Knitting Help – Weaving Ends in Reverse Stockinette

Knitting Help – Weaving Ends in Reverse Stockinette

In this video, I’m gonna demonstrate weaving
in ends in reverse stockinette. And I have so many weaving in ends videos. I just keep
putting them out every time someone asks for a new one in a different situation. If you
wanna see all of my weaving in ends videos, for every specific situation so far people
have asked for, just click the little eye in the upper right-hand corner to go to my
website. And I’ll have that whole list there for you. Or you can follow the link in the
video description field below if you’re on mobile. Reverse stockinette is stockinette. It’s,
you know, knit Vs on one side and purl bumps on the other side. But reverse stockinette
actually considers the purl bump side the right side of the work, right? It’s not like
garter stitch because, with garter stitch, you end up with purl bumps and knit Vs, purl
bumps and knit Vs. Reverse stockinette is just solid, solid purl bumps. I can actually
show you better. I don’t have to talk about it anymore. Let’s go and take a look. This is a little swatch of stockinette. And,
normally, we look at this, and this would be the right side of the work. But in reverse
stockinette, this is the right side of the work. And a lot of patterns use this for different
reasons. So, the trick here is to weave in the end on the knit side of the work. And
I’m going to use a contrasting color of yarn, just that you can see what I’m doing. But,
normally, we would have, you know, the end coming out of here that we need to weave in.
I’m just gonna do it in the middle of the work so you can see what I’m doing. And the
purpose here is to weave in the end in a way that’s not going to show on the front of the
work and that isn’t going to mess with the elasticity of the fabric, right? We’re going to do the same thing that I do
when I’m weaving in ends in ribbing. Put your needle into the leg of one of the Vs. I’m
gonna put it in the right leg of the V. And then, I’m going to just keep wrapping my needle
around the right leg of the V, going for a few stitches, and then pull it through. Actually,
this is a really long end to pull. You would not normally have an end this long to weave
in, right? And then, I’m going to go back the other direction, put my needle into this
loop right next to where I left off, and just keep wrapping it around, and then pull that
through. So, I’ve gone up and down. And when you’re pulling that through, watch your tension.
If you pull it too hard, it might show through on the front of the work. It might pucker
the work. You don’t wanna leave a big loop though. And you can cut it short at that point.
And the end is woven in. And nothing shows through on the other side of the work. And
we have not messed with the elasticity of the fabric. One more video for my weaving in ends playlist.
That’s weaving the end in on reverse stockinette. I hope that helps with your project. Good
luck. [00:03:23]
[music] [00:03:50]

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