One interesting fact for every Country in the World! (Part 1) ✠ Truth Crusade ✠

One interesting fact for every Country in the World! (Part 1) ✠ Truth Crusade ✠

Hello Truthsaders, I am Kavallier. Let’s talk about countries. One, two, three, go! I did not choose this fact because it mentions goats and Afghanistan at the same time. I promise! Does this mean Albania cannot handle albanians? How can chess help your life? I don’t know. Are you english or american and need a fertility centre? Book a flight to Barbados today! They allow it! Yes, european bisons exist Looks like you got competition with your ancestors, Belize. This is your typical petrol station in Benin You want to be amused? Search of bhutanese phalluses We need them in North Yungas Road immedietaly Natural? Artificial? You decide. Seriosly though? 35%? I’m not sure that’s true. Interesting study anyway. You’d think that it can travel somewhere else in the air. But of course not. Looks like someone is trying to alleviate their yearly gifts to their loved ones. Lake Nyos? More like lake no. This is basically an igloo hotel. Nice. who would have guessed. Wait… milk soup? It probably needs some money to get its excavators going. Your welcome! I just prevented you embarrassment when going to Costa Rica. Wait. Why are they called Ivory Coast? I guess you cannot murder elephants indefenitely Ok that was a really pointless fact. Here’s another one. Also here’s a sperm bike. It actually transports sperm. Also the lowest point of Djibouti Good to know… Interesting fact so far: Even though we went through one fourth of the list of the countries, we only mentioned countries that start from the first four letters of the alphabet. I’m going to have to stop this list for now. If you enjoyed this video and want me to continue these facts for the rest of the countries, go and like, share and maybe even subscribe! Every little bit counts and help me a ton! Also, since this is the first time I’m doing this feedback is much appreciated. Thank you for taking your time to watch this video. See you next time for more!

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  1. Lucascvjm

    Content was good, and the little jokes here and there were funny and not distracting from the main topic. Keep up the great work.

  2. Nicholas P

    I love your accent! Also very good facts and i like your sense of humour

  3. Random Idiot

    You have a super sounding voice! Definitely a perfect voice for radio! I was hanging on your every word 🙂

  4. Lost String

    Awesome video. You put a lot of effort in it.

  5. Jordan Belfort

    Consider taking another Font and maybe make the Graphics look better and I can see you getting way more views and subs!

  6. ForthRight

    I really like the video! keep it up!

  7. João Rocha

    Nice video! Just one thing – the photo shown as Congo's Brazzaville, at 9:09, is actually Rio de Janeiro (though wrongly listed in Google Images). Happy 2017!

  8. Ina Georgieva

    Pretty good video cool facts and funny little jokes!

  9. Kavallier

    Thank you for watching!
    I encourage you to comment about the fact that was most interesting to you.
    Maybe even tell me if you have experienced any of these fact from your own country. Any corrections appreciated.
    Let's start a conversation!

  10. Jennifer McGoldrick

    Love all these facts, don't think you listed one that I didn't already know! But I laughed out loud when you got to China! I'm not surprised, but "censorship is censored". With the explosions and everything! Great! Also have to comment on your accent, I love it! Like another comment said, I was hanging on your every word!

  11. Underdog is God

    My new favorite country is DABOOTY

  12. RianO’K

    Oh my god your so funny!

  13. Bolguidhir

    In the map at the end, Barbados and Bangladesh are marked as red, saying they begin with A, which they do not. (11:24)

  14. Yorex BG

    I love the bulgarian yogurt/ Обичам киселото мляко

  15. Shukran Abiyev


  16. Cringebait ゴミ箱

    The bhutan fact tho…,

  17. Offical Alpha Brody

    Just saying but are you American?

  18. world landmarks


  19. Matt Aka Matt


  20. Male Ivy

    Do all Asians love dick or something? Because it is starting to look like it.

  21. Ms Libby


  22. Awxlynn Blueberry

    Phillipines 🥰🇵🇭
    The Phillipines tree is 500 yr

  23. David Of ჭrəghburg

    Yeah TRIGGERED!!?!?!?!for women btw I’m a boy

  24. Kevin Zuniga

    Great video bud 👍🏼

  25. RowdyAirplane 92

    Afghanistan: Sports
    Albania: Kosovo War
    Algeria: Women
    Andorra: Taxes
    Angola: 2 Nicknames
    Antigua & Barbuda: Pick Sand
    Argentina: Small Population
    Armenia: Chess
    Australia: Camels
    Austria: Oldest Flags
    Azerbaijan: Stilted City
    Bahamas: Underwater Caves
    Bahrain: Old Tree
    Bangladesh: Agriculture
    Barbados: Success Rates
    Belarus: UNESCO Heritage Site
    Belgium: Castles Per Kilometer
    Belize: Belizean Temple
    Benin: Low Gas
    Bhutan: Painting Houses
    Bolivia: Zebra Crossing
    Bosnia & Herzegovia: No Structure
    Botswana: Delta's
    Brazil: Cow To Chickens
    Brunei: Illegal
    Bulgaria: Bulgaricus
    Burkina Faso: African Art
    Burundi: Group Jogging
    Cambodia: No Birthdays
    Cameroon: Exploding Lake
    Canada: Snow Hotel
    Cape Verde: Wind Currents
    CAR: Least Affected Pollution
    Chad: Chadian Doctor
    Chile: Different Last Names
    China: Censorship Not Allowed
    Colombia: Undercooked Egg
    Comoros: Travelers
    DROC: Resource Richness
    ROC: Next Door
    Costa Rica: Nightclub
    Cote d'Ivoire: Cocoa Beans
    Croatia: More Sunshine
    Cuba: Highest Literacy Rates
    Cyprus: Only Men Cafés
    Czech Republic: Higher Power
    Denmark: Bicycles Then Cars
    Djibouti: Assal
    Dominica: Champagne Reef
    Dominican Republic: Considering

  26. Saviion Alberga

    I wish Bhutan never made it….

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