Leadership in the future – 2 tips to lead “remote working / work from home” teams

Hi, do you want to lead your team more effectively? Do you want to lead your virtual team or remote working team more effectively? If yes, this video is for you. Hi, my name is Dickson and today in this video, I’m going to share with you two tips that you can lead your virtual teams or remote teams more effectively. Why understanding this is important? Because increasingly people are working remotely and increasingly people are working virtually or work from home. So you need to know how to lead more effectively in this context. So what are the two specific tips I’m going to share with you today? Let me walk you through one by one. The first tip is you need to recognize that virtual team or remote team is the norm and you have to shift from a location-specific leadership to virtual or remote leadership. So what does that mean? That means you have to be very comfortable leading a virtual team or remote team. I give you an analogy. In the past, when you have work document or spreadsheet, you’d save this document into your computer, into your desktop computer or laptop computer. But nowadays increasingly you’re saving the same document onto a drive, onto a cloud drive onto a Dropbox and so on and so forth. So that is the exact same shift you need to ..you need to make. It is to move from location-specific leadership to a virtual / remote leadership. A lot of times people people say “oh I only feel like a leader when I’m in the office, when I in the workplace”. Actually, that’s not true. Increasingly you need to be very comfortable by leading your team virtually. Regardless of your location, whether you’re in the office or outside office. You need to know how to lead effectively as a leader virtually and remotely so that’s the first tip I need to share with you. You need to change your mindset. You need to move from local-specific leadership to virtual / remote leadership. So that’s tip number one. What is tip number two? Tip number two is about using a mixture of communication tools to help you lead more effectively virtually or remotely. Specifically there are two types of communication – one is called asynchronous communication. The other one is synchronous communication – so you need to be very comfortable in communicating using both types of tools. Let me go through it. Number one about this asynchronous communication tool. So what does that mean? That means this is a tool that you can communicate to the other party and the other party can pick up later, they don’t need to interact and pick it up simultaneously. Asynchronous communication tool will be something like email or message. So you just send out a message, sent out email and then people can pick it up later. So this is specifically useful if your task is well defined. You have some specific tasks or you want to communicate to other person. So for example, you need … person A to approve marketing budget or to change the color of a logo, things like that. So something very specific. So it will be good if you use this asynchronous communication tool. And other communication tool is what we call the synchronous communication. Synchronous communication tool will be something like a web meeting, virtual meeting everybody log in at the same time and then you do a brainstorming you do some sharing You are solving the problem together. Everybody need to be in the same virtual space at the same time. So that is synchronous communication – so as a leader, you need to know how to make use of both tools and to use both tools to your advantage. So for example, if you are managing a global team – having multiple time zones – sometimes you may want to use asynchronous communication too so that you can take advantage of this time zone benefit. For example, if I’m based in Singapore, I can send an email to someone to US, so that when I’m sleeping, my US team can pick up the task and continue work on the same project. So that’s the asynchronous communication. On the other hand, if you want everybody to be on the same page to share idea,s to solve a problem, to work very collaboratively for a short session, so you may want to set up a synchronous communication, web conference. Okay, so this is the second tip I would like to share with you. You need to know how to use a mixture of communication tools, be it asynchronous or synchronous. So to recap, what are the two things you need to know if you want to lead your virtual teams, remote teams or your work from home teams more effectively. Number one, you need to recognize that you need to move away from location-specific to virtual /remote leadership. Secondly, you need to know how to use a mixture of communication tools, be it synchronous or asynchronous. So I hope this video sharing is something useful to you. If you like this video, make sure you share with your friends and colleagues. Once again, this is Dickson. Embrace leadership. Embrace virtual and remote leadership. Cheers

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