Myth Debunker: 43 Popular Myths Debunked – Fun Facts Trivia

Myth Debunker: 43 Popular Myths Debunked – Fun Facts Trivia

It’s often unclear how myths are started,
but one thing’s for sure, people love them. They share these myths as if they’re facts,
without ever verifying them. On this episode of The Infographics Show, we debunk 43 very
popular myths. 1. MSG often linked to Chinese Restaurants
has a widespread reputation for triggering migraine headache, but there are no consistent
data to support claim. 2. Sushi does not mean “raw fish”, and not
all sushi includes fish. The name sushi refers to any dish that includes vinegared rice. 3. The Twinkie does not have an infinite shelf
life; its listed shelf life is approximately 45 days and generally remains on a store shelf
for only 7 to 10 days. 4. Fortune cookies are extremely rare in China
and are seen as a symbol of American culture. Fortune cookies were in fact invented and
brought to the U.S. by the Japanese. 5. It is not true that you have to wait 24
hours before filing a missing person report. 6. Frankenstein was not the name of the monster
in the novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley; rather it was
the surname of the monster’s creator, Victor Frankenstein. 7. The forbidden fruit mentioned in the Book
of Genesis is commonly assumed to be an apple, and is widely depicted as such in Western
art. However, the Bible does not identify what type of fruit it is. The original Hebrew
texts mention only tree and fruit. 8. There is no evidence that Jesus was born
on December 25. The Bible never claims a date of December 25, but may imply a date closer
to September. 9. The black belt in martial arts does not
necessarily indicate expert level or mastery. It was introduced for judo in the 1880s to
indicate competency of all the basic techniques of the sport. 10. In ancient Rome, the architectural feature
called a vomitorium was the entranceway through which crowds entered and exited a stadium,
not a special room used for purging food during meals. 11. Chastity belts were not designed to prevent
women from having sexual intercourse. They were used as anti-masturbatory devices due
to a widespread belief that masturbation could lead to insanity. 12. The accused at the Salem witch trials
were not burned at the stake; about 15 died in prison, 19 were hanged and one was pressed
to death. 13. Napoleon Bonaparte (pictured) was not
short; rather he was slightly taller than the average Frenchman of his time (5’ 7”
1.69m) 14. The popular image of Santa Claus was not
created by The Coca-Cola Company as an advertising gimmick; by the time Coca-Cola began using
Santa Claus’s image in the 1930s, Santa Claus had already taken his modern form in popular
culture. 15, There was no widespread outbreak of panic
across the United States in response to Orson Welles’ 1938 radio adaptation of H.G. Wells’
The War of the Worlds. Only a very small share of the radio audience was even listening to
it, and isolated reports of scattered incidents and increased call volume to emergency services
were played up the next day by newspapers, eager to discredit radio as a competitor for
advertising. 16. Albert Einstein did not fail mathematics
in school. He did however fail the entrance exam in to a school on his first attempt,
although he was two years younger than his fellow students. 17. The Great Wall of China CANNOT be seen
from space. 18. Bulls are not enraged by the color red.
They actually react to the motions of the bullfighter’s cloth. 19. Dogs don’t sweat by salivating. They
sweat mainly through their footpads. 20. Not only are bats not blind, they are
also capable of navigating using echolocation. 21. Goldfish do not have a memory span of
a few seconds. They can actually remember things for a few months. 22. Humans and dinosaurs (other than birds)
never coexisted. The two missed each other by 63 million years. 23. Eating less than an hour before swimming
does not increase the risk of experiencing muscle cramps or drowning. 24. Human blood in veins is not actually blue.
In fact, blood is always red due to hemoglobin. Deoxygenated blood has a deep red color, and
oxygenated blood has a light cherry-red color. 25. Shaving does not cause hair to grow back
thicker or coarser or darker. 26. Hair and fingernails do not continue to
grow after a person dies. Rather, the skin dries and shrinks away from the bases of hairs
and nails, giving the appearance of growth 27. Sugar does not cause hyperactivity in
children. Double-blind trials have shown no difference in behavior between children given
sugar-full or sugar-free diets. 28. Swallowed chewing gum does not take seven
years to digest. In fact, chewing gum is mostly indigestible, and passes through the digestive
system at the same rate as other matter. 29. There is no physiological basis for the
belief that having sex in the days leading up to a sporting event or contest is detrimental
to performance. In fact it has been suggested that sex prior to sports activity can elevate
the levels of testosterone in males, which could potentially enhance their performance. 30. Cracking your knuckles will not cause
arthritis. 31. There is no reason that lightning would
not be able to strike the same place twice; if there is a thunderstorm in a given area,
then objects and places which are more prominent or conductive (and therefore minimize distance)
are more likely to be struck. 32. A penny dropped from the Empire State
Building will not kill a person or crack the sidewalk. It will, however, hurt. 33. Toilet waste is never intentionally released
from an aircraft. All waste is collected in tanks which are emptied on the ground by toilet
waste vehicles. 34. Searing meat does not seal in moisture.
It is done for the flavor. 35. Sharks can get cancer; particularly skin
cancer. 36. Houseflies don’t live for 24 hours.
They live for about a month. 37. Bananas don’t grow on trees. They actually
grow on massive herbs that resemble trees. 38. Only in infants is most heat lost through
the head. 39. Humans have 20 senses, including balance,
pain, movement, hunger, thirst, etc. 40. Coffee does not dehydrate you. The diuretic
effect of caffeine is offset by the amount of water in the caffeinated drink. 41. Vaccines don’t cause autism. The fears
are based on fraudulent research that’s been shown to have been manipulated. 42. Adding salt to water will not make it
boil faster. 43. Vikings horned helmets were actually created
by a costume designer for a 19th century Wagner opera. If you disagree with any of the debunked myths,
let us know in the comments! And, as always, don’t forget to click like and subscribe
to our channel. Subtitles by the community

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  1. KarlTheJarl

    wasent the monster named after victor

  2. Action Zach

    22 is a complete lie…

  3. Elian

    22 dinosaurs did live with humans see your own video call TopTen New Technologys at 0:08

  4. Christian Ivy

    Vaccines, in some cases, have caused Autism.

  5. Marin Prusac

    did someone really think blood is blue??

  6. A.J. Hodges

    The amount of caffeine in different kinds of coffee can vary as can an individual's sensitivity to it. I am more sensitive to caffeine than my coworkers as I don't consume it regularly, even in soda. Caffeine is not the only thing that can lead to dehydration, instead pay attention to symptoms of it and drink an extra glass of water if you need.

  7. keco185

    Most heat is lost through the head of anyone because of how heat rises…

  8. Andrew Matteson

    Salt can cause water to boil faster because salt has a lower specific heat than water. However to achieve this you would need a lager percentage of the solvent be salt.

  9. C Brown

    So some people think human blood is blue? Who are these people?

  10. Violence Is Fun

    i wish i was as pretty as the Trivago lady 🙁

  11. Violence Is Fun

    4:01 when i heard this bit it made me think of that Eminem song where he says "…cut you so fast when your blood spilled it was still blue" damn i'm so old

  12. iaag o

    you left these two earth is flat and the center of the earth is a day younger than the surface

  13. Joseph H.

    People believe these?

  14. KMG623

    The Jesus birthday I think is wrong. Mostly because you can look at star simulations and back track it to approximately Dec 25. And it coincides with the Bible.
    As a guy, the shaving thing does make hair grow back faster though nothing else. It only applies to facial hair though.

  15. [AIMS] :Ignited:

    Where is the sound in space myth

  16. Sam Burnes

    But wasn't Frankenstein the real monster?

  17. Chiplet

    You forgot, "Daddy long legs are the most venomous spiders in tue world, but their fangs aren't long enough to bite humans." That always annoys me

  18. AutoGamerz

    MSG (In larger quantities) is one of my migraine triggers, if I eat it I usually but not always get one within 10-60 minutes of consuming the food. Sad to discover but brands hide MSG in an insane amount of ways resulting in "Ghost migraines" seemingly caused by nothing till I found out what stuff was hidden MSG as well. I gone from 5-10 migraines a month, to 5-15 a year since.

  19. AutoGamerz

    27. But what if the sugar free diets in studies contained sugar replacements like aspertame having the same effect as sugar on children in hyperactivity sense.

  20. Caleb M

    I've always head Napoleon was 5' 6". Either way though.

  21. kirby march barcena

    So many myths to debunk in a short,short time

  22. James

    44. The wage gap

  23. Dan

    there are actually 21 senses

  24. Paris Osuch

    You forgot that the Bible is true and god is real

  25. Kristijan Madhukar

    oh my god I watch so many of these types of videos I know almost all of them help me

  26. TruNurd

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  27. Sam K

    And blue due to copper

  28. Aaron Elm

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    Frankenstein's monster says his name in a monologue in the book. he names himself after his creator.. Fact. i thought better of you InfographicShow.

  30. Aerinna

    u missed "polar bears and penguins live in the same region"

  31. Burris Streaming

    none of the christian holidays related the Jesus are correct, they are actually placed there to take over pegan holidays by the catholic church. Even valentines day is replaced in this way.

  32. Rohit Philip Saju

    The thing about eve's fruit and Christmas is true…

  33. Ttenneb Sicnarf

    1:15 you forgot Adam and Eve existed,that's a big myth

  34. Ttenneb Sicnarf

    Erbs,erbs? They're called herbs with a h

  35. JacobusOptimum

    Who the fuck thought humans and dinosaurs coexisted?!?!?

  36. Maxi 192

    There is no evidence that Jesus was born at all, there is no evidence that Eve ate a magical apple either. (and no, the bible doesn't count as evidence).

  37. randallross420

    44. Building 7 did not collapse at freefall speed into its own footprint due to office fire.

  38. Sebastian Michelis

    Did people really not know this?

  39. Brie Beecher

    I had to do the math in front of my mother to prove to her that water does not boil more quickly after adding salt. She refused to believe I was right until I sat her down and made her watch me calculate the boiling point of pure DI water and salt water. In fact the boiling point actually increases by a fraction of a degree Celsius. I still don't think she believes it but oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️

  40. Johny Etwer

    Most of these are from the american dumbass people.

  41. eza zarumi

    FORGOT ONE! Phones explode if they're charged while playing, the true thing is : they only explode when its too hot

  42. Jonathan

    Yeah. There ain't no The Infographics Show. This is Poppa John's.

  43. Alice Beck

    Incorrect. Fortune cookies were invented by a Japanese man in SAN FRANCISCO. They were not brought here by the Japanese, they were invented FOR AMERICANS in the us.

  44. King Le

    Twinkie shelf life 45 days basically infinite shelf life in most house holds it only lasts like 45 seconds

  45. TheCoolScienceStation

    Blood in blue. Look at your veins

  46. Joe Royce

    All correct

  47. happiness & laughter

    The fortune cookie were prevalent in China before the communist party took over. They are of Chinese origin and culture

  48. Tara

    it is not common to think that humans and dinosaurs existed at the same time

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    Wait, wait wait, Having sex before some workouts actually improves sport performance.

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    Dinosaurs did exist with humans at one point

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  56. An Ordinary Dog

    You might want to correct that salt water one. Adding a FEW tablespoons of salt does nothing. It takes a lot of salt however to decrease the boiling point of water.

  57. Denzel Similo


  58. Mike Enkhsaikhan

    i new the franken one

  59. hattenh2

    So is the documentary Vaxxed just a fabrication?

  60. Naturenerd1000

    No Twinki has expired yet in the past 50 years. The experation date on the package means nothing.

  61. Shannon Leigh

    The Viking horn hat was actually likely a mistranslation

  62. Hamb

    #22 is false

  63. Jonathan Angulo

    The whole salt in water thing isn’t to make it boil faster, it’s to decrease the recovery time necessary for water to resume boiling after something is put in it

  64. pi13

    Dinosaurs and Humans actually did coexist, but I can’t blame you, many people also believe the myth that (macro) Evolution exists

  65. iameverywhere25

    Boi fortune cookies were made in CA

  66. Aiden Bar

    I have $3.96 in on pocket and $5.92 in the other. I live in a two story house with my wife and pet snake. I lost a quarter in the sink and I regret it, what am I?

    25 cents poorer

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    I aggre on many of your debunk but I would like some proof also anyway I love your videos 🙂

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  71. torai manchester

    thirst is NOT a sense LMAO

  72. Downright Dutch

    About Eve’s “Apple”, and Jesus’ birthday, for millions of true Christians (born again!) this is sooo obvious that it’s even stupid to think about it, or even mention this! What an ungodly, stupid world without God.

  73. Mikel101 the master


  74. Ray Poreon

    The "5 senses" one is actually true, as all the examples you gave are examples of touch. Not sure of the other ones you did not list, but I assume they would be subsections of the 5 senses.

  75. Xavier Fakhouri

    Who the hell thought #33 was true all their lives?

  76. Kvlt Hipster MGTOW

    8, hell why not go beyond, there is no proof Jesus even existed. Also Christmas was Winter Solstice, Thules day & copy many from the European & Middle Eastern pagan customs.

  77. Joe Monroe

    dont' forget the myth that DNA assembled itself form mud.

  78. The Racist Brexiteer

    I concluded from the music that i do not care

  79. Sweetly Unicorn

    You forgot the myth about cold weather causing people to catch colds. This isn’t true. Viruses cause colds.

  80. Vincent Proxy

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  81. Fettige Finger

    common misconception: infographics are researched and worth trusting.

  82. Esatpircsnart

    Most importantly, gainsaying is not synonymous with 'debunking'.

  83. Nicholas Fury

    tongue can taste any taste from any part of it

  84. CMV Robison

    You are WRONG about vaccines! It is the OPPOSITE of what you said. It HAS BEEN SCIENTIFICALLY proven that vaccines do cause autism and other harmful conditions. Big Pharma companies have manipulated and twisted everything to make the American people believe vaccines are critically important! WHY? Because vaccines and flu shots makes billions of dollars for the U.S. It’s all about the money! These people LOVE sick people! Its one of the reasons why Americans are so so sick! These companies are the fraudulent ones!!!

    How do you heal diseases and illness? Not with vaccines nor drugs. But, with anything that comes from plants! Healthy organic fruits and veggies, herbs, spices, organic essential oils…etc. I have first hand experience with what I am saying, besides studying health and nutrition for the past 10 yrs. And yes, I have 4 children. I KNOW!

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    Another one: Rice makes birds explode, so we switched to throwing birdseed at weddings! What science-impaired idiot came up with that lie? I grew up around rice fields, and birds ate rice all the time. Not one exploded. Not one. People who know nothing make up the stupidest nonsense.

  91. sbjkd

    Bulls are colour-blind

  92. Brutus Judas

    Also, “going outside in the cold without a coat will give you a cold”. People catch colds more often in the winter because they’re inside in confined spaces with other (sick) people more often.

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    1. Shaving and hair growth
    2. Fish having short term memory
    3. Coffee and dehydration

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    8. He was not for sure

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  100. John Delaney

    Lacking proof… you're saying your debunking myths but not actually proving anything…. which is the same way the myths probably began… so i have just debunked your whole video with this simple comment? this is just your opinion, nothing more.

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