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How to Deal With Your Pets in Quarantine

– Hey all you cool cats and kittens. Here are my tips on managing
your pets, especially cats. – Dog. – Dog. – Two cats. – Cat. – [Claire] Dog. – See ya. (spritely pian music) – [Claire] I’m already home a lot, but I think the most important
thing throughout all this is to keep your pet’s routine
as close to what it was. – If you usually come home from work at six o’clock at night and feed your cat, but they come chasing after you at 4:30 because you heard you
rustling a bag of pretzels, do not cave and feed your cat. Stick to your normal meal times even if it is painful. – [Claire] Go ahead and keep doing that just because routine is
very important for pets. Dollop and I have a fun routine where she likes to wake me up at four a.m. by playing with the blinds and
that hasn’t changed at all. – If you need to give bribes
to get them to be quiet during your conference call, it’s okay to give a couple treats. – I have two cats. They’ll jump on my lap in
the middle of a video call. My tip is to give them food right before I need to get anything done. – Look, the rules go out
the window right now. At least some of them. – That way they’re satisfied, they can take a little nap afterwards, and I can get some much needed alone time to really zero in on the day’s tasks. – [Vicky] This is Coach and
I absolutely love this puzzle because it functions as a dog bowl, but it stimulates the
dog and keeps them busy and it makes sure they don’t eat too fast. And it probably buys you about
two to four extra minutes, especially when you’re working at home that can be very important before they go on to
their next need which is, in our case, he needs his
walk right after he eats. – What I like to do is
walk super late at night and super early in the
morning with the dog. It’s very quiet, very peaceful. You’re not running into any crowds like you are during the day. – Another tip that I like is to create a seat for your cat. If you’re setting up a desk for yourself, set up a desk for your cat. It can be another chair, it
can be a small folding table. That they feel like they are
in the situation with you, but they are not on your
lap, on your keyboard, on your other keyboard,
sitting on your mouse. Leila. – She’ll jump on my desk sometimes. In front of my computer while I’m working. I have this little battery-operated toy call a “hex bug.” It kind of moves the
way an insect would move and so I can just turn it on and leave it out in
the living room for her and it’ll keep her
occupied for a long time. – This is my tip for working
from home with your dog. Every few hours just
pet him and remind him that I see you, you are a good
boy, and I acknowledge you. That way he never thinks
you’re ignoring him. And he just gets to ignore
you on his own terms. – [Claire] I must say if
you do work from home, it is nice to have a cuddly animal. Something warm to snuggle
with while you type. Try not to spill Fernet on your pets, especially if they’re all white. Oh my god, that Fernet stain
on her ear is killing me.

Spirit To Althea: I See The Real You | Love Goals | Oprah Winfrey Network

You’ve got so long
to go in this race that we’ve got to give you the
skills that you need to run this marathon by doing
something different than what you’re used to doing. Come here. Come here. It’s OK. [GENTLE PIANO MUSIC] I know. You got here through
no fault of your own. But if you don’t understand
that you’re in control now, it’ll continue to be like this. I see the real you. I know how beautiful you are. And I want the world
to see that woman so that you can attract
the relationships that you’re supposed to be in. You’ve lived your whole life
surviving because you had to. That’s all you know how do. You guys mirror each other. And then, in the moment, it’s
like a, it’s like a duel. You know? That whole sundown shootout? You go, OK. I’ll harness it. But I’m not going
to drop my hand. And the minute you even
think that he’s reaching, you try to shoot him
before he can shoot you. But you both kill each other
again and again and again. You’ve got to own that. You can’t say, I shoot
you because you shoot me. You’ve got to own that
sometimes you draw first.

How I Wrote True Detective

April 6, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

How I Wrote True Detective

Nobody was gonna let me make a TV series
that was just about two men riding around talking so I put a murder in
there if you want to be a writer stop being a personal assistant if you’re worth a damn as a writer there’s no character whose point of view you can’t
imagine and understand empathetically It was the summer of 2010, my novel had
just been published and I was desperate to get out of academia and since the
early 2000s I had wanted to find a way into television because American
television had gotten so good with The Sopranos and The Wire and Deadwood There was this time period when when those three shows were on where I became
conscious that my desire for fiction was being fed in a much richer way through
these shows than I was feeling from contemporary novels so my novel was
optioned for film rights and there was no really enough money there but it
allowed me to talk to Hollywood agents and so I asked them what I had to do to
get into television and they said you have to write scripts we’ve ever written
scripts before I said no and they said well if you can write a good pilot for a
show you invent and a good episode of an existing show we can start trying to get
you work and in July of 2010 I wrote six television scripts and one of them was
the pilot for true detective this place is like somebody’s memory of a town and
the memories fading it’s like there’s never anything here but jungle The crime story both gives you a plot and a series of escalations and pressures that you
can put onto your characters but it also tends to offer a kind of cross-sectional
view of the society in which the crime takes place because the nature of an
investigation is that you will be exposed to all these facets of a place
that was definitely one of the basic structural goals of the series was to
use the machinery of the procedural to get it what interests me which is the
dissection of character and motivation and a world vision that can encompass
those things and and reflect them nobody was gonna let me make a TV series that
was just about two men riding around talking so I put murdered in there every
character and every one of us is in some way a stereotype we only cease to be
stereotypes when when we examine a character in
detail we have two cops riding around in a car and they don’t exactly get along
ever seen that before right that in itself was a trope that I wanted
to take apart and take another take another look at right this is not going
to be what you think it is we’re going to do things like spend six minutes
riding around in a car discussing pessimistic philosophy means I’m bad at
parties let me tell you you ain’t great outside of parties either to me cold
more than heart but both of them are heroic now both of them are incredibly
flawed as men in society like heart might be a bad husband and father Cole
might be a terrible friend and colleague in some respects but they both behaved
with bravery and with honor in moments were where many of us might not I mean
in a way there’s various means by which I was working out a lot of personal
subjects which is what I do in my fiction too both men were representative
of two different kinds of bad roads I I could have imagined myself on but I I
you know I find Cole admirable at the end of the day I think his tragic flaws
is the you know he has a huge blind spot like everyone else does when it comes to
himself you know I’ve said before that he’s certainly not a nihilist he’d be
the most unsuccessful nihilist in history he if anything everything is
overwrought with meaning for Cole you know he’s hypersensitive we find out
he’s has synesthesia and in that way what he’s talking about
with meditating on the idea of your own crucifixion is it for him to wake up and
encounter the world and do this job is a form of self crucifixion because he’s so
extremely sensitive and his his use this kind of Frankenstein homegrown
antenatal estas ofey strikes me frequently as as defensive to the point
he protests too much his complaints aren’t very different from jobs
complaints if if you believe in a personal God who has a destiny for
everyone well then you’re just a character in his story and job’s
complaint was that he was a character in a story and he didn’t like how the story
was being told so you have to ask you know whose call complaining to well Nate we keep the other bad men from the door
I think there’s dangerous people in the world and the dangerous people are often
called upon to combat them it’s an old adage that there’s a very thin line
between a good cop and a good criminal they they share a lot of the same traits
a brashness a boldness tenacious Ness and egotism to some degree and
obsessiveness the simplest argument is fight fire with fire but I think Cole’s
point goes more towards Cole wouldn’t say anybody wasn’t a bad man one of the
things I think is most admirable about him to me at least is that he has this
very rigid code of honor that no one gave him it seems to sit outside of the
culture that’s why he’s an oddball with the other police officers because his
code of honor has nothing to do with their cultural contexts you know one of
the interesting dichotomies between the two men is that the one man has
literally nothing governing him and he keeps himself rigidly self-covered and
the one that has a family and and should be more governed uses that as an excuse
to go on governed if you’re worth the damage the writer there’s no character
whose point of view you can’t imagine and understand empathetically I don’t
use $10 words as much as you but for a guy who sees no point in existence you
sure fret about it an awful lot if you look at Cole you see actually he’s the
the road typical extremely hard boil detective figure but what I wanted to do
beyond that was to give that figure real dimensionality to really be hard-boiled
and and and to have that that way of being
what sorts of philosophies does that imply he has the disposition and the
means to to articulate the thoughts and philosophies behind that sort of
hard-boiled behavior in that way he’s he’s almost like the authentic version
of what heart pretends to be for me he’s what Huck Finn becomes in the 21st
century you know remember Huckleberry Finn
when he could free slave Jim but everything he’s been taught tells him if
I free this man I’m going to hell yeah I’m gonna burn in hell forever and Huck
Finn frees his friend the slave and Huck says basically fuck it I’ll go to hell
yeah and that’s rust and the public sort of fascination with
serial killers have almost turned them into comic book villains and and I
wanted a killer whose story was not so complicated that unraveling it was going
to take up all our top the more simple and and solid your plot is the more free
you are to to explore ways of telling that haven’t been tried yet and to take
discursive detours in conversation and scene
life’s barely long enough to get good at one thing if that long careful what you
get good at I think the big tip would be to to learn your craft as well as you
possibly can to learn what you do well and and what moves you when you read
your stuff you’re your own stuff be honest with how bad it is and look at it
and find the places where it does come alive even if just for a sec even if
it’s just a line because that right there is the key to unlocking what is
going to make you successful if you want to be a writer stop being a personal
assistant like you can’t learn to be a writer if you’re spending 15 hours a day
taking care of somebody you need to go live somewhere where you have a really
low overhead and dedicate yourself for years to learning how to do this instead
of hoping well if I service the right executive the right amount of years
maybe they’ll let me you know be like get into a writers room or something
like that like the best thing you can walk in with is good work and the way
you get good work is by learning your craft and and confronting who you are as
a creator you know what what do you do well what is your voice what are like
yes you admire these people and you enjoy these people but you can’t be them
and so don’t try to be them the world already has them yeah who are you as I
reminded myself what got us here wherever here is you know in in success
or failure is me writing in a vacuum and pursuing the vision I wanted and I’m not
in the service industry you know I’m not asking the internet what
how would you like your TV kidding okay can I get you anything with it or you
don’t like that TV let me get you some new TV I had never tried to make a jump
into this field because it seemed like there were so many class and financial
and geographic boundaries between me and it and then what I learned was you know
if if you come in with good work they don’t want to keep good talent out
that’s that that’s a total myth of the entertainment industry they they want to
monetize talent and bring it in. Hey, thanks for watching. Next week’s video is
going to be on Black Mirror, so subscribe now so you know when that video drops. In the meantime here are two more videos that I think that you will really enjoy I’ll see you guys next week


welcome to Reactory where me and my
pal Shivers here are going to be reacting to making food out of play-doh
real food real food no oh oh what’s your guess what are we making what what
food is black maybe that’s the plate maybe guys comment what do you think
they’re making it I’m guessing what do I get if I guess it right Oh tummy rub
ah no can I get something else okay thank you very much I still don’t know
what I’m guessing I heard room with this huge hamburger
sure Hamburg it’s like chard a little bit it’s chard a little bit
you have the sprinkles pursue I have just no idea what we’re doing I don’t
know if you eat normal food Shivers do you what’s normal food do you eat things
other than cheese anything Oh rat I thought rats just ate cheese no oh I’d eat trash I mean I would I would eat play-doh it’s
non-toxic guys don’t eat play-doh it’s non toxic yeah okay stop spreading the
news nope nope it’s a secret it you can eat all the play-doh okay I will eat all
the play-doh don’t eat it folks save it for me ice
cream oh wait never just that play-doh it’s squishy pop tart
100% it’s a pop-tart how do they make the play-doh
it’s like consistency it’s a slimy pop-tarts yeah YUM I would so eat that
it’s making me hungry you guys I am hungry in order to fulfill
my hunger click that subscription buy them Oh Joey
here a taco I told you always a taco always what look at her manicure look at
his manicure it’s so pretty I love his manicure yes now it’s these
guys that looks like a bird for a second trimmers no he was cutting out a bird oh
they don’t like it hurts I mean out of the play-doh cut no the shape of a bird
toast toast toast question mark you gotta you gotta own it say toast
definitely toast but this toast have lines it’s cheese
yeah or is it bread I think that’s bread it’s rye bread with lines with lines I
thought you said with lime yeah lime now we’re talking that’s good eatin folks
that tomato looks very real does it not it has a little circle ease circle cheese
your favorite chicken with cheese and Shivers there’s three slices so you can
definitely have most enough oh that’s yeah that’s true we need like 50 lettuce
you have a cheese song yeah I’m dancing to the song and making lyrics about
cheese and I just I just want to dance with you the power of cheese cheese cheese before what canned cheese canned cheese yeah you can bring it on a camping trip it’s not too bad you could eat the can
no oh yeah they’re very nice and thigh bones nice and shiny you’ll be surprised
what these babies can do he threw a bottle yeah an egg sure I don’t know if
I’d put an egg on a sandwich why I don’t know I I mean that’s a little too fancy
for this isn’t as fancy it’s good protein that’s true
you got the cheese you got the mysterious meat you got the egg I think
that’s bologna play-doh does it oh you let it harden so then it
actually is like sandwich oh wow circles circles cake layers definitely this is
it I’m feeling very confident do you guys agree I think that’s what I
want for my birthday well yeah I could make that happen I will contact this
lady and yeah so she’ll definitely send it your way
for reals those are beautiful you really like layers no her nails
oh I think that I really like look at these layers
well the layers are good too but check them out I know she has some sassy nails
I like the colors kinda looks like a football an edible
football and the music is sort of like a little reggae yeah yeah man you could sing
your cheese dance to this song yeah I think that needs to be on the
radio for sure sure oh that’s beautiful so pretty yeah I
want to give this a Preston and not have done any of the work but pretend it was
me who made it isn’t that lying back now he’ll just appreciate the
flower you know the lie man it’s not a rose I think so what other flowers
it’s a peony oh wow look at that leaves all the leaves the most delicious part
of the flower although that is some good protein Lily
it’s protein agreed Shivers are those thorns or those play-doh
thorns wait how thorny they don’t hurt that was so realistic wise that was
really cool what flavor cake do you think that was
laid oh wait no it looks like an orange sherbert raspberry compote it’s sort of
loose right yeah that’s the blue brown flavor
no no Brown doesn’t have a flavor brown purple wait what I thought I was blue am
I colorblind wait I thought it was purple and purple potatoes purple
potatoes no that’s the potato Oh guys what is this comment below you have to
guess before they make the entire object right and if you get it right we’re
gonna heart that you get a tummy rub Shivers I don’t think people want that
necessarily I do oh okay I’ll let someone else do that for you it’s a
baguette it’s a large piece of bread nope
now it’s a circle now it’s a circular piece of bread it’s the circle of life
happening in play-doh really makes you think doesn’t it it does I’m also
thinking about it all about how are those circles so perfect it’s an egg
nest how how did he make such perfect circles or she Shivers she has a
manicure I think that’s a girl look at her hands meaning I know boys can have
to check these out okay I got these on the other day do you see my manicure
what do you think it’s beautiful very natural yeah it’s pie yours are okay
too it’s pie oh I wasn’t paying attention
that’s great mmm it’s not the number pi whatever do
you remember what the PI point one for and I really want pie now I can smell it
it popped out out of thin air those play-doh magic what is this magic
well it is magic but you got to guess what it is guys remember hamburger
hamburger it’s it’s a taco the taco it’s are you eating I think you’re
right Shivers I just wanted to be right so call your favorite favorite yes now
we’re talking now I love it grab it give it to you are they gonna
grill it I’m still looking at the cheese so I’m looking at the hamburger egde
hamburger edge is that a tomato I don’t care look at the cheese it is beautiful
very well this is my favorite one by far wait did tomatoes have holes little
seeds Shivers knows more about food than I
do apparently onions onions are made with
layers nicely done nicely done look that is beautiful this would be like a
McDonald’s commercial that looks better than a McDonald’s burger it does you
know what I was gonna say chefs they’re not done I was going to say where are
the poppy seeds where’s the birds eat the bird scene and then they satisfied
exactly my wish Oh what do they do now ah fry box it’s a
box with rice or tater tots or onion rings or I don’t remember what else could be
on the side of something broccoli yeah no we’re going hardcore if we’re
eating a burger oh okay all right let’s let’s deep fry some onion rings yeah oh
cheese that was amazing what it’s like a box and it opens out of play-doh yeah
this is very satisfying I’m staying that fried cheese cuz that’s
what I wanted to be I would eat a mozzarella stick but you know that looks
like some fries to me just regular fries it’s my world
I say it’s fried cheese okay okay I’ll let you have that one but I will you
bring me a snack I’m getting hungry sure thank you so much some gum I forgot I
shouldn’t ask you for food we eat a little differently okay I will I will
but though is that a bottle what look at that
I need like a side angle there’s a cap oh oh
where’s the bottle opener it’s a bottle of coke or a dr. pepper or dr. pepper
yep I’m from the South I like me some dr. pepper good stuff
are they gonna spell coke or dr. pepper with play-doh this is artistry if they
do I’m going to be stopped look at that what there’s no way wait wait that
doesn’t say anything yet not yet oh : up what generic Cola generic Cola yeah got
that Walmart brands that is my favorite one Bri yeah I can’t decide they all
made me hungry and very impressed that was the most impressive though I feel
like these people are secret sculpture-ists sculptures
they’re not really secret there’s they’re posting this stuff on YouTube
right that’s true but it’s late that’s a poorly kept secret this is my favorite
color oh I like it I like no pink so yeah a
little trade no what’s your favorite color
oh so many colors how do you pick one it’s hard what’s your favorite color
comment below let us know the squiggly squiggly you know it was really admiring
right now Shivers how good her manicure is look at those nails
they are looking perfect since made out of play-doh
oh you’re onto something good idea wait is this another pop-tart maybe this is
just all pop-tarts I am so hungry what’s your favorite flavor of pop-tart wrong answers have you had one no that’s
called a grilled cheese what a girl cheese got the goal bread push yeah yeah
yeah you gotta eat the cinnamon sugar cinnamon sugar and cheese nope this is a
rainbow pop-tart are you sure what it’s still pop-tarts no it’s a slime that’s
slime egg pop-tart yeah well no it’s a rainbow pop-tart look how pretty it is
hey stop stop I do want to eat that one it’s wonderfully slimy what do you think
skittles taste the rainbow is that product placement no this is not
sponsored but I love skittles on pop-tarts oh my goodness I was gonna say
we were onto something and cheese you guys remember if you comment on the
videos within the first hour of the video being posted your comments will be
featured somewhere on the screen and Shivers
we’ll read them all I can’t wait see you next time

Blender EEVEE Tutorial : Realistic Car Paint Shader In Blender 2.82

Hey guys, Welcome to a new blender tutorial.
So, in this tutorial we are going to make this painted metal shader in Eevee.
So, yeah lets start. We don’t need this default cube.
So, ill just select and delete it. So, tap your delete key.
Now, we need to add a sphere so, Shift+A under the mesh, the UV Sphere. This sphere is a
bit flat we need to smooth it out so, select the sphere and under the object select shade
smooth. Now the sphere is smooth but the edges are
a bit flat so, to smooth out the edges we need to add a modifier and we need the subdivision
modifier. So, just apply it. Now, the sphere is completely smooth.
Okay, now go into the Look Dev mode and Up here you can select the default HDR’s that
blender provides, so I’ll just select the default one , the forest one.
No we are done with the setup so we will start working on our shader so for that we will
need the shader editor. So, I’ll just split my screen an to here where
it says 3D view-port I”ll just select the Shader Editor.
Now what we need is two principled BSDF shaders, one will be for the metal and one will be
for the paint. So, duplicate the shader. So, now we have 2 principled shaders.
So, somehow we want to mix there two shaders so, for that I’ll add a Mix Shader.
I’ll pop that Mix Shader right here and I’ll connect the second principled shader into
the second input of the Mix Shader. No these both shaders are mixed. We need a
texture to control the amount of paint and metal so we need to plug something into this
factor. So, let me make the secone principled completely Black.
If I make the factor 0, the first principled is being applied and if I make the factor
1 the second is applied. So we will need a grey scale texture that
controls the amount of paint and metal. So for that I will use a noise texture. So, Shift+A
under the Texture, I’ll add a Noise Texture. Now I will also add a color ramp for more
fine control. The factor of the noise connects into the
factor of the color ramp and the color of the color ramp connects into the factor of
the mix shader. So, now this noise texture is a grey scale
texture. So, we need to change these settings. So first,
I’ll bump up the detail to 16 so that is the maximum that we can go, the scale, I’ll make
it 3. Now, I’ll just slide this black slider and
this white slider until you get something like this.
In the first principled shader, now this will be the metal so, I’ll just leave the color
to white. Now we need some roughness but I’ll bump up the specular and I’ll bump up the
metallic. So now as you can see, it looks like metal but the roughness is a bit too
much, so I’ll just drop down the roughness. Okay, so we have some shiny metal. Okay in
the second principled shader, I’ll turn down the roughness, so this paint is a bit glossy
also I’ll bump up the specular. And change the color to whatever you want. I will make
it a faint orange color. This looks good. But one more thing, this paint is a bit glossy
and the metal is also a bit glossy so we don’t have that surface detail so for that I’ll
quickly add a Bump. I’ll just add a noise texture and I’ll hit
Shift+A and I’ll just search here, search for Bump. So now we have our Bump Node.Now
this is very important, the factor of this new noise goes into the height of the bump
and the normal of this bump goes into the normal of the principled bsdf. I’ll bump up
the detail.I’ll just turn down the strength until we get something like this. So, we have
some bump going on. Okay, so something like this looks good. Now we will do same for the
paint. So, I’ll just select this, the noise and the
bump and I’ll hit Shift+D to duplicate them, I’ll just bring them here and again the normal
of this bump goes into the normal of the second bsdf.
Okay now, as you can see the paint also have some detail. Bump up the distortion to 1.
The detail is a bit too much for the paint so, something like that.
Okay Guys that’s it. So this was a quick tutorial on how
to make a painted metal shader in blender.


Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel, it’s
Paula here. So today I’ve got something a little bit different for you guys. It’s a
TV show review. I don’t really do TV show reviews on here. I’ve done a few
book reviews. I’ve done a few film reviews but not really British TV or TV
in general but today I’m going to be talking about a show I just recently
watched and really enjoyed and I wanted to talk about. And as much as this is a
review there’s a little bit of a rant because there’s some things I just I had
to get off my chest. If you haven’t watched Enterprice, I do recommend
watching season one and two before watching this video because I will
definitely be spoiling it. So Enterprice is a British comedy drama on BBC three
it is written by and stars Kayode Ewumi. And it basically follows around two
characters Jeremiah and Kazim. They are two young black men in South London. They are entrepreneurs and the whole show is about them trying to get their business,
Speedy-Kazz off the ground. It is essentially a delivery service. Its
similar to Deliveroo, but cool as they say in the show. It’s basically all
about them trying to get investment for this business and trying to
grow it. First of all I just want to talk about the positive representation of
this show. It’s so refreshing to finally see a show that’s not about like when
about black men not about just like gangs and guns and oh I’m cool and
you’re not and the hood and this and that but because it gets kind of tiring.
A lot of the time I don’t watch British TV for that very reason. I think it can
be very limiting, you literally have the shows that you don’t see yourself in at
all. That you’re not represented in at all and then you have the shows that do
make sense to the culture I grew up in but it’s literally only the negative
things and it’s exaggerated. And I just kind of got tired of that so
a lot of time I watch a lot of American TV, that’s to say over-the-top and dramatic and really funny and just dumb but
that’s how I like to unwind and I never really got that with British TV. And so
then Enterprice came along and it definitely along the right track of what
I would love to see in TV. There are loads of really interesting topics and
themes that were explored in Enterprice and things that you just don’t really
see on TV so I just really appreciate that they were tried and spoken about
and touched on. So I’ve got a list I’ll quickly go through them. People that prey
on immigrants, people who use young kids and teenagers to do their illegal
activities to avoid jail time, losing a parent, black female venture
capitalists – ooh that was big one. Wealth in Africa. Parents wanting to have
their own lives after having grown up kids. Communities that are built around
chicken shops and chicken and chip shops White privilege and loads of good stuff
like that. There’s a lot in this show. There’s a lot and it’s funny cuz there’s
only like five episodes or six episodes good stuff so I really recommend it. So
there’s a few of my favourite bits. The writing is excellent. Kayode, who is the guy
who writes it and the guy who plays Kazim, he is brilliant. Like he’s just so
good. He writes so well from season 1 to season 2 you see the development you see
the progression it’s just really good writing. The scenes are structured really
well like there won’t be so much happening in a scene but the words that
are said the dialogue was just really good the actors are brilliant
so I just think it’s really well put together. I literally found myself
rewatching the scenes over and over again and like if you follow Kayode on
Twitter he sometimes shares scenes and he shares like scripts.
There’s a specific scene that would always be my favourite scene and I rewatch it all the time. It’s where Kazim and Jerry go on a date on a double date with these
two girls they found and met on Instagram. That’s already a recipe for
disaster. But anyway they go to this restaurant and I don’t want to spoil the scene but the scene between them four and then just the two guys and the waiter
Emmanuel I can’t I cannot deal like it’s so good. Honestly the supporting
characters in this show help make it amazing as well like it’s not just the
kind of show that’s just built on the backs of two characters and everyone
else is kind of like meh. There’s a lot of really good supporting characters in
this show. A lot of good supporting actors even
if they’re in just for one scene or for one episode. My standout character other
than Kazim and Jerry is Simi. Simi was brilliant like she was such a good
actress. She was just good she just knew what she
was talking about when she spoke like she’s did it with authority I believed
her she was just really really really good. Like you know in your community you
just had that person that everyone knew if you grew up in London we call them
the bait person she was the bait person. and she just I don’t know if she
embodied it so well and honestly she was like one of my favourite characters in
the whole of season two. I mean if you guys want to give her a spin-off show
honestly I’m all for it. Kayode, if you’re watching this, give Simi a spin-off show. Oh my gosh Jeremiah’s house mate. What was her name? I don’t even remember what her name was. Ama? Uma? Can’t remember what her name was. She
was hilarious, she’s just random and weird and I don’t know what it is but
Jeremiah can never seem to have like normal flatmates. If you’ve watched
season one his flatmate Aneil was crazy like he was ridiculous he
cracked me up. And then she came and cracked me up again. He can’t
seem to live with normal people apparently for some reason but honestly
she was hilarious. I also really enjoyed the Speedy-Kazz song I don’t know I feel
like I want to put it in but I’ll probably get in trouble for like
copyright but oh my gosh. I like the fact that they’ve
incorporated music into the show because especially if you grew up in that part
of London or just London in general music is so important in our childhood
like the way you grew up with music it’s so important and not just music in
general but generally rap music and just a lot of guys a lot of black guys wanted
to be rappers and if you don’t want to be a footballer you don’t have to be a
rapper and so I think it’s really interesting the way they kind of
incorporate music and they have like a studio and like with the whole like
jingle it just worked really really well and the song was an absolute banger
honestly. So here are some bits that could have been improved. If you are
watching this and you’re from BBC 3, you’re part of the production team and
you’re watching this, this is not a criticism I mean it is a criticism but
it’s not to be mean because I really like the show. I think this could have made it better. This is gonna sound so mean after
everything I’ve said but Jerry Jeremiah’s character, he was really
boring compared to like Kazim. Kazim is super charismatic, he’s funny, he’s
confident you know he’s the brains behind the whole thing.
Jeremiah kind of seems like a sidekick like he just seems a bit like plain and
I was like having the conversation a friend of mine is when she said it I was
like you are so right like half the time I was saying Kazim and his friend I just
barely remembered what Jerry’s name was. So I just feel like he could have had a
bit more of a personality like he didn’t really have much of a personality like
he just was there and followed along with what Kazz did. That might just be in the
way he was written and it was intended to be that way or I mean the actor I
don’t know what it was. Okay no shots for the actor because he was fine he was
fine. I don’t know if for some reason his character didn’t really click with me like
that but then again I like Kazim so. Layla. I don’t think she should have come
back in season 2 I’m not trying to be mean but I just think that she would be
better off staying away in like Holland or wherever she was and Jeremiah getting
a new love interest. I really do like the actress though and I do feel actually
got better than from season one where I just didn’t really like her. I just
didn’t think she added anything. The show felt a bit rushed I’m not going to lie. I
feel like everything happened in the last 10 minutes of the show. It was just
kind of like you’ve been building up building up building up all these
episodes and then suddenly everything happens in the last 10 minutes. And then
again this is my issue with British TV in general a lot of times the shows don’t have a lot of episodes so you don’t have that
filler time the American TV shows have like American TV shows we’ll have 20
episodes in one season and then British TV shows we’ll have
five episodes in one series I think everything was going really really well
and then I got to like episode five and everything happened and it was like the
like I think the last minute is when spoiler last minute is when Kazim and Jeremiah get the investment to go and start the business in Africa and I’m
like that doesn’t make any sense why is this happen in the last 1 minute of the
show. Like that really infuriated me it was just so
brushed and I just thought they were so much more development that could
have been done but you know I get it like the way that the lot these shows
especially in like BBC Three are made is that they are made to be sure but guys
it was so much more that couldn’t be done so much more. This is a huge spoiler
I mean is it a huge spoiler I don’t know but this is a big spoiler Ire who is Kazim love interest was the president’s daughter.
Why? Why? There was no reason for her to be the president daughter at all. I’m still in my head like why was she cleaning why was she working as a cleaner than oh it just it didn’t
make any sense to me I think the if they had made it to be like her dad was rich
or her dad you know owned a big company or something like that but why was her
dad just randomly the president I think that just didn’t make sense to me I
don’t know anyway. In series 1 we’re introduced to Producer but Producer is
in a wheelchair. In series 2 he is no longer in a wheelchair it’s very strange
why is he no longer in a wheelchair. That bit was a bit like okay.
Following on I also don’t like the fact that he has that whole storyline with
the crazy baby mama thing. That’s overdone I don’t like the stereotype
that black men don’t want to be around their kids and don’t want to watch their
kids grow up because from what I know it’s not true a lot of time they do
really want to be involved so I just didn’t understand why they would play on
that. That t it would be the whole thing of like Produ, Producer running away from his baby mama and she being crazy like I hate the
whole like women being crazy thing over a man like that that was a bit like off
for me. She was funny like I said actress I just don’t think it was necessary I
feel like they could have done so much more with it like it could have been a
completely different thing because I already like the fact that he was quite
wealthy and he has like he was like a self-made guy of his producing
business with his music. I thought that’s pretty cool you know he had a studio that
was going in the right direction and then he had to have like one thing wrong
with him like mm I just wasn’t I wasn’t for it really. Okay this is a huge spoiler, this is probably the biggest spoiler but
Jerry’s mum dying why? Why did she die like it made no sense at all. And then again that might be
why but like why does she die it made literally… I remember watching it and being like huh?? One of my favourite scenes from the whole show is oh I think
it might be my favorite scene is when Jeremiah is in the toilets crying and
Kaz is comforting him so I love the way they transition into that scene where
then let’s talk about something else and then he goes Kaz I miss my mum whoa
tears in my eyes I rewinded it I was sitting there like for like it was so so good
because I feel like it really really showed their Brotherhood. They really
care about each other. They really love each other. They are there for each other
through thick and thin and it showed. It showed through that scene it showed
through the fact that Kazim was not going to take the investment without
Jeremiah. It just showed through the whole thing and I loved their
Brotherhood I loved their friendship. For me, it was really realistic because you
know like if you if you know black men you know that their boys are everything
like they really go to town for their guys like they really respect their
friends. They are there for them if something happens in their family is
happening in their family like. I love that and I respect that so that’s one
thing I appreciate that came through that’s from that scene but I just don’t
think she needed to die I don’t think she was that big enough of a character
for her to die like and for us to be like deeply affected by it I think as the viewer is we were only upset because
Jeremiah was upset we weren’t really upset because we like oh no we miss her
as a character because again she didn’t really add that much but that’s beside
the point I suppose I don’t I don’t know I think for me I would just like to see
a family that’s just like functional. I just want people that are happy then
again this is why I watch American TV shows. So yeah that’s all my points about
Enterprice and why I really enjoyed it as a TV show but also it frustrated me
but I enjoyed it. I really recommend it I would easily say nine out of ten if
it was longer it would have easily been a 10. It’s such a good show I just love
that it’s written by a young black man and he’s a Christian oh and he’s a
Christian too. I just love that and I think it’s such a good show I really
recommend to check it out on BBC iPlayer. I’ll put the link in the
description box I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did make sure to leave
a like rating comment down below share this video and subscribe to my channel
and I will see you guys in the next video. Bye!

What is predictive analytics? Transforming data into future insights

Predictive analytics is a category of data
analytics aimed at making predictions about future outcomes based on historical data and
analytics techniques such as statistical modeling and machine learning. With the help of sophisticated
predictive analytics tools and models, any organization can now use past and current
data to reliably forecast trends and behaviors milliseconds, days, or years into the future.
Retailers often use predictive models to forecast inventory requirements, manage shipping schedules
and configure store layouts to maximize sales. Airlines frequently use predictive analytics
to set ticket prices reflecting past travel trends.
Hotels, restaurants and other hospitality industry players can use the technology to
forecast the number of guests on any given night in order to maximize occupancy and revenue.
Predictive analytics can also be used to detect and halt various types of criminal behavior
before any serious damage is inflected. By using predictive analytics to study user behaviors
and actions, an organization can detect activities that are out of the ordinary, ranging from
credit card fraud to corporate spying to cyberattacks. Models are the foundation of predictive analytics.
They are the templates that allow users to turn past and current data into actionable
insights. Some typical types of predictive models include:
• A Customer Lifetime Value Model pinpoints customers who are most likely to invest more
in products and services. • A Customer Segmentation Model groups customers
based on similar characteristics and purchasing behaviors
• A Predictive Maintenance Model forecasts the chances of essential equipment breaking
down. • A Quality Assurance Model spots and prevents
defects in products and services. Model users have access to an almost endless
range of predictive modeling techniques. Many methods are unique to specific products and
services, but a core of generic techniques are now widely supported across predictive
analytics platforms. Decision trees, one of the most popular techniques,
rely on a schematic, tree-shaped diagram that’s used to determine a course of action or to
show a statistical probability. The branching method can also show every possible outcome
of a particular decision and how one choice may lead to the next.
Regression techniques are often used in banking, investing and other finance-oriented models
to forecast asset values and help users understand the relationships between variables, such
as commodities and stock prices. On the cutting edge of predictive analytics
techniques are neural networks. Neural networks are algorithms designed to identify underlying
relationships within a data set by mimicking the way a human mind works.
While getting started in predictive analytics isn’t exactly a snap, it’s a task that virtually
any business can handle as long as it is committed to the approach and is willing to invest the
necessary time and funds. Beginning with a limited-scale pilot project in a critical
business area is an excellent way to cap start-up costs while minimizing the time before financial
rewards begin rolling in. Once a predictive analytics model is put into
action, it generally requires little upkeep as it continues to grind out actionable insights
for many years.

How to Create Realistic Ivy using Blender 2.8

hey guys welcome in this tutorial you
will learn how you can create realistic Ivy. For this tutorial I will be using
blender Ivy add-on for the branches and then will be creating leaves from
particle systems then we’ll be using single texture leaf and with the help of
material will be giving different color range to make leaf different from each
other. So to create first go to edit tab and
click preferences and while and add on tab search for Ivy and click the check
button and in 3d viewport go to the top right corner and hit the arrow key in
create tab you will see an Ivy generator. Then make sure that you are using the
Imperial for the unit system. Then just add cube to your scene after that
position the 3d cursor on the mesh by just left click then click add new Ivy
after that you will see an Ivy Gen tab at the bottom left but remember if you
select any other mesh you will miss it so try to just work on the Ivy and use
the cursor to define the point where you want to generate your Ivy but in this
case if you miss it delete the Ivy and then again click new
IVY you can update the position of the Ivy by changing the position of the 3d
cursor but make sure you are on the selected mesh. In the Ivy settings change
Ivy land size to increase branch’s length Ivy length, Ivy size and branching
probability are dependent on each other so you need to play with them the most.
Increase the max Ivy length and hit the update you will see that it makes
branches go bigger in length. If you increase the Ivy size you will get less
branches as it only adds or subtracts segments to the branches after that just
uncheck or uncheck grow leaves and hit update so if you increase Ivy size value
you will have less branches it works in Reverse after that just change the
probability value to increase or decrease the branches number. Just play
with these value to get your desired results. Max floor-length is the maximum distance
to a branch that can live it just make it float to the surface of the mesh it
mostly works on the upper side of the mesh the max adhesion length is used to
stick the branches to the mesh and playing the value will have an
effect on for lengths of the branches and it’s also dependent on the adhesion
weight so play with the value to get your desired results. Primary weight gives way to the
direction on which the ivy is growing. Random weight gives weight in random
direction of the ivy growth. Gravity weight gives weights to the gravity and
branching probability increase or decreases the branches of ivy less value
gives less branches and greater value gives more branches. You can also
increase the ivy branch size to increase the thickness of the branches. After that just delete the cube and the
scale or rotate and position the branches as you want. Then add a plane to your scene then
click the show gizmo to see in what axis you are at and in edit mode select two
vertex that are on negative y-axis and press shift+S and select cursor to
selected and then in object mode select object tab then set origin and then
origin to the 3d cursor this will be the point if I use particles it will stick
the mesh to the branches from this point then just model it and give basic leaf
shape. After that select the branches and in
object app select convert to mesh from curve. Then in particle’s tab click the
plus sign to add particles then set the start and end frame to zero. Then you can
play with the numbers to have more or less particles on the mesh after that in
render tab select object and click the picker and select the mesh you want for
the particles and scale it up . Then velocity tab change the Y value to
negative value to rotate all leaves and make them appear on front of the wall
then slightly increase the Z value to give a gravity effect on the leaves. You
can also use a scale and scale randomness to define different scaling
to leaves. Then play with the randomize value to slightly rotate and give a
random position effect to leaves. Now just select the parent leaf that you
have used for the particles and add material to it
and select the shading tab and select the render to see changes in real time
you can maximize or minimize any window by clicking ctrl+spacebar depending on
which window you are in so maximize the material window and add an image texture
to base color and select the leaf texture. I will share a link for this
texture .Now just change the scaling on x-axis so that you may not have any
stretched texture. Then in material settings select alpha blend in blend
mode and alpha clip for the shadow mode. Now just check the show back face screen
space reflection and surface translucency. Now just plug the alpha
into the alpha node. Now I’d mix RGB and change the blending
mode to overlay then add object info and color ramp and
plug object info into color ramp and color ramp to mix RGB. Object info gives
different color to the leaves according to their position and color ramp define
these colors.Change the mix RGB factor to 1 and add more pointers in the color
ramp for more colors. Set the color ramp linear to constant to
have constant colors if you select other types then these types will give blended
colors to the leaves. Now just play and move the pointers to define which color
you want more. Add ambient occlusion and add it with
mix RGB with overlay on and set the color to slight gray color. Now add bump node and plug the image
texture to bump and set the value to 0.001 play with the value to have better
results. After that plug the mix RGB color to subsurface color. Now just select the branches and apply
material and set the branches color to brownish color. Make sure your texture leaf-sprig
matches the origin of the meshes. Select the branches and in edit mode you
can also change the thickness of the Ivy by selecting it all and press alt+s and
drag the mouse to make it thick or thinner. You can also play with the roughness
value of the leaf material to make it reflective or not or use a color ramp to
get more control over it you can also watch my previous tutorial on material
shader so it will help you to get more control over it. If you want to manually adjust the
position of the leaf you need to select the branches and go to the weight paint
mode. Then click on the icons inside
particle system to hide the leaves . And select the arrow present on the top left inside the
3d viewport and select gradient now just click and drag from point you want the
gradient from. You can also adjust a strength from the
context tab and if you want to erase the weight paint change the weight value to
zero and then paint. You can also use different brush and play with the weight
strength to manually paint to a branch. Now just go to the particles tab and in
vertex groups select group inside density. It will update the position of
the leaves according to the weight paint red means 1 and blue means 0 so just
painted if you want to manually position or generate leaf from a branch. And
that’s pretty much about it hope you have learned something from this
tutorial if you like it subscribe and support me on patreon where you will be
able to get the project files that I’m using for my tutorial thanks for
watching. you

Home Visits Make a School Community Stronger

>>Kevin: Really appreciate you
allowing me to come in here. I know it’s been a very busy time,
but now I’ve had Lucas for six weeks.>>Kevin: Because we do home visits, we
have a level of trust with our parents, students and staff and
Administration here and it’s work. it’s time. It’s an investment, but the
payoff is clearly worth it.>>Kevin: Do you get to check
his grades and homework?>>Kathy: We actually daily
go through it together.>>Kevin: And how’s that working for you?>>Lucas: Oh, pretty good. [laughter]>>Kevin: The mission for us has always
been just helping students reach their potential. So we say to students, “You know, we have a genuine concern
for your well-being.” We do home visits with every new
student, incoming freshman, or transfer. It develops trust, it breeds
kindness, it creates empathy. We start that tone from
Day 1 and we kind of create our culture
on that home visit.>>Andrew: I think it was Advisory
teacher, they just came in, kind of went through kind of like
transition from middle school to high school, because
that’s kind of a big jump.>>Sydney: It was just one of my teachers
coming to make sure that I was prepared, and that if I had any questions,
so that you’re not confused. You’re like you already know
someone on your first day.>>Kevin: I have a team of
my Assistant Principals and Counselors, as well as teachers. We break down the list of
incoming students and say, “I’m going to do these
ten, you’ll do these ten.”>>Robert: It’s important for me to get
out and meet the incoming freshman. It gives you insight
into that kid’s world, and it helps you build understanding. You can learn a lot by walking
into somebody’s front door.>>Kevin: The challenging part is
just setting up that visit time, making numerous calls, emails.>>Ryan: Any time you get a call from the
Principal, its’s like you almost want to drop the phone. [laughs] But he
immediately said, “Nobody’s in trouble.”>>Kevin: I really appreciate
you guys open up your home.>>Kevin: The family, they had
been in transition, you know, they left California,
come back to Saint Louis. Typically, I get there, then I’ll
talk about something personal.>>Kevin: In class, you’re
making friends? And outside of class, what are
you doing to keep yourself busy?>>Lucas: Hanging out with my friend,
Blake, who lives up the street.>>Kevin: Okay, and I see you running through the streets,
so what does that mean?>>Lucas: I’m doing cross-country.>>Kevin: Yes! We look at their schedule, and I often bring last
year’s grades with me.>>Kevin: And Chemistry is obviously a
challenging course for a lot of kids.>>And then I’ll ask, “What do you
think a successful year will look like for you?” And so we’re trying to set some goals.>>Lucas: Homework load is not, it’s
a little different than last year, but here I have more time to
do it, I think.>>Lucas: Dr. Grawer just asked questions
about the school, and how I’m liking it and it didn’t seem as weird
as I thought it would be.>>Kathy: I think it’s all going really
great, and the adjustment’s been easy.>>Kevin: That’s good. So he actually
talks about his school, then?>>Kathy: Oh, yeah.>>Kevin: We develop a handout of all
the information we want the families to be aware of. How to contact us, how
to follow our school. All those little details we try to go
over and just ease people’s anxieties about coming to a new school.>>Kevin: All the ways we communicate at
school, whether it’s Twitter, YouTube.>>Kevin: When I’m done with
that, “Hey, thanks for your time. It’s been a pleasure to be here,”
I give them my card, “Call me, email me anytime you want.”>>Kevin: Lucas, I’ll see you tomorrow?>>Lucas: Yep.>>Kevin: Thank you very much!>>Kevin: After the home visit,
what we have is a form we create, which has some of the
notes from the visit. You know, “This person really enjoys
volleyball,” or, “This student has a 504 and an IEP, and here’s one of the
things mom says will be really helpful for in the classroom setting.”>>Jamie: No, I didn’t
know, oh, what that meant.>>Jamie: It was interesting to know that
Lucas is transitioning from one home to the next, and he’s still in a new
school, and it makes me want to know that information about
each of my students.>>Kathy: I think it’s a really
great thing that they do. It makes us feel a little
bit more involved. It helps connect the kids
on a different level.>>Kevin: And what it is is just, “Let’s
get to know who we’re working with here, and let’s get some buy-in and trust.” And when you have that as your baseline,
I mean, you can really take the school to some pretty cool places.