Real Ghost Encounters Caught on Camera

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  1. Ed S.

    Great more Grudge shit, to Japan and the Philippines looking for attention you can stop doing takes of the grudge where ever you go besides I saw your movie…IT SUCKED!

  2. joan catalan

    Most clips are from the Philippines.

  3. Suffian Azmier

    No.1 is a gentelman ghost. Very nice of him opening the door for that girl.

  4. Ed S.

    There's a situation of parents urgently in need to be strung up; C'mon, People! who lets their little kid play with an Ouija board…geeze.

  5. Ed S.

    Slapped Ham, wonderful vid, though. Is there a site to see more on Gale? Would love to research her issue further.

  6. Ted Dy

    Sino nag bukas??? 1:07

  7. Toy - Man

    1st video / "Sino nagbukas?" — who opened it?

  8. Abby Ravina

    Those are really happening in Philippines 🇵🇭 niweys thank you 🙏 slapped ham for this wonderful content love it 🥰

  9. Nyan Cat poptart

    YouTuber: says how something seems too elaborate to be a hoax

    Comment section: Gives fully detailed and logical explanations of why it's a hoax

  10. Craig Howett

    the trees are clearly moving in the wind

  11. hgodvilla00

    @Slapped Hams Kallen, please take the best care of your health while this pandemic affects every person in the world. Stay quarantined in isolation inside your home, and away from other people, as often as you can and only venture out once or twice per week. We need you after the pandemic is over to provide us with frightening, eerie, and puzzling things caught on camera in the future. Stay safe! Stay healthy! Stay strong!

  12. danny marquez

    Hey Kallen here's another shadow figure captured on broad daylight by "juicy vlog" on youtube segment 2:35 on the video

  13. Rey Deg

    Slapped ham kindly check all the videos from kapuso mo jessica soho horror story some of them are legit

    Im from philippines

  14. porkyV2

    3:26 the ghost got O.C. cause the janitor has gone way too far sweeping without using the dustpan, which is totally wrong.

  15. Jeffick The Hussar

    You wonder why spirits are visiting the family in their house? Maybe it’s because the little boy is playing around with a ouija board.

  16. Bastiaan ten Doornkaat

    You can clearly see the treebranches and leaves waving in the back. Also the objects on the veranda didn't look that heavy.

  17. Bjorne McComb

    The magnets 💯

  18. ImpendingJoker

    Slapped Ham: There doesn't seem to be any other sign of a breeze. Look at the trees in the background. zooms in Shows trees blowing in a wind that is easily 5-10mph which would easily move the objects across the floor.
    Me: facepalm

  19. Heather Manning


  20. Gettin BeyWay

    They don’t need to exercise her demons, have her move out. Geez, dumb people.

  21. Aldoustin YT

    Lmao 3 of these are from the Philippines HAHAHA

  22. ѕєcтυмѕємρяα

    " and even choked" kinky

  23. Aldoustin YT

    I've seen that no. 4 in our local TV and its been explained that its not a ghost or white lady. Its just a thing that has just been hanging in the roof. Sorry for the wrong grammar

  24. emmanuel ferrer

    Hi Kallen The video that I saw "MYSTERIOUS FORCE OPEN DOOR" and the 2nd one are from PHILIPPINES. The girl say "sino nagbukas?" in english "who open the door?" Anyway THANK U for Vlogging my Country Philippines. More POWER. SLAPPED HAM.

  25. oggy wink

    Pero sino talaga nagbukas?

  26. cplcabs

    More nonsense.

  27. lito bulan

    Sino nagbukas?

  28. lito bulan

    Sino nagbukas?

  29. George Cutting

    Wow # 1 was the scariest one i seen in awhile #4 that broom an dustpan movin was no way the wind moved way too fast

  30. Jintan Yadomi

    i saw the 2nd video from Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho a Filipino news tv show… one of the students says it was the spirit of the girl who died there few years ago.but other skeptics says it was the flag but how come when it's not waving

  31. Jintan Yadomi

    i wish KMJS feature Slapped Ham.what do you think?

  32. Faith Irons

    On the fridge with the magnets, it spelled Zo🤔

  33. Ryan The Wine Guy

    What are you talking about there being no breeze? Those trees are flipping like crazy! lol

  34. Niklas Hall

    Hey Callum, slap my ham.

  35. Niklas Hall

    The arm looks like the arm of a grey alien.

  36. K Graham

    The way the child started messing with the Ouija board at 4:49?? What's that all about??
    It's one thing if an adult wants to try their "luck" with a Ouija board, but to leave it down for the kids to play with is a whole different story. Yikes!! It's like feeding that kid to the wolves!

  37. Gr8 Teagazr

    Oh yeah- allow your children to play with Ouija boards 4:47, and in front of a mirror at that! Then, when you end up with all sorts of weird activities going on in your home- SHUT UP ABOUT IT! I wouldn't waste my time going to cleanse anyone's home once I find out they do ridiculous things like that.

  38. wawa Elias

    Well you can clearly hear people laughing as their watching the video , so the people who were laughing Were trying to fuck with the dude …

  39. Dav123 T123

    I know that everyone knows that 99.99% of all video that has been taken of ghost is faked. It's the .01% that is real. We have so many people that want to fool you that if it is real we will probably never know.

  40. Marvin Manuel

    I still clearly remembered when I was grade 3 while we're watching the graduation ceremony in OSES Bataan PH we are watching near the old school building and right after they called the 1st Honor the bell in the 2nd floor rang and everyone looked at the building and there's a girl sitting next to the bell 😂 everyone shouting and running then the principal told to all to keep calm and that was natural 😂 BTW I'm a working student as a cleaner on the 2nd floor rooms and I knew I locked the gate going upstairs so no one can go there 😂

    PS. That elementary school was not a joke 😂 you can ghost hunt there if the guard now let you pass inside 😂 that school was located at Parang-Parang Orani Bataan PH (Orani South Elementary School)

  41. myehlaesoul

    The 1st 3 videos are from Philippines. .The 2nd video is just flag pole of the school. .The 3rd video is just a strong wind whicj caused the dust pans to move. .

  42. Ryan Mccully

    That ghost in the first video was nice to open the door for the lady

  43. michael Lobina

    1st, 2nd and 3rd videos are from the Philippines,, cool😎😎😎

  44. Francis Choo

    Very good compilation. Spooky!

  45. Juli Scherer

    Why do our phones have a super high resolution when filming but cctv cameras Film with the same quality like my toaster? That’s something I’ve always wondered about.

  46. Hall Nelson

    Number 2 looks like a piece of cobweb moved by a breeze.

  47. Rachell Conwell

    These videos suck. The second video you could clearly see the trees and bushes moving in the wind after you clearly state that it’s not the wind doing it.

  48. Backstreetfan97

    Number 4: there isn’t a reaction from the custodial. He just looks at it. To me it’s fake.

  49. asad butt

    i think she did that using her foot [ 1 ]

  50. James Jenkins

    The door might have been opened slightly when she opened the door right behind it- air rushes in and effects the pressure. It can push a door open, I've seen it happen. Idk if that's the answer but it comes to mind b4 ghostly intervention.I believe that real paranormal events occur all the time but I want to be sure they are real.

  51. Captain Dangler

    If you’re going to put questionable content on your channel, try not to lie in the narration. You are losing credibility in doing so. Like telling us “no wind” when there’s CLEARLY wind. And saying he doesn’t notice when he CLEARLY notices. Before you get to this number one spot, take a look at me stopping the video, clicking dislike, and not watching the whole thing because I simply can’t support crap content. Edit: Oh….forgot…. “Pewwwww”

  52. The Power Elite

    #2 looks like a piece if string or fabric

  53. cha5

    0:50 Is that an old auditorium or a private school or a church or monastery or a convent? Just wondering because of the giant crucifix there.

  54. Jordan95 HD

    In all honesty, Kallen, I think most if not all of those clips have something paranormal in them, especially the graduation ceremony video and where the child's spooked by the fridge magnets being moved by an unseen force.

  55. cha5

    9:29 People, People, People…
    DO NOT play with a Ouija board. :-/

  56. PissedOffLion

    Love it, you never fail to put on a good show. Subscribed a long time ago!

  57. Alejandro Revilla

    That little woman is called ghost girl

  58. Amanda Dennis

    Why is that little kid playing with a Ouija board??

  59. Catholic means Universal

    no such thing as ghosts, poltergeists, aliens…they're all demons. ALL of them. don't be fooled. please.

  60. Quin

    Imo the "lady dressed in white" is a demonic entity.

  61. Belinda Villano Martin

    Number 6, 5 & 4 are all frm my country of Birth, Philippines 🇵🇭.
    The girl in number 6 asks sino ng Bukas- who opened the door?
    Number 5 in Cebuano we call the White Lady, "Incantada".
    Number 4 is scary.
    ❤️ Slapped Ham 🐷🐖🐽

  62. Rudy Canales

    Honey, the children has the ghost talking game again,dang kids

  63. A- Chan

    When he said the entity slapped her I imagined a ghost walking up to her angry and stuff and smack her upside the head "WHERE TF MY COOKIES AT GAIL?

  64. Horrifying Nightmares

    Thank you for featuring my channel Slapped Ham!

  65. Mads Dyrmose

    Up for a date, Kallen? Make one video, without using the word "eerie" at all! 😉

  66. Zefanja codée

    this is creepy 11:58

  67. I AM ONLY ME

    no.4 there was a breeze/wind as you can clearly see the trees were moving in the background, not as you stated

  68. Mandie Jones

    How many times you made my day in the last few weeks : 20

  69. Keith nunya

    @9:55 you can see a light colored shape moving from left to right.

  70. DrRwWwWrRr

    the way the broom and dustpan move looks like prop hunt.

    "pshhh…over. We're clear, we're clear! Let's get outta here before he sees us!"

  71. Patrick

    Great videos as always I'm actually wearing my slapped ham T right now

  72. Gail S. Newberg

    ALL B. S.!!!!!!!!!

  73. pigpaul

    Great name & channel bro!

  74. Elizabeth Williams

    The one with the magnets on the fridge. I've seen it in another video .. brighter contrast … U can see a dark shadow apear on the right side of the fridge near.the magnets then they fly off … And the kid kept saying "z" "zo" … A well known demonic spirit ZoZo … .. creepy

  75. Day Man

    The content of this channel is crap anymore. Unfollowing.

  76. Mad Rickey

    If you look at the magnets the child grabs and moves: he grabs the Z and O and places them Z-O.

  77. 민지젠

    Hmmm… For the first time, why is it that I have seen all these videos before? You always upload unique vids, Slapped Ham.

  78. william mckay

    In the video with the magnets, count them. At the start there are a lot more than after they move, clever edit I think.

  79. salemstales

    So many darn skeptics subscribe to slapped ham

  80. Nathan

    Fridge door, is it malevolent or is there a magnet on the inside of the fridge door….

  81. Pony Trekker

    The last clip I think was Mr. Wilkins from the conjuring.

  82. neth notsogreat

    First three for the Philippines haha nice nice

  83. LaurLaur

    Hmm, nukes top 5 and slapped ham seem to be crossing over… or is it all just an elaborate hoax?

  84. Lynda Shaw

    Actually in the 3rd one with the guy sweeping the porch, the trees in the background were blowing around pretty obviously. Looked like at least some moderate wind, and not just a light breeze.

  85. Carlos Carrillo

    Once I saw a naked clown…!

  86. Erin Brown

    #ghost#slapedham in my opinion the video of the ghostly arm is real but I think it looks like a snake to. Maybe it's a ghostly apparition of a snake

  87. Carlos Carrillo

    On the last video, the woman has a devil dog tattooed on her chest and she plays with a widggieboard…! And she's worried about hearing noises…? She's got some other problems to worry about.

  88. Shelamee Gatusani

    idk but im from the Philippines. what the girl (actress) said was "who opened it up?" but the way she asked it's kinda scripted. i could tell by her voice. like i said I belong 🤣 when you're living life 25years within a particular cat community you know how others meow.

  89. Christine Brandt

    Who the hell let's their little kids play with a ouija board?? 😳

  90. ironwork92000

    Why are little kids playing with a oiuja board???

  91. Anthony Alvarez

    Thanks for feauturing scary videos in the Philippines, we filipinos appreciafe that

  92. Judy Ross

    In 3 the child is playing with Ouija board

  93. ByJDog0811

    This may be your dumbest and most bullshit video you've posted yet! Congrats

  94. Autum Breeze

    Well, intentionally use an Ouija board, except bad shit to happen

  95. Jenny babe Omega

    Sin o nag bukas 😂 Ilonggo

  96. Heatherglennx3

    @Nuke’s Top 5 Lol

  97. The Drumming Sasquatch

    Once again, rule of thumb: white dress +long black hair = genuine as a $3 bill

  98. MichaelJ

    The filipino vids are real theyre actually covered by our docu-series in its halloween special

  99. bubba pacha

    i watched a live feed on scope from the hinsdale house owner. he had set it up in the corner of the room. you could see the room and windows behind. after a bit it clearly looked like three ghosts a man woman and kid were looking in the window. there had to be 45 people watching and we were amazed. at one point it even appeared the mom looked down and then the child looked up at her as if she said something and he looked back and replied. just as mysteriously as they popped up they were gone. it really was amazing

  100. HAHAHAHA Hahaha

    Longer vids please

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