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Future Of Spider-Man Movies | Hindi | DK DYNAMIC

Hey Guys kaise hai aap log 😃
To guys mera naam hai Deepak aur ye video Basically mai bana rha hu Spiderman ki deal
ke relation me. Kyuki Marvel Aur Sony ke Beech Spiderman ki
deal se related kuch na kuch updates aate hi rhte hai aur ye log baar baar *ek dum se inhone waqt badal diya jazbaat
badal diye* to kabhi khushi kbhi gam wali situation inke
case me banni hi rhti hai. Lekin aaj jo Update nikal kar ayaa hai wo
Literally spiderman ke character ke movies me future ko bahot zyada impact kr skta hai.
Kyuki jaha abhi tk baat yahi chal rhi thi ki Spiderman hme kuch time MCU yaani ki Marvel
Cinematic Universe ki movies me dikhne ke baad Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters
me dekhne ko milega. Ussi Universe me jaha Venom aur Morbius jaisi
Movies based hai. Lekin ab Scenario thoda change ho skta hai. To recently hua ek event “Studio Executives
RoundTable” jo ki conduct kiya tha “The Hollywood Reporter” ne.
Ye kisi bande ka naam nhi balki ek brand ka naam hai.
usme kaafi saare entertainment related brands jaise ki amazon prime, netflix, sony aur Disney
shamil the. Ab baakiyon ki baat cheet ko side me rkhte
hua hm mainly baat kr lete hai ki Disney ke Executive Alan Horn aur Sony ke Executive
Tom Rotham ke beech hui baat ke baare me. Jinse jb ye pucha gaya ki Spiderman ka Spiderman
3 aur MCU me aane wali next team up movie ke baad kya future hai.
To unn logon ke according spiderman ka MCU me rhana Marvel, Sony aur Fans. Sabke liye
hi win-win situation hai. Aur ye cheez itni baddi baat isslie hai kyuki
abhi tk aesi koi bhi baat nhi thi ki Spiderman ki next MCU movies ke baad Spiderman ka kya
future hone wala hai. Aur ab iss cheez se ye lg rha hai ki Sony
Aur Marvel Studios milkr kuch na kuch kaafi Interesting karenge aur wo bhi alag alag Cinematic
universes me nahi, balki ek hi Cinematic Universe me. Aur hme pehle hi pata hai ki MCU ka Spiderman,
Sony ki aane wali movie Morbius ke sath Connected hone wala hai. “well zyadatr logon ko to pata hi hai”.
Jinhe nahi pata wo iss video ke baad ye video dekh lena. Aur iske Alawa kaafi zyada High Rumours hai
ek Spider-Woman movie aur Mysterio ki ek solo movie ke bhi. Aur agar sab kuch theek raha to ye sbhi ek
hi Cinematic universe yaani ki MCU me ek sath Exist kr payenge. Aur ye cheez Spiderman ko Future me aane wale
New Avengers ke Leader ke taur pr bhi develop kr skti hai. To agar sb kuch theek rha to jo MCU hm abhi
tk jante hai wo aur bhi zyada grand hone jaa rha hai.
Aapka iss news ko sunke kya reaction hai, mujhe Comments me zarur batana. Aur chalo ek thodi Interesting si cheez aur
share krta hu. Recently jab ek interview me Tom Holland se
pucha gaya ki agr aap kisi dead character ko wapas zinda kr pao to wo kaun hoga.
To unhone As Spiderman kaha ki wo Uncle Ben, Aur Parents se pehle Tony Stark ko wapas back
to life lana chahenge. Have a look 😁 Well, i found it quite Interesting so i shared
it with you guys. To agar aapko bhi iss video me kuch bhi pasand
aaya ho to apne doston ke sath zarur share krna iss video ko. To guys kaafi saari cheezein aa chuki thi
Spiderman ke character se Related. Jaise ki spider-woman movie. Aur Mysterio
ki solo movie to maine un sbhi ko compile krke aapko ek hi video me bata diya jaye.
Hope you guys liked the video. If you did. To bhai 500 Likes ka target poora
kar dalo. Aur Agar Super hero related Discussions me
aap apne jaise fans ke sath part lena chahte ho to hmara Discord Server join krlo.
Link is in the description. Morbius aur Spiderman aapas me kaise connected
hone wale hai ye janane ke liye uppar wali. Aur Sub Ke Questions series ki latest video
dekhne ke liye niche wali video pr click krein. To guys iss video ke liye itna hi.
Mai milta hu aapse agli video me. Until Then. #BeDynamic and don’t fear to do
what you love 😊 Peace ✌️🙂

107 Rainbow Six Siege Facts You Should Know Part 2 | The Leaderboard

– [Kyle] Rainbow Six
Siege has come a long way from those live-action
commercials with Idris Elba, as awesome as they were. With year four complete,
and 52 operators deep, Ubisoft has given us plenty to talk about. I’m Kyle with “The Leaderboard,” and this 107 facts about
“Rainbow Six Siege Vol. 2.” For these facts, we’re
looking at gameplay, lore, inspirations, designs
and more, so strap in. Also, make sure you subscribe
to “The Leaderboard.” (tech beeping) Both in-game and IRL, Rainbow Six Siege’s team
is as strong as ever. As of January 2020, Rainbow Six Siege has
surpassed 55 million players. Number two, Siege
currently has 52 operators from around the globe,
53 counting the recruit, and there’s another 48
promised operators on the way. But they’ve also said they’re
not planning on stopping there if the fan base will allow them. Number three, Rainbow Six
Siege’s latest operation, Shifting Tides, brought us
Kali, founder of Nighthaven. When designing her look, the
team at Ubisoft made sure all of her gear looked professional, military grade, and
expensive, not homemade. Number four, and if you look
on Kali’s right shoulder, you’ll see a scar from a bullet wound that pierced her on a mission. Number five, we also got
Kali’s right-hand man from Kenya, Wamai. In his early designs,
Wamai’s Mag-net System would simply capture grenades and then you could retrieve them, but Ubisoft realized that players
would typically get killed going for the ordnance. Number six, Wamai’s hobby is free diving. He spent his childhood hunting sharks and collecting lost treasures
off the ocean floor. No big deal or anything, this
guy just living his best life. He’s also performed numerous
record-breaking free dives due to his ability to hold his breath for long periods of time. Number seven, this extreme lung
capacity seems to help Wamai in and out of the water, as well. Official concept art of Wamai shows him barely breaking a sweat while
Olympic hopeful, Valkyrie, struggles to keep up. Number eight, Operation Shifting Tides reintroduced map Theme Park, which first showed up in
operation Blood Orchid. Ubisoft reworked it so
it’s a bit more balanced. The lighting is different in certain spots like the haunted house
area on the first floor, the trains have been removed and reworked, and the map feels different
but similar to players. Number nine, streamer
BikiniBohdi started a campaign to get the Acog on the BOSG
shotgun, and it worked. With Operation Shifting Tides, Bikini and the Siege
community got their wish. Number 10, Rainbow Six’s
latest event, Road to S.I., or Six Invitational, has introduced a bunch of
new things to the game, including a new map called
Stadium, a battle pass, and a new CGI trailer, The Program. Number 11, Stadium is like a mix of Oregon and the old Hereford
base smashed into one. For example, there’s is
the classroom, staircase, and kids’ bedroom from Oregon, and the garage and other side
rooms from Hereford Base. It’s also the first map to
include bulletproof glass walls, adding a bit more of a mental
game to your gunfights. Number 12, Rainbow Six Siege’s battle pass is like other battle passes, there’s a free and premium track. But compared to other battle passes, the premium track gives more rewards and only has 35 tiers to grind through. Number 13, the free
battle pass sports rewards like two head pieces
for Caveira and Sledge, Weapon Charms, a skin for Valkyrie’s MPX, and a couple of alpha packs, as well. Number 14, the premium pass
is 1200 R6 credits or $10 USD, and gives you a bunch of
stuff right off the bat. There’s the Sledge light
pack which has an outfit, weapon skin, and charm for Sledge. You’ll also get cosmetics like
sport outfits for operators like Hibana, Caviara, Mozie,
Blitz, Thermite, and others. But wait, there’s more. The premium pass also
nabs you weapon skins, charms, alpha packs, and 600 R6 credits. Number 15, Valkyrie’s
design is heavily inspired by Kinessa Johnson, a real
army vet who now works as a technical advisor for
anti-poaching rangers in Africa. Kanessa and a pocket of the
Internet had been suspicious that Valkyrie was based on her, but Ubisoft finally
confirmed it in an interview. Number 16, Valkyrie has a small cameo in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands during Operation Archangel. This Ubisoft crossover features
Caveira heading to Bolivia to save her brother while Nomad, that is Wildland’s Nomad,
not the operator Nomad, teams up with Twitch and Valkryie to wrangle Cav in before
she gets herself killed. Number 17, Cav actually has
a ton of older brothers. She was the seventh born
in a family of 10 boys. But in Archangel, Caveira
gets to be the big sister and save her little brother. It’s actually sweet that
she would torture and murder all those cartel members to save him. Number 18, to make Cav more accurate, Ubisoft watched documentaries on BOPE interrogation techniques
including waterboarding, beating a bucket placed over
your head, and the signature knife-to-the-throat
intimidation technique. But I think we can all
agree it’d be a lot more fun if Cav’s gadget was just a
bucket that she carried around and just beat your head with it. It’d be silly but affective. Number 19, Cav’s not the only operator who has siblings, either. Bandit actually has a twin brother. Don’t expect any kind
of twin team-up though. His brother chose a civilian life after an accident with Bandit’s
Crude Electrical Device. He decided to settle down
and have kids instead. At least Bandit enjoys getting
to be the fun uncle, though. Number 20, everyone knows Ela
and Zofia’s sister rivalry, but Twitch has an academic
rivalry with her sister, who’s a physicist. The difference is that they
actually like each other. Apparently, Twitch’s father
always told his daughters, “Strive to be incredible every day “and it will resonate
out into the universe.” Which is just top-notch fathering. Number 21, speaking of sister rivalry, if you’re playing Ela or Zofia in a match and you kill your operator’s sister, you will get a sister rivalry bonus. Number 22, Twitch is the first
female member of the GIGN. In our world, there has
never been a female member of the GIGN, but Ubisoft
decided that representation was more important than accuracy. Besides, these organizations
are full of secrets, maybe they just don’t wanna tell us about their badass French ladies. Number 23, thick boy, Montagne, or Monte, is based off a real GIGN officer. During a 1994 hostage situation, this officer took grenade
blasts and shotgun shells to the chest without backing down, and without a shield. And that is why you pick
up those plates, kids. Number 24, in fact, several
operators are inspired by real world events, but
not all of them are glorious. Fuze is inspired by an incident where a Counter Terrorist
Unit used knock-out gas in an attempt to save a
large group of hostages being held in a theater. Unfortunately, the gas
had only been tested in outdoor areas before, and proved fatal to some when concentrated
in the confined space. This led developers to create
a gadget that was deadly when used indoors but could
also be dangerous to allies if used poorly. Number 25, the inspiration behind Glaz is the Hero of the Soviet
Union, Vassili Zaitsev, a Soviet sniper during Word War II. Zaitsev’s military career
has been the subject of several books and films, and his tactics are
still used to this day. But I think we can all agree
that his crowning achievement is being nearly reincarnated
in a video game character. Number 26, Sledge was inspired
by a real SAS Operative at the 1980 siege of the
Iranian Embassy in London. Many had tried to break in,
but the very first operator to get in was wielding this huge hammer. Number 27, the assault,
known as Operation Nimrod, is canonically part of
Thatcher’s military record. On Thatcher’s elite skin,
he’s shown wearing a medal he received from the mission from none other than the Prime
Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Number 28, and yes, just
in case you were wondering, Ubisoft has confirmed that
the operator, Thatcher, is named after the same Margaret Thatcher. Number 29, there’s actually a real photo of Margaret Thatcher posing
with three SAS Operatives after the siege of the Iranian Embassy. In Siege canon, though, Thatcher
is that guy in the middle. Number 30, multiple operators
are based off movie stars and action heroes. For example, Pulse is
based off Bruce Willis in the Die Hard series. Number 31, the toothpick in Lesion’s mouth draws inspiration from Chow Yun-Fat. The action star would often
also often have a toothpick or a matchstick in his
mouth during his movies. Number 32, IQ and her personality are based off Clarice Starling, Jodie Foster’s character
in “Silence of the Lambs.” Number 33, according to
presentation director, Alex Karpazis, Mozzie’s character is based off Robert Carlyle from “Trainspotting,” but if you look at Mozzie
with his helmet off, I’d say he kinda looks like him, too. Number 34, and Gridlock’s design, as well as most of
Operation Burnt Horizon, is actually an homage to “Mad Max.” Gridlock’s Last name, Fairous, is an anagram of Mad
Max: Fury Road’s Furiosa. Number 35, Gridlock is a
mechanic and the eldest of five, which makes her one sibling
off from being able to recreate Furiosa’s runaway bride crew. Maybe Mozzie can dress up for the part. Number 36, Mozzie and
Gridlock met in high school at the inaugural robot wars in Australia. They were against each other at first, but Mozzie’s bot stopped working, so he went to Gridlock for repairs. Since Gridlock has a
soft spot for underdogs, she took pity on the little man. Mozzie won the competition
and they became fast friends, but Gridlock will never tell
him she’s had the remote in her pocket the whole time. Number 37, I don’t have a lot in common with these operators, but
one thing Mozzie and I have in common is we’re both middle siblings. According to Harry, this
explains Mozzie’s showman side, and why he feels the
need to put extra effort into be noticed and heard. And that also probably
explains why I felt the need to be on a YouTube channel. Number 38, Harry’s not an operator, but he’s still a very important character in Rainbow Six Siege. Dr. Harishva Harry Pandey is the new head of Rainbow, aka Six. He was properly introduced
on February 17th, 2019 in the mindblowing cinematic
“The Hammer and the Scalpel,” but Harry has actually been
around since the beginning. Number 39, Harry can be seen, or read, signing off on psychological reports for Rainbow’s original operators like Rook, Ash, and Tachanka. Number 40, we know about
Harry’s knife-hating wife, but in Blitz’s report, we find out that Harry has a son, as well. Number 41, Mozzie is
definitely a daredevil, but he’s also big on being
a family man, as well. Mozzie joined Rainbow on the condition that he’d get enough time to be there for his wife and their expected twins. Number 42, Mozzie’s not the
only parent in Siege, though. Zofia is the first mother in Rainbow. One of the Ubisoft developers was pregnant and the writer thought it was, quote, “A super interesting element to explore.” Number 43, Zofia doesn’t
really trust anyone. Not since she was a child and
three classmates took turns trying to drown her just for fun. Bullying scars run deep, y’all. She keeps her distance from
everyone, even her squadmates. She does care about her sister, Ela, but Ela keeps Zofia at a distance. Number 44, in Zofia’s initial design, instead of using her
signature KS79 Lifeline, Zofia threw her explosives by hand. The developers felt
this lacked personality, so they gave Zofia her grenade launcher. Number 45, Maestro’s initial designs had him placing an automated turret. Plenty of other games have
characters with autoturrets but internal tests proved
this wasn’t interesting in Siege’s gameplay. Although, it makes Maestro’s
name make more sense when you think about it. Number 46, when Maestro was
first revealed on live stream, he didn’t have his iconic cigar but a piece of grain like a farmer. This was probably changed for rating. No tobacco in my FPS shooter
tournament broadcast, no sir. Number 47, Maestro’s profile
picture has the largest smile, but Dokkaebi was the first operator to smile in her portrait. She was the 35th operator, by the way. Number 48, Dokkaebi is
named for the nature deities or spirits of Korean folklore. Dokkaebi are often depicted wearing traditional Korean dress
and interact with humans by possessing inanimate objects. Sometimes they help lost travelers, and other times, they
just play tricks on them. Number 49, Echo’s drone, Yokai, gets its name from Japanese folklore. Yokai are a class of supernatural demons ranging from malevolent to mischievous. They can also have the ability shapeshift. Number 50, plenty of people consider Echo to be Dokkaebi’s counter, but the two of them are actually
on pretty friendly terms. Still, things get pretty competitive when they’re trying to outdo
each other in the workshop. Number 51, Dokkaebi’s real name is Grace, which she got because her parents named her after actress, Grace Kelly. Number 52, Grace’s gadget icon is supposed to be of a Dokkaebi. It’s the first operator
icon that is related to the character instead
of the gadget itself. Number 53, while Dokkaebi
pretends to have bad vision, Capitao actually has impaired vision, making him the first
operator with a disability. Number 54, during development, Ubisoft had issues
determining how much gray to put in Capitao’s hair. He’s 49 years old, so too
much gray would make him look like he belonged in a retirement home. And at the same time, too
little gray wouldn’t give him the look of an experienced operator. Number 55, Capitao is getting up there, but Kaid is the oldest
operator, at 58 years old. And he’s just two years
older than Thatcher. Number 56, meanwhile Mute
is the youngest operator in Rainbow at 25, though that doesn’t mean
he’s any less capable. Being part of the SAS
is impressive enough, but he’s also one of the youngest students to be accepted into Cambridge University. Number 57, back to the legit oldest Op, Kaid’s design came from Ubisoft, quote, “Wanting someone who exudes strength “but also had a bit of a gut.” Enter, the Commander. Number 58, Kaid’s gadget
was always intended to protect hatches, but before
it switched to electricity, it originally had a jammer effect like Mute’s signal disruptors. Number 59, the design
of Kaid’s electro claw is based on the Moroccan flic-flac spider, a real breed of spiders indigenous
to the deserts of Morocco that escape predators by doing cartwheels. Number 60, Kaid has a
ceremonial knife on his belt that was given to him by
the previous commander of the Fortress, a tradition
that goes back generations. Number 61, on the map Fortress, there is a hall you can
find that has portraits and the knives of the previous commanders. Following the line you
can find Kaid’s portrait and an empty display case that will eventually hold his dagger. Number 62, Kaid means
Commander in Moroccan Arabic, but his real name, Jalal al Fasi, is actually a nod to one
of the tech guys at Ubisoft who is Moroccan and shares the same name. Number 63, Lion’s backstory
is based on the real life of a French producer who grew
up in a very strict household, attended military academy,
and then dropped everything to become a video game producer. That last part may not
match up with Lion’s story, but who knows, the man’s only 31, he’s got time to change career paths. Number 64, the original
idea for Lion’s ability entailed smaller drones
that would stick to surfaces and reveal enemies that
walked within their range. Basically, it affected a smaller area compared to what Lion’s
drone could do on launch. Ultimately, this was scrapped, but maybe they’ll try
bringing it back in the future if they wanted to try
giving wall hacks again. Might not be the best idea. Number 65, instead, Lion has one drone flying high in the sky, the EE-One-D. The team felt that this
ability was much more balanced. But from such great heights,
it’s hard to tell how massive it is just by looking at it. Well, the drone actually has
a diameter of four meters, or just over 13 feet. Number 66, we all joke
that Hibana’s pellets look like fidget spinners, but they’re actually
based on a motorcycle part Ubisoft Montreal’s art
director took off his bike while making repairs one afternoon. Number 67, when designing
Hibana and Echo’s uniforms, Ubisoft went for civilian
clothing under harnesses so they could realistically
reach the Skyscraper map they launched with. Number 68, unlike with the other CTUs, Ubisoft had a tough time
designing the uniforms for the Japanese SAT Unit. There are very few photos to reference, and according to the Japanese government, it doesn’t even exist. I mean, Delta Force doesn’t
technically exist, either, but we still have Maverick. Number 69, for Maverick’s design, since there is no official
Delta Force uniform, Maverick’s outfit features
clothing from Afghanistan including a Pakol, or
Gilgiti cap on his head. The wool hat owes its global celebrity to the Tajikmajority members of the Jamiat-e Islami Afghanistan. In the ’80s, Ahmad Shah
Massoud led them against Soviet occupation, and he was
known for wearing a pakol. So, they adopted it as a
standard item of their uniform. I’m also probably saying
all these names wrong, and I apologize, I am so sorry. Number 70, while in Afghanistan,
Maverick played Buzkashi. It’s a horse-mounted sport
where players attempt to place a goat or calf carcass in a goal. It’s actually a big inspiration
for Maverick’s backstory. Before you say that Buzkashi
sounds too gruesome, think of American football
where we toss around a pigskin. Number 71, Maverick loved
Afghanistan so much, he has a tattoo of the
country’s map on his forearm. Number 72, at one point, Maverick got captured during
his time in the Middle East. He won’t talk about what
happened to him during that time, but we do know that he
escaped with a blow torch made from spare parts. And that was the prototype
of what we see him now using in matches. Number 73, Maverick first came about when Ubisoft wanted a new hard breacher, but in Mav’s initial design, he would launch small breaching devices at distances of up to 40 meters. With those, he could draw
shapes, which was fun, but what sounds like essentially
a more precise Hibana was deemed too powerful. So, the developers
leaned into what was fun about the character and reduced the range to what we know now. Number 74, unbeknownst to Maverick, he actually owes his freedom to Danish operator, Nokk. Nokk uncovered his location
while she was deep undercover. Number 75, we don’t actually
know Nokk’s place of birth, date of birth, or real name. We just know she’s from the
Jaegar Corps of Denmark. NATO ordered Nokk’s
identity to remain hidden to all but her fellow operators. All we know is she’s the
illegitimate daughter of someone she respects, and if her identity was ever released, it could potentially
cause a public scandal. I’m thinking daughter
of the Prime Minister of Denmark, perhaps? Number 76, Nokk’s veil
gives her a sense of mystery and danger, but in early playtests, when Attackers would repel upside down, her veil would hang off her face. So the development team went back and attached her veil to her uniform. Number 77, while her life is a secret, Nokk does have hobbies outside of military life and espionage. She’s apparently a very skilled fencer. Number 78, Castle is
referred to as papa bear among the Rainbow operators. His easygoing manner has
made him the social glue of the team, and he usually plays the role of diplomat in arguments. Number 79, Siege’s operators
have a ton of accomplishments and accolades, and yet, none come close to when Castle rescued abused dogs. And this is my favorite
fact in this whole list. Number 80, Amaru is another
operator with a heart of gold. She helped raise a young Goyo after a bomb destroyed his home, killing
his father and sister, and severely injuring his mother. The blast left him with the C-shaped scar you can see on the side of his head. Number 81, Goyo’s original
canister was thrown, similar to Smoke’s devices, but you had to shoot
them for them to work. Developers noted that
they were either so big that enemy players could find them easily, or they were too small
for teammates to spot. It felt like the canister
had too many moving parts to be effective, so
they simply attached it to the back of a modified shield. Number 82, Goyo is an
excellent chess player. Harry challenged him to a
match when they first met, but won’t mention how few
moves it took for Goyo to win. Number 83, Amaru grew
to be Goyo’s cool aunt who would tell him grand
stories from her adventures stopping art traffickers in South America. So, she’s a kick-ass archeologist who would tell folks
this belongs in a museum. So she’s basically Siege’s Indiana Jones. Number 84, developing and
balancing Amaru’s Garra Hook was rather tedious. The devs had to test it
on every single ledge, window, and hatch in the game. Number 85, internally, Amaru was known as the Attack on Titan Operator
since her Garra Hook worked like the 3D Maneuver Gear in the show. By the way, check out our sister channel, Get in the Robot, your anime explainer. Just saying. Number 86, speaking of
crazy flying blades, Finka’s facial scar was from a CQB training
exercise with Kapkan. After he misstepped,
Kapkan sliced her face from brow to cheek. Still, Lera went for a series
of bone-breaking punches to his nose and ribs before finally being
overwhelmed by the pain. Her intense brawl with Kapkan earned her the nickname, Finka, which in Polish means knife. Number 87, aside from Finka’s face, Kapkan probably leaves a
lot of scars in general. His Entry Denial Devices
are actually nail bombs. I mean, those things always
looked like they hurt before, but like, (groans). Number 88, Finka was born
in the irradiated city of Gomel, Belarus, three years
after the Chernobyl disaster. The radiation caused her to lose sensation in her extremities and caused her muscles to slowly degenerate. Nonetheless, Finka pushed back, becoming physically fit
and studying microbiology and immunology to combat her neuropathy. Eventually, she earned a PhD
and started treating herself with her own nanites while
serving in the Russian Army. Number 89, in development, Finka’s nanites gave a crazy cocktail of buffs to her teammates. Ubisoft tried a speed boost that made Ash feel like a five-speed operator, and making all opponents glow yellow like when looking through Glaz’s scope. Number 90, according to
Lead Writer, Lucien Soulban, Finka and Tachanka are drinking buddies. The two of them can drink
anyone under the table, especially with the
help of Finka’s nanites breaking down the alcohol, and I need a cinematic of this yesterday. Please, Ubisoft, I am begging you. Number 91, all non-microbiological
related gadgets now get reviewed and tested by Mira, who’s practically becoming
Rainbow’s version of Q. Mira can be seen and
heard signing off on tests of Wamai’s MAG-nets, Nokk’s HEL device, Tachanka’s turret shields, and more. The footage from her
Garra Hook test, though, is still the best. Number 92, Mira’s Black
Mirrors were inspired by real-life military vehicle windshields that can be hydraulically ejected if they get too damaged to see through. Number 93, Nomad designed her
Airjabs after a trip to Kenya where she wanted to deter and push back the predatory wildlife
without hurting them. Number 94, if you look closely, you might notice Nomad
is missing the top digits of the middle and ring
fingers on her right hand. She lost them to hypothermia
on one of her voyages that went wrong. As a result, Nomad has some
unique reload animations to make up for her lack of gripping power. Number 95, Nomad’s initial
designs gave her a frag grenade, but after designers enjoyed
the knockback effect from the Smashers in Siege’s
limited game mode, Outbreak, they incorporated it into Nomad’s ability. Number 96, the Outbreak event gave us one of our first chances to see Ash as the de facto leader of Rainbow, but Ubisoft has admitted
that this wasn’t intended during her development. When they noticed that the
community kept placing her in leadership roles, they
decided to make it canon. Number 97, Ash’s device came from a desire to somehow fit a bazooka
into Rainbow Six Siege. Now, an out-and-out bazooka
would be a little intense, so the team eventually scaled it down to the Breaching Rounds after consulting with their gadget realization expert. Number 98, Bandit’s gadgets
and story came from Ubisoft wanting to add a car battery
that would electrify walls, but had a hard time justifying
why top-notch operators would be using such a crude device. So Bandit’s undercover and
criminal past were developed to fit such crude but effective means. Number 99, the entire
GSG9’s design, in fact, was meant to give the
impression that their operators were undercover agents. This explains the denim pants
and IQ’s iconic pink soles. Number 100, in some of
Clash’s early concept art, she had bright pink, punk rock hair. It wouldn’t have the
professional look she has now, but when you’re a shield
operator screaming at folks to piss off, you kinda
stand out regardless. Besides, it’s not like we
haven’t seen bright pink in Siege before, cough,
Rainbow is Magic, cough. (clears throat)
Number 101. In early iterations, Clash’s shield didn’t just slow enemies. It completely stopped
them in their tracks. Kind of like rooting
enemies in MOBA-type games. This proved too deadly though,
as standing still in Siege can often be a death sentence. And we’ve all played
enough Mei in Overwatch to know what that would
do to the playerbase. Number 102. Now we’re all excited for new characters, but there’s plenty more
for Ubisoft to dive into with the characters they already have. For example, according to Farah
Daoud-Brixi of Ubisoft News, Alibi joined Rainbow with her own agenda that she can’t share with anyone. Add in the femme fatale
inspirations in her design, and you have the makings of
an exquisite rogue operator or a snitch. Number 103, but even
with everything changing, it’s good to see the important
things staying the same like Theme Park’s homage to BostonBearJew. The memorial to the late
Siege player who passed away in early 2017 can still
be found in the arcade. Number 104, Warden is from Kentucky, and he’s been known to lean
into his Kentucky drawl when dealing with Republican senators. He also plays the role of the southern gentleman around women. Number 105, Pulse was the only
operator in the original cast that didn’t have any headgear. Which is silly until you think
about how in early versions of Siege, accessories only
made your hitbox bigger. Ironically, less protection
helped your survivability. Number 106, then it comes to the playlist, Ubisoft has changed casual to quick play, added unranked, which is basically ranked without the ranking system, and also added the newcomer playlist. Number 107, the newcomer
playlist is for new players to get a feel for Siege. Bomb is the only available game mode, and you can only play on three maps: Bank, Chalet, and Consulate. But don’t get too
comfortable, new players, as you can only play this
playlist until you turn level 50. And after that, Siege
throws you to the wolves. So, that’s been another 107
facts about Rainbow Six Siege. What would you want the
next 107 facts to be about? Let me know in the comments below. And I’ve been your host, Kyle, and I’m glad you enjoyed the video. Don’t forget to take a
second to like and subscribe to “The Leaderboard.” From indie to triple-A, we
love the games you play. (upbeat music) Ha, Uplay, which is also
the app for Ubisoft games. Not intentional, funny comparison.

I’M A PIRATE! (True Story 3)

February 10, 2020 | Articles | No Comments

The Following video is based on a true story SHUT UP! It was another boring school day in gym class We were doing tennis that day, and Ian was paired as my teammate. We were walking to the courts. And I was telling him how excited I was because I was gonna be on the news later that night I was being interviewed for this internet game that I made where you basically explode the heads of one of our teachers. This teacher was out to make everyone’s life a living hell, though, like this one time I guess I answered a math problem incorrectly, so she jumped on my desk, sat like a gargoyle, and asked… WHAT’S THE MATTER? DO YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO THE RETARD SCHOOL? Anyway, I was telling Ian about how I’m gonna be on the news and he’s like… Check out my BACKHAND and hits me right in the face. I kept my cool about it though WTF YOU MOTHERF***KING HIT ME IN THE F***ING FACE *WHIMPERS* So I touched my mouth, and I realized my freaking front tooth was missing. The first thing I thought was, great, now I look like a pirate and I’m not talking about the Johnny Depp Disney pirate that girls drool over I’m talking about the kind you get herpes from just by looking at him. When I got back home, the reporter was already there waiting to do the interview. Of course, I was still freaking out about my tooth thing missing so Ian tried to help me find a replacement tooth: wadded paper, a carrot, my mom’s wedding ring, even a cutout piece of my dad’s credit card. We tried basically everything and the only thing that would fit correctly was a Lego head It looked really stupid but ian convinced me that if I just didn’t smile it wouldn’t be too noticeable When I finally did the interview the reporter was mainly criticizing me for making a game where you blow up a teacher But then she started asking me some really weird questions. Do you worship the devil? No. Then, what is that? Oh, no, that’s my brother’s. ‘Sup? So at some point during this interview my Lego tooth comes loose and I Inhale it, so ian runs up and does what he thinks is the heimlich maneuver MY EYE! Hey, I look like a pirate, don’t I? Yep. Arrr, then that makes two of us, matey. Anyway, I eventually got my tooth fixed, but I still look like a pirate whenever I go under a black light So I guess the moral of the story is black lights reveal the truth about everything So don’t use one in your parents’ bedroom. Oh my go– oh my God!!! (groans) To see what else the teacher yelled at Anthony about and more click the link in the description below! You like it when I crouch on your desk don’t you? Studies show that when you click the subscribe button, I’ stop look at you through your window Subtitles By Bluebee