KILLING MY FRIEND ON HALLOWEEN (clickbait) (no one actually died) (animation?)

KILLING MY FRIEND ON HALLOWEEN (clickbait) (no one actually died) (animation?)

Um so… story I guess. First story. It’s
crazy. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Uh yea so it wa- like I was at TRUNK OR TREAT
just trick-or-treating in the parking lot of my school and yeah we were
playing tag on the playground and while we were playing tag- um… uh… hi guys sorry this video
couldn’t come out sooner but yeah and my drawing tablet broke so the rest of the
video is gonna be sock puppets… i don’t know. Yeah okay resume the video
While we were playing tag I tagged my friends and we started running and he ran into a pole
and he broke his tooth and he died… he didn’t die Happy Halloween so yeah that’s the end of this
video if this is an end card I guess who cares but yeah my drawing tablet did
break I should be getting a new one on my birthday which should be which is
should it be it’s next week so yeah hope you enjoyed this video see you in the
next one bye

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  1. Tommy Brunetz


  2. Allana is Weird

    I clicked so fast

  3. ThisBoiDraws’

    Cool Beans

  4. Jennifunny

    Murder isn't nice >:((( Reeeee

  5. Annalie Keech

    Good job improvising 👏

  6. King Pagie


  7. Naterbug

    Cool socks Tom

  8. WhateverSarah

    Tom do you script your videos or something? 😂

  9. Tyler Toons

    Best video ever

  10. StickboiAnimations

    No u

    Ur sans

  11. TheAmateurAsian

    Took long enoguh jesus dude

  12. Sadhow

    Rockin that old Navy sweater 😎😎😎

  13. 64 ʙᴇᴅʀᴏᴄᴋ

    Subbed since 100subs luv your vids

  14. CrayZ Games

    Did u see a dinosaur

  15. WirdHere

    Eyyy another good vid. Nice job dude!

  16. goober noodle

    Sound effects 100%

  17. Kanter Banter

    the sock puppets were 10x better than an animation

  18. That One Drawing Girl

    I thought you died.

  19. luke

    nice one merry halloween 10/10

  20. Alex Matrix

    Tom I love you

  21. Silentz

    Happy Early Birthday!!! <33

  22. Julie of the Arts

    Can you please tech me how to write scripts like this?

  23. Julie of the Arts

    I really like the sock puppet thing, it is….*unique*

  24. Blue Box Imagination

    30th comment YEET

  25. Liz Drawz

    The sock puppets were great😂 Happy Halloween!

  26. Opinionated Sketches

    Yaaaas another great video, your almost at 1K🎉

  27. Toffye

    How did you animate the second part of the video, it’s so realistic

  28. Android Games

    Tom you're weird

  29. RijadGets2D


  30. Michael Scott

    Omg he clickbaited i didnt expect that

  31. Ruchik Animations

    Dude this is great!

  32. ducksauce

    happy early birth

  33. pinecsne

    I lost my tooth on Halloween while eating a Milk Dud…

  34. Just Peachy

    loved it, subbed lol

  35. TheBearAnimates

    haha luv it

  36. Ramune Fever

    when you slapped yourself into the fire i had such an urge to say "Big mood"

  37. Ka Ophie

    such a suspenseful video, really put me on edge

  38. HauntedHat

    U are really good, u need more subs

  39. Its Coca Cat


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    I find his plaque funny because I was his 27th subscriber

  41. BloodOrangeBurger


  42. Mango

    U deserve way more subs

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    that beep blew my ears out.
    it hurt.

  44. Horsee

    i suubed to you from jackabois stream

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    The name fits

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    epic mask reveal

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