Nikki Bella: Why She Actually Wants To See John Cena Move On With Someone Else – Daily News

Nikki Bella: Why She Actually Wants To See John Cena Move On With Someone Else – Daily News

Nikki Bella is learning how to deal with her upsetting breakup from John Cena and she thinks it would make things easier if he moved on with someone else    Nikki Bella, 34, and John Cena, 41, broke their fans’ hearts when they decided to break up and although they had a lot of love for each other, Nikki thinks it would be best if they just moved forward The brunette beauty is focusing on her work and isn’t sure she’s ready to get into another serious relationship but she would actually prefer John to get into another romance soon   “Nikki is burying herself in her career right now and taking more time in the ring and that is her focus because being single is actually very new on her and actually quite fun,” a source close to Nikki EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife “She would love to see John move on with someone else and that would almost make things the realest they would ever be and it would mean that chapter in her life was officially over Then it would be easier to move on herself.”    Nikki hinted at wanting to start a new chapter when she recently revealed that she no longer talks to John  “He’s doing him and I’m doing me,” she said in an interview with with Entertainment Tonight She also talked about how happiness is important to her and explained that she’s trying to achieve that by focusing on herself We can totally understand how Nikki’s actions with her career could help her heal from the tough split and it’s good to know that she would love to see John be happy with someone else  We’re not sure if John will be moving on anytime soon, though. He was reportedly heartbroken over the ending of his relationship with Nikki but he, too, has been using his work to heal Since he was divorced in the past, he knows the rough battle of moving on from love so we’re hoping he can get to a point where he’s feeling confident and strong once again

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