Maroon 5 – Cold (Lyrics) ft. Future

Maroon 5 – Cold (Lyrics) ft. Future

February 24, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 10 Comments

Maroon 5 – Cold (Lyrics)  ft. Future

Cold enough to to my bones Feels like I don’t know you anymore I don’t understand why you’re so cold to meet with every breath you Breathe, I see there’s something going on. I don’t Understand why you’re so cold. Are we taking time out? I can’t eat in between Asking me for space here in my house. You know how to fuck with me. I feel we’re not together Not her everything the weaving through sleeping up under the covers I’m so far away from you Distant when we’re kissing If you’re so different Baby, tell me how did you get so What you’re holdin on holdin on for you need to sleep Why you wanna bite your tongue for silence is killing me nuts. Look, we’re not together If you don’t want this the words they use people up under the covers I’m so far away from you this time When we’re kisses You’re so different Baby tell me how did you get so Never thought that you would like this I took the tag on four major prizes Stan I just spent a half a million on a chandelier that each I’m coming y’all like a light switch Trying staying I leave Saying that you need some time to breathe Thinking that I’m sleeping on the far another word, but the four-letter word don’t sleep we go in two separate way you and me You gotta go where we die is to beat you don’t dig it W-with the side get attacked again Yah Debate I see Go

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