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Flight Night 75  | Popham to Kemble | Real Weather | VR

Welcome back to Popham airfield on 19/3/20 for leg 75 of our UK Tour. Today we’re heading NE to EGBP Kemble, but expecting a low cloudbase and limited visibility. Today’s leg is about 42NM on a heading of 313 degrees. There arent many distinctive features to pick out so we may struggle for definitive positioning as we progress.. But we’re still only using the chart and our eyes. Start ya bastard.. Correcting the gyrocompass as always. First up will be flying between Whitchurch and Overton Mag check Should state that I’m only using Oculus Touch controllers here, no yoke/pedals/throttles etc. It’s harder, thats my excuse… Let’s get going before the weather gets worse. Danabb transport depot down there Starting off at 1200′ but there’s higher ground ahead. That should be Overton And Whitchurch to the left of our track. Picking out the A34 It runs all the way to Southampton We might be able to see Andover to our left, but it’s a way off track so maybe not… Higher ground approaching Should also note that I don’t pre-run or practise these legs, so this is all as legit as can be. At this point besides a few very vague peaks, it’s hard to pinpoint our exact position. Looking for forested areas on the chart This could be Savernake forest (Which would put us to the south of our track) But we’ll find out when we see Swindon over the hill A slight step up in alt, but must avoid the clouds… X-Plane cant quite decide how bright today will be.. Constant weather changes hampering my CPU.. Again trying for definite locations, but nothing to cross-check with here Doves Farm Foods This distinctive driveway puts us over the forest a few miles SW of Hungerford, so only about a half mile north of track Of course the subtitles are retrospective, so it’s not helping me at present Looks like my garden… Ramsbury We’re over a mile north of track now. Swindon will get us back on track. Hillwood Stud, if you’re into horses! Cycling OVR to aid smoothness… Getting back on track based on the shape of Swindon. Picking out Chiseldon I think… Definite fix on the M4 as it passes south of Swindon And then on to Bristol Now we need to pay attention to avoid missing Kemble.. Nationwide Building Society Wroughton, a former RAF base and community Ridgeway school A local Waitrose Driver navigates as well as I do… We’ll be looking for lakes to the north, and Oaksey Park airfield to the South as we go. Purton Lakes up ahead Minety And a railway line as expected, though they’re often hard to tell from roads in this. Need to be sure at this point… There’s Oaksey Park There we are… Fast prep for landing Lining up for RW26 Exiting onto Alpha and we’ll join the 1%ers on the D-Site Apron Thanks for sticking around. I really do appreciate the views, likes and subscriptions. Much appreciated. Next week we’re back on grass again, Eastbound to RAF Halton Flying Club Please join us!

The Future of Social Media Marketing

November 3, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 52 Comments

The Future of Social Media Marketing

let’s talk about where social media
marketing will be in 2020 there will be platforms that will continue to rise and
some that will lose their popularity in this video I want to talk to you about
my thoughts on the current state of social media and where we’ll be in 2020 and with that everything happens faster and quicker fun fact
okay so in the 60s 1960s people used to hold stocks for around eight years now
the average is less than four months that’s crazy to think about but that
really shows you what the speed of technology has done to human race social
media is the same thing it allows businesses the opportunities to explode
at the snap of a finger I want you to look at companies like fashion OVA or
Jim shark or even Chubby’s these businesses really learn how to leverage
social media and content and dominate their industry through e-commerce in my
opinion corporate companies move too slow and that’s when I start up
companies to rise so fast learn more about how you can shift your
focus and attention to building social media platforms as well as creating
content that is effective for your audience make sure you’re subscribed
below for weekly videos about content marketing and social media and remember
to turn on the bail notification if you have not done so already I love making
these videos for you and if you could please do a big favor please hit that
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YouTube algorithm social media is constantly changing but right now I
think there’s a few platforms that are dominating the space and if you invest
your time and your money into creating content for these platforms you will see
a high level of ROI especially in the next six months those platforms in my
opinion are Instagram YouTube LinkedIn and a little bit of Facebook and there’s
one more secret one we’re not secret but one more platform
that not a lot of people talk about that I think if you invest your time into it
you will see a heavy ROI the time periods that creators could grow
organically on Instagram is basically over now the only way that you can get
reach and impressions is really through paid advertisement to truly get
attention at scale you have to invest into advertisement and strong content to
help differentiate yourself from your competition happy fall if you’re
watching this video in October or I think by the time this video releases it
should be around Halloween time so in light of that I’m gonna light up pumpkin
candle for you guys smell it why would you say that I’m trying to
build a relationship with all yes I know but people will watch this video on
Halloween okay so what I do this is why scandal I’m gonna put this in the video
I’m puttin that’s if you want to estimate videos dip this video 200
million like oh I might just light this cable there yeah continuing on if you
want to grow more organically I think there’s still platforms that you can
focus your attention on creating valuable content and you can grow
organically because of organic search these two platforms are ET tube and
LinkedIn by creating content that answers questions you’re able to
communicate with your audience exactly what it is that they search before we go
into that I want to give you guys a little bit of an explanation YouTube you
guys know who owns YouTube Google owns YouTube and because Google owns YouTube
YouTube and Google work in very similar ways Google as you know is a search
engine so it collects all this data about what are things that people search
YouTube works the same way it’s a video search engine at the end of the day for
example you know this if you go in Google and you start searching something
it’ll give you the most searched topics as suggestions below what you’ve already
written YouTube works the exact same way before you even finish your sentence
YouTube and Google understand already what it is that you’re looking for
because of data and the most search topics around what you’ve already begin
typing knowing this you can grow on YouTube using SEO search engine
optimization you can do a lot of keyword research and figure out what topics are
questions a lot of people are asking on YouTube and on Google you can then
create videos on YouTube that answers these questions you’re basically like a
catalog of answers but in video form that’s how
grown YouTube at the beginning our YouTube channel currently sits at 1600
subscribers in three months I’m obsessed with gross so seeing this growth even
though it may be small relatively it’s awesome so let’s go back to YouTube
being an organic search engine when you’re first starting on YouTube and you
started a new channel you really have to know your industry and your industry you
have to figure out what kind of topics or questions people are frequently
asking and then make answer videos that explain your rendition on the answer to
that question one application that has really helped us so far when it comes to
finding strategic topics as something called vid IQ we used vid IQ when it
comes to finding the best topic phrasing to get our videos in the organic search
you want to find a video topic that has a search ranking of above 50 when it
comes to competition and search volume average together here let me show you an
example our specialty is content marketing of social media so I’m going
to search social media or Instagram in the youtube search bar and see what
comes up after creating our videos we can then use vid IQ again to help
optimize our video when it comes to SEO search engine optimization here I’m
showing you how to add keywords make sure you add keywords for sure because
one thing we do is called the triple keyword and tactic you want a phrase to
repeat three times the first time is in your title the second is in your
description and the thirds and your keywords make sure you do that three
times a youtube hack with LinkedIn you can still get organic reach but just
like any other platform LinkedIn likes it when you post natively up to the
platform so what I mean by that is instead of linking away to your new
YouTube video you want to upload the same video on to LinkedIn because
LinkedIn wants to promote content that is purely LinkedIn based here before we
continue I want to show you this quick chart because I studied economics in
college and this is where it comes in handy this is a supply and demand chart
but think of it when it comes to attention on platforms where you can
grow organically our platforms that there’s a lot of attention supply but
when it comes to the amount of effective content being put out
it doesn’t match the amount of attention that is on the platform the platforms
that have more on there versus the amount of effective
content those are platforms that you can grow organically on a platform like
Instagram where there is so much attention but at the same time there’s
so many users creating high quality content you really have to create a high
quality content and have effective strategies for you to be able to
differentiate yourself in the social media space trends or algorithm changes
happen for around six months so when this video is posted at the end of 2019
I know that these strategies will be relevant going into 2020 and beyond so
if you’re watching this video now make sure you implement these strategies
right away so that you can have a lifespan of at least six months now
remember when I mentioned a secret platform or a platform that has grown so
much faster than Instagram and Facebook combined that platform is called
tick-tock and you may have heard of it a lot of people push it away because they
call it an app for kids which it is right now but just like any other
platform it ages up Facebook first started for college kids an Instagram
first started just for young photographers and videographers but now
grandma spends more time on Facebook than I did think of to talk as if vine
and musically had a baby that took steroids and grows really really fast
there’s extreme attention on the app right now when it comes to people
looking at the content that is being made but when it comes to the creator’s
the supply isn’t really there yet so if you take a look at these videos that
Jess and I have posted they’ve gone 3.4 million views and 1 million views each
okay that’s crazy the thing about and the mazing thing about tik-tok is that
when one of these videos goes viral you can port all of your tik-tok followers
and audiences to your main platforms your instagrams and your youtubes why
it’s so easy is because tik-tok ironically has a one click away which
means when you go to a tik-tok profile you can click instagram and it directly
goes to that person’s Instagram like that here take a look at this chart of
how social media platforms grew and changed over the years
I want you to focus on Facebook and I want you to focus on Instagram and how
they’ve steadily sat at first and second place but look at this look how crazy
tick-tock is growing tik-tok is about to be clear and moving on to 2020 and
beyond I want to touch on the topic of VR social media Facebook is already
jumping into the game with their acquisition of Aquila
as well as the new platforms they’re about to implement in the upcoming years
think about how many people consume on social media
now imagine putting on a headset and then be able to go through activities
with people all around the world that concept is crazy
if you’ve seen the movie ready player one it’s very similar to that and we’ll
be there in a matter of no time what is that I don’t know that no hmm we got a
meeting with around 3.5 billion people using social media nowadays and that
includes Instagram Facebook YouTube Twitter etc people aren’t able to share
snippets of their lives every single day with one another but where do you think
people will hang out in the future my money is on virtual reality none of you
can make money appear and disappear like that with the snap of finger we thought
it was crazy when social media came out because we thought it was crazy that he
could connect with family and friends across the world now add virtual reality
to that and you can have crazy experiences from the comfort of your own
home imagine fighting dragons together with your uncle who lives in France or
you can hang out watching movies together not only can people enrich
their relationships and friendships but they can also make new friends with
ever-growing catalogue of social VR experiences so let’s check this out okay
so the first thing that I want to look at is the thing called VR chat and
looking at this VR Chad offers a wide collection of social VR experiences by
giving the power creation to its community the art chat allows users to
play hang out and of course chat using specialized 3d audio expressive
lip-synched avatars multiplayer games VR games and virtual space stations where
users can watch youtube videos with friends think about this when VR is more
ingrained in our society in the future you’ll be able to put on your VR goggles
like this and be able to listen to any video on a
face-to-face manner that’s so the next piece of VR that I want to look at
together with you is called oculus home an oculus home allows users to create
and customize their own VR space from a library of items objects in the core
that vary according to seasonal celebrations the best thing about this
app is a great public rooms where you can invite
friends to check out your place and relax
you can also host public meetups within the app anyone can make their home
public and connect with like-minded fans and members of the community so imagine
this instead of creating this video about a feature of social media and by
you know apartment what if I created in an oculus home and then invited you to
join me and my equivalent paradise of a hockey home the main reason I’m going
through these potential VR social media platforms is because I want our audience
to be prepared for what’s coming next I bring it back to the now you may ask hey
if I spend all my time in building these platforms like Instagram or YouTube what
happens that they die did I waste all my years and effort and time by investing
into these platforms that will end up dying well the answer is no of course
not you guys remember vine okay the biggest
creators on vine like king batch or logan paul or amanda cerny right those
creators transition all of their audiences onto newer platforms like
Instagram and YouTube because the vine was disappearing they transition all of
their Cole audiences on vine onto these new platforms so you can pour your
audience’s no matter where you go so if you focus on building your YouTube and
your Instagram now you can then point that audience over to the next vr social
media the first step in succeeding when it comes to social media marketing now
and in 2020 and beyond is to take it seriously you have to implement it into
your marketing campaigns now older generation investors and managers and
corporate officials that don’t understand social media and are waiting
for the data to fully invest their marketing budget into these platforms
will kill businesses if not next year in 2020 in 2021 2022 those businesses will
be gone don’t be that company now I want to start doing something new every video
I want to shout out to Instagram profiles that I think do a great job
when it comes to their content and leveraging it properly and correctly
towards the business all you have to do is comment below your handle and how you
use social media to leverage your business or your personal brand in 2020
to get the ball rolling I want to shout out to Instagram profiles
we the first is mr. thatch snowing and the second is Barassi gravis I’ve been
falling fat for a while now and he talks a lot about investing into property and
real estate and how to do it efficiently to create streams of passive income make
sure you go check him out now Agora see Graff this is someone that
I really like as well because we actually found his profile a couple
weeks ago when we were looking for people to help with logo creation I love
this story because we always talk about how you can use Instagram as a portfolio
to help systemize your way of getting new clients we found his amazing work
through Instagram and have been working with him for the past couple weeks I’d
say and he’s already been an amazing partner and really creates amazing work
and we wouldn’t have been able to find him without social media as for YouTube
and we’ll be around for a while and we will continue to make videos about
content marketing and social media and these videos will only get better so
click this black circle right here in the middle to subscribe for our weekly
videos if you really want to start growing and building your social media
click this play this right here and select any videos that will help you
individually any questions that you have about these videos make sure you comment
them because we answer every single one

Kvasir-VR : Teacher-Guided Virtual Reality Field Trips

these are the solar collectors the
purpose of a collector is to gather thermal energy by focusing sunlight on
this big pipe that runs along the center this heats up water that gets pumped
through the pipe can you trigger that pipe up there
now you’re seeing the sun’s rays shine down on the collectors mirrors and being
reflected onto the pipe the sun’s rays are heating up the water that’s moving
through the pipe that hot water will move thermal energy from the Sun over to
the generator area now what do you think this blue liquid
flowing from the cooling tower to the condenser is exactly cold water and what
do you think this green liquid flowing from the condenser is well actually the important part to
notice here is that it’s refrigerant that’s been cooled down and condensed
into a liquid so it has entered as this refrigerant vapor and is going to leave
as cooled liquid refrigerant here we’ll see where the vaporizerd refrigerant goes
and what it does. Randy, can you click on this turbine so you can see right here
you see the vaporization purging has a high pressure and it’s being pushed
through this turbine which is clogged with the spit the refrigerant is heated
up by the water causing it to boil let’s head over to the turbine area behind me this is the condenser here the
refrigerant vapor is cooled back to liquids that can start the cycle all
over again here is an overview of our 3d models used in the VR field trip of a
solar plant there are two main areas the solar collector where the sun’s energy
is collected and the generator where it’s turned into electricity these are
the solar collectors they gather thermal energy by focusing the sunlight onto the
pipe that runs along the center this heats up water that’s pumped through the
pipe here hot water flows through these valves and into the boiler that second
green liquid flowing through the boiler is called refrigerant it leaves the
boiler vaporized and makes the turbine spin this creates mechanical energy that
turns the generator cold water from a cooling tower is used to condense the
refrigerant back into a liquid this plant is about the size of a
football field and can power about 10 homes but a plant that covered just five
percent of the Arizona desert could power the entire United States you

Virtual Reality Bar Simulator Turns Into MASSIVE FIGHT! (Drunkn Bar Fight VR) w/ xFudgy!

oh oh we’ve got a bigger guy I picked a big dude what’s this guy doing oh my god okay let let’s let him do his thing let’s just drink up cheers man hey studs oh my dude how dare I here this is yours ticket yeah nice yeah by the way I’m I’m Felix what’s your name fudgy yeah sorry I’m sure she’ll get you another drink just be patient all right okay and she’ll do it all right calm down okay I know you’ve had a lot surgery it’s fine okay okay this is calm okay that’s it let me try again with Tracy may I please have a drink another drink of your delicious beverage [Applause] join me join me join the Dark Side that’s okay I’ve got the strength – you are crazy man hey man just go ahead hey man you gonna protect me oh sorry uh I was listening to your speech get away from my friend thank you I got you man oh yeah oh my goodness we gotta find us who’s this guy without asking we would like to drink please come over in service yes I would hold the trigger drink – this is a wedding venue that we have crashed and look there’s the bright so I told you I need you on your best behavior today okay okay all right so no fighting okay don’t drink too much and just enjoy yourself all right so come with me all right so what do we got here we go a couple of bits whoever that is oh look a camera ah dude you can restore it we can blogs all right I’ll get him I’ve look everyone is fudgy and welcome to hello blog now this is fear here what’s up we have crashed this wedding pie so yeah let’s grab a drink here’s a beer you grab a beer right there and yeah cheers man Cheers goodnight hey I’ll be honest man I uh I don’t think vlogging is for me so oh no no man it’s just not me so uh yeah well you know what that I think another head Hey no smoke smoking is bad that’s why I’m putting in your drink man okay put it in my drink all right smoke it in this this area down down bro okay look it’s good see oh you taught you to kill someone down there wait why walks dude check it out do you want to use this yeah man let’s try it all right oh here we go oh my gosh you wanna hear all oh dude dude they’re after us dude I’ll vlog you you you go I’ll vlog it okay all right what’s this ready yeah man I’m gonna get to monetize what screw it I don’t I’m good for the price of girl for the bright come here you’re mine now all my sacrifices must be made Oh what are you on the screen what’s going on air man just here have it have a drink I can’t even reach the beer just drink up oh dude I’m here wait you’re you’re like you’re a head on the table for me oh and I would you just joined us whoa oh no he started the fire oh hello excuse me we have a drink please you want a drink hey yeah I’ll bet see ah do they have Coors Light or chocolate mag I don’t know chocolate no crap oh shoot Oh chuckle you know give it a Bailey’s give me a Bailey’s Bailey’s please Bailey’s Bailey’s Bailey’s there’s only one I think we can do about this are you ready to get D monetize for this I’m ready to get D monetize let’s go [Music] No he’s gone he’s dead Jim good you’re back up your backup you got your good man good let’s get this guy I’m gonna double fist this thing have this oh okay Wow all right you ready there’s no we end this video now bro so everyone needs to comment like and subscribe and if they want to see more of this then they should definitely like the video alright alright let’s go oh I missed I miss what’s this guy doing oh okay let let’s let him do his thing let’s just drink up cheers man [Music]

HTC Vive Cosmos VR Headset Review

October 12, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

HTC Vive Cosmos VR Headset Review

hey everybody its norm from Testim and
welcome back to projections where as you can see in Fermi we’re going to talk
about headsets a day I’ll be reviewing the HTC cosmos which is the newest
desktop-based VR headset from the folks at H T C now
this is the successor the replacement for the original HTC vive though the HTC
vive pro will still be available for the enterprise market this is going to be a
consumer class headset that’s quite a departure actually from the design of
the HTC vive primarily in that it does not use valves steamvr based light house
tracking technically inside out but yourself to use externals laser array it
actually is fully inside out using computer vision with an array of six
cameras and in the spectrum of desktop VR headsets we’re kind of in the end of
what I think of as the first generation all the heads of so far me are kind of
like the second wave of headsets but I don’t when we call these second
generation headsets I think the the groundbreaking technology that’s gonna
really create completely different if your experiences are still probably a
little waste out but we’ve kind of refined the first generation of VR in
terms of tracking in terms of ergonomics and also in terms of display in what you
have on the table here so on kind of the entry-level side there is the oculus
rift S on the high end thousand dollar side there is the valve index and then
sitting in between them is for $700 the HTC cosmos and yes I know technically
windows mix reality headsets are still available kinda but you know as
Microsoft can really do anything with them don’t know so let’s go over the
cosmos based on that criteria let’s talk about ergonomics first you can sell that
it’s actually also departure from both the original vibes kind of plastic strap
and also the deluxe audio head strap which I really like and people have used
to modify their our oculus quest headsets the HTC cosmos is now using a
halo base design also like the rift s and of course PSV are now just because
it’s a halo design doesn’t mean it’s exactly
same type of fit as other halo based design headsets actually a little bit of
variability here first of all there’s a really big pad on the inside a lot of
pressure on the front of your forehead and the angle of the headset if you
actually look at these side by side is less tapered down it’s a less of an
angle than on the rift s I really like the ergonomics of the halo strap on the
rift s and P s mu R because it cups the back of your head that’s what you really
want and for here if you try to pull the head of the strap all the way behind
your skull you actually don’t get as much clarity in the the lenses and the
display and that’s because there is no adjustment on halo style designs
included on the roof s you can’t actually pivot the the display and the
lenses and angle you have to move the whole strap and so for me I wanted to
the same time pull the halo strap all the way back but then I wanted to have
the display kind of tilted forward so I could never get it fully comfortable it
was usable for sure but not my favorite halo strap design now HDC also put in an
interesting design element in that you can flip up the display itself this
whole unit flips up which allows when you wear it you’re wearing it so then
easily get out of VR and gets your computer and interact with the outside
world it’s useful I definitely found myself using that especially during the
setup processes as I was going back to my PC and going through Steam and in
vive port but if I had the option for them to vote that engineering a
different feature I would love to have the ability to move this and lock it in
position say for increased clarity and finding that sweet spot and well gets a
sweet spot when we talk about the display there’s also built-in headphones
and headphones sound quite nice there’s actually a slight difference if you plug
the headset into your computer over a USB 3 port with all bandwidth or versus
a USB 2 or a clogged USB bus in that the audio quality does sound a little
different so make sure that’s plugged into
usb3 bus but if you also want to use your own headphones it’s not too
difficult to unplug this and then plug in your own headphones as well I also
found that the weight distribution of the headset was a little bit front-heavy
and that again goes back to the kind of design they went for their halo head
strap I really wish that if they we’re gonna stick with a fixed angle that they
would have angled the halo strap a little bit further back so cup the back
of my head a little more I did find myself constantly wanting to readjust
the whole time as I was in VR one good thing though is that because you can
flip this up and down it did fit over my glasses very easily in fact of all the
heads since I’ve used it is most easily fits over my glasses and I now have to
worry about the lenses hitting my glasses because it’s actually a good
distance there now the downside is that there is no eye relief on both the psvr
and also the rift s there is a button they can press they can actually slide
the headset front and back for not only for clarity but also if you’re wearing
glasses you can’t do that here it’s it’s locked in it’s that fixed field of view
and what I really want to do was to push the the lenses as close to my eyes as
possible something that I do on the valve index all the time with its eye
relief to maximize that field of view one last bit with the design there is
adjustable IPD on this which is a plus the range is about 61 to 74 and so if
you are outside that average of 65 IPD something like the HTC cosmos would
work for you over the software-based IPD adjustments that don’t work for everyone
on something like the rift s alright from ergonomics let’s start talking
about the panel and the optics this is a very high-resolution panel HTC chose a
panel with combined resolution of 2880 by 1700 now if you want to do math you
remember 2880 by 1600 is technically the resolution of the oculus quest of the
vive pro and of the valve index and the panel they chose here
is an RGB sub-pixel LCD panel which is similar to with LCD panel that valve
chose for the index what’s different though is that this is maxed out at 90
Hertz so it doesn’t go to 120 or 144 I did my testing on both gtx 1070 as well
as 2080 and 1070 could play most games fairly well but with that increase pixel
density did i really notice a difference in terms of the clarity not really that
extra hundred pixels that you get in terms of height from 1600 1700
I don’t think gives you a noticeable benefit and in fact I think the panels
at HCC are sourcing are not quite as good in terms of the pixel fill as
what’s on the valve index I did a lot of a be testing I spent a lot of time with
the valve index and while neither of them exhibit glaring screen door effect
like at this resolution screen or effect with RGB sub pixels is basically gone if
I’m looking and trying to read text at a distance on the cosmos I do notice just
a tiny bit of those edges around the pixels things I did not notice on the
index I do think the pixel fill is not quite as good even though technically
there are more pixels on this resolution display the optics also are an
interesting choice they’re using Fornell lenses on the cosmos and the new
arrangement of lenses they have here does reduce a lot of the godrays and the
ghosting effects in fact I didn’t notice almost any of that even on high contrast
scenes so kudos to the HTC there but the sweet spot as I’m sure you’ve read and
heard is not that great and sweet spot is the place within the lenses where you
can see clear clarity across as much of the lens and and field of view as
possible and so I did find myself constantly adjusting especially since
the headset like I said is a little bit front heavy and it would dip down from
time to time I would constantly have to adjust up to get my eyes into the sweet
spot and once it was in the sweet spot the eye box the amount of clarity that I
could see around the field of view was decent it doesn’t really get blurry
until almost the very of the frame field of view is it’s rated
at 110 degrees which is exactly the same as the very first vibe and and things
like the rift s and again I really wish there was some high relief because all I
want to do is to push that was lenses and display closest to my eyes as
possible I think that with this high technically a high pixel resolution and
pixel density there’s no reason not to get these optics it’s closer eyes to try
to maximize the field of view alright so let’s get to tracking on the HTC cosmos
and here that’s where I think people have had the most questions about it and
where it’s not necessarily the best performing in fact the high bar I still
think is steamvr lighthouse space tracking and if your locker talking
about inside out tracking windows box reality’s pretty good I think what
oculus has done with the inside out tracking on the rift s and their
software optimizations is still ahead of the game compared to what HTC has put
out now there are six cameras here so the field of view of the tracking here
is pretty wide and in optimal conditions the tracking is pretty is pretty good
setup is really easy it’s actually very similar to what you’d find on the oculus
side you have to do a little bit of moving your head around the room to scan
the room like you would on a Windows mix reality headset and then once you’ve
done that if the room is well-lit enough then you then draw your boundaries you
find your floor and the set of process is very quick unlike on the oculus site
it doesn’t retain memory of your spaces so every time you move this to a new
space you’ll have to redo the tracking but again that process is real quick so
I didn’t find it a big hassle in my office which is a normally lit room I
did some testing in this studio as well I was getting the warning message that
TRUCKING required more light now this is a known issue and explains why one went
over to HTC’s offices and did her first demo the roommate had us do this demo
and was so brightly lit and there are a lot of frame things pictures on the
walls in my office there are framed objects in the walls and that should
provide enough hard edges for the computer vision to to track and lock in
but I would get the pop-up message that there wasn’t enough light
there is a patch that was released shortly after this cosmos went to market
that does address that but I was still getting those pop-up messages you need
more light you need more light thankfully you can bypass that and you
still tracking will work and so even as I was looking the room and moving into
spots where there were some dark areas I wasn’t losing tracking all the time also
good is that you could block a few of these cameras and still get tracking
cells able to block either side cameras or the front cameras or block more than
four of the six cameras though then you lose the positional tracking and on the
headset side tracking does come back relatively quickly though on the
controller side it doesn’t come back nearly as fast as I would like
controller tracking is a completely different animal it seems than the
headset tracking because it’s not using IR it’s actually using I think just the
computer vision as opposed to the IR light and you would see on the oculus
side and these are our RGB cameras it’s actually seeing full color so as a side
note you can actually enable a pass-through mode which lets you see the
world through these these two cameras here which are stereo correct so you do
see a 3d version of the world but the resolution on that pass-through is
really low not good enough for reading computers it’s only good enough to see
that there’s a another person in the room so you can engage with them flip
the headset off but that’s the controllers they’re a bunch of blind
spots and it’s something I noticed when I went to do the preview of this headset
– if you move the controllers up close to your face
you lose tracking and so for games where you need to bring like a weapon up to
your face to look down the barrel or look down a scope that’s not gonna work
trying to play a game like Pavlov using the cosmos
I was holding all my rifles out in front of me because I couldn’t use the Scopes
and then what if I didn’t lose tracking by putting the weapon up it would just
then float my hands would float there and when I moved it away it would
definitely take a little bit before it would bounce and relock into a position
more so then I was used to on the rift side or that would make it playable in
game of course there’s some blind spots behind the headset as well you can
easily test this and some like tilt brush
and try to draw a circle around your head and I was actually not too
disappointed by this you lose a little bit of the tracking like right behind
your head and the lines get all swig Li and most of the time it would connect if
I was moving fast enough and connect my drawn circle if I was moving really
slowly it would do some funky things like push the line up to the ceiling and
then relock back in so the controller tracking leaves a little bit to be
desired HCC has said that they’re going to be improving the tracking on the
controllers with software updates over time so well just let’s wait and see
until they actually deliver on that promise now on to controller’s
themselves they’re also a big departure from the HTC vive ones that came out
with the first HTC vive and the vive pro and they actually look a lot like the
oculus touch controllers the new versions that came out with the quest
and the rift s they are significantly a heavier and bigger because they do take
two double-a batteries on each hand which are included with the box and I
gave this to a couple people to use and some people bigger hands actually like
the bigger heavier controllers organ ah mcclee they do feel really good and you
have your standard array of buttons not only the trigger buttons there’s also
now shoulder buttons which default act as trigger buttons and the big
difference between the shoulder and the trigger is that the trigger button on
the bottom is an analog motion with a click at the end much like on the vive
ones and the shoulder button is just a click so actually gives you the option
to have either of those options if you like more responsive click for a shooter
perhaps but no games right now do you make discrete use of triggers and the
shoulders so I’m still waiting for that on the top you have a thumb stick you
have two buttons and of course you have the the vive button that then opens up
the vibe interface this new lens interface for you to select by for games
or steam VR games I did like the thumb stick has good range of motion and also
clicks in depresses across the entire field of motion something which the
valve index controllers at least at launch didn’t exactly do but I think the
thumb sticks are not a great design I really like the valve in next thumb six
and that they’re kind of a Kong cave at the top it’s really nice to grip
onto and they bounce back really quickly the the cosmos thumbstick if you’re in a
game we’re using one to do free locomotion you wanted to press it for
running I actually found my thumb’s feeling pretty tired after you know 30
minutes of play and I really need to take a break because the the motion
there plus the depressing requires a little bit more force a little bit more
strain on my thumb than I liked there is a grip button as well and it’s very
similar to the oculus grip button using your middle finger but it’s not analog
so it is just a click and none of these buttons have capacitive sensors like on
the oculus controllers or on the valve index so there’s no kind of enhanced
hand presence and you get with like the CapSense capabilities of NX and so I’m
curious why HTC didn’t try to incorporate that this is a simple click
I always want to I want that analogue motion because I want my virtual hands
to be able to see how I’m I’m slowly closing them but them but instead
that’s all relegated to the trigger on the controllers battery life actually is
better than I expected we all fear that it was about two hours of battery life
with the batteries that come with the cosmos I was getting about four four and
a half hours and then I quickly swapped them out and using my own rechargeables
I have at home so not a big concern for me yes it’s Falls much short of like the
10 15 plus hours you’d get on the rift side and they’re not built-in plug-in
rechargeables like on the index side but if you buy some and loops that shouldn’t
be a problem for you on the software side HTC is also revamped the interface
you run this through vive port and when you boot into the cosmos there’s a whole
new environment that’s much like their version of the steamvr home environment
you get to walk around this this virtual space you have this little home area you
can decorate and anytime you press the vive logo the vive lens which like this
portal opens up and you can then select your vibe port games cosmos does come
with a six month subscription so HTC’s vive port that’s their all-you-can-eat
netflix style of VR game buffet so if you’re new to VR and there are plenty of
classic games there and new games there like battle wake and to the top and some
really good games there it’s it’s a pretty good value I think and getting
six months for that it’s good but there’s also of course compatibility
with steamvr at least most games in steamvr you can choose your steamvr
games directly from the seem very interface or from the lens and if you
there isn’t direct compatibility with controllers yet people are uploading
their own bindings HTC the content team there is doing that at a pretty good
pace as well it’s not necessarily native out of the box you might still have to
go into steamvr controller settings find the right bindings that people have
uploaded and then incorporate that into your favorite games tweak them to your
specifications and I found the compatibility to be pretty good there so
the question at the end of the day is you know with the changes that the HTC
has made with the cosmos because it is such a big design and technology
departure from the vibe where does a stand in this kind of end of first
generation class of VR headsets and you think if it’s right in the middle
between the rift s and the valve index like if I was going into VR right now
and I only had 300 to 400 dollars to spend four dollars gets you the rift
test which i think is a fantastic price tracking is rock-solid updates that
oculus put out in terms of the blind spots to controller this has really
solve a lot of those problems and if I less than $400 windows because reality
is still there and great for sim games the panel’s are good and the tracking
that inside out tracking has been proven that’s good for the entry level on the
high end the valve index is still my favorite desktop VR headset both from a
comfort side from the field of view that 144 Hertz I think it’s totally worth the
money there and you can buy that piecemeal as an upgrade path if you have
steamvr if the headset is $500 here that leaves the cosmos in a weird spot
because it is $700 and you have to buy that $700 with maybe the promise of
spending and hope of spending more money to unlock the future capabilities
there’s gonna be the ability to go back to seeing VR and swap out this face
plate and then you steamvr tracking if you have lighthouses but that’s gonna
add another two hundred dollars if you want to use wireless capability Wireless
is something HTC has done very well with a vibe Pro and the wireless adapter
that’s $200 and then you have to spend $50 on accessory packets to make that
compatible with this which is something that valve and oculus hasn’t put out yet
so that’s a potential customer base for this but I think the base price of $700
is really where I’m getting hung up on with the cosmos this really feels more
like a $500 headset especially if they’re expecting you to make those
upgrades to expand it in the future $700 plus you know $200 here $200 there to
unpack the full potential of the cosmos I think is a little bit too high so
that’s the status of HCC’s kind of flagship consumer VR headset with the
cosmos and I do think they’re in a little bit of a tough spot they were
early to market and they had a great partnership with valve for the original
vibe which helped them you know cement have a foothold in the VR space but it’s
been a couple years later and Facebook has unlimited money that they can put
into software and hardware design the quest has done really well and on the
valve side they can experiment with things like the knuckles controllers and
and they put out a really high-quality headset they they don’t necessarily need
to make money from HTC they’re running this is a business they do need to make
money from this I think that was what went into their decision for this
pricing and that’s where I think this falls a little bit short I do wish them
the best of luck with this I do hope to see improvements to the cosmos I do want
to see what those up raise down the line will look at and that could very well
save this device from the future well that does it for our look at the HTC
cosmos if you have questions about the headset would love to hear them please
post them in the comments below but we’ll see you next time thanks for
watching you

? RECORD MUNDIAL ?  La Mayor Aventura Contada en Realidad Virtual (APEX Construct + Oculus Quest)

Present The Biggest Adventure ever told in Virtual Reality Playable Area : 6050 m2 100% Physical Movement Without Controllers Raiders of the Lost Device Beyond The Confines Of Earth In a world dominated by machines “Jugon” survive thanks to the help of Fther a powerful Being who communicate with him by thoughts Mther, was the Being who controls all the artificial creatures from this universe Her plan was to erase every life form, … and “Jugon” was her first priority. Fther was helping “Jugon” on the search for “The Lost Device”. With it they could hide from Mther forever Now they have the possible location!! Inside a building where they found suspect activity Will “Jugon” survive to the treat of Mther? Will he found “The Lost Device”? Can he really trust Fther ? It was dangerous but he had to try Ok Guys, you had listened to Fther we have to find this device, because… Mther … its .. loking for us She want to kill us and we need to find the device to hide from her Mther has robot unities that will try to hunt us down Fther, I already found the bulding I think we are going in the right direction, although everything looks a bit desertic Fther: You have to get it. Be careful I don’t really trust Mther and her machines, but so far they don’t know we are here Ok, lets get in !! This looks like abandon area..
Let me pas though here… Look, we have the first security door Look in your inventory, you have a Level 2 access card Thanks, its here. Perfect With this we can open Level 1 and Level 2 Doors Level 3 we can’t We, guys, we enter in the building and this has already become a risk area We are going to try not be seen I can listen the music, that means there is someone around here They are around They are here, they are here !! That’s it Perfect, lets go up there and hurry up Mther know we are here !! Before she finds us Mther Knows we are here, we have to be careful, she is going to come for us!! We open it Ok, we have arrived here, we get in to the next room Lets me see where we are From the map that Fther gave me we have to go though that door Look, just there its our objective I am going to use the card, but I think it doesn’t let us Dont’t let us, because we need electricity You’ll need “Special Arrows” that are in another room Where? , Are you sure Fther? Yes, trough that door!! Thanks Fther!! We have to find the “Arrows” and it’s through that door But it’s looked…. and… It looks like we need a code to open it were can we found the code? There is this door.
Lets try this door and it seems is the only one open. Yes, that’s correct This looks like a warehouse, there are stairs to go up And here there are some folders What is this? Hey Anne, We are in the test lab trying out the new arrows. If there is no one there the code is 3745 Perfect. 3745. I know where code is lets get back here 3…7 …4….5 Yes, Yes Now is over here to get the Arrows Ok, the door its open, we have to get in, and I don’t trust it I am sure Mther is waiting for us, so I am going to carry the bow Hey, did you hear that!! What is that? What is That? What is this? O my God!! this Machine its completely new Fther what was that? I didn’t see anything like that before Looks like Mther it’s willing to sacrifice her children to stop us ok guys, lets run No one here ok , look, we have two doors, great Lets see Level 3, Level 2.
This one we can not open it The level 2 one, yes. Perfect, lets do it What is that? Here it is, the “Arrow”. Use it wisely The arrow that we needed to open the other door.
The “Electrict Arrow” Perfect.. Give it to me.. “Little Fther” Give it to “Jugon” Now with this Arrow we can activate this type of panels Enemies are coming over there The don’t stop coming Aaahh!! I think I know what I have to do! I can not with this arrows, or they won’t stop coming What I have to do its to use those ones.. … for .. activate .. and close the gate That’s it I run out of them Well Done!! That door finally its open What a great battle, guys!! Don’t relax, they can be hidden in any corner Lets go running, I am already warmed up Anyone else around here?, no? Were are you? I can hear you… Lets hurry up Do not forget that So we arrived to that area again, you do remember it , right? ok, we are going to use the arrow And now it should work…
That’s it ok, now we are going to get the card and get here Perfect, we open, we save the card… and we continue our journey Lets see what is around here Attention to the area, we are getting outside the building we are getting to an area like catacombs I don’t know what is this, its like a type of cave It’s creepy here Lets see who its around here.
Look there are sings of life There was someone here before This are looks definitely more dangerous Look, I think I can see some other place there What is that??… an elevator oohhh !! The music sounds Something it’s going to happen here Lets see…. who its there? Look the haven’t see me!!, they haven’t I have to see if I can eliminate them It saw me, it saw me.!!!
Yes, that is it.. Yes, that is it.. Perfect!! Lets see what is around here eeeee, oooo, they are a lot !!! Ready… no, there are more, there are more The music still sounding, there are more….
Where are you? Where are you damn creatures? you have to be around here, you have to be around here!! Where are you? I don’t want to hurt you …
I only want to play…. we are going to have fun!! Surprise!!
F…k, how bad I am
ha ha ha There you are !! Now yes, the music its gone. I Think we have eliminated them all aahh!! Look, the fuse.. and look I have to use one of the arrows.. ok I get one arrow, come here!! Perfect… and this its coming here I am going to change the arrows, because look… We have limited arrows We only have 3, although they recharge with time Someone it’s coming!! where are you going? where? Are you more? Yes? That’s it good, lets pick this up!! lets hurry up because, I am not sure… … that more of these creature are coming… lets see, over here come here and don’t leave lets place it here what is this? what is that, buddy? WHAT IS THAT ? Look at the head This is Fther’s head !! Fther, its that you? This was my old body Now you can use it to destroy that floor and find the device Are you sure? That you want to do this sacrifice? It has to be like this, There is no other way!! ok if we don’t do it. Mther will destroy us both.
I understand it ok, don’t worry Where is the other fuse? Just there, on my right ok just behind, how can I get there? ok, over there This way Perfect, I am going to get it Lets go and get it !! So, basically what Fther told us.
We have to get the other fuse that it’s there Use the elevator, go up And from there, we can through Fther against those rocks over there If we throw him against that floor it can break and he believes that the lost device it’s there. We are not sure 100% but he believes yes, that the device it’s here Look at those rocks, I trust nothing !! Here it is, we got it!! We have it, guys !! Look, what is this?? What is this… there is someone!! There is someone !!,, What is this??? This is a TRAP!!! Where are you? You’r out.
Ok this was a Trap This is like us!! We are half robot and half human and this is like our bow Someone was here before us and someone has tried that before and died Fther: Do you have anything to say to me? He is not answering ok, I don’t know what is going on.
I am going to save this here and we are going to get quick to the elevator and fix this problem we are going to hide from Mther and we will talk later Fther Lets RUN !! Look, Look all the ones that are coming !!! Ha ha ha, you can not defeat me !! Come here, Come here !!! That’s it This is it, This is it This goes here Perfect, now we can go up with the elevator we go up Guys this is so awesome !!
The adventure I am living here So this is soo…. REALLY AWESOME !!! Be Careful !!!
God !!! That was one of the creatures from earlier !!! The runners ones !! Like a Bull !! I Think we have done it !! Lets see it. We arrive here !! Finally !! Now we have to get Fther’s head, put it there, break it and in theory, the device will be there !!! ok, we need the Special Arrows !! If I hit it there, we move the head from one side to another If I hit it up, it goes forward…
Great, it is easy.. Another one !! Now we have to move it, because there is a rock, so it needs to go to the other side That’s it, one more time !! up There, there… That’s it… That’s it Look, we have the objective there I think the device it is there, I am not sure. Maybe Fther wants to play with us, not sure I can smell something funny, but in any case Mther it’s trying to destroy us So lets get out of here, as soon as possible Lets get the arrows ready Because, something tells me that this part is not going to be relax Here they come, here they come That’s it Lets go fast guys !! There are more, and they are coming, more and more.. Ok guys, I think we reached the end. Looks like there is no one !! Lets pick this up, and see if the device it’s here, and it’s the most important thing that we came here to do. I am going to jump Well Done !! Lets see if here it is what we are looking for
YES !! Ok, this is just what we needed to hide from Mther We got it, lets go quick to the base !! …. and lets hide, lets hide Fther, you and me need to talk Well, not you, you as head, you are your own ex, what I mean is to talk to you You know what I mean!! eeehh !! yeesss, yesss, of course, of course

Virtual Reality in Trainingssituationen! (2019)

Wo Mitarbeiter qualifiziert oder trainiert
werden müssen, ist eine vollständig virtuelle 360-Grad-Rundumsicht sinnvoll. In der Virtual Reality kann jeder Handgriff,
jeder Ablauf und jede Situation präzise und ohne negative Folgen gelernt und trainiert
werden. Von einfachen Montagearbeiten bis hin zu Sicherheitstrainings in hochgefährlichen
Bereichen. So werden Mitarbeiter schon vor dem ersten Praxiseinsatz zu erfahrenen Kollegen. VR Plug&Play ist die RADIUSMEDIA augment it
Lösung für die perfekte Immersion. Der virtuelle Raum, den Sie betreten, und alles, was Sie
dort vorfinden, ist genau nach Ihren Vorgaben konstruiert und lebensecht gestaltet. Mithilfe
Ihrer virtuellen Hände tun Sie alles, was auch in der Realität getan werden muss. Die
digitalen Zwillinge Ihrer Maschinen oder Anlagen funktionieren bis ins Detail genau wie ihre
echten Vorbilder. Audio-visuelle Anleitungen führen Schritt für Schritt durch die Lernsituation.
So kommen Sie mit VR Plug&Play viel schneller und sicherer zum Ziel. Alles, was Sie brauchen, ist ein leistungsfähiger
PC, eine VR-Brille und zwei Touch-Controller. Starten Sie Ihr Virtual-Reality-Projekt mit
uns jetzt mit einer kostenlosen Beratung.

Oculus Rift: Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-ality | The Completionist

so a couple of months ago oculus set me in oculus rift with their touch controllers and I got super into robo recall haven’t had that much art kid shooting fun in the long while and I really loved playing the game even if I was paid to show it off but since then I’ve logged well over 30 to 40 hours of playing VR games I really enjoy what I’ve played thus far and a few weeks ago me and my girlfriend really got into a cartoon show that I’m sure most of you guys really know well by now called Rick and Morty the show is unstoppable it’s truly a wonderful comedic masterpiece in fact while I was at PAX East this year they had a Rick and Morty VR game available for people to try and it turns out that game actually came out a couple of months ago so I thought now that I have an oculus rift and the game came out and I’m super into the show yo I would really love to talk about Rick and Morty virtual reality so Rick and Morty virtual reality is a game oh sorry one second here go for Girard oh hey mr. oculus marketing guy what’s up oh you found out that I was going to make a video on Rick and Morty and now you just want to pay me money to make the video hell yeah that sounds awesome let’s go but only if I can spend all of the budget on a stupid 3d title sequence with awful air horns and music what was that you’re down let’s go ooh whoa this video is brought to you by oculus get knocking this rift plus touch for the summer offered promotion and an affordable price of 399 do you play such awesome games such as superhot VR Robo recall and block a brutal game about luck the oculus rift plus touch buy one today where do you get one you ask yourself well the link to get one is in the description down below by the auxin is rip plus touch today or else your neighbor Martha’s dog will judge you indefinitely and you wouldn’t want that would you oculus rift plus touch because you want to please your neighbor’s dog Rick and Morty virtual reality is a game that stars you playing as a Morty clone specifically designed to serve the original Rick and Morty the game takes place entirely in morning’s garage although it contains several elements of traveling through different portals to access different locales without a doubt the clear shining star of the game is the writing and vocal performances just looking at Rick and Morty making fun of you before you even begin the game just sets the tone for how the rest is going to go now with the limited physical space of the oculus the game is a little bit limited on how to move you can teleport around the room into three different places the laundry area the work table and the supply rack I think it’s given to say that having the best setup for your oculus is incredibly important but it’s even more so important for Rick and Morty as you’ll be picking up a lot of items off the ground or from hard-to-reach places and while the game recognizes that you want the item you’re pointing towards sometimes it just won’t come to you luckily the developers knew this would be an issue and incorporated a mr. meeseeks box to get you those hard-to-reach items you can actually spot a lot of them at one time if you’d like and killing them is quite funny although unlike the show you have to end their lives after they fulfill their duties not them speaking of mr. meeseeks you kind of are won in this game the whiteboard to your left acts as your current objective telling you what to do almost all the time at some point to be given a SmartWatch that is your communication device for Rick and Morty aside from moving forward throughout the plot by listening to the two of them talking to you this device will help you throughout the entire game anytime your loss or are confused you can simply look at the watch and for the most part you’ll get comedic gold telling you where to go or what to do next Rick and Morty has layers upon layers of references jokes and moments straight from the show it’s fascinating how spot-on they were on this game execution I haven’t laughed Hart in awhile while playing a game in probably ever they even have a game called Troy which is a VR home simulator version of the Rick and Morty arcade game Roy what the hell well where am I my hair’s not bad Morty the rover all points of Rick and Morty’s VR adventure is that you’re a clone which has to serve the purpose of the two protagonists and frankly they don’t give a crap about you in fact there will be many moments where you’ll have to go to hell and I can’t honestly remember the last time I enjoyed dying in a video game scripted or not Rick and Morty VR absolutely would not work normally with standard controls it was designed with VR in mind and honestly that’s great using the cloning device with the controller would not be nearly as fun the activities are endless and they feel super fun to do because not only is the entire game a massive nod to one of the best freakin cartoon shows of all time but the gameplay incorporates all of the wonderful elements of the show into itself there were so many aha moments I had when I figured out what to do next I felt like I was challenged to not look at my watch unless I absolutely had to there’s an entire mini game that focuses on movement you have to activate as many of the knobs and gadgets as quick and as fast as you can and at first that was super stressful but once I got the hang of it poof I was having a great old time and I found myself wanting to do it again and again on the other hand there was one segment why I was legitimately confused for maybe 30 to 45 minutes it involved connecting these two pieces to the rest of an electric board with some specific regulations and requirements I felt like a complete idiot when I finally figured it out even though I thought it was way harder than it needed to be and I have to admit I am a little bit under the recommended amount of room I need when I’m playing with my oculus so take it from me don’t be like me and make sure you have enough room for when you’re playing these games yes I did need more room but I still felt like even after making that room I still had problems trying to pick up and grab items from hard-to-reach places and since there’s not really a good moving mechanic in the game you’ll accumulate junk very quickly especially as you’re fulfilling or failing objectives the game is about trial and error as you move throughout it and at times because you are in VR you can start to feel overwhelmed or maybe even claustrophobic but this is something that can easily be addressed in future titles like Rick and Morty the game is truly an objective puzzle solving game which is way different than that of Robo recall or let’s say superhot VR obviously and in its own way it’s just as fun I do miss the high-octane feeling when using the oculus and there is a section later on in the game that acts as a shooting segment which should hopefully satiate your need for the over-the-top violence Rick and Morty virtual reality was made for Rick and Morty fans and it’s kind of made for completionists too as it has a lot of postgame content such as collectibles and getting higher scores for unlockable I had such genuine good time playing this game I feel like it’s worth it’s $3 price tag it’s one of those games that you’ll get a lot more from each playthrough as you revisit it so if you’ve got an oculus rift I recommend picking this bad boy up and if you don’t have an oculus rift you know what to do to get one brother click that link in the description down below don’t piss off Martha don’t piss off her dachshund make peace with the animals and pick up an oculus rift today that’s it that’s all guys I hope you liked today’s video and hey if you like to add we did let us know in the comments below we got one more VR video on Star Trek coming out in August so get hype for that I’ll see you guys next time

Kevin and Grandma Lill Get a Virtual Reality Check

Welcome back to The ChatterBox I’m Kevin I’m Grandma Lill And today we are going to be talking about virtual reality and it’s our first time ever dealing with virtual reality What is virtual reality? What is it? I have a definition here Artificially creating sensory experiences which can include sight hearing, touch, smell and taste And it puts you into a whole new place, like a different environment We’re going to learn something We are always learning something on The ChatterBox We are one the line with our expert, Nicole Lee, she’s a senior editor at Engadget Hi Nicole! We’re kind of new to Virtual Reality, we’re still kind of confused so do you mind helping us out a little? Virtual reality is essentially, you put a pair of eye wear on your head and it envelops your entire field of vision with images Google cardboard is a cardboard viewer you put your phone in like an old school view master You put it to your face and you basically see like a 360 degree view of whatever actual is What’s your favorite place you have been when you were using the goggles? You can go travel on Mars Have you ever been to Mars? Never Do seniors wear these cardboard glasses? It’s for everyone, young and old alike What’s one place you want to go in the universe with the goggles that you haven’t been yet? I would love to see like underwater. I would love to see the goggles 3d underwater somewhere Where do you want to go, Grandma? Hawaii I’d go to the moon, cause then you can see the earth from the moon It’d be pretty cool We’re going to test out our google cardboard How do we assemble it, Grandma? Just lay it flat down, the screen facing towards your eyes And then you gotta Velcro it over the top Lock it in there right Lock it in We’re also showing you guys what we’re seeing on the screen I see something with eyes and nose And he’s got ears too, yeah What is this? All white clouds. I see all the clouds We’re on a walkway right now, do you see the walkway? Yes I see a nice walkway towards the water. Do you see the people? It looks like it’s winter too, is that snow? I see a lady with a red hat. I don’t see her A door just opened Is that a ghost? Do you see that over there? There’s someone underneath a blanket The lights just went out, it just got really dark There’s bats, do you see the bats? No. Look over there There’s a girl on the ground, Grandma Holy cripe Is that a doll? Do you see that on the ground? I don’t see nothing I see someone, look, Grandma, over there She’s like dead Dead? Where? She’s really close to me now, so close That was pretty scary He’s making it up So what did we learn Grandma? What did we learn? We learned that we could see figures in there – and go into a virtual reality through cardboard Thank you for watching us. It was very interesting It was so fun, we just got to experience virtual reality for the first time If you enjoyed watching us experience it, and give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos so you can watch it for next week I know you’re going to like this one This is something different Bye guys, take care, god bless yous We’d like to hear from you on your comments