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The Spikes Play 1v1 Commander Except it’s Actually Canadian Highlander (part 2) | Gameplay S5E6

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kick back and enjoy the show! *rock music intro* Eliot: What’s up, Spikes? We’re back again…
as we said? Or didn’t say? Who knows. Bill: It’s been such a long time, I can’t
even remember. Eliot: So, still me. Still Bill. Still in
the Spike Feeders World Headquarters. Balmy Winnipeg. Whatever I said. I got a different
deck with me this time. It’s a lovely creation once again by Benjamin Wheeler, named Garbage
Platter. The points for this deck as opposed to 9-Land Belcher, very different here, they
are Black Lotus, which is 7, Yawgmoth’s Will, which is 1, and Vampiric Tutor, which is 2. Bill: Hang on, what were the points in your
previous deck? Eliot: Hm? Bill: What were the points in your previous
deck? Eliot: Sorry? [laughs] So, I’m going first
in this match- we did roll dice, but I’m just REALLY good at rolling dice. And Bill is still
on Medium Green, do you wanna say a little bit about it again I guess? Bill: Yeah, so in case you don’t remember
from last time, especially the Patrons that have shorter attention spans, I am playing
a deck that serves to cast 3-5 mana creatures as quickly as possible and then beat face
with them. My points once again, they haven’t changed since the last video, are Mana Crypt,
which is 4, Sol Ring, which is 4, and Strip Mine, which is 2. Eliot: Strip Mine: very good against 9 land
decks, also very good against this deck, as you will see from the land that I’m about
to play. Are you ready to go? Bill: I’m going to call the shot: Saprazzan
Skerry. Eliot: Ooh, very close. It is the Blue one,
Svyelunite Temple. Bill: Darn. Eliot: Go ahead, sir. Bill: I’ll draw for my turn. I’m going to
play a WALD, and I’m going to use it to cast an Elvish Reclaimer. I’ll pass the turn. Eliot: That’s a 1/2, currently! I’m going
to untap my Svyelunite Temple. I’m going to play a Bloodstained Mire, this is a real land!
Isn’t that crazy? I’m going to crack it, going down to 19. I’m going to get this Underground
Sea, and I’m going to add 2 and cast a Grim Monolith. Pass the turn. Bill: My hand might be just a little too slow-
never mind, I’m a god. Eliot: Uh oh. That seems bad for me. Bill: How slow can I afford to be? I guess
slow enough. I’m going to play this Eldrazi Temple and I’m going to cast this Matter Reshaper.
I’m going to dome you for one. Eliot: You got it. 18. Bill: And I will pass the turn. Eliot: I will untap, and I will draw for my
turn. Well that’s a REALLY good card, Eliot. Bill: Very bad for me. Eliot: Good job. Nice, tight play from my
side of the board. I’m going to add a Black and I’m going to add a Blue. And we’re going
to see a familiar face if you did watch the last episode, Pentad Prism for 2 different
colours of mana. Bill: You’re not going to sacrifice your Svyelunite
Temple? Eliot: I am not… this turn. Bill: Okay gamers. Eliot: Pass the turn. Bill: I’m going to untap. That might be really
good for me, the fact that you just did that. Eliot: Is it? Bill: I’m going to play Wooded Foothills,
and I’m going to crack it going to 19. I’m going to search for a Bayou and put it into
play. I’m going to tap this Eldrazi Temple, using its second ability to add 2 colourless
mana that can only be used to activate the abilities of… uh… colourless Eldrazi or
cast colourless Eldrazi spells. I’m going to tap for a Green and a Black. I’m going
to cast Thought-Knot Seer. Eliot: Yeah, I thought that was coming. So
my hand is a couple clunkers and one that makes these clunkers real spicy: Diabolic
Revelation, Through the Breach, Wishclaw Talisman, Lim-Dul’s Vault, and Black Lotus. Bill: Congratulations, it’s exiled! Eliot: That’s pretty bad for me. Bill: I, uh, yeah. I’m definitely taking that
one. Speaking of taking things, you’re taking 4 damage. Eliot: Great! I’ll go to 14. Bill: I will pass the turn. Eliot: Great. I’ll draw for my turn. I think
I… *counting* Bill: You can Diabolic Revelation for 3. Eliot: I *can*. Is that good? Wow. I didn’t
even think about that. Bill: All I’m sayin’ is, that’s the line. Eliot: Black Lotus is in my graveyard- exiled.
It’s not even in my graveyard. That’s EGREGIOUS. Bill: Thought-Knot Seer. Eliot: *sigh*. I was like “I shouldn’t play
it out”. Bill: They are all going to laugh at you.
You were right. Eliot: I know I was right, you asshole! Eliot: Okay. I’m going to add a Black, and
I’m going to add 3 colourless. I’m going to use a Black and a colourless to cast this
Wishclaw Talisman. It’s going to enter with 3 wish counters on it. Bill: Yes it shall. Eliot: I have 2 colourless floating. I’m going
to use 1 of it to activate this Wishclaw Talisman. Do I hand it to you now? Bill: On resolution. Eliot: Perfect. I’m going to get this card
off of my Demonic Tutor artifact, and then gift it to you for a while. Do I have a colourless
floating? Bill: You do? Eliot: Okay. I’m going to sacrifice this Svyelunite
Temple for 2 Blue, and add 2 Red with this Pentad Prism. I’m going to cast Through the
Breach. Bill: That’s both players, right? Eliot: No. Bill: Darn. Eliot: I’m going to put a creature card from
my hand into play. I choose Trench Gorger. Bill: Okay. Eliot: This is gonna get haste and I’m going
to sacrifice it at the end of turn. Bill: So you’re passing the turn? Eliot: This has resolved. Trigger Trench Gorger’s
enter the battlefield ability. Do you know what that does? Bill: No. Can you explain it to me? Eliot: Okay. I’m going to search my library
for ANY NUMBER OF LAND CARDS, and I’m going to exile them. And then George’s power and
toughness each become equal to the number of cards exiled this way. Bill: I’m just going to point something out
here, 0 is a number. Eliot: Oh, you’re right! So I’m going to exile
25 land cards from my deck. Bill: Yeah, you got it. Eliot: He’s going to become a 25/25 with trample
and haste. Okay. Bill: I’ll block? Eliot: Okay. Please take 21. Bill: Okay, so I’m at… -2. Yeah? Okay. You
can have your Monkey’s Paw back. Eliot: State based actions?? Yeah, but when
do you die? I just wanna know. Bill: Due to the inevitable creeping that
this Trench Gorger is doing, it’s now, I think. Eliot: Murrrrr. Bill: Damn! Exiling Black Lotus wasn’t even
good enough. I had to exile Trench Gorger from your deck. Eliot: I mean, I guess the Through the Breach
is the pick? Bill: I don’t even know if that does it, right?
I think Black Lotus was objectively the correct… Eliot: Yeah, right? Because I had the Wishclaw,
and I had Lim-Dul’s Vault? Because I could have Lim-Dul’s Vaulted off of the Pentad Prism
the end of that turn to find the one piece, and then still Wishclawed with the mana because
of the Black Lotus. That hand was very powerful. Bill: Yeah, Thought-Knot Seer wasn’t even
good enough. Eliot: Who woulda thunked it. He Thought…
Not??? Bill: We’ll see you in Game 2. Welcome back
for Game 2. I lost the first game to an absolutely MASSIVE boi. Eliot: One large lad. Bill: One gigantic gentleman. Eliot: Choooonk. Bill: I’m going to go first. I’m going to
disrespect you and everything that you stand for. I’m going to play a Forest. I’m going
to tap the Forest, and cast Sol Ring. I’m going to tap the Sol Ring and cast this Scrapheap
Scrounger. I would like to pass the turn. Eliot: That’s a lot of stuff, my guy. Bill: I sure hope so. Eliot: I’m going to draw. I’m going to play
a Bloodstained Mire. And I’m going to pass the turn. Bill: I would like to untap. I’d like to roll
for- oh, it’s the better one. Sorry. Draw a card. Oh NO. Eliot, do you love me? Eliot: Only on Tuesdays. Bill: Okay, very good. I’m going to play Eldrazi
Temple. Eliot: Noooo! That’s a pretty good one. Bill: Okay! Eliot: I’m going to try to shortcut something
I guess, I’m going to crack this for an Underground Sea and cast this Entomb. Is that alright? Bill: That’s fine. I’m a mono Green deck. Eliot: Alrighty, so here’s my Underground
Sea, for the Bloodstained Mire, and here’s a Griselbrand going to my graveyard off of
the Entomb. Bill: He’s gone. Eliot: Perfect. So, my turn? Bill: Thought-Knot Seer. Eliot: What? Bill: THOUGHT-KNOT SEER. Eliot: Oh, okay. Blood Crypt, Burnt Offering,
Lotus Petal, Rite of Flame, Mastermind’s Acquisition, BoomsBay. Bill: So… next turn you can cast the Doomsday.
You can also cast the Mastermind’s Acquisition… I feel like, just given the cards in your
hand, the Doomsday is less scary than the Mastermind’s Acquisition, because you’re allowed
to search for 5 cards, that’s fine. It costs more to search your library for something,
so you would have to have a bunch of mana in one turn, whereas with Doomsday if I can’t
kill you in that turn and you get to untap, you get to draw a card of your choice. Eliot: True, true. I think this one is definitely
a choice. I don’t know what it is, but that’s not my job. Math is for blockers. Bill: I think it’s Doomsday. I think I’m going
to get Doomsday outta there. Eliot: Doomsday shall be ex-ee-layed. Bill: It’s gone forever. Eliot: He is over there now. Bill: Okay. The rest of that’s fine. Uh, crunch. Eliot: 16. Bill: Pass. Eliot: Untap. Draw Black Lotus! No, that’s
not Black Lotus. Bill: That would be bad for me! Eliot: Alrighty. I’m going to shock myself
with this Blood Crypt, go to 14. And then I’m going to play a Lotus Petal. Tap this
Blood Crypt for a Red to cast Rite of Flame to add 2 Red. Bill: Is this a Mastermind’s Acquisition? Eliot: It is. I’m going to sac this Lotus
Petal, tap this for a Black, cast Diabolic Tutor! I’m going to find this card off of
my Mastermind’s Acquisition. And then I’m going to pass the turn. To my good friend
William LaPage. Bill: Untap. I’m gonna draw a card. Tap this
Forest, cast this Noble Hierarch. Then I’m going to play this Prismatic Wista, and I’m
going to crack it going to 19. I’m going to put this Forest into play, and then I’m going
to pay a colourless and a Green, cast Sylvan Library, yet again. Eliot: You got it. Bill: I would like to move to crunch step. Eliot: Uh huh. Crunch? Bill: Crunch. Eliot: I will go to 7. Bill: Okay. Eliot: Okay. Bill: Pass. Eliot: I will untap, and draw a card. Bill: Yes x2 Eliot: That one might be good next turn, but
for now I’m going to cast this one. Ex-hume. This one is each player! So you can also return
a creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield. I’m going to choose Griselbrand. Bill: You gonna activate it? Eliot: Nuuupe, pass the turn! Bill: I will untap and trigger Sylvan Library. Eliot: You know, it’s a modest living, putting
Griselbrands into play for 2 mana. Don’t do it. Bill: I’m going to pay 4 life. Eliot: Please don’t do it? Bill: Pay 4 life, go to 15. Eliot: I said “please”. Bill: I’m going to play this Hashep Oasis
as my land for the turn. Eliot, incredulously: Uh huh. Bill: Yeah, you know it. Eliot: You know it, I know it, they know it,
because it’s on the fetcher. Bill: I’m going to… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. I’m
going to cast Mistcutter Hydra, X=5. I would like to move to NFL Crunch Time. I’m going
to attack with these 2 fellas. Eliot: Well, sir, you drive a hard bargain,
but I must block, and I will block the Thought-Knot Seer? So that I draw a card when it dies?
Question mark? Bill: So, the way that this is now, you would
gain 7 life and go to 14 and then take 5. So I think what I’m going to do is just present
the trade, pay a life for a Green and cast Berserk targeting Thought-Knot Seer. Eliot: Yeah, I was hoping that wasn’t it,
but of course it is. So your dude is an 8/8 now? Bill: Yes. Eliot: So, go to damage. Yours does not die,
because mine is a 7/7. Bill: Actually it is just power. It just doubles
its power. Eliot: Perfect. So unfortunately, I go up
to 14, and then down to 9, with no opportunity to activate Griselbrand. Bill: You do also draw a card off of Thought-Knot
Seer. Eliot: Oh yes, I will do that. Bill: And then with that being said and done,
I will pass the turn. Eliot: Untap, and I will draw a card for my
turn. Bill: Reanimate. Eliot: Well, Bill… it’s not bad. Bill: Seriously??? Aw, man. Eliot: I’m going to cast Shallow Grave. That
one gives him haste, but I do remove him from the game at the end step. I’m going to go
to combat, and I’m going to attack for 7. Bill: This can’t block. Eliot: Oh, good. This also has flying, don’t
worry. Bill: It’s fine, because this can’t block. Eliot: I’m going to put you to 7 and put myself
to 16, how’s that sound? Bill: yyyyep. Eliot: I’m going to go down to 9 again to
draw 7 cards, how’s THAT sound? Bill: It doesn’t sound great. Eliot: *counting to 7 smugly* Alright, well,
y’know, I just haven’t had enough, so I’m going to go down to 2 life and I’m going to
draw 7 more cards. *counts to 7 a second time, somehow more smug than the first* Would you
believe me if I told you I drew only 2 lands, and they both do damage to me? Bill: Oof. Eliot: The first one is this Watery Grave,
and that’s not very good right now, so I’m going to play this Mana Confluence. I can’t
cast this Vampiric Tutor… well, first thing’s first, off this Mana Confluence, I’m going
to add a Black and go to a single life… Bill: You’re at 1. Eliot: …to cast this Burnt Offering. I’m
going to sacrifice my Griselbrand and I’m going to add 8 mana in any combination of
Black and/or Red. Just for good measure, I’m going to add 6 Black and 2 Red. I’m going
to denote that with some dice, but I might also have it on screen somewhere. So if you
see me fiddling over here, it’s dice. Sue me. I’m going to use both of my Red to cast
this Desperate Ritual, to go up to 3 Red. I’ve also been keeping track of Storm count
over here, I’ll probably have that up here somewhere too, but it is now 3, if I haven’t
done my math wrong. I’m going to use a Red- I’m going to use 2 Red. I’m going to cast
Manamorphose, that’s going to add 2 Blue to my mana pool, making the Storm count 4. Is
it just rubbing it in, at this point? I’m going to pay a Red and 2 Black and cast Seething
Song to go to 5 Storm, 5 Red mana. Bill: I’m pretty sure the rubbing it in was
topdecking the Shallow Grave… Eliot: What? I can’t hear you over winning
the game. This is the end of the Spike Feeders. You know, it was a good run. I had fun, so
that’s what matters. I’m going to cast this Lion’s Eye Diamond. Bill: Oh! You should activate that right now. Eliot: Oh, RIGHT now? Ok- ahh, misclick. I’m
going to go down to 2 Black and 4 Red, and I’m going to transmute this Shred Memory. Bill: Okay. Eliot: That one doesn’t raise the Storm count. Bill: Okay. Eliot: With this Shred Memory I’m going to
find an Infernal Tutor, which you might notice has CMC 2, and I’m going to put it into my
hand. Bill: Okay. Are you going to activate Lion’s
Eye Diamond? Eliot: What? I can’t hear you. I’m going to
do some stuff, and it’s really powerful. Are you ready? Bill: No. Eliot: I’m going to pay a Black and a Red,
I’m going to cast Infernal Tutor. That’s going to make the Storm count 7, I’m going to hold
priority and pay a Black and a Red to cast Tainted Pact, that’s going to make the Storm
count 8, and holding priority, I’m going to crack this Lion’s Eye Diamond to add 3 Black
to my mana pool and discard my hand, which is a bunch of stuff that doesn’t matter right
now, I think. There’s a Cabal Therapy in there, and like a Ponder and a Duress, I dunno. Those
might matter. So yeah, I’m going to Tainted Pact. *sped up, unintelligible* Eliot: I’m going to put this Yawgmoth’s Will
into my hand. Bill: Okay. Eliot: Hmm. I exiled my Tendrils and my Lab Man. That’s
a disaster. I’m going to resolve this Infernal Tutor. Bill: Yes. You have to reveal a card in your
hand, because you are not hellbent. Eliot: *gasp* I’m gonna concede. I KNEW there
was a reason I couldn’t do that! Bill: Whatever, you had it! You just stop
at the Tendrils and I’m dead. That’s fine. Eliot: Are you? Bill: Yeah, I was at 7! You attacked me with
a Griselbrand. Eliot: Ahhh, auaaahhh. I’m so bad. Bill: Whatever. Eliot: That’s embarrassing. Bill: It’s okay, the only person that’ll really
care is Ben Wheeler. Eliot: I was tunnel visioned on the Yawgmoth’s
Will and I couldn’t cast the Infernal Tutor properly anyway! Bill: You would have had to find a second
copy of Yawgmoth’s Will. Eliot: That’s… wild. This is why you don’t
play this deck, ladies and gentlemen. Bill: Literally ever. Eliot: Actually ever. Well, I guess we’re
gonna go to game 3, then! What, you don’t want to?? Bill: Fine! We’ll go to game 3. It’s just
more content. Eliot: Alrighty! We’re back for game 3 after
that horrific… Bill: Just the strangest game 2 of all time.
Good job, Eliot. Eliot: I hope somebody’s proud of me. I’m
going to go first, is that… Bill: Yeah, I guess, I guess that’s okay. Eliot: I’m going to play a Svyelunite Temple.
I’m going to play a Chrome Mox, exiling this Collective Brutality, and cast an Inquisition
of Kozilek. Bill: Bayou, Verdant Catacombs, Forest, Eldrazi
Temple, Boreal Druid, Elves of Deep Shadow, Reality Smasher. Eliot: Wow. Well, I’m going to take the Boreal
Druid, because that one doesn’t make you pay life, and I’m going to die really soon. Go
ahead. Bill: Draw! Ooh. Bayou, creature Bayou, go. Eliot: Untap. It’s not- it’s just a Swamp.
It’s a Swamp that damages you. Bill: Shut up. It’s a Cabal Pit. Eliot: Don’t call me that. I’m going to play
this Arid Mesa, and I’m going to pass the turn. Bill: Untap, draw. Oh! Let’s see, if I do…
this, I can still do that? Yeah. I’m going to play this Pendlehaven, and I’m going to
cast an adventure! I’m going to cast Heart’s Desire and make a 1/1 White Human creature
token. And after putting that into play- oh, this is on an adventure. Eliot: It is! Oh, we don’t have that. Bill: Yeah, we don’t have that thing, that’s
fine. He’s over there. He’s close, but far enough away that he can’t attack. Eliot: This is really nice. Bill: Yeah, it’s not the foil one though,
so I’m kinda sad. Eliot: Noob. Bill: I’m going to move to combat. I’m going
to attack with this Elves of Deep Shadow and before combat damage I’m going to pump it
up to a 2/3. Eliot: That’s crazy. I’m going to go to 18. Bill: Doubles the clock. And I’ll pass. Eliot: At the end of your turn, I’m going
to crack this Arid Mesa. Go to 17. I’m going to get this Volcanic Island, and then because
I am cheating I’m going to cast this Tainted Pact. Bill: Okay… Eliot: I’m going to exile some cards. *sped up* Eliot: Ooh, Tendrils of Agony. Bill: Oh, remember last time? Eliot: I DO remember last time. This is really
bad for me, I think. I think the fact that the Lab Man’s over there, and there’s this
Tendrils here, I think I have to take this Tendrils. I don’t think I have a way to win
outside of them without- well, I mean, I could do a Trench Gorger thing… Bill: Potentially. Eliot: Okay, I’m going to keep going. Bill: Okay. Eliot: Yeah, I don’t know what I’m looking
for at this point. Ooh. Bill: Auriok Salvagers. Eliot: That’s a pretty good card. Bill: Oh, it’s gone! *sped up* Eliot: Yawgmoth’s Will. Bill: Wow, you can play the Arid Mesa and
then cast Inquisition again. Eliot: Dark Petition! My goodness. This is
watching a man kill himself, is the name of this video now. Trinket Mage gets Black Lotus,
right? Bill: It does. And it is a 2/2. Eliot: And it blocks! That’s crazy. Bill: huhuh. 2/3s. Eliot: Oh my goodness. This is quite the chunk. *sped up* Bill: I guess sometimes you just cast 2 mana:
lose the game! Eliot: Hey man, I have a plan. Bill: Emrakul! Eliot: This.. y- I messed up so bad! ‘Cause
even now, if I do a thing with Trench Gorger, I don’t have enough lands to kill you. Bill: That’s true! I am at 20 still. Eliot: This is so embarrassing! As if I messed
up this badly 2 games in a row. I’m going to put this into my hand, I guess. Eesh! This
Tainted Pact is in my graveyard, and I’m going to untap. Bill: You’re just gonna rip Through the Breach. Eliot: What if it’s already in my hand? Bill: Then you’re gonna rip a land. Eliot: Yep. Pass. Bill: Okay, good talk. Draw a card. Uh, yeah.
I mean… Eliot: Tainted Pact is a powerful Magic card. Bill: I’m gonna play Eldrazi Temple. *counting*
5, paying a life, cracka-slam for 6. Eliot: I’ll go to 11. Bill: That’s all I got. Eliot: I’ll draw for my turn. Can I live another
turn? 5, 6 7, 8? I guess so. Okay, I’ll play this Flooded Strand. I’m going to pass the
turn. Bill: Draw! I can make it as awkward as possible.
I think that’s the name of the game. Play this Forest. I’m going to tap this Elves of
Deep Shadow for a Black, and then Green, Green, colourless, go to 18, I guess this doesn’t
actually do what I wanted it to do, but I’m still gonna do it anyway, I’m going to cast
Garruk, Wildspeaker. He is at 3. I would like to activate Pendlehaven targeting this Human
token. It is now a 2/3, then I would like to buff Garruk and untap Pendlehaven and this
Bayou. Since I have the Elves of Deep Shadow tapped, I’m going to tap the Pendlehaven for
a mana, and this for a mana, and cast Smuggler’s Copter. I would like to crunch for 7. Eliot: I will go to 4. Bill: Go ahead. Eliot: I will crack my Flooded Strand. I’m
going to get this Underground Sea. Bill: You got it. Eliot: And I’m going to draw the card that
lets me win the gaaaaame! Mm. Well, let’s see, shall we? I’m going to cast Black Lotus.
I’m going to crack Black Lotus for 3 Red. I’m going to use that 3 Red to cast Seething
Song, to go to 5 Red. I’m going to sacrifice this Svyelunite Temple to make 2 Blue, so
I’m at 7 mana and 7 cards in my graveyard. I’m going to tap these to cast Cabal Ritual
to add 5 Black, so I’m at 12. I would like to go to 13. Bill: No! I was like, do you run the Promised
End? Eliot: Oof, that’d be funny. Bill: Man. Eliot: You know, that probably had more to
do with my play than it did with Tainted Pact, but I’m going to blame Tainted Pact. Both
times. Bill: I will also blame Tainted Pact. Eliot: Perfect. Bill: I think it’s bugged on MODO right now. Eliot: It is! Did you see that? It exiled
like 40 cards and none of them were the ones that I wanted. Bill: And none of them were the good ones!
Actually, all of them were the good ones, that’s kinda how that works. Eliot: Ugh, yeah. Yeah, I dunno. This kind
of deck, as you can see by the fact that I played this and then a 9 land Goblin Charbelcher
combo deck, is just kinda my style of deck. I think I just really like doing either obscenely
powerful stuff or dying horrifically. And sometimes, I like dying horrifically while
trying to do really powerful stuff, and messing it up because I’m an idiot. Bill: It just makes sense. Eliot: Yeah. I hope that this was fun to watch?
I hope you had a good time? Bill: I had a blast. Eliot: We’ll probably keep doing this, because
we like playing highlander, so let us know in the comments. Bill: I’ve been meaning ti play this deck
for quite a while, and I didn’t really have the gumption to finally put it together, and
then we decided to film some more canlander content, so I was like “hey, why not?” Eliot: I maybe need to branch out into something
different. I’ve heard of this deck thats… “on loan”? Or “on rent”? What is it? Bill: Oh! Do you mean Jacuzzi on Commission? Eliot: That one seems like it might be in
this wheelhouse. Bill: In this Wheeler-house? Eliot: In this Wheeler- *ASMR* In this Wheeler-house.
I hope that comes through. If it doesn’t… Bill: No, it will. Eliot: So yeah, I hope I didn’t offend anybody. Bill: At least it’s not me this time. Eliot: Fair enough. Yeah! We’ll catch you
guys next time. Bill: Thanks for tuning in! Hey! Thanks for checking out The Spike Feeders
on YouTube. If you’re not subscribed yet, make sure to hit that subscribe button. And
if you can click this link to check out our other great videos.

101 Facts About Far Cry

February 14, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

101 Facts About Far Cry

greetings mother of actors my name’s Sam
yep still is and today I’m going to be talking to you all about the uber
popular video game series known as Far Cry yes the Far Cry games have taken us
to paradise only to make us realize that paradise is
a dangerous terrifying hellscape filled with trigger-happy sociopaths and fishes
wild animals for the taste for human flesh and it’s just really muggy I mean
just super humid but what viral video is referenced repeatedly in the series what
did JLo do to get shaded in Far Cry 4 why not have a gettin up howl up above
and exactly how much you liked all those references in Easter eggs because I’m
warning you now there’s a lot of them in this one but anyway I digress
2 out of 3 those questions are going to be answered so strapped into your buzzer
fly off to a five-star hotel on a neighboring island away from all the
murder and prepare yourself for 101 fact about far cry number 1 far cry is across
media franchise which centers around a core series a first-person shooter video
games all of which have been published by Ubisoft a company which in the course
of researching this video I have discovered it’s correctly pronounce
Ubisoft by everyone except French speakers who instead pronounce it
Ubisoft no Morgan no new moroder each game focuses on a separate narrative
that is canonically distant and unconnected to the other games in the
series sort of like if American Horror Story was a video game series and also
like American Horror Story it would be much better with Jessica Lange in it
seriously get her back number 3 however the Far Cry games do share strong
environmental and gameplay themes placing the player in a wide explorable
world in which they fight against despots dictators and other varieties of
douchebag each world is also home to wild animals
that can be used for the players own ends or they may just attack and kill
you it’s us all them folks better be damned
number 4 the games of the Far Cry series have been generally very well received
critically and a considered commercial successes figures from Ubisoft indicate
lifetime sales of the Far Cry franchise in excess of 20 million units
number 5 the first game simply titled Far Cry was released in March of 2004
and was developed by a German video game a software developer called Crytek
published by Ubisoft I know what you’re thinking no not that thing don’t worry
about that happens to everybody I mean that Crytek may sound like a very
sad company but after significant research I can confirm they’re just a
tech company with a misleading name number six the gang was originally
created by Crytek to show off their fancy new CryEngine software which again
sounds like a very sad game engine as such the game started life as a short
unplayable tech demo called exile dinosaur Island which featured a variety
of dinosaurs roaming across an island landscape the graphics looked laughably
dated now but in 2001 they were pants ruining Li realistic number 7 eventually
the project had been looked into the game now recognizable as the original
Far Cry set on a number of mysterious Islands far cry follows the story of ex
military servicemen Jack Carver who’s searching for missing journalist he was
escorting before their boat was destroyed by mercenaries a hater when
that happens makes my commute a nightmare number 8 there is however a
degree of inconsistency regarding Carver’s military service you see in the
original Far Cry it was established that he was an Army Special Forces soldier
but in Far Cry instincts it states that he was a u.s. Navy officer either Carver
followed a very unique and convoluted military career path the Jack Carver in
the original game is a different Jack Carver to the one in instincts or it’s
just a genuine mistake and I’m reading into it far too much number nine at the
end of the original far cry the gunshot sound you hear from the Desert Eagle
that Jack Carver uses to execute Harlan Doyle is exactly the same as the noise
created by the p9p in the first-person shooter game perfect dark zero
did you think we wouldn’t notice huh what do you take us for idiots
number 10 despite the name it’s given in the game call it rhymes the m4 assault
rifle embark fight is not actually an m4 at all genuine emboss have a removal
carry handle which is attached to the weapon with two prominent screw knobs
screw knobs at the rifle and far cry conspicuously lacks the m4 scene in the
game appears to be a colt model 727 did you think we wouldn’t notice guys number
11 within four months of release far cry
has sold over seven hundred and thirty thousand units
mmm that’s a lot of Units number 12 however
far crimes release was not without controversy upon the release of the
game’s demo version in March 2004 a German federal agency that’s responsible
for censoring material allegedly harmful to young people it has a really long
German name I can’t be bothered to attempt to pronounce it’s that by the
way declared that the violence in the game was too high even for adult and
quickly index the demo the full version had most of that violence but
nevertheless received and not suitable for under 18s rating Oh Germany its 2004
well it was 2004 now it’s 2018 grow up number 13 for some bizarre reason
there’s an english-language German movie based on the original Far Cry game
titled simply Far Cry the film stars German actor til Schweiger
and his directed by German filmmaker over ball who was infamous for creating
some of the worst films ever made and then boxing critics when it
afterwards that’s real by the way look it up predictably the film was not well
received in fact IDN of all people even went so far as to warn auditors to avoid
it at all costs okay I kind of make me want to watch it even more now number
fourteen after the first game Ubisoft obtained the rights to the Far Cry
franchise and since then most of the development of the other games have been
handled by Ubisoft Montreal in Canada Fairborn and that’s all the French be
great ECC I know good night everybody number 15 far cry 2 was released in
October 2008 representing a darker more realistic direction for the series the
game which takes place in an unnamed Wartell African country is more
character-driven than the original with a huge map covered in jungles deserts
and serve Anna’s number 16 the story of Far Cry 2 is heavily inspired by heart
of darkness a novella written by Polish British novelist Joseph Conrad in 1899
which follows the story of an ill-fated voyage up the Congo River deep into
Central Africa much like the book that games themes
were romp around violence insanity and moral gray areas hey do you know the
definition of insanity by the way I swear someone told me before but I
couldn’t remember also is a bonus fact for you Apocalypse Now is based on the
same book they go culture number 17 as if that wasn’t enough of a clue the very
last mission is played in an area called heart of darkness
hmm that’s a very nice reference number 18 as part of the marketing for far cry
2 a blog entitled war unlimited my journey through a war zone was created
which featured regular posts from Ruben Alou who can be a journalist at the
player encounters within the game Alou became B’s blog detailed his
investigation into the jackal the game’s principal antagonist spoiler alert it’s
not really a jackal number 19 though the country in which the game takes place
has never explicitly confirmed it’s thought to be based on the landlocked
West African nation of Mali the game features a range of landscapes and
climates typical of Mali as well as architecture inspired by that of the
Dogon people an indigenous Malian ethnic group there’s even a location in the
game called dogon village number 20 the vast majority of the useful firearms in
Far Cry 2 have been reversed putting the ejection port on the left side rather
than the rights this has been done to give players a better view of the
bullets flying out of the ejection port as well as the more visually interesting
moving parts levers and controls usually found on the right side of a gun
why because gun pawn of course number 21 in the Xbox 360 version Far Cry 2 1
achievement is titled dharma llamo Tony moto this is actually a Swahili proverb
which were probably mispronounced entirely that refers to the idea that
serious situations require an equally serious response in the form of strong
leadership and bold decision-making similar to the English expression fight
fire with fire the achievement is unlocked as part of
the game’s main story by reigniting the conflict between the games two competing
factions number 22 oh hey here’s a game theory for you map that some people
believe that the jackal is actually Jack Carver from the original Far Cry game
the characters have similar build similar backgrounds and the simple fact
that the checkol contains the name Jack has also been brought up as evidence not
only that a cutscene from the end of Far Cry instincts shows Doyle sliding a box
over to Jack as payment the contents are never shown but many speculate that the
box contains diamonds hmm number 23 the third installment of
the series Far Cry 3 was released in late 2012 and follows protagonist Jason
Brody who literally has bro in his name and bus’ also save his kidnapped friends
after a group vacation goes entirely boobs up the game was a critical and
commercial success selling over 10 million copies within just one year of
release number 24 however the story wasn’t always about an unlucky group of
friends whose perfect beach vacay it’s ruined by pirates former Far Cry 3
narrative director Raphael van Nierop sated that he and his team planned on
creating a story for the game that would create a single cohesive narrative along
with the previous two titles in order to engender a strong sense of identity for
the Far Cry series and propel it into the future sounds like a great idea I
wonder what happened number 25 however after Van Lee rock left the company
Ubisoft dropped that idea and produced a game with a narrative entirely separate
from its predecessors this did not make Van Leer oper happy van leahrob who
subsequently declared I have no interest in playing far cry anymore
the ICA’s number 26 the game’s leaves writer jeff reeyot Alemu stated that he
intended far cry 3 to be a commentary on what shooting means and what it does to
humanity all I can help you out there Jeff it means humans die number 27 many
people took issue with far cry 3 based on perceived colonial undertones
evidence for the game story of a white guy coming to an island populated by
dark-skinned natives and helping them with all their troubles that they
couldn’t possibly deal with by themselves you know the whole white
Savior thing in response your will and claim that it’s the natives who control
Jason Brody using him as a tool for their own ends not the other way around
number 28 what a Far Cry 3 ‘s and indeed all of
gaming’s most beloved characters is actually one of the game’s principal
antagonists vars however everyone’s favorite mohawk sociopath almost wasn’t
in the game at all early versions of Far Cry 3 instead featured a muscle-bound
body called bull but that plan was jettisoned in favor of ours when voice
actor Michael mando auditioned who impressed the games developers with his
creepy unpredictable energy oh really everyone is usually upset by my creepy
unpredictable energy blah see you’re upset aren’t you
number 29 one of the main features of the game is Jason’s ornate arm tattoo
which fills up as players progress throughout the game however in order to
completely finish the ink you have to go beyond merely guessing all the skill
points and find all the 120 panics scattered across the map the radix are
represented by dots which run the entire length of the tattoo when every relic
has been discovered that isn’t how tattoos work normally but let’s move on
number 30 eagle-eyed and bat-eared players of the Far Cry series will be
acutely aware that the games are filled to the brim with all manner of delicious
references to films TV books songs and even under video games
who’da thorn fit for instance when CIA agent Willis Huntley is preparing to
leave he tells you that he’s joining task force 141 fans of card will notice
that this refers to task force 141 the clues in the name
the multinational special operations unit and main protagonists of call of
duty modern warfare 2 number 31 another videogame nod can be found in The Lost
expeditions DLC when Jason travels to an abandoned military silo and finds
documents marked with the Abstergo logo from artisans Creed as well as a faded
Abstergo logo on the wall just to make sure you’ve got it
number 32 not only that there’s also a letter which references genetic memory
and edom the letter also contains an elevator access code which is 1 2 2 1 1
2 referring to the 21st of December 2012 which the Mayan supposedly marked as the
apocalypse and the date on which Desmond mild again from a screed saves the
planet from a devastating coronal mass ejection from the Sun number 33 there’s
another moment in which Jason activates the lift and says would you kindly
activate in an Irish action just like I did just then mimicking the character of
that verse from the original BioShock which we may have made a video about
number 34 that’s another point to chase the exclaims thank God there aren’t any
honey badgers down here honey badgers down here there’s no way
this is an accident as it wouldn’t make any sense if Jason wasn’t talking about
the Internet’s favorite mustelid the honey badger honey badger rose to fame
as the subject of a viral video entitled the crazy nasty-ass honey badger which
humorously depicts the honey badger as the furry little four-legged badass that
it is number 35 at one point while Jason is climbing through a missile silo he
says you know I could use a portal right now you know
I could use it in reference to the beloved video game series portal which
shockingly contains spatial portals that are very handy when you don’t want to
climb through a missile silo number 36 if you travel to the rough area around
the coordinates X 6 – oh and Y 5 6 0 you will find yourself on a beach on one of
the northern islands a cursory glance at your surroundings will reveal to dead
people that been hanged from a tree and a man buried up to his neck in the sand
and you can only see his hand interacting with this will earn you
these say hi to the Internet achievement which is a reference to the Far Cry
experience the promotional series starring Christopher mintz-plasse from
Superbad and Michael mando in which McLovin is eventually buried up to his
neck on a beach very similar to this one number 37 not only that the image of a
man buried in the sand in front of two people hanging from a tree one of them
being upside down comes directly from the Far Cry 3 cover art which depicts
exactly the same thing only with var sitting menacingly next to the unlucky
barrack gent number 38 if you go underwater in the sea around the
coordinates X 800 and Y 650 you will find a soldier sitting on a sea floor
hugging a toilet with his head leaning into the bowl
either he’s seasick hungover all he was murdered and placed in this position as
a final humiliation you decide let us know in our fans a youtube poll number
39 in the cave under dr. Alec Earnhardt’s mansion you can find a
briefcase with mr. miyagi written on it near the boat this is a reference to mr.
Miyagi a character from the corrupt you know what if you don’t know who mr.
Miyagi is I just I just feel sorry for you frankly number 40 roughly located
around the coordinates X 7 9 6 + y 6 4 7 there is a large cave containing three
chests one metal and two wooden one of the boxes contained a loot item called
ripped teddy bear and the immediate area is littered with bones this by the way
is all a sly reference – Goldilocks and the three bears number
41 the loot item I just mentioned the ripped teddy bear is itself another
reference my god this game is full of them this items description says the
bear has a musty smell and is missing an eye with stuffing coming through the
seams and crucially has a torn label that reads Bober this is pretty much an
exact description of Bobo the childhood teddy bear that belongs to mr. burns in
the Simpsons episode entitled rosebud the meaning of life memory cards 16
which is located on the South Island makes reference to high quality meth
coming from New Mexico which will hopefully recapture some of the markets
lost to the product coming out of New Mexico hmm what could this be a
reference to well I’ll tell you this is a Nazi uber popular method based TV show
Breaking Bad which is frankly the best TV show of all time come up me countdown
fans number 43 another one of the collectible
memory cards memory card 20 contains information on how to create a drug
called spice which is described as similar to marijuana but with additional
side effects one of which is interstellar travel Wow get me some of
that this is highly reminiscent of the spice melange a narcotic featured in the
book dune that gifts those who ingest it with an extended lifespan and expanded
sensory perceptions number 44 the handbook entry for vices pirates
parodies lyrics from the song Jack Sparrow by Andy samberg’s comedy trio
The Lonely Island the description mentions vasas pirate hordes and instead
of naming Jack Sparrow as the jester of Tortuga dubs vas as the gesture of Rock
Island that’s all otherwise great listen to it
and listen to all the Lonely Island this damn good this is the tale of number 45
at the beginning of the side mission entitled home delivered a villager who
is enlisting your help talks about a sacred pool with ruins at the bottom
describing it as spooky scary stuff like a werewolf bar mitzva that sounds very
racist but sure let’s better move on this is an affectionate nod to the novel
Tea Party song of the same name performed by 30 rock Tracy Morgan for
which he’s apparently received a gold record number 46 in the game’s
introduction right at the start as introductions tend to be Jason can be
seen kicking a coconut tree and catching a falling coconut you can actually go to
this very location which is found on the rock Islands and the coordinates X 4 6 5
y 7 9 3 a little east of well short wreckers
house outpost number 47 the description for the game is master difficulty
setting literally just state for the experiences worse the malaria this is a
reference to the infamous malaria mechanic in the previous game Far Cry 2
number 48 in the mission the Medusa’s call Jason infiltrates a beached vessel
named Medusa which just so happens to be the name of the Beaudry’s by Jack Carver
and Valerie Constantine to reach the island to dr. Krieger in the original
far tried game I feel like naming a ship after a
murderous mythological Greek Gorgon with snake hair it’s just asking for trouble
number 49 there is a warning message that can be found in various places in
Far Cry 3 such as on the alarm for outpost and under the handlebar on jet
skis that reads courtrand playing too much video games may lead to aggressive
behavior handle woodcare up dub is this a mocking parody for misguided moral
Crusaders who believe video games are to blame for bad behavior and children I
hope so because they’re wrong number 50 a few months after the release of Far
Cry 3 Ubisoft released a standalone expansion pack entitled Far Cry 3 Blood
Dragon the game is based on the world of Far Cry 3 but with a whole new story and
a highly stylized neon filled visual theme that’s essentially a parody of so
bad they’re good 80s action films particularly those between Arnold
Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone however the game is set in the
futuristic world of 2007 and follows the story of Rex an American cybernetic
super soldier okay someone had a bit too much of that spice I think number 51 if
you head to the promotional website for blood track and you’ll be greeted by
terrifying the outdated site to protect and garish 80s visuals not only that but
if you went to the Konami code which true gamers will know is up up down down
left right left right B a your cursor will change into a targeting reticule
enabling you to shoot at and destroy every component on the site which
ultimately reveals a picture of an Omega 4 soldier the primary enemy faction in
Blood Dragon number 52 the next installment in the main series entitled
Far Cry 4 was released in November of 2014 the game uses a heavily modified
version of the same engine used in Far Cry 3 and like its predecessors was both
a critical and commercial success good for you far cry 4 good for you number 53
the game follows the story of a Jay Galle
the American who has traveled to his fictional homeland of kirat to spread
his deceased mother’s ashes sadly for AJ but happily for gamers who
want to play on through any explosion film action caper the boss on which he
is traveling is attacked and things to generally go south and worse from there
number 54 AJ is motivated at least initially but the death of a relative in
his case his mother this appears to be a favourite Darris a overused plot element
of Ubisoft as the main characters in several other Ubisoft titles are subject
to this trope including Aiden Pearce from watchdogs pretty much every single
protagonist from Assassin’s Creed and of course Jason Brody from Far Cry 3 number
55 Mike Far Cry 3 was originally going to be direct sequel to Far Cry 2 Far Cry
4 was really going to be direct sequel to har Cry 3 with me so far good as a
result the game’s fascinating baddie pagan min didn’t exist in early
development again however this plan was ultimately scrapped and pagan min was
brought to life in all his fashionably murderous glory
number 56 the game setting of karate is a fictional Himalayan country based on
places like Nepal and Tibet exaggerating elements from such regions into a wild
rugged and mountainous landscape that offers a great degree of center
verticality than other previous Far Cry games number 57 in order to help form a
coherent and believable culture for Kerr at the game’s creators sent a team to
Nepal to gain first-hand experience with the region when the team returned and
shared their experiences from the trip the design of far cry 4 shifted away
from the Nepalese inspired Civil War to a focus on interactions with interesting
characters number 58 as with previous games in the series the appearance of
wild animals is very important – far cry 4 one feature that the game’s greatest
were adamant about including was the ability to ride elephants which I
personally think should appear in more games in letting a rideable elephant in
GTA I don’t know the sims Oh God what I wouldn’t give number 59 when Troy
Baker audition for the role of pagan min which he did and successfully got he
opted to ignore the script and instead threatened an assistant as part of an
emphatic improvised performance apparently this was exactly what that
team was looking for they must have really hated that assistant number 60
hilariously it’s possible to complete the game in a matter of minutes without
cheating simply by doing nothing at the start of the game when you were in pagan
mins palace min asked you to wait at which
you are supposed to run away however if you actually obey men like the cock you
are and wait he will return and take AJ to scatter his mother’s ashes peacefully
and the shrine to Lakshman and min you then exit in a helicopter as the credits
roll to the sound of should I stay or should I go by the clash number 61 if he
thought Far Cry 3 was full of references yeah it is
far cry 4 is no different let’s start off with a reference to the good book no
not ready player one I mean the Bible the character of long Ennis gets his
name from the legendary figure from Christian mythology sent her up in the
Roman soldier who pierced you to suicide with alarms but the similarities extend
beyond just a shared name both have been soldiers who turned to religion after
committing acts a questionable morality in fact the biblical long Ennis later
became a saint number 62 there are also a number of
similarities between long Ennis and Joshua Milton Blahyi a Liberian warlord
known for committing various atrocities during the first Liberian Civil War in
the early 90s who was also known by the nickname general butt naked owing to his
bizarre habit of going into battle wearing only shoes like loneliness ye
was responsible for various war crimes before an abrupt conversion to
Christianity and hopefully clothing number 63 kirat International Airport is
modeled directly on Tenzing Hillery Airport a real-life airport located in
eastern Nepal the layout of the airport buildings is strikingly similar and the
runway even mimics Tenzing Hillary’s infamous sloping runway which sounds
incredibly dangerous nintendo64 the ajm’ 9 handgun found in Far Cry 4 is a nod to
Robocop’s Auto 9 a modified beretta 93r assigned from just looking pretty much
exactly the same as the metalman signature gun Robocop is made in the
remains of police officer Alex J Murphy get it Alex J Murphy a JM it’s a solid
ref guy’s number 65 like why is the HS 77 which looks very similar to the n7 12
sidearm is a reference to Star Wars not only does the weapon bear a strong
visual resemblance for Han Solo’s blaster it’s a combination of Han Solo’s
initials and 77 the year in which the original Star Wars film was released
number ship th the GPS locator given to AJ by long Ernest in his first mission
is in fact the same locator from far cry 2 but with a smashed screen
first of all problems AJ now get out and start killing people number 67 the
hypodermic needle that can be found across the island has a description that
reads filled with glowing liquid if this were a failed underwater utopia
you wouldn’t think twice about jamming this into your arm this is not only true
but also a reference to plasmin injections from the original BioShock
game number 68 there’s a hut in VAR cry 4 which is occupied by several dead
bodies one of which has a red plastic bucket on his head and an arrow stuck in
his knee this is a double-whammy reference to the popular Skyrim exploit
of placing buckets on people’s heads and of course the famous line spoken by
numerous guards who claimed that they too had a past as an adventurer until
the sad day when they took an arrow to the knee made it’s an occupational
hazard of adventuring you knew what you were getting into number 69 during the lost and confused side
mission AJ is given a truck by Yogi and Reggie which they call the oculus spliff
an obvious nod to the oculus rift over your headset that we covered extensively
in our video about virtual reality which you should totally check out it’s not
enough you did the first time number 70 someone behind the scenes at far cry
must really love honey badgers because not only were they referenced back in
Far Cry 3 the fighters were going to also introduces huntable animals in Far
Cry 4 and they are little owls number 71 not only that the aforementioned viral
video the crazy nasty-ass honey badger is referenced by pagan mins fabulous
former trailer muumuu chiffon who rightly claims that honey badgers don’t
get number 72 there’s a memo posted on the small Hut near the Kings bridge that
reads as follows inspector welcome to your new position
at Kings bridge border checkpoint stamp passport entry visa and return documents
to entrant entry is restricted to karate citizens only deny all foreigners glory
to correct this is a reference to the popular indie game by the name of papers
please first mission of which has these almost exact instructions number 73 in
Herc’s last mission the player has to rescue him by hijacking a truck and
driving it through a series of waypoints without dipping below a certain speed or
the truck would explode gosh that sounds familiar
I wonder why well here’s why it’s one big reference to the movie speed
starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in which a bomb planted on a bus is set
to explode at the speed drops 50 miles per hour Herc even references
this by saying dude be like my Keanu man number 74 the game book loot item
features a reference to the original Far Cry game the items description reads in
this riveting juice apart adventure your choices determine if Jack Carver
successfully escapes the deadly island to dr. Krieger which if you accidentally
clicked on this video and skipped the first 10 minutes somehow it’s pretty
much the whole narrative to the original game number 75 the knockoff GPS loot
item has a description that reads a cheap copy of an el carro handheld
navigation device comes pre-loaded with a map of rook island wherever the hell
that is spoiler alert rook island is the setting
of Far Cry 3 number 76 another interesting loot item from Far
Cry 4 is them named Wahine a hula girl doll with her head resembling that of
bars the murderers weirdo from Far Cry 3 God is a little metatextual
orgy isn’t it number 77 in a cave located to the south of Varsha kata
known as Galan’s a jaw players can find two tables covered in dozens of gold
chalices accompanied by the skeletal remains of an unlucky soul clutching a
large gold chalice heavily implying his failure to pass the final test for those
in search of the supernaturally extended lifespan you know like the end of the
Last Crusade number 78 one of the rare loot items the players of Far Cry 4 can
find is a monkey’s paw the description of this creepy artifact states that it
grants the bearer three wishes and urgently tells the owner to discard it
this is a reference to the monkey’s paw a short horror story written by w WJ
cubes in 1902 but if you recognize that not from the book it’s also been in the
Simpsons so number 79 one of the weirder loot items we found in the game is the
photo of a dwarf – the items description reads photo of a naked dwarf
winter isn’t the only thing coming referencing the frequently stated slogan
of Game of Thrones and possibly suggesting if somehow stumbled on a
photograph of a naked Tyrion Lannister hubba-hubba number 81 interesting piece
of dialogue that can be heard from villagers when you save them for Bacon’s
forces is that clear could quickly that really got out of hand this is
almost an exact quote from the iconic comedy movie and command boy that
escalated quickly I mean that really got out of hand fast number 81 in another
moment pagan min wonders aloud whether or not he could improve his global image
with celebrity endorsements mentioning Dennis Rodman and David Beckham he also
mentioned how the dictator of Turkmenistan got JLo to sing him happy
birthday referring to the controversy that arose
when Jennifer Lopez agreed to perform at the birthday party of gubin Cooley
Berdimuhamedov the despotic leader of Turkmenistan widely considered to be the
most isolated state after North Korea Lopez later stated that she would not
have performed for him had she known about the country’s dreadful human
rights record Google JLo Google used Google number eighty to the radio in far
cry 4 is a source of never-ending amusement often making reference to real
world events and trends at one point you can hear the DJ Robby ray Rana talking
about twerking on radio freaka rats twerking everybody man this game really
had its finger on the pulse number 83 while talking about pagan mins heroin
filled planes rabbir a Rana mentions the names Walter White Tony Montana and Kim
Jong hoon most people alive all know Walter white as the main character from
Breaking Bad Tony Montana as our Pitino’s character in the iconic
gangster movie Scarface and Kim jong-un is donald trump’s on-again off-again
love interest number 84 at one point in the game you can hear rabbir a Ron and
mocking pagan mint regime with a line I’ll let you finish this is a reference
to Kanye West’s hilarious and extremely rude stage a mage and while Taylor Swift
accepting the award for Best Female Video at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards
shockingly The Living Goddess that is Jennifer Lawrence never get to mention
which is you know I mean it’s fine just seems odd not to talk about it number 85
in February of 2016 ubisoft unleashed Far Cry primal which is kind of like a
prequel to the Far Cry series when I say it’s kind of a prequel
I mean it’s at roughly 12,000 years before hence Far Cry primal the game
received fairly positive reviews Anubis off later stated had actually sold
better than expected becoming the best-selling game of February 2016 in
the United States number 86 as mentioned Far Cry primal is set in
prehistoric Europe around about 10,000 BC if I’m guessing
in an area known as ad and New River known in the game as autos in what is
now Central Europe I hear it’s lovely this time of year
12,000 years ago number 87 as you can imagine researching
for a game like Far Cry primal was much more difficult than most games since its
set at a time period we actually know very little about the brace toric era
came before the invention of writing systems so there’s obviously no
contemporary records of what life was like for ancient humans as such the team
behind Far Cry primal consulted with prehistory experts who provided the
information in science the artists needed to craft designs foretold weapons
and clothing number 88 setting the game in 10,000 BC also presented a challenge
when it came to language the creators of Far Cry primal toyed with the idea of
having characters speak in a primitive version of English in the game but
predictably this didn’t really fit in with the game settings as such the team
worked with language experts to craft 3 fiction languages based on the ancient
proto indo-european language the ancestor of most of the world’s most
common languages number 89 the setting of Far Cry primal is home to three
tribes the peaceful wenja of which the player character took car is a member
and hostile tribes of the jam and the is ela the udam are a group of
cannibalistic Neanderthals they sound nice whereas the asilah the only Homo
sapiens in the game are far more advanced with stronger and more
sophisticated technology only the winter and autumn use the word a Zilla which is
a simplified version of his he lacks the words of the easy legue to refer to
themselves his hill axe means the Masters so yeah
they’re snobs basically number 90 the Azula built bloody man stones are likely
an easter egg referring to Stonehenge both structures look incredibly alike
and fulfill the same purposes in the game the blushy man stones are used for
sacrificial purposes and even today Stonehenge is the location of various
rituals number 91 there’s a rock inside the cave known as the twister cave that
is emblazoned with a dye for example of prehistoric cave art known as parietal
art the image depicts a large deer like animals standing on a cliff face looking
up at a strange circular symbol that bears a striking resemblance to the
Ubisoft logo that’s right it’s another easter egg guys number 92
what are the most stupidly adorable characters you can encounter in Far Cry
primal is Turkey a prehistoric gentleman who’s fetching headband in
twisting accent and name although a striking similarity to those of her a
character in Far Cry 4 is later revealed that hurts family is indeed descended
from our key number 93 in your first mission with her key there’s also a
pretty conspicuous reference to Assassin’s Creed Okies desperate to
learn how to fly like a bird and ask you to collect a range of items including
bird feathers deer shoes will allow him to soar like an eagle when you bring him
the things he requests you watch him as he jumps off a cliff only to fall a
considerable distance down onto what a pile of hay of course mimicking the leap
of faith to signature move of the series you can even hear the famous leap of
faith Eagle call as he plummets to earth like the adorable little moron he is
number 94 there’s another Assassin’s Creed reference literally engraved in
the Far Cry primal world itself there’s an area in the southern part of the map
in which the Assassin’s Creed like oh it’s etched onto the cross into a forest
clearing the symbol is even viewable on the mini-map number 95 another amusing
Far Cry primal Easter Egg can be found in the lake of the southwest of the map
diving under water in this lake reveals a sunken wooden contraption that looks a
lot like the iconic cards used for the denizens of bedrock in the Flintstones
number 96 in the northeast section of arras near the big tower fort base there
is a cave behind a waterfall that contains the skeleton of a Blood Dragon
accompanied by several ex throwing in a vibrant neon purple this is a ref to the
aforementioned retro futuristic Far Cry 3 spin-off Far Cry 3 : Blood Dragon as
if the Easter Egg wasn’t obvious enough when you find the skeleton you agreed
you’d by the sound of some delightfully 80s synth and drums number 97 the Far
Cry franchise is soon to welcome the latest game in the series titled Far Cry
5 it’s due any minute now the game is set in the US this time in the state of
Montana in a fictional region known as Hope County marking it the first time a
Far Cry game has been set in North America
number 98 the story of Far Cry 5 centers around an American doomsday cult called
the project at Eden’s gate which is led by Joseph seed and his siblings succeed
after which is exposing the group’s nefarious activities is uploaded to
Internet as I say up north an arrest warrant is issued against the cult
leader Joseph seed sort of ridiculous name when government officials which
includes the player character known as the junior deputy arrives takes him into
custody the group reacts with surprise surprise violence and the player is
drawn into an armed conflict with the cult along
a number of Allied hub County residents number 99 far cry 5 is notable in that
it’s the very first game in the franchise to feature a fully
customizable protagonist players can also choose to make their character not
a white guy which is ridiculously still relatively uncommon in the gaming
industry it’s coming from a white guy I don’t worry anybody I think it might
be number 100 now far cry 5 will be the very first game in the franchise to
feature operational planes within the open-world previous games have had other
forms of aircraft such as the buzzer but those aren’t planes silly somewhat predictably far cry 5 has come
under fire for positioning its antagonist as radical Christian fanatics
prompting a number of groups to suggest that the game is anti-christian and
petraeus conservatives in a negative light
I mean maybe actually it’s just showing cults in a negative light cuz on the
whole that can’t be quite negative but hey we’re all on our own journeys man
that’s just chill and play video games together anyway that was 101 facts about
far cry I hope you enjoyed yourself and learned something don’t you let me know
in the comments down below also what do you want to see next time 101 also let
me know in the comments down below and tell you while you’re here watch one of
the videos on screen now I know you’re reading and love them because I picked
them especially for you that’s right you you’re always in my heart and mind
I love yet this going inappropriate now anyway I’m gonna go see you next time

THIS WAS A BAD IDEA | True Or False #4

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THIS WAS A BAD IDEA | True Or False #4

*HIGH FIVE* Top o’ the mornin to ya laddies My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to TRUE or FALSE! Now there’s a bit of a different scenario Going on with this one I’m not just going to play the game naturally Because I’ve done a lot of them and it’s kinda same-y after a while, so- To try and spice things up a bit, I was walking through the shop the other day and I found Some cool stuff- The first thing I found were some Santa clothes pegs Can you see them? They’re super cute… I have three little boxes of these, umm.. So every time I get something wrong In this, which seems to be very often, I’m going to stick pegs on my face Umm- and also I -I bought this thing Which is like a little keychain It’s supposed to be a- CAN YOU FUCKING FOCUS? There we go! It’s supposed to be a true or false machine But when you press it, it just- It blinks green or red and then picks one at random So it’s not actually a true or false machine so- If I ever come across any of the questions That I don’t know the answer to And I’m gonna guess, I’m gonna let this thing decide, so It’s gonna be fun So let’s get back into our campaign We’re on question 69 “Lake Baikal in Russia is the deepest lake in the world” Off to a great start beacause I have no idea what the deepest lake in the world is Although the Marina trench is like the deepest point in the world In the ocean, right? …True. Yeaah! True indeed! Aah, I’m not getting any fucking clothes pegs on my face Even though the amount of questions I get wrong, It’s only gonna be like five clothes pegs -for the length of the video, but we might have a little fun at the end “Bears will not attack you if they can’t see your eyes-” That’s false. Correct! That’s false! Why would bears only attack you if they saw your eyes? – You fucking looking at me?! You lo AUEHHHHHH! BEAR ATTACK! “There is a town in Norway called Hell, and it freezes over almost every winter” YEAHH! I knew that one. THANK YOU Reddit for teaching me all my useless knowledge *laughs* DUDE I’m doing great this time! Shit. I- I- I realize as well Everytime I say that I jinx myself and then I get them all wrong after that. “The last king of Greece, Constantine the Second, won Greece’s first Olympic gold medal since 1912… … in the 1960 Summer Olympics” See- This is WAY too detailed to be false Th- There was way too much information in that one question- – or in that one true or false statement- – to be wrong “Arctic reindeers’ eyes…” “… change color through the seasons, shifting from gold to blue” I would LOVE for that to be true But Imma go with fa- er… no. Let’s use the machine!! Let’s use the lil thing here so- -can you see the red and the green? Let’s fuckin do this Okay, so I have to go- Da-duh-da-da! I have to go with green (To machine) You were right! How did you get that right? You’re just a piece of fuckin random… Generation Awesome! Dude, I am doing amazing this time Here’s me sayin I’ll do the fuckin clothes peg thing and then I’m not getting anything wrong “An episode of Peppa Pig-” *hehe* I love Peppa Pig, it’s so… – So bad, but so good! Her and her little- *snorts* *laughs* “An episode of Peppa Pig was banned in Australia because…” “… it taught children that spiders…” “… were not to be feared” True. *Hehehe* ‘Cause Australia… … have spiders that even if they LOOK at you, will kill you They will POISON you, with their EYES Australia’s a scary-ass place “Crevice and crevasse are not the same thing” Shit. Aaagh, see- And now I’m trying to like- I’m trying to explain what a crevice is, like- – like a dip or a hole or a- an opening kinda thing? Emm… Crevice or creva- I would have said that they were the same thing Is it a different way of saying the same thi- false SHIT! DAMMIT! FUCK! Okay. First peg of the day! These are tiny, tiny pegs though So I don’t really know… … where these are gonna stick- let’s stick one on my nose Oh that’s good Oh and because they’re tiny they hurt like a bitch- OW that was worse! AAH OW! These really hurt ’cause they’re so fuckin small! Oh-kay, fine! *clap clap* *thumps chest* GO WITH THE PAIN! “A Catholic bishop described the birth of the Universe in an explosion…” “… 7 centuries before the Big Bang theory” … described the birth of the universe in an explosion 7 centuries- – 700 years before the big bang… … he said that the universe was created Good for him! It’s- wrong- ’cause science kind of dictates that… “Nails grow faster in summer” What- why would they? Vitamin D… Calcium… Bones… Nail growth. Yes. Apparently your nails grow faster in the summer! O-kay! “Fallout is best known for being the first video game with background music” Oh god Uhh… T- The original fallout games, not fallout 3 and 4 Emm… Th- They were like before my time, I never actually played- True. That’s false?! But- *indecipherable exasperated stuttering* Why did I think that was true? THINK before you fuckin click these things, Jack! There was plenty of games… … before that that had background music I assume. Um… aGH! JESus! FUCK no! It was supposed to go over all my lip and then it slipped! Em… Heh, lip slip, I got a lip slip Um, right here Oh das a good one *laughs* Okay! *sings* Tis the season to be stupid! Fa-la-la-la-la la-la la la *blubblublble* Heh “Bob Ross painted 3 copies of every piece of work on his show” Could that be true? I mean we only saw him paint one, but he- – would he really paint three?” … false. That’s true! He used to paint three of them! Holy shit! Bob Ross, you’re even better than I thought you were Rest in peace, of course Em, right, where are we goin next… Other nostril Oh sweet Jesus… Ow. This one is really startin to hurt, my lip has gone numb ‘Cause big pegs don’t have such tight little springs! “An ancient Roman lighthouse still stands in England at Dover Castle” I dunno. You said green! Why do you have like a fail sound? Green! This thing is amazing!! Maybe it’s… Maybe it’s logging on! Maybe it knows that I’m playing the game and it’s doing a whole buncha shit That, or it’s just stupid *coughs* – and I’m gettin lucky ‘Cause it is a 50/50 chance “Green eye color is the rarest color around the world-” – True. Yeaah! Blue is pretty up there as well, but green- Brown, I think is the most common one because it’s a dominant, uh, gene … and blue and green are recessive. So if you have those it’s considered rare. “A woman sued a hospital…” “… claiming a CAT scan made her lose her psychic powers” That is fuckin dumb enough to be true O-kay. These really fuckin’ hurt, man Ugh! Jesus Christ! I normally have a pretty good tolerance for pain, but holy fuck- “Alaska had two Fridays in succession…” “… the only place to have ever done so” Why? How? … True?? Really? I got a- an achievement unlocked: Alaska I unlocked Alaska. Hooray! It’s a glorious day! Callooh callay “If you have no debts and $10 in your pocket…” “… you have more wealth than 25% of Americans” That would be a fuckin’ STAGGERING figure if that’s true If you have $10 in your pocket and no debt… You have 20- you have more wealth than 25% of Americans Please tell me that’s… … Please tell me this is wrong What the fuck? (ikr) *exasperated* How- 25% of Americans Wha- what kind of number is that in population? (64 million) That’s insane! “Yuri Gagarin said ‘I see no god up here’ when he entered space” Yes. Really? I thought I remembered reading that somewhere Ah… FUCK it anyway Right, where are we stickin’ the next one? Will you stay on an eyebrow if I- if I put you up there? Probably not… EGH OW! JESus Christ! Kay, go for- go for the bigger… … fatty deposits… Oh das a good one Oh that’s good. This one doesn’t hurt as much Em… And I did have my eyebrow pierced before On this side, though… I used to have my eyebrow pierced here Not on this side Can you still understand me? I highly doubt it This is a good look for me *hehehe* “When Michael Bay was a kid…” “… He used to put firecrackers on his toy trains and film the results” How else would he fuckin’ turn into the explosion master that he is? “4.8% of the average human body is made of aluminium” I dunno. That and I just wanna use this again NO! It says no, Mr. Raccoon!! This fuckin’ thing is amazing!! Holy shit! “The man who created the modern American Flag…” “… Did so for a high school project and received a B- for it” What? I don’t… … know *laughs* I’m just goin’ with this thing again NO! IT SAYS NO! (to machine) You piece of fuckin- *throws* SHIT! Jesus Christ! You’re bouncier than I thought you’d be! Holy fuck! O-kay! We’re puttin’ another clip on! Another eyebrow! Here we go! *sings* This is good, this is good *continues singing* This is good and good and good *more singing* I love good, good good good Good good good good go- I’m goin’ fuckin’ crazy, I’m goin’ delusional I’m goin’ BATSHIT INSANE “The assassin order in the Assassin’s Creed video game series…” “… Is based on a real order of assassins” True! OAGH The assass-iiino Umm… “The Queen herself doesn’t need a passport, since all British passports are issued in her name” True! Agh! Fuckin’ speed round is happening right now! “There was never been a single recorded event in where an ostrich has buried its head in the sound when thre-” TRUE! HAHA! I DO GREAT when I don’t fuckin’ think about them “California is clearly visible from Russia” False! HA! How the fuck would you see California from Russia? Ablahblahbl- this fuckin’ feels weird I- I can’t even feel these anymore This one I sfill feel, these not so much These are locked in tight, man *hehe* “Bicycles have no speed limits in the UK, but you can get charged with ‘cycling furiously'” That sounds silly enough to be a law. Yes! ‘Course it fuckin’ is “There is a rare sleeping disorder that causes people to…” “… sleep for weeks at a time, walking only to eat” That also sounds silly enough to be true! See you’re kinda catching yourself out with these questions Well, actually, I should answer that first Really? You sleep for weeks at a time? And sleepwalk to eat? Jesus. Sounds like a fuckin’ human cat “Aerosmith made more money on ‘Guitar Hero’ than any albums” I dunno how true that would be Aerosmith… … pretty damn popular They’ve had some really fuckin’ hum-dingers, hum-bangers Uhh… … True? Really? R- Fuckin- That’s awesome! Video games, man! We’re doin’ great stuff over here! God. Am I goin’ blind? I feel like I might be. “The Legend of Hercules was invented by an ancien- by the ancient Sumerians” HA! DUDE! I’ve gotten like the last seven right! Or six, I can’t remember “There’s…” “There’s the only person in medical history…” “… To have classified as a dwarf and a giant during his lifetime” I wanna say yeah! I wanna say that somebody out there was classified as… … a dwarf and a giant at the same time, ’cause that’s awesome That’s a success story right there That’s inspiration for all of us IT’S TRUE! It’s true! Everyone go out there and spread the message of dwarfy giant! Who was that? I wanna know now “Body heat dissipates mainly through the head” Huh. That is where a lot of activity happens… Hmmm… I dunno if that’s where all your… … or your main source of dissipation would happen… Hmmm… Hmmm… I woulda thought through like your core? AAGH! I fuckin’ shoulda gone with my instinct! It doesn’t even tell me what the right answer is then! I just thought ’cause a lotta brain activity goes on, so maybe… I dunno. I d- I fuckin- I- I even said it myself, “I don’t think that that’s where it would come from, it would come from your core” … or somewhere else and I still clicked true God damn “US and UK overthrow…: “… First Iranian democratic government” I don’t even know what your fuckin’ question says- The US and the UK overthrew the first Iranian- I dunno OH! I didn’t put a peg on for the other one! I got it wrong! I should- I’m not even fuckin’- – payin’ attention to my own rules Oh, god, that one twisted Oh, can you see that? OOW! Holy fuck! Last question! *with patriotism* “The Hill of Tara in Ireland contained the Ark of the Covenant…” “… and the Irish were a part of the Lost Tribes of Israel” I should know this I’m a fuckin’ terrible Irishman I’m a terrible Irishman I do- Oh ow oW OW Well that does it for this episode of True or False! I look like a fuckin’ idiot right now, this was a bad idea But it was also fun at the same time *hehe* Hopefully it was at least entertaining to watch! I’m gonna go take these off my face… and soak my head in a big bath of cold water Ugh, anyway THANK you guys so much for watching this episode, if you liked it… PUNCH that like button IN the face… LIKE A BOSS AND… High fives all around *wpshh* *wpshh* THANk you guys and I will see all you dudes… IN THE NEXT VIDEO! *outro music* I feel like I talk like Richard Nixon *noises* *hehe*

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone – [PV] “Black★Rock Shooter” (Romaji/English Subs)

Black Rock Shooter, where did you go? Can you hear me? How much more do I have to shout? How much more do I have to cry? Stop it, I can’t run anymore The world once dreamt closes In pitch-black darkness with no light, road that is about to collapse That day’s hope… which couldn’t be here though I thought I saw it Yes Black Rock Shooter, that gentle smell It hurt, it’s hard, swallowing down those words Black Rock Shooter, please move my feet! Exceed the world I knew it from the beginning that you’d be here Every courage inside me Is lighting the fire I won’t run away now Black Rock Shooter, I am not alone Crying out in a voice is all right Black Rock Shooter will be there to watch It’s starting from now my story If I ever start to forget, this song, I will sing

THIS MISSION IS AWESOME! Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mission 5 “CLEAN HOUSE”

Hello everyone, it’s early in the morning and I really felt like playing this game. The first four missions have been awesome, so I expect the same quality. Yeah, Call of Duty 2019 campaign is really good so far. Look at the atmosphere, like this is really well captured, say what you want about Call of Duty games, but the campaign is always good. So it looks like it’s gonna be some kind of stealth mission right now. F? Sipping on my coffee. Oh shit. WOWOWOWOWOW Oh, so she is quiet, she knows. Alright. SSSS I wanted to go slowly he just rammed the door, maybe because I was sprinting? Okay, my bad. I mean, secured so… Okay, so that’s another team. What the hell is going on upstairs? N? Oh shit.. This is great. Yeah, I saw in the trailers that the night vision looks awesome. I mean, look at this. Someone shooting? We got them. UHHH! What are you doing? Dude, bitches, I swear… Oh shit. Hiding in the bathroom, huh? Okay, nice. Ram the door! So now we go to the second floor, I see what’s the catch, I see what’s going on. Let’s go. And yeah, this is “Realism” difficulty, I mean, you can see that I don’t have a “HUD” on. Madafaka What’s that 100%? My night vision status? I don’t think it can go down, right? I hear a lot of steps. Is he dead? Alright. FUCK! I am. One tap. One tap. Three tap. Is this clear? Okay, he said it. Wait, he’s- I’m fucking killing you I don’t care. Nice. Is he dead? It seems like he’s making some sounds maybe he isn’t dead. Fucking child is crying. STFU! We’re about to ruin your party. What?- Okay, she isn’t going for a gun, that’s good. STFU, I’m gonna pop him, yo. STFU, I’m gonna- Okay, whatever. EEEEEEEEEEE I saw someone. Hiding under the bed that’s smart. Whoa, I got scared for a second. Those bullets… Nice. I’m- I swear to god I’m gonna murder him. Breach and clear motherfucker. Oh? You got it? Okay. Okay, coffee is done. Try to take them alive? Okay, what do we have. Get down bitch, I swear I murder, I don’t care if you’re a woman I’ll pull the trigger, yo. Stop bitch- Fuck off you fucking woman why could- What’s this? I don’t fucking have coffee anymore. You bitch. Who’s the Wolf? Like, the leader? Okay, so that was the mission 5, see you in the mission 6 it’s starting right now, see you there!

“Ghost Rule”
Artist: DECO*27 Having lied about the most inconsequential of things, I’m unable to go back No statute of limitations for my crime, robbed of forgiveness for that thievery of mine Things don’t look any better today, unable to keep up this deception the way I’d hoped Slowly lapsing in depravity, I hardly realize what has already become rotten Come here, stay “I hid it away” “Mayday!” Even if you realize it’s me, you don’t need to hold me in your arms again “Mayday!” If you realize it’s me, will you kindly laugh at me once more? I know I’m nothing but a ghost An empty shell built of lies Hey… Though I’m sure that “NO” is what I try to say, strangely it comes out as “YES” The bad thing about regret is that you start to realize that if you can fool someone completely, then you’re “innocent” Choosing to act cowardly, unfairly? No big deal, a prayer or two can take care of that That affected talkativeness of mine, just digging my own grave, burning myself out That sense of guilt, beholding like this for how long? It’s all going gray… Even if it’s just me acting like the victim… “Mayday!” Feel free to berate me, if honesty seems like such a wonderful thing “Mayday!” Bring down the gavel and seal my fate, I who’ve chosen to act spoiled to the end I’m just a wandering spirit, dead and gone A blank void, empty as can be Hey… Wishing for what I lacked, I came face to face with a version of “me” that was nothing like myself And yet I kept going, even through the dark night that made my head swim Love me! I who lack so much. I was raised by that selfish egotism of mine after all Can you really see me? This lonely, poisoned clown… “Mayday!” Even if you realize it’s me, you don’t need to hold me in your arms again “Mayday!” If you realize it’s me, will you kindly laugh at me once more? “Mayday!” Feel free to berate me, if honesty seems like such a wonderful thing “Mayday!” Bring down the gavel and seal my fate, I who’ve chosen to act spoiled to the end “Mayday!” Expose me for what I really am, for this world is about to meet its end “Mayday!” Dance with me! Did you actually realize “I” was never truly here to begin with? I know I’m nothing but a ghost An empty shell built of lies I’m just a wandering spirit, dead and gone A blank void, empty as can be Having lied about the most inconsequential of things, I’m unable to go back No statute of limitations for my crime, robbed of forgiveness for that thievery of mine

I love my pets, but believe me, they can be
a REAL menace sometimes. They always WANT something. Oh, Gus! Don’t be so impatient. Alright, fine, we’ll play the drums! You’re a grumpy little fella, aren’t you? Are you having fun? All right – we need to stop now! Someone’s calling me. That’s Sugar! She must be hungry again. Here’s your little treat. Ah, Sugar… You want more? Uh, sorry I think Flip needs me. What is it, Flip? You want me to color in a picture with you? Alright… Luckily we got a couple of new picutres. A hairdesser? No? A helicopter. Okay. Here we go! Flip is such a perfectionist I have to
be precise or he isn’t going to like the picture. What is it Dot? Can’t you see I’m busy. Wait until I finish! OK Dot, can’t you play games yourself? Fine, here’s your jetpack! I’ll watch you fly. Let ‘s just take a break. Oh no! Be careful! Man I am really tired and I need a bath. Looks like Squeak is the only one who understands
that. Well Squeak, I guess you deserved it! Enjoy! Have fun with your pets and don’t forget
to fulfill their wishes! Download My Talking Tom 2 and Play!

Red Ball in real life 3D (All episodes)

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Red Ball in real life 3D (All episodes)

give me no I just took a game. oh, there is nothing. where is the red ball? the ball we need to return it to the game let’s follow him. He’s here. where did he go? he’s there. it gets bigger from the rain Where is he, Gleb? The Ball Wow, how big has he become? He became gigantic. that’s all he swam away we lost him go home. 3 years later … what are you playing Red Ball 4 but he is not in the game only squares Gleb, what did you forget? The red ball fled the game I remember something Let’s go play on the playground. Gleb, you did not turn off the tablet? no it seems we must to return it to the game too! I’m tired squary where are you? I think I lost him it seems he is elsewhere there are a lot of them Gleb we need help Oh, Red Ball The Red Ball defeated all the squares.


before we dive into the video remember
to Like comment and subscribe because it will help my channel a lot
and I’ll appreciate you guys a lot for doing so welcome back to my channel and
today we are going to be talking about a new predicted event and this is totally
Lola’s ideas this video is credited towards Lola and she gave me permission
to make it so be sure to follow her instagram lola underscore love nicky
because she’s amazing at what she does and if you always want to be updated
with what possible future events that we’re going to have on our server then
it’s a great idea to follow her without further ado let’s start basically she
tagged me in this post and i’m like okay what the heck what why why are you
taking in this TL DR she noticed that for the first photo that we see in her
recharge you can see that this circled part this is what we need to be
interested in it’s because a lot of times love nicky developers like to hint
at future events by putting in stuff from future hell events like hints into
current event it so that we can have fun with it somehow i don’t know how Lola
noticed that this background was different from the original backgrounds
for a night of light apparently it got put onto this
background so as you can see the tree over here matches a tree over here and
this event background is from this event and this is a hell event actually I have
no words to say because this is not a cheap element as you can see this is the
exact tree from this tree and these three trees are together so whenever
things happen like that it’s typically a hint to show that hey this will be
coming in the very near future this was the original background for it
for some reason she was able to see the tree and it wasn’t even in the
promotional picture it was in the loading screen for our games you can see
like the backgrounds of over here she actually explains why only on the
homepage screen do we see the trees and it’s because you don’t look at the ads
on the home screen that’s me you got me I don’t look at them I just click a
click click and then it’s a very smart way to put a hint in this event also
comes with this recharge I remember it being a hundred dollars I’m just going
to throw up some HD photos on the last image is $100 and we will most
likely get this house recharged so maybe it would be lucky big but yeah this is
this is what she got and this is going to be an expensive hell event it’s not
like as expensive are the other ones which are like twenty thousand but still
ten thousand diamonds for just like all the main suits that’s a crazy girl her
and chica so chica over here love Nicki chica they found something else and it
was this one so if you looked at the dream defender here honestly I didn’t
know what to look at and who she circled it and then here you can see that this
is the same background and guess what this suit is part of the ten thousand
diamond pehlivan so Yanks guys it seems like it’s pretty legit all the hints are
adding up so I wanted to take a deeper dive into this event and I found a
reddit post that showcased all the HD pictures and the promotional video for
the tell event so this is credited to the god essa she is also part of the
squirtle squad if you guys didn’t know and this is a promotional video for the
hell event honestly I love promotional videos for the hell events because not
only do they have beautiful music they also getting you really hyped up for the
hello man you know I guess it’s because the suits are ten times better
usually under like more grand you can see that this was a suit that was shown
for the dream defender one I really like it I don’t know how it is in terms of
versatility this is also another suit in the hell event I think there’s four
suits in total in this very looking one is really cute she’s the one I want the
most actually and last but not least we have this one so I’m actually not a
really big fan of it it just kind of reminds me of every single kitsune suits
that we had but I’m really really looking forward to the purple suit and
as for the HD photos here they are so this is the ferry one that I really want
I just call it the ferry one but apparently it’s translated to stream of
light and I think all of them comes with makeup I love her makeup because there
is some purple there’s some pink in her eyes and her eyes are closed and it
looks really different from every other clothes I’d makeup we’ve had I love the
little butterflies on her face I hope they’re separate I’m pretty sure it’s
not at a tube rather it’s part of the actual makeup itself I can see that
literally every part of her outfit it’s so intricately drawn I can literally see
the different fabrics that she has on her and then the beautiful butterflies
so she’s so something like I love the aesthetics I cannot wait to get her
because the background is also beautiful but I really really want her hair and
the little purple sparkles that are all over her as for the second suit this one
is translated to mountains and rivers and the background is actually really
cool I really like the background piece because it’s like a holographic image
not really but it’s kind of like a holographic image of some mountains in
the back the background itself looks like a crazy war-torn place I really
don’t know how I feel about her it’s probably the eyebrows if I could have
hair with things I could cover her fake ass eyebrows I would do that but
otherwise it kind of reminds you of the thirst cream outfit I’m just really
surprised that all four of the suits are actually posed and that looks phenomenal
despite not really liking the suit I can definitely appreciate how cool it is and
of course a lot of you guys would like it as well I’m also not really a big fan
of any plastic type of suits I don’t know how I feel about her hair her
makeup is pretty fun because she looks very slow i sly I like how she has a
pose worth she’s basically stabbing really is she’s stabbing it looks like
she’s stabbing the girl in the mirror but regardless I like the contrast and I
do like the concept of it it kind of reminds me of mirror tales mostly
because it has a mirror but that’s it otherwise it just looks like any other
pigeon suit that has red on it it actually kind of reminds me of blood
back in mainly because of her style and the color of her clothes
it’s just black and red but honestly anything that’s black and red would
remind me of her I guess it’s because they have similar themes and as for this
one this kind of reminds me of the W fsm the flower one so this one over here it
just looks like she decided to swap over to another hell event and then decide to
sit on a on a cup filled with roses rather than a bed filled with roses but
this time she decided to get hair dyed to change her hair red and then stuff
holding a rose she’s holding an apple regardless I really like the sultry look
I find that it’s really cool how she has a tattoo I’m assuming it’s a tattoo on
her like that’s a sneak around apple and then her actual shoes itself like
do I ever compliment shoes but I think that these shoes are actually great
because you can see that there’s so much detail into it given that the straps are
snakes and it just fits with the whole theme I also like how she’s spilling
wine like she doesn’t care overall I think that this is a really cool concept
in terms of versatility I’m not so sure because I feel like I have a lot of
these items already like I feel like I had the fluffy coat the red hair the
white dress and the white shoes but otherwise I think that this is really
cool I definitely love it and I also love how she’s a vampire theme like if
you look closer onto her face you can see that she has slipped cute full she
has a little snaggletooth worth vampire teeth I guess and then her snake
aesthetic still goes all the way up you can see it around her fingers and you
can see it around her ears so I feel that her whole concept is very cool so
I’m not going to show you the rest of the minor suits because they’re just
whatever but yeah this is what Lola actually found out and with the help of
chica it’s like more confirmation that these suits will be coming in the near
future so if you are planning to spend your diamonds on the current event right
now feel free to do so if you really love it because these will not return
like this should be a one-time event only and even if it does return I’m not
so certain that these two suits will instead it just might come back as the
spring and the summer version of these paintings but for this tell events
usually elephants do return I don’t know it’s just up to you if you want to save
up for the hull events because you find that these suits are more enticing then
maybe you should start now because it’s going to be very soon that we’re going
to be getting a hell event like this so I would like to finish this video off
with a huge thank you to Lola she always has me updated and she has the best
things ever like she was the one who predicted this hell event remember
remember she predicted ghosts gathering and it literally came a few weeks later
or like a few days later I’m scared because I’m not ready as you can see I
only have 6,000 diamonds so if anything I can only do a few of the suits but I
am excited as well because these suits look fantastic so if you have any other
questions or if you have any other theories feel free to comment below and
remember to Like comment and subscribe to follow lola on Instagram if you like
our content so thank you guys for watching and I’ll catch you all later