I love the drama. I told my wife she would
be great on your show. (audience laughs)
– Really? – Yeah. – Does she bring a lotta drama? – She is very, well, I’m dramatic, but her reactions are always dramatic. But she couldn’t do it
because we live here in L.A. She’d be late for every episode. – Ah! – The commute was rough? – [Howie] It was. – Well, you know you have The Housewives of Beverly Hills out here. They would love you guys. – She would be the Housewife of Atlanta. That’s the one.
(Kandi laughs) – [Kelly] That’s what she would’ve been? – That’s the one. It’s not even the characters, she just loves the town. – Oh, thank you. – [Kelly] I do love Atlanta. – Yeah.
– I do, yeah. So does the conflict ever end or is it always that
high-stress, and do you have to, I’m just saying I would need a lotta wine. That’s a lotta, like– – But you know sometimes those girls on my show they get a lotta wine and that’s when they act up. That’s when they act up. I always say, the drinking does not work in this group of girls. But no, this season is
really, really good. I’m really excited about it because not only do we have the drama, which that never ends, but we also have so much
personal story happening with each woman on the show. – But do you ever
regret, do you ever like, ’cause you guys are so open, and there’s so much drama, and it’s real, and you can tell it’s not produced, do you ever tape something
or something and then you go, “I can’t believe I said that. “You gotta cut that out,”
and then they don’t? – Please understand we have definitely, and I have definitely, said things on that show that I’m like, “Whew!” (audience laughs)
(Kandi groans) You know–
– You just let it go. – I’ve threatened to drag a couple people on the show.
(Kelly and audience laugh) That was a few seasons back, you know? – But the real question
is did they deserve it? No, I’m just kidding!
(everyone laughs) (Kelly claps) I was kidding!
– Exactly! You know, whenever you
have one of those moments where you explode and you weren’t able to control your temper, I think– – [Kelly] I don’t know what you speak of. (Kandi laughs) – I think that’s the
moment where you’re like, “Oh god, I’m gonna look
crazy in front of the world!” You know? You’re afraid of how the
world is going to accept it. But at the end of the day
I just always tell people, “If you had a camera following you “five days outta the week “and you’re having to deal with people “that you don’t
necessarily get along with, “and they’re constantly
pressing your buttons, “they would catch something.” That’s the stuff that really
keeps people tuning in. – Gravitate towards, yeah. – They like the drama, don’t they? – [Kelly] Supply and demand. – I have had enough drama! (everyone laughs)
(Kelly claps) – Oh! – Good catch, good catch!

Work From Your True Place

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Work From Your True Place

[Music plays] Mooji Open Satsangs Rishikesh, India 05 March 2015 ‘That I Am’ Itself
Is the Presence of God [Music fades] Work from your true place [Silence] [Questioner1:] Hi, Mooji.
[Mooji:] Hi. [Q1:] Thank you for
answering my question. Actually, there was
a question yesterday that a young woman
asked about – working with
sexual assault victims, and you gave a…
Thank you for your answer, and thank you for that question
because I had the same… [M:] Here, here?
[Q1:] At Parmath Niketan. [M:] Okay, what happened
is that someone came and? [Q:] It was a question about
when you work with people who are suffering,
like with sexual assault of teens.
[M:] I see, yes, yes, yes. [Q1:] And I had the same question,
kind of, so it was really nice. But I have some follow-up
questions [chuckles] to that. So in my work, I’m a doctor,
and I work in psychiatry. And I find myself
very much invested in people’s suffering,
and I become very… Like I try
to remember this is God’s play
and karma, but I become very angry.
[M:] Angry? Yes. [Q1:] And I’ll even say… I’ll even joke
with my family like, ‘I hate God right now.
[Chuckles] There’s
too much suffering.’ And then,
I find myself unable to just resolve that conflict
of trying to think, ‘This is God’s play.’
[M:] Yeah. [Q1:] I just… Why am I
so invested in believing that that suffering is real?
Or… [M:] Yes. I am liking
this question because for many people, they… either they
don’t believe in God, or something
because they think, ‘How can God allow
the world to be like this? It’s horrible!
And, who? I mean, I could do
a better job. [Laughter] I will go around, and I will change
all these things, ahh-hahoh, and you give me,
just give me three days, and I’ll fix.
[Laughter] What He made
in seven days, I’ll fix in three days.
[More laughter] If I had His power….’
[makes mumbling sound] Hmm? And we understand
this kind of human frustration. Because we are taking the life
very personally, also. And you think, ‘But how
should we not take it personally?’ And I can see where you are connecting with
that questioner from yesterday. And I don’t know how many of you
were at Parmath Niketan. It was an important
question, actually. And we can see
if we can bring a lit… bring it back
in line a little bit. Because some
questioner come and she said, ‘I have a passion, and my passion
is for helping like, abused women,’ I think
it was something like this. But we can also substitute that for
whatever your passion is. In her case, it was like
to help, to serve, and to, maybe,
restore a little bit some of what
was missing, and some healing
amongst abused women. Okay? ‘Trouble is, that
I also have a strong attraction
for meditation.’ Are you here,
by the way? The one who came?
I was talking? Are you here?
The one? Okay, because
it will be better… You are there, no? Aha! Good, good, good,
you are there! So, come forward
as well, too. And let’s have
a look at it because I felt it was
an important question. You said yesterday
that you had a strong passion for helping
abused women. But you also have
an inclination for meditation. And then you find that
when you meditate, what happened
was, somehow – did the passion become
lighter or weaker? Could you speak,
as well, too? You both stay there,
please, because I like to address
both of you. [Q2:] What I find
is that when I come to satsang
or I meditate, [M:] Yes. [Q2:] I have the day [Q2:] in slow motion.
[M:] Yes. [Q2:] I feel that
the space where action is coming from
is very clear, there’s very intuitive action.
[M:] Yes. [Q2:] When I get into a very deep pain which is here in the society,
in the Indian society, it’s a big trouble…
[M:] So, when you are, say at work, in your
work environment, when you’re
actually in the place where you, as a doctor,
have to work with your
psychiatric work; and where you
have to work with, say for instance,
abused women, you found that
there’s a strong demand… [Ringing sound]
Is that a phone ring, or what? Or radio station?
Okay. So, we have a… When you
are in the work, it takes a lot
of mental, it has a lot of
mental demands, also? Is that so? [Q2:] You know,
what happened after the talk
yesterday is when the pictures came up
of the rape victims, I was watching, I was watching
the viewer who was watching it.
[M:] Yes. [Q2:] And it needs
a lot more concentration to go into
that depth of pain to be in the
watcher, still. It’s like
another practice than just sitting on my own,
and meditating, or sitting in satsang. It’s much easier [chuckles]
for me to feel that flow. [M:] Yes,
but in work, you are not
able to maintain that kind of composure,
you would say? Of your meditative state?
[Q2:] Yes, especially [Q2:] when the suffering
is very, very strong. I cannot keep the viewer,
there are points where I’m losing it.
[M:] Yes, yes. [M:] So, what
tends to happen, the more personal
you become, the more intense
your pain will be. You start to see –
‘This is just too much! Why do people have
to suffer this everyday? Why doesn’t
divinity come and help?’ – and so, and so. This is the personal,
you see. When you’re
in your meditation, again, you’re clear,
and so on. You don’t feel
such a weight, such a pull. But then! Then, the mind, itself,
comes and say this thing, ‘But I don’t know
what to do because if I go into
meditation, I won’t feel
the passion I feel when I’m looking at it,
personally.’ Some people say
like this, you know. ‘And I feel I don’t want
to lose this passion! Because, you know, I really believe that,
you know, it needs me, and it needs people
to really focus here. But when I’m in my
contemplative state, when I’m in the
state of the Self, there’s more distance, and I don’t know
if I’m as effective as when I’m passionate.’
You see? And that is
the point we reached. And many people still… I want to bring this
as broad as we can. Because you may find
that you are saying, ‘I can’t realize
the Self,’ and there is a ‘but’
and a ‘because’. Because something
is holding on to a certain passion
you have about something that you feel that, ‘If I let go
of this passion… I don’t know
if I want to do that in exchange for the
realization of the Self, because I really believe
in my passion. I really believe that,
you know, it is also God
who is using me to help these people
and to do these things. And that if I come
into my meditation, then maybe,
I just become selfish, and I’m not
as efficient.’ And I say,
That is not true! That is not true
because they are not
cancelling each other out. It’s a question
of priority. In one, you have
to stay as a person. And the person is – you’re gonna be there,
trying, trying. Also, one man,
he came to satsang to see me
in Portugal. And he said to me, ‘I used to be
a healer. For 16 years,
I’m working as a healer. But I discovered
your satsangs on the internet, and I stopped
this work.’ I said, My God! One less healer
in the world that needs all
the healing it can get. Is Mooji doing
the right thing? I didn’t do
anything, at all. He said, ‘I am not
doing this healing because when
I’ve been doing this, I find that
the people, they just always are
coming to me for healing. Then, they want me
to heal the husband; they want me
to heal the cat; they want me
to heal the tree; they want me
to heal everything. They just get so
healing-concentrated, and always, it’s like
you get into a kind of healing mode.
Like this. And I find that I’m giving all
this sort of energy, and they don’t want
to do anything. They just want you
to come and heal. Just heal, heal,
you know? They don’t want…
If you could… If I could
breathe for them, they’ll be quite happy.
[Laughter] “Breathe for me, as well, too.”
You know, it’s like that.’ And I said,
My God! And, what happened? They are also
keeping up, they’re
keeping up this because they have
an investment in needing to be
healed all the time. I’m not speaking,
specifically, here about you. I’m just saying.
And he said, ‘I realized
that I had really turned away
from my family and my young child,
and so on, in putting all
this energy. And something
changed that. I stopped
this work. And I’m much more
happy now, and somehow, the healing
could still happen but it’s not “my work”
in the same way.’ Now, some
people may say, ‘But I’m not sure
if that’s a good thing. I’m not sure
if it’s a good thing.’ You must find
that thing for your self. To look. Because also,
I am from, also, a country where many times
people come in Jamaica,
in the country, and they see people
living in places… l see also in India, with just some
plastic sheets over a space. And they’re living,
and people, ‘Oh, my God! Poor people!
I wish I… you know, I want to come, and I want
to build them a good house and I want to do this,
and I want to do that.’ And they try it, and they see –
wait, it’s not so simple, not so simple. They build you
a house. Then you want one
for your cousin. And then this,
then you want this, and you find that
there’s some other… there’s another
dimension of what is
happening here. And it’s not just
a question of me feeling –
‘Oh, I can’t bear! Because I could not
live in a house like that,’ or something. So, it’s not just
one reading. A whole matrix of things
are happening there. And it’s not that
these people are being punished
necessarily. Sometimes, they
are happier than you. Who is suffering? You, sometimes,
suffer more on behalf
of the people; than they are, actually,
suffering for themself because of your
own imagination. This is all
part of life, too. Now, I’m not
telling you that you must not
do this work. I’m saying
that maybe… Of course, continue
to do your work but prioritize
your meditation, also. Not meditation like – ‘The meditation is
what I’ve got to do for the rest
of my life. It’s my life hobby,’
or whatever. No, but meditation
in the form of, like inquiry,
to really get to to your true place. Getting to your
true place, meaning that you
could then actually find that
your consciousness has become
so panoramic, so broad that you’re not only
helping abused women but you may be helping
their abusers, also! You understand? Or, we don’t know! I am not making
a promise, Okay, if you do this,
this will happen. I am just saying that you’ll be coming from
person to Presence. And, not because
you are more effective but because
that is the that is the impulse
of the Heart – to be in its
completeness, to not be ruled
by the mind. And your vision
will change in some way, but it will be
a healthy change. And, are you willing
to take that risk? Because if you
are saying, ‘No, no, no. I really believe
in my job. I really believe
in my outlook.’ You see? ‘It’s personal but I’ve
seen it with my eyes. I’ve seen what is
happening in the world.’ And I’ve seen people
who speak like this, and they need help!
Themself, also. They sometimes,
need help, themself. A lot of help! Maybe more help than
the people they’re helping, also. Sometimes, not always. Because, of course,
there are people who come to play
a role in this also, and their work
is genuine. And Grace comes
to facilitate that work. So I’m not being specific
to any particular group. I’m just speaking
because you came. And you came forward, and you really made
a very strong point. And it was so strong
that other people were, kind of like, ‘Whoa,’
you know, it’s like, ‘That is really deep
into my stuff, that’s what’s happening
with me, also.’ Like that, you see?
Now, you have come also, as a result
of this question. You’re saying, ‘I’m a doctor,
I’m working with patients in a psychiatric discipline. But I’m finding that sometimes,
I’m just saying, you know, like, “Uhh!”
Playfully, I curse God. You know, because like,
What? What’s going on?’ Like this, no? And, can you
effectively be in service
to such an extent that your healing, your work is creating
a lot of healing but at such
a slow rate that it’s frustrating for you,
or something like this. [Q1:] Yeah, I feel like,
sometimes, like a fraud, like a fake.
[M:] Yes, why? [Questioner chuckles] [Q1:] Because the…it’s… What I’m suggesting,
feels superficial, or it just doesn’t,
it doesn’t hit home for people, and
[M:] Yes, yes. [Q1:] I feel like I want to say
[chuckles] something else but… [M:] Yes, you want to,
sometimes, say something else?
[Q1:] Yeah, [Q1:] I want to reach
[M:] But you’re limited… [Q1:] reach people
in a different kind of way. [M:] Yes.
[Q1:] And sometimes, [Q1:] it happens that way.
[M:] Yes. [Q1:] But most
of the times, I feel like, like when we talk about
an actor on the stage. I feel like that but it’s
in a useless way, like kind of… [M:] Okay, because
some disciplines inhibit you. Some disciplines can also
inhibit your intuitive power. To say,
‘Don’t go with that. Stay within the path, and administer like this.’ Some disciplines
can do that. But if you’re not saying
it’s a discipline, it’s some thing, I would say to you
that it would be encouragement
from me to say, Really use
this time in satsang to complete your sadhana,
to really be there, because you will be
much more effective in your awakened state. The only thing is that in your awakened state, from now,
you may feel that, ‘But I don’t know
if I am awakened if I’d even want
to do this job, even.’ You don’t know. Because then
it’s not up to the person. It’s not the
person’s work anymore. It is the
comos’ energy. And it may be
in the same place, and it may point
something, you see? This is a… [Q1:] And that’s
actually, that’s… It’s funny that you say
that because I [chuckles] I find myself saying,
‘I just want to quit, like [chuckles] I don’t want
to do this anymore, it’s not…’ [M:] Do you feel you’d be
letting down your patients if you quit?
[Q1:] I do, yeah. [Q1:] I do, and then
I feel conflicted about that… [M:] But then
if you feel that you’re letting down your
patients if you quit, and then, when
you’re working you feel you’re not doing them
any good, what is that thing? [Questioner laughs;
laughter] [Q1:] Sometimes,
and this is erm… With some patients
I feel effective. I feel the message, we’re speaking
the same language. Even though,
I’m speaking whatever medical terminology,
and etcetera. But we’re still… There’s a heart
connection there. We’re speaking
the same language, and I feel effective. But many, I don’t. [M:] I would really
encourage that whatever, I am not against
any profession. You must do
your profession. I believe that each
of those profession could have an
injection of people who are much more
heart-centered, and more true,
you know. And have that,
move in that freedom, in that intuitive way, also.
You see? I don’t know
if every discipline allows that freedom, you see? But I always
will be saying to you, Realize the Self,
your Self. Realize your Self. It’s not only more doctors
the world need, but awakened Beings. That is the most
powerful healing. That people
can see in a human form, something that
so inspires them. That the inspiration
begins to alter the way that they
perceive life, and change it in a such
more radical way, and many more
people, actually, even. [Q1:] Me…
[M:] Yeah? [Q1:] (Chuckles)
And this, I’m not sure if this is too much
of a mental question but, specifically with people
who have like schizophrenia. I find myself,
really confused about how to engage, or… I mean, I know medically
how to do it [chuckles]… you understand, but…
[M:] Yeah. [M:] Yes, it’s very difficult
when you’re coming from, if you’re coming
from the person to treat someone
with schizophrenic… You see?
Like it’s very difficult. You have to be
coming from God. That is different. You have to be, completely,
beyond your person, in a way. You have
to be empty. You have
to be empty! You cannot come
with technique. Technique will be
something past. It will not be
appropriate. You’ll overlook many things,
you’ll miss many things. Like that. But when you’re coming,
somehow, from that space where, you know,
in a way your being is a vehicle for this, not only a vehicle but you are the vehicle
and the source, in fact, of it. [Silence] [Q2 spoke inaudibly]
[M:] Yes, this, [M:] we are
talking about now, a quality of being. So, not that
‘the voice is telling me, and life is
showing me’, then, the ‘me’
gets pulled out. When the ‘me’
gets pulled out, what is left? Is it death? When the ‘me’ – the one who needs
to listen and to move. You know, huh?
‘Yeah, okay. So, maybe I should not
go with this now.’ This is fine,
it’s good, it’s fine! But I’m just now using
this opportunity to look and say,
This ‘me’ must not just be
one who listens; must be separate
from that which speaks. You be That
in which the speaking and
the listening happens. You are one,
one totality. Now, you don’t have
to put things in any compartment here because there’s more
a sense of being-ness. It’s a being-ness. And so, you allow
a space of emptiness, also. Not that something
is speaking to an entity, receiving and doing. But more
in the space now. It’s empty of personhood,
empty of intention, huh? Then you can fully, you see, imbibe,
somehow, no? It’s like you’re
much more intuitive. There’s no delay! There’s no
wrong signal because
you misinterpret. There’s no place for
so much interpreting. You see? You’re more,
somehow, you’re all of it! When we said,
very often we want to
taste the honey, you don’t want
to be the honey. You see? Because we love
experiencing, we love, ‘Hmm-hmm,
hmm, it’s nice! What about this one?
Nam-mm-mm.’ We want to taste
the honey, you don’t want
to be the honey. But here,
you are having both. You are tasting
the honey of life, and you are,
also, the honey! You are the life! You are
tasting the life, you are the life, and you are, also,
the witness of this life. It is not three
separate roles you’re playing, and how do you
balance them? This is different. You don’t know
anything at all, actually. You don’t know!
And people ask you, ‘But how do you do…?
You say, ‘Well, it doesn’t come from
how do you do.’ You may not be eloquent
to explain anything, but you’ll
be effective. Not at saying, ‘Okay, I want to do this,’
and it gets done. Just you are! And this ‘I am-ness’
becomes enough! Not, ‘I am
doing very well, and I want to
expand my group.’ No, not this!
Just the ‘I am’. It’s not…
Like the sun, it doesn’t say,
‘Oh, I really feel tired today. I don’t think I’ll radiate
so much heat today.’ [Laughter]
It doesn’t say, ‘Oh! I like shining
on daffodils, but I hate
shining on pooh,’ or something
like this, no? ‘Because a complete
waste of my heat.’ No!
Everything gets bathed in its light, its warmth, its radiance. Something like this
is like that. You’re not picking
and choosing who will receive
my grace, who will receive
my energy. You see? It goes to anyone
and whoever can take it. It’s a very
different thing than when you
contain and remain as a person
doing something, receiving blessing,
and passing it on. You see? You are the blessing! You are That. You are the giving
and the receiving, also. And yet, you have this
sense of a relationship with a higher power. You have this reverence
for a higher power. But you’re moving also
as a unitive Being. Like, each one
is like a seed. And each seed has the power of
completeness inside it. And it is being fed
from inside and from outside because it
is one work, or one…
you see? And so, the tendency
to think, ‘I am important
because if I am not here, this will not
be done,’ – these things,
they slide away. Like Christ say,
Jesus says, ‘While I’m in the world,
I am the light of this world. While I’m in the world,
I am the light of this world.’ It’s not an
arrogant statement. He didn’t say,
While I’m in the world, I will shine the light
on the world. I like this part,
I’ll shine… He says,
‘I am the light.’ The light does not
choose what to light. It lights everything. It is so abundant. Are we so available? Or, do we want to just support
your favorite charity? This is also good,
it’s fine, also. Just one thing,
I point you to your natural
universality. [Music plays] If you want only
so much truth, it will take some practice,
and it will take some, some, you know,
determination. It will take time. But if you want
all the Truth, it will take you
no time. The more personal you become the more intense your pain will be. Get to your true place and you will find that your consciousness has become so panoramic, so broad, that you will not only help
the abused women, but you may be helping
their abusers also. Really use this time in Satsang
to complete your sadhana because you will be much more effective
in your awakened state. The only thing is that
in your awakened state you may feel that you don’t even want
to do this job any more. Because then it is not up to the person, it is not the person’s work any more, You are not picking and choosing who will receive your grace, who will receive your energy, it goes to anyone and whoever can take it. It is a very different thing than when you contain and remain as a person doing something,
receiving blessing and passing it on. You are the blessing. [Music continues to play] mooji.tv Copyright © 2014 Padam Sangha Ltd.
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