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Marvel’s Iron Man VR | Behind the Scenes: Learning to Fly | PSVR

RYAN PAYTON: Als das Team
die Möglichkeit erhielt, an Marvel’s Iron Man VR zu arbeiten,
war uns sofort klar, dass wir das Gefühl des Fliegens
in VR rüberbringen mussten. Es sollte angenehm wirken,
sich schnell anfühlen. Man sollte denken: Ich bin
Tony Stark in der Rüstung. BLAINE HIGDON: Schon zu Beginn wussten
wir, dass die Fans von Iron Man bestimmte Sachen der Vorlage
auch im Spiel erwarten würden. Nummer eins, das Fliegen. Nummer zwei, das
HUD-Design von Iron Man, und Nummer drei,
viele legendäre Waffen. RYAN DARCEY: Wenn die Leute
sich vorstellen, dass sie Iron Man wären,
dann denken die meisten als Erstes ans Fliegen. TROY JOHNSEN: Für mich geht es beim
Fliegen als Iron Man vor allem um Freiheit, Schnelligkeit und Kraft. Von Anfang an war uns klar, dass es möglich sein muss,
überall hinzugehen, wo man will. RYAN DARCEY: Wir wollten dieses
Gefühl einer offenen Spielwelt auf den Punkt bringen
und zwar mit der 360-Grad-Bewegungsfreiheit. TROY JOHNSEN: Wir wollten, dass
man unglaublich schnell fliegen kann, aber dabei noch die Kontrolle behält, während man um Ecken
und durch Schluchten gleitet. BLAINE HIGDON: Das ist anders
als in einem Flugsimulator oder in einem Cockpit,
da man die Richtung, in die man will, hier
direkt mit seinem Körper steuert. Schon in wenigen Sekunden
hat man den Dreh raus. Natürlich gibt es diesen typischen
„Wow“-Moment, wenn man das erste Mal vom Boden abhebt. RYAN DARCEY: Dadurch werden
Körper und Geist zu einer Einheit. Das ist etwas völlig anders,
als die Bewegung mit einem Stick oder durch
Knopfdruck zu steuern. TROY JOHNSEN: Bemerkbar macht sich
die Zugkraft im Flug vor allem bei der Beschleunigung und den
speziellen Mechaniken wie dem Boost. Man kann von null auf
über 300 km/h beschleunigen. RYAN DARCEY: Man kann
einen Stopp einlegen. Man kann schweben. Man kann um die Kurven gleiten,
einen Sturzflug machen. Und wieder zurück bis
ganz nach oben rasen. Uns war einfach wichtig, dass
die Spieler die volle Kontrolle haben und sich die Zeit nehmen können, die Kampfzone
richtig zu untersuchen. Wer sich diesen Helm aufsetzt
und das HUD-Design sieht, fühlt sich wie Iron Man. TROY JOHNSEN: Es soll sich so
anfühlen, als hätte man in seinem ganzen Leben noch nie
so viel Kraft kontrolliert. Es ist noch kein Meister
vom Himmel gefallen, aber nach mehreren Spielen soll man das Gefühl bekommen,
diese Kraft langsam zu beherrschen. BLAINE HIGDON: Das HUD-Design,
die Waffen, der Flug, es ist alles dabei und
die Spieler können Iron Man sein und zum Superhelden werden. RYAN PAYTON: Wir halten uns die
Vorlage immer vor Augen, um sicherzugehen, dass
wir den Kern der ultimativen Fantasie, Iron Man zu sein,
gut umsetzen und mit der immersiven Kraft von VR verbinden. RYAN DARCEY: Iron Man und VR, das passt wie
die Faust aufs Auge. Helm aufsetzen,
Controller nehmen, das HUD-Design erscheint und
schon drückt man die Düsen an die Seite und schießt
explosionsartig davon.

VR is having its “gaming console” moment with Oculus Quest

VR is finally having its “gaming console”
moment, and it’s time we talk about what that means… For years now, true 6dof VR has been
nothing more than a peripheral to devices we currently own. Be it a beefy gaming PC
or PS4. The only standalone headsets to date have been the very low-end devices like Samsung
Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and even Oculus Go. In this long, drawn-out analogy comparing
VR devices with traditional video games, as we used to know them, we’re going to consider
these 3dof headsets the first generation of the handheld VR market. Akin to something
like that Game Boy. On the eopposite end, we’re going to consider PCVR as the high-end
master race that PC has always been. And the PSVR we’re still considering a peripheral
at this time. So then we have the Oculus Quest- The first true consumer-ready, fully-fledged
VR console for the masses. The Nintendo Entertainment System of VR. I know the analogy isn’t perfect,
but stick with me. Let’s start with PC. So, gaming on PC has always, and will always – for
the foreseeable future – be the highest end experience imaginable for gaming. PC isn’t
called the master race for nothing. Sony and Microsoft are just now finally catching up
to the PC rigs from 5 years ago.Translate this to VR, and we’ve seen groundbreaking
developments in just three years since the original Oculus Rift released. We’ve seen
advances in controller options, from the basic Vive and Oculus Touch controllers, with basic
motion capabilities and intuitive button placements, to recently with the Index Knuckles controllers
that can detect individual finger placement. We’ve seen dramatic resolution and FOV increases
with headsets like the 200 degree field of view Pimax, releasing with 5k and 8k variants.
And that’s just scratching the surface of what’s to come. But, you get the point. PC
is the place where we’ll see the top dogs battle it out for the most innovative features,
with very high price points. These headsets aren’t aimed at the overage consumer. No,
they’re for early adopters. They’re for the enthusiasts. So, then, gaming console maker
Sony was one of the first out the gate with their own VR headset – The PSVR. Though it’s
a great first attempt, the peripheral falls just short of bringing the mainstream to VR.
It’s still categorized as a niche product… It’s a $300 device that requires a $400 box
to operate. That’s a tough sell if you don’t already have a PS4. And on top of that, the
setup is even more complicated than that of a PCVR headset. Especially now that external
tracking is starting to be removed from the PC scene. With the PSVR, there are cords everywhere.
Setup is so complicated that they had to number the wires, you need a camera for setup in
just the right position on top of your TV, and it’s just not user friendly at all. Many
people are offput by the complexities of running a VR setup. And with all of those stipulations,
your average PS4 user is not going to go down that route. It’s just not gonna happen. The
best Sony could have hoped for is that their early adopter crowd and people already interested
in VR and own a PS4, but don’t have a beefy PC would see this as an opportunity to jump
in. And that’s exactly what happened. Last we heard, Sony has sold nearly 5 million PSVR
units since launch. Now, that’s an amazing number for such a small industry, but with
over 100 million PS4s in the wild, that’s only a 5% attach rate. The only way Sony will
see mainstream success is if they bring the PSVR 2 to the standalone console market, now
carved out by the Oculus Quest. This would spur the first generation of true gaming VR
consoles. Sony vs Oculus. The Oculus Quest is undoubtedly the first VR gaming console
to exist. Up to this point, we’ve had the handheld VR market, as we discussed at the
top of the video, and we’ve had the peripheral market with the PC and PS4. But the Oculus
Quest is in a league of its own at this point. It’s by far the most consumer-friendly 6dof
headset to date. The box literally comes with a headset, two controllers, and a charging
cable. There’s no base stations, there’s no cameras to mount, there’s no cords, there’s
no external processing unit, there’s no computer or PS4. It’s all contained within the headset
itself. You put on the headset anywhere you want, and the home menu pops up right away.
All of your games and apps are housed in a proprietary user interface, so there’s no
going through setup to where you need to be. Just pick a game form the list, and jump in.
It takes me roughly 10 seconds to go from putting the headset on to loading Beat Saber.
Now that is user friendly. Being the first self-contained VR gaming console, there’s
no doubt that more are to come. We have Cosmos coming in the near future, which is being
teased as a hybrid of some sort, so I’m not so certain I would consider that a gaming
console, but it’s too early to say. And we’re all paitiently waiting for the PSVR 2 to be
revealed as we mentioned earlier, to see if it may also be a direct competitor. But there
is no concrete information at all. We have seen a few rumors surface that it may be wireless,
while also requiring the PS5 for processing. This too would not be considered a direct
competitor at that point. So, which company will be the next to fully jump in on the VR
standalone bandwagon and incite the new generation of console wars? Let me know your thoughts
below. And that’s all I have for you guys, thanks for watching and I will see you in
the next video.

TOP 10: PlayStation VR Spiele (PS4 Virtual Reality) – Teil 1

Hello dear gamer and welcome to a new episode of our Top 10. Today we show you 10 of the best VR games. From this video, there will be a part 2 in which you can decide which games we show, so write us comments. Now it’s time to start with number 10! With Rez Infinite, Sega developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi brought a Dreamcast classic to the VR world. The interplay of colors and shapes in a psychedelic cyber world leaves even Rez veterans amazed. Thanks to VR glasses, the trip feels even more intense. You automatically fly through a backdrop that would look good on a Tron movie. To the wildly pulsating soundtrack, homing missiles sends flying enemies at the touch of a button. Despite the simple game principle, it is a completely new experience, especially in virtual reality. Quick look around, up or behind you is necessary because the opponents attack from all sides. This can sometimes lead to discomfort. This is where you notice the weakness of the game, which was originally designed for gaming on TV. During the siege from all directions, one often wishes to sit on a swivel chair to follow the fast turns and movements. The job simulator is probably one of the most bizarre VR games. Who did not always want to return to the virtual office after work and write more e-mails, staple documents and throw donuts at his boss. Incidentally, the latter is not recommended in the real world of work. But in virtual reality, that’s a lot of fun. Robots took over all jobs in 2050 and shows how people used to work in a “job museum”. You take over the professions of car mechanics, gourmet cooks, office or shop employees. You’re interacting with the objects in your environment with Playstation Move Contoller, directing calls, for example, baking pizza or repairing cars. But the biggest fun is the humor of the game. Often you are instructed to perform suspicious and stupid tasks. So your boss instructs you to bribe the food critic or sabotage cars. Anyone who has nothing to laugh about in the real world of work should urgently plunge into this virtual job fun. Superhot VR is an innovation in the first person shooter area. The artistically inspired game for the Playstation has already won several Game Awards. The visually extraordinary indie shooter combines both stealth and strategy elements and is made for virtual reality. In a matrix manner, the action slows down in slow motion as you move slowly and even stops when you stop. The game gives you the ability to avoid projectiles or to plan your next tactical move. You’re right in the middle of what’s called bullet time. The game is very demanding, because ammunition is usually scarce and the opponents in the majority. Unfortunately, campaign and level are very short and the AI and game physics leave something to be desired, as well as the camera tracking, which occasionally fails. Nevertheless, Superhot is more than a successful VR shooter with a lot of fun. In this Jump’n’Run Adventure you guide Captain Astro through colorful and varied levels in search of his crewmembers. The little robot beings got lost on five different planets. Precise jump technique and dexterity are essential in the hopping passages through canyons, factories, caves or a city in the clouds. Astro can also fire rockets in his boots to bridge distances or eliminate enemies. You experience the action as a cameraman and steers the little robo hero around you. In addition, you can destroy walls with your head and intercept balls with a header. There are many secrets to discover in the world, which is why you visit the short levels again and again. Switches, mechanisms or secret ways are well hidden. Unfortunately, one sometimes loses sight of the overview and the little robot friend in the whole. Every now and then you even find him directly behind, above or below you. In short, a successful demonstration of the capabilities of Playstation VR. In the action-adventure-puzzle with jump’n’run-inserts “Moss” you control the incredibly cute animated little mouse Quill through a fantastic fairytale world that responds to your touches. In the child-friendly adventure, you will solve puzzles, explore castles, temples and enchanted forests and fight thrilling battles. With the controller you control with the left stick the little heroine while you with your forces clear traps and obstacles out of the way. Rarely has a fantasy world been so well adapted to virtual reality. The level design looks so sophisticated that it is not unusual to flinch when exploring or turning around, because you are afraid to bang your head. Due to the fixed perspective, there is no motion sickness. Unfortunately, the gameplay is very short with only about three to four hours and the puzzles are by and large also not really demanding, but high-resolution textures and many loving details contribute to an impressive VR experience. Wipeout Omega Collection is a collection of the last Wipeout parts of the PS3 and PS Vita and may also be played in VR on top of that. In the futuristic racing game you glide with antigravity ships over brightly colored racetracks. You can choose from 46 ship models, each with different characteristics such as thrust, speed and shield strength. The VR version includes all contents of the game, such as the online races where your opponents can play classically on TV. In Virtual Reality, the fast-paced races feel even more intense. Because you sit in the newly designed cockpit of the glider. An external perspective is also possible. Despite the fast pace, everything runs smoothly on the rollercoaster-like courses. Against motion sickness there are various settings, e.g. the field of vision can be restricted to the track and adapted to the cockpit. Wipeout was already a lot of fun on the first Playstation, but in VR it is even more impressive. Beat Saber is a rhythm-driven music game released in 2018 as an enhanced version for Playstation VR. To the beat of the music, you have to chop up colorful blocks with the PlayStation Move controllers that fly at different speeds. To kill the dice you have two lightsabers at your disposal, one is red and the other blue. So make sure that you destroy only the red blocks with the red sword and only the blue blocks with the blue sword. Also, the direction of impact and the exact moment is important. Huge fun is also the music you beat in time, because this has right earworm character. Unfortunately, the song selection in the basic version is not very big. Although the principle of the game is simple, it quickly becomes addictive because you always want to set new scores. In 2019, a gigantic update to No Man’s Sky came out, which also includes a VR mode. And this has it all, because you are allowed to explore the entire universe with its 18 trillion planets now with all-round visibility. Not only do you fly through space in the spaceship cockpit, but you also land on space stations and planetary surfaces. You will explore flora and fauna up close, collect resources and fight guards. On top of that, you can use vehicles to make the areas unsafe. The new update offers a plethora of new opportunities, including improved base building, animal husbandry, 8-player online mode, and the Nexus, which serves as a rendezvous with other players. Too bad that the graphics in VR looks rather blurred. Yet, No Man’s Sky brings the secrets of the cosmos within reach. By the way, the game is absolutely recommendable even without VR, because it has developed thanks to numerous updates since the start of 2017 to a real space epic. With Resident Evil 7, the series finally returns to the classic gameplay of survival horror. Developer Capcom shows for the first time in the first person perspective and in VR what it feels like to sneak through dark, decayed corridors and be hunted by monsters, and not just on the screen but in the middle of the action. Like never before you feel a tight feeling of panic, because behind each corner could lurk the next shock moment and opponents suddenly jump directly in front of the face or attack from behind. Ammunition is very rare especially in higher levels of difficulty and the opponents are very strong. Quite often it happens that panic attempts to escape end in a dead end and you get into the clutches of the malicious Baker family. Resident Evil 7 convinces with a depressing but outstanding atmosphere and is thus one of the top games in VR on the Playstation4. With “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR”, one of the most celebrated role-playing classics was brought into a fantastic and impressive virtual reality world. Even more than before you dive into the game experience and you are right in the middle of fighting monsters and dragons. Even simple conversations with inhabitants of the world move in the VR in a whole new light. Because you can look around freely, admire the environment behind you or take a closer look at what the conversation spokesman wears for shoes. The previously impressive landscape is even more realistic in VR mode, but also more simple, because the game looks blurred and less detailed in VR. It’s good that you can either steplessly or by teleport move to avoid nausea. The VR version released in 2017 does not offer any new content, but developer Bethesta has definitely managed a convincing implementation and impresses the world of Skyrim like never before! That’s it again from the top 10. If you have not tried VR so far, that’s recommended, in the description you will find tips where you can buy the Start Pack. If you liked the video, feel free to like it and subscribe to it, and join the next episode or other videos on this channel. Alright then CU and take care!

Cinegears VR Testing

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Cinegears VR Testing

Cinegearsバーチャルリアリティー撮影テスト HEX VRリグ 16チャンネルバイノーラルオーディオレコーダー プロVR映像制作用にデザイン 54人のプロによってのチーム 詳しい情報はwww.cinegears.comまで

THE GRID VR – Brass Tactics, Apex Construct, Qualcomm 845, Wands, Reality Decks, Star Trek TNG

What is currently happening Programs, welcome
to the Grid VR. Where I’ll be bringing you this weeks news
in Virtual Reality. Its Saturday the 24th of February 2018 and
all I can say this week is: Spin me a tale. We’ve got Brass Tactics setting the table,
Twilight Path telling a fable, Games free for all those able, Next Gen Star Trek, Qualcomm
Headsets, Reality decks and much more. Today I�m going to cover off the main events
to keep you in the loop. So stay locked, crush that like button, enjoy,
and welcome, to the Grid VR. Brass Tactics, the real time strategy table
top simulator developed by Hidden Path Entertainment, who made the highly acclaimed Tower Defense
title, Defense Grid 2, has come to a virtual headset near you, or more specifically, near
your face. Strap in to a solo 6 hour + campaign against
AI of varying difficulty, or jump in to a competitive online multiplayer or online co-op
sit out with real players from around the globe across more than 20 highly detailed,
hand crafted maps. In addition, if you want to try out this game
without the hassle of going through any kind of refund process, should you not like it,
Brass Tactics Arena is a stripped back free to play version of the game, and has unlimited
online competitive, cooperative, or vs. AI play on a single map. I actually love
Initially Brass Tactics was delayed for release so the devs could refine the title, and it
looks like that slight delay has paid off as the reviews coming through are damn good. The game is up now on the Oculus store for
$40, and Vive users can use Revive to get this working. Links in the description for both so go forth
and wage some war. Apex Construct, the first person action adventure
sci-fi title from Fast Travel Games has been released this week on the PSVR. Set in the real world, you must help one powerful
AI defeat another through the exploration of a shattered future. Equipped with a bow and arrow loaded with
standard, exploding, or shock arrows to dispatch spider like enemies, and an energy shield
to block incoming attacks Apex Construct may have it’s place in your content library. Both teleport and smooth locomotion options
are available which is cool, but I’ve gotta point out that from what I’ve read and seen
so far, the games controls can be occasionally shit, battles inconsistent, object clipping
a bit janky, and with the entire game being limited to 6 environments that are re-used
to stretch out the title I’d say maybe go in with some reservations. A PC VR release of the game is set for release
mid March and there’s a link in the description for that one. Following the announcement from Qualcomm late
last year of their new Snapdragon 845 mobile processor, the company have announced an 845
based reference design headset which other manufacturers like Oculus and HTC can then
take and build their own headsets with. The unit is ‘capable’ of displaying 1024 x
1152 pixels per eye which you may notice is on the low side when compared to the upcoming
Oculus Go, or the Chinese only HTC Vive Focus, but this unit can run up to 120 frames per
second which is on par with Sony’s PSVR. The unit reportedly has a 30% boost in performance
and efficiency compared to the 835 reference design from last year, which headsets like
the HTC Vive Focus, Lenovo Mirage Solo and Pico Neo are based on. And it also has 6 degrees of freedom inside
out tracking like those units, which means no cables. Qualcoms Adreno Foveation technique is included,
which is a foveated rendering technology that works out what part of an image you are looking
at and then reduces the pixels outside of that area in order to reduce the compute power
required. In addition, the 845 socket on a chip does
have some hardware specific implementations that will benefit VR and AR directly, like
a Dedicated Signal Processor (or DSP) to run Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (or
SLAM), which can for example map out the environment you are standing in, in real time, and place
you inside it. Not a huge update to what we have already,
but another powerful step in the right direction and there will be more details at the Game
Developers Conference which runs from the 19th of March, so stay tuned here for any
notable updates. And briefly, Wands, the first person competitive
online magic dueling game from Cortopia Studios is free to play this weekend on the Oculus
store. Grab a wand and battle other wielders for
that pixelated trophy with your name on it in the realms of The Beyond. Also available on the Steam store if you decide
to buy it, though it is half price on the Oculus store. As usual, links in the description. Glitch Space, the abstract puzzle solving
title from Space Budgie is now Free to Play for all on Steam. This one is around 4 years old, has a couple
of hours of story and its a great little example of where basic graphics are vastly overpowered
by an effective concept. A link is in the description if you want to
give this one a spin. Twilight Path, a VR fantasy adventure puzzle
game with both beautiful and dark atmospheres will release in the summer of this year. Not much to go on just yet but his team brought
us the award winning FORM, which is a surreal adventure which unfolds within the human mind. That title was highly rated and I’m looking
forward to the studios follow up. Reality Decks is a Virtual Reality DJ’ing
software that lets you take the helm of 2 RDT-100 turntables and mix tunes for the Junglist
massive *human traffic shop dance*. Load your own Wav and MP3 files, or pick one
of the 10 bundled tracks from 7 featured artists to instantly get a feel for the are of virtual
dj’ing. It has some cool real time wave forms, features
all the controlls you would expect, with cue points coming soon, is Touch Compatible, and
up now on Oculus Store for $20 with a 10% discount if you buy this in the first week
of release. Also worth a mention here, which may be a
better alternative for Vive users or those who prefer to get their wares from the Steam
store is Vinyl Reality. This is another Virtual DJ’ing software and
is up on Steam for $15 with Oculus Rift support. Similar stuff and personally I’d say give
em both a go, see which wax gets you vibing. V-Racer Hoverbike from Vertex Breakers is
a fast paced futuristic VR racing game with similarities to the Redout and the PS1 racing
title Wipe Out. And while Wipe Out has been released in VR
through the Omega Collection update, link in the description, this looks like a great
alternative. It does say in their Youtube description that
the game is motion sickness free but that’s horse shit because, well, look at it. If they’d somehow managed to make this type
of game completely motion sickness free for everyone then that innovation would be much
bigger news than the game itself. Still, this game looks like a load of fun
and I think it’ll be pretty easy to recommend. Andrew Bozworth, Facebooks VP of AR and VR
posted on Twitter 2 days ago that Facebooks F8 conference this year is gonna hit 88 miles
per hour and we’re gonna see some serious shit. I’ve got no idea what this could be about
but feel free to speculate while I sit here and pretend I’m not interested to pass the
time…. *homer simpson nervous* oh come on tell me. Rift Pro? Rift 2? Ffffuck it. The annual F8 developer conference will be
held on May 1st and 2nd this year in San Jose California, so stay tuned for updates. Also, a team at Stanford uni are proposing
a novel idea that sees movable real world objects pop up in line with what you see in
VR to improve object immersion. Stage 9 are working on a Star Trek The Next
Generation VR experience where you can explore the entirety of the Enterprise in VR, and
you can try this out now. A reddit user called Chestnutbruze has uploaded
a Vive only VR horror game with wheelchair locomotion for free that him and 4 other students
made last year. And there is a new Ready Player One trailer
up on YouTube which shows of more of the same, as usual links are in the description for
all of these. And finally, Pornhub Premium was free a week
ago but I didn’t say shit as I didn’t need ya’ll clogging up the bandwidth. I’d apologise but the sorry key on my keyboard
seems to be stuck do.. ah no wait, that’s.. And that�s this week on the Grid VR. If you have more YOU would like to add then
hit me up in the comments below and let�s discuss. And if you liked this video then crush that
like button, hit the XO logo to subscribe if you wanna see more content, and I�ll
see you in the next one. Peace!!

Blood & Truth – PS VR Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

I see an opportunity. Does Tim see the
same opportunity? TIM: Oh yeah.
All right. Good night, guys. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] JUSTIN: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. We’re here playing PlayStation
VR blockbuster Blood & Truth. It’s launching
May 28th for PSVR. Justin here with
Kristen here next to me. KRISTEN: Hey. JUSTIN: We’ve got Tim in
the driver seat over there. TIM: Hello. JUSTIN: Tim, what are you
seeing, what are you feeling? What is Blood & Truth? TIM: I have been transported
back to what appears to be a memory in some sort
of war-torn area. It doesn’t look safe. JUSTIN: You’re
doing fine so far. TIM: Well, thank you so much. JUSTIN: We haven’t
gotten into the action yet. Kristen and I actually got a
chance to play through this at a recent event,
and we both loved it, so we’re dropping Tim in
here to give him a taste. KRISTEN: Yeah. So you play as a Special Forces
soldier, Ryan Marks. And previous to this
level sort of loading up, you got some backstory that
he’s sort of been captured by an intelligence agency. Apparently there are many
misdeeds on his record, and he’s trying
to clear his name. And this a bit of a
flashback to his past, basically, before the
full game gets started. TIM: I did a bad job. Hold on.
What do I got here? Is this gonna come in handy? KRISTEN: It very well might. JUSTIN: So there was this great
calibration sequence before we started recording the episode
where it actually had Tim put his hand, like, on his chest
where his ammo pouch would be so that you can get that
feeling nice and comfortable. TIM: Yeah. I got my side arm
down here, ammo pouch here, which I can presumably
just — as many as I want. Just make it rain if I want, but that’s not gonna
help me get in here. I should probably
turn the handle. JUSTIN: Violence
isn’t always the answer. TIM: That’s right. This is really cool. KRISTEN: How does the
movement sort of feel? TIM: It feels really smooth. I like the fact that
I’m — I have to shoot. KRISTEN: Just real quick. JUSTIN: You just gotta — TIM: The precision is just —
I’m such a sucker for that. It wants me to holster too. Okay. I love that. JUSTIN: Aiming down
the sights in virtual reality is such a
cool experience. TIM: It feels so good. Do I actually grab the rungs? KRISTEN: Yup.
JUSTIN: You sure do. TIM: Oh my god. KRISTEN: It’s like these very
little moments in VR that really make it feel so, so immersive. And things like that
like climbing a ladder absolutely does it for me. TIM: That’s so crazy. JUSTIN: More ammo, yep. TIM: Just absorbed it into
my body. That’s fine. I’m into that, just
like in real life. JUSTIN:
Definitely need more ammo. TIM: Okay.
Press X button to strafe left. KRISTEN: You’re seeing a little
bit of this tutorial mode, getting our bearings here. JUSTIN: You’ll notice as this
gets further into the demo, it becomes more obvious this
is kind of an expansion of the London Heist which came with
PlayStation VR Worlds back around
PlayStation VR launch time. KRISTEN: One shot and done, Tim. JUSTIN: Oh there you go, went
for the red barrels of course, the gas tanks. TIM: Yeah. The down sight feels just
like I was hoping it would. You know, is there
actually — All right. I’m gonna
move up a little bit here. I can keep strafing I think. Yeah.
There we go. Come on, buddy. They’re quick. KRISTEN: They’re
ready to take you out. JUSTIN: They won’t stand around
waiting for you to shoot them. KRISTEN: But I love that you
immediately went for the red barrel because the
great thing about this game is that it’s just
like an action movie. You can make things go boom. There’s gonna be moments later
there’s gonna be guys throwing grenades at you. You could catch them
and throw them back. JUSTIN: Oh, really. TIM: You can catch grenades?
Are you serious? That’s amazing. Can I just shoot this for fun? JUSTIN: Why not?
Destroy things. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: Oh, good-bye. I’m, like, also
reflexively closing one eye within the headset. JUSTIN: I did the same
thing when I was playing. KRISTEN: I did the
exact same thing. TIM: And I can’t help it. I’m still doing it.
I can’t stop doing that. JUSTIN: To make
it easier to aim, yeah. KRISTEN: Just
throwing your ammo at him. TIM: It’s just a
flourish I’ve been working on. The reload is
never gonna get old. JUSTIN: The reload
mechanic is so good. TIM: All right. KRISTEN: Ooh, ooh.
Notice real quick to your right, I thought there
was a target up there. Keep moving up. TIM: I see it, Kristen. JUSTIN: What is that? KRISTEN: So I believe it might
be that later in the run-through you have a different
weapon that you can get to. But if you continue to
find these little targets and you’re
able to shoot them — TIM: I’ll keep it in mind. KRISTEN: — it’s a nice
little side activity. TIM: Okay. Pistol to
holster because of the handle. Got it. Just gonna check
around for a cool jukebox. KRISTEN: Cool jukebox. Ah, some lockpicking.
I loved this mechanic as well. There’s something I’ve
always loved about games, that rumble pack while
you’re doing lockpicking. But here it felt
very, very realistic. JUSTIN: Lockpicking mechanics
are always so interesting. TIM: That was —
it’s such a minor thing but — JUSTIN: I see
an opportunity. Does Tim see the
same opportunity? TIM: Oh, yeah. All right.
Good night, guys. There’s a new hero in town.
I don’t know. JUSTIN: Sure.
We’ll work on one-liners. We’ll workshop it. TIM: No time for a coffee break.
KRISTEN: Amazing. JUSTIN: There we go. That looks a
little more menacing. TIM: Good. Test it out. Sounds good. KRISTEN: Now, I wonder if you’re
able to open those drawers? TIM: Kristen, I don’t know. JUSTIN: Can you?
KRISTEN: Nice. JUSTIN: I didn’t even try
to do that when I played. KRISTEN: You didn’t even try?
JUSTIN: No! KRISTEN: I was trying
to open everything. TIM: Oh, do I — KRISTEN: You can
pick up objects. TIM: Do you have to like — KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: This is cool. KRISTEN: I love the
little flair when you did it. TIM: This is my favorite thing. KRISTEN: So now the cool
thing about this weapon, if I remember correctly, you actually holster
it on your back. TIM: Oh really. KRISTEN: So if you reach back
and pull the trigger button, it should holster it back there, and you can pull
and bring it right back. TIM: Really? KRISTEN: Yep. TIM: Really?
KRISTEN: Yeah. TIM: That’s amazing. KRISTEN: It’s like so satisfying
just pulling either of those. TIM: Okay.
But then — okay. Okay. Cool. Sorry.
I’m just getting excited. That’s for me. All right.
Actually, we talked about this. JUSTIN: Yeah! TIM: So that was for real. JUSTIN: It worked. KRISTEN: I wonder if you can go
back and do the other one now that you have the ranged weapon. TIM: Oh, maybe. JUSTIN: We don’t need
to worry about all that. KRISTEN: Let’s keep going. TIM: I’m curious about what
happens if you get them all. JUSTIN: It unlocks the
full game in the demo. TIM: Okay.
What have we got? Another tool. Okay. All right. Oh man. This is way
easier than real life. I’ve assembled enough furniture. I know it’s
usually not that easy. This is an iron I think. Oh, wait.
I don’t need that. Cool. KRISTEN: Nice. JUSTIN: Can you eat that? TIM: Are you serious? KRISTEN: What? TIM: Are you serious?
That’s very realistic. I would have done
that in real life too. KRISTEN: That was awesome. TIM: Can you believe that? Can I grab this? Are you serious? I’m just a complete sucker. I’ll stay on mission. KRISTEN: These are some
of the best parts of games like this though. JUSTIN: VR is great.
I love virtual reality. TIM: I wish I
could see, you know, my character actually doing
that within the mission too. KRISTEN: Special Forces agent just casually
tossing bottles over. TIM: And you can
grab with the other. JUSTIN: Oh yeah. I wonder if that
helps steady it. KRISTEN: I believe it does. TIM: Ah, nice. JUSTIN: Apparently Kristen
played this demo a lot more effectively than I did. I was just running
around flailing. KRISTEN: I just
took my sweet time. TIM: Is that too close? JUSTIN: Yeah.
Get him. KRISTEN: Oh. See, I love these quick little
focus moments that sort of happen that it’s slow-mo. Here’s our buddy
we’re trying to help. TIM: Let me help. He feels like he’s right here. Excuse me? Did he call me skid mark? KRISTEN: Yes, he did. JUSTIN: Language. TIM: I mean, I’m
kind of in power here, so why don’t you be nice. That’s fine. KRISTEN: But, yeah. I remember when I was
doing this demo — [LAUGHTER] JUSTIN: That’s amazing. TIM: A little nose hair trim.
He’s so annoyed with me. JUSTIN: That’s amazing.
I didn’t know that would happen. KRISTEN: I didn’t either. I remember when I
did this demo, like, this moment in particular when
he stood up was one of those moments, like VR is wild. He looked so
realistic next to you. TIM: That was incredible. Okay. All right.
I’m ready. You’re gonna need a gun.
Got it. JUSTIN: This
sequence is really cool. KRISTEN: Yeah. I love
how he’s just immediately, “Cool. I’m saved.
Let’s do this.” TIM: Got some ammo.
All right. I have some help
now with this guy. I’m excited for that. Sorry. It was worth
blowing our cover for that. JUSTIN: Now everyone
knows you’re there. TIM: This is gonna be exciting. JUSTIN: Party time. HOSTAGE: It’s gonna be a
f***ing hornets nest out there. TIM: I hope not literally.
I’m very afraid of hornets. KRISTEN: Oh, the music. JUSTIN: Go, go, go, go. KRISTEN: This just feels
like such a cinematic moment. TIM: Now I’m
moving automatically, so it’s a little bit
more — the pace is up. JUSTIN: So you can focus
on getting those shots. KRISTEN: It has
these little automatic cinematic flair moments. JUSTIN: Yeah. You’re not
supposed to be flailing here. KRISTEN: I love that if you
were an action movie star, Tim, you would
just be like, whoa. TIM: I would’ve been
dead ten minutes ago. Oh, you can change
hands on the fly. Okay. Sorry.
I’m just — JUSTIN: You need — there are
people shooting at you, Tim. TIM: I’m sorry. It’s just really
exciting to be alive right now. KRISTEN: You’re almost there.
You’re almost there. It is your friend.
Go, go, go, go, go. TIM: Come on. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: Okay. KRISTEN: That was
a close one, Tim. TIM: Okay. Sorry. You got it. JUSTIN: Let’s see
if he does what I did as soon as I sat in this jeep. TIM: So… Oh man. JUSTIN: I shot out the
window as soon as I got in. I was like, we don’t need that. TIM: So now this is reminiscent
of London Heist for me which was one of my
first PSVR experiences, and I fell in love with it. This is just more — oh, wait. KRISTEN: Who’s coming up? TIM: All right. Sorry. I should be aiming down sights. KRISTEN: I loved this sequence. JUSTIN: I dig the music. TIM: See you, buddy. KRISTEN: I remember I had both
of my weapons drawn and I was just out one
window and out the other. TIM: Does he duck? He has explosives in the back. What are you doing? That feels so good. KRISTEN: Explosives in
the back of your truck, it’s the best place to put them. TIM: Yeah. That’s true.
Maybe some backup fuel. That’s why they tell you not
to put backup gasoline in your trunk in case a guy
like this comes along. I gotta shoot over there. Does he respond? KRISTEN: He’s busy driving, Tim. TIM: This will keep it
fair if they need ammo. Just in case. Then I got some. Here you go. Oh, actually. JUSTIN: Gas tanks in the back. TIM: Drive safe. KRISTEN: Now I know that game — JUSTIN: I was gonna say, I like how that actually shunted
him off the road a little bit. KRISTEN: Yeah. I know
this game’s out on May 28th. I believe it will also
be bundled together. You can get a VR bundle with
this and Everybody’s Golf. JUSTIN: That’s right. And Everybody’s Golf
is also excellent. I got a chance to play it at
the same event where we played this and it’s super fun. I’m actually super
excited for Everyone’s Golf. KRISTEN: VR really
takes it to the next level. JUSTIN: It does, yeah. I managed to sink a chip-in shot straight into the hole
near from off the green. KRISTEN: I did not
do nearly as well. TIM: I’m trying to play at
least a par game right here. JUSTIN: You’re doing great. I would say this is
at least a birdie. TIM: Did you know every bullet
I fired as hit an enemy so far? JUSTIN: Every
single bullet, huh? TIM: I’ve been keeping track. JUSTIN: Nice
100 percent accuracy. KRISTEN: Those are your
friends coming to collect you. TIM: We’re down here. These guys look bad. KRISTEN: The final stretch. JUSTIN: Get out of here. TIM: Who is that? KRISTEN: I think we’re
about to come to the end. [FAKE SCREAMING] TIM: That was incredible. KRISTEN: Awesome.
JUSTIN: That was awesome. So that’s Blood & Truth. It’s coming out May
28th for PlayStation VR. This is — we’re playing on a PlayStation 4
Pro system. So, yeah. Get Blood & Truth May 28th as
part of the Everybody’s Golf, Blood & Truth PSVR bundle, or
you can just grab it on its own. That will be out May 28th. [OUTRO MUSIC]

Dan experiences VR Horror – Resident Evil 7!

D: Why are we doing the lights off again P: I can’t find the switch P: AAAAouuuuuuu P: *giggles* D: You can’t repeat the same joke that you did in the first video! P: I can! D: Okay, right turn the lights on. P: (quietly) It was good! D: What the hell is that? P: I bought it from Tesco, it’s a skull bowl. I didn’t expect it to be this big. I’m quite excited by it. D: That is gonna be one phat bowl of cereal. P: No! D: If you do that with one. P: I thought I’d put sweets in it! I plan on buying some for Halloween and then filling the skull so like the sweets are the brains. D: If you filled this with sweets and and ate them, I think you’d die from the amount of sugar that would contain, but-. P: I mean, don’t test me. D: Phil will boldly go. P: BOWLdly go. Ahhhhhh. D: yukyukyuk D: Anyway, no, this is supposed to be scary. P: Alright, so today we’re gonna play an 18 rated (D: Oooh) P: scary game, yeah. D: This is – this is the serious one of the week. Okay? P: Yeah D: We’ve had our funny apps D: we’ve had our quizzes that are psychological, but now it is time for the big boys..~ D: Resident Evil 7. That is right. P: Some people have actually died of fear playing this game. I saw it in the news. P: *laughing* D: That’s lies. P: That’s a lie. D: You’re making that up. But I heard a lot of people have shit playing it. definitely P: Please, can you not. D: But what is interesting about this game is as you can see at the very top there. This is PlayStation VR compatible. P: So we’re gonna strap Danny in, I’m gonna be the helper to the side P: I wish I could play but I would literally just throw up everywhere. D: The one thing I have never done is a VR horror game. P: I’m excited! D: I’ve looked up on the internet and no matter where I’ve gone. Everyone’s gone. Yeah. Yeah. This is definitely the scary– D: This is a horrible experience. This isn’t fun. This is serious people D: I am gonna be immersed in a land of terror and I swear to God if you poke me P: I wo- D: If you do anything. P: I’m gonna be helpful! D: I will smack you with this Playstation controller. P: I’ve already had one of those to the eyes. D: Exactly. P: I don’t need it again. D: Respect it. D: PHIL! DIM THE LIGHTS! P: Oh my god do not smack me in the face with that again D: WHERE? SMACK WHAT? P: I’m here, I’m here D: I DON’T KNOW WHERE YOU– LOOK I AM IMMERSED IN THE PLAYSTATION MENU RIGHT NOW. I don’t know what you’re talking about P: I’ve had nightmares about that suspiciously shaped object hitting me in the face Capcom! See what’s funny about this is this is the game that they kind of made to fill the void that PT left Yeah, when Konami committed the greatest crime against humanity ever and then didn’t make it P: Ooh D: So this should give us PT vibes which, as someone with this strapped to my face is horrible. P: That would be scary D: play in VR mode. Yes, mate Does that mean I can now, Wee-woo Wee-woo. Oh, so I walk like this? Okay P: Oh, so you don’t use these D: I don’t. P: My face is safe! Yes! D: Maybe “Hey baby” D: Here we go lads “I just wanted to send” “a quick hello” D: I’m on a VR date “I cannot wait to be done with this babysitting job” D: Can I just do VR babysitting? That sounds much better. P: I feel like you’d drop the baby straight away D: Ooh I’m a loving husband in this universe. I miss you, too D: You have great skin (??) (P) Is that because she’s a vampire? (D) My name is Ethan. Call me Ethan, not Dan. P: Okay Ethan. (D) Wow and my arms are covered in grime. (P) Do you want me to pour some Coca Cola on you? (D) I have a vr shut- *Death slaps* (D) What the fUCK WAS THAT keep your hands away from me. Don’t do that. You risk death. Oh, she seems not as good here. Bad babysitting job. Okay sorry. Scary, scary. This is the scary game. I’m gonna get in the mood for.. P: …scares (D) some babysitting~ “Stay away” (P) uh oh D: The end (D) I’m in my mum’s car (P) You can’t make that joke twice. (D) OH! Oh now I can’t make jokes twice! I see how it is (D)This is just like swamp driving simulator. (P) I mean, you’re doing better than I was (?) (D) Is he illegally parked right now? SLAM that door shut. What kind of place is this? (P) It’s a bit of a forest, watch out for alligators (D: Alright, here we go) snapping at your ankles. (D) Excuse me! (D) Yeah, this looks like somewhere where there’d be, like, bugs and I’m not about that life. (P) Yeah (D) So that’s fine. (P) *whining bug noise* (D) I will slap you. (D) euhhhh OH MY GOD, Okay, vr bugs right now. (P) *Laughing* (D) Stop. (P) *raspberries noise* (P) *innocent lil giggle* (P) I don’t want to push my luck D) Immediately the real horror here is me having to think about basic insects (P) This is Dan’s worst fear. D) I’d swap this for a terrifying nightmare monster. My objective is to find Mia. Okay, I mean she said to stay away. D) Ethan! Can you do nothing right? (P) She didn’t listen (D) Maybe she just needs some space. (P)This is very Silent Hill going to find a lost wife. P) I mean don’t trust this house already ;( D) Yeah, I mean, immediate bail sorry, like, call the cops. I want to go down there. (P) if you go that way, can you just go to Disney Land? D) Scary mansion D) Scary path. *Singing: Scary path! Here we go, Dan’s going off the deep blue path P: No! Go to the Mansion! D) Shut up, I’ll do what I want. There’s another car. Hello? P) Wots that? D) Sewer gators (P) I told you! (D) Episode 17, sneak into a Louisiana ghost house D: So is that we’re- join! Well if that ain’t ommin-ouse. I don’t know what is. P) Creepy, creepy, creepy. (D) Cool! So they’re basically some Youtubers filming something about a ghost story. See this is the kind of game where I am. D) I’m sorry, I will fully explore the world backwards. P) Dan always goes backwards at the start. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) D) What the fuck? (P) Was that.. P) Is that a person? D) See now I’m like should I go to that- was I supposed to go to the house? Am I skipping ahead here? P) probably D) Oh obviously, he’s not there. Great. P) Maybe he’s behind you. D) Please be a circle that just goes back to the house D) Oh god birds D) Birds are an omen for anything that’s just pure evil P) Yeah, look out. You’ll get your eyes pecked out. D) Well, that’s gonna be nothing good P) Erhh What is that?? D) Well I’ll tell you what it is Phil, it appears to be a bunch of fricking.. unrecognizable animal legs D) Arranged in a– and those are saws– and there was a person here! P) I don’t like that at all. That’s really scary. (D) and what were the birds doing there- D) Okay P) Oh my god D) RIGHT! Well, I don’t know if I was supposed to be here or not P) That’s so gross; it looks like a spider D) This is the exact point at which I’m going back to the house! See ya later lads, that was fun P) I’m already a little bit scared. D: Are there any- (sarcastically) oh, you’re a little bit scared? P: I’m not even in it! D: (sarcastically)Would you be a little bit scared if you saw that in real life? D: (sarcastically) Yeah, I think I’d be a little bit scared! P: (whispering) I feel like Dan’s a little bit scared D: your mum D: Hello creepy house D: Yes, I have now decided that you are the less creepy of the two options! P: (Laughs) D: No no no D: NONONONONONONO P: wot D: It’s not letting me through the freaking gate! P: Oh! Check if there’s a key inside when those cow legs D: I can hear the footsteps of my own character, but when I’m not actually moving that’s really unhelpful. CAN YA NOT. D: Yeah shit, are you yOKING; so as opposed to being like D: “OH, well, the front door was no good, but I’ll go down this path.” NOW I KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO GO BACK TO D: Well, uh, great. P: Oh so you can go through it. D: (cough/ wheeze) P: eww D: OH I WISH THAT VR GRAPHICS WERE WORSE P: Ooh, that’s so gross. D: I hate you ps4 D: OHeugh P: That is a waste of meat that I would not be interested in. D: Right. D: Now the only thing that’s more of an omen than birds.. D: Is dead birds. This is just a bad idea right here okay? P: You get down here D: I’m hopping down the hill? of course I’m hopping down the hill- P: OOhp D: Yep, there I am. KNOCK KNOCK P: This is– D: CAN I BORROW SOME SUGAR?? P: Creepier than the mansion- I feel like some P: Blaire Witch- P: Style. shizz. D: Why do I feel like this is gonna be my girlfriends handbag? D: Examine in detail P: ohhh– D: Driver’s License D: The lowest resolution driver’s license! P: yeah can you- P: Actually have a proper look at it? D: Okay. So let’s check our inventory. The first thing is an email from Mia- D: Which is just saying that she has been missing for three years! D: So what; she’s been missing for three years and then Ethan got this email?? P: OOHHh, so that’s why he’s come- D: Louisiana, Baker Farm- D: Come get me. D: Well I guess that overrides the stay-away message. P: Yeah D: Great! Well, that’s, um, ominous. She’s obviously here D: Helloo? P: God- D: Any chance she’s just gonna like D: Be in a house? P: My jump-scare senses are tingling D: If I can’t swing on this, I’ll be very sad. P: We need full immersion. You just like rubbed your butt against it P: I think you’re hearing the squeaking of the thing you just moved D: I’M BEING CAREFUL, stop talking about twerking into the freaking thing D: All right, I guess this is the only way to go D: Don’t mind me just silently peeing. Oh look they got like some Febreze down there P: great D: They must get through quite a lot of that. P: Looks like they’re gonna need it. Oh, this is very dark P: Have you got torch or anything? D: list of things I hate: P: eeEE D: …this D: OH FUCK! Okay. P: You’ve scared me then with your loudness! D: Can I like D: hello, hellooo D: Nope that is locked as hell. right. P: Oh God D: PT! P: this is creepy already. D: I told you P: Is that heart on the wardrobe? D: No, it just looks like a heart because of the pattern P: Oh, yeah D: I thought that too P: Maybe it’s something in it then D: Helloo? P: I reckon look at the wardrobe D: Very right. P: There we go. D: Okay. Well, it’s a nothing P: it’s locked D: But I need a key D: Astute puzzle solving from Dan and Phil P: what they cooking? D: *sighs* Oh I bet this is gonna be fun *groans of disgust and Dan screaming* D: Ohh that is-that is gross D: I love that character screams fuck because of a cockroach P: Yeah D: And not because of the many legged cow demon portal that led us here D: This is really a step up from Granny, no shame to Granny P: It is. P: Don’t have a drink from that D: I’ve turned off the tap. P: That is rancid. D: Oh I don’t care where you live, don’t waste water. Thank you. P: Make some popcorn P: AH! P: What is that? D: They microwaved a bird. P: Ohhhh D: You know what’s the bigger omen than dead birds? Birds in a microwave! D: I mean as far as omens go, they’re getting pretty obvious and less omenific P: Over 20 missing in two years. D: Well, ya think that someone would investigate the local area, huh? P: I’m worried about what’s gonna be in the fridge now. *more disgusted groaning* D: What is this… …residue right here? P: Thats like my student accommodation. D: They seem to have like what is?-spaghetti? Great. D: …and something in a white jar. P: Some tomatoes in a tin. You could just make a good bolognese in here. D:Wonderful D: People got trash in the oven though. So no lasagnas, unfortunately. Garfield is quaking. D: I know I’m cracking jokes, but this is genuinely terrifying because I know this something’s gonna happen up the stairs Unknown: There’s something blinking over the head P: What is creepier up the stairs or through that corridor? D: THROUGH THAT CORRIDOR is the answer to that question. I make an executive decision D: Great (P: me) portrait of someone with no face there. That’s wonderful. P: Is that a light switch? D: I mean, in the world P: are you gonna press that? D: Don’t press big red buttons, but I guess it wants me to, doesn’t it? (P: yeh) We’ll do that after investigating whatever these are. D: Aha, a tape. D: Derelict house footage, wonderful. P: So maybe we could D: Footage, ah nah that’s the wrong thing. We need to find the VCS. P: I think it just went in. D:VCR P:VCS? D: The VCS. D: ??? remember? (stop mumbling I stg) D: Well, you know what we have to do P: Press the button. D: Press this buttie! P: Oh God. D: SlAm. P: It’s not responding. D: Oh wonderful. D: Oh bloody hell I hate my life, this isn’t worth it. None of you deserve this. D: Why am I putting myself through this? Is that a mirror? P: That’s a mirror. D: I don’t like reflections in video games. P: You can see what you look like P: Who is Ethan? D: Not right now. Okay, I’m keeping my back to the wall, back to the wall, back to the wall, nothing in the cupboard D: They’re keeping something in or out. P: What the eff is in there? D: I’m gonna go ahead and say that is keeping something in P: Yeah, maybe we shouldn’t open that. D: Yeah, let’s get the hell away from that D: How lovely, I love what they’ve done with the place, it’s great. They’ve got some decor. Oh, TV static. I hate myself P:There’s some more things to look at, another scary photo D: That looks like a body on the floor, calling it right there. And there we have probably my girlfriend, great, amazing. D: Aha, we need a fuse. Look out for the fuse. P: There’s a tape player there, you put the VHS in there. D: Ah yes, okay, do you want to watch the tape now? P: Yes. D: Boop. Let’s put the drivers license in the VCR. What are you gonna do about that? D: So this is a rehearsal for their thing, okay. P: okay D: Nice try P:I feel like we’re about to- D: I am controlling the tape. P: Right, okay. I feel like we’re about to watch them get horrifically murdered. D: Yeah, yeah, I’m in the tape. Great. D: So let’s talk about how gross those moths are huh? P: (laughs) D: Can we just appreciate how the real horror… Is moths. P: They’re not bothered by the moths at all. D: I’m the cameraman for godsake P: So moody D: Well, that’s just disrespectful. This might be someone’s house. P: Yeah, think they’re about to find that out. P: Bakers. D: Ooh, they were just quiet Phil, (P: okay) not backwards. P: I mean, they do put birds in the microwave. D: Kind of like Phil! P: Hey! D: Would it, okay D: Andre don’t go ahead. P: Because you’re missing. D: Oh, can I see where he went? Should we not go together if we’re hunting the real crime location? P: Oh, geez P: Andre, come out D: Yeah, and that’s the room that we’re watching the freaking tape in right now. P: Oh no D: It’s okay, I’m getting it, I’m getting it I’m filming this so good man P: I feel like he’s gonna jump out. D: That would be a real dick move. D: Yep, that’s a fireplace. I don’t see our friend D: What? P: What’s in there? D: Excuse me? D: Wooooooah. P: What is that? D: This is when we call the police. P: Now we know that is there D: Yeah, fuck this show. Fuck this show right now. At this exact point is when you call the cops. (P:Don’t go in there. What are you doing?) Stop P: You mad man! D: no, no no, no P: Absolute craziness D: Well, he’s obviously not in here, did you consider that you went upstairs? No, no, no. Not a ladder down…P: Oh God. D: Oh Jesus, oh lord, hello P:Can you go down the ladder D: It’s making me actually go down first P: I hate spooky basements D: So what’s going on? D: Uuuuuuum? D: (slight voice crack) Hello? You okay…? P: He’s in the corner. D: What the hell? P: What’s he doing? D: It looks like there’s something stuck to his face… Um… friend P: Ooh! D: What?! D: Oh oh oooh god no get it away … smack smack get it away get him off your lap, P: That is horrible D: No, no, that is not- that is not our friend [various VHS noises and screams] P: Was his tongue, like, stuck to the wall? D: Time to bail! And call the FBI! P: That was horrible. D: Although to be fair, if the cameraman did a better job we would have learned a lot more about that situation P: So can we activate the basement D: Oh, obviously we can Jesus D: The owners. Looks like a – a happy family. P: They’re just watching Dan and Phil Games on YouTube. D: Exactly. P: There it is D: Well, that was a terrible decision wasn’t it You know what, something we didn’t do is go through this door. So come on, let’s go straight to the police D: Let’s go straight to the police. P: halloooo, police? D: Frickity police!? Okay, whatever. P: You also haven’t tried to play the piano there might be a clue in that P: That was just a bit scary D: I’m not cooperating. P: Right, into the hole P: This will be a short game, won’t it if we go down the ladder and just get our tongue stuck to the wall D: Let’s just stop the video here (P: No.) D: Okay, right. P: Get in. D: If I turn around and there’s- whoa-kay. D: Oh, God right, right what’s going on? P: You won’t be able to get back up now. D: No, it’s fine. I just fell D: I’m sure you could probably still climb… nope, no, that is- that is broken as heck P: Stuck in the basement. D: Great, now I’m not invested in whether or not I’m gonna find the fuse. P: Hopefully there’s no sign of Andre down here D: There’s natural light. That’s not natural light D: The light at end of the tunnel. P: Maybe D: Uh, kinda don’t want to get in that, but we literally have no choice. P: Okay D: So D: Guess we’re going for a swim P:Get wet P: I bet that stinks D: This feels horrible right now. I literally feel like my body is so exposed. How is this the end of the path? D: I mean is this flooded? P: *whispering* I don’t know! D: What was that? P: I heard. There’s something in the water. D: Ok, Im accelerating. (P: Move fast, move faster!) D: I can’t move fast. I’m walking through water I’ve ever tried to run through water, right? D:WOAH! P: *Screams* Oh my god. D: Nope P: Oh, that really scared me. P: *laughs* I did not like that D: Is that the cameraman P: That’s Andre D: Well, that was… bad D:*Laughs* P: My heart is beating so fast D: Oh man. I didn’t say, during the VHS flashback we saw thke person who killed us P: Yeah D: That was legit the person that walked in front of us at the start again. P: You think so? D: Yeah, and what’s all this? These are the people who went missing? Well, I think I’ve solved this mystery. D: Oh, Why wasn’t this outside P: What is that? D: Um… hello, friend, anyone in there? Any bones? D: Can I close doors behind me as I go along? D: Yes, I can okay. P: That helps. D: *Inaudible* P: Why do they got a prison down here D: (sarcastically) Because this is a kidnapper that killed 20 people that’s why Phil. D: God, do you need a reason? *Clanking sound from game* P: (frightened) Whoa! P: What is that? D: What the he- D:This is some cult shit right here. D&P: Daddy. D:I will Not be bad anymore, right either this is some amazing kinky cult or there is some weird D: syringes. P: *Disgusted* Don’t wanna poo in that (no i wouldn’t) D: Beautiful photo in my head right now, right? Well there’s a light on here. P: She in there? D: Oh! She’s in there. D: Oh, God P: Ok that’s locked. Can she say anything? I so need a key and obviously. D: oh shit D: There’s freakin’ pliers there. All right what’s this. D: Oh, It’s a- it’s a list of dead people. Great. Wonderful, love that. Alright, let’s get some pliers P: So that can be done for the wardrobe upstairs. Obviously D: Yes, which does not seem remotely interesting right now because that may or may not be our freakin girlfriend right there. P: Yeah D: Oh yea D: Snippity snip P: Oh, just this! D: Ello? P: Please still have a face (2X) D: Yes D: Yep P: What? D: You sent us an email! D: Did you? D: Did who? D: What? P: Daddy? D: I have questions! P: What does that mean? D: I am not having a good time. This is going to ruin everything that I’ve ever had D: Her hair is looking very well conditioned. P: It is. D: Now that’s right. P: Sorry. D: Oh, sure. This is terrifying. Daddy’s gonna get us. P: Watch my face D: Well, stop being the wall. Oop. (P: ass) Okay, that’s ass right there . Sorry, that’s very disrespectful. D: Okay D: You think? And you’ve been here for three years? P: Just get us out. D: What have they been injecting them with? D: That’s just a – a slab of something right there. P: Cube of meat D: Oh great they’ve been surgery-ing on people (P: God.) D: This is the worst D: *High pitched* What is this? Why are there shoes? D: Bags of organs P: Or bags of seed D: It wasn’t you? D: So daddy hacked you email or what? D: Okay D: Can you not come with because I still got my car out there? Although I’m guessing if daddy’s been gone for a while He’s probably doing something to our frickin tires (P: yeah) D: The family? (P: Whose the family?) D: I bet it’s the sons in that photo. Yeah children, it’s the children Both: Okay, good. P: Good. Let’s go home the end. D: She’s probably lying D:The door’s gone. P: What? D: Okay, bye we’re breaking up! I want to see other people, we’re going on a break or some Rachel D: I am going to sleep with somebody else. Hello? P: Mia… D: yeah D: No, duh P: Stay here P: Classic horror movie rules do not split up once you find your wife D: Well if your wife is freaking saying “We’re gonna be a family now that daddy’s here,” maybe its time to – YES split up from your girlfriend. D: Jesus D: Oh great, dolls D: Uh the other thing along with hospital beds and (unintelligible) P: SEE D: Yeah, I’m leaving you bye D: (sputtering) THE- FF– DOOR’S OPEN P: Wot? D: THE DOOR, IT WASN’T THERE BEFORE! P: It was a door all along!! D: Well- good thing we didn’t go through there if the freaking- daddy- D: (scoffs) I don’t know how much daddy is helping or hindering the scariness here D: There is NO way, in HELL I would ever do this by myself. P: (laughs) P: OH P: (disgruntled noises) D: (shrugs) The only way is up D: I went back in the house. All right. Thank God. P: So you need to use your bolt cutters on that D: Friday the 13th D: Can I call the Frickity cops? P: (in very high pitched accent) We don’t have a phone! D: Hello this is god D: Ohh yes, obviously. D: What’s in there? Ooh a thing. P: Map D: The guesthouse map. Yeah. I want to view the map Okay, so starting at the bottom we have The guard area at the cell the surgical area and some storage P: All right D: Great D: Now- OH there’s a bathroom to the left. If I- if I was him I’d need to do a quick poop P: Probably D: or I’d have already done about 5 P: I’d just be constantly diarrhea-ing D: living room, kitchen, back door, hidden passage Great D:And then that’s where the VHS P: And then there’s the attic. D: So the only place we haven’t been according to this is the attic. P: Well you know where we’re gonna go. D: Oh, yes the bathroom. Excuse me D: Whoa! Time to unload D: First-aid med? Good. P: Gonna need that. D: Good sign that the game’s telling me that something’s gonna harm me. D: Another first-aid med “GOOD you’re gonna need it!” (unintelligible) *Knocking* *Creepy Banging* P: Oh my god *Banging continued* D: WHY CAN’T YOU JUMP I want to jump in the bath P: (muffled) I don’t like it. P: (muffled) this is horrible D: (wheeze) This is- D: (inhale) D: (with emphasis) Absolutely horrific. D: There’s nothing I can do other than go out into the house where someone’s freaking banging (CAUTION: unlisted jumpscare at 25:50!!!) D: Is it coming from that?
P: It might be coming from behind there D: Well what? So what does that mean? We have to go back down the stairs? P: No, surely not D: Oh, lightning D: Well Phil, lotta video game making, that was called a trigger and that means that things are moving forward. *crash* *dan shushing* P: (whispering) What is that P: Didn’t like the basement P: We’re not returning to the basement *unsettling noise* D: What the HELL is that noise D: Mia? D: What? The hell is that? D: OHMYGOD WAIT WAIT WAIT NOOOOOO (screech) D: OH MY- FUCK. D: PUNCH HER D: NO GET DOWN THE STAIRS HO BYE-BYE D: Did she just? Sup-(unintelligible) D: UHH D: (unintelligible) D: NO NO NO NONONONONONONO D: RESIST? YEAH, RESIST! D: FRICKIN R2 P: ohmygod D: YEAH- (screeching) AH! P: (muffled) CHRIST D: I WANNA DIVORCE D: no NONONONO P: Just keep resisting! D: I AM P: (muffled) ohmygod P: OH HE’S GRABBING THE KNIFE D: oHMYGOD THAT’S SO GROSS D: OHMYGOD IT’S LOOKING AT ME IN THE EYES D: OH, SHOOT. (Knife drops on ground) …Jesus P: What is wrong with her? D: Hello? D: I would only help you if I get a restraining order P: Yeah. P: Oh god D: I don’t know what the hell you think you’ve done to deserve this D: Right. P: I’m so stressed D: Tie her up, fireman’s lift, lets GO D: First aid med P: That looks sore. D:That would sting P: Yeah D: That would really sting right there D: Hello? P: I think we should get away from her. She’s obviously possessed by Satan D: We KNOW, restrain her and HELP! There’s some freakin string there on the newspaper, let’s just do that! D: So what the hell is it just like abandon your girlfriend? P: I feel like it is. D: So anyway, about this door over here. No- P: still have to go back to the basement D: (sigh) if this is gonna dead space me I swear I’m gonna turn around D: WOAH NO, NOPE- RESIST RESIST D: wHat- D: OH SHOOT OKAY, WELL WE’RE THROUGH THE DOOR THAT WAS BOLTED P: What is she doing??? D: She’s telling us to go, in her demonic form. She’s still there D: I do not want to hit you with a plank, I do not want to hit you with a plank P: It’s happening D: NOPE! NOPE oh, god I DON’T WANNA- D: Oh! OKAY right, right, sorry, sorry that’s it. It’s self defense- it’s self defense at this point D: Nope no sorry lady D: Yeah. *Dan Screams* Oh my god your hair is greasy and horrible now P: this is so horrible D: I’m literally just frickin slicing my wife in the face. P: (disgusted) oH D: Mia? P: I mean she had it coming D: She only had herself to blame D: If you’d have been that- P: this is not time for Chicago references D: that counts as self-defense, right? D: I mean it’s gonna be a humdinger to explain to the jury but- (phone rings) D: Now the frickin phones ringing? P: Can we use first aid med? D: Yes yep D: Here we go- here we go- now i’m magically healed. D: Tell you what would’ve beaten her in the first fight- whack out the bolt cutters P: don’t mess with me *pop* D: wonderful amazing, lovely, great day out D: Spent 3 years looking for her and then this happened D: Here we go (sighs) D: “Uh, moshi moshi?” D: And who the hell are you??? D: (sarcastically) A way out through the attic? How bout I just jump out the window? D: WINDOW RIGHT THERE- a perfectly good window P: You really want to go to the Attic on Zoey’s advice? D: Did they just unlock it for us?? Is Zoey here? P: That’s something D: Well, Zoey sounded like a normal human being that wasn’t saying it daddy daddy D: (hoarse sputtering noises) D: So I’m gonna go with YEA P: Something’s in here D: Well, the lights are off D: Don’t like that it’s freaking dark. Well, here we go. Here’s the cupboard that we couldn’t bolt cut before (unintelligible) D: Seems a better time than never. P: It’s probably gonna be filled with candy D: Use the drivers license sWIPE D: What the hell’s gonna be in here? AHH the fuse D: Yes, okay P: that’s good. D: Bye bye I know exactly what I’m doing see ya later P: Straight to the fuse box D: I am P:Imagine if all the lights… D: SSSSSSHHHHHUT UP, that was the wife that we just axed! P: Where was she? D: she was exactly where we’re going- All right P: oh god D: Well, it’s time to wield those bolt cutters, mate D: Don’t know what to tell you there, you should have maybe kept the hatchet that you left in your wife’s face P: Right, quickly put your fuse in and then get out of there D: I’m running after this. D: Fuse there we go bing bing bing D: I’m not gonna look behind me (*Dan screaming* coming 30:26) D: I’m not gonna- ( daniel screech ) P:Oh my god. D:Fuck you D: Lamp, LAMP- nO D: Right- don’t have time for this P: Jesus. D: oHFUCk- mY god- NONONONONO *Dan Scream* D: THAT FRICKIN HURT D: I’m sorry, at what point are you just gonna defend yourself against your wife- D:Am I gonna… yeah. P: Pull it out (2X) D: Here we go (wheeze) NONONO D: Okay MA’AM it is time to let go- it is TIME to abandon her D: Come on! P: Get it off P: (muffled) She cut your hand off!! D: YEAH, okay, first aid, first aid, hello? Can I sprinkle some freakin alcohol on this? D: Okay I did not want to have my freakin arm sawed off in VR today that is not something I thought was going to happen P: Could we have avoided that? D: I thought this game was gonna be a bit more subtle than literally seeing your own arm getting chainsawed off. Jesus D: Here I am! oh great so that’s a- P: (really grossed out noises) stop looking at it!! D: That’s really- D: That’s quite juicy right there. P: That’s so vile- P: Dan P: Dan, you literally popped my eardrum with that scream D: Oh, I’m sorry D: Did you see your girlfriend- P: Yeah I was watching it too! D: You didn’t watch it- Yeah, you watched it! D: I was it! P: Right, just watch, I think the neighbors are gonna call the police D: It’s the spooky season they’re just gonna think it’s some generic hijinks D: Alright Zoey- you got some freakin splainin’ to do here P: Where are the stairs D: WOO- D: Okay, a jumpscare by staircase P: That’s bigger than the Mia one D: Well, she can’t be up here cuz we just opened it so can we close it now? D: Yeah, yeah, yeah, button close the staircase hello, yeah chop out the frickin girlfriend of the chainsaw okay, right map D: What is in this attic? P: It’s just one corridor leading to the Attic D: Well what is this? this isn’t on the map- P: yeah P: Oh god D: Yeah, well if that ain’t the worst thing- (speaking to mannequin) IF YOU DO SOMETHING- P: I hate mannequins D: So Doctor Who has D: Ruined me if anything’s not moving. I feel like it’s gonna- P: it’s gonna lick you D: Right, I know you can’t see my eyes, but I’m not gonna blink P: AH P, quietly: It’s got no arms, it should be fine D: Stay there P: Stop making noises. D: I’m just gonna roll her along. There we go physics you stay in the corner P: Oh my god this is gonna get demonetised now cause they’ll see that ass D: Yass. D: Um I just glitched her through the wall into another dimension D: That’s what you get for messing with Dan! P: There was something on the table. A gun. D: Imagine if we didn’t go in here. Are you kidding me a freaking hand gun? Yeah, I will shoot my wife aim and attack. Ooh Oh, this is fun. I look, and it aims. P:That’s cool. D: I’m gonna shoot that painting. Here we go. Bang! Yeah that kinda works. D: Okay. So the rest of this game do you just have one arm P: I don’t- you must have D: I feel like you can control this using Uhh, a PlayStation Move controller. D: Lady I am not messing about oh, this is great Instead of having like a leaning round corner mechanic. I just have to literally lean around the corner. This is good that means that I could be in this room and if there’s an enemy that can be like Both: Hello *dan laughing*. D: And by great I mean I hate this. Which way should I be looking look while I was in that room she could have freakin sneked over here Look, there’s the mannequin, I’m telepathic. I can move through walls. Do not mess with me D: For god sake more mannequins. P: Why is there always mannequins. D: Can I close this? Yes. Safe safe safe. And by safe I mean obviously, I feel like I want to die IRL *Dan Laughing* P: God Dan: Literally making the most of this. P: Can you please stop. *Both laugh* D: Okay, let’s climb, if something pulls me down… What?! Okay, here we go. *scared noises* OH MY GOD, get down the ladder, down the ladd- D: Oh shit, ok here we go. Sorry lady, yeah I’m gonna push you back D: Right. P: Yes, in the head (x2) D: Reload (3X), Oh god get away from me. You are so slow mate! P: oh my God, oh my God D: I would be fully dead if that were me right now D: Okay, run run run run run… get in the building ,get in the room, get in the room Close the door, close the door. Use first aid med Yeah, here we go, it all has to calm down P: What? P: Oh my gosh she’s coming through the door *both making scared noises* D:Come on (2X).P: That’s got to be it. D:Come on!! D: No, you don’t, you literally don’t! P: You don’t have to do this. D: Yes there we go P: That’s good, that’s good D: Boom, headshot, there we go D: This is so barbaric, and yet, I don’t feel bad at all right now P: You got her! One more, one more, the killer always comes back for one final scare D, yelling: I am not joking! (calmly) So, is she dead? Do we need to attack her again? I’ll go up to her incase *Both surprised* D:Wowww, sorry P: *scared noises* D: “Welcome to the family, son,” well I guess that’s daddy D:I just got faced on, I just got faced on to be hon- thanks spooky week P: Oh God D: I mean… She’s dead, right? P: She has to be D: I axed her in the neck and shot her in the face about six times Game: “Come on, don’t die on us now. You have work to do.” D: If that’s Mia, I’m gonna be like ‘get away from m-” what?! P: *disgusted noises* P: They reattached your hand? D: Yeah, I mean that’s something you can do P: Really? D:They have a surgery room down there P: What, in a rusty barn? You’re gonna need some pseudo creme on that P: Oh, what is happening now D: No. P: What are they eating? Game: “Who are you people? Where is Mia?” D: What the fuck. P: What is this? D: OH! Okay, you need to discipline your son. Right, thank you daddy P: Oh! D: I take it back! I take it back! D: Its fine I take it back let him throw a plate at me. P:No no. D: We need to- D, laughing: No no no no, get the fuck away from me (screaming) Oh god! D: Are you alive? Are you okay? Why aren’t you reacting more? P: A special feast? D: Who was this feast for? P: No no. D, screaming: Oh my god, what are you doing are you cutting out my freakin eye?! *Phone rings* D:What are you doing? D: It’s that cop again?! No, no D: Holy shit! D: Well, that seems like a really really D:Really really really really really great time to stop this P: Who wants to order some food? D: Literally, I never want to eat ever again. What even was that on the table? It’s, like, generic… Guts of some kind they’re gonna force-feed me. That wasn’t fun in VR. I’m gonna be so sweaty- *Dan screams while falling out of the chair* D: No, no. Ow! *Phil laughing* D: You fucking cunt. Really bitch? *Phil still laughing* P: Let’s turn the lights- D: Really? P: Let’s turn the lights back on. P: Did you actually hurt yourself? D: The emotional damage Is much more important than the pain of falling off a chair, okay. P, in a high pitched voice: Is it time for the endscreen? P: *shrieks in pain* Ow! It will never come off! D: What- how is this fused to your face? Hello? Oh, oh is this terrifying for you? P: The end of the video P: Well, honestly, what did you actually think of your first vr horror experience ? D: Horrifying. P: Horrifying! D: It was the one- like I said, I couldn’t play that by myself P: It was really scary! D: I honestly don’t know if I could because that was so immersively horrifying ,when you have headphones in and You’re there, and the character moving and what you see is controlled by you D:It is just the absolute worst thing if you strike one. Yeah, but it was an amazing game P: It was really good D: Like, it controlled so well, it looked so good! When I was shooting I was like, yeah, I’m shooting you in the face So I feel like if- if you want to do this for fun- P: Who would want to do this for fun? D: I recommend it…? And to anyone that said they wanted to spook a video in spooky week. There you go. P: There you go D: Literally cannot get worse than that. P: So I hope you’re enjoying spooky week so far. Give us a thumbs up if you are D: Yeah D: There are still more to come so subscribe if you want to see that one and all the rest P: Last video is over there, check it out D: I’m gonna go get loads of therapy. P:Yeah. I hope your arm doesn’t get cut off D: Bye!

RIP + WATCH MOVIES (Blu-ray) TO OCULUS GO [FREE!!] | incl. Anime Subtitles for Virtual Reality

What is currently happening Programs, today
I’m going to cover how to rip blu-ray discs to an Oculus GO. I’ll show you all the free software you’ll
need and the best settings to use so you can watch high quality movies on the Big Screen
in VR. The easy way. So stay locked, enjoy, and I hope it helps. So first up you’ll need a PC with a bluray
disc drive in it, a USB 2.0 to micro USB cable, which should come with the Oculus GO, and
an Oculus GO, obviously. Next you’ll need some free software. Go to description of this video and click
on the MakeMKV Download link and once that webpage opens up, click the latest MakeMKV
download link at the top of the page here. Once that has downloaded to your PC, double
click the installer and follow the prompts to install MakeMKV on to your PC. Now go back to the link in the description
and click the MakeMKV Beta Key link, and once that webpage opens up, select and then copy
the code from this box. Now open up the MakeMKV software, go to the
Help tab up the top here and click Register. Now paste the code you copied down in to the
field here and click OK. MakeMKV is now setup and ready to go and this
is the software we’ll be using to rip the movie from the BluRay disc to a movie file
on your PC. With all that done, lets first rip the bluray
movie to your PC. Just a heads up, a regular bluray movie will
weigh in at around 20-30 GB depending on the movie. Place your bluray movie in to your PC’s bluray
drive, fire up MakeMKV on your PC, and once the big bluray drive icon shows up, click
it and let MakeMKV read the movie files from your BluRay drive. You’ll then get a list of titles in here,
and what you want to do is just pick the main movie file, which will almost always be the
biggest file listed here. Untick all the other boxes so that just the
main movie file is selected, and then over on the right here, click this Output Folder
icon. Choose the location on your PC where you want
to store the movie file and click the MakeMKV button. The software will rip the BluRay disc to a
file on your PC, and this will usually take around 30 minutes. Now that you have a rather large movie file
on your PC, lets shrink it down by starting up the Handbrake software, click this Open
a Single Video File button, and browse to the movie file you just ripped to your PC. With the file open in Handbrake, click this
presets drop down list, go to the General menu and choose the Super HQ 720p 30 Surround
option from this list. The reason we are shrinking this move file
to 720p and not 1080p is because of this tweet from John Carmack, the cheif technology officer
at Oculus who is responsible for a lot of the Oculus GO’s hardware and software, and
DOOM. So because of the VR resolution of the Oculus
GO, anything above 720p is a waste and will burn unnecessary battery power. With that done, select MKV from this drop
down list here. If you are ripping an anime or any movie with
subtitles, first go to the Audio tab and choose what language you want to hear the movie in,
so if its a Japanese Anime with subtitles select Japanese languages from these drop
down lists. Now on the Subtitles tab choose a subtitle
track from here. To find out which subtitle track you’ll want
to pick from this list, just open the movie file up in VLC media player. If you don’t have VLC installed I’ve put a
download link in the description of this video. At the top here, click the subtitles drop
down, and in this sub track menu, try the various sub tracks until you find the one
that gets the correct subtitles showing up at the bottom of the movie, for me here it’s
the third sub track. Remember that sub track number, go back to
Handbrake, and select that sub track number from this drop down list. Now untick the Forced Only and Default boxes
and tick this ‘Burn In’ box here. Then go in to this Selection Behaviour menu
and tick this Add Closed Captions When Available box and hit Save. Now Browse to a location on your PC’s hard
drive where you want to save the reduced movie file, give the file a name like the movie
name (small), and click Save. Now click this Start Encode button and Handbrake
will convert your large movie file to a high quality but much more manageably smaller movie
file. As a side note here, on the off chance that
Handbrake keeps crashing when shrinking the movie, check the link in the description and
download and install the Handbrake Nightly Build from this website by downloading the
Win GUI.exe file and installing that. Only do this if Handbrake keeps crashing though
and hit me up in the comments below if you have any issues. With all that done, lets transfer your movie
file to your Oculus GO. First make sure your Oculus GO is turned on,
then plug the Oculus GO via USB cable in to your PC. In the headset, Allow the connection of the
Oculus GO to your PC. Now on your PC desktop double click VR Headset,
and make sure the Internal Shared Storage drive of the Oculus GO has enough free space
for your movie file. If it doesn’t, go in to the VR headset and
delete some installed apps. With enough free space, go in here and in
to the Movies folder. Now just drag and drop your small but high
quality movie file from your PC to your Oculus GO’s Movies folder. Once that’s done, unplug your Oculus GO from
your PC and get in to VR. Now what you’ll need to do is grab a decent
free VR media player. Do a search for Skybox, and download and install
this app. I use Skybox as it supports a wide range of
video and audio formats, has a few awesome cinema scenes to choose from, and has yet
to let me down once. With that installed, simply pick your movie
file from this list here, go in to this Stero Mode menu and make sure that 2D Single is
selected in here. Then head back out and go over to the Subtitles
and Track menu, and on this Track tab, choose either Stereo or Surround Sound if its available. And finally, choose your environment, your
screen position, hit play, kick back, relax, and enjoy the whatever it is you like to enjoy. And that�s it for this tutorial. You can help support this channel by grabbing
exclusive rewards on Patreon, and if you liked this video then crush that like button, have
your say in the comments below, and hit the XO logo to subscribe if you wanna. I�ll see you in the next one. Peace!!