Real history of Dundar Bey | kurulus osman | Urdu / hindi & English subtitle

Real history of Dundar Bey | kurulus osman | Urdu / hindi & English subtitle

As we know from previous video that Ertugrul Ghazi was the son of suleyman shah Suleyman shah was the head of Kayi tribe Suleyman shah had four sons whose names was Sungurtekin Bey, Ertugrul Ghazi,Dundar Bey and Gündoğdu Bey Dundar Bey was the youngest of all Dundar Bey was born in 1210CE But his birthplace is yet unknown Dundar Bey was also the paternal uncle of Osman Ghazi Dundar Bey was a renowned and brave warrior and got title of Ghazi like other members of his family Dundar Bey was also loyal to his elder brother Ertugrul Ghazi which became the leader of Kayi tribe after the death of Suleyman Shah Dundar Bey devoted his whole life to the Kayi tribe But on the other side Dundar Bey was a person easily swayed having a weak personality that resulted in many mistakes Often times, when Ergugrul GHazi was on a campaign Dundar Bey performed as a leader of tribe After the death of Ertugrul Ghazi, Dundar Bey called himself as candidate for the next leader with the reason that he was senior in age as well as experienced gained under the leadership of Ertugrul Ghazi But Osman Ghazi was elected by the Kayi’s because of his commendable strategy and morality At that time Dundar Bey completely supported his nephew and also said that it was his predestined fortune but later it has been reported that Dundar Bey was against Osman Ghazi in some decisions and there reopened a gap between both of them Some historians wrote that Dundar Bey was killed by Osman Ghazi Once Osman Ghazi ordered to attack on Greek tribe but Dundar Bey was strongly against his decision and that became rebelled against him and during this he was killed by Osman Ghazi Historians also said that Dundar Bey was involved in many Assassination plots on Osman Ghazi but it also has even been called a rumor Some historians are not agreed with this opinion according to that Dundar Bey was died on 1298CE of medical death and Burial with complete family honor

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    ertughrul jab fout huwa tha to us ney khud usman ko kiye qabiley ka serdar banya tha aur dundar ney mukhalfat ki thi qn k us waqat us key 2 barey bhi b they aur uskey chacha zinda they is wajah sey phir baad mein usman ne dundar ko qatal ker diya ye h asal

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    Gunduz is son of ertugrul not his brother

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    Dear friends , Fourth name of suleyman shah son was gündoğdu bey not Gunduz bey, its a pronunciation mistake and updated in subtitles.

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    Osman didn't accept mongols and his uncle dundur bey accept the mongols that's why osman kill dundur….osman was right bcoz his cousin batur(son of dundur bey) and uncle dundur ditch osman nd his brother gunduz

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