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360 Tour: William Forsythe’s “The Fact of Matter” | ICA/Boston

Well this is Fact of Matter and Fact of
Matter is something that you could look at and watch other people decide to go
into it, or you could decide yourself to actually go into the Fact of Matter. The Fact of Matter was designed to give you a sort of unadorned sense of three things,
which was your weight and your coordination and your strength. And it
looks pretty benign, it looks pretty simple: a bunch of rings hanging, how hard could it actually be? Well in fact once you put yourself into this, let’s call it
a system, you will discover that these three qualities – your strength, your
weight, and your coordination – are not as unified as you’d like them to probably
be in this situation. On the other hand you can watch other people do it and
think about their strategies. I think it’s interesting to to look at it and a
bit like encouraging people at a sports event, going like “no no you should put
your foot there,” “you should put your hand there,” and consider their choices. For the people inside Fact of Matter, you’ll discover that it really is a strategic
project. You’re going to have to develop a strategy and there won’t be really
much, let’s say processing space, in your head for other things, like your tax
returns or what to eat for dinner, because it’s going to take a lot of
concentration. Maybe that’s the advantage of it, that it focuses you on one
thing very very intensely.

✔ Minecraft: 5 Scary Facts

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✔ Minecraft: 5 Scary Facts

Scary Facts About Minecraft… Let’s begin. This is the Vindicator, an upcoming mob. He is very, very evil. This mob wields and axe and will sprint to reach its poor victims The Vindicator will attack players and villagers, but are normally passive towards other mobs. However, there’s something weird about the Vindicator… his name is Johnny ! I will change its behavior to hostile and attack anything. Name it “Johnny”. When renamed to John Cena , the John Cena theme will play! O Wow See? In the horror movie, the woman is getting chased by a man with an axe. She had locked herself in the bathroom and was hiding up behind the bathroom door. He smashes the door and pushes his head through. He then says the most famous said quote: “HEEERE’S JOHNNY!” its a meme… This is very iconic. It has to be “John Cena” to work. it was a bad update This introduced 4 things. Like dying torches, hey look undertale music! So good (now i can strike!) That meant you would never see… me coming! Lights out grooga(gamingwithgreg) why did you turn out the lights Evil mobs would eventually spawn everywhere, including your base. They had stopped it offically though. (aww man!) This was called Disc 11 (Or, to make it more dramatic, 3RR0R: UNKN0WN D1SK).(i made that!) It features a very creepy soundtrack of someone who is scared of ME! Running is heard followed by the sound of a monster, and then the recording ends.. While listening to this soundtrack is creepy, it”s even creepier to look at This can be done by making a spectrometer, a visual representative of all the sounds. Doing this shows what looks like a face and the numbers 12418. This here, is my face. One theory states that the numbers on screen is the autograph of C418. 12 is hexadecimal for ‘C’ and the numbers therefore say C418.. This is Cave Sound 14 Most players also find cave sounds a bit spooky. 3RR0R c4n n0t f1nd capt10n5 50rry This is cave sound 14, which you’re listening to right now. Im SUPER SPOOKED This sound introduces a Creeper face.SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS These are Ghasts, if you don’t know what they are. CUZ UR 4 N008 The sounds have a not-so-creepy source. Guess who it comes from? That’s right, it’s Jeb’s cat! mrow :3 These are the sounds it makes when disturbed while sleeping. (how disturbing!) Obviously, the sounds have been distorted quite a bit :] (oh) These are Endermen, who are also known as Minecraft Slender man. (I knew they looked familiar!) The Slenderman… My NationStates name is Pyro Lazy Town #wearenumberone The Slenderman appeared in several video games, often having the ability to teleport. (and to do a even M0RE distortorted golden freddy scream) In the most popular of these video games, looking at him would make him murder you.. So, because of this, their names resulted into Endermen. O: That”s it for this video I hope you enjoyed it! Notice me Senpai (yandare sim reference?) I’ll probably be making lots of videos with spooky themes soon, just to warn you :] (well i guess this is goodbye D:) If you have ideas for videos with a spooky theme, leave them in the comments, I’ll be stalking you! :] Don’t worry it’s just a joke. Or is it 0-0 (i am!) (plz dont leave i have no friends) Watch one of my other amazing videos! (yeah!)

What is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? | ConTECHtual | NowThis

Oh my God, why am I scared right now? This is not supposed to be scary. Welcome to ConTechtual, where we show you the history, and future,
of all the tech you’re coveting or using right now. Are you sick of this reality? Oh God yes. So am I. And because of that we’re going to be talking about virtual and augmented reality. Virtual realities take place on a screen in a digital world, and augmented realities are projected
on the real world in front of you, usually through your screen— pretty much on your smart phone. They both go back way longer than you’d think too. For example, In 1835 we got the
stereoscope—the coolest VR of the 19th century— they were essentially goggles you wore on
your face, with lenses and duplicate images to transport the wearer to another location, or at least it convinced people of the 1800s
that they were transported to another location, but they also believed in witches— what are you doing? I’m transporting. That’s not how this works—It’s not any goggles— there’s stickers, those are stickers on the goggles. That’s what you think. Okay. Sure. In 1929, people built this thing that passed for a flight simulator. And in 1962, a filmmaker named Morton Heilig patented the Sensorama Simulator. A crazy arcade cabinet with a 3-D screen that took up your entire field of vision. It had vents for wind and
smell and a vibrating seat. Mmm! The games included “A Date with Sabina,” Hence the vibrating seat. You can’t have a date with Sabina without a vibrating seat. And weirdly enough something called “I’m A Coca Cola Bottle!” Also, for the vibrating seat? Probably to simulate carbonation. Oh. Myron Krueger brought some of the
first Augmented Reality with Videoplace, a crazy art project that used holograms, projections, cameras, and other technology to put users
in a space where they could interact with the art, including interacting with some of the other users from another room via hologram. That’s pretty impressive for the time— Which brings us to modern VR, We went to VR World to play around a bit. VR World is a center for virtual reality,
augmented reality, and mixed reality. Our mission is to make it more accessible— is to make it more accessible in
general to the mainstream audience. It’s more than gaming— Yeah, totally. I mean, the gaming community—
of course they’re going to love VR, right? It’s like gaming on steroids. But we wanted to do something that was beneficial for everyone. And also showcase the storytelling
power that this medium has. Oh! Sh*t! I’m sorry. Dain, I got your six. What the— oh, oh God! [Screaming] This is not supposed to be scary. Oh no, oh no—okay it’s just floor, it’s just floor, guys. Woooh! That— I’m done. You really feel like you’re not on the ground! [Shaken] But VR tech can go beyond just making Dain scream like a teensy, tiny, little baby man. Alright. So we’re talking to Dr. Justin Barad via robot. He’s a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who
used his interest in video game development to co-found Osso VR, a virtual reality training software for surgeons. What is Osso? It’s a surgical training platform that you
can use anytime and anywhere that allows you to practice a procedure
before you operate on a patient— which is kind of a novel concept. So what makes VR such a crucial tool for the medical field? Students basically that were trained with VR operated at twice the performance level of non VR trained students, which is a larger effect than we thought. The last question is: what is your vision? How do you see the future of the medical field changing
as more and more people start using this tech? If you’ve ever traveled around the world in like medical missions or doctors without borders, you’ll see that a lot of times these regions
have very, very intelligent, capable people. But they don’t have the training infrastructure and resources that we do here. So this is an incredible option that allows you to roll out you know, cutting edge surgical training in a global way. Really on the verge of an interesting kind of revolution in how we— how you know, you basically go and see someone and eventually get surgery and recover afterwards— and the whole process is going to be much more exciting streamline, safer, and effective. And of course, we still don’t know
if our own reality is some kind of virtual one put up for us by robots like in that movie The Matrix. Which would make all of existence completely meaningless. But we’ll see you next week! Where we’ll dive into 3-D printing.


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Earlier this week, I was asked if I wanted to travel up to London to try out Minecraft Earth for the first time
with the Head of Development of Minecraft Earth. That was a bit of a no-brainer for me.
Of course I was gonna say yes. So I grabbed my friend Josh,
who’s pretty handy with a camera, (I’ll put a link to his Instagram down in the description) and we tried our best to film the entire experience, because… …I hadn’t played Minecraft Earth at all.
I hadn’t touched it yet. All the people who went to the Creator Summit this year,
They had had some small hands-on experience, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it
to that event, so I had missed out on that. The only experience I had of Minecraft Earth
was the same as everyone else’s, where I’d seen it played at demos,
by other people at large events and things. So I was extremely excited, to actually have it in my hands and
see what it’s like in first person, because from what I’d seen,
it looked INCREDIBLY impressive. Despite getting lost multiple times
(All entirely my fault), We managed to make it to the
meeting location three hours early (Because once again, entirely my faults) I thought the meeting time was a lot earlier
than it actually was. (Yeah, I wasn’t… wasn’t doing that well that day) So I thought we’d take advantage of this by actually getting some hands-on experience with the game a little bit sooner I had the beta loaded up onto my phone So I opened it up and I thought it’d be a good opportunity to gather some resources around the park The basic premise is really quite simple and it’s very similar to Minecraft as a game You have to go out exploring in your local area Gathering up resources that all end up in your inventory and then you can take those resources home and use them in your build plate now to explain what a build plate is it’s essentially an area in which you are able To build the things that you’ve gathered so you can place it down in your house You can place it down in your car You can place it down wherever there in the middle of the street and then you can start constructing things that other players are then able to see it’s actually really quite exciting and the thing that surprised me the most is how Familiar all of it feels it’s as if they’ve literally transferred minecraft from inside a computer into real life your brain switches Almost instantly once you’ve placed down that build plate you then think of it It’s actually being in the real world to the point where people were looking past as they were walking up It kept going through my head. I hope they don’t step on my belt But even thinking that it wasn’t in real life, it was just on my phone By this point, we’ve killed enough time in the park to actually start making our way to the meeting So we met up with Grian got in contact with Sachs And we started working some things out the hotel room where the demonstration was taking place was awesome it had amazing views all the way out across London and Sachs essentially just came in explained to us how minecraft Earth was developed their mentality behind developing it and then gave us a brief explanation of how the Demonstration worked and then kind of left us to it to discover things for ourselves It’s so strange being able to I can see through the build. I’m looking past parrots wait hang on. I heard you punching a villager I can see you’ve got a sword out instantly. You’ve only just gotten into the world All right, well I’m gonna work on these parrots, so if I if I go up here I can actually free Yeah, no, see you get the glass back Oh, there’s a there’s a basement, thanks, man. I can’t actually go down there again If a brute force our way in oh I see. Oh, it’s an abandoned mineshaft This is the weirdest kind of like At this point I hope you can see what I mean When I say that It’s fairly surreal and it doesn’t take your brain very long To think of that object as actually being part of the room There’s a little bed in there. I can see you find people in through the window as well. Helpful. I Wonder if the register the redstone lamps I’m guessing do they work? You can see a redstone lamp. It’s kind of it was around. It’s around here. Oh, there’s a pressure plate. Oh I’m still on the pressure plate The redstone lamp is on Yeah That’s so cool now what you see us playing in here is called tabletop mode This keeps the build really nice and small and it actually makes it easier to construct the build Because you can get access to all sorts of areas. You can kind of hover around it it’s really really simple, but there is a button that you can click that will take the build out from the table and construct it in life-size in your room and That’s where things begin to get really really strange. This build looks cool. You know what? I’ve got an idea This is it I got rid of the bushes for you I Do that meme where it’s like this is fine. I just need like a mocha. I’m just like (Mumbo laughing uncontrollably) Everything is fine. Oh, wow, you can look up that you can see the whole world burning around you You can see the whole world. Oh, yeah. No. No, it’s still it’s still very burnt. It’s still very bad Yeah, we’re going back full-scale Isis is the best animation ever, isn’t it it coming out and just being like But just like the real Minecraft game is not all sunshine and rainbows There is also some hostility involved and that’s where the adventures come in now We were able to activate this manually because we’re doing the demonstration But I believe that when the actual full version releases these things will activate in hot spot areas So players can get together to try and defeat the things that are attacking you and also gather up lots of loot However, don’t hold me to that because as you know, yeah I’m not particularly good at remembering important information. Anyway, it was a lot of fun I’ll do the honors. And now we have spiders behind us Do yours have eyes? No mine don’t have eyes (Laugh) I’m charging in *Explosion* That happened underneath my feet! This is the strangest thing, this is just in a room. Yeah. I know you have to like kind of look around (Laughter across the room) Dying for the cause. Yeah, creepers on the table! Now they’re much cuter and much more manageable So the demonstration in the hotel room completely blew me away to be frankly be honest with you I didn’t know what to expect but I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as that, however The weather was lovely So we thought it would be a good opportunity to take outside and also take a look at the resource gathering Element of the game because obviously this this is a huge part of it when you’re playing Minecraft and you trying your best do impressive builds as I’m sure you all know you spend 90 percent of your time resource gathering the way that it works is these little rock piles? Trees or chests generate throughout the world you have to walk within a certain radius of them and then you can tap them to actually collect the items on the inside now one thing that I found really interesting is that we were in Hyde Park that doesn’t really have any major road systems or anything like that But the paths were all mapped out in Minecraft earth And that means that as you may notice a lot of the resources that are available In the nearby area actually generate near the path So you’re not having to go off into the wilderness to gather things. All of them are in relatively easy accessible areas I mean, it’s difficult for me to hide how impressed I am. I’m being totally honest I am I am very very impressed with Minecraft Earth and I went in incredibly skeptical III, I mean, I’ll be honest You know when I first saw those launch trailers and when I first heard it announced I thought how that sounds cool But I thought it might be a bit gimmicky and maybe something that you’d enjoy for Five or ten minutes and then eventually you put it down and you’d never open the application again But I can see that this game has got enough depth to it to actually keep you coming back for more There’s more to it than just going out and gathering resources and wandering around and doing that You kind of have to go out and gather the resources and then you come back You be a build stuff on your build plates you bring your friends around they can see what you’ve built on your build plate you can all interact with it once redstone is involved and you can start building piston doors and traps and Entrances and walking things and flying stuff. I mean that is gonna be huge and I just can’t wait I can’t wait for it to release and I can’t wait to see yeah what everyone does with it? seriously, I’m so so excited about this I really am. so I hope that you’ve enjoyed this little first impressions video. Thanks for watching and I’ll catch you in the next one Filming By: Josh Holgate
(Instagram: JoshHolgatePhoto)

Peter Molyneux demos Milo, the virtual boy

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Peter Molyneux demos Milo, the virtual boy

When I saw a piece of technology called Kinect — it was called Natal — I was inspired, and I thought for a moment, maybe it’s possible to address that one problem of storytelling, to create a character which seemed alive, which noticed me, that could look me in the eyes and feel real, and sculpt a story about our relationship. And so a year ago, I showed this off at a computer show called E3. And this was a piece of technology with someone called Claire interacting with this boy. And there was a huge row online about, “Hey, this can’t be real.” And so I waited till now to have an actual demo of the real tech. Now, this tech incorporates three big elements. The first is a Kinect camera, which will be out in November, some incredible AI that was hidden in the dusty vaults, collecting dust in Microsoft, plus our quite crude attempts at AI at a company called Lionhead, mixing all those things together just to get to this one simple idea: to create a real, living being in a computer. Now, I’ll be honest with you and say that most of it is just a trick, but it’s a trick that actually works. So why don’t we go over and have a look at the demo now. This is Dimitri. Dimitri, just waggle your arm around. Now, you notice he’s sitting. There are no controllers, no keyboards, or mice, or joysticks, or joypads. He is just going to use his hand, his body and his voice, just like humans interact with their hands, body and voice. So let’s move forward. You’re going to meet Milo for the first time. We had to give him a problem because when we first created Milo, we realized that he came across as a little bit of a brat, to be honest with you. He was quite a know-it-all, and he wanted to kind of make you laugh. So the problem we introduced to him was this: he’s just moved house. He’s moved from London to New England, over in America. His parents are too busy to listen to his problems, and that’s when he starts almost conjuring you up. So here he is walking through the grass. And you’re able to interact with his world. The cool thing is, what we’re doing is we’re changing the mind of Milo constantly. That means no two people’s Milos can be the same. You’re actually sculpting a human being here. So, he’s discovering the garden. You’re helping him discover the garden by just pointing out these snails. Very simple at the start. By the way, if you are a boy, it’s snails; if you’re a girl, it’s butterflies because what we found was that girls hate snails. (Laughter) So remember, this is the first time you’ve met him, and we really want to draw you in and make you more curious. His face, by the way, is fully AI-driven. We have complete control over his blush responses, the diameter of his nostrils to denote stress. We actually do something called body matching. If you’re leaning forward, he will try and slightly change the neuro-linguistic nature of his face, because we went out with this strong idea: how can we make you believe that something’s real? Now we’ve used the hand. The other thing to use is your body. Why not just, instead of pushing left and right with a mouse or with a joypad, why not use your body just to lean on the chair — again, relaxed? You can lean back, but the camera will change its perspective depending on which way you’re looking. So Dimitri’s now going to use — he’s used his hand; he’s used his body. He’s now going to use the other thing which is essential, and that’s his voice. Now, the thing about voice is, our experience with voice recognition is pretty awful, isn’t it? It never works. You order an airline ticket; you end up in Timbuktu. So we’ve tackled that problem, and we’ve come up with a solution, which we’ll see in a second. Milo: I could just squish it. Peter Molyneux: What are you going to do, Dimitri? Female Voice: Squashing a snail may not seem important, but remember, even this choice will affect how Milo develops. Do you want Milo to squash it? When you see the microphone, say … (PM: Squash.) … yes to decide. Dimitri: Go on, Milo. Squash it. PM: No. That’s the wrong thing to do. Now look at his response. He said, “Go on, Milo. Squash it.” What we’re using there is, we’re using something, a piece of technology called Tellme. It’s a company that Microsoft acquired some years ago. We’ve got a database of words which we recognize. We pick those words out. We also reference that with the tonation database that we build up of Dimitri’s voice, or the user’s voice. Now we need to have a bit more engagement, and again, what we can do is we can look at the body. And we’ll do that in a second. Milo: I wonder how deep it is. Deep. PM: Okay. So what we’re going to do now is teach Milo to skim stones. We’re actually teaching him. It’s very, very interesting that men, more than women, tend to be more competitive here. They’re fine with teaching Milo for the first few throws, but then they want to beat Milo, where women, they’re more nurturing about this. Okay, this is skimming stones. How do you skim stones? You stand up, and you skim the stone. It’s that simple. Just recognizing your body, recognizing the body’s motions, the tech, understanding that you’ve gone from sitting down to standing up. Again, all of this is done in the way us humans do things, and that’s crucially important if we want Milo to appear real. Female Voice: See if you can inspire him to do any better. Try hitting the boat. Milo: Ahhh. So close. PM: That’s Dimitri at his most competitive. Now beaten an 11-year-old child. Well done. Milo: Okay. PM: So, Milo’s being called back in by his parents, giving us time to be alone and to help him out. Basically — the bit that we missed at the start — his parents had asked him to clean up his room. And we’re going to help him with this now. But this is going to be an introduction, and this is all about the deep psychology that we’re trying to use. We’re trying to introduce you to what I believe is the most wonderful part, you being able to talk in your natural voice to Milo. Now, to do that, we needed a set up, like a magician’s trick. And what we did was, we needed to give Milo this big problem. So as Dimitri starts tidying up, you can overhear a conversation that Milo’s having with his parents. Milo’s Mom: Oh, you’ve got gravy all over the floor. (Milo: I didn’t mean to!) Milo’s Mom: That carpet is brand new. PM: So he’s just spilled a plate of sausages on the floor, on the brand-new carpet. We’ve all done it as parents; we’ve all done it as children. Now’s a chance for Dimitri to kind of reassure and calm Milo down. It’s all been too much for him. He’s just moved house. He’s got no friends. Now is the time when we open that portal and allow you to talk to Milo. Female Voice: Why don’t you try saying something encouraging to cheer Milo up. Dimitri: Come on, Milo. You know what parents are like. They’re always getting stressed. Milo: What do they want to come here for anyway? We don’t know anyone. Dimitri: Well, you’ve got a new school to go to. You’re going to meet loads of cool, new friends. Milo: I just really miss my old house, that’s all. Dimitri: Well, this is a pretty awesome house, Milo. You’ve got a cool garden to play in and a pond. Milo: It was good skimming stones. This looks nice. You cleaned up my room. Thanks. PM: So after three-quarters of an hour, he recognizes you. And I promise you, if you’re sitting in front of this screen, that is a truly wonderful moment. And we’re ready now to tell a story about his childhood and his life, and it goes on, and he has, you know, many adventures. Some of those adventures are a little bit dark or on the darker side. Some of those adventures are wonderfully encouraging — he’s got to go to school. The cool thing is that we’re doing as well: as you interact with him, you’re able to put things into his world; he recognizes objects. His mind is based in a cloud. That means Milo’s mind, as millions of people use it, will get smarter and cleverer. He’ll recognize more objects and thus understand more words. But for me, this is a wonderful opportunity where technology, at last, can be connected with, where I am no longer restrained by the finger I hold in my hand — as far as a computer game’s concerned — or by the blandness of not being noticed if you’re watching a film or a book. And I love those revolutions, and I love the future that Milo brings. Thank you very much indeed. (Applause)

The Virtual Destination Project – Travel the World in VR!

Have you ever dreamed visiting extraordinary places? Where you can find rest and just can, relax? Is your life to busy to go there in person because of excessive work, social life and other necessary stuff? Let us introduce to you: The Virtual Destination Project Visit the most special places in Virtual Reality and enjoy them, like you were there. We take you with us on a trip around the globe and show you the most special places that are known to man kind. What about visiting the Notre Dame in Paris? A nightclub.. Portugal… Riding a Tuk Tuk… and enjoying the ricefields in Thailand We record our footage with an unique 360 degree recording setup Which enables you to freely look around Enjoy the footage behind you computer or experience it with a Virtual Reality headset Wouldn’t it be awesome? If you could travel the world.. just by sitting on your couch or your desk chair? We will take seats in a cockpit… let you paraglide… put you on a racing track… let you watch the most extreme sports… and take you to the snow, just like you were there and maybe, we could even get you to the moon.. but maybe that’s a bit to ambitious. Please, relax and join us. Join the Virtual Destination Project!


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SHUT UP! FIGHT! Dude, this game is so unrealistic. No girl that hot would wear a skimpy-ass clothes and beat the crap out of people! Yeah, dude, but it’s just a video game. Can you imagine how stupid it’d be if video games were actually realistic? WITH THE LIGHTS OUT, ENTERTAIN US! (rambling) HERE WE ARE NOW, ENTERTAIN US! Stupid sword! Fox: Stop! Why are we even fighting? Why don’t we get off this stupid thing and do something productive with our lives? Look it’s only like a four foot drop. Player 3 defeated! Ugh! I think I’m just gonna stay here. Leon, what are you doing?! I’m saving! God, what does it look like? (Keeps on typing) Help! Oh somebody, my cat! Help me! It’s okay mam, I’ll take care of it Fus Ro Dah! (Sends the cat flying) Oh my god! Uhh, you’re welcome! God. I got pinned! We need assistance! Man it’s no use, everybody’s camping! TAKE THIS YOU C**K SUCKING F***ERS! YOU F***ING D***LETS! YOU CAN’T EVEN PLAY THIS F***ING GAME! HEY, SUCK MY D***! IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? HELLO? MOM, WHERE’S MY ENERGY DRINK? I DON’T WANT THAT SH**! CHOCOLATE MILK IS FOR PUSSIES, MOM! I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. I keep telling you guys you need a permit to hunt here and now you shot at a dog because it was laughing at you?! You sick bastards! (Screams) Yeah, I guess that would be pretty stupid if it was all realistic. Yeah, you’re never is gonna take my word for it, are you? Nope! Oh, time for my rollerblade lessons See ya! No, nonononono! (Kitana punches Ian) (Kitana breathes fire on Ian and burns him to death) TOASTY!

360° VR Roller Coaster – 5 Roller Coasters In One! – VR Box, Virtual Reality, 360° 4k

Welcome to Coaster Island, I hope you’re strapped
in safely. And lets begin with the first ride, Anbessa. Onto the second now. Elpidio. Now onto the third, Vasco. And if you’re enjoying this so far, make sure
to hit subscribe down below. And the fourth coaster now. Gonzalo! And the final one for this episode, Cayo. Thank you very much for watching, if you made
it all the way to the end make sure to subscribe, hit like and comment down below ‘VR is Amazing’ And I shall see you next time. Bye!

Before and After Breast Augmentation in Mexicali, Mexico

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