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My Feedback to Sega on Sonic Forces & Sonic’s Future

Regarding Sonic Forces and Sonic’s future
direction, I love the boost game play and I think Sonic Forces is a decent Sonic game. But, the representation and experience left
me felt dry and a little worried (May sound like a critic, and I apologize, but I hope
you’ll read and take this into consideration). Most of the level design didn’t make me feel
invested or excited. It’s not bad, but it’s nothing great. It’s rather basic, flat and linear. Like with Mania, Unleashed or Adventure, I
love my Sonic games with various paths branching off, letting me find secrets and different
ways to progress as I run through the level. I just wish the levels were bigger and/or
longer. It could be because the boost gameplay makes
you go through long, big stages, but because Sonic’s fast and they take a lot of time,
there’s not too big of a reason to make them that long and you reused Sonic’s stages for
the Avatar to save time. I could very well be wrong, but this is how
I’m analyzing the situation. I love the boost gameplay and I really do
not mind a lot of development time put into longer stages, but I wish it’s the only game
play style in a Modern Sonic game, not alongside Classic Sonic or the Avatar or what have you. I assume Sonic Mania was made to have Classic
Sonic as a separate entity of Sonic so the 2D and 3D games can coexist. I’m aware Sonic Mania started development
after Sonic Forces, but why bring Classic Sonic again in a Modern Sonic title? I kinda get the Avatar, but I’m personally
not crazy about custom characters. I want Sonic to feel like he can have an adventure
with his own game play style, his own identity, not with his past self or some change in style
like the Werehog or something. The boost can be fleshed out like that singularly,
with bigger, longer levels with either more paths to find, more interesting levels and
traps, more enemies to smash, more secrets to discover or all of the above. Not to mention, I’d like Sonic in more 3D
environments. I felt this was a prominent issue in Colors
and a bit of Generations; if we have Classic representing 2D game play and platforming,
why is Modern Sonic a hybrid? I believe too much 2D can be a tad harmful
to the game’s pacing and fun. It’d be more fun and interesting to put Sonic
in more spacious, 3D environments. I’m not saying it has to be Adventure-like,
but similar to what some Generations levels like in Seaside Hill, Crisis City or Sky Sanctuary
did or Unleashed’s levels too, like Dragon Road or Cool Edge. But, I also love the Adventure-style gameplay
too because that encompasses what I described, or even the fun in Sonic games as well. You can use the Adventure games’ physics and
level design for inspiration since they capture Sonic’s core elements and philosophies too. I don’t see how it’s a step back when Classic
Sonic keeps reappearing, when the stages in Forces are re-skinned from classic ones, etc.,
not to mention there’s a huge demand for it. Maybe the boost could become a hybrid with
the Adventure style for Sonic, kind of like the Wii/PS2 version of Sonic Unleashed? I’m fine with either 3 options, but I’m just
a single fan giving feedback. I also noticed the game’s designers in the
credits and compared them to previous boost Sonic games and noticed these are different
developers, seemingly with little to no prior knowledge on Sonic’s games? When we heard Christian Whitehead was developing
Sonic Mania and we saw what progress him and his team made, we were really excited and
were highly anticipating the game because the levels and level design looked attractive
and expansive for Classic Sonic. It looked and played like Sonic 3, just like
a Sonic fan’s dream because of the design, the aesthetic, the physics, the music, etc.,
especially in the brand-new zones. We knew Christian and his team knew what Sonic’s
core philosophies and game play were about in the Classic style and Sonic Mania proved
it to a tee. The representation and game play is some of
the best out of any Sonic game. You guys know yourselves it’s one of the
most successful Sonic games to date. And I’m not saying Sonic should go 2D, I love
a good chunk of 3D Sonic games. But, I’d like a 3D / Modern Sonic game with
an identity, a Modern Sonic game with levels, game play and design I’m comfortable with
and confident in, a 3D Sonic game with developers I feel have a good grasp on what to do with
Sonic and his games. Sonic Forces is a good game, the story’s
good and the gameplay is relatively solid, but it lacks direction and potential. It basically could’ve been more and us Sonic
fans want the best for Sonic. I personally would like a Sonic game that
would bring Sonic out to his full potential. A game that shows “I’m Sonic the Hedgehog,
here’s what I can do and what my games are all about,” y’know? Now, at the end of the day, I’m a simple Sonic
fan. I’m no game or level designer, I’m no computer
techie or anything like that, but I love Sonic the Hedgehog and would like the best for the
little blue blur. I wasn’t trying to smack talk or offend
anyone or anything, I just wanted to provide some constructive criticism. Hope there’s no hard feelings and I hope you’ll
take what I had to say into consideration. I’m not speaking for every individual Sonic
fan out there, but I feel confident some of what I stated is something plenty of Sonic
fans may agree with. But it may be a spec of dirt lost in the pot. Either way, I’m looking forward to whatever
your next project may be and I hope the next 3D / Modern Sonic game will be a great one! Good luck & stay super!

Making a REALISTIC ELEVATOR in Minecraft!

March 1, 2020 | Articles | No Comments

So, as you guys know recently I’ve been doing quite a bit of work with flying machines and turning them into Various forms of elevators for example this whole thing right here that we’ve built in the hermitcraft server that takes us from the storage System up to the top on the surface. now the only thing is is that if I boarded something like this in real life? I’d probably be a little bit terrified. I mean we’ve got spaces to fall down on either side We don’t have a roof so clearly the rain is actually dropping through onto it I mean, it’s not the most realistic looking elevator So I thought maybe we could try and work on changing that so this right here is what the original flying machine looked like all I have to do is place in an observer facing upwards on this one and There we go. There is the platform we stand on, There is the actual mechanism. It’s really really easy. It’s quite simple but the thing is is that it’s three by two and I kind of want the elevator shaft to be two by two which means that We’re going to have to do a little bit of redesigning on that one And I’m also just going to let this one fly off into the sky, never to be seen again Now I’m going to make a flat assumption right here that it’s not this easy I Feel like there has to be something that I’ve overlooked here, and this isn’t actually going to function So let’s just remove this obsidian and then this obsidian okay, okay, we’re getting there and Then let’s see if it works on the way down *Laughs* Okay, fair enough So we’ve built that Right there is part one there is the floor fully two by two-ed Okay, now we just need to do one going in the opposite Direction And then we can have ourselves a carriage so what I’ve basically done here is Flip the design upside down so you can see that is going on there and on this side. We have this going on here and if I place in an observer facing in this direction, we might have ourselves a working system and this thing could be functional, so There we go that one’s going down and if we hit that That is going up, okay. So that’s going to be the top section of the carriage That there is going to be the bottom section of the carriage that’s probably the trickiest bit done now we just have to work out the timings, so In theory all I have to do is Activate both of these things at exactly the same time and then they should fly at exactly the same time Meaning this distance between the two platforms will stay constant Giving us the illusion that we’re inside an actual carriage that is the plan So I’ve connected up a redstone line and if we hit this button right here They are slightly out of time Not horrendously, but they are slightly out of time So I guess maybe change up the redstone timings I’d say that’s probably about 2 or 3 ticks between them two ticks wasn’t quite right, so let’s give three ticks ago, and That is perfect that is what we want I couldn’t get in there to try it out But that was absolutely perfect so both platforms were moving at exactly same speed And that looked like an actual elevator carriage, okay. This is a really really good start, so we’ve worked out with the timings off Now we need to add in the stopping mechanism, so that we don’t get squashed when we actually arrive How on Earth am I going to do that? Oh? I hadn’t actually thought that far ahead. I don’t really know We can extend out a piston to kind of block it all we could extend out a piston to push a block into the edge of this line block right here or any of the slime blocks to put it past the push limit so they have to stop that could be a thing that works and That could end up looking quite. Good as well because then we can put it flush with the wall And you won’t be able to tell this there Yeah, I’d say that’s a good idea in fact thinking of that maybe we need a better way to update these observers so you can see I’ve started work on the actual chamber itself and now I’m just in the process of creating a kind of piston system Which means that this piston right here will retract very very quickly and then re-extend which should hopefully lock the slime blocks over the top right head which will stop this plan for me continuing down and just squashing out because We don’t want to be squashed. You don’t want elevators or squashes you when you arrive at your destination the only thing is is that because I’m a moron as per you who I really want to make this as compact as possible and I cannot think of how I’m going to be able to do it unless I run the redstone up like this and then maybe have Maybe have like a block here with redstone and then I guess that would update instantly We could be onto a winner there, and if I can make it that small that they’ve completely ridiculous I’ve got myself confused nothing seems to be working. I’m breaking everything Okay, let’s send that up into the sky that will then get stuck up there This one down at the bottom also appears to of course stuck. This is really strange So I’ve made some serious changes to the redstone circuitry this thing and should now be working as well but also I’ve started work on the top section and What this circuit up here should do if it should stop the system in the correct way with the two blocks space up there? So let’s see we hit the bar sooner everything launches correctly Now we wait and see if everything stops correctly as well, so the top one should be fine. Oh Maybe four ticks on it. I Mean what I want to do what has to happen is that piston has to be retracted when? These slime blocks come pass so the slime blocks stick to it try to put that upwards But then they can’t because there’ll be a block above it for example these things right here Which means that that one will then be stopped it will stay where it is but to do that is a lot easier said than it is done apparently ah Those four ticks work. Don’t for ticks what yes it does, okay? We’ve managed to stop them look There we go, and then we just get out the elevator Hahahaha, yeah that is awesome Okay, baltics on that one as well that means that that will funk now We just need to do the sending circuit with the top section, and then it’s all good I say I sound like I’m blasting out some really scientific terms here. I promise you. It’s not really that complicated There’s just so much timing work and just finicky nurse going on here, okay? So we know that the launching mechanism down at the bottom here works we also know that the caching mechanism up at the top is Also fully functional so now this elevator reaches the top there, and it will stop just like that And we’ll have ourselves that area. That’s good now We need to make sure there’s a newly built – launching mechanism also functions and the caching Mechanism down at the bottom functions as well I guess Okay, timings definitely wrong things have gone wrong. Let’s thing things have definitely gone wrong. We’ve taken off the build with us So I can’t even work out which way round that went wrong I fiddle about with the timings once again, and I feel like we might be onto a winner with this one so if I hit the button Why do I even say that what about you say those sorts of things because when everybody do it goes for endlessly wrong? Thing am I found the culprit yeah apparently I forgot to remove the obsidian that’s down at the bottom which is holding this thing in Place so now when we hit this button That one’s a little bit too late But it’s absolutely miniscule. There’s barely anything in it, and then obviously it stops. That’s all functioning fine, so I’m guessing I Mean it would have to be two ticks on that So the top was running a little bit late, okay? So if we hit this button right here that will activate the system once again We’ll send it back up for the top. Hopefully everything should be caught properly and everything should be functioning fine on the top layer Which is good, okay? Now, let’s give a go Now it looks like this one’s a little bit early am I eyes going funny those are definitely moving at the same time, so It’s either too late or too early three ticks I Can’t tell if I’m going crazy here, I think I’ve finally done it. I don’t think I was going crazy I think there was definitely a slight difference in the timing so I got rid of the piston I’ve replaced it with a redstone line Going up into this repeater with three ticks so obviously all of that system is still functioning But when we hit this button right here There is the down There we go. This is how this thing functions, and it seems to be working, okay? There it is. There is a realistic Piston elevator, okay, we still have quite a lot of work to do in terms of decoration obviously, we need to actually create like a Shelf for this thing to travel up through But for the most part all the redstone is done, and oh yeah You kind of have to be wary of that sort of thing don’t really want to be updating the observers First test inside the Antral elevator. We hit this button right here and Up we go This is it We’ve got a working elevator shaft, and then when we get up to the top obviously here we are we’ve arrived on the level if we want to go back down or we have to hit that button right there and We go down now, obviously because the blocks are dropping away from us We do kind of fall and jump up and down inside the elevator but That’s no big Deal I Can’t believe how well this is functioned, okay? Next up. I want to add in the doors. Yeah, we need doors otherwise This is this is a little bit Lethal now although I’ll be the first person to admit that this thing isn’t going to winning any beauty contest it is now all fully completed So we’ve got some fences which when we hit this button right here they will pop up which will stop anyone from Falling down into the elevator Shaft and Once we reach after the top you will also see that we have some fences up here Which we retract as we arrived so that’s all functioning fine We’ve got ourselves a working safety system now If I go down to the bottom and hit this button right here to request the elevator obviously that will send a signal up to the top tell the elevator to come down and it will drop down to the bottom and Then once again fence posts have drops and we Able to get through and also the fence post up at the top should have popped up as well which means anyone who’s coming past Up at the top won’t be able to fall down there once again so as far as I can see I Mean it seems like it’s all done to me I can’t think of anything extra But I can really answer this thing it seems to be perfectly functional if you see working quite nicely it’s not ridiculously complicated in the grand scheme of things and it certainly isn’t as Big as I was expecting to be I personally am really really happy with this design I think I’m really quite well So if you have enjoyed this video please refer to that like lan and who really loved it then make sure to subscribe But thanks for watching guys. This is the mumbo and I’m out I’ll see you later This stinks. This is pretty good oh

J. Allen Brack’s Unrepentant Bullshit (The Jimquisition)

There’s shit on my tie. There’s shit on my tie. [sniffs] Think there’s sh- [“Born Depressed” by Drill Queen] Do you know what I love most about Mississippi? The fact that I’m not THERE anymore. I am now in Philamahdelphia. Aaaaand it’s.. okay. It’s all right. Uh… Buildings! Sidewalk. We didn’t think far enough ahead. We were gonna parody Always Sunny and everything, but.. [inhales] I couldn’t be bothered! So here’s a video about J. Allen Brack. Person offscreen: Stop!
Sterling: Do you feel.. like we lied to you? Man offscreen: Yeah!
Woman offscreen: YES! Sterling: Manipulated you?
Man offscreen: Yeah! Sterling: Exploited you?
Man offscreen: Boooooo! Sterling: THAT’S. POLITICS. BABY!
Man 1: (laughs)
Man 2: Booooo! Man 1: (laughing)
Man 2: Booooo!
Man 3: Politics chump! Blizzard Entertainment President J. Allen Brack is a man who knows he doesn’t have to apologize, and that’s why he’s never done it. You would think SURELY that the man who’s had to say sorry on behalf of his company SEVERAL times in a matter of months, has most definitely apologized. But he most definitely hasn’t. Brack, with his hairstyle mirroring that of an aging vampire’s, may have said the words, but the lack of substance in those words, the pointed and carefully crafted dodging of responsibility, means he’s never had to really apologize for a damn thing. Recently, Blizzard added to its growing list of PR failures by releasing a severely-underwhelming remaster of Warcraft 3. Warcraft 3: Reforged was blasted at launch for it’s scaled-back visuals, unchanged user interface, and a general sense that the original game had barely been upgraded. Connection issues at launch worsened the reception, as did the fact that Reforged completely replaces features of the original version on Battle.net. On top of that, official promo material for the game that showed unrepresentative footage specifically the more dynamic cutscenes that didn’t make it into the final game, were being used to promote it. When ya factor a bunch of bug reports into the mix, it all makes for a very grim picture. The backlash was severe, massive and record-breaking. That latter point being due to a concerted metabombing effort that saw Warcraft 3: Reforged earn the lowest Metacritic user score of all time. This was a good thing to happen, because it was funny. At the time of me talking, Reforged now has an incredible basement rating of 0.5 after more than 28 THOUSAND user contributions. During most of this fury, Blizzard does what Blizzard does best! Nothing. It sat back as it often does, hoping for the shitstorm to pass, and when it became clear things weren’t easing up, it finally stepped in. The company has since begun to issue full refunds for the game, and Blizzard’s president, with Skyrim character creator hair, offered one of his custom non-apologies. (high-pitched, mocking impression) “Concerning Warcraft 3: Reforged,” “honestly, it’s been a been a bit of a haaard weeeek.” Simpered Brack. “Our community has come to expect really amazing things from us,” “and we’ve heard from them that we did not achieve that bar.” “But we stand behind our games!” “And have consistently shown” “that not only do we support them,” “but we continue to build on them,” “even after launch!” “And we’re committed to doing that here as well.” “We’re going to continue to update the game,” “and we’re going to continue to update the community,” “with our plans going forward” “whether you FUCKING LIKE IT OR NOT!” I added that last bit. “A bit of a hard week,” he says, with a characteristic lack of detail. “The company failed to meet amaaazing expectations,” he says, with a characteristic humblebrag that doesn’t actually take responsibility for anything, and places the blame on the customers who envisioned just too much. “We stand behind our games,” he says, while never once addressing any specific concerns or saying anything that’s actually worth half a shit. This is because Blizzard Entertainment President J. Allen Brack is a man who knows he doesn’t have to apologize, and that’s why he’s never done it. Announcer: Decided to put Doctor Dan.. Announcer: ..in a title match up, Announcer: just because the Ruling Class wants the Grand Championship. While Blizzard capitulated on the refund front, and Brack freshly moistened his puppy dog eyes for his bullshit non-apology, the company conveniently weaved its way around another grievance people have with Warcraft 3’s disappointing re-release. A far more sinister, and nasty bit of legal dick waving that allows the company to fully exploit its own audience. Blizzard’s updated Terms of Use give the company full legal rights to claim ownership of any game modifications and custom games. It would appear the company is still a little touchy over the fact that the wildly-successful Defense of the Ancients was a community-crafted game mod for Warcraft 3, and Blizzard didn’t see penny one of the success that followed with DotA 2. Despite DotA’s origins as a mod, DotA 2 was picked up by Valve, and became one of the biggest reasons for the explosive popularity of the MOBA genre. While Valve and Riot Games made a killing with DotA 2 and League of Legends respectively, Blizzard contrived its own take on the style, Heroes of the Storm. Which was pretty well received, I mean, I’ve played it like twice. It was okay. Not all was well, however, because Blizzard gotta Blizzard. As of December 2018, the studio and parent company Activision have lost significant interest in Heroes of the Storm. Downsizing development, and suddenly canceling all Esports tournaments, without even informing those who would be most impacted by the cancellation. Including casters, and teams who were told tournament play would continue only one month prior to the news breaking. With no advance warning, and literal careers tied up into the Esports scene, Blizzard dealt significant damage to more than one livelihood that December. And you better believe a shittily unapologetic apology followed. (high-pitched, mocking impression) “This was another very difficult decision for us to make.” N’aww. Claimed a blog post co-signed by Brack and Ray Gresko. “The love that the community has for these programs is deeply felt” “by everyone who works on them,” “but we ultimately feel this is the right decision” “versus moving forward in a way” “that would not meet the standards that players and fans have come to expect.” (half in the voice) Ohh why do I do this voice? That’s all Brack and company had for the people they had right royally fucked over. Because Blizzard Entertainment President J. Allen Brack is a man who knows he doesn’t have to apologize. And that’s why, he’s never done it. Now I’ve got all the time in the world to make a mockery of J. Allen Brack’s insincere posturing facsimiles of apologia, but I want to quickly circle back to Blizzard’s custom game acceptable use policy which gives the company that aforementioned ownership on community creations. The policy states, (mocking voice) “Custom Games are and shall remain the sole exclusive property of Blizzard.” “Without limiting the foregoing,” “you hereby assign to Blizzard all of your rights,” “title, and interest in and to all Custom Games,” “including but not limited to any copyrights” “in the content of any Custom Games.” “If for any reason you are prevent or restricted” “from assigning any rights in the Custom Games to Blizzard,” “you grant to Blizzard an exclusive, perpetual, worldwide,” “unconditional, royalty free, irrevocable license” “enabling Blizzard to fully exploit the Custom Games” “(or any component thereof) for any purpose and in any manner whatsoever.” FUCK! Fuck. It’s a lot of words saying Blizzard gets to own and profit from anything you might create even, and especially, if it becomes another genre-league game smash hit like Defense of the Ancients. As if that wasn’t shady enough, Blizzard claims a “moral right” to your content. And while that might sound amusing in an overblown, self-aggrandizing way, it’s actually rather horrid. Moral rights don’t refer to morality in the philosophical sense, so much as they refer to the relationship between a creation and its creator. And the level of control somebody has over something they themselves have made. At its most basic, moral rights grant a creator the ability to claim credit for their work. The right to say they made what they made. And that is what Blizzard is claiming when it refers to moral rights. It not only wants to exploit community creativity without the need to remunerate its creators, It wants to lay claim to the very creation of that content, to take full credit for it. To say Blizzard made this without any obligation to acknowledge whoever actually did the work. But hey, Blizzard had a haaaaaard weeeeek. (mocking baby voice) Poor Blizzarb. Poor Jay-Jay. Just look at that sad wittle face! How could you not wuv that poor wittley baby waybey call me maybe FACE! Announcer 1: MV’s stacked. Announcer 1: And Sterling!
(crowd exclaims and boos) Sterling: What?
Wrestler: Do you profit from? Announcer 1: Getting involved here.
(sounds of kicking, falling) Announcer 2: So much for fair play.
(audience clamoring) (running thumps, kick) Announcer 1: And a knee right to the back of the neck! Announcer 2: He’s got him hooked!
(ref counting) Ref: ..2! 3!
Announcer 1: Dammit! Announcer 2: He got him!
(bell rings) Of course we’d be remiss not to discuss Brack and his performative displays of insincere contrition without touching on the “Tough Hearthstone esports moment”. We’ve discussed the past events many many many MANY times on the show, so to recap as briefly as possible, Blitzchung did a Hong Kong, Blizzard did a suspension, Chinese influence blamed, Blizzard condones governmental abuses through tacit compliance, Brack does a ‘sowwy.’ At Blizzcon 2019, J. Allen Brack offered what the press called an apology, but what we here at the Jimquisition call fucking pathetic. Here’s a sampling of what Brack said, and note the by-now-obligatory hallmarks of the Brack apology. The Brackology if you will. “You know, uh, Blizzard.. had the opportunity,” “…to bring the world together” “in a tough Hearthstone esports moment.” “About a month ago.” “And we did not.” “We moved too quickly.. in our decision making,” “and then, to make matters worse,” “…we were too slow, to talk, with all of you.” “When I think about… what I’m most unhappy about,” “..there’s really two things.” “The first one is, we didn’t live up” “to the high standards” “that we really set for ourselves.” “And the second, is, we failed in our purpose.” “And for that,” “…I am sorry, and I accept accountability.” “We will do better, going forward.” “But our actions..” “are gonna matter more than any of these words.” Refusing to share any details of the events in question, vaguely referring to yet another tough and hard and difficult affair, claiming to accept accountability without specifying anything he’s actually accountable for, and quickly talking about high expectations and standing behind quality videogames, in a desperate attempt to pull the conversation into the light, breezy, and ultimately shallow realm of (mocking) “hey our videogame’s fun! Let’s just have some fun!” Don’t think about anything, ever! Don’t think! Don’t think! The Division 2 isn’t political DON’T THINK! This is what the Brackology is, it’s just so smoooth by now that Brack could run for office. Blizzard’s president isn’t sorry. He’d actually address specific issues and offer solutions or amends for those issues IF.. he actually gave a flying shit about any problems you might have with his shit company. He doesn’t have to be sorry though, Blizzard Entertainment President J. Allen Brack is a man who knows he doesn’t have to apologize, and that’s why he’s never done it! Brack demonstrated how little he needs to apologize at the very Blizzcon where he pretended to be sorry about whatever it was he was pretending to be sorry about. After a year of harsh PR fails and hounded over the Blitzchung controversy, Blizzard went into Blizzcon 2019 with a very clear and obvious goal: quickly placate the crowd with a mummer’s farce of an atonement, then move very quickly onto game announcements. Blizzard’s parent company knows this well, for Activision was there when Gamers TM boycotted Modern Warfare 2 only to be found playing it en masse the moment it released! This notorious image is all Activision-Blizzard needs to know it’s got nothing, ultimately, to worry about. Ever. At least when you lot, the cattle, are unhappy. When the actual customers, the people with the money invested, the shareholders, whatnot, if THEY’RE upset, then there’s a problem. But you lot… (mutters) well they don’t give a fuck about.. Whether it’s ruining Esports careers, suspending Hearthstone players for self-serving political reasons, or claiming legal and moral ownership of its own audience’s creativity, Blizzard can and will continue to be total fuckwads AND get away with it! Because ultimately, it has Diablo 4 coming out. It has Overwatch 2 coming out. Nevermind that they already confirmed microtransactions in Diablo 4, before they even knew when the game’s gonna be fucking finished. Nevermind that Overwatch popularized lootboxes and perpetuated the predatory in-game gambling craze of the late 2010’s. Blizzard has consumer products! And it knows you will consume! It may toss some bones out here and there, a display of sorrow, even a full refund, but it knows you’ll be back. You always come back. Activision Blizzard gained 93 million new players last quarter thanks in large part to its mobile division. Meanwhile, Activision as a parent company is reportedly planning to turn Blizzard into far more of a content mill. Increasing the rate at which it releases games, which may spell the end of Blizzard’s sporadic releases with long-term support. Especially as it, too, focuses on mobile gaming. With this increased output, I can’t say I expect the quality to increase with it. And with the company apparently planning more remakes in 2020, one would hope Blizzard learned its lesson from Reforged and will be better next time. But Blizzard these past few years has demonstrated that doing better isn’t high on its list of priorities. It only has to keep on failing upwards, which it’s been doing with a disgusting level of success. And THAT is why Blizzard Entertainment President J. Allen Brack is a man who knows he doesn’t have to apologize, and that’s why he’ll never do it. Sterling: Tonight you terrestrial pedestrians, Sterling: Will enjoy what we serve you! Sterling: You will smile, and ask for more! Sterling: And by the end of the night, Sterling: you will all thank God for me! (audience boos, clamors, and heckles back) (epic super villain music starts) Announcer 1: Well Paul, as fresh as that was let’s be clear here, Announcer 1: contractually… Announcer 1: …I hate to say it, but Jim Sterling is in charge of Ryse Pro Wrestling. Announcer 1: We are at the whims of a madman in many senses. Announcer 1: And tonight the Champion, Tony Johnson… Announcer 1: …could have all the odds stacked against him.
(Sterling shouts at the audience) Announcer 2: Well that and he’s being, now he’s teaming up with-
(audience boos and jeers as Sterling shouts) (Jim vocalizes theme from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
De na na na na naaaAAA NAAAAA Naaaaaaaah, de de li de de de le de de le de de, de ne na na na naaaah NAAAH naa, de de le.. De de le It’s like Always Sunny, isn’t it? De ne ne ne na na na naaa Deee de naaa, de de le De de le de, dedeleda, De ne hu.. (inhales deeply, exhales) Justin did ya get the dogs? Did ya get the.. ..shot of the dogs? There’s TONS of dogs over there. Fricken loads of ’em. (inhales, sighs) (fence tinks) That’ll do. Thank God for me. I’m going to play with the dogs. (claps once) [“Stress” by Jim’s Big Ego]

iPad BEATS the PS4.

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iPad BEATS the PS4.

– Hey guys, this is Austin, and the iPad is better
than a console at gaming. Let me explain. This is the iPad Pro, and
there are a few reasons why it’s become much
better for gaming recently. One of the big ones is
a very fundamental issue from previously, controller support. Now, with iPadOS you have native support for not only the Xbox One gamepad, but also the DualShock 4 from the PS4. The real key advantage here is what Apple calls
their ProMotion display. Now, this is essentially a
120 frame per second display, which ships on all iPad Pros. Now, the idea here is
very straightforward, at 120 frames per second, you’re getting twice the amount of frames, and therefore you’re
going to get gameplay, and well, pretty much everything else, running twice as smoothly as pretty much any kind of standard panel. This is important because it’s a feature that you really can’t
get on other consoles, such as the PS4 or the Switch. Now, because it runs at
such a high refresh rate, previously, the only
other way to really get that kind of performance was with a fairly high end gaming PC, as well as an expensive gaming monitor. Sure, that’s definitely going to be the ultimate way to
play, but it’s not cheap, and it’s not anywhere near as portable as something like the iPad Pro. Now, this is changing soon. The next generation PlayStation 5, as well as the Xbox Series X, both will support higher
frame rates, such as 120 FPS, but the downside there is that while the hardware might be capable, you still need some kind of
display or TV that can give you that full 120 frames
per second experience. That’s actually one of the main advantages of something like a Nintendo Switch, or in this case, an iPad. Because Apple controls
the entire ecosystem, they can just say, “Oh, you know what, “we’re going to put everything
we need to make this work.” The screen, the software, the spec, everything can be in one single package, whereas with consoles and everything, it’s a little bit more, it’s possible, but it’s obviously taking a lot longer to get to that very, very
smooth gaming experience that obviously everyone wants. Now, when you look at this side-by-side with something like the Switch, it’s a very interesting comparison. Now, Nintendo, in a lot of
ways, has the same advantages. This is a portable console,
so the screen’s built in, they could easily ship it
with high frame rate options. The difference though, is
that the Switch, by itself, is not powerful enough to really
take advantage of 120 FPS, I mean, most Switch games run at like 30, and that’s where Apple does have a big advantage here, right? They are building that chip inside, which is incredibly well optimized and very, very powerful
for a mobile device. Pair that with the advantage that the iPad is very
frequently getting updates with better hardware and more performance, whereas a console, such
as the Switch or the PS4, might go three, four, or even five years without any kind of
meaningful performance update, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for what actually could be
a real gaming powerhouse. I almost called it a
console, but it’s not quite, but they’re making, actually,
some serious progress. – Wow, pwogwess.
– Progress Hey, be nice, Ken, be nice. The idea for this video
actually came about because Epic recently added full 120 frame per second
support inside Fortnite. Now yes, you’re probably
over listening to Fortnite, and well, I actually think it is a good example for this video. So, not only did this
completely blow up my Twitter, but almost more importantly, this is one of those very
few games that will run, not only as a AAA game across a wide variety of
platforms like the PS4, the Switch, and the iPad, but importantly, it is
one of the very few games that actually does support
that full 120 frames per second running on the latest generation iPad pro. To illustrate my point, I have three different systems to try. So, first of all, we
have the Nintendo Switch, which operates with a 30 FPS cap. We also have the PS4 Pro, which can go up to 60 frames per second, and then we’ll have
the iPad Pro running at that full 120 frames per second. Now, because this is a YouTube video and you can’t really see the
difference between 60 and 120, we are taking advantage of our Red camera running in slow motion. So, right now it’s set to 5K resolution at a full 120 frames per second, so once we slow that down, you actually should be able to see a pretty significant difference between all three of these setups. Because really, when
it comes to frame rate, when it comes to this stuff, you really do need the absolute
maximum in responsiveness, and I think that this is sort
of really where the iPad, theoretically, should be way, way better, although graphics-wise
maybe not, we’ll see. Yeah, you can see that
gets really stuttery. I mean, we’re going well below
30 frames per second here. Now, what I like about looking
at the slow motion feed is that because this is a
60 frame per second display which is running at 30, you should see a brand new
frame every 33.3 milliseconds, however, what you’re actually seeing is that a lot of frames
are being duplicated, which means that there’s sort
of that jutter, that stutter. It doesn’t look as smooth as it should be, even though, theoretically, this is a full 30 frame per second game. But yeah, I mean, that’s
not a great experience. I mean, it’s kinda playable, it’s okay, but it is nowhere near as
smooth as something like a PS4, and especially not as good
as I hope the iPad will be. So, this is actually fairly comparable to what you would get on your phone, although I know Fortnite, on the most recent generation of iPhone, actually does run at 60 frames per second. And in fact, on iOS, actually, Fortnite’s pretty well optimized because you actually can
get into the settings and tweak it if you want. Better graphics or higher frame rates, you can kinda tweak things like on the PC, whereas on the Switch, on the PS4, it’s kind of like, you get what you get. So, I think, actually, Fortnite is probably better on
a phone than on your Switch, but let’s try the PS4 now. Yeah, I mean, we can immediately see the PS4 runs a lot smoother
than the Switch did. Not only is it not really dropping frames, it’s staying pretty consistent at 60, but we also have twice as
many frames to look at. Now, there’s a lot of sort of talk about why frame rate matters, and I could go a lot more in depth on it, but essentially, the idea is that when you get more frames per second, there’s less latency between
when you press a button, or click something, or do anything and when you actually see
it reflected in the game. So, for example, if we’re
playing on the Switch, you should get a new frame
every 33.3 milliseconds, and that’s still pretty quick. However, if say, I’m
playing on PS4 against you, and I get a new frame
every 16 milliseconds, or basically twice as fast, it means that I have a
real competitive advantage. There’s less time between
when I press that button, and when I get the headshot, or miss my shot, which is more realistic. The way to think about
frame rate is twofold. You can see the smoothness, right? I mean, if you’re playing a
30, versus 60, versus 120, obviously it looks better, but it also will make you better at games, because if you’re playing on the Switch and you have 30 frames per second and I’m playing on the iPad at 120, you have to wait four times
as long to get a new frame, if I step to the left or
step to the right, as I do. Now obviously, none of this is ideal because there are obviously
variables all across, but generally speaking, a higher frame rate not
only looks smoother, but also will give you a much
more substantial advantage when it comes to I see what you’re doing, or you see what I’m doing
20 milliseconds later or whatever the case is. Does that makes sense?
– It’s one more thing to make you better. So, after all of this
talk about frame rate and why it matters, it’s
time to actually try the iPad Pro version of Fortnite. So, if we hop into the settings, we actually have a couple
of different options. So, you can actually cap the frame rate at 20, 30, 60, or 120. And then, if we go into
the quality presets, we can go low, medium, high, or epic. So, if we do epic, it’s 30 FPS, high, I think is maximum of 60. Yeah, if we go to 120 it sort
of defaults us to medium. So, with our PS4 controller paired, let’s see exactly how smooth 120 frames per second is on the iPad, and whether I should throw the
PlayStation in the garbage. No more gaming PCs, iPad
gamers only, rise up. Dude, that latency is crazy. I mean, literally, it feels like as soon as I tap that stick,
I’m immediately jumping in. And that frame rate’s actually
staying pretty stable. Now mind you, it is definitely running at a fairly low resolution, and to give sort of some of
other these other consoles, specifically the PS4, some credit, you are making some cutbacks. For example, draw distance is not as far. So, while you might have a better response time against someone, you might not be able to see
them as far into the distance. But the smoothness of this experience is really hard to get away from. I mean, that is, and that’s
a really solid 120 FPS. We can definitely pull
it up on the slow motion, but generally, just sort of to my eye, this is incredibly smooth. I can immediately say while yeah, the settings are a little bit distracting, you can see, it’s literally
drawing in the light in front, but yeah, there’s no doubt that
this is a better experience. If you’re gonna ask me whether I wanna play
on the PS4 or the iPad, I’m gonna say iPad here. You just can’t get away from the fact that this is such a smooth experience. Now, mind you, if I want better quality, I can just hop into the settings and switch it over to say, epic. Oh, okay, I can’t change
it while I’m in a match, but theoretically, if I do
want higher quality graphics, I can just turn that setting down and I’ll just lose some frame rate. But if you want sort of the
maximum smooth experience, it’s crazy to me that an
iPad will give you that and it’s gonna look better than literally console
you can buy right now. That’s pretty cool. – [Ken] Also, you can
take this one somewhere, and that one you kind of can,
but that’s a little harder. – That, essentially looks
like we are getting, I mean, you can see, we’re
running at 120 frames per second and it looks dead smooth. I’m actually surprised it’s not even really dipping too much. I feel like if I get into some action I might drop a little bit,
but that’s impressive, especially if you put the
side by side with the Switch, while yes, with these graphic settings, it looks a little blurrier, but the difference is night and day between the responsiveness of 30 versus 120 frames per second. And again, these are two mobile devices. This is really impressive. When I heard 120 frames per second, I figured they had just
uncapped the frame rate and it would kinda be bouncing around, but at least for a
fairly standard gameplay, you are getting that full
experience on an iPad. Now, is that iPad more
expensive than a Switch? Absolutely, but I mean, we’ve come a long way for mobile devices, and I love the fact that you can get such a smooth frame rate,
such a real gaming experience, especially with a controller, on something which no one
would ever look twice at. You can pull out your iPad in
every coffee shop in the world and they think you’re gonna
be writing your thesis or you’re watching YouTube, but instead, what you’re doing is you’re beating people at Fortnite
at 120 frames per second. It’s okay, I won’t tell. It is a brave new world, my
friends, but if you enjoy, definitely be sure to
subscribe to the channel. And if you wanna know more
about this kinda stuff, we did a video at CES with a ridiculous 360 frame
per second monitor from Asus, so you guys can go check
that out over here. And until next time, I’m
now an iPad Fortnite gamer, so there’s that, I guess.

DADDY’S TRUE FORM!! | Resident Evil 7 – Part 3

Hello everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome back to Resident Evil. Now, we’re going down into the basement but we got a moment of respite here, in this office, where I’m able to find some goodies and hopefully find some more mysteries about, what we got going on here. “Can’t jimmy it open” God! There must’ve been some point when I was able to get a lock pick (yup) but I haven’t found it yet because this is like the third container (you missed it Mark) that I’ve seen with, uh, just a normal everyday lock on it that I just haven’t been able to see (they’re in some brown luchboxes) *reading text on screen* “Dear Courtney, Those bastards are looking for me, but maybe this gives you a chance to escape. To escape, you have to find the reliefs shaped like dog heads I saw one of the heads in the dissection room underground, get it, it’s the key out of here.” Oh, okay. Well, this is a bit late in the game to be telling me about that one- Ooo There’s another one, Something’s wrong with me. It must be that shit they made me eat If I’m going to die I’d at least like to go out fighting I’m gonnna get ahold of that shotgun I saw in the recroom and make them regret what they did to me You need to get out of here I love you Cortney Love… Travis Okay so that must be the gu- Ooh wait! That was a name, that was downstairs! That was definitely one of the names that I saw, down below Now, I- I think I know to open that one, but I’m not 100% sure about it. Oooh is there anything else that I should put in my jimmy jams Ahhh- I guess I can put the keuush away… Yeah I should be okay! I- I don’t need the gunpowder on me right now, so I guess I could put that away too, but you never know when you need to craft it on the go, so I guess I can keep that with me! Aaah I guess, alright that’ll be good enough. Okay. So now I should have everything that I need to keep going on forward, and hopefully, everything is gonna turn up roses for me and then hopefully, somehow someway, I should be able to find a lock pick of some sort-
(yes right) Now I’m not 100% sure about that. Maybe I’ve already missed the opportunity to do that (totally right) but there’s just been so many containers tha- *squishing noises* *slightly concerned Mark* have locks on them- that definitely… need me to pick them. ‘Cause I can’t just jimmy open with my knife, so there’s gotta be a lock pick Now I know that I’m gonna have to go back I know this isn’t cont– continuing on into a different area, because I need to get the dog heads- Eugh and be able to do what I need to do. I’ve already been in here I’m just kinda hesitant to see i- if anything’s respawned. Okay. So it said “you know how to open the door, don’t you?” “Just remember: 3 a’s and a handprint.” “Do want you want with his girl.” ‘kay, I’M ASSUMING THAT I’M ALONE HERE WHICH IS PROBABLY A BAD ASSUMPTION TO MAKE, especially if there’s someone in this one. So I’m trying to open Travis’, and Travis was the guy writing the letters, so, the food that they had you eat -the quote unquote “food”- the offal that they had, O-F-F-A-L, uh, is apparently infected with whatever biological contaminant is infecting the rest of this house. Well there’s a handprint. Oh wait! Lara, William, Shawn- woah- thought I saw something- This was.. Tamara! Three a’s, and a handprint. Woah. Oookay, hi! Well that was easy WOAH OH FUCKING FUCKING WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH OW! Fuck you dude fuck you! Oh fuck, ahh lemme getcha in your face, oh your tougher than the other ones ain’t cha? WOAH fucking goddamit! Holy shit Travis! Jesus jimminy jistmas! Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy- woah ge- Juice me! Waaa- I fucking got that just in time Oh fuck- I need to learn how to guard That guy was WAY tougher Travis had a lot of good going for him! Holy shit… God I can’t- I keep completely forgetting that I can actually guard in this game Ahh let me jus blehhh ahh yeah okay that’s a little better, It’s gonna deal with the huge lacerations down my thorax! Aw man I’ve still got some goop juice on me… *Mark’s phone beeps* Dissection room key- stop that right there- so I can get into the dissection room now *small gasp* uuuhh Well that’s not good and I don’t have nearly enough bullets to be able to deal with anything else At least not one that’s as strong as that one is ugh I keep thinking they remind me of- eeoh fuck I saw that move… Oh shit egh e-ugh, god there’s so many noises in here fucking stop just stop just stop just stop just stop okay So I can’t go in the workshop “It’s locked from the other side”, but I can go in the dissection room, wherever that might… be heh Okay there’s definitely something in here! And I don’t wanna fight it with a goddamn knife! Ho! Oooo… Heeey! Whyy?! There’s just so many noises! There’s just so many god damn noises! I don’t need any of this- I need to be better than this. Need to be bigger, need to be better… “Scorpion”- Oh! Exactly what I thought I needed! I- I knew I’d need a scorpion keeeey eeeeeeeh “Treasure photo”. I don’t know what that means, treasure photo? What is that? A lockpick! I was just talking about that!! Oh that’s perfect! Okay so now I can actually go back and be able to unlock everything that I need to unlock! eeuuuhhh And I don’t know if I’m ever gonna make my way all the way back to the- guest… house… Okay, at least I got some chem fluid oh boy… yeee aw further down! Why do I gotta go further down? Before I go further down I’m gonna check out what was in the horrifying bathroom. Aw man I need more bullets, oh I can IIIIII- What the fuck?! Oh shit dude Oh gotta be… Ohh fuck me! Oh buck- gotcha! Okay! Okay gotcha! With barely enough bullets to spare! Oh boy Man, I gotta remember to guard- Where did he even come from? He just dropped down from the goop. That is very… very dead space of you. Did I finish my thought? They remind me of the dead space monster that never died. No matter how many times you shot it, it would always grow back. Aw man, that kinda coincides with the biological aspect of this one- Whatever the virus is, it causes EXTREME regeneration So I can, probably assume, that that’s just the off shoot of all this goop- This black biological matter- whatever it may b- wah Aw fucking fuck I gotta make some shit! Oh fuck I gotta-uh quickly, quickly! Okay, here we go! Reload. WAAAYYY Blap, blap. Oh fuck your ugly face! Woooaah Okay three shots to the dome and they go down! They keep twitching, but they go down at least! But, the bigger one- he had a big claw hand- he was ki- Fucking what the fuck? Ah I hate this game. I love this game. I love this game al-AHHH FUCKING! Okay! Alright! Everything’s fine I guess! “Handgun ammo”, that’s good, I should’ve just picked that up instead of crafting all the stuff! I need more goop juice in my life. But I know that I can survive this. Ah! Fucking, god damnit, Where are they coming from? Woah, ah- fuck god damnit! Aw come on ohh god damnit! Fucking hell just shoot him! WHAT THE FUCK?! God damnit are you kidding me?! Woah man I’m bad at this.. I’m sorry guys, I’m bad at this. Oh I gotta be better. “reads text on screen* Okay so, the only way to kill them is to hit them in the head It literally just amounts to… me not… being a dumbass. Alright… man I should- ahh uhh UUUH EEEEEH Okay I’m gonna use it. BLEHFRGUGH I just wanna be at full health, so that I can take my time with this, Even though they’re probably gonna fudge me up… But I can take my time with this… And carefully go through and kill what I need to kill. If I recall… Oh fuck that guy Where you go- Oh! Oh he doesn’t know I’m here! Oh I forgot I could be stealthy! Oh I kinda forgot that was an element of the thing that I could do! Oh the would probably be incredibly useful! Ooh fucking hello! Okay hi. You don’t see me- you do. Fucking god damnit, Alright come on, come on, what do you want? Whatdyawant? Huh? Missed me- or Ya hit me but, it didn’t hurt! Aw fuck the other one! Fuck fuckfuckfuckfuck fuck! Fack! Fack! Bam. In the dome in the dome in the dome in the dome in the dome wooaaahh Chrome in the dome, chrome in the dome! Oh boy! Come around the corner bitch! Oh, what that? You hit in head? Woah! Fuck! Barely got that up in time! Holy shi- yeah! Take some of that bitch!! Oh shit yeah! Okay where’s your friend? Shit. How am I doing on health? Eh pretty good! The blocks work! The blocks definitely, 100% work! …And your friend here- where is he at? Huh? I’m using up a few more bullets than I would like but- Maybe I can switch to the knife if I get just one of ’em because I should be able to dance around it and block enough that I would- woah! Okay are you back, what the hell?! Are you the same one that you were before?! Fuck. Come on you… Fuck stop twitching- there we go! Went down, ech I’m wasting bullets though… Ugh I gotta be better about that. I mean, I know I’m only missing by that much, but I should be a much better first person shooter than I am right now. Alright. So let’s just take this calm and carefully because there’s death around every single god damn corner- I do like that this game- ooh, AH FUCKING GOD DAMNIT! Fuck me! Jesus Christmas!! Ahhh, don’t do that! There we go! Woap, ohh you only got one arm, woah fuck. Ahh!! Don’t, woah. He’s only got one arm. Woah this one’s tough! Alright there he goes. God damnit! I am just blasting through all of my bullets, I- I think I gotta do the knife… on the next one that I find, cause otherwise I’m just gonna be completely out, I don’t wanna constantly be crafting, like bullets, I should conserve that chem fluid for, other stuff I suspect, but I don’t wanna go toe to toe with one of those bastards! Egh, anything over here? This is, gonna be quiet in here- woah fuck, AW COME ON!! FUCK DUDE! They just sneak- OH FUCK Alright well, tha- change of plans goin’ gun gun! Ohh blam blaming your fam fam! Oh man, going that way is just a goddamn nightmare! Okay if I can just get one of you- uh nope ai- ain’t gonna happen. Fuck. Uh no no no no, ooh fuck, ooh fuck, woah, what the fuck? What the fuck was that? He just disappeared?? So if you go to far away from where their origin point is, they just melt… So you can get away from them! Maybe I don’t even need to kill all of them! Woah… Okay I- I’m apologizing if this all, like, you already know this but I’m learning this as I go… So apparently I don’t need to kill all of them… Woah and there’s another one! Okay that guy forms, right there. woah Okay. I’ma go toe to toe with ’em! Woap, block! Woah, AH WOAH WOAH woah Ow, aw ow, I need to goop- goop! Okay, this was a bad idea! This is one of those bad ideas! Okay… Holy shit Woah fuck- come on! Woah! God damnit! Holy shi- oh fUCK! OH MY GOD! Okay so- alright. Holy shit. *Read text on screen* Maybe that’s what I should do! They- they are fucking ridiculous, like unbelievable! Oh my god… So, I’m gonna go back because, I thin- oh yeah the scorpion key! I have that! Oh shit god damnit I forgot I’m before I dumped my shit in my Holy shit, alright, sorry guys! I- I know that I’m not 100% good at this but I’m still learning everything I can about these enemies they’re just fucking terrifying- I’m playing on normal, an these guys are giving me, the most shit I’ve ever had in my life like my god, it is astonishing how much they are beating my ass into the ground! So what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna put that stuff away, I need to get more inventory space so I’m gonna put my craftables… in the bag… because I don’t wanna waste ’em right now, I know there’s bullets in that one, but maybe I’ll be able to craft up some shotgun shells after I get the shotgun, because I think I need to go upstairs, I need to go in grandma’s room. Then I need to carry on outta here. Use the scorpion key, ka-chunkers! Okay. So I’m gonna go back- oohh shit we’re here. Oh fuck. Alright then I can deal with that. So what I need to do is I need to find the doors that are scorpion doors- Is that someone? AH IT’S SOMEONE! OH GOD HI!! WAAAHYHYHY I DON’T KNOW IYYY DON’T FUCKING KNOW I DON’T FUCKING KNOW OH GOD I DIDN’T KNOW THAT YOU WERE STILL HERE! Fuck man! Ah boy! Do I have to deal with him? Oh boy I do don’t I?! What’s in the box? Please be bullets! Oh fuck it is bullets! Okay you wanna- you wanna fuck on me old man? Huh? I’ll fuck you up dude. Nah, I’m gonna piss you off as much as I can dude. Woah boy. Okay I’m just gonna run you around this big ass circle! Woo chem fluid. And then uh- woo. Yeh, I know. Oh, ohohohohohoh ohhh!!! GET REKT BITCH! Okay, I can’t promise that he’s gonna stay down for long. Slice you up a bit. Carve up your nice- eh that’s not what I wanted to do, but I- I guess that’s okay too. Jesus. Fuck yeah, yeah! Ya like- Oh woah woah woah woah! Oh oh! Okay! So that guy’s just like, a permanent fucking threat?! How the fuck am I gonna be able to get away from that guy?! Oh shit, well that’s not a good sound. Okay, this is all, much worse than it needed to be! I don’t know why.. Oh boy… I don’t know where he is, but I’m gonna get in here, gonna get what I need! Gonna use the god damn skeleton key! Waah, scorpion key! Skeleton scorpion key! Get in here! HI GRANDMA! Hey grandma! Oh fuck, what the fuck. Get what I need. Get everything. “Dear Mrs. Baker,
How have you been feeling recently? It’s been a long time since you last came in for your-” he’s still there! Ohh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck come on! Don’t fuck me up… I need to read this goddamn letter… Should have closed the damn door… Please don’t fucking COME OVER HERE!! Oh fuck. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh no… nonononono, nononono… IGNORE THAT GRANDMA’S ROOM IS OPEN! Okay. Good! Great! Now that we got that date saved! Let’s meet in the evening! Or the morning, or tomorrow, or next month… Go on a lovely date… And you can just, fuck off. *Reading the letter* *says parathite instead of parasite, corrects self* *Continues reading text on screen* SO. That means that the biological contamination, whatever is keeping these people alive in related to a fungus. Which is really interesting, definitely interesting, but right now I have bigger thoughts. Close that, hope he didn’t hear that. *Reading text on screen* Wait- the “living room grandfather clock”? But I did that didn’t I? Maybe I should try that again because it didn’t seem to work. Maybe I clicked on the wrong thing, I have no idea but I’m gonna try that again. Uh, “dissection room in the basement” okay I can do that. So I got- I was almost at the dissection room but I was just- like I was hindered by so many people in front of me. Okay, so… DIdn’t I pick up the dissection room key? I have no idea, I’m gonna- I’ll, I’ll have to look back again. “Handgun ammo”. Ooh fuck. Okay, where was the? There was a shotgun in here… Oh there! I don’t have enough space. Okay so broken shotgun… I got shotgun shells, Two chem-fluids. Eeeh nowhere. Oh fuck, nowhere nowhere, nowhere. Nowhere dude. Nowhere. So I need to, ah Why doesn’t the chem fluids stack That’s annoying That’s really annoying Okay Shit Fuck eeehh uuuuh EEUUUH Okay I’ll put those back jesus Okay, so I need to do something about this I gotta go to the box Woah, fuck that guy I’m gonna go for it before I get down the stairs get what I need dropped off then be able to come back here. [worried mark] Still don’t know if he is gonna be near by Then at the same time im going to try to open the grandfather clock and then hopefully thats going to help me Close the damn door Close the damn- oh fine you know what- fu- fuck it Imma just gonna go for it So I- hopefully Hopefully I’m gonna be able to get what I need to get and then get outta here. So, I’ll be right back… once I figured that shit out. Let’s gddy gddy gddy gdddy gdddy gddy gdddy Daddy: LUCAS! Mark: HI! Daddy: Don’t worry I’m still here! *shatters table*
Mark: AIH! fug it- WHAT THE FUCK HolY Shit DUDE That was your dinner table! daddy: yahhhhs in a distance* God damn it, how am I gonna replace this? I don’t know! You did it! Jesus Christ, eugh. Fuck dude Hah- fuck. Okay- alright eh fuck o0o Fuck can i close this door- ugh- I can’t! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII God dammit, how am I supposed to deal with this asshole?! Can I do this- OH fuck Okay I DID IT-AH!!!!!!! FUCK DING DONG BING BONG AAAEEEEUUUUUUEEEEHH AaaAA FUCK I GOT THE DOG HEAD! DADDY: yAH!
Mark: AH Fuck okay…. alright BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE eeeaauueeeh Heh Is he gonna be able to get me in here? I can only assume this is a saVe space! And I got the dog’s head! I thought I did that last time… Maybe I clicked on the wrong item accidentally but holy shet Geezums okay! So Imma put that awa- *someone calling Ethan in the background* -you do know my name THAT’S VERY CLEVER OF YOU GOOD JOB OKAY. Also, I wanted to say something yesterdabay- yesterday about the- video from Mia I-I realized now I was excluding the possibility that she made that in the time, that both of us had been kidnapped. And that she had recovered from her… ….. shotgun to the faceness? Or her deadness? Her extreme deadness Yeah she had somehow recovered from that because none of these people seem to be able to DIE. But uh… It- It just didn’t seem possible, I thought it was like.. an older thing… How would they have made a VHS of it already. You know what I mean? It just seem like a bit of a stretch for me but it’s entirely possible that ‘that’ could be the way that it is…. So I just wanted to address that~ also! *creak* GGGHH! Okay! These people are Un-Friendly to say the least. Yeesh Oh, he’s upstairs isn’t he Okay…. oh fck WELL-
daddy: COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE~! WOAH boy oh boy kay he’s going upstairs That’s GOOOD I guess? It’s where I need to GO but okay *whispers* FUCK THIS GUY Fck this A-hole Alright so somehow, I gotta sneak upstairs, around him Daddy: I can smell youuuu I dont know how you can smell me…. WHEN EVERYTHING IS ROT-TEN AND FETID around here GRAB IT! COME ON GRAB IT! Here we go! Daddy: Here I come! NOnonoNONO Which way you going? Daddy: NGH! Markimumble *panicked* ohkay alright ngyeh NGEYH HA-AAAHHH FUCKING GODDAMIT Did he see me? Did he hear me shout?! He probably did…. oh boy YEP HE probably did Lets just not talk about FUCK you- FUCKMEEE? FUCK ME Come on! That’s pretty mean don’t you think? Alright I’m just gonna go for it, gonna go for it, gonna get the shotgun, gonna replace the two of ’em grab one grab the other I need enough inventory space to do that okay Grab that! Replace it with the broken one…. Broken one…. There we go! And we’re done! Okay, we’re outta here! THANK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK OFF! Alright. So either way, I’ve got shotgun *cocking gun* I donno if I know how to make shotgun BUL-LETS But at least I’ve got the shotgun and I’ve got lockpick So I can make something and hopefully pick up some shotgun ammo on the go now. ERYAAAREREARA I got two weapons so im gonna put this…. it’s gonna be number 3…. How I move this? Nah whatever I guess it’s 4 and stuck that way ALRIGHT SOOOOOO I’m gonna SAVE…. *groans* ughhh fck YeeeghggH God this game just give me the heebie jeebies I mean it’s really well done…. with the way that they work the enemies in this game. It’s unbelievably well done, it is aways terrifying It is always feeling like they’re gonna kill me, because…… it’s like every enemy is that enemy from Dead Space They’re all gonna kill you ded And you have no chance of survival GEEZ UMS so what im gonna do right now is i’m going to…….. I’m gonna make c-can I make- aww I still can’t make shotgun ammo yet, but *sigh* at least I can make handgun ammo and use up the chem fluid So, MY PISTOL IS STILL MY BEST BET but NOW I HAVE THE SHOTGUN to be able to do moar with so… uhh boy okay so I don’t know if I need the skeleton key right away- I can always come back for it uh…. it’s just taking up a lot of space and uh….. Okay that should be OK. Alright. GOOD. and we’re good. aight this should be good enough Shoud I use my lock pick on this? I KNOW IT’S IN HERE ehhh…. it’s not necessarily that I wanna use that though okay.. let’s just carry on! Oh boy here we go. Brave mark* Let’s do this! We gotta get the third dog head from down here, if we don’t get this dog head we’re not getting out of here. I just gotta figure out which way to go do it DOWNTHEUHMM Down the back way with all those generators seems to be a lot of death so I’m gonna try the other direction first… see if that works out any better for me and I dont know if it will… but I’m just gonna try it There maybe just equally as many enemies but at least I know that I can get away from them. so I don’t always have to try to kill them I can try to get away! *heavy breathing* Kay, what have we got here OOooo That was shotgun ammo? OH SHIT, this is a snake door! I don’t have a snake key for this! Alright, so there’s only one way to go now. FuUuck. I should also try to figure out what these psychostimulants do. *banging croaking noise*
SHITDUDE Alright… *noise gets closer* FUCCCK Alright so there’s a few more down here I gotta deal with, and I gotta deal with it intelligently….. eaaah I’m not gonna do that right now~ gonna do THAT after I kill these bastards I- I would shotgun ’em- WHAT AGAIN?!?!? HOW ARE YOU BACK?!HOW TF ARE YOU BACK? Wha- OHHHH this is before I did this! I forgot to save OHHHHHH FCUKMETHEN ayeyaye…. don’t even try- !! *screech scratch* woah- okay don’t even try! OW okay There one down! ehhhh…… you can’t get me! There we go TWO DOWN! Two down! Not too bad… it went down pretty smoothly! Too bad they don’t drop any items; I totally forgot that this was before I actually did these ughhh fck…. let’s see do I have UHHHHHHH I got a chem fluid and no gunpowder- I should- I should keep gunpowder on me but there’s stanky- dank over here I can just combine it with that. I can always use more of that. Okay combine these two, gimme some more health cause I DON’T WANNA die again. That is number 1 priority: NOT TO DIE AGAIN. I know it seems like ohOHoh fuck I forgot about you Yeah fuck! eynananana * scratch* okay alright WOAH WOAH DOUBLE HIT DOUBLE HIT Double HIt bITCH i NEED STANKY DANK AH.. just go down, GO DOWN. JEEZUMS….. oh fck gimme stanky dank! ARHRAGH Goop juice! Fuck. God damn it he went away- I dont know if it means he recovered his health Gawd why were these guys such a problem? Alright come on back oh c’mon oh c’mon Where’re you~ where’re you at? Where’re you at? Where’re you at? HUH? Aww another one huh? Alright okay No! Oh fuck that double hit but I think I blocked that one. WOOOAAWOOA okay I’m completely out. Cheese ums OWO Imma comPLETEly out FUCK YOU DUDE! OHHHH fuck off! Oh hell yeah! OH HELL YEAH! Alright, how am I doing on health? I’m doing okay I’m still in the green, so long as I am in the green, i’m not gonna take any goop juice. Where’you at buddy? Where’s this friend? HAH??? I’ve got three bullets to my name! That’s- OH Fuck it! Fuck! Woah! SHOTGUNBLOCK BOOOOOOM BITCH! BOOOOOOOM! -oh fuck shit okay BOOOOOOM! okay I’m completely out! And that’s a bad thing bffflbpfblfpbblpf I am, I’m literally completely out of ammo How in the fuck? That’s ridiculous! Is that a shotgun? YEAH! okay! I’ve got two shots left, which means if I’m veeeeery smart about this, I can kill two more creatures. Or run away screaming like a little bitch baby STRONNNK! Chem fluid~ WHAAAT? Can I use that to make shotgun shells? Is that what I can do? I’m gonna take the psychostimulants see where items are for a limited time… wokay oh! alright~ oh! shit! what? lock pick? Doesn’t fit this lock??? Oh this is the dissection room! Oh okay okay okay I know- I know this one, I need to go get the dissection room key That’s why I thought I had that, because I forgot this reset. Did I miss you? How did I miss that? I completely forget! Okay oh shit BUT as long as I get that- oooh! WOOAAH! That is hidden- holy shit okay but is there more stuff in here? I put it in my box! I put it in the box! I put it in the box- I definitely put it in the box! I’ll brb I’ll brb, I definitely put it in the box! Oh no! NonoNono! It’s over here! Wait what the fuck is down- What the fuck did I just pick up? God-d stop that! God I hate that! Ugh, I keep thinking that’s- ugh, fuck. So I’ve got two strong chem fluids So I can make enhanced gun ammo or strong first aid med Well that’s good. Alright, I’ll use that. And this is what I was looking for, dissection room key Okay There’s nothing else in any of these, so this is good Alright, this is okay, this is good this is good this is good I just need to go back, I need to get gunpowder to make more bullets and then I should be okay. Er. Man, this, this, this game takes a lot of planning I hope they give me more inventory space eventually because this is reeallly really tight to worry about all stuff. But it makes sense. It does make sense. I can’t exactly carry a whole lotta stuff on my person So it is good that there’s just not a constant stream of materials that’re going up my ass At least I’ll be able to go through here I’ll be able to take care of these enemies now because I got more powerful bullets which should be able ta better take the heads off of ’em. Alright, come out come out wherever you are! After I’ve already killed you. There better not be more of you, you better not have respawned or anything like that. Alriight Alri-ight Okaay, I’m trustin’ ya! I’m trustin’ ya. Alright, let’s do this. Blamo blamo! Hello? I’ve got a lot of ammo. Wooh, that’s a hard one. Where’s- woah. What the fuck? What the fuck. Oh my god, it’s the guy- *Door slams* *footsteps* Hoh, fuck It’s the cop from the garage, how did he get down here? oowoAEY, oh,okay. Oh shit. Is he gonna to do something to the body of the cop? Oh shit he is isn’t he. Oh fuck. Cuz I see…I see something moving on his body which means, maybe he’s already been infected with whatever, strange fungus is here. No idea. Okay. But, at least I’ve gotta a lot of shotgun shells now, so that’s good. And, also, He took the dog’s head, so that’s the last dog head that I need. And he’s got it, so I gotta go somewhere down there. Oh man, something is happening to that body. Something is definitely happening to that body. Alright No time like the present, we gotta carry on. Okay. Alright let’s go. Hoo boy. Mmkay. So if I gotta face off with the dad again, at least I’ll be able to stun him, and they’re giving me a lot of shotgun shells! Oh they are givin’ me a lot of shotgun shells. So I think that standard policy, the best practice is, to always carry, the herbs and the gunpowder, whenever you have them, and then whenever you get cra- chem fluid, you just instantly *hears noise* craft it into whatever you need. God, I never know what noises are noises and what ar- haaaEYYY Okaay. Ohh, this looks like an arena! I’m not too keen on the arena aspect of this. Oh boy. Hoh boy. hhoh boy. Oh bo- oh my god. Oh my god. uuh Poor deputy, something’s happening to the deputy! Jesus, ugh. Oh my god. Should I be- just be staring at this because it’s probably a bad idea just to be here, and watching this happen, even the shadow’s moving. Ogh Seems like he might be getting a bit bulkier. Oh god he is. Oh god he is. Oh I shouldn’t be standing here. This guy’s getting waay bulkier! Oh I shouldn’t be standing here. This guy is getting waaay bulkier. He’s getting ripped as shit bruh. He’s getting ripped as shit bruh. Holy fuck. Holy fuck. Ooh boy. Ohh boy. Okay, so anything else in here that I need? Okay so anything else in here that I need? Doesn’t look to be the caase! Doesn’t look to be the caaase! Woo what was that. Woah Haang on there. Don’t lock me in here with the deputy! Not yet anyway! There we go, chem fluid. Woo, is something in here? So then I take that, combine that with the stanky herbs. Alright, got that. Now move that. Moving on! Ooo boy Seems like, ugh. Seems like something could be crawling out of that any moment. Alright. What’s in here? Wheah, why did I do that? Why would I have done that? Why did I do that?? eeugh Oh fuck, hello. Well this- ayyei- this is a trap! This is very clearly a trap. I’m gonna get kicked down there. Get a boot shoved up my butt. Lemme just make sure that I’ve got everything that I need. Well eventually I’m gonna get the snake key apparently, but I just wanna see everything first before I go down there. Gunpowder, good euggh, got a whole cattle down here. anything else, anything else, anything else… no? alright. well, let’s get to it then. Bring it on i guess… Alright, here we go. I haven’t saved in a while but I think I can make it through this. AND…… yep, I knew it, I knew it. Hey, how’s it goin’, how ya doin? HHAAUUGGH, I got kicked down here! Who’d a thunked’d it? Alright okay alright Woah hey whoa. Ow, okay, alright. I’m gonna shotgun you… Yeah well how do you like that, buddy? BOOM, bitch! Woah, fuck.. woah, fuck what is that? Should I shoot that? OHH my god. Oh my god. It is like the Ouroboros virus! okay let me load up with the more powerful stuff Oh shit, that’s not good. Okay well-oh, that’s not good. Daddy:”GROOVY”
Ethan:”That’s not groovy!” Mark:WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? Woah, I can’t block that, most likely. Woah Okay so, that’s what I’m doing with that. Okay, alright, okay Okay, alright, wooowowoWOAAaah Okay c’mon load up-WOWOWOWOAH Okay, alright okay *BOINK* Holy fucking shit Oh boy, oh boy *mark screaming* Oh boy. Oh boy, oh boy WAAAA Fuck man, I’m almost out of ammo! Oh wait, chainsaw! AAAAAAA Chainsaw, fuck, yeah! Oh, boy, oh boy. Oh boy, oh boy oOH fuck. Ok. HollLLLY FUCKING SHIT Oh boy. Oh boy. Lemme just preemptively Just in case I dunno if I should Ah fuck, g-g-get juice! There we go, there we go Oh boy, that’s not good Holy fucking shit Uwoowowoowowoooowowoooowoah Woahhhh WOOOOAAAAHHHH WHAT THE FUCK Ooookayyy, that’s not okay That’s not okay There was like a face, did you see it? Oh. my. GOD. Did you see that though? There was like a face! In whatever was bulbousing out of his body There was literally a face Like, I don’t know what it was, but I definitely saw skull-like features and whatnot I have no idea how accurate that is, but I’ll have to review that that was LEGIT That was FUCKING intense Oh good, shotgun shells Coulda used that. Is this gunna break the the th- This is gunna break the chainsaw, isn’t it? Yuuup okay gooood GREAT That would have been incredibly useful in the entirety of the game Good GOD Oh my goodness gracious gravy Okay well, I made it out of there I used my BRAiN- ow I just poked myself in the eye BUT I used my brain and I used all the skills I had brought with me in this endeavour Where is this way. So what I need to find I need to get the do- did I get the dog head? Ya I have the dog head And then over here Further deeper there’s a snake door Which I can only assume leads back somewhere But I don’t know if If I have the snake key or if the snake key is available How’s this guy doing? ugh still bad okay, still bad So I’m just going to do, I’m going to do a comb-over to make sure that the snake key isn’t down here and then I am going to get out of here. (Grandma starts humming) Hi grandma – Hey How you doin’ Grandma? Nice singing Grandma, maybe I should just shoot Grandma in the back of the head, but I’m gonna save before I do that. Oh boy OH BOYO Is that a big herb? Oh boyo, okay. So I’m savin’ You have reached the maximum number of save slots and you can’t create new saves” Alright I’ll just go back from the beginning again. Override this one yes please. Haiyaiyaiya iyayaiyaiy YAI Well that was Fucking intense but I got better as time went along so… Thank you everybody so much for watching let me know what you think of this down below and let me know how I’m doing because I think I’m getting better! Oddly enough third episode in, I’m not terribly sucking I died a few times, but that’s okay So thank you everybody so much for watching and as always I’ll see you in the next video BUH-BYE!!!!

101 Facts About Assassin’s Creed

November 28, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

101 Facts About Assassin’s Creed

greetings mother factors my name is
same-same my name’s not saying this script is wrong it’s Sam and today I’m
going to be talking to you all about the wonderful world of a statins Creed not
too many a video game series can boast such a diverse range of historical time
periods and locations but that’s just part of what makes Assassin’s Creed so
dope Sun also I like the fact that title has the word asking its price haha now
that’s comedy but which work of historical fiction inspired the
Assassin’s Creed franchise what did the Assassin’s Creed do for the first time
in 35 years and where can I buy a cool AF hidden blade she’s asking for a
friend who is me the friend is MIA mugged enter tonight two out of three
those questions are going to be answered so grab some snacks turn off the lights
and get comfy in a pile of a as we count through 101 facts about Assassin’s Creed
number 1 in case you click from this video and some sort of mouse clicking
frenzy and unless you know what the hell we’re talking about here well Assassin’s
Creed is an actual adventure stealth video game franchise developed by
Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft it’s a jump in swinging crawl
and Schumann rootin tootin good time number two the series follows the story
of a centuries-old struggle between the assassins who fight for the rights of
people to exercise free will array for those guys and the Templars
who believe that peace can only be achieved with the control of humanity
yeah it’s a really heavy cheers people it’s not just shaving people in the
street number three the first five of the core games of the series assassin’s
creed Assassin’s Creed 2 Assassin’s Creed : Brotherhood : Brotherhood
Assassin’s Creed Revelations and Assassin’s Creed 3 follow an ongoing
narrative with Desmond Miles the descendant of numerous Assassin’s as the
protagonist later installments of the series follow different stories at
different point of time within the same universe number 4 Assassin’s Creed has
developed into a huge worldwide franchise an ubisoft now devotes a huge
portion of their resources to it the company has 29 development teams all
around the world ten of which work on Assassin’s Creed as it’s such a huge
franchise in fact that’s over a third of the company number five the franchise
began back in the misty realm of 2/3 in seven with the release of the very
first Assassin’s Creed game staggeringly titled Assassin’s critic thoughts it the
game was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in November of 2007 and for
PC in April of the following year and there was much rejoicing number six
interestingly for the first Assassin’s Creed game was originally going to be a
spin-off sequel to the 2003 game Prince of Persia the sands of time and was
going to be called Prince of Persia assassin however Ubisoft weren’t
comfortable with the idea of a Prince of Persia game that did not focus on a
prince and so the concept was developed into the sand lone Assassin’s Creed
brand we now know and love today number seven much of what Assassin’s Creed
ultimately became it’s inspired by Alamut a novel written by the Slovenian
author Vladimir Bartok and first published in 1938 large sections of the
story in Assassin’s Creed is based on the novel’s plot which follows the story
of the order for statins a real Islamic military sex that existed between
eleventh and thirteenth centuries number eight the Templars in the game
are based on the real historical Knights Templar who in reality were originally
founded as a charity to safely escort pilgrims to the Holy Land with their
distinctive red crossed white coats the Templars actually helped keep the road
safe for travel and commerce unlike the Templars in the game who are
mostly concerned with furthering their own ideology number nine interestingly
for horn heard of why keep doing that noise when the game was still intended
as a Prince of Persia spin-off the main character was going to be female sadly
though glass ceilings remain unmatched and yet another male videogame
protagonist was birthed unto the world number 10 the protagonist in the first
Assassin’s Creed game is the presumably penis owning Desmond Miles
a bartender descended from a long line of assassins who was kidnapped by
multinational conglomerate called Abstergo a front used by the Templar
order to conceal their modern-day activities
Desmond is then forced to access the genetic memories of his ancestors using
an incredible yet ominous machine called the animus number Ola the animus machine
is designed to separate Desmond’s consciousness from his body and to
infuse his mind with that of his ancestors Assassin’s Creed is less
religiously oriented despite its historical setting and focuses more on
philosophy for instance the Animus name is a reference to Jung’s concept of
anima and animus verse number 12 throughout the
Assassin’s Creed series Desmond Miles is voiced by Nolan North who is also known
for voicing a variety about the videogame characters most famously
Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series we may have made a video about the
Uncharted series actually and the link om the link must be somewhere around
here wait let me try and find it oh there it is
number 13 Desmond’s handler Lucy Stillman is voiced by legit a list
actress Kristen Bell who is known for appearing in the hit show Veronica Mars
and lated the animated smash hit frozen she’s also in the good place which is
underrated and everyone should watch it Stillman’s appearance is also modeled on
the actress because if you can get Kristen Bell to appear in your video
game you merce will kick your money’s worth
number 14 when Desmond is in the Animus though the player controls Desmond’s
12th century Levantine descendant old tire Villa had an assassin who lived
during the Third Crusade that animus machine is really impressive shame it’s
fictional I’d like to meet my ancestor who was definitely not an assassin I’m
probably just an out-of-work jester screaming facts of the world and getting
trench foot number by number 15 the name Altai air means flying one or the bird
in Arabic appropriate considering his daring feats of acrobatics his last name
Eibon lahat means son of no.1 which is actually number 16 the leader of the
assassin Brotherhood in the game is al mualim also known as the old man of the
mountain al mualim’s name also means the mentor in Arabic number 17 alter yeah is
missing a finger stew signature weapon of the assassin Brotherhood the hidden
blade originally required a removal of the ring finger however Altair
ultimately modify the weapons design that such a sacrifice was not necessary
too late number 18 if you’ve ever played this Athens creed you’ll have noticed
while almost every character in the game speaks with a Middle Eastern accents
that at least attempt to be somewhat historically accurate imprisoning them I
keep them safe although here speaks with a distinctly
twenty-first century American draw what journey it is the life of servitude
according to Phillip Shabazz the actor who provided the voice of Altair
he had originally intended to portray the character with a Middle Eastern
accent but throughout the process of auditioning and being cast he was
repeatedly told by the directors to lessen the accent until he was
eventually asked to drop it altogether number 19 one of the most striking
similarities between the game in Philippine Bartels novel elements
concerns the siege of mercy earth in which the assassins repel an attack by
the Saracen armies of Saladin in the game ultra performs a leap of faith
along with two other assassins by jumping from the castle into a hidden
pile of hay in order to trick the invaders into thinking assassins were
more than willing to die for their cause in Bart olds novel however the leader of
the assassins orders two of his men to kill themselves as a demonstration of
his power and they actually do die only one dies from jumping the castle though
as the other stabbed himself in the heart number 20
multiple times throughout the game players can find certain buildings in
Damascus and Acre that have door a window to rain to look like Optimus
Prime from transformers and her any reference in a video game but rocker
number 21 the soundtrack to Assassin’s Creed was created by composer Jesper Kyd
before Assassin’s Creed kid Bert embarrass video games in aid of
software’s Hitman series which also features an assassin as the main
character coincidence probably number 22 several months later in 2008 a prequel
for the first Assassin’s Creed game entitled assassin’s creed of torez
chronicles was released for the Nintendo DS’s well as iOS Android and Windows
Phone the game featured two new cities Tyre and Aleppo but sadly does not
include missing after bad science number 23 later in the year
Ubisoft released Assassin’s Creed bloodlines set almost immediately after
the events of the first Assassin’s Creed game in contrast also as somewhat
anachronistic and displaced American accent voice in this asin’s Creed
bloodlines alter year has a somewhat more appropriate middle-eastern accent
number 24 later in the same year Ubisoft released assassin’s creed lineage a
three-part short film which serves as a prequel to the events of discussing
spree – this constitutes the first live-action Assassin’s Creed film and
focuses on a period of the life of Giovanni Auditore da Firenze a father of
the protagonist of Assassin’s Creed 2 Ezio Auditore da Firenze a those
pronunciations were probably butchered and now the comments are gonna go mad
number 25 soon after the release of lineage came the second major
installment in the series Assassin’s Creed 2 set in 15th century Italy during
the Renaissance the game follows the exploits of the aforementioned
auditory to forensic who in time would have Ubisoft fashion embarked on a quest
of vengeance against those responsible for betraying his family meanwhile
Desmond Miles continues to learn more about space in the world as he attempts
to thwart Abstergo and the modern-day Templars number 26 the name Ezio loosely
translates an eagle or like an eagle consequently Ezio in LT air have very
similar names in terms of meaning isn’t that fun I think it’s fun number 27 the
second part of Ezio to name Auditore da Firenze II sorry again essentially means
auditor from Florence Auditor derived from the family profession of banking
and forensic it’s the Italian version of Florence which is Ezio’s birthplace
number 28 Assassin’s Creed 2 contains a sneaky little reference to Batman but
you may encounter when freerunning when you’re moving around on rooftops one of
the things you may hear a pedestrian say is another a capering Crusader not like
that though though anyway that’s a Batman reference whoa number 29 and one
point in the game Ezio – uncle Mario introduces himself by saying it’s a me
Mario it’s a me Mario I mean surely you know what that references to anyway it
has the substitute of a sledgehammer but I’ll tell you anyway it’s a tight little
ref to Nintendo’s Mario franchise which tells the story of a pleasantly chubby
Italian plumber who you know what there’s the video link about him watch
it afterwards number 30 in late 200 9 Hoover self-released Assassin’s Creed
discovery in Assassin’s Creed 2d side-scroller available for Nintendo DS
and iOS in which the player takes control of Ezio once more interestingly
the head of content of the series a Marv as Asya once stated during a reddit AMA
hot in 2017 the discovery was no longer canon in light of the events of the
Assassin’s Creed film oh yeah that’s an assassin’s creed film spoiler we’ll get
to it later sorry you’re not missing much though number 31
however less than a month later as I see a change his mind and declared the game
to be canon once again following protests from fans who said it
completely destroyed the continuity of the series with great power comes great
responsibility Oh spider-man reference there you can
have that one for free bonus reference number 32 the next major installment in
the Assassin’s Creed series was Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood which was
created as a direct sequel to Assassin’s Creed 2 and released in November of 2010
Brotherhood was the first Assassin’s Creed video game the game plays the
ability to fruit assassins who could perform
assassinations and assist you in battle there are Saturn interns basically
number 33 Brotherhood was also the first Assassin’s Creed video game to feature a
multiplayer game mode allowing you and your buddies to carry out assassinations
together the way it should be really number 34
Lucy Stillman appears in the game still voiced and modeled on Kristen Bell
Brotherhood however brings a new fully voiced and modeled character in the form
of Shawn Hastings who is played by English humorist Danny Wallace who you
may remember from that one thing you watch some telly a few years ago here
that’s the one number 35 upon completion of DNA sequence for
which involves the rescue of catarina sur Forza players attained and
achievement idol to bring the better in another castello which roughly
translates to princess in another castle this is a delightful it’s a reference to
the famous phrase Thank You Mario but our princess is in another castle from
Super Mario Brothers number 36 on the same day that brother was released so
too was Assassin’s Creed ascendant an animated short film set between the
events of Assassin’s Creed 2 and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood the film
details more of Cesare Borgias rise to power and his Ubisoft first animated
Assassin’s Creed film number 37 2011 saw the release of the next major title in
the ass Creed series Assassin’s Creed Revelations this is dormant or the
arrival of the hook blade accommodated for hook and a blade as implied by its
very literal name the hook blade was originally conceived for the game’s
creators as an upgrade to the hidden blade but in the end the hook blade was
added as an additional weapon number 38 one of the missions in Assassin’s Creed
Revelations is named the spy who shunned me which is
an obvious nod to the James Bond book The Spy Who Loved Me which was later
turned into a film I believe not sure number 39 Reese on the same day as
revelations Assassin’s Creed embers is supersoft second animated short film
based within the Assassin’s Creed universe the short film is available in
15 different languages – either through voiced up or subtitles but guess what
it’s full of numerous mistakes and typos but you wouldn’t want to hear about that
would you oh you would ah fine number 40
first of all in Ezio is that it is a figure incorrectly kalter mio Caro
the masculine variant of the Italian term meaning my dear we should have said
to be the feminine version Mia as it is in the Italian version of the
film number 41 additionally in the credits for the film Sophia’s name is
erroneously misspelled Sofia despicable the meaning of her life not only that
the second part of xiaochun’s name is pronounces mune throughout the film
despite the fact that the name is transliterated via the pinyin
romanization system in which the letter j represents the same sound as it does
in English as such the character’s name should be pronounced Xiao Jun number 43
in late 2011 Ubisoft published Assassin’s Creed encyclopedia not a game
this time but a book in fact a book there’s a compendium of Assassin’s Creed
facts and info the book was initially intended to be a simple collection of
artwork but the project ultimately gathered so much material it was
expanded into a fully fledged encyclopedia number 44
Assassin’s Creed 3 confusingly the fifth major title in the series was released
in 2012 it’s set in 19th century colonial America before during and after
the American Revolution the game’s protagonist is a half British half
mohawk named brother hangar dough a name which for some reason contains a colon
later he picks up the main corner which is much easy to pronounce for our
non-native American mouths if by any chance they were any Native Americans
watching we’re sorry for that most pronunciation and just you know for
everything number 45 as such cornets the first protagonist in the Assassin’s
Creed series with a name that does not essentially mean eagle the name Conner
is Celtic an origin and means lover of hound or lover of wolves Oh
whereas his Mohawk name means his spirit lives all life scratcher
number 46 Assassin’s Creed is also one of the few games that reaches a Native
American actually voiced by a Native American as Connor was voiced by actor
Noah Watts who is a member of the crow nation and a descendant of the Blackfeet
nation number 47 according to Ubisoft around 80 percent
of the name characters in Assassin’s Creed 3 were historically accurate in
the them of real people these include near-legendary Americans
like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin as well as Native American
expert William Johnson and the military commander Charles Lee number 48
the art of scalping which involved cutting up the skin from atop a person’s
head Hill was originally going to be something Konica due to his enemies in
Assassin’s Creed 3 but it was removed when the crater’s found out the summer
Native American groups practice counting but the Mohawk were not generally one of
them you are able to scout people in 2005 Neversoft game gone though
so if you really feel the need to slice off a person’s head skin do it there
number 49 Assassin’s Creed 3 ultimately went on to sell roughly three point five
two million units in its first week of release that makes it the best-selling
Assassin’s Creed in the entire franchise number 50 in 2012 Ubisoft released
Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation’s at the PS Vita later making it available for
ps3 and xbox 360 liberation is notable for its protagonist aveline Doubront
pray a French African assassin who is a woman this made her the first female
protagonist in the Assassin’s Creed series number 51 in 2013 Ubisoft
released Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag which follows a story of a Welsh
privateer turned pirate named Edward Kenway
during the Golden Age of piracy in the early 18th century incidently Black Flag
is the first Assassin’s Creed game not to feature a mobile version number 52
all of the sub times was in Black Flag are written with capitalized nouns this
was included as a stylistic flourish to represent the characteristic orthography
found in the 1724 book the general history of pirates which the games
developers used as a historical foundation number 53 Edwards voice actor
Matt Bryan was planning to portray the character with a Mancunian accent but
after the game developers heard his native Welsh accent they decided to use
that instead number 54 in order to do this Edwards
story was completely rewritten to have him born into wealth farming family as
such Edwards birthplace is stated to be the City of Swansea in South Wales which
happens to be the same place in which Matt Bryan was born to number 55 the
pirate Charles vane is voiced by English actor Ralph Ellison also known as finchy
from the office who spent several hours researching Charles vane out of concern
he would have to do an accent for the role upon discovering that Baynes
birthplace was never actually recorded in any historical documents and very
little is known about his early life Anderson decided to use his normal
speaking voice for the character instead oh thank you sir god save you
number 56 mark bond are the active portrays a black beard in the game
developed his characters voiced by repeatedly mimicking recording to people
from bristol until the voice of black beard emerged I am available for voice
work by the way if anyone’s can touch number 57 there’s nice dragon Black Flag
located underwater at the Anto chaff shipwreck in which players can walk to
squid absolutely annihilating a sperm oh sorry turn page their sperm whale in
a frankly uncalled for into species underwater murder number 58
instead of controlling Desmond wilds outside the Animus in Black Flag the
player instead controls enough sterg of employee from a first-person point of
view around the swanky Abstergo offices numerous real assassin’s creed novels
such as assassin’s creed the fall and Assassin’s Creed 3 forsaken can be found
sitting on the shelves oh yeah sorry by the way there are actual assassin’s
creed novels – out there done it again haven’t I whoops number 59 the Opera
House that Edward and his children visit at the end of the game is the same one
Haytham attends at the very beginning of Assassin’s Creed 3 callbacks are so fun
number strict day between 2013 to 2014 Ubisoft released a number of minor games
and DLC expansions through the Assassin’s Creed series including
Assassin’s Creed pirates which is essentially what Black Flag already is
Assassin’s Creed freedom cry and Assassin’s Creed identity you piss off
also created Assassin’s Creed memories a role-playing trading card game meant
exclusively for the iOS number 61 2014 also saw the release of Assassin’s Creed
rogue the seventh major installment in the Assassin’s Creed series this title
has the diminutive honor of being the shortest Assassin’s Creed game with only
7 main memory sequences number 62 rogue is also notable as the first game in the
Assassin’s Creed series in which the main protagonist shake or Mac is a
Templar drama who do you think you’d be if you have a choice a free will loving
assassin or a dictatorial Templar let us know in our fancy YouTube hole number 63
in the present day sections of the game players can find magazines at the desk
of Abstergo entertainment with the Far Cry 3 cover on top of them in case you
didn’t know because you’re someone who was watching a 30 minute long YouTube
video about the video game series despite not knowing anything about
gaming far cry is another wildly popular game series made like booboo soft
Nintendo 64 in late 2014 Ubisoft released Assassin’s Creed unity the
eighth major installment in the series which is set in eighteenth-century
parade during the French Revolution on the map in Assassin’s Creed unity is
impressive for the simple fact that it really is roughly the same size as Paris
itself number 65 the game also contains a replica of than dr. Adamic white it at
a scale of 1 to 1 meaning that it appears the same size in the game as it
does in real life incredibly the in-game not true Dom was created by a single
employee and took them over 8 months to construct no wonder they were single
they weren’t making that all the time number 66 not only that an incredible
one in four buildings in Assassin’s Creed unity can be entered and explored
that’s actually true of real-life buildings as well if you’re brave enough
number 67 the two blacksmiths brothers encountered with started the story who
chase our Nova stealing back his father’s watch I called Victor and Hugo
this is a clear reference to Victor Hugo the author of the novel name is Rob it
should be noted that the story of lame as Rob takes place before and during the
June rebellion of 1832 not the French Revolution which occurred well over 30
years earlier just saying number 68 in September of 2014 Ubisoft announced
assassin’s creed chronicles a series of 3d side-scrolling games within the
Assassin’s Creed series the first installment Assassin’s Creed chronicles
China was really simply 2015 which is followed by Assassin’s Creed chronicles
India and Assassin’s Creed chronicles Russia the following year number 69 the next major slice in the series
Assassin’s Creed syndicate was released in October of 2015 the game was written
difficult Assassin’s Creed victory assumably because it’s set in a
Victorian London but the title was ultimately shines because poetry is dead
number 17 fans had actually known about syndicate since December of 2014 when
information and a couple of images from the game were leaked but Kotaku number
71 while syndicates open world isn’t the
biggest map in the Assassin’s Creed series the approximation of Victorian
London is still massive measuring up to noon game area of roughly three point
three square kilometers that’s roughly 30% larger from the map
of Paris in Assassin’s Creed unity number 70 do during sequence eight of
the Alhambra Theatre there are posters that refer to previous games because
games need references otherwise they are bad games one is marked Ezio who have
you’ve been listening at all you’ll recognize as the main character of
Assassin’s to Assassin’s Creed Revelations and ass
Creed Brotherhood number 73 another poster is labeled to Ballad of the
Buccaneers which refers to the swashbuckling action found in both
Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and rogue both of which feature sailing the
Caribbean and piracy number 74 at one point in the game code protagonist Jacob
Astor’s caught mrs. Disraeli to the devil’s acre in a mission entitled
driving mrs. Disraeli this is a nice double reference to the 1989 American
for me drama film Driving Miss Daisy which stars Jessica Tandy Morgan Freeman
and Dan Aykroyd for her role is Miss Daisy Bertha Tandy won best actress at
the age of 81 making her the oldest actress to win an Academy Award okay
we’re back to assassins and Templars and jumping into piles of hey number 75 in
her purse mrs. Disraeli carries a small dog named Desmond
if you don’t know whom that’s referring you somehow miss the entire first off
the video in which you talked about Desmond Miles the modern-day protagonist
of the first few verses Creed games number 76
if you’re not an enormous Michael Fassbender fan in which case sort your
life out you may not be aware that the potentially full-length feature film
made in 2016 that was based on Assassin’s Creed the film features a
different patanki nice but follows a similar narrative to the game number 77
the aforementioned Irish Joe and heartthrob Michael Fassbender plays
assassin Aquila denier ha and his descendants Callum Lynch alongside
co-star Ariane lebed who portrays no house partner Maria
apparently so I’m told Fassbender and lebed performed 95% of the fight scenes
and stunts that appear in the film number 78 Assassin’s Creed constitutes
Justin curdles fourth film with by far the biggest budget who’s ever commanded
for comparison curdles last film Macbeth which also starred mcfist band and
Marion Cotillard cost only fifteen million dollars Assassin’s Creed on the
other hand cost 130 million oh by the way just in castles the director of the
film I haven’t mentioned that yet but I feel I should now I’m a pro number 79 in
order to assist the production of the film Ubisoft gave the prop makers a
detailed list of every single weapon ever made for the Assassin’s Creed games
as such many of the weapons seen in the film look very similar to those found in
the games number eighty the assessing costume
scene in the movie took over two months to create there are eight versions of
each costume all of which were crafted by hand an entire costume teams devoted
to each of the assassins member 81 agree last costume in particular was be to be
decorated with roughly six thousand beads beads all of which were manually
sewn by the film’s talented costume team number 82 Assassin’s Creed was filmed
throughout September of 2015 in Malta under the working title of time out of
mind interestingly enough time out of mind is
actually the name of a 2014 drama film starring Richard Gere which has
absolutely no connection to the Assassin’s Creed movie whatsoever all
the games at all I thought I just mention it number 83 the film is notable
book containing the highest freefall stunts performed by stuntmen in over 35
years performed by English stuntman and viral free burning sensation damien
walters the Sun had Walters jump from a height of 38 meters a feat that lasted
almost three seconds for the speed to over 60 miles per hour upon impact it’s
a shame this film didn’t do better really number 84 Michael Fassbender
actively participated in the film’s post-production including editing
usually actors are just there for the glitz the glamour and they have to pay
check in on our Michael god bless you Michael Fassbender number 85 during one
of the scenes in which if we let Maria of runny-nosed at city rooftops a
soldier is knocked off a wall and lands in a pile of hay this is a blatant
reference to the leap of faith jumps found throughout the Assassin’s Creed
game series number 86 the building in which all the Templars meet up at the
end of the film is the United Grand Lodge of England which is the main
Freemasonry Lodge of the United Kingdom that I am leaving that there number 87
at the end of the film Michael Fassbender and his fellow captures from
the Abstergo facility head off to found a new assassin brotherhood interestingly
the film originally had Callum as a lone survivor our test audiences for acted
poorly with that ending so was ultimately changed from more satisfying
conclusion number 88 in the 2014 video game watchdogs
– which like Assassin’s Creed was developed by Ubisoft you can actually
visit a fictional version of the Ubisoft headquarters where a large poster of the
Assassin’s Creed movie can be seen hanging on the building’s exterior
number 89 one of the more recent installments is Assassin’s Creed origins
which is set across a four-year period in the glamorous world of Ptolemaic
Egypt this makes it the first Assassin’s Creed game to officially go BC
than ad number 90 Ubisoft had historians and experts involved in the creation of
Assassin’s Creed origins from start to finish in order to make it as accurate
as possible well as a curious these games compete this included the renowned
French archaeologist Egyptologist and historical illustrator jean-claude
golfin who created 19 paintings for the game to assist with a visual
reconstruction of the final days of ancient Egypt
number 91 as of September 2016 the entire Sasson screed franchise has sold
over 100 million copies I’m from 74 million only two years prior
in 2014 this makes Assassin’s Creed Ubisoft the
best-selling franchise as well as one of the highest selling video game
franchises of all time number 92 the latest creation in the franchise
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is set in ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian
War this place is the game somewhere between the dates of 431 to 404 BC the
earliest time period ever featured in an assassin’s creed title number 93
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will free to even more historical truths than ever
and will include romantic and philosophical themes in addition to the
usual action-packed jaunt into historical time periods for instance one
of the principal characters you will encounter in the game is the philosopher
Socrates who will annoy you with probing questions on the nature of wars
injustice in knowledge and blah blah blah just give me some Templars to kill
dammit number 94 according to Ubisoft the final ending to the Assassin’s Creed
series has already been written but players should not expect it anytime
soon Assassin’s Creed fans are in it for the
long haul number 95 according to Assassin’s Creed writer Corey May the
Assassin’s Creed franchise will explore a lot of historical moments but world
war 2 is not one of them Mabry VC 7 2012 assessing Assassin’s Creed game of world
war 2 as well as fetal Japan and ancient Egypt would be boring and yet Assassin’s
Creed origins is set in ancient Egypt so never say never again
number 96 including Odyssey Ubisoft has produced a total of 11 main games these
asses great series supplemented by dozens of expansions and spin-off games
and various remasters and compilations number 97
there are also Assassin’s Creed games that many of the biggest fans the series
may not even get to play assassin’s creed blood sail is an upcoming through
the action RPG for mobile platforms that’s being developed for Ubisoft China
specifically for the Chinese market as such Western gamers may not get to play
it in big Smuts number 98 the Assassin’s Creed series produced games across some
incredible 15 different platforms including PS PS number 99 like numerous
other recent gaming titles the Assassin’s Creed series has also spawned
a spin-off series of comic books and graphic novels starting with a 16 page
graphic novel entitled well as Assassin’s Creed released in 2007
alongside the very first game it’s a me 100 the success of the Assassin’s Creed
series also led to the creation of a long-running series of novels set in the
game universe most of which were written by the English historian Anton Gill
under the pen name Oliver Boden number 101 one one lastly but not leastly
Assassin’s Creed is birth a number of delightful tabletop games
these include Assassin’s Creed arena the official Assassin’s Creed board game
Assassin’s Creed Vendetta the official Assassin’s Creed card game and of course
Assassin’s Creed monopoly the official Assassin’s Creed theme from Apogee game
all these games would be perfect to play on a rainy autumn to befriend or lover
Jennifer Lawrence haha got her in eventually he sound nuts well
not really because isn’t The Long Goodbye that was 101 factor but
Assassin’s Creed did you enjoy it what is your favorite game in the series let
me know in comments down below also where can Assassin’s Creed go next
personally I’ve liked them in Norwich anyway in the meantime here are two
wonderful videos for your viewing pleasure you’re going to enjoy at least
one of them yeah

107 Resident Evil Facts YOU Should Know | The Leaderboard

Resident Evil is widely regarded as the series that brought life to zombies in video games. No pun intended, but also, pun completely intended. There’s been an endless amount of media made for the series including video games, movies, comic books, novels, you name it, Resident Evil has most likely done it. The two most recent entries, Resident Evil’s 5 and 6, changed their direction and didn’t play to the series’ horror elements. But Capcom is hoping to change that with its new entry into the series, Resident Evil 7. Hi, I’m Jacob from The Leaderboard, and we’re here to give you a history on your favorite zombie fighting series. So grab an ax, mix some antidotes, sell some stuff to a weird guy in a trench coat, and get ready for 107 Facts About Resident Evil. Let’s get started. *Door opening* Fact #1: The first Resident Evil game, also known as Biohazard depending on who you ask, started development in 1993. It ultimately took three years to finish development. #2: The first game in the series was actually meant to serve as a remake, NOT an original title. Capcom initially wanted it as a reboot to one of their NES titles, Sweet Home, which was based on a Japanese horror movie of the same name. #3: Sweet Home was a blend of both horror and RPG genres. It had a unique element where the main characters could suffer from perma death and some characters were needed to get through certain parts. The game itself had five different endings and would vary based on who survived throughout the game. #4: Shinji Mikami was chosen to helm the creation of Resident Evil and to develop the game. The initial project was proposed by the creator of Sweet Home, (I am so sorry about some of these pronunciations.) Tokuro Fujiwara, who Mikami viewed as a mentor. #5: Capcom wanted to make Resident Evil because they saw the potential of the PlayStation system. It was one of the first transitions for games going from 2D to 3D and Capcom believed that it could add a whole new level of horror if games were in 3D. and they were right. #6: Although Capcom had confidence in the game being made, they didn’t give the developers any extra time or special treatment. The game itself was an uphill battle to create and was only made possible by random employees helping on their free time and Mikami’s dedication to get the game done. #7: Yasuhiro Ampo, one of the original programmers that worked on Resident Evil, remembers the game being a world win process. He recalls that the staff constantly changed and the most developers they had at one point was eighty. There was also no quality control type of testing, so all the debugging was done internally by what the developers found while the game was still being developed. #8: It may have been a difficult development cycle, but the one who took the brunt of it was Mikami himself. At the beginning of the project, the first six months of development were actually a solo project because Mikami was doing almost everything by himself. #9: The first six months allowed Mikami to develop a lot of the creative end of the game. He spent the time creating character designs, concept sketches, and wrote an original draft of the script that was forty pages long. #10: Mikami had his own worries on whether or not the game would sell. It wasn’t because it was a somewhat “new genre” in video games, but rather he was worried that it wouldn’t do anything new. He wanted the sense of killing a zombie and fighting for your life in the game to feel like something the player had never experienced before. #11: Resident Evil took on a lot of influences from different forms of media, be it films or other video games, but two core concepts of the game were set in stone: The idea of the single setting of the manor and the static camera angles. The primary reasons for these choices were the technical limitations of 3D environments at the time. But it allowed Mikami to experiment with the game in a way that had never been seen before. #12: Ampo recalls that they had to use polygons in the game sparingly due to technical limitations. That’s when Mikami made the decision to have all the backgrounds be pre-rendered and saved the polygons for all the zombies that wanted to eat your brains. #13: The wall backdrops were heavily inspired by one horror film in particular, The Shining. It’s often cited that Mikami was heavily influenced by The Shining when it came to designing the environments for the rooms in Resident Evil. #14: Both Ampo and Mikami have mixed feelings and memories on the overall legacy that the first Resident Evil ultimately created. Ampo expressed that he was happy to work on the game and that the intense development cycle is reflective on how indie development is now. Mikami believed the game would never turned into a series, because horror has a specific pattern and if it keeps showing up in other games, then players will get tired of it. He often reflects on how his life would’ve turned out had he continued as a creative director and not a producer, but ultimately, he still feels extremely fortunate with what the Resident Evil series has brought to his life. #15: The beginning of the game has the player choose between using either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. However, early beta screen shots revealed that co-op WAS an idea that was considered for the game, but ultimately didn’t make the cut. #16: All of the live-action videos that serve as cutscenes were filmed in Japan. However, the actors that appear in the videos are all American. #17: Fujiwara, who served as a producer for the game, projected that it would only sell about 200,000 copies, because he believed the game only targeted a core audience. The original game would go on to sell, well over, a million copies. #18: Mikami always had the idea of multiple endings for the game because he wanted the game to feel unique. He wanted players to live their own story line through their experiences and felt if the game was just a prepackaged experience, then people wouldn’t have as great of a memory of their time playing it. #19: The reason behind the title change from Biohazard to Resident Evil was due to copyright reasons. Chris Kramer, the Director of Communications at Capcom, knew it would be impossible to copyright Biohazard in the United States because of another flop game with the same title, as well as a New York based band with the same name. So Capcom held an internal company contest to think of a new title. Everyone loved the title “Resident Evil”, except for Kramer, who thought it was a lame title. He ultimately went with the teams choice since they loved it so much. The guy’s a team player. #20: The game went through a strict cutting room process to make its way from Japan to the United States. A lot of the game’s intro was cut due to violence and even a scene where Chris is seen smoking was cut out. When the game was released in the US, it became one of the first titles on the PlayStation to garner an M rating from the ESRB. #21: Once the game was released in 1996, it was beloved by fans and critics throughout the world. It currently holds a 91 Metascore and many critics praised it for feeling like a true interactive movie, doing things no other games had done before. #22: The original game was remastered in 2015 and was released on the PS4 and Xbox One. There have been several ports of the original game since its initial release that range all the way from the Sega Saturn to the previously mentioned remasters. #23: One of the biggest ports came to the GameCube, which completely changed the feel of the game. It was an astounding graphic overhaul and changed the entire atmosphere of how it played. #24: If you beat the Invisible Mode in the Resident Evil remake in under five hours, you will unlock a message from the man himself, Shinji Mikami. #25: Resident Evil went on to get a sequel, but the path to get the second game made was a bit of a headache. It was originally going to be called Resident Evil 1.5 and Mikami wanted it to be the end of the series. However, Fujiwara disagreed with the ending and wanted the game to serve as a bridge to mega series and go on to expand the Resident Evil lore. #26: Resident Evil 1.5 ultimately got scrapped and only some of it’s original features actually made it to Resident Evil 2. The sequel came out in 1998 and had two new heroes to choose from: Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. #27: One of the biggest changes that Resident Evil 2 brought was a change of locations. Players were no longer limited to one location and instead could discover more layers of Raccoon City and figure out the mysteries surrounding it. #28: The game also expanded on character selection. Depending on who you choose in Resident Evil 2, the player will face different puzzles and environments that are exclusive to the character chosen. #29: The game’s difficulty was changed in the US to be harder than it was in Japan. The reason was that Capcom didn’t want rentals of the game to bring down the overall sales. If the game was more difficult, it would force players to end up buying the game. #30: Resident Evil 2 also featured more violent game over screens in the US. Capcom had more freedom in terms of censorship for the sequel in America, which allowed the game over screen to actually be MORE violent than it is in Japan. #31: Despite its multiple delays and rocky development cycle, Resident Evil 2 ended up on being an instant hit for Capcom. The game currently holds an 89 on Metacritic and was widely regarded as a true sequel that improved everything its predecessor did before it. #32: Resident Evil 2 became one of the best single platform games ever for the PlayStation 1. It went on to sell close to five million copies in its lifetime on the PlayStation. #33: Resident Evil 2 went on to be ported to different consoles and even come back to the PlayStation 1. A new version of the game called the Dual Shock™ Version added support for the new Dual Shock™ controllers that brought vibration and two joysticks to the PlayStation controller. It also had two CD Roms for the game, rather than just one. #34: Resident Evil 2 was ported over to the Sega Dreamcast, (Rest in peace you beautiful machine.) and got added features as well. One of the most notable features was that the game utilized the Dreamcast’s VMU or Virtual Memory Unit, which was an add-on for the controller that had a small screen. The game would display the player’s current health and ammo without having to go into the inventory screen. #35: For the Nintendo 64, Capcom was able to make an impressive port of Resident Evil 2. The N64 was never known for having CG cut scenes due to its limited storage on a cartridge, but all of the CG videos are intact on the N64 version, though they are heavily compressed. Regardless, Resident Evil 2 remains one of the few N64 games to have an extensive amount of CG cut scenes. #36: In Resident Evil 2, the A Scenario player passes by a store on Flower Street called “Arukas”. This is Sakura spelled backwards, which is a reference to Sakura Kasugano, a character in Capcom’s Street Fighter series. #37: Resident Evil 1 and 2 will always have a longstanding legacy. And both games ushered in the horror genre to video games in a way that it had not been done before. Their releases paved the way for games series like Silent Hill, Parasite Eve, and Dino Crisis to be made. #38: Capcom wasted no time when it came to the development of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis which was released just a year after Resident Evil 2. It was produced by Makimi and led by Hideki Kamiya, who was one of the original producers on Resident Evil 1. #39: The reason development was so short for Resident Evil 3 was because Capcom had been developing multiple spin-offs for the Resident Evil series and Nemesis happened to be one of them. So, instead of being a spin-off, the team actually developed it as the third installment to the series. #40: The primary reason Capcom wanted the game out so quickly was because the PlayStation 2 would be launched only a year and a half after Resident Evil 3 would be released. Capcom wanted to add at least one more entry into the series on the PlayStation before making a jump to the PS2. #41: In Resident Evil 3, players take the helm of Jill Valentine and continue to explore the outbreak happening in Raccoon City. However, there are multiple elements in the game that hint toward what would come next in the series. #42: One of the newest additions to Resident Evil 3 was the concept of Nemesis himself, who is an ultra zombie sporting a giant rocket launcher. Nemesis stalks the player throughout the game and the player has the option to either fight him head on or to run away entirely. This gave the game a series a height in pace and action that had not yet been seen in the series. #43: One of the biggest inspirations for Resident Evil 3 came from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Nemesis himself was inspired by the villain of the film, the liquid-metal T-1000. Mikami wanted the players to feel as though they were being constantly stalked by an impending force. #44: In terms of combat, the game felt more fast pace overall. There was an introduction of a full 180° turn and players could also dodge attacks with a dedicated dodge move. #45: The game ended up being a solid entry into the series and was met with favorable reviews. It currently holds a 79 Metacritic score. #46: Resident Evil Code: Veronica was officially announced in 1998 and would usher in something completely new to the franchise. It would be the first installment in the series to be not on a PlayStation console at first. Rather, it would launch on the Sega Dreamcast. #47: Although there is no number at the end of Resident Evil Code: Veronica, it is meant to serve as a true entry into the main story line. Project supervisor, Yoshiki Okamoto, has even stated that he believes Code: Veronica is the true followup to Resident Evil 2. #48: One of the biggest changes that came with the switch to the Dreamcast was the technology now available to the developers. It was the first game in the series to feature full CG rendered backgrounds. No more static backgrounds when you’re rocking the power of the Dreamcast. Rest in peace you BEAUTIFUL machine! #49: The game was met with favorable reviews for its technical prowess with a Metascore of 84. However, reviews cited how similar it felt to Resident Evil 3, which makes sense since it was being developed at the same time. It was also criticized for not really expanding on the overall story of Resident Evil. #50: Code: Veronica may not have felt as unique as it could have, but it did feature special elements that would become a stable of the Resident Evil series. It had some of the silliest cut scenes in the series that hinted at how outlandish some of the stories would end up being in the Resident Evil franchise. #51: Resident Evil Zero was the next installment to the Resident Evil series. It served as a prequel to the original game and it lets us play as Rebecca Chambers, who was in the first Resident Evil, and Billy Coen, an all new character, introduced in the game. #52: One of the key features that the team wanted to include was the “partner zapping” system from Resident Evil 2. It allows the players to switch between the two characters at any given time and for certain puzzles or situations to be resolved. #53: The game was meant to launch on the Nintendo 64 since the cartridge-based system allowed for minimal load times which made the partner zapping system work well. However, due to storage issues and graphic limitations, the N64 project was scrapped and the prequel eventually ended up on the GameCube shortly after the original Resident Evil remake. #54: Resident Evil Zero was well regarded among critics on a technical level for giving players a sense of immersion that had not yet been felt in previous Resident Evil games. It currently holds an 83 score on Metacritic. #55: Regardless of the positive reviews, many fans felt the game’s stories didn’t do much to add to the overall Resident Evil experience. This led to poor sales for both Resident Evil Zero and the remake of Resident Evil which forced Capcom to make changes to the series. #56: Resident Evil 4’s history starts as early as 1999. The game’s development was first hinted at during Capcom’s Gamer’s Day when it was mentioned that Mikami was working on “multiple Resident Evil sequels” on the PS2. #57: Resident Evil 4 ended up on having the most intensive development cycle that the series had seen up until this point. The official announcement came in 2002 from a conference held by Capcom, but at that point, a version had already been developed and scrapped altogether. #58: The first version of Resident Evil 4 is commonly known as “the fog version”, which showed Leon Kennedy invading some type of fortress and struggling to survive in this foggy environment. #59: This version of Resident Evil 4 was directed by Hiroshi Shibata at the request of Mikami. The game play shown as “the fog version” was part of a project that was nearly 40% done at the time of its announcement. #60: At 2003’s E3, Mikami showcased a new version of the game. This version showed Leon trying to fend off some type of infection and having visions of a man with a hook. Infamously now called: *Drum roll* “The Hook Man”, who ends up haunting and stalking Leon. This was meant to get a similar feeling to that of Nemesis in Resident Evil 3. #61: During the E3 presentation, Mikami felt confident in this version of the game. Before the trailer began to play, he even urged the audience to not pee their pants. #62: Despite Mikami’s excitement at E3, he still wasn’t happy with how the game felt. He thought it needed something new and exciting to brings fans back to the series. The biggest choice he made came in 2004 and that was to have the camera be BEHIND Leon, rather than being a static angle at all times. #63: This new version of Resident Evil 4 was shown in March of 2004 and fans were BAFFLED. Not only did the footage show the camera angle from behind Leon, but the Hook Man was completely gone. Leon was instead fighting what appeared to be possessed village people, not zombies. This version led to Mikami officially going back to the creative director of Resident Evil, and not just a producer. #64: In January of 2005, Resident Evil 4 was released and changed the scope of the series entirely. From the opening moments, players this wasn’t a traditional Resident Evil by any means. There was an entirely new aiming mechanic which allowed Leon to shoot enemies in the knees and roundhouse kick them. #65: The new features didn’t just stop at roundhouse kicks, although, why would you need anything else? The enemy AI itself have been completely rehanced since the enemies weren’t zombies, but actual people. This allowed them to climb up ladders to follow you, carry weapons, and run after you. Some of the most infamous enemies in the game are the chainsaw wielding villagers, which instilled immediate fear into any player once they heard that chainsaw rev up. #66: The game blew everyone’s expectations out of the water and was nominated for pretty much every award possible in the industry. It currently holds a staggering 96 score on Metacritic with the lowest review being an 88. #67: Despite it’s near perfect scores, the sales were only OK for the GameCube release at about 1.6 million sales. However, across all of its ports, Resident Evil 4 went on to sale over 7 million units, the most being from PlayStation 2 sales. #68: In July of 2005, Capcom officially announced the follow up to Resident Evil 4, *Drum roll* Resident Evil 5. The first announcement came from an official Capcom statement, but had zero details on the game, aside from the fact that it was in development. The heartless teases… #69: Jun Takeuchi, who served as a producer for Capcom’s Lost Planet and Onimusha 3, helm the Resident Evil 5 project. This was the first major entry into the Resident Evil series without Mikami directly involved in any way. #70: Takeuchi felt confident in the way the game looked after they showed off the first trailer for the game. He also wanted the game’s story to focus on the main Resident Evil story line and not feel like a standalone story in the way Resident Evil 4 felt. #71: Resident Evil 5 was the first game to come to the next generation of consoles, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Takeuchi wanted to make sure that the game took full advantage of the new technological features and cited that Half-Life 2 was one of the bigger inspirations during his design of Resident Evil 5. #72: Takeuchi said that the overall development of Resident Evil 5 took about four years to finish. The first year was dedicated to staging and writing, while the next three years actually solved the development of the game. #73: Resident Evil 5 was also the first game in the series to feature co-op, which was a huge change in every way possible. Previous games had a second character onscreen that was controlled by AI, but this was the first game to have a dedicated co-op experience, both online and off. #74: There’s actually a way to have Resident Evil 5 go back to the old camera angle from the original game. At the beginning of the Lost in Nightmares DLC, if you turn around and activate the prompt on the front door, and do this twice, a question mark will appear. If you activate that, the game will go into the classic fixed camera mode. #75: Takeuchi’s reasoning for adding co-op was because he wanted to keep refreshing the series the way Resident Evil 4 did. He believed that adding co-op will bring a whole new dimension to a Resident Evil game that had not been done before, the same way moving the character behind the main character did for Resident Evil 4. #76: A demo for the game was released in January 2009 for the Xbox 360 and in February 2009 for the PS3. In its first three days alone on Xbox Live, the demo was downloaded over 1.3 million times and would go on to be downloaded over four million times across both platforms. #77: Resident Evil 5 was officially released on March 13, 2009. Both Xbox and PlayStation fans were able to get exclusive experiences and products for their respective consoles. #78: On the Xbox side, Capcom and Microsoft released a limited edition red Xbox 360 that came with a copy of the game and a voucher to download Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, which was AWESOME! #79: The PlayStation fans got a PlayStation Home experience. Oh. If the fans decided to log into PlayStation Home, they could go to the Resident Evil 5 lot which featured the setting of the game and players could buy Resident Evil 5 merch for their Home avatars. Remember when PlayStation Home was a thing? It’s OK, nobody does either. #80: Resident Evil 5 was met with mostly favorable reviews. It currently holds a Metacritic score of 83 and reviewers praised it for amping up the action of 4 and for adding in co-op. However, some critics couldn’t help but feel that it didn’t really feel like an actual Resident Evil game. #81: Despite those mixed reviews, Resident Evil 5 was a huge financial success. Not only is it the highest selling Resident Evil game, but it is also Capcom’s highest selling game in the company’s history, with over seven million units sold. #82: Surprising no one at all, Resident Evil 6’s conception came immediately after the release of Resident Evil 5. It began development around 2010. #83: Masachika Kawta, who was a producer on Resident Evil 6, stated the game could take up to eight years to develop. This was prior up to it’s official announcement that development began in 2010. He also noted that it would be a completely different game from any other entry in the series. #84: Producer, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, claimed that the Resident Evil series had undergone dramatic changes since the first game and he wanted 6 to feel like a combination of it all. His hope for the game was to have a balance of everything the players loved from the horror to the action. #85: However, Capcom soon followed up these statements saying that the horror genre is too small of a market for Resident Evil. This was Capcom’s official way of letting fans know that the game would focus more on the action and not play on the horror elements in any serious way. #86: The game was led by Hirouki Kobayashi, who was an original programmer on the first two Resident Evil games. Throughout development, he shared a similar view to Hirobayashi that he wanted to make a game for the fans that they would love. #87: Resident Evil 6 features multiple story lines and all the story lines are also co-op enabled. This is also the first main entry in Resident Evil that features multiple characters you can play as in the same game, like being able to play as both Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy. #88: Hirobayashi wanted zombies in the game from the gecko. He felt that fans had been desperately missing zombies in a main entry of Resident Evil, so he wanted just zombies galore in 6. #89: A demo for Resident Evil 6 came out in September 2012 on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The demo was met with mostly negative feedback when it was first featured at San Diego Comic Con in 2012, which forced Capcom to change many aspects of the game. #90: Upon its release, Resident Evil 6 had a bumpy start. The game officially came out on October 2nd of 2012, but that didn’t stop the “eager” fans from Poland to steal copies of the game before its release, and sell them for a high price. #91: Resident Evil 6, once it was legally available for purchase, was met with VERY mixed results. It currently holds a score of 74 on Metacritic with reviewers praising it for its fun and action. Most of the negative reviewers claimed that the game was just trying to do too much and that it couldn’t figure out its identity. And that any sense of “horror” wasn’t in relation to the title of the game and that’s it. #92: Despite Resident Evil 6 strained so far on from what fans loved of the series, it was still a commercial success. It’s currently Capcom’s second highest selling game of all time, right behind Resident Evil 5. #93: In the wake of Resident Evil 6’s reception, Capcom took a long look at the series to figure out where to go next. With the impending Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Jun Takeuchi came on board again as a producer. He wanted 7 at its core to be what Resident Evil always should be: horror. #94: Resident Evil 7 officially began development in February of 2014. An entirely new engine was built for the game named RE Engine and one of the most unique things about is that it allows for full VR integration. #95: To get fans excited for the game, Capcom released a tech demo to PlayStations VR headset at E3 2015. The code name for the demo was called Kitchen and it was serve to meant strictly as a test for VR. However, after such a positive reception for the tech demo, Capcom decided to have Resident Evil 7 be fully playable in VR. #96: Resident Evil 7 was officially announced at E3 2016. It was revealed that Kōshi Nakanishi, who had worked on Resident Evil: Revelations, would be the creative director for this new entry. #97: While the game was being designed by the Japanese developer Nakanishi, the narrative direction was being written by a Westerner for the first time in Resident Evil history. And that history maker is Richard Pearsey, who wrote two of the expansion DLC’s for Fear and served as one of the narrative designers for Spec Ops: The Line. #98: One of the biggest changes to Resident Evil 7 is that the game will be played entirely in first person. So be sure to have an extra pair of pants on hand if you’re going to be playing it on PlayStation VR. #99: On June 14 of 2016, almost immediately after the game’s announcement, Capcom made a demo available for the game called Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour Teaser. It was available first to PlayStation Plus members on the PS4. #100: The demo would go on to have two more chapters added to it. Both of these chapters had new areas that the original demo wouldn’t let you enter and they also had new enemies to hide from. #101: Despite all of the added content to the demo, Capcom has stated that the demo is meant to be a stand-alone experience. Resident Evil 7 itself will feature a different main character than the one playable in the demo and will have a different story as well. #102: A month after its release, it was clear that fans loved playing the demo. It had been downloaded well over two million times and that number continues to grow with its release on the Xbox One. #103: Capcom has high hopes for the new Resident Evil and has sales expectations to match that. Their projecting that the game will sale over four million sales copies which will put it just a little bit above Resident Evil 3’s sales and would have it be one of Capcom’s top ten highest selling games of all time. #104: For the hardcore fans out there, Resident Evil 7 does have a collector’s edition that is exclusive to GameStop. For a pitily $179.99, fans will get an 8 inch model of the Louisiana house which also serves as a music box that when opened, it plays “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”. The collector’s edition also comes with a mannequin finger flash drive, a steel book case, a VHS tape box, a lithograph, and a creepy note. #105: One final demo for the game was made public at GamesCom in 2016 and it serves as a real first look for the game’s story. The demo isn’t playable in any compacity other than to those who were at Gamescon, but there is footage of it online. #106: The demo has a found footage vibe to it, just like Beginning Hour does and it has the player trying to hide from a creepy old lady with a lantern. The lady is later revealed to be Marguerite Baker who is first referenced in the Beginning Hour. And #107: Resident Evil 7 was released on January 24, 2017 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, Xbox One, and PC. Many fans looked forward to the game going back to its roots of survival horror and not… well… boulder… punching. Thanks for watching 107 Facts About Resident Evil! Have you managed to get your hands on Resident Evil 7 yet? Which game in the series is your favorite? Comment below and let us know! We have new videos dropping every week so let us know what game you want us to cover next. And if you like getting more from your games, subscribe to The Leaderboard, where we help you game smarter.

20 Interesting Facts About Gran Turismo

November 19, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

20 Interesting Facts About Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo has seen a release on every single
PlayStation format barring the PS Vita, with GT Sport hitting PS4 recently at the time
of writing. Reading. Speaking. Whatever time this is. Almost every PlayStation has a GT in its top
two best-selling games of all time, and the only two that don’t are the Vita, which
never had a GT, and the PS4, which at the time of making this has GT Sport with sales
figures I do not know. Still, it’s safe to say this is an unpopular
and terrible series nah I’m just kidding it’s great. And now here’s 20 things you may not know
about Gran Turismo, and if you do maybe you just want to hear them again who knows. Number one, those sales figures Might as well start by filling you in on what
I was bleating on about a second ago – the original Gran Turismo is the highest-selling
PSone game of all time with 10.85 million copies shifted, Gran Turismo 3 is the PS2’s
second top selling game ever with 14.89 million copies shunted, and Gran Turismo 5 made it
to second place in the PS3’s highest sales for games with 11.94 million copies shun-ifted. The PSP’s Gran Turismo, meanwhile, sold
4.66 million copies and was the underrated handheld’s second place seller. Not what you would call a bad run for the
series. BONUS FACT On average, including the Prologue spin-offs,
Gran Turismo sells 6.4 million per game. That’s more than the averages – per game
– for the Zelda series (4.14 million per game), the Uncharted series (5.24 million per game),
the Halo series (5 million per game), Assassin’s Creed (5.55 million per game), and almost
as much as the Need For Speed series, which averages at 6.81 million sales per game. All of these figures come from before the
last release for each game mentioned, because getting up to date sales figures is like pulling
teeth from a rock. Still it’s no wonder Sony puts so much stock
in the bloody thing. Number two, not a one-game studio Polyphony Digital is known as the Gran Turismo
studio, likely because it has made about 32 thousand different versions of V Rally. Gran Turismo. Whatever it’s called. But it is not a one-game studio, with a whopping
four other games flooding like a literal flood from its doors. Motor Toon Grand Prix and its sequel, Omega
Boost and Tourist Trophy. Yes, three of them are racing games, but hey
– a giant robot thing! That’s branching out if ever I’ve seen
it. BONUS FACT For all the resolution fans out there, Tourist
Trophy shares the distinction of being one of only four titles for the PS2 capable of
1080i output. The others are Gran Turismo 4, Valkyrie Profile
2 and… err… Jackass: The Game. Number three, the prototype… sort of The earliest version of Gran Turismo is said
to have been in the works for the Nintendo PlayStation, but I couldn’t corroborate
anything about that so will just ignore that and leave it as a statement uttered by a buffoon. However, those playing Motor Toon Grand Prix
2 were privy to Polyphony’s ambitions for the racing genre – at least if they completed
the game on expert. Those doing so were rewarded with the ‘goodie’
of Motor Toon Gran Prix R; a mode of the game that replaced the bouncy Mario Kart-alike
racers with realistic vehicles and realistic physics. Naturally I wasn’t good enough to complete
the game on expert, even though I have it, so this footage isn’t mine. Sorry. NO BONUS FACT Number four, boys’ club Kazunori Yamauchi revealed at Gran Turismo
4’s launch party back in 2004 that he and his team were working on a new entry to the
series: Gran Turismo For Boys. Aimed squarely at children – well, male children,
apparently, Yamauchi intended the project to create car lovers from a young age, stating:
“If we don’t grow to love cars in youth, we become adults who are uninterested in cars.” And apparently girls and women can’t be
interested in cars, or something? Anyway, it never came out and, instead, morphed
into Gran Turismo on PSP. Sort of. Girls were allowed to play it, as far as I’m
aware. BONUS FACT Gran Turismo received the Golden Marker Special
Award at the Japan Car Design Awards in 2016, and I quote, “For being an instrument about
learning how to drive a car for those who are below the legal driving age and for learning
about cars in general”, and “For giving opportunities to car designers around the
world while broadening the vision of the market”. So it seems Yamauchi didn’t even need his
sexist Gran Turismo spin-off, huzzah! Number five, dee oh double-gee For Gran Turismo 3, Snoop Dogg penned the
track Dogg’s Turismo 3 for the game. It is, as you would expect, utterly superb
in all the wrong ways. And I quote: “It’s all about winning y’all know whats
up PlayStation 2 taking you to a whole new dimension
where the cars look fly and they got good suspension” “I take the lead while others crash the
wall Doggy D-O-double G in the motherfucking Gran
Turismo 3 the coolest game doin’ things,
I’m picking up speed while I’m switching lanes” “If I lose I’m gon’ turn it off and
get right back choose a whole ‘nother car
a whole new course with tunnels and trees.” Sure Feeder’s Just A Day may have become
popular thanks to GT3 – though it also may not have – but it’s all about Dogg’s Turismo
3; gaming’s greatest song. NO BONUS FACT Number six, PRICEMOBILE The single most expensive real vehicle ever
featured in the Gran Turismo series is… the Honda Accord! Wait no, the moon buggy. Yes, Lunar Roving Vehicle LRV-001 from Gran
Turismo 6 cost 38 million dollars to build back in the early 70s. Adjust that for inflation – because that’s
what you should do – and you get a fairly princely sum of 228 million, 750 thousand
dollars. Stick that up your Bugatti. NO BONUS FACT Number seven, accu-race-ey ha ha ha ha haaa The number of polygons in a car in the original
gran turismo was 500. By the time gran turismo 6 released in 2013,
that number had increased to one people still pretended to care about. For the original Gran Turismo, one car was
one day’s work for one person. For GT3, one car was one person’s work for
30 days. When GT5 rolled about, one car was one person’s
work for 180 days, or six months if you want to be informal. Gran Turismo Sport also took the devs six
months per car, but while GT6 featured 1,197 cars at launch, GT Sport has 162 – so a lot
more work has gone into each vehicle. That man who done Gran Turismo, Kazunori Yamauchi,
said: “We are building for future versions of the console, not the one we see today.” So, like, we’ll be seeing these models re-used
in the PlayStation 9 I guess? BONUS FACT Gran Turismo 6 featured accurately positioned
stars in the night sky, for some reason. I have no idea if GT Sport keeps up the tradition. Number eight, Name Recognition Gran Turismo has model car kits, concept cars
– a lot of which can’t actually be built yet because technology isn’t good enough
– a cafe, and even a street in Australia named after it. That’s Gran Turismo Drive in Bathurst…
at the Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit, so not exactly an unexpected naming there. Meanwhile, Kazunori Yamauchi doesn’t have
cars and concepts and cafes named after him right now, so he just has to settle for a
street of his own in the town of Ronda, Spain. Look out for Paseo de Kazunori Yamauchi if
you’re ever around there. BONUS FACT Speaking of name recognition – you can spot
a mention of Konami on the 1990s version of Fuji Speedway on Gran Turismo 4. Obviously it has to be in the past, because
the only mention of Konami you get these days is a sentence starting with the company name
and ending with ‘is a bit of a shitter these days, innit?’ Number nine, This Game Ain’t For You The GT series often gets a bit of stick, especially
from the non-believers and those who pretend Forza is a better franchise, for being a little
bit, shall we say, nerdy. There’s a real air about the games that
they’re almost embarrassed to be video games and instead should just be left alone as car
porn for those obsessed with gaskets. Well, there’s a bit of truth to that – see,
Yamauchi himself has said he never intended Gran Turismo to enjoy mass appeal, with the
first game intended, initially, only for petrolheads, or dieselarses or whatever they’re called. It wasn’t until Taku Imasaki, now long-time
producer on the series, then just producer on the first game as none of the others existed,
got his hands on GT that things changed. Sensing the ever-belittled US audience wouldn’t
get on with the game as it stood, he was instrumental in the decisions to up the speed of the game
by some 25 per cent and altering the in-game gravity so you would get cars leaping higher
and further than they should. He also had a big hand in introducing arcade
mode to the game, as he figured Americans wouldn’t be into the role-playing ladder
climb of Gran Turismo’s core mode. I mean, he was wrong, but it’s pretty funny
just how patronising that is. And now? Well, now we have GT Academy, in which people
who are really good at the game have a chance to become an actual, real racing driver. People who probably didn’t think they were
that into cars – at least not as much as Yamauchi expected players of his game to be – are now
professionals. Fun times. BONUS FACT Gran Turismo 2 could only be completed to
98.2% in US release as drag racing was removed. The European release, meanwhile, could be
completed to 100.9% thanks to the addition of Vauxhall and Opel manufacturer races, which
were absent in any other version. GT4 had a similar issue, meanwhile, with the
US and Chinese releases sometimes only allowing 99.8% completion. Number ten, Word of Mouth Never underestimate the power of telling people
about stuff – on a totally unrelated note don’t forget to share this video and tell
all your friends about the healing power of Bransfield! Anyway, Gran Turismo has been cited by some
Japanese car manufacturers as a reason for increased popularity in certain models they
produce, with the likes of Nissan, Subaru and Mitsubishi all declaring the game directly
responsible for an uptick in interest. Mitsubishi chap Takashi Kiuchi said, back
in 2002, “There’s no doubt that Gran Turismo played a huge role in our decision to launch
the Lancer Evolution in the United States – the car wouldn’t have attracted as much
attention as it has in the US without the game.” Outside of Japan there’s a similar picture
– RUF, the brand known for modifying and releasing its own versions of Porsche’s lineup, wouldn’t
have been half as well known as it is were it not for its inclusion in earlier Gran Turismo
titles. Those being the ones where Polyphony couldn’t
get the actual Porsche license, because EA was doing its usual thing of just having all
the licenses for everything ever. Even here in Britain things were impacted,
with the first GT game seeing TVR’s sales increase six-fold after its release. I mean, correlation isn’t causation and
all that, but the Cerbera was a lovely little car in that game, so… BONUS FACT
You can actually find a model of Porsche in Gran Turismo 3, as the 911 996 GT3 was intended
to be in the game until EA signed its exclusive Porsche license and the horseless carriage
had to be removed. Its data is still present, though, and you
can unlock it with some pokery and an Action Replay or Gameshark. Or if you download a save like I may or may
not have done. Number eleven, CONTROVERSY Gran Turismo isn’t a series that courts
controversy. Much as I love it, it’s barely a series
that courts anything beyond mild surprise. While microtransactions in GT6 put some people
off, complaints were limited – but Gran Turismo Sport nudged things into outright outrage
territory by requiring players to be online whether they were playing the game in multiplayer
or not. What you might not have picked up on is the
why behind all of this – now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be an apologist for
always-online, as I’m not big on multiplayer anyway and I don’t just listen to what’s
said and automatically go ‘oh right that’s a good reason god I love these faceless company
decisions!’ But I do pay attention to reasons when they’re
actually interesting – Gran Turismo Sport requires you to be always online because of
the motor sport governing body the FIA. GT Sport includes FIA-endorsed online championships,
you see, so the game itself has to actually follow very strict rules and regulations for
it to be taken seriously by the governing body. And I quote: “In order to ensure fair racing
for all, GT Sport will require an internet connection for the majority of functionality. This connectivity requirement is to ensure
that progress car availability and driver ratings are properly maintained at all times.” Basically, it’s so you can’t be a scamming
little cheater and cheese your way to victory offline, before loading your times up into
the online mode. Why this applies to modes that don’t link
in with the FIA competition, though, I do not know. BONUS FACT I didn’t believe this one, so sourced an
original copy of Gran Turismo 2 to check it out and, yep, it’s true. The GT Mode disc has a scratch and sniff effect
to it – if you give it a bit of a rub, it lets off a scent of… well, it’s a bit
like asphalt and tires, basically. Fifa 2001 had a similar effect, with a grassy
disc smell. Ah, the past. Number twelve, Try Before You Buy The accuracy of Gran Turismo’s simulation
has always been a big selling point, but it’s quite clearly more than just marketing gumph. I mean, the real world ties to racing events,
racing drivers and car designs just sings that fact happily. And I’m sure BMW was overjoyed to discover
it could get away with a much cheaper, easier way of letting potential 1 Series customers
have a test drive: handing out a specially-made Gran Turismo 4 demo disc. The BMW 1-series Virtual Drive Disc, as it
was known, allowed potential buyers to choose from two cars, the 120Dse and the 120i, and
race on three tracks, including the Nurdburg.. Nurenb.. Nerd Burger King.. whatever that famous one
is called. All with a three-minute time limit on each
track. I sincerely doubt anybody actually bought
a car based on a Gran Turismo 4 demo – please do correct me if I’m wrong there – but it
was a cool little thing to happen all the same. NO BONUS FACT / And that, friends, is a big list of facts. I know there’s plenty more – it’s a 20-year-old
series, I was bound to miss more than I could ever fit in. But wasn’t that interesting? I think it was. You should agree. If you don’t, that’s fine, but also I’ve
conned you into watching this for however long this video lasts. HAH. Gran Turismo is cool because it’s so nerdy,
gotta love that series. Thanks for watching, do like, share and subscribe
if you want to because it’s a nice thing to do and it helps me bring in money on this
horrible oversaturated platform so I can slowly save up for a TVR Speed 12. I deserve that, don’t I? I mean, I can’t even drive so it’s a little
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