Splinter Cell Conviction – Salt Lake City, Utah (Realistic, No Mark and Execute, Aggressive Stealth)

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  1. AJ Nguyen Gaming

    New Splinter Cell video today, no Splinter Cell this year but luckily we still have Hitman, Desperados 3, Watch Dogs Legion and next year CyberPunk if you love stealth games. Next week will be Hitman content, the bank mission out on June 25th.

  2. OTF demon

    For fucks sake remaster it and put it on ps4

  3. Dmitry Iv

    Why enemies dont see him at alllll? Is this arcade?

  4. Russian Bear

    Wasnt Mark and Execute disabled on realistic already ?

  5. Antoine Boulmier

    song ?

  6. charlie

    1:20 here we go again

  7. Асадуллах Chechnya

    1:00 🎸 music please ???

  8. woodro blue83

    What system this on? Not the 4 ha

  9. Mateus Fillipe

    The best game of stealth mode 😀

  10. 4K NATION

    The best stealth sequence I've ever seen…. Keep it up bro


    “Realistic” LUL

  12. Marquis

    Bruh this was epic! NEW SUB earned

  13. Jin Kisaragi

    Damn I used to love that game. So sad the multiplayer community wasn't bigger..

  14. Zélina Lumina

    lol STUPID IA .

  15. Tekman_ 1992

    I don't remember this level of Deniable Ops.

  16. Keiny Lai

    These must be the dumbest guards on Earth.

  17. Frank Manfredi

    what is this level? is it downloadable content? how and where do I get it ive never seen this

  18. Icindace Gaming

    I actually think that Sam Fisher can beat John Wick's ass he has the advantage of darkness

  19. Jojangamer13

    thought I will play it again but that moment 10:43 really sucked always. Leaning out of corner moved your corsair. Many stealth runs where ruined because of that bug.

  20. A Turian on lean

    Ahh some fun co-op memories with this title.
    Now I just solo on PC 🙁

  21. Clyde Barrow

    New Splinter Cell. Sam is dead Sarah is older and her son follows in Granpa Sam's footsteps joining the military then becoming a splinter cell Agent.

  22. Alexczy

    this game, while it went on a complete different stealth gameplay and I like the older ones, it is my favourite SC

  23. gnsnitro123

    he has 3 glowing lights on his forehead and they stil cant see him in the dark?

  24. coryecho1

    Did you know you can also do bare handed executions. Hold down to put away your gun.

  25. Qwerty 17

    my opinion is that it's better than hitman. hitman is still fun though

  26. elchamber

    I miss Splinter Cell, but the fucked up.

  27. Berr Ruh

    Can someone play this game coop with me, no one plays anymore on xb1

  28. Wade 10

    Looks like military uncharted gameplay

  29. Abdelouahab Taalba

    First one was the best

  30. Lenny King

    I dont care what people say about conviction its super fun game and it has the best game modes and customitzation!

  31. md. saikat

    Those dickheads who has never played this game give dislike.there is nothing like spinter cell

  32. Enrique Flores

    Lambert would be proud.

  33. Exonerate Fate


  34. Guy Fawkes 05

    Splinter Cell died when Michael Ironside left. I pretend blacklist doesn't exist.

  35. mickeymoo

    Sure wish they would bring splinter cell back

  36. Elite X

    Playing this game feels like Metal Gear Solid

  37. Kira

    Please.The White House

  38. malrese1

    Going to get the guy who did this, count on it.

  39. Chase Duvernay

    My favorite CQC in any splinter cell game. This is what I hope Ghost Recon Breakpoint was going to be similar too, but it just looks like wild lands 2.0

  40. gerson cubas

    La inteligencia artificial es una verdadera mierda

  41. Logan L

    The newest one wasn’t bad. The takedowns were hella dope. But yea I want them to make a really good stealth game.

  42. Tru Story


  43. Maniac

    They should give an option for the game to wether to play with or without the mask

  44. Ahmed Sarni

    This isnt splinter cell, this is assassins creed with gunz

  45. kronosleblu888

    Ubisoft will turn splinter cell into a full blown RPG.
    After all this wait by the fans I don't trust Them to give us something as great as conviction.

  46. Del'Ray Coles

    This game would've benefited from a combat knife lol. However, this game still holds up well in 2019.

  47. Bashir Johnson


  48. TJunreal321

    This on ps3?

  49. Manase Ledua

    if only u had a katana!!… it was epic!!…

  50. Miguel Barlaan

    Aha i still have this amazing game but I don't play it no more 😭 good times maaaan… Some actual good times

  51. Jo Fraser


  52. G.S.T Aunch

    They dont make them like this anymore. Guess retards this generation want explosions and bullshit over something realistic.

  53. Meow

    1:19 Here we go again…

  54. Valko Petersen

    thats the only-one I don't have – very nice play!

  55. Brenda

    1:21 -here we go again >:'v

  56. Kevin Solis

    Holy smokes this looks crispy, came for the gameplay stayed for the graphics


    Long live Sam Fisher.

  58. Sarmad Ghafoor

    Only if the looked up lol 😂😂

  59. Ilham Fajri Umar

    1:19 "Ahh sh*t"
    i can hear the next word

  60. Ryan Fox

    Still play this game, training and keeping mind fresh for the possibility of a new one

  61. Carmen Sandiego

    You're pretty good

  62. xX{SCP-087-B}Xx

    1:19 "here we go again"


    damn i miss splinter cell! hoping coming new SC!

  64. Zachary Hausman

    Pretty good! Man a new Splinter Cell with improvements on the gameplay style of Conviction would definitely be a top 5 goty. What do you guys think. Thanks for the video by the way. I hope it motivates the developers!..

  65. Ostrich Wayne

    I miss you Splinter Cell….

  66. Mo Casey

    Even if they can't use Michael Ironside as the voice for Sam Fisher or even continuing the story on Sam Fisher, they should at least make a game about Kestrel and Archer. Either make it a CO-OP game or where you can switch stories and then even have an updated version of deniable ops to play after campaign.

  67. Jauad officiel

    This is spider cell not sprinter cell 🤣😭

  68. t jay

    This game allways use to remind of Syphon Filter but in a new version they need to bring back syphon Filter such a classic just like this one

  69. Bryan Furry

    welcome back sam fisher we missed you mgs is still topping with no one to compete against.

  70. li jin

    this is not infiltrating, it's a massacre.

  71. GMan5090

    Realistic? Lol ok

  72. GMan5090

    Gets shot in the head. "Fuck me " before he dies 1:28

  73. Independent Variable

    Yeah man that is it… This is the proper way to play this game. I Also always play it like that and i Enjoy it every Single time for hours….. Even though the game doesent has much to offer… Still the gameplay is satisfiying and smooth. Also even it has nothing to do
    with the Old ones i Think They just should remastert Chaos Theory with the gameplay of conviction and everybody Would be happy…. Maybe some extra Missions and everyThing is fine.

    I mean at least i Think A lot of splintercell Fans Would wanne have this…. Or not????

    Cheers Thanks for uploading…..

    PS : i always killed my last enemy by grap him and smash them trough doors or with the head on A edge 😂👌

  74. JCplaythis

    Next gen Splinter cell could benefit from Ray tracing technology

  75. Thomas Iaco

    This game was the biggest down grade of the millenia. Has anyone see the first gameplay video of this game? The one were you can interact with everything? That shit wasnt even in the next game. How could a company be so ambitious? Worse than Anthem….

  76. 6 Story Gaming

    "Lights out A$$hole" – Archer

  77. Keyonte Hill

    1:20 Ah shit, here we go again

  78. Keith O Farrell

    That's great Skills man with amazing Kills, You got yourself a new Sub from Dublin, Ireland.

  79. MrX

    I never liked Splinter Cell games, something just doesn’t feel right about them, its nor satisfying as MGS or Hitman.

  80. Ahmad Sheikh

    Back when UBISOFT release good games ! 😔

  81. LeggoCrewTV

    Funny: the aggressive play was frowned upon with the release of the game, but post John Wick this game feels like that. Ahead of its time??

  82. Xudus Gaming

    Oh we need a new splinter cell. Something more in-depth like MGS5 stealth

  83. Eric Wood

    Splinter cell was always one of the best stealth games, NEED MORE

  84. Cousin Family

    The prison was the best level imo. Ahh the memories

  85. Ghostgaming H20

    Your fast if they were players they wouldn’t stand a chance

  86. Bobby Sauer

    i diddent know you were spider-man?

  87. Davon Wilkinson

    Did you really have to shoot that light switch!?!? 😂😁

  88. Mike Love Thyself

    Wow this game has aged so well

  89. John Russell

    This really happens behind the scenes. The soldiers are MK ultra victims.

  90. Luqman Aziz

    Nice manual "Mark & Execute" at 9:52 there. Great vid.

  91. Therealjay33

    I use to always have fun with the last kill

  92. revolt 07

    In what game mode you played "DADDY AM SCARED MODE " ?? cuz this definitely not " IAM DEATH INCARNATE MODE "

  93. Lalu Dhiya

    Can you do a coop?

  94. RCH Channel

    The soundtrack sounds like Cozumel in Splinter Cell Double Agent.

  95. Nolimit Zee

    “Awww shit… rest easy man” 😂😂😂😂

  96. SpineSplitter84

    Dem! your real good at PC

  97. Axel Foley

    GG bro

  98. besorgter Burger

    Whats wrong with your sound? It sounds odd.

  99. Hendra Gunawan

    No Executes??? This guy made his own executes

  100. joy schoeman

    Now thats what i like to see

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