One-Eared Puppy Is Too Tiny To Be Real | The Dodo Little But Fierce

One-Eared Puppy Is Too Tiny To Be Real | The Dodo Little But Fierce

I was fostering a pregnant mom. Van Gogh was the first puppy born and it didn’t take long to find
out that he was missing an ear. He had issues from the get-go. So he was getting knocked off. He couldn’t hang in there. Which is never a good sign. Especially for a small, delicate puppy. Actually, this is hard to talk about
without crying, but I was afraid to go in the room in the morning. Afraid that he would be gone. I would have to bottle-feed him,
four times a day, five times a day. After about two and a half weeks and he started to show some interest. He couldn’t walk. He would, kind of, roll on the ground. It was hard for him to figure it out. When he started to get
more strength in his legs then it became him being able
to stand up on his front legs. And then when his back legs
kicked in, he would just move in reverse. And then, shortly after that, he
figured out how to go forward. It’s like he was conquering things
that other puppies don’t have to deal with. It was awesome and he started
acting like a real puppy. It was great to see him start
to be able to walk. He was a little snuggle bunny. I would hold him up and he would just
snuffle in there and give me kisses. Then I started to introduce
Van Gogh to my dogs. He was great. He was the size of a hamster and one of my dogs is a mini Aussie
who just adores puppies. And she was just like a big sister to him. They were really close. He did not want to be away from the dogs. He absolutely loves running with
the dogs, running with the pack and being a part of it. I knew it from the get-go. I just said to myself, if he survived
he wasn’t going anywhere. Who’s gonna take care of
him better than me?

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