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Coronavirus is everywhere. Well it is in the news everywhere at least… It is continuing to spread across China and
the world over, with reported cases as far as Australia and the United States. More than 60,000 people are now confirmed
to have it, and over 1,300 people have died. So how worried should we really be? Has it spread to your country? Was it really caused by this thing? (insert pic of pangolin)
Can it be contained? What on earth is happening on that infected
cruise ship? And can you hold your breath from now until
the 1 minute 30 mark of this video!? Find out why at the end of the video. So number update. The current toll at the time of writing is
60,376 confirmed cases, with 1,369 deaths. Deaths per day hit a current high on Wednesday
12th February with 255 deaths, all from China. Outside of China only 2 deaths (NOW 3) have
been reported overall. Of the total amount of confirmed infections,
nearly all have been diagnosed in China, with just under 500 coming from other countries,
the highest outside of Asia being Australia, Germany and the USA. The USA currently has 13 infected people. One interesting development is a cruise ship
quarantined off the coast of Japan with 3,700 passengers has the most cases of Coronavirus
outside of China. The Diamond princess has confirmed 174 people
(now 219) have the virus with at least 20 of them being American. The whole ship is quarantined off the coast
of Yokohama for the time being, and it accounts for a third of all new cases outside of China. Lets bring an update on its origins. The 2019 novel coronavirus has just been given
its official name. Drum roll please. It is now officially called COVID-19 or corona
virus disease 19. It is part of a larger family of viruses also
known as coronaviruses, that cause illness, which could be in the form of a cold or more
serious respiratory diseases. The word corona in latin means crown and is
used as the virus has crown like projections on its protein shell that encases its genetic
material. Other coronaviruses include the SARS virus
and MERS virus. There has been a widely discredited theory
about it being snake flu and also one conspiracy theory from Russia’s channel one linking
it to Donald Trump, and US intelligence or pharmaceutical companies. But disregarding these ‘bat crazy’ theories
the research is starting to point to this. Coronaviruses are zoonotic, which means they
spread between animals and humans. SARS was spread by bats to Civet cats to humans
and MERS from Dromedary camels to humans Researchers in China have suggested that this
Pokémon, Sandshrew, oops sorry, I mean this scaly ant eating mammal, called a pangolin
are the likely source of the new virus outbreak. This cute looking thing is actually the most
trafficked animal in the world unfortunately, humans really are jerks ay. They count for around 20% of illegal wildlife
trade. This is because in some parts of Asia their
meat is considered a delicacy and in traditional Chinese medicine Their scales, are thought
to neutralize witchcraft and evil spirits, and treat ailments such as skin diseases,
menstrual disorders and arthritis, even though their scales are made out keratin, just like
human hair. Chinese law states that people selling pangolins
can be punished by 10 years or more in prison, yet it still happens. The virus’s genetic sequence has been found
in Pangolins and is 99% similar to that found in humans. It is thought that the original host of the
virus is from bats, with the pangolin as a carrier host that could of caught the virus
If bat feces, a.k.a Guano, or saliva came into contact with food that is consumed by
a pangolin. The virus emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan
and is thought to have spread to humans from a seafood and wild animal market in the city,
where many of the first humans became infected. This could of been from Pangolin meat or excrement. How it infects you
Ok so how does it infect you? The virus is concentrated in the respiratory
route, or the nose and lungs. A human with the virus can pass it on via
droplets from sneezing, coughing or exhaling just like the flu. But unlike the flu there is no current vaccine. How deadly is it really? It is far from the ‘apocalyptic impending
doom for humanity unless we stop it now’ that mainstream news would make us believe. It is serious yes, the 60,000 cases documented
is probably far higher as people with minor symptoms would not have been diagnosed, but
with that the morality rate of 2% would go down further. To put it into context, the flu has a yearly
morality rate of under 1% killing 400,000 people a year, and the SARS outbreak in 2002-2003
had a death rate of over 10% and killed 774 people. Previous strains of the virus and similar
viruses are more common in winter months and it is hoped with warmer weather cases will
also drop. Symptoms
Symptoms are akin to the cold and flu with the most common being
• Fever • fatigue
• A dry cough • Muscle pain
• Difficulty breathing In more severe cases, it can cause pneumonia,
severe acute respiratory syndrome, and kidney failure. People who are ending up in hospital are usually
those with a lower immune system, generally people over 40. Most people’s immune systems are strong
enough to fight off the virus, but the people dying are normally older and have underlying
health problems that weakens their immune system and unable to fight off the virus. How it is treated
There is no cure, just like the flu and rest, hydration and over the counter painkillers
is all you can do. Precautions
Standard infection preventions apply. Regular hand washing, avoiding warm cuddles
and close contact with anyone showing serious symptoms. A face mask is recommended in highly infected
areas, and if you don’t have one and someone coughs, hold your breath and run away until
your face turns purple…… So how long did you or can you hold your breath
for then? Really that long? Well we just wanted to test you really, and
we are ever so proud. Go you. Leave a comment with how long it was, winner
gets a penguin in the post. Make sure you Hit subscribe and the bell icon
now, leave a like to get the video shown to a wider audience, and thank you, science is
beautiful, viruses and fake news are not. Love you.

☠☣ The real truth about the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak😷☣ 📈

Ladies and gentlemen we gonna talk now about the Coronavrirus (COVID-19) the thing what we have to known, we have received a lot of fake news about the coronavirus! our politics don’t want to make people scared the first outbreak was on 17 December 2019 its here written 31 December 2019 it was the doctor and than we gonna start here about something that is really shocking us! sir we need to be careful and make America prepare for it! This is really dangerous we need the truth We need transparency we need to stop people from dying To stop this from going to America and Europe to kill more people! This is the number on thing transparency! We need to take down the cyber firewall give America all the truths!! The date is fake! the total number under quarantine in China are more than 250 million people there! the truth is that 1.5 million people are not just under observation but confirmed cases!! And number of people who died as burned bodies shown are more than 50 000 Not 30 000 but 50 000!!! Million and Million Chinese people are dying 250 Million people are quarantined they`re very powerful and they said This was not from animal to person This was from people that Today we have 15 cases confirmed in America !!! Are some people controlling the truth? The date is fake ! all are 2.1% every day, 2.1% of people died !! Those sick people who got locked up in small rooms can not open the doors! no food, no phone calls, and no water !! They can not go to bathroom!

Coronavirus Facts That May Save Your Life

February 4, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Coronavirus Facts That May Save Your Life

coronavirus 2019 2020 is it really
serious or is it all hype today we’re going to talk about what you can do to
protect yourself and of course we’re going to cover some things that don’t
get mentioned in the regular channels coming right up hey I’m dr. Ekberg I’m a holistic doctor
and a former Olympic decathlete and if you want to truly master health by
understanding how the body really works make sure you subscribe and hit that
notification bell so you don’t miss anything as you probably heard there’s
an outbreak of a virus called corona virus it started in Wuhan China and
that’s where most of the cases have been so far but it’s already spread to a
number of countries including the United States so there’s tens of thousands of
cases in China and there’s a handful in the United States and this particular
corona virus is called 2019 and CoV so coronaviruses it’s a group of viruses
there are many different strains of them and some of them are not so harmful a
lot of common infections that we have are actually corona viruses most people
have these infections many times during their lifetime but recently there have
been some more serious forms of mutated corona viruses so typically viruses are
specific to a species so viruses that affect humans usually don’t affect cats
and dogs and vice versa so a lot of these corona viruses live in animals and
they don’t pose a threat to humans unless they mutate until they change
their shape so that they have some receptors some tags that fit into our
receptor sites and now they become a threat so in this particular case they
believe that it started in a bat and that it’s possible that it was a single
case of a bat that had mutated virus that was transferred to a human and
started spreading that way so a lot of times these can be
bred from animals to humans if these viruses are mutated but then once
they’re mutated they can also spread from human to human which is what’s
happening with this virus now and here’s what’s really concerning they believe
that you are mostly at risk of spreading the virus when you have the most
symptoms and when you have a high fever and you’re coughing and sniffling and
sneezing you’re also the most contagious but there is also a possibility or
probability that asymptomatic people may spread this they’ve had some reports
they don’t know for sure but there are some reports on people spreading this
who are asymptomatic so this is a very serious situation the World Health
Organization has declared it a health emergency and in the United States they
have evacuated about 200 people from Wuhan China and they placed them in
quarantine for testing until they no more and was so scary about this is that
we know so little we’re dealing with something unknown and that’s where they
want to be using all the precaution they can so that this doesn’t get out of hand
if we can contain it early then there may not be a big deal
but if it gets out of hand it could be a worldwide pandemic which of course
nobody wants but we still have to put this in a little bit of perspective and
we need to understand a few more things we don’t want to just panic and read all
the scary facts and go crazy with it there were a couple of previous
coronaviruses one was called MERS and it was very very virulent it was 30 percent
fatal but they only had about 2,500 cases so there were about 800 people
dead from the MERS virus and there was a SARS virus which was 10 percent fatal
and there were a few more cases 8,000 and resulted about the same amount of
dead people now this new corona virus 2019 nco
so far is about 2% fatal so out of 14,000 cases in China they’re about 3%
debt and all but one of those I believe were in China so this is very
frightening it is very scary if this would get out of hand it could be
terrible but we also need to remember how things work in the big scheme of
things so there’s something called a seasonal flu that’s the flu the
influenza that you get vaccines for and and that is a nuisance every year we’re
in flu season right now with a winter so in the US every year there’s about
thirty to sixty thousand people who die every year in the United States from the
seasonal flu and we don’t get so scared about it because it’s sort of the same
thing over and over we don’t believe that it’s going to get totally out of
hand and in world worldwide if we look globally then there’s 300,000 to 600,000
dead people every year so the regular stuff that the hundreds of thousands
that we have every year of course they dwarf these numbers but it’s the fact of
the uncertainty and the potential of a pandemic that we want to be very
cautious with so I’m not going to list a bunch of things that you can read up for
yourself for many reasons first you can read it yourself secondly they’re
changing all the time okay this is changing every day and the CDC and the
National Institute of Health and the World Health Organisation’s
those are the three organizations that you want to get your facts from they’re
updating this on their websites on a daily basis so you can see what they’re
learning you can see what’s happening and you can get the correct information
from those sources so I’m not going to speculate I’m not gonna talk about a
bunch of things that they have already said but here’s what we want to real
briefly understand that there’s three steps to what you can do and one of
course first is don’t get it and you want to avoid travel
if you want to avoid any non-essential travel because anytime that you go into
airports you’re going to planes you’re going to closed spaces you expose
yourself to a lot of different people then you increase the chances
dramatically exponentially you want to avoid travel you want to avoid any kind
of crowd if you can help it and you want to avoid sick people if they’re already
coughing and sneezing then stay away and they believe this spreads with droplets
with particle droplets so if somebody sneezes there’s usually like a six foot
range where those droplets spread and then what’s also important about this
virus is that it can live it can land on a surface and you can stay it’s not
really alive because it’s a virus but it can stay active and virulent for several
days so that’s why you want to avoid surfaces where high-traffic areas you
want to be cautious about public places with handles and things door handles but
keep in mind you want to be cautious but you don’t want to freak out there’s
still in a very very very small chance there’s six cases so far confirmed in
the United States and hopefully the number won’t go up much so the risk is
very very small but do what you can just be cautious anyway the next thing you
can do is you wipe surfaces and you’ve wash your hands frequently and you want
to use warm water and soap okay hand sanitizers you use them if you if you
want to if they’re available but they don’t do all that much because they
primarily designed for bacteria they’re called antibacterial sanitizers they may
or may not do anything for a virus so wash your hands frequently warm soap and
water the second thing is don’t spread it okay don’t get it
don’t spread it so even if you feel like you’re really strong you don’t have a
whole lot to worry about you want to keep in mind that it
the very young and the very old and the weak the immunocompromised who always
perish from these epidemics from these infections so do all the same things
that you would avoid to get it do those as a courtesy to other people to prevent
from spreading it obviously and now number three and this is what nobody
else talks about nowhere in where I read up I watched some videos I did some
research I check the website nobody talked about this up regulate your
immune system there may be some random chance and some bad luck in contracting
and being exposed to the virus but how well you fare how well you deal how well
your body deals with the virus is not random chance okay we want to think
about these things the worst of these viruses was 30 percent fatal that’s
devastating it’s horrendous but 70 percent of people made it through so
which ones were the people who made it through they were the people with the
strongest immune system ten percent fatal 90 percent survivability COV two
percent fatal 98 percent survivability okay so with the seasonal flu who are
the people who die from the flu every year it’s the very young and the very
old and the immunocompromised the people who are weak for some reason so if you
are malnourished and if you’re sick already any virus can be a deadly threat
and here’s something else that I found very very interesting that with the
seasonal flu there’s thirty to sixty thousand dead people in the US every
year that’s ten percent of all the casualties in the world yet the US only
has five percent of the world’s population so the death rate from the
seasonal flu is twice as high in the US as it is anywhere in the world
how come have the best and the most expensive
health care supposedly it’s for sure the most expensive it’s supposedly the best
and we have the highest rate of vaccinations against that seasonal flu
and yet we have twice the death rate so I believe this is my humble opinion I
think it is because the United States has the worst nutritional status of any
country in the world we have the most stress and the worst nutrition so other
than just being generally smart and don’t getting it and don’t spreading it
just protecting yourself with some common sense the next thing that you can
do is to get healthy give your body the best nutritional chance give it the best
possible defense system and the best healing abilities that you can give it
all right so first thing you want to stop is sugar because sugar will down
regulate your immune system it will feed all the pathogens not necessarily virus
but it will feed all the other pathogens that assist the viruses that compete
with the viruses so the more the immune burden is on your system the more the
opportunity the better the opportunity for the virus to make you sick you want
to stop processed foods because again it has tons of sugar but it also has lots
of chemicals that places another burden on your immune system and it has
virtually no nutrition it doesn’t have anything that your body is really
looking for except a few calories in the moment and then you want to avoid stress
and we’ve done several videos on this channel talking about this that your
nervous system has something called the autonomic nervous system you can have
stress and being fight/flight or you can relax and be in feed breed or in healing
mode all right you dramatically improve your immune system when you are relaxed
you dramatically reduce your immune system when you’re
stressed so learn how to do some breathing exercises check out some
videos on that do a meditation meditate twice a day until they’ve got this
crisis figured out it’s really kind of sad that they sell out of all those
mouth guards and all these protective masks but I bet you anything that they
have not reduced the sales of soda and candy and sugar and fast food all right
so people are so concerned they want to protect themselves they want to know
what to do but before you go buy a face mask stop eating sugar so I’m not saying
the face mask is a bad thing but it is a small part compared to what you can do
for yourself in taking care of yourself so here’s another problem if you’re
watching this channel then I’m kind of preaching to the choir you already know
most of this stuff because you’ve watched some videos before but there’s a
lot of people out there who have no idea that you can actually do something for
yourself so if you’ve never shared a video before then please take this one
and send it out to as many people as you can share the link send it out so that
they can start understanding what’s really at stake and what how much power
they have for themselves to do something about up regulating their immune system
and most importantly don’t panic because panic is a form of stress it will down
regulate your immune system so stay calm stay positive and do the things you can
don’t listen to the gossip don’t listen to the fear mongers listen to get your
information from the reputable sources who can be professional and unbiased
about it get some good information do the things that you can and you’ll be
all right if you enjoyed this video make sure that you also check out that one
thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next