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Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality – PSX 2017: Announce Trailer | PS VR

GAME MORTY: Hey, you. Are you tired of the same old
boring reality day in and day out? Well, now you can strap
PlayStation VR to your face and experience the lives of your favorite Rick and Morty
characters. It’s Rick and Morty VR.
It’s got throwing things — MORTY: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What is this, Rick? It looks like some sort of crazy
video game about us or something. RICK: It’s not just a video
game, Morty; it’s a virtual reality game. I sold our likenesses to some
video game publisher for a lot of money, Morty, and I made it make a whole
virtual reality game, and it’s got all kinds of great
things about it, Morty. MORTY: I don’t understand, Rick. Like, I don’t know if I like
this, you know. RICK: I don’t care if you like
it, Morty, because it’s a VR game. It’s the hottest new trend,
Morty. It’s the hottest new future of
entertainment, Morty. MORTY: Yeah.
I don’t know, Rick. RICK: Come on, look at these
features, Morty. It doesn’t get much better than
this, Morty. MORTY: Well, at least this part
looks kind of fun I guess. Look at those guys explode. Ha, ha, ha. Like, what else do you actually
do in this game? GAME MORTY: You might be asking
yourself what else does this game have to offer. Well, it’s got one of these
things in it. You can do this. MORTY: This looks like a
gimmick, Rick. I mean, who’s going to play
this? RICK: You’re going to play this,
Morty. MORTY: Oh my god.
You killed it — I mean me. RICK: You’ll never understand
its majesty. VR for everyone. Everyone with a box on their
face, Morty. One day you’ll understand,
Morty. It’s raining money here at VR
land. It’s raining money. Ha, ha. Wubbalubadubdub!


If you’ve been following me for some time,
you know that I love virtual reality, and that I have in my possession for some
years now an Oculus Rift, in his CV1 version is Customer Version 1; I have
could test all the headsets of the markets to the time and my choice had come
on this one because I preferred ergonomics joysticks in particular; nevertheless the reality
virtual still has not taken today because of a lot of problems of the past
: it was expensive his race at first because he had to pay in the 1000 €, there
needed a pretty powerful computer of the time, the software implementation
of the latter was tedious and the number of games was quite limited … But now,
three years after the release date of this headset there, Oculus has released two new helmets
to replace it, the Oculus Rift S and the Oculus Quest, who as you see in the peculiarity
to have no cable at all for the latter and he does a lot of talking about
him thanks to that since it’s the first in the field ! So, in 2019,
it’s worth buying these headsets there and what do they bring more
? Hi it’s Leo from the TechMaker chain
and today, we’ll do a little review new helmets from Oculus! So
the video is in partnership by the way with Boulanger and Oculus but you know me,
I would not have accepted if I was not totally free to say everything I think
of these, whether it is the positives or negative because the goal is clearly not
to skew my opinion that can be quite different others because on my side, I play in reality
virtual almost every day since 2 years old now! Kind of yeah, really, I
do sessions of several hours on Beat Saber in particular, I am even classified
in the French Top 50 of the game (even good if it’s more the case with the update
of the latter where the scoring system has been modified but shhh, we will talk again about
that at the end). I really put a point of honor on that,
and that will not stop me from comparing them to the competition! Because yes here, you will not have the opinion
of a guy who has just been interested in virtual reality; no, I developed
software in virtual reality, I’m very interested in mixed reality like
you see it right now and I even used old helmets with a resolution
despicable like the DK2 when they came out. I also spent more than a hundred
hours in the various games on offer with! And we must say that it is not
slouched in a chair like when we play at Fortnite, no no, it’s time gone
to gesticulate the arms in every way ! So, back to our helmets, because indeed
the Oculus Rift no longer exists today ! First, his “true” quotation mark
successor is the Rift S, and that’s him which we will talk about first. The Rift S was created in collaboration
with Lenovo, and elsewhere we will find the famous headband that we found
on the helmets of the manufacturer. We win here in resolution, with 1280 * 1440p
for each eye, at the cost of a frequency dropped from 90Hz to 80Hz. However, I find that this loss is
really imperceptible for the shot and I really did not feel slowing down
going from the original old Rift to the one the. We lose the OLED screen for LCD, so
a lot of people will rise up and say that blacks will no longer be perfect, this
sentence is very strange, but this is not in fact not a regression for scratching
under: it turns out that he is much more easy to mitigate the grid effect we
can have on slabs so close to our eyes with LCD only with OLED. Here there is no better or worse,
it’s really two different schools who are fighting, between those who prefer
the more contrasted colors and the others a smoother image. Apparently Oculus felt that the second
point was more important, what can I completely understand. The cable has also changed to no longer ask
an HDMI port but a DisplayPort instead always in addition to the requested USB port. By cons, speaking cable, well what
headset requires two see three USB outlets in less! And why ? Well, simply
because you know, these famous sensors there, that we hangs on the wall left and right for
to have an effective tracking, well HOP, TOTALLY MISSING! Indeed tracking
is now done using cameras which is on the helmet, and so
manage to see the joysticks and transcribe them stake ! FINISHING the setting up ultra tedious
helmet and FINI tracking problems because there is a table on the way when you
you go down for example or because you have only two sensors; now even
if you turn on yourself, no more worry ! Good in reality he can still there
to have some, especially if we stick the joysticks to the helmets in view of the placement
of the five cameras on the headphones, but honestly it’s extremely rare to need
to do that and the games are suitable for do not ask yourself what kind of action,
and to have experienced the original tracking of the Rift with these sensors there, I can you
to say that I prefer ONE BILLION TIMES the new tracking! But then, where is the real revolution
which makes that there is a step forward in virtual reality? Well actually,
it is already partly the fact of no longer have sensors because no longer need a
piece dedicated to that, but it’s mostly what allows the other helmet, the Oculus
Quest! Already, not to ramble, we find here
exactly the same joysticks with the same tracking system (minus one of the 5 cameras),
that is, light controllers and especially, no need for sensors to plug in
to the left and to the right ! But here, the peculiarity, it is that there is no need to connect
the helmet no more! Indeed because the latter is completely autonomous
and thus allows to launch applications in virtual reality without it being plugged
to anything, and so to be able to everything likewise move in an environment
! Because ok there were already autonomous helmets like the Oculus Go or even the cardboard
finally we did not need to plug in the phone either, but here,
the joysticks are usable what was not not at all the case before! And especially level
specs and immersion is better. By the way, let’s talk about it, inside we’ll find
1440x1600p OLED tiles per eye higher than the Rift S, all this at a
72Hz frequency which here is less strong. We will come back to this last point after
elsewhere. Performance level, it’s on a Snapdragon
835 that he will rest with 4GB RAm, what was on the phones
high end of two years ago. So certainly we could say that it will be
less than with a current phone and a Snapdragon 855 except that here, the system
is optimized for virtual reality which helps a lot! For the battery, we are on 3648 mAh (yes,
it’s accurate) with that you’ll stay between two hours and two hours 30 actually
virtual, it may seem like little but forget not that they are quite intense experiences
on shorter moments so it will be very unlikely to fall out of battery
in the middle! And then if you really want to continue
to sweat, you can still play with the charging cable connected to the headphones. Well, now that we’ve talked about both
helmets, we need to talk again rather important; GAMES ! And it is this
which was sorely lacking at the time; a Once we had gone around the classics
Super Hot and Robo Recall, we knew more about it what to do with it. And that’s where there was a huge contribution
since; there are adventure games of explorations like Moss or Apex Construct
(which does not have much to do with Apex Legends), crazy multiplayer games
like Sprint Vector which makes it possible to make roller-blade races between buddy or downright
Orbus which is a MMORPG totally VR but especially, rhythm games and that’s where
in that this kind of headphones found its particular way, especially with AudioShield,
Audica, but ESPECIALLY, and you know him surely, Beat Saber, on which there is a
extremely strong community that requires bluntly the developers of the helmets to
improve the responsiveness of these because ile did not think certain movements
possible! The number of games on offer today
is consistent and the categories quite varied, and it’s clearly not a mess to have
as a game system that these helmets there nowadays because you have something to do! By
against … The price of the games is still at my taste a bit high; it will be complicated to
find prices outside the ranges from 20 to 40 €, which can quickly become expensive
if you want to touch everything! The experiments with both helmets are
really nice, of course with an advantage certain graphic for the Rift S, but nevertheless
I do not think it’s so important than that because a lot of these games are not aimed
not photorealism and privilege the experience to graphic quality, genre watch Jet
Island which is a Shadow of The Colossus in VR or even this famous Orbus meuporg,
it looks like the stuff came out in 1995 and yet they are extremely funs! By
against, a point that may possibly put off it’s the 72 Hz Quest if you’re a regular
virtual reality headsets, and I the precise well because to all the people that
I was able to test this helmet they did not really not felt a lower framerate
and the gaming experience was actually enjoyable, but in my case where I put
the first Rift every day on my head, well these 18 FPS in less can sometimes
feel, especially on BeatSaber when it’s going very, very fast (and not there
it’s not me who plays because otherwise I think that I would have a stroke) And level competition, can we find
comparable helmets? Well already, for the Quest … not really. Again, it’s really a first
a completely autonomous headset that allows to move in a space in 3 dimensions,
and so there is currently no competitor which makes Quest the perfect helmet for
little nomadic virtual reality player !
As for the Rift S on the other hand, you did not miss the Steam Index
which is supposed to arrive towards the end of summer … For all that, I do not think that a real
competition be there either despite what he thinks, so be careful I’m not saying that
the Rift S is better because it’s technically wrong: the Steam Index at a
better screen resolution even though we stay on LED here too, a better
frame rate and sound system integrated much more interesting in addition to
fairly innovative joysticks; but next to we have to go back to a system
of sensors in a room and therefore of dedicate a just to be able to play without
having to spend 4 hours installing everything, and as for the price bah …. It’s literally almost 2.5 times the
Rift S price with a price of 1080 bolts. So in the end, well I think it’s better
in fact because they are not at all on the same market, where one is rather
on the market of “we want to put everything in max against money and space ”
and the other of “we want to propose an experiment in VR with a great value for money ”
so yeah, finally, not necessarily the same ground. Because yes, the Rift S costs 450 € and it’s
besides also the case of the Quest in its 64 GB version. So by the way yes there is a version
128 GB of storage for 100 € more but very frankly I do not think she
you will be useful because the games exceed very rarely the Giga Byte storage so you
will not have too much trouble installing your favorite games on the basic one, we
is very far from console games to several dozens of Giga Octet for now is
rather a good thing besides if your connection is not amazing to download
Games. Yeah, me too one day I had ADSL,
I sympathize. Finally, what could I still
blame these helmets? Well already, it’s the lack of coherence between
products that can be confusing: Encore once, the Rift S to LCD slabs there
where the Quest to OLED slabs like the Rift of the time, and I can understand the choice
to want to go on LCD for this famous grid story but why not have it
only half done? Same for the hoop on the Rift S absent on the Quest, the resolution
lower for the higher frequency … In short, I find that these differences between
two helmets can really curb some because one could say to oneself “ah bah wait,
this headphone in fact it’s the components recycled that we did not want for the other ”
and vice versa … In short, I find that a little weird And for me, the biggest black spot: Bah
it’s the sound. I did not talk about it before, but I think
that you have seen the disappearance of headphones who were on the side of the first
Rift, and I do not understand how we can to be able to appreciate these new highs
speakers. Already because the quality is not whew,
but mostly because the sound is not directly retranscribe to your ears so we lose a lot
in immersion and I find that it gives a very bad first sound impression
helmets, especially that everyone hears what you hear, so be careful with
what are you testing the headphones or are you going to have problems ! So after, I play a lot
to rhythm games where music is extremely important so I may have to be
make a little more account, but honestly, plan to buy or leave headphones
headphones connected to the headset VR you choose, you will thank me,
really. Too bad we lost the small atria
that we had at the base, really good. Outside these two points, I find
really that the experience is even more nice than before, lighter levers,
no need for a sensor and therefore a tracking at 360 degrees without glitch that we stoop
or not, and especially the freedom of the cable for one of the two helmets! But finally, which one to choose? Well,
it depends on you because both have their interest because the prices are exactly the
same! If you have a machine that can to turn virtual reality, that
you do not want to bother with a battery and you want to be able to have
more and more beautiful experiences, actually the Rift S will be the choice to make; However,
if you do not have a computer enough powerful, that your game space is enough
restricted or while you want to bring it in friends, the Quest will be much more
useful for you, and really you will not have not bought a “Oculus Rift” Low Budget,
because it’s not at all that, far from it even. If you had an eye on virtual reality
it’s really time to go seen from what these two small critters propose;
today the Oculus Rift is my best acquisition and as say earlier, I’m there
really plays all the time, and in addition to that it allows to have a physical activity
who can be strong enough all the same! Y has a lot of cases where people have lost 20
at 30Kg to play in virtual reality all days, and so that allows to play in
having fun, myself on my side I was what’s called obese before huh and this
kind of technology helped me but hey that, I would talk about it maybe in a
other video because this is not the subject here ! And by the way, if you still hesitate and
you want to see more gameplay, eh alright I’ll start doing some more
streams in mixed reality, which allows you to see me move in the games, especially
Beat Saber, and yes I have a Top place 50 to take back after all, will have to go there
go hard to get it back, and you go you realize that this game really makes
MUCH sweat. So if it kicks you, it happens on
my Twitch LeoTechMaker tonight at 8:30 pm so come in many and I will answer your
questions about the helmets that you could to ask you! And if you watch the video
a little later come and follow me when even, it will not be the only live, clearly
not even ! But you? do you think that
virtual reality can become big audience thanks to the Oculus Quest? well
do not hesitate to tell me all this in comment, as well as the ones you think of Rift S! As
I said it earlier, it’s a real opening that is possible here, and the fact
to be able to lug the helmet and do it try on anyone in a few minutes
only, it will preach more than one to join us on the other side. At a similar price to that of a PS4 Pro
or an XboxOne, choose an Oculus Quest instead is a not-so-surprising choice of
all in my humble opinion. If you enjoyed the video, do not forget
obviously the blue thumb of love and of course to follow me on Twitter & Instagram
! Do not hesitate to share this video to all reluctant of reality
virtual, and of course if it’s not already done, subscribe to the channel in
clicking on the logo that has just appeared in the middle of the screen! It was Leo
of the TechMaker chain and above all, do not stop never to learn! Hi !

Marvel’s Iron Man VR | Behind the Scenes: Learning to Fly | PSVR

RYAN PAYTON: Als das Team
die Möglichkeit erhielt, an Marvel’s Iron Man VR zu arbeiten,
war uns sofort klar, dass wir das Gefühl des Fliegens
in VR rüberbringen mussten. Es sollte angenehm wirken,
sich schnell anfühlen. Man sollte denken: Ich bin
Tony Stark in der Rüstung. BLAINE HIGDON: Schon zu Beginn wussten
wir, dass die Fans von Iron Man bestimmte Sachen der Vorlage
auch im Spiel erwarten würden. Nummer eins, das Fliegen. Nummer zwei, das
HUD-Design von Iron Man, und Nummer drei,
viele legendäre Waffen. RYAN DARCEY: Wenn die Leute
sich vorstellen, dass sie Iron Man wären,
dann denken die meisten als Erstes ans Fliegen. TROY JOHNSEN: Für mich geht es beim
Fliegen als Iron Man vor allem um Freiheit, Schnelligkeit und Kraft. Von Anfang an war uns klar, dass es möglich sein muss,
überall hinzugehen, wo man will. RYAN DARCEY: Wir wollten dieses
Gefühl einer offenen Spielwelt auf den Punkt bringen
und zwar mit der 360-Grad-Bewegungsfreiheit. TROY JOHNSEN: Wir wollten, dass
man unglaublich schnell fliegen kann, aber dabei noch die Kontrolle behält, während man um Ecken
und durch Schluchten gleitet. BLAINE HIGDON: Das ist anders
als in einem Flugsimulator oder in einem Cockpit,
da man die Richtung, in die man will, hier
direkt mit seinem Körper steuert. Schon in wenigen Sekunden
hat man den Dreh raus. Natürlich gibt es diesen typischen
„Wow“-Moment, wenn man das erste Mal vom Boden abhebt. RYAN DARCEY: Dadurch werden
Körper und Geist zu einer Einheit. Das ist etwas völlig anders,
als die Bewegung mit einem Stick oder durch
Knopfdruck zu steuern. TROY JOHNSEN: Bemerkbar macht sich
die Zugkraft im Flug vor allem bei der Beschleunigung und den
speziellen Mechaniken wie dem Boost. Man kann von null auf
über 300 km/h beschleunigen. RYAN DARCEY: Man kann
einen Stopp einlegen. Man kann schweben. Man kann um die Kurven gleiten,
einen Sturzflug machen. Und wieder zurück bis
ganz nach oben rasen. Uns war einfach wichtig, dass
die Spieler die volle Kontrolle haben und sich die Zeit nehmen können, die Kampfzone
richtig zu untersuchen. Wer sich diesen Helm aufsetzt
und das HUD-Design sieht, fühlt sich wie Iron Man. TROY JOHNSEN: Es soll sich so
anfühlen, als hätte man in seinem ganzen Leben noch nie
so viel Kraft kontrolliert. Es ist noch kein Meister
vom Himmel gefallen, aber nach mehreren Spielen soll man das Gefühl bekommen,
diese Kraft langsam zu beherrschen. BLAINE HIGDON: Das HUD-Design,
die Waffen, der Flug, es ist alles dabei und
die Spieler können Iron Man sein und zum Superhelden werden. RYAN PAYTON: Wir halten uns die
Vorlage immer vor Augen, um sicherzugehen, dass
wir den Kern der ultimativen Fantasie, Iron Man zu sein,
gut umsetzen und mit der immersiven Kraft von VR verbinden. RYAN DARCEY: Iron Man und VR, das passt wie
die Faust aufs Auge. Helm aufsetzen,
Controller nehmen, das HUD-Design erscheint und
schon drückt man die Düsen an die Seite und schießt
explosionsartig davon.

VR is having its “gaming console” moment with Oculus Quest

VR is finally having its “gaming console”
moment, and it’s time we talk about what that means… For years now, true 6dof VR has been
nothing more than a peripheral to devices we currently own. Be it a beefy gaming PC
or PS4. The only standalone headsets to date have been the very low-end devices like Samsung
Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and even Oculus Go. In this long, drawn-out analogy comparing
VR devices with traditional video games, as we used to know them, we’re going to consider
these 3dof headsets the first generation of the handheld VR market. Akin to something
like that Game Boy. On the eopposite end, we’re going to consider PCVR as the high-end
master race that PC has always been. And the PSVR we’re still considering a peripheral
at this time. So then we have the Oculus Quest- The first true consumer-ready, fully-fledged
VR console for the masses. The Nintendo Entertainment System of VR. I know the analogy isn’t perfect,
but stick with me. Let’s start with PC. So, gaming on PC has always, and will always – for
the foreseeable future – be the highest end experience imaginable for gaming. PC isn’t
called the master race for nothing. Sony and Microsoft are just now finally catching up
to the PC rigs from 5 years ago.Translate this to VR, and we’ve seen groundbreaking
developments in just three years since the original Oculus Rift released. We’ve seen
advances in controller options, from the basic Vive and Oculus Touch controllers, with basic
motion capabilities and intuitive button placements, to recently with the Index Knuckles controllers
that can detect individual finger placement. We’ve seen dramatic resolution and FOV increases
with headsets like the 200 degree field of view Pimax, releasing with 5k and 8k variants.
And that’s just scratching the surface of what’s to come. But, you get the point. PC
is the place where we’ll see the top dogs battle it out for the most innovative features,
with very high price points. These headsets aren’t aimed at the overage consumer. No,
they’re for early adopters. They’re for the enthusiasts. So, then, gaming console maker
Sony was one of the first out the gate with their own VR headset – The PSVR. Though it’s
a great first attempt, the peripheral falls just short of bringing the mainstream to VR.
It’s still categorized as a niche product… It’s a $300 device that requires a $400 box
to operate. That’s a tough sell if you don’t already have a PS4. And on top of that, the
setup is even more complicated than that of a PCVR headset. Especially now that external
tracking is starting to be removed from the PC scene. With the PSVR, there are cords everywhere.
Setup is so complicated that they had to number the wires, you need a camera for setup in
just the right position on top of your TV, and it’s just not user friendly at all. Many
people are offput by the complexities of running a VR setup. And with all of those stipulations,
your average PS4 user is not going to go down that route. It’s just not gonna happen. The
best Sony could have hoped for is that their early adopter crowd and people already interested
in VR and own a PS4, but don’t have a beefy PC would see this as an opportunity to jump
in. And that’s exactly what happened. Last we heard, Sony has sold nearly 5 million PSVR
units since launch. Now, that’s an amazing number for such a small industry, but with
over 100 million PS4s in the wild, that’s only a 5% attach rate. The only way Sony will
see mainstream success is if they bring the PSVR 2 to the standalone console market, now
carved out by the Oculus Quest. This would spur the first generation of true gaming VR
consoles. Sony vs Oculus. The Oculus Quest is undoubtedly the first VR gaming console
to exist. Up to this point, we’ve had the handheld VR market, as we discussed at the
top of the video, and we’ve had the peripheral market with the PC and PS4. But the Oculus
Quest is in a league of its own at this point. It’s by far the most consumer-friendly 6dof
headset to date. The box literally comes with a headset, two controllers, and a charging
cable. There’s no base stations, there’s no cameras to mount, there’s no cords, there’s
no external processing unit, there’s no computer or PS4. It’s all contained within the headset
itself. You put on the headset anywhere you want, and the home menu pops up right away.
All of your games and apps are housed in a proprietary user interface, so there’s no
going through setup to where you need to be. Just pick a game form the list, and jump in.
It takes me roughly 10 seconds to go from putting the headset on to loading Beat Saber.
Now that is user friendly. Being the first self-contained VR gaming console, there’s
no doubt that more are to come. We have Cosmos coming in the near future, which is being
teased as a hybrid of some sort, so I’m not so certain I would consider that a gaming
console, but it’s too early to say. And we’re all paitiently waiting for the PSVR 2 to be
revealed as we mentioned earlier, to see if it may also be a direct competitor. But there
is no concrete information at all. We have seen a few rumors surface that it may be wireless,
while also requiring the PS5 for processing. This too would not be considered a direct
competitor at that point. So, which company will be the next to fully jump in on the VR
standalone bandwagon and incite the new generation of console wars? Let me know your thoughts
below. And that’s all I have for you guys, thanks for watching and I will see you in
the next video.

MakeVR – Dinge in VR erstellen und in der Realität ausdrucken! [German][HTC Vive][Virtual Reality]

Whats up guys? Welcome back to Virtual Reality!
I got something very special for you today! I bet that you have never seen something like this before! We use the MakeVR software to create 3D objects in Virtual Reality. And here is the magic: After that we can print our created objects with a 3D printer!! So we will have the things in real life that we created in Virtual Reality before! I will guide you to the whole procedure form creating it in the software, import it in 3D-printer software and finally print it in 3D! Look forward to an awesome video now! Lets go! Ok guys here we are! We got our two Vive controllers here. Lets see the tutorial. Nice! Got it! Awesome! Its really easy! Awesome! I did this already! Amazing! So cute! Got it! Like this… That is really awesome guys! Awesome! What? That works really smooth guys! Got it already. GOT IT!! That is so amazing guys! What was that? Nice, a Vive logo! Awesome! Ok that was the tutorial! Awesome! Ok the question is now… how can I save that as…. … a file for the 3D printer? How can I save that? That is the question, how does it work? There it is! STL-Files! Awesome! Unbelievable! This stl files are for my 3D-printer! Very nice! ok Lets get this stuff away… This one! Lets print this one! But how big will this be? A big as we see it here? Like this? Lets see now… I’m too stupid to find it again… Here we go! funny… Where does he save it? Ok lets delete everything here to start from beginning. We can delete this one. We can delete the desk. Ok lets put this again on the cleared table. Its too big so lets shrink it! And now… Ah OK!!! I got it now! We have to make a new world again. Ok now… I dont understand what he saves when I click “save”, I dont need the other stuff, only the Vive logo… Ok, lets do how the voice told us… Lets put it in the cube! Right? And now… Where does he save? Oh here it is: Ok guys… I will see if I can find it on my HDD now… That was the software part of MakeVR! Lets go to the desktop now! Here we are on my desktop and I already opened the folder with the files! As you can see there are really two stl files now! That means he only saves the objekts that were in the red cube in the MakeVR software! Lets doubleclick and as you can see we only got our Vive logo here that we placed in the red cube! You know I can print stl files with my 3D printer! Lets open the 3D printer software now! MakerWare! Perhaps you’ve already seen this software in my other 3D printer tutorials… Lets open our files now. The two files are exactly the same so it doesnt matter which one we open. Lets move it to the platform and now we already see it here, the Vive logo! Lets lay it flat on the ground so its easier to print. Like this! As you can see the Vive logo lays flat on the virtual printer bed now! Lets make it smaller, its much too big! I think that is ok. Ok now lets again lay it flat an put it exactly on the platform. Ok now we got it! We will print it in PLA material. Here we can choose infill, how massive the item will be. Here we can choose the print temperature. Its 210 degree celsius (410 Fahrenheit) for my printer. We dont need to heat the platform. I always choose 40 print and 50 mm travel speed. Now we can export it on the SD card! Its the x3g format. You can see here all the other items I already printed… Like cookie cutter and stuff. Save “Print to file”, he says now. Looks good… Now we have everything on our SD card! Now lets go to the printer and see if he really prints our Vive logo from the Virtual Reality in Reality! Sounds awesome! Lets see if it works! Ok guys, here we are now at our 3D printer! Perhaps you know it already. Here we got the SD card! Lets put it into the printer! The slot is on the side. Ok. Ok now we choose “print from SD card” Now we have to search our file. Where is it? No, not the Zombie! MakeVR, here we got it! Lets go guys! Here he goes! Im curious if that works! He has to cool down a little bit now.
Now he starts! Ok guys, its finished! How long did it take? 41 minutes… Ok lets see if I can get it off the platform, its a little sticky sometimes. Look at this! Here it is! Here it is! Our Vive logo created in Virtual Reality and printed in Reality! Isn’t that really awesome? MakeVR guys! You can find it on the Viveport platform. I’ve never seen sth like this before, I can imagine that we can create a lot of awesome things with this! I hope you liked it, its something completely different in VR! Thanks for watching and see you next time in Virtual Reality! Ciao!

Cinegears VR Testing

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Cinegears VR Testing

Cinegearsバーチャルリアリティー撮影テスト HEX VRリグ 16チャンネルバイノーラルオーディオレコーダー プロVR映像制作用にデザイン 54人のプロによってのチーム 詳しい情報はwww.cinegears.comまで

3 Reasons I’m Excited About Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR)

– Hey, I’m Alex with Golden Arm Media. Virtual reality or VR is
just starting to take off and hit the mainstream. Last year we had releases like
Google Cardboad in Gear VR. And this year we’re gonna
see the big boys come out. Oculus, HTC with their
Vive headset, and the PlayStation VR from Sony. As a video production
company we’re extremely excited about virtual reality. In this video I just want to talk about three reasons why we
are just so passionate about this new technology
and how it can change the face of entertainment,
education, and other areas. So the first is of course
just the pure immersive entertainment value. For anyone who’s experienced
VR they know that when they step into that world it’s very different than
just looking at a 2D image. You don’t feel like you’re
looking at something you feel like you’re
experiencing something directly. And this form of
immersion is gonna lead to entirely new forms of story
telling, of commercials, of art, both in movies and in video games. It’s incredible how much immersion and just a sense of direct
connection you can get with art when you’re actually in it. And the second is education. I feel like virtual reality
is gonna change the way that we teach kids because, you know, student disengagement is
a big problem in today’s schools where they don’t feel interested or they don’t feel captivated by the way that information’s being presented. Since they have their smart phones and all this other ADD stuff
that they can always go to. If you’re able to
integrate virtual reality you can you this in all
sorts of subject matters. I mean, imagine in History,
instead of just reading about an event in a boring history book, you can put on a little
VR headset and actually experience that moment in history. Or in Science class, if
there’s some complicated experiments that it
just doesn’t make sense for a school to fund, you
could wear the VR headset and do chemistry experiments,
physics experiments. Things that really get you in that moment and make you experience it and learn it at a much deeper level. And the third is increased empathy. And what I mean by this is that, if you’ve gone on a VR journey before you know that you don’t just look at the people in there,
especially documentary stuff, you just look at them as a character, you think of them as a person. I was watching a couple from the new New York Times VR films, you know, with different children
in various third world countries and world conflicts, and when I was there I
felt like I was actually there and experiencing
what they’re experiencing. And I feel this is gonna
lead to much more empathy around the world because
you can literally get in someone else’s shoes. You can put on a VR headset
and really see and hear what they’re experiencing. And I think this is
gonna be a shift in how we view other cultures,
religions, and people around the planet. There’s just three reasons why I’m really pumped up about virtual
reality in 2016 and beyond. Thanks for watching.

Blood & Truth – PS VR Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

I see an opportunity. Does Tim see the
same opportunity? TIM: Oh yeah.
All right. Good night, guys. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] JUSTIN: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. We’re here playing PlayStation
VR blockbuster Blood & Truth. It’s launching
May 28th for PSVR. Justin here with
Kristen here next to me. KRISTEN: Hey. JUSTIN: We’ve got Tim in
the driver seat over there. TIM: Hello. JUSTIN: Tim, what are you
seeing, what are you feeling? What is Blood & Truth? TIM: I have been transported
back to what appears to be a memory in some sort
of war-torn area. It doesn’t look safe. JUSTIN: You’re
doing fine so far. TIM: Well, thank you so much. JUSTIN: We haven’t
gotten into the action yet. Kristen and I actually got a
chance to play through this at a recent event,
and we both loved it, so we’re dropping Tim in
here to give him a taste. KRISTEN: Yeah. So you play as a Special Forces
soldier, Ryan Marks. And previous to this
level sort of loading up, you got some backstory that
he’s sort of been captured by an intelligence agency. Apparently there are many
misdeeds on his record, and he’s trying
to clear his name. And this a bit of a
flashback to his past, basically, before the
full game gets started. TIM: I did a bad job. Hold on.
What do I got here? Is this gonna come in handy? KRISTEN: It very well might. JUSTIN: So there was this great
calibration sequence before we started recording the episode
where it actually had Tim put his hand, like, on his chest
where his ammo pouch would be so that you can get that
feeling nice and comfortable. TIM: Yeah. I got my side arm
down here, ammo pouch here, which I can presumably
just — as many as I want. Just make it rain if I want, but that’s not gonna
help me get in here. I should probably
turn the handle. JUSTIN: Violence
isn’t always the answer. TIM: That’s right. This is really cool. KRISTEN: How does the
movement sort of feel? TIM: It feels really smooth. I like the fact that
I’m — I have to shoot. KRISTEN: Just real quick. JUSTIN: You just gotta — TIM: The precision is just —
I’m such a sucker for that. It wants me to holster too. Okay. I love that. JUSTIN: Aiming down
the sights in virtual reality is such a
cool experience. TIM: It feels so good. Do I actually grab the rungs? KRISTEN: Yup.
JUSTIN: You sure do. TIM: Oh my god. KRISTEN: It’s like these very
little moments in VR that really make it feel so, so immersive. And things like that
like climbing a ladder absolutely does it for me. TIM: That’s so crazy. JUSTIN: More ammo, yep. TIM: Just absorbed it into
my body. That’s fine. I’m into that, just
like in real life. JUSTIN:
Definitely need more ammo. TIM: Okay.
Press X button to strafe left. KRISTEN: You’re seeing a little
bit of this tutorial mode, getting our bearings here. JUSTIN: You’ll notice as this
gets further into the demo, it becomes more obvious this
is kind of an expansion of the London Heist which came with
PlayStation VR Worlds back around
PlayStation VR launch time. KRISTEN: One shot and done, Tim. JUSTIN: Oh there you go, went
for the red barrels of course, the gas tanks. TIM: Yeah. The down sight feels just
like I was hoping it would. You know, is there
actually — All right. I’m gonna
move up a little bit here. I can keep strafing I think. Yeah.
There we go. Come on, buddy. They’re quick. KRISTEN: They’re
ready to take you out. JUSTIN: They won’t stand around
waiting for you to shoot them. KRISTEN: But I love that you
immediately went for the red barrel because the
great thing about this game is that it’s just
like an action movie. You can make things go boom. There’s gonna be moments later
there’s gonna be guys throwing grenades at you. You could catch them
and throw them back. JUSTIN: Oh, really. TIM: You can catch grenades?
Are you serious? That’s amazing. Can I just shoot this for fun? JUSTIN: Why not?
Destroy things. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: Oh, good-bye. I’m, like, also
reflexively closing one eye within the headset. JUSTIN: I did the same
thing when I was playing. KRISTEN: I did the
exact same thing. TIM: And I can’t help it. I’m still doing it.
I can’t stop doing that. JUSTIN: To make
it easier to aim, yeah. KRISTEN: Just
throwing your ammo at him. TIM: It’s just a
flourish I’ve been working on. The reload is
never gonna get old. JUSTIN: The reload
mechanic is so good. TIM: All right. KRISTEN: Ooh, ooh.
Notice real quick to your right, I thought there
was a target up there. Keep moving up. TIM: I see it, Kristen. JUSTIN: What is that? KRISTEN: So I believe it might
be that later in the run-through you have a different
weapon that you can get to. But if you continue to
find these little targets and you’re
able to shoot them — TIM: I’ll keep it in mind. KRISTEN: — it’s a nice
little side activity. TIM: Okay. Pistol to
holster because of the handle. Got it. Just gonna check
around for a cool jukebox. KRISTEN: Cool jukebox. Ah, some lockpicking.
I loved this mechanic as well. There’s something I’ve
always loved about games, that rumble pack while
you’re doing lockpicking. But here it felt
very, very realistic. JUSTIN: Lockpicking mechanics
are always so interesting. TIM: That was —
it’s such a minor thing but — JUSTIN: I see
an opportunity. Does Tim see the
same opportunity? TIM: Oh, yeah. All right.
Good night, guys. There’s a new hero in town.
I don’t know. JUSTIN: Sure.
We’ll work on one-liners. We’ll workshop it. TIM: No time for a coffee break.
KRISTEN: Amazing. JUSTIN: There we go. That looks a
little more menacing. TIM: Good. Test it out. Sounds good. KRISTEN: Now, I wonder if you’re
able to open those drawers? TIM: Kristen, I don’t know. JUSTIN: Can you?
KRISTEN: Nice. JUSTIN: I didn’t even try
to do that when I played. KRISTEN: You didn’t even try?
JUSTIN: No! KRISTEN: I was trying
to open everything. TIM: Oh, do I — KRISTEN: You can
pick up objects. TIM: Do you have to like — KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: This is cool. KRISTEN: I love the
little flair when you did it. TIM: This is my favorite thing. KRISTEN: So now the cool
thing about this weapon, if I remember correctly, you actually holster
it on your back. TIM: Oh really. KRISTEN: So if you reach back
and pull the trigger button, it should holster it back there, and you can pull
and bring it right back. TIM: Really? KRISTEN: Yep. TIM: Really?
KRISTEN: Yeah. TIM: That’s amazing. KRISTEN: It’s like so satisfying
just pulling either of those. TIM: Okay.
But then — okay. Okay. Cool. Sorry.
I’m just getting excited. That’s for me. All right.
Actually, we talked about this. JUSTIN: Yeah! TIM: So that was for real. JUSTIN: It worked. KRISTEN: I wonder if you can go
back and do the other one now that you have the ranged weapon. TIM: Oh, maybe. JUSTIN: We don’t need
to worry about all that. KRISTEN: Let’s keep going. TIM: I’m curious about what
happens if you get them all. JUSTIN: It unlocks the
full game in the demo. TIM: Okay.
What have we got? Another tool. Okay. All right. Oh man. This is way
easier than real life. I’ve assembled enough furniture. I know it’s
usually not that easy. This is an iron I think. Oh, wait.
I don’t need that. Cool. KRISTEN: Nice. JUSTIN: Can you eat that? TIM: Are you serious? KRISTEN: What? TIM: Are you serious?
That’s very realistic. I would have done
that in real life too. KRISTEN: That was awesome. TIM: Can you believe that? Can I grab this? Are you serious? I’m just a complete sucker. I’ll stay on mission. KRISTEN: These are some
of the best parts of games like this though. JUSTIN: VR is great.
I love virtual reality. TIM: I wish I
could see, you know, my character actually doing
that within the mission too. KRISTEN: Special Forces agent just casually
tossing bottles over. TIM: And you can
grab with the other. JUSTIN: Oh yeah. I wonder if that
helps steady it. KRISTEN: I believe it does. TIM: Ah, nice. JUSTIN: Apparently Kristen
played this demo a lot more effectively than I did. I was just running
around flailing. KRISTEN: I just
took my sweet time. TIM: Is that too close? JUSTIN: Yeah.
Get him. KRISTEN: Oh. See, I love these quick little
focus moments that sort of happen that it’s slow-mo. Here’s our buddy
we’re trying to help. TIM: Let me help. He feels like he’s right here. Excuse me? Did he call me skid mark? KRISTEN: Yes, he did. JUSTIN: Language. TIM: I mean, I’m
kind of in power here, so why don’t you be nice. That’s fine. KRISTEN: But, yeah. I remember when I was
doing this demo — [LAUGHTER] JUSTIN: That’s amazing. TIM: A little nose hair trim.
He’s so annoyed with me. JUSTIN: That’s amazing.
I didn’t know that would happen. KRISTEN: I didn’t either. I remember when I
did this demo, like, this moment in particular when
he stood up was one of those moments, like VR is wild. He looked so
realistic next to you. TIM: That was incredible. Okay. All right.
I’m ready. You’re gonna need a gun.
Got it. JUSTIN: This
sequence is really cool. KRISTEN: Yeah. I love
how he’s just immediately, “Cool. I’m saved.
Let’s do this.” TIM: Got some ammo.
All right. I have some help
now with this guy. I’m excited for that. Sorry. It was worth
blowing our cover for that. JUSTIN: Now everyone
knows you’re there. TIM: This is gonna be exciting. JUSTIN: Party time. HOSTAGE: It’s gonna be a
f***ing hornets nest out there. TIM: I hope not literally.
I’m very afraid of hornets. KRISTEN: Oh, the music. JUSTIN: Go, go, go, go. KRISTEN: This just feels
like such a cinematic moment. TIM: Now I’m
moving automatically, so it’s a little bit
more — the pace is up. JUSTIN: So you can focus
on getting those shots. KRISTEN: It has
these little automatic cinematic flair moments. JUSTIN: Yeah. You’re not
supposed to be flailing here. KRISTEN: I love that if you
were an action movie star, Tim, you would
just be like, whoa. TIM: I would’ve been
dead ten minutes ago. Oh, you can change
hands on the fly. Okay. Sorry.
I’m just — JUSTIN: You need — there are
people shooting at you, Tim. TIM: I’m sorry. It’s just really
exciting to be alive right now. KRISTEN: You’re almost there.
You’re almost there. It is your friend.
Go, go, go, go, go. TIM: Come on. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: Okay. KRISTEN: That was
a close one, Tim. TIM: Okay. Sorry. You got it. JUSTIN: Let’s see
if he does what I did as soon as I sat in this jeep. TIM: So… Oh man. JUSTIN: I shot out the
window as soon as I got in. I was like, we don’t need that. TIM: So now this is reminiscent
of London Heist for me which was one of my
first PSVR experiences, and I fell in love with it. This is just more — oh, wait. KRISTEN: Who’s coming up? TIM: All right. Sorry. I should be aiming down sights. KRISTEN: I loved this sequence. JUSTIN: I dig the music. TIM: See you, buddy. KRISTEN: I remember I had both
of my weapons drawn and I was just out one
window and out the other. TIM: Does he duck? He has explosives in the back. What are you doing? That feels so good. KRISTEN: Explosives in
the back of your truck, it’s the best place to put them. TIM: Yeah. That’s true.
Maybe some backup fuel. That’s why they tell you not
to put backup gasoline in your trunk in case a guy
like this comes along. I gotta shoot over there. Does he respond? KRISTEN: He’s busy driving, Tim. TIM: This will keep it
fair if they need ammo. Just in case. Then I got some. Here you go. Oh, actually. JUSTIN: Gas tanks in the back. TIM: Drive safe. KRISTEN: Now I know that game — JUSTIN: I was gonna say, I like how that actually shunted
him off the road a little bit. KRISTEN: Yeah. I know
this game’s out on May 28th. I believe it will also
be bundled together. You can get a VR bundle with
this and Everybody’s Golf. JUSTIN: That’s right. And Everybody’s Golf
is also excellent. I got a chance to play it at
the same event where we played this and it’s super fun. I’m actually super
excited for Everyone’s Golf. KRISTEN: VR really
takes it to the next level. JUSTIN: It does, yeah. I managed to sink a chip-in shot straight into the hole
near from off the green. KRISTEN: I did not
do nearly as well. TIM: I’m trying to play at
least a par game right here. JUSTIN: You’re doing great. I would say this is
at least a birdie. TIM: Did you know every bullet
I fired as hit an enemy so far? JUSTIN: Every
single bullet, huh? TIM: I’ve been keeping track. JUSTIN: Nice
100 percent accuracy. KRISTEN: Those are your
friends coming to collect you. TIM: We’re down here. These guys look bad. KRISTEN: The final stretch. JUSTIN: Get out of here. TIM: Who is that? KRISTEN: I think we’re
about to come to the end. [FAKE SCREAMING] TIM: That was incredible. KRISTEN: Awesome.
JUSTIN: That was awesome. So that’s Blood & Truth. It’s coming out May
28th for PlayStation VR. This is — we’re playing on a PlayStation 4
Pro system. So, yeah. Get Blood & Truth May 28th as
part of the Everybody’s Golf, Blood & Truth PSVR bundle, or
you can just grab it on its own. That will be out May 28th. [OUTRO MUSIC]

Is Life Just Virtual Reality & We Don’t Know It? | Dolan Life Mysteries ft. Melissa

• From the feelings of a virus to where
cooking originally came from, we answer some of your most burning questions about life
• Hey there, my name is Melissa, I’ll be reading out the questions and answers
• I’m Danger Dolan and I’m here to blow your mind with truth
10 – Dacia Wall what lived before the dinosaurs? • Giant boulders lived all over the world,
but eventually the dinosaurs came along and used them as soccer balls and kicked them
out of the atmosphere, but one day a lone rock came back from space and wiped them out
once and for all – revenge… • Well if you’re talking about the animals
that came right before dinosaurs then reptiles were it, before that it was the creatures
that only just evolved to leave water and the very first life forms were single cell
organisms called amoeba. 9 – Anthony Galarza Glass What was the first
anime? • The Lion King is commonly known as the
first anime, but in reality it was Finding Nemo, a tragic tale of a bird that was allergic
to humans so she stayed at the aviary until she got a job reading out questions and answers.
• The very first Japanese animation was made early in the nineteen-hundreds and is
called Katsudo Shashin, but it only ran for three seconds, Astro Boy was what started
the whole craze and came out in 1963. • Astro Boy is my favourite! I love when
he does the Kamehameha on Pikachu, it’s so cool.
• I’ll give you two million dollars if you can show me that scene.
• * • This is a still picture of a pickle jar.
• Yeah I know… it’s great 8 – Cupcake Productions How Did Valentine’s
Day become a holiday • The evil cooties corporation called Gross
Stuff Incorporated designed it in order to make everyone spread the deadliest disease
on Earth, luckily I’ve avoided the temptation by staying completely alone, I win GSI, I…
win • Originally it was a Roman feast that was
turned into a Catholic tradition, but it wasn’t really about love and gift giving until the
1850s when Esther Howland started making a bunch of cards for the holiday.
7 – Domi Nation why does your hair turn grey when you turn old?
• See this one’s obvious if you think about it, old people have a strange fashion
sense so the most logical answer is that it’s caused by pulling your pants up to your nipples.
• Everyone’s hair is actually white, but as you age the cells that produce colour for
your hair slowly stops functioning, as for why all the hair cells don’t look white,
it’s because not all of the cells die out and a mixture of white and black hair looks
• W-what? • I found a – white hair!
6 – Audrey Lefeld Where does ink come from? • Ink, otherwise known as squid juice, is
extracted from squids that are mysteriously found in bedrooms all throughout Japan for
some reason – what have you been up to? • The first ink ever made was crafted from
burnt meat and vegetables, nowadays we use coal or oil to make black ink, otherwise organic
matter is used to get the exact right colour and shade.
5 – Luke Hamann Are we living inside virtual reality but we don’t know it?
• Of course we are, that’s why we don’t have to do boring things like flying through
the air and invincibility god powers and instead get to spend all our time doing fun stuff
like waiting in line and scratching your left nostril and watching internet videos… it’s
great • The only real way to know this is if we
manage to make our own simulation of the universe, which proves that it’s both possible and
very likely, but if we want to be really sure it’s possible we need to make a simulation
inside another simulation. • Dolan, VR goggles aren’t the same thing
as simulating an entire universe • NA! Now I will reveal the real universe,
just let me travel there through the magic of Hol-ocu-vive! *
4 – infect blood dragon does a virus have feelings or can it think?
• How could even ask that question while my body is housing a virus, don’t you have
any compassion or are you just a complete monster that for some reason would ask someone
to immunise themselves against the flu, don’t you know that causes the awful disease AIDS?
• Nope, in fact viruses aren’t even considered alive by most scientists as they can’t reproduce
without the aid of an alive being, but this is being questioned as we’ve recently discovered
super viruses that are hundreds of times bigger and much more complex.
3 – The Gaming Demoness Why do humans feel the need to be a part of a group?
• Because humans love to show off and it’s basically impossible to show off to yourself,
unless… that’s it, I’m going to abandon all my friends for ever and take sexy selfies
in the mirror… mmm.. yeah. • We evolved to be social because a group
of people can survive in the wild way better than a single person, also if we weren’t
social we never would have developed civilisation since it’s basically impossible to have
one without sharing responsibilities. • You know being funny and being sexy are
two very different things right? • Yeah right, that’s not what my Mum says!
2 – Logan Cox How did we come up with cooking and combining food?
• Well in the beginning there was only fruit, then there was fruit salad and finally, with
a dash of genius the all-mighty Lord Sandwich accidentally dropped his food into the fire
and created delicious ham and cheese soup. • It was just luck to begin with, since
digesting cooking food takes way fewer calories than eating it raw it allows our bodies to
get more bang for our buck and this allowed us to develop giant, hungry and smart brains.
1 – kirillauzums How large is the world in centimeters? • It’s like a super big number, like if
you took four entire rulers that wouldn’t be enough, but I never tried anything above
that so my guess is six rulers, which is around seven gazillion centimetres.
• The surface of the world is 51 trillion centimetres squared big, or a gigantic 100
septillion centimetres cubed, which is a one with 26 zeroes after it, these giant numbers
are why we have units of measurement that increase in size.