Sergeant Cooper the Police Car – Time Officer – Episode 1 | Real City Heroes | Videos For Children

Sergeant Cooper the Police Car – Time Officer – Episode 1 |  Real City Heroes | Videos For Children

Ryder! I’ve lost him. What’s his location? Cooper, turn left! Got you! You are under arrest! [LAUGHING] I don’t think so! Cooper, he is behind you now! Copy that! Cooper, be alert! He’s going towards the monster truck show. Ryder, he is going towards the abandoned subway station. Keep an eye on the entrance! Roger that! Stop right now! Never! You can never catch Fog. [HONKING] Jet! Jet! Start the device! Powering up! [LAUGHING] See you later, officer! What was that? Cooper… these two gentlemen want to talk to you in private. Hello, Cooper. My name is Agent Powers and this is Agent Howard. You have to come with us. I imagine you have a lot of questions, too. Good morning and welcome to the research facility. This automatic train will take you to research lab number five. Cooper, we brought you here because we need your help. You and your friend are the most experienced team in town. We are after two cars – Fog and Madjet. Fog is the one you were after this morning. We don’t know his real name. He has the ability to create a large cloud of smoke to escape. Madjet’s full name is Maddox Jett.
I think his name reflects his capabilities. He installed two jet engines. We’ll have a very hard time catching him now. Today is October 10, 2018.
The time is 11:40 am. His goal is to create a flying device to become a very powerful car. He’s the one who stole one of our time travel prototypes. Did you invent a time machine? Yes! Five months ago, our team of scientists finally created two successful time traveling devices. Unfortunately, last week, Madjet disguised himself as a scientist and gained access to the secret lab. Our records show that he traveled into the future three days ago, then came back to the present time. We aren’t sure why he traveled there.
Today, he and Fog went into the past to the year 1903. Now arriving at research lab number five. So…what do you need from me? We want to know if you and your friend can go back in time and capture the villains. I think we can handle it! We’re in! Thank you, Cooper! Before exiting the train, please check your area for personal belongings. Thank you. Current topside temperature is sixty-three degrees. This research facility is maintained at a pleasant seventy-five degrees at all times. Cooper, this is Professor Able.
He is head of the time traveling department. Nice to meet you. Are you ready?
Okay. We are sending you to the past.
June 7, 1903, to be exact. Use your time traveling device to send Fog and Madjet to the present. If they travel to another time, your device will let you know where they went so you can follow them. [COMPUTER COUNTS DOWN]Ten, nine, eight, seven, six Once you send them back to the present, we’ll be able to capture them here. Hopefully, they’ll appear in this lab. [COMPUTER COUNTS DOWN] Zero. Good luck, Cooper! In the name of the law! Stop right now! Boss, it looks like they can’t catch us! Of course, they can’t. This is 1903. They’re so slow here.

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