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Fact Check: Are Italians Throwing Cash due to COVID-19 Crisis? || Factly

A couple of photos are being shared on social
media platforms with the claim that people in Italy are throwing cash on the streets
as having money could not save them from the COVID-19 crisis. We did a reverse image search and found that
the pictures are from Venezuela, not Italy. And the photos are not even related to the
COVID-19 crisis. Venezuelans threw currency notes on the road
as they were of little value due to hyperinflation in the country. For context, Venezuela has been undergoing
a massive inflation problem for months now. As on 31 March 2020, the exchange rate for
one US dollar is 77,798 Venezuelan bolivars. To cope with the crisis, many Venezuelans
are using alternate currencies like the US dollar and euro. Seeing as the photos are not from Italy and
are not related to the coronavirus pandemic, this post is fake.

Hard And Black Realistic But Not Real Gun

April 7, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Hard And Black Realistic But Not Real Gun

-Has this ever happened to you? -This gun is so fake! Ugh! -Well, look no further thanks to the Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun! You’ll never not not have a Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun again! Again! You’re probably wondering, well what will I ever use this Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun for? Well, let me show you. With the Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun, you can defend your home! -Freeze! -Ow! -Defend yourself! [slap] -Ow! [slap] Ow!! -Defriend your friend! -Ow! -See, there’s many different uses for the Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun! Use it as a ruler. Use it as a paperweight. Use it as a back-scratcher. A hat. Headphones. Shoes. Even use it as a gun! -Freeze! -But wait! We’ll also throw in another Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun! -Ha-ha-ha, now you freeze. -But wait! If you order now, we’ll throw in a bigger Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun! But wait! Did we mention that we’ll throw in the biggest Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun! But wait! Call now and we’ll throw in a banana! But wait! You’ll also get this lamp! But wait! -Shut up! Just shut up! If you say “but wait” one more time, I’m gonna shoot you! -Shoot him? I’m gonna shoot you! -But wait! -Shut up! Just shut up! -No, you shut up! -I will kill both of you! -Don’t you mean the both of me? ‘Cause I am you. -No, I am you. -I am me! [all arguing simultaneously] [guns firing] -Guns don’t kill people… People kill… guns! Teehee! But wait!

@KickstartAccelerator: “Nina of Tomorrow” meets “Big Brands of the Future”

Hello Nina I’m Katarina and I’m at Kraftwerk today. Do you like administration? Boring. Annoying. Boring. Hate. Are you better than other startups? Ohhh definitely not. Definitely not! Of course, we are better than other startups. We’re gonna crush them! What is your budget? “What is our budget?” (laughter) How many hours do you sleep? Not many, not enough! Between six and eight, but at least six, with less I wouldn’t be useful. Kickstart Accelerator? Awesome Cool people, cool opportunities and a lot of fun… Fantastic! Business opportunities. Awesome.

Students On: Advice for Future Students

April 2, 2020 | Articles, Blog | No Comments

Students On: Advice for Future Students

I think one thing that’s important before going into university is keep an open mind and it’s OK to not specifically know what you want to do in the future. Like have an idea of it, but not completely stick to it to the point where you don’t think of doing other things because you should experience a lot of things. And to also have fun and enjoy. Yes, we’re learning in university, but we’re also young and growing. So it’s important to not forget to have fun as well.

CHINESE IN JAPAN: Who is the REAL Face of the Foreign Community? 5 Myths while Touring Nagano

We’re going to see the monkeys. Monkeys are really really naughty. I remember a bad encounter with monkeys in Thailand. I hope they don’t try to take my camera. I’m kind of scared of monkeys. My mom almost got attacked by a monkey in Thailand. Let’s hope this goes better. I’m pretty much wearing the most inappropriate clothes you could possibly wear. The only way to make this worse would be if I were to wear high heels. They did not tell me it was going to be a long walk. My roommates didn’t way it was mountain climbing. I did not pack the right clothes, but hey not too shabby here. I mean for what we just walked through. My shoes are looking ok. I’ll just wipe them off they’ll me good. Well, I don’t know what to day about that except I can wipe them off. Not too bad. It could be a lot worse.

OHHH NOOO i’m actually moving out soon !!! (PRANK)

hello guys if u guys are new my name is Mina make sure you subscribe and like this video let it started so today i’m going to prank on my best friend i will recording on my phone so guys can see i kinda started so it fineeee i’m going tell her I need to tell you something omg i’m scared like i’m really nervous tell my best friend that i’m actually moving and tell her that i’m leaving next mouth ah i’m scared ahhh she not answering me rn awww i feel bad for her i feel bad like seriously aradaly poor you u actually crying ? aradely are you actually crying?? soo yeah let use facebook omg i feel bad for her i hate to lie to her so i have to act nothing happen are you crying ? Aradely: i don’t know Mina : are u sad i’m acting moving out next month i don’t know which day but dont tell my sister and she don’t know yet Mina: i found found so Aradely : no she is (upset that i’m moving) Mina: i’m tell u i’m not joking we actually moving aradely: i knowwwww Mina: u know i told u about house Mina: because i’m telling u right now so remember i told u about room Mina: it’s it’s too early u know school Aradely: are u actually moving ( not sure if mina telling truth) if u leave then when we come back school …….. Mina: i know i really don’t want move and deal with new school u knowww we maybe not graduate together and u will like where is minaaaa Aradely: well maybe i will have phone and says look MINA Mina: my mom, my stepdad knows not my sister not yet aradely: well are u suppose tell ur friends? Mina: welll i was not suppose be tell you Mina: no i’m telling you right now i will tell my friends later my family going to throw party aradely: can i go Mina: i don’t know (laughs so hard) Mina: i’m actually moving soon live go fast also I have to tell you something
oh it prank Mina: I just joking aradely: MINAAAA MIna: i’m doing YouTube channel say hi u fell believe also I’m actually recording right now aradely: this has no reason at alll Mina: u know snapchat that didn’t say recording? Mina :you know ? Aradely: NOOO Mina: aradely lucky me i don’t use(trying be flex lol) Mina: iphone whoooo i got you Aradely: well i thought u were joking then i fell believe Mina: u were like mina actually not joking about it Mina: welll u welcome (: Mina : karma is real well i got aradely i need prank other people too Mina: i got you aradely dont do that Aradley: I don’t care Mina: she is mad and
upset and least I’m not leaving anytime Mina: yet I’m still with you not i’m not leaving school yet u like thanks and don’t know suppose say i tried not try not laugh so hard all right so now I’m gonna prank to somebody else we’re going prank arleth so Ruby Jazmin my daughter this is my true best friends omg i feel bad i feel bad for her she is my daughter
and I love her so much Oh i feel bad i’m going text tyler cuz he is my best friend i getting tyler back because tyler pranked me spider i got scared i’m going text my other my daughter Mina: i’m not joking I’m serious Juliea: really? Mina: yesss Julieta: how u found out? Mina: umm i heard from my parents last night Mina: mom and my step dad was talking last night and my sister don’t know yet julieta: whyy Mina: i don’t know?? Mina: i’m serious not joking we moving next mouth serious Julieta: that so soon Mina: i know Julieta: what happened in Sacramento that you suppose moving february Mina: yeah my parent didn’t have enough money that yet Mina: we actually moving Julieta: so it expensive over there Mina: no it still cheaper but my parents was not sure about it Mina: maybe sacramento or san francisco so they decided to san francisco Julieta: that crazy Mina: i knoww Julieta: next mouth?? Mina: my sister didn’t know yet Julieta: if you move there Mina: yeah so we will be closer together Julieta: no lives on top Mina: really wow Julieta: i’m so sick of staying home Mina: it’s still boring it’s so boring Julieta: i thought it will be fun but instead Mina: it boring that you have to clean up and parents yell Mina: i wanna do my homework and my parents i don’t care clean up well i need tell you something Mina: you actually got prank it joke Mina: you’re actually recording
right now you are YouTube she’s not happy I’m gonna prank arlerth she’s my best friend
yeah we’re actually moving like next
month I’m not joking I’m not joking yes Arlerth: when? Mina: um April a second week
or something Mina: i really want stay here really bad oh man my best friend calling me so can i something it’s prank it’s a prank I’m not actually moving and also you’re on YouTube right yeah say hi to YouTube Arelth: wait it is prank ? Mina: yess it prank say hi to YouTube okay I will call you
later okay my friend calling me byee i have go okay bye
see you later Mina: you actually mad right now? Julieta: why u do that? Mina: i was boring doing nothing Mina: house say hi to youtube Juliet: hiiii Mina: u actually fell believe Mina: well i have to go because my best friend calling Julieta: who? Mina: Jazmin I will call u bit okay hey jazmin hiii say to youtube Jazmin: so i was like it has be prank but i knew it Mina: say HI to youtube Jazmin: HIII Mina: well i was bored and nothing in house so i decided pranked you Mina: I love see people’s reaction mina: you were like nah it has be joke Mina: it has be joke and i was like serious sadly I lost video my friends
pranking yesterday I lost because too long long video sadly so please please
I really appreciate if you follow my friend’s channel will link deception and also please follow me and sister I have a second channel It will over linked deception so i will posting today so if u want see more twin sister video go watch in different channel it make easier so i don’t have post my channel so also follow my social media so yeah bye love you guys

Moonlite – SCENE 02 The future by the past

“Situated as I am I wish to speak what I know but the hearts of the so-called Christians of the nineteenth century are harder than stones and refuse to be written on even by the finger of God.” truth stays true “I shed no blood” what is said about – – what is said “starving” the map too late “the battle was unequal” born twice – “in the darkness of our misery –” – in a man “– think of us with charity” met and not met “promises I have made –” in my debt “– are broken by death” the static wanders “to quietly stand –” the fate of halves “– and be shot” great things stain the baby’s head “this is my birthday” rust in rain “my death day is near” beautiful habits “to fathers and mothers –” clear to god “– teach your children to be cowards” I could not see – “as in all things –” – but went – “– I was opposed” – beyond the road “wait till the grass grows on our graves” magnetic “as in all things” it is not the water – “I did not so much sin –” – that drowns “– as was sinned against” it is not the air – “standing as I do –” – that hangs “– on the verge of”

Actually playing Minecraft in Beat Saber

March 8, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Actually playing Minecraft in Beat Saber

This song, OMG. I’ll try it one more time one more – one last time (C418 Starts Playing) There has to be a strategy to this, right? OK – alright – here we go here we go here we go I got it! I got it! I’m doing it! Okay! I’m doing it! Another one – (C418 continues playing) Woah! This is a workout! How long is this? I don’t know how long this is!! Ah Is it 3 minutes long? No way! oh it’s 2- it’s 2 minutes and 50 seconds That’s not too bad. Up and down! Oh – there it is! OH!! OH NO – NO! NO! NO! NO!- C’mon! Why aren’t you- What’s going on- Wait- Wait what- what how did i- i did not- How did I not fail? I’ m surprised i didn’t- Alright i mean i’m not gonna complain but- I did it Is that it? I think- I think that’s it We did it- we found out- we got- we got our diamond blocks Ez clap! *claps* We can finally build our diamond house We can impress- we can finally impress that girl from minecraft subtitle made from TDGwen

If Pokemon Evolutions Were Realistic

March 8, 2020 | Articles | No Comments

Bulbasaur is evolving! (Gasp) Oh boy! …since all living things are constantly involved in the process of evolution! What? Evolution is, by definition, not a process that an individual organism undergoes. It’s constant, happening over the course of countless generations with noticeable, widespread changes across a population taking hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years. But…Ivysaur So, while this particular Bulbasaur will not have it’s traits or genetics change future generations very likely will – through the mechanism of natural selection – be better able to adapt to their environment and more likely to thrive! Why are you doing this? For an organism to change its biological form, it would need to undergo a metamorphosis which exists wholly separately from evolution. Since Bulbasaur is neither an insect nor an amphibian, it is very unlikely to have a secondary stage that it will mature into. This is a glitch, right? Uh? No, don’t you know anything about science? Idiot? Yeah dummy, we’re not biology worms (ICECREAM?!) We live in the real world okay?(YOUR JUST BARBAGE!) Read some scientific journals to get a better understanding of the majestic world around you (YOUR A F***KING BALOON!!) NOOOO!! *gasps* Thank Arceus, it was just a terrible dream where science existed Mom! I’m going out to resurrect a fossil. Can I borrow the dragon? *ting*

A realistic day in my life || UPM

March 7, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 11 Comments

A realistic day in my life || UPM

what’s up everybody I’m Sean I do a lot
of tip videos and sharing videos about my university life just like this one if
you are new here welcome and consider subscribing alright guys usually I don’t drive to my
faculty because it’s very near from my hostel but today is a very busy day and
I have to go to the sport center at 5:00pm later yeah so I’m driving today I’m running late for the class again
because it does take some time to set up those shots hopefully the lecturer is not
in the class yet yeah luckily the lecturer is not in the class yet alright guys I’ve just done the first
class of today now I’m heading to the tower block to have my lab so this is
where I have my classes just now and that is where I have my lab session yeah so
let’s go Hi Damia so this lab is called digital
communication where we will learn different techniques of transferring the
signal in digital form look at me hahaha all right I’m just done with lab session
I’m heading to lunch now right now I’m waiting for my delivery yeah alright guys I’ve just finished my lunch
and I’m going to take a short nap now because I don’t have time to nap later
yeah okay all right guys I’ve just finished
all the classes today and now it’s already 3.15pm I’m not going back to my
hostel because it’s going to take a lot of time so I’m going to stay in this
classroom and edit my video because later 5.00pm I’m going to attend a
training at Sports Center alright guys it’s time to go to the Sports Center alright guys so right now I’m going to fetch
my friends and go to sport center all right I’ve just arrived at the sport
center and I’m going to have my training now all right guys I’ve just done my
training, bath and had my dinner you guys might notice that I was wearing
slipper for the whole day let me show you something it might be a
little bit gross but I hope you don’t mind looking at my nail my nail is coming
off from my toe because my table tennis shoe was too
tight during the competition last week that’s why I was wearing slipper the whole
day even in the lab even in the training session and I have a
competition next week the competition is called Sukol where I will be
representing my hostel, K10 to play against other hostel so right now it’s
already 9.35pm I’m going to read for about half an hour then I will go to bed because I have to wake up early to attend the class tomorrow alright I’m done with reading all right
thank you so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it so hit the
like button if you enjoyed this video subscribe to this channel if you aren’t
already don’t forget to turn on the notification bell so that you won’t
miss any of my videos in the future and I will see you in the next one peace