Rep. Ocasio-Cortez On Coronavirus Rescue Bill | All In | MSNBC

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  1. BZ one

    The money that's going to Corporation is a lone with a low interest

  2. tomkramer05

    That is wild!
    Millions of Chinese disconnected their cell-phone? When everyone knows that the Chinese are one of the biggest Telcom addicts in the world. Secondly, I have a Chinese citizen in the family and they a constantly bringing elder family members to Germany for medical treatment because their hospitals are so bad. Strange that fewer people have died in China than in Europe.

  3. BZ one

    Trump properties also employ thousands of people we understand that you bloodthirsty Trump haters would like to see him his life and his family be destroyed because you're a bunch of losers but that's not our America. If you like to do stuff like that you go live in Venezuela a country that AOC Praises all the time

  4. Paul Lo

    How may innocent little babies are killed every day in her city???
    700 Americans have died so far from the virus over the last MONTH.
    Everyone is so worried.
    But nobody in the media seems at all alarmed by another number…the number of little babies who have their arms and legs sucked out of the womb one by one and then have their tiny heads squished with forceps to get it out of the birth canal!
    Some perspective about the danger of Coronavirus…
    The most dangerous place to be in America is inside the womb – 862,000 abortions/yr. – almost 3,000 babies killed EVERY DAY!!!
    Almost 3,000 innocents killed A DAY!!!

  5. BZ one

    What we need to look out for As Americans is to make sure that we don't have bird brains undeveloped human beings in charge in our government. We already know that they can get into office all they have to do is get the Dumber people to vote for them.

  6. Doug M


  7. Melissa Slaughter

    AOC was asked about Roe vs. Wade, she said I don't care how immigrants get here…

  8. peace on earth

    your all so effing dumb as are all brainwashed demoncrats if corporations wich employee millions of Americans collapse are you going to let the employees stay at your house this is to ensure the continuance of corporations so when we conquer the Chinese born virus we have jobs to go back to I work for a major corporation they treat me extremely well and im not on the board of directors I'm just an average Joe that loves the corporation that has put a roof over our heads my children thru college provides outstanding health insurance and a list of other benefits to extensive to mention in a short paragtraph.You democrats have one thing in common playing the victim your brainwashed sociopaths who want to be controlled and enslaved by the democrats who favor SOCIALISM and satanism one world government look what socialism has done to Venezuela.

  9. Santino Autorio

    Just came to see AOC smile…😍

  10. Holly Tank

    What a murder communist hag move to Russia please

  11. peace on earth


  12. The Bronze Age of DC Comics

    How do the Dems sound to you Retardicans now? If bad, then that is proof you and your party are a mental illness.

  13. invisible man

    Daily reminder that Bernie Sanders supporters will not vote for Corona Joe Dementia in the 2020 presidential election.

  14. Tom bryan

    Who is she talking to when she says You

  15. Jennifer Boyd

    It doesn't make sense that a couple with no kids wld get more money than a single momma with 2 kids. That needs to be fixed

  16. Birdie Miller

    Didn't trump say there is a moratorium on student loans for a few months? NO evictions, NO foreclosures should also be included and backed by the feds.

  17. Rick Roth

    But tickle down has been so effective in the past. We need a complete new group of representatives. Out with the old. Anyone who has been in place more than 6 years needs to go!!

  18. The Bitch is Back

    Bailout Cruise ships? Why? They don’t carry cargo and they’re not part of the transportation or logistics supply chain. They're floating petri dishes.

  19. The Bitch is Back

    Cruise ships, all of them are registered abroad and don’t pay U.S. taxes. So, NO… no bailout for them.

  20. Changsha

    MSNBC asking one of most stupid people in congress for advise or answers. Give me a break.

  21. Mr Underhill

    Face it folks – with only 1 AOC and the rest establishment democrats , the american people are screwed. The bible belt has taken over and believes God is the healthcare we need and the end of the world is coming so who cares what happens today anyway- the villians, the pedophiles and the ones that protect them, the money launderers, and the lying warmongers have taken everything and gambled away our country to the Federal Reserve and we let it happen – good bye America – hello Fascist dictatorship – it is so sad to see schumer pump his fists as if he has done anything for people – while the billionaires turn into trillionaires – first the fed pumps up the market to astronomical heights – then tells the insiders when it is going to pop – they sell early – then buy cheap when they know their bought and paid for politicians are going to sign the deal they want -and laugh all the way to their own banks. The only reason our dollar is still worth anything is because we will attack anyone who doesn't take it with our trillion dollar war machine. How great we are –

  22. Sweetearth1958

    Big corporations get another hand out. Small businesses get loans.

  23. thomas 71

    We need healthcare, Medicare now!

  24. sb790856

    AOC you know nothing.

  25. A ndrew Cass

    This is the Buffoon who called cauliflower Racist beyond the most ignorant fool on this Network

  26. Vimar m

    What morons voted that woman in?
    LOVE 2 ALL ….
    Thats what u want …. checks …

  27. Dennis S

    Bernie Sanders We Need More Latino Teachers (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders We Need More Black Teachers (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders All Teachers Will Earn 60,000 Annual (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders All Get Free Education (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders All Get Free Higher Education (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders All Public Collages Free Of Charge (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders All Universities Tuition Free (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders I Will Cancel All Student Debt In USA (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders Will Pay For This By TAXING Wall Street Speculation (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders We Bailed Out Crooks On Wall Street Now It's Their Turn (2020-02-22)

  28. Dennis S

    Bernie Sanders Billionaires Should Not Exist (2019-09-24)
    Bernie Sanders Millionaires OK I'm a Millionaire
    Bernie Sanders 2016 I Was Saying Millionaires Now I Say Billionaires
    Bernie Sanders I Am NOT Stuck In The 1960's & 1970's (2020-03-01)
    Bernie Sanders We Need More Latino Teachers (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders We Need More Black Teachers (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders All Teachers Will Earn 60,000 Annual (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders All Get Free Education (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders All Get Free Higher Education (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders All Public Collages Free Of Charge (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders All Universities Tuition Free (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders I Will Cancel All Student Debt In USA (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders Will Pay For This By TAXING Wall Street Speculation (2020-02-22)
    Bernie Sanders We Bailed Out Crooks On Wall Street Now It's Their Turn (2020-02-22)

  29. Erick Kohlepp

    This is what is wrong with our government, focused on their agenda and DONORS on both sides of the fence. Lack of actually helping people, instead we get more legislation from Nancy and Mitch which proves to be more of a cash grab for big business. McConnell deflects with Nancy's ridiculous request(Green new Deal, Common she doesn't even support it), and Mitch's Planned Parenthood restriction, Time and place for everything and this isn't it. Also they both support an unregulated slush fund for big business which is wrong, Dems just as bad wanting it slightly smaller. Money MUST be taken out of politics, it will be the end of us.

  30. cesarano500

    You get $1200 and trump gets 5 billion to shore up his businesses and friends business and buy more support for his rejection

  31. hac198582



    Listen "Aleja la loca" or "Alexa the Crazy" I am coming back to you, you are not more than other "crook" who wants to use the system for your own benefit. You didn't get in the system to help the minus privileged people, you are trying to satisfy you own needs. Get out and give the opportunity to somebody who will probably do better.

  33. Chris Golden

    This woman needs to go back to Mexico

  34. mongo revera

    This is one of those times when Alendri Ocasio Cortes, deems to put her senses together. to bring some logic.

  35. P J

    Her constituents will get $$ on top of their welfare.

  36. natty wit

    it is Not the "gubbermints" money, we the people own the money

  37. Dave Schultz

    Alexandria Occasional-Cortex. 😵💫

  38. P J

    Will she help the Amazon workers in Queens? Whoops, there are none.

  39. P J

    How about using the $3B Amazon subsidy to help your constituents?

  40. P J

    Now she cares about small businesses? How many were lost thanks to her screwing the Amazon deal?


    car payments, lights, internet, food, sanitary products, utilities, etc.

  42. Anthony Shostack

    Google (Event 201)

  43. Biggwill NYC

    Chris Hayes, the Bronx is my hometown too. I still love the boggie down.

  44. Anthony Shostack

    Don't buy pop, candy junk food, I quit all that, water is free almost out of faucet!

  45. Ken Richard

    Moratorium on rent? Sounds like North Korea, China, Cuba… The Chinese and North Korean communist leaders actually wrote operas opposing landlords.

  46. Bob Guttmann

    Radiation poisoning CANNOT be stopped with masks !!! TURN OFF the 5G NOW !!

  47. Mary Deherrera

    People are getting unemployment money the same as they use to make, who going to want to to go back to work.

  48. James Jobes

    Is that the new w h maid

  49. Zack Scheffer

    Bail out the USA citizens only do not bail out the billionaires cooperate welfare

  50. Teenah Weenah

    This bill is unfair to President Trump. Why would this bill discriminate against the president's properties. President Trump's businesses have employees too. If President Trump doesn't get stimulus, I don't want my stimulus either. No Deficit spending.

  51. Anthony Browne

    This is why we need Bernie Sanders as president. He looks out for the working people first and foremost. States who haven't voted yet, vote Bernie Sanders. Trump is messed up in the head and Biden is MIA.

  52. Juliet

    In France we are at home on paid leave, our jobs guaranteed. Probably back to work mid april

  53. Valentina D.

    personal accountability…………!

  54. Charlotte Kellum


  55. Question Everything

    first it was the green deal
    and now this.

    they are really trying hard hahaha :)))
    they are laughing at us
    but i laugh harder at them because they are so pathetic.

    We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order." – David Rockefeller speaking at the United Nations Ambassadors' dinner. [Sept. 23, 1994]

  56. Herb Liptow

    God how I wish she was our president!! The republicans are so far removed from the reality of the lives of average Americans! 1200.00 will help but I guarantee it’s a 10th of what the average person would need!

  57. Dee Spiritual

    She’s not attractive at all

  58. JoJoe Mojo

    Maybe she has more insight? Very doubtful, sounds like she doenst know anything and she bought her college degree.

  59. Stephen Anderson

    I'm still with Bernie.

  60. Erick Salas

    Is this the lady that wasn’t happy with her 140k a year An wanted more?

  61. Sam Chiu

    Funny, just said this when M&M padded his back about this bill:
    Sure, after DEM closed all the loopholes (that they find) that would have allowed corporate executive and CEOs to pocket the money without accounting. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😬😬😬

  62. Christian O. Holz

    AOC for president!

    Corporatios will take the money AND take fire folks anyway. It's a taxpayer funded slush fund

  63. Borinken Project

    Why is no one Addressing the seniors?

  64. Arturo Ortiz

    I own my business in the State of California thank God the A.O.C's of the world are not in charge of handling any money.. Fire this woman from Congress TRUMP 2020 🇲🇽/🇺🇸 ORTIZ. Work Hard live the dream. City of Angeles.

  65. tony cardoza

    I think one day AOC could be president but she does not understand that debt of the USA is THE PROBLEM AND ALL THE MONEY HAS TO BE PAID BACK OR HER GRANDCHILDREN WILL BE PAYING IT WHEN THEY ARE 65

  66. oldrrocr

    Hope they don't corrupt you AOC. Everyone around you has been bought and sold.

  67. J M

    Narrator: "The worst possible outcome came true"

  68. yourfreedom isinyourfeet

    Socialism is a death sentence for any nation. Cant wait till she's gone..

  69. eakherenow

    The Progressives AOC and Bernie are fully functioning but how about your choice SENILE Biben in hiding and barely coherent in his "AT home" interview.

  70. Mike Breler

    What a greedy bunch of self serving provisions in this relief package! The government wants to give money only to businesses and individual tax payers so that they can get resume paying taxes once they get back on their feet.

    But hey if you're not paying taxes or if you owe IRS taxes (never mind that you likely can't pay or are uncollectible due to poverty), or are getting minimum social security and depend on food banks and/or food stamp cards to eat; well then you don't get the benefits of the safety net. No lifeline for you as prices soar for everything!

    You can just lose your tiny apartment and join the homeless. You can deal with the higher food prices with what little money you have to buy food since all the grocery stores will once again jack up prices knowing everyone will have cash in their wallets. But not you the really poor with a higher percentage of suicidal tendencies as it is; No you can just die we don't care cause you don't pay taxes and therefore cannot be considered an American citizen.

    The government might consider giving you a one time tax break for your funeral expenses if you die during the emergency window of time! But hey if the state just cremates you cause there is no money in your "estate" to pay for a funeral, well then you won't qualify.

  71. Andrew

    Didn’t she play wonder woman

  72. Matthias Pizzini

    You should have closed everything long ago. You wasting to much time talking. Every day of non acting means hundreds of deaths in 2 weeks from now. Greetings from northern Italy

  73. Terri Havers

    There isn't anyone against helping our workers. The Republicans also want to protect the companies and Democrats are adding irrelevant spending with their propositions- ALL of them need to put workers first!

  74. Your Big Head Cousin

    We pay taxes so that our govt can be prepared for these situations. They've failed us, they should give us our money back so that we can help ourselves.

  75. marc curtis

    Take from the poor…give to the rich🤬

  76. Bernard Rangel

    Dollars and Dimes is Ms.Porters bag. The Congress person from Orang county.

  77. Colonel Buck

    Remember, this is the same doofus that said people were dring from the toilet.

  78. Robert

    Ocasio-Cortez I can see that this wise good woman cares about people, she should be president of the USA, she should be in charge of the money, because she honestly cares about American people, this woman can make America great again.

  79. Craft Artist

    Homeless and disabled ppl get nothing. Go figure

  80. Leo B

    I can’t listen to her without feeling sick to my stomach. She is so out of touch and scary that she has any power at all

  81. Robert

    All Love and Blessings to Ocasio-Cortez what a fantastic intelligent life caring good woman.

  82. sai76

    Make her a bartender again next election.

  83. 49ccMoped World

    aaargh I can´t stand her voice and the words loans loans loans what a farce.

  84. pinky Harris

    Corporations again Bell adult small businesses again bailed out and people make money other than working it may wash a car they made do a favor for somebody else they may have a side job. To make ends meet some people work two jobs. And now you're basically trying to say that we're only going to pay you for your main jobs open back up the government because obviously you guys can't help us

  85. pinky Harris

    Most Americans work two jobs. So making ends meet all of you guys have said this yourself. Now you expect us to stay-at-home not make any money and you're not going to cover us but up to $1,500

  86. Ric Gibbon

    Let's bail out post office and pump 35 mill into the Kennedy center
    Obama phones . Drops the mic

  87. Brian Kloppe

    This is the most idiotic person in the world – Bar tender to congress …. FREE FREE FREE RIDICULOUS

  88. Madame Beajou

    ok, so bail out the corporations that are polluting the earth, the air, the water, getting tax breaks at the expense of the people, they are getting richer and giving nothing back. What is right about this picture? I feel my chest get really tight watching this, I am so sad that what I thought is coming true. I really feel for all people now, things will never be the same. politics is not an option right now and no one is doing the right thing.

  89. BestCongressMoneyCanBuy

    Spent my morning sharpening pitchforks and gathering up wood to make torches.


    AOC working to destroy the Democratic party one issue at a time. Please stop.

  91. Dean Summers

    Could we just elected her as president already??? She's the only one in the government that actually knows what she's talking about even without years of experience

  92. STAR MAN

    Democrats vote this half wit out of office ! Those insane wild eyes are spooky !

  93. Mr Cheezle

    She’s so fine 😍

  94. catsintexas

    susan's comments below…..are TREMENDOUS. Let's add to her great comment below: Iceland, Denmark, Belgium , New Zealand. Yeah, they are getting hit also BUT DOING A GREAT JOB OF CONTAINMENT AND helping their people. Why? because they ALREADY HAVE a great healthcare system IN PLACE. And of course , the moratoriums on certain bills, while people quarantine. America does not have the great monopoly on common sense anymore. In fact, they lack it.

  95. catsintexas

    the sad thing is, even if us poor get $1500 one time payment, it won't help more than maybe one month and a half. why? DMV bills, property taxes, utility bills, care repair bills, medical bills, and past due mortgage bills as well AS MORE med bills for your children….and then gas money for your car and – WAIT! Don't forget! GROCERIES….!

  96. catsintexas

    the private sector could help a lot more than the govmt sector. let's put this in perspective. If..IF…if we lived in a good moral world. and le't says JUST 7 Simple, kind CEO,s, FOR JUST one …one year. decided to donate that one year salary to the public poor sector for surviving Corona Virus and not losing their jobs and paying their bills and groceries. THATS A LOT OF MONEY FOLKS. Don't be fooled for one moment. THERE IS A LOT OF MONEY available in America. But it is in the vaults and hands and private investments of the ultra rich, the CEOs and mega corporations. They don't need your money. They have more money THAN ANY GOVERNMENT. Don't feel sorry for them. Don't rescue them. Don't pray for them. Don't give them any money.

  97. Shadowfoxy 737

    Dont vote democrat and these things will go away,

  98. Barney Five-0

    Maybe that snake should complain about the raise she just voted for herself,what a despicable wretch she is

  99. Ronnie B Goode

    Oh yes, let's ask this brainless twerp what she thinks.

  100. tim

    news media joker's of the century

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