If Undertale was Realistic 2

If Undertale was Realistic 2

March 26, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

If Undertale was Realistic 2

Frisk: Ughh… I shouldn’t have drank that much at the bar…. Frisk: I need to piss AGAIN. Frisk: Ugh, here we go. Frisk: Ahhh… Undyne: Is that noise… …A HUMAN?! Frisk: Ahhhhh… Frisk: This piss is so long,it’s like a Neverending Story. *Ice Cream Truck Music* *GASP* Undyne: THE ICE CREAM VAN IS HERE! Undyne: Ice cream ice cream ice cream ice cream ice cream… Frisk: Ahh, there we go… *Weird Breathing* Frisk: Were you watching me the whole time ? Monster kid: …Yes… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) Frisk: …Excellent news. *slurp* Undyne: …ice cream… Undyne: …ice crea- SHIT! Undyne: NYAAH! Frisk: …Oh? Undyne: DAMMIT! Frisk: Uh, excuse me! Frisk: I think you dropped your little spear… thing? Undyne: Yeah, uhh… Frisk: It’s okay, I’ll- I’ll throw it back, don’t worry! Undyne: That’s not a good idea, I- Undyne: I don’t think… Frisk: …Oh! Oh… Frisk: I’m gonna assume you’re mad? Frisk: Ahh! (Epic Chase music) Undyne: Got you now you little freak! (Heavy breathing noises) Undyne: Well he’s gotta be around here somewhere.. (Ice Cream truck music)

Undyne: Dammit! MY WEAKNESS!!! Undyne: Ice cream ice cream ice cream! (Heavy breathing) Frisk: Why are you following me, man?!?! MK: Isn’t Undyne so cool? Frisk: I guess for a fish she’s alright. How did she even get down here? Frisk: Did she die and someone flushed her down the toilet? MK: Possibly. That’s how I got here… Frisk: Of course it is. Frisk: So what does that make you; a toilet baby? MK: I hope so… Frisk: So where’s the exit to this place? MK: Just follow me. By the way it’s gonna start raining for no reason in a second- Oh. right on cue MK: Here’s an umbrella Frisk: Cool. MK: Do you want pink or blue? Frisk: What does it matter? MK: I can’t tell if you’re a girl or a boy Frisk: I don’t have a gender stop opressing me!! MK: FINE I’ll take pink. I’m comfortable with my sexuality. Frisk: What does that even mean? What do you find attractive bananas or something? MK: Apples. Frisk: Ugh, silly me, OF COURSE that makes sense. Frisk: Goddamn it. (Rain fall sounds and footsteps) Frisk: You’re supposed to open the umbrella by the way. MK: Oh, I knew I forgot something! *Sigh* MK: The only way is up there, so to get up you have to jump on my head. Frisk: Or we can
A, get a ladder,
B, I climb
C, I could probably jump up there to be honest. MK: No! you gotta jump on my head. Frisk: You seem pretty adamant about this head jumping thing. MK: It’s the only way! Frisk: Alright, fine. Frisk: Ugh! MK: Ohhhh yeah… Frisk: Ewwwww! MK: Safe travels! Undyne: NGYYYAAHH!! Undyne: I got you now!! NGYYYAAAHHHH!!!! Frisk: What is that? Undyne: Huh? Frisk: The NGYYAAHHH!!! Thing. Undyne: Oh, that’s my catchphrase. Frisk: I mean, to me it sounds like a cat being stepped on but, To each their own. ………….. Frisk: I should probably run away now, right? Frisk: Ahh!! (Footsteps) Undyne: NGGYAAHH!! Undyne: You’re mine!
NGYAH! Frisk: Did you just cut the floor in half?!!?! Undyne: Yes! Frisk: Okay i’m not gonna lie that’s really dumb considering Frisk: Frisk: I’m at a dead end and you can easily capture me no problem at all Frisk: but now you sliced the floor in half and i’m gonna fall so, Frisk: Oh screw it. Frisk: AHHHHHH!!!!! Undyne: Ugh I guess that was kind of stupid… Frisk: Ahh.. Looks like I’m okay… Frisk: Nevermind. Frisk: Okay, here we go, HERE WE GO, URG, URGGGG UURRRGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! *Pop*
……..Oh. Frisk: Lovin’ life. Frisk: Now where am I, the garbage disposal? Frisk: At least I found dinner. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM ………… Frisk: You’re so gonna come to life aren’t you you’re just gonna- Mad Dummy: Raggghhh!!!! I called it! I called it. Raaggh!!!
I’m spooky ghost that lives inside a dummy!!!! Woooaaahhhhhhhhh I’m going to kill you!!!! Why. Cause I’m an angry ghost thing!!!!! But why are you so angry? You wouldn’t care….. To be fair, I probably wouldn’t Why don’t men find me attractive??!!?!?! I don’t know maybe just don’t possess a dummy?? ‘Cause I only have one possession left! Oh! I know a loophole for that. Try possessing this thing. Why? Just trust me this is gonna solve all your problems. Okay!! Rreeeuaaaaahhhhh! Hah! you just possessed a really heavy box. And now you can’t move and you’re gonna be trapped there forever. Have a wonderful life. Yoooouuu duuuuukeed meeee!!!! *A series of da’s, dop’s, deeps, and other stuff* S-H-O-P Shop! Better have chicken strips in there I swear. Hmm. So do you own this store or…? *turtle stares intensly* …yeah? How do I pay? ‘Cause you can’t really.. *Munching sounds* Aw yes! Another store! Hoi! Welcome to the Tem Shop! What’s the best item you’ve got? We… uh… have… these things! Hoi! Why are you talking like an absolute Mongotron? ‘Cuz our Hoi fanbase and weaboos will like it! Interesting.. How much do they cost by the way? Per hour that is. (Rip, Old Temmie song. 2016-2017).*Rubber duck noises* [Big Tem] Oh uh.. that depends sir, you can pay per song..or.. Ah okay. We go about doing it a lot of different ways you see. Gotcha. How much is that thing again? Is… er… wan million mone fings. One million!? That’s a rip-off! I.. er has go college. For what, speech therapy? Whatever, I’m going. Ugh, customer’s gone guys take five. Oh! Nevermind! Actually, you know what? I’ll take it. Hoi! Good choi- HHHHAAAAAGHHCCCCCCCCC And I’ll take you guys as well. (Temmies n Big Tem joined your party) NYAAAAAAAAAAGH!(Undyne nyaghhhhed big Tem n temmies. They died). (Great cgi scene)YOU JUST KILLED MY LITTLE TROOP THING! We were going to play at weddings and everything! When I get your soul, we can finally go to the surface. What’s so good about the surface anyway? We don’t have any McDonalds down here 🙁 To be fair, I can relate to that. SO YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Undyne went super powered. I’m gonna stab you and stuff! So now have y- *Perfect rendition* Bada bo ba dababa ..What are you doing? ..What is that? da da dananananana That’s my theme song. Well if that’s the case, then why did you kill my little troop thing!? They could have sang that for you! ..Oh right… See what I’m saying about you thinking things through? I know.. You’ve got to work on that. I know… You’ve really got to work on it. HEEEEY!!! GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!! *Perfect rendition continues* awesome theme plays You alright mate? How’s it going? YES lad! Down it, down it! Bye buddy! How’s it going Undyne? Fuck off! How rude. …It’s too hot… ..Ehhh this armor.. Hah! Like fish in a barrel! Actually, hold on one second.. Perfect! ..Need….. water…! Sorry what? I- I can’t hear you. …….NEED…… WATER….! Sorry I can’t hear you, what are you- what are you trying to convey to me? I NEED WATERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh! You want to apologize for even trying to kill me! WAAAATERRRR!!!!!! What’s the problem with you guys down here? You’re always trying to kill me! You have a go at me if I attack you back, but YOU’RE the ones trying to kill ME! Ugh, whatever. Here, here’s your precious water. AAAAAAAAAUUUUGH!!!!! THIS IS BOILING WATER!!! You didn’t specify what kind of water you wanted! AAAAAUGGGH IT’S EATING MY FAAAAAACE!! Yeah, crawl back to your fish tank, go on! Crawl away! So ungrateful.. Uhhh… Okay, let’s weigh my options here. There COULD be food in there, but I could potentially die. But if I don’t go in I probably might have a better chance of living… but at the same time… …Aw shit not again! ..It’s worth the risk. Hello? Anybod- what the..? Oh my god… Am I on the Truman Show!? No, this this Big Brother season ten. And what are you supposed to be? The dinosaur version of Lisa Simpson? My name is Alphys and I- I’m a scientist of Asgore-ah-as-ah-uh-mmm Asgore? Oh! You know, Asgore! He’s the villian? You know he must take your soul so he takes you up to the surface and then he goes and gets some KFC? I could really do for KFC right now to be honest. I make robots. Hiii, I’m the robot. He’s a robot. I’m gonna ask you some questions, and if you don’t answer them correctly, you’ll die. That went from a two to a ten really quickly. What is my favorite color? Uhh…. Ahh.. Isn’t the sky so blue? Uh, yeah sure. Oh, and I also love how blue the ocean is. I do like a bit of ocean in the morning, why not? I love how the Nazis had blonde hair and BLUUUUE… …eyes. To be fair, they were masters of fashion. Answer my question or you’ll die! I’m not sure Mr. Robot Friend. ..Mettaton. Megatron. There’s just so many wonderful colors, you know? You should learn to appreciate them all. I have a pair of shoes that are BLUUUUUEEEE. ALPHYS! I KNOW IT’S BLUE! STOP! Is the correct answer blue? The correct answer is magnolia. GOOD JOB ALPHYS. I need to go find a knife or something to kill you with, so I’ll BRB. La la la la la la la la la …I like the blue block in Tetris. Get out of my life. *Phone rings* What the- Hello? Hello? How did you- I didn’t even have a phone! Yeah….. I slipped one into your pocket while you weren’t looking. *snort* Don’t call me again. Jesus. *Phone Beeping* Oh my god. Hello? CAN YOU STOP TAGGING ME ON TWITTER PLEASE? Sorry. *Phone beeping intensifies* Oh my Je- Hello? THAT ALSO INCLUDES TEXT MESSAGING, FACEBOOK, TUMBLR, MONSTAGRAM, STEAM, AND STOP COMMENTING ON MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS THAT I UPLOADED FOUR YEARS AGO, SAYING THAT I LOOK CUTE IN DENIM! Sorry. *Inhale and exhale* That’s it. Well hey there that was so weird I was just texting you, did you get my event invite? *rekt* ..Yeah. The event’s been cancelled. *Beep* HOW!? Hey guys thanks for watching, we’re gonna do a question and answer session here soon, if you have any questions for Smashbits Animations, Our team, or our If Undertale was Realistic series, ask those questions in the description below, and I will answer your questions directly here very soon. We’re gonna be uploading these episode of If Undertale was Realistic every 2-3 days, until we release the unreleased episodes, so stay tuned!

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