How to draw semi realistic eyes by Huta Chan

How to draw semi realistic eyes by Huta Chan

Today I shall make a video tutorial you all draw eyes and set a distance between two eyes in diffrent angles Firstly, you all need to prepare drawing paper and some drawing tools I usually use two kinds of drawing papers sketch paper in the Potentate notebook and roki paper. Both of them have good pencil grip I use Pentel Graphgear 500 lead pencil. There are some tyoes 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7 of lead pencil . I use 0.5 2B. KOH 6B wooden pencil, black eraser and paper cutting knife. Before going to the eye drawing tutorial, I will guide you to some of strokes should be used when drawing the eyes I use pencil lead to sketch and draw. 6B wooden pencil is used to polish the eyes There is no difference in how to sharpen between mechanical or wooden pencil To sharpening practice you need to practice drawing parallel lines. With short strokes, hand drawing evenly move strokes slowly and redraw repeatedly to familiar hands Do not rush because sharpening takes time to improve. Once you are used to the hand, you can draw strokes faster and darker. For long strokes let relax your wrist and do not apply too much force to press the pen down. You have to practice fastly if you put slowly then the strokes will be uneven and difficult to adjust. This is way your strokes will not be hard. Put your hand evenly … To draw strokes long, and smoother, you hold the pen in the center of the pen body. Open your hand and create parallel lines. Short or long pencil holding will change the draw and power lines, so you need to pay attention to how to fit each drawing strokes. One more type to draw strokes that I like, that is the way to press – release strokes You use the force on the first point then loose your hand to create thinner strokes. This drawing is the same way you create so bold or sharp strokes. You do the same with the curves. Adjusting the pen direction according to the desired curvature. If you are inconfident about strokes, practice drafting first. Following this habit, your strokes will soon be beautiful. Now I will apply ways to put this stroke in the painting. First you create short curves, draw multiple overlapping strokes to create thickness. Then put your hand to create long and smooth strokes at two head points. Can put the pen several times then strokes will not be hard. When you use the stroke pressing style, you need to put your hand in the right direction. Adjusting strokes in the most convenient. In drawing strokes, use this stroke to press the bold and sharp strokes. Note: This way of practicing strokes is not only for drawing eyes. These are all basic strokes in art for some of you who don’t like to use mechanical pencil You can still use wooden pencils to draw thin strokes. For symbol B wooden pencils, the lead is soft and bold. When you sharpen a pencil with a pencil sharpener, the lead will be often broken. To wooden pencil, drawing and putting strokes is the same as mechanical pencil However, the pen tip is very quickly worn and has to be sharpened many times. Fix it by using a cutting knife to cut the long, pointed lead core. This method helps to sharpen and darken the strokes. When sharpened like this you should not use too much force. I will try to draw strokes so that you can compare. The pencil strokes look neat and slimmer than using the pencil sharpener. All strokes you draw with the wooden pencil are the same to use mechanical pencils. the way to put strokes is the same Should actively rotate the pen tip to maintain sharpness. In addition, you also use lead to lighten and darken the picture. Some basic strokes can be used: It is to move the shade from dark to light or vice versa. Darken layer by layer, do not draw too bold from the beginning. Or use short strokes to create shades. You can use it with tangled, spiral strokes. In addition, there are many other expressions but these are the most used strokes I already talked about the basics of pencil drawing. Now we will move to the main part. Part 1: How to draw eyes. There are two ways of dividing the eye frame, which is divided by square frames and rectangular frames Each illustrate eyes drawings will have diffrence In this video, I will draw eyes following the style of “semi realistic” Each way of dividing frame, the eye shape will also be different Start by building your eyes from the square frame. First, draw the square frame first. Then bisect the vertical and vertical axes. You can draw the upper eyelid or draw the iris first. . Putting strokes evenly to create the bold Apply the strokes I showed earlier. Next, draw the eyeballs. In this image, I will draw the iris the same length as the square frame. In this kind of drawing, you should draw pupil is the ellipse If drawn circle eyes will be too big and not harmonious. Use stroke pressing to draw eyelashes If you want to draw “manga” eyes, you can divide your drawing frame like that. You create a highlight in the part of iris The position of a light point has an impact on the eye’s direction. Draw pupils at the center between two axes. Pressing this part darkest. Its size depends on the drawing of each person. Draw from top to bottom to create shades draw bold on the top Draw the iris more. Put a few layers of lead to make the eyes dark. Then draw some more details to complete the eyes. In addition, you can draw eye styles different from the square frame. The construction and division of square frames remains the same. The structure of the eye doesn’t change. However, when you change the shape of the iris to a circle, the eye will become smaller and longer. You should create more ways to draw different eyes. As this is the illustrate painting so that there is no specific formula at all. With dividing square frame, you will draw circle big eyes to show the lovely. To the rectangular frame, the shape of the eye’ll suit to mature people more. You divide the axial and vertical axis to identify the iris Only the frame has changed but the way of drawing eyes is still the same However, there is a common problem: you can draw one eye but have difficulty in drawing the second eye. I’ll talk more in the next section. The rectangular frame is also often used to draw male characters’ eyes. The rectangular frame is also often used to draw male characters’ eyes. Because the eyes are quite long, then I shall not draw the pupils with ellipses. You restrict male eyes with long eyelashes. But this also depends on each person’s drawing style. So, it can be said that the eyes illustration drawing is very diverse. The way I teach is just a small part of many ways. But each style will have different eyes drawing styles. Therefore you need to distinguish to avoid confusion. Before moving into the drawing of the two eyes distance, you need to learn how to devide the frame of the eye direction I will put it on the form of the sphere so that you can easily visualize. The next is to divide the horizontal axis and the vertical axis. The intersection between the two axes is the iris. Regards the sphere of the outer eye as the eyeball Visually, the eyes include eyelashes, eyelids, irises, irises, etc. This is the eye seen in the frontal corner. However, at the other eye corners, you will see the eye axis change. At a tilt, the eye axis is the curves that attach to the sphere. Dividing the curved axis so that you know the shape of the block Not always devide frame to straight axis. In the corner is not frontally. The black iris of the eye will be ellipse The thinner the ellipse the more sloping your angle of view is. When eye direction changes, the length and curvature also change. To the length, I will give examples to understand easily. If you have a 5cm pencil, when you’re not in the front corner you will see it gets shorter. It’s due to the law of near and far and vanishing point when going into depth. The human eyes of people or other objects that have block is the same. For the curve of the eye you will see it shorter and more curved. You also need to change the direction of the lashes. Finally, the eye at an angle of 1/2. The iris will be much narrower. Eye length will be only half compared with the eye in the front corner. If you understand block, the drawing will be easier. It should be noted drawing eye directions to avoid drawing false. Refer to some of the eye directions I did. Part 2: Instructions to draw distance between eyes in different angles. Start with the frontal corner first. You draw a straight line and divide it into 3 equal parts. The distance between the eyes is the same to the eye length Find the point that bisects the segment, considering it to be the vertical axis. The distance from the central axis to the inner eye is half the length of one eye. Then you draw your eye and split frames as previously guided. The eye part should also be lined to determine the inner part of the eye. It is difficult to draw the same eyes with front angles But let’s align the horizontal axis to draw the eye more balanced. I will draw more detailed for you to easily visualize. When drawing, you should divide the horizontal and vertical frames If not, the two eyes axis will easily be misaligned. The location of the bright spot of the eye must be the same. This is the part which you easily make a lot of mistakes. Edit details at the same time both eyes. If you are not confident, you should not draw a complete eye first. Now I’m going to take any angle. Here I don’t care how many degrees the angle is. . What you need is understanding, not a detailed formula. You still draw the axis to align the two eyes first. At inclined angles, the center axis will no longer divide into equal sections. Find a center point, you will rely on the middle axis to determine the different tilt angle. Now determine the distance from face axis to both eyes. The distance from the face axis to the eye corner has been already mentioned You will have to synthesize knowledge with observation to apply to the painting So the things that change are the face axis, the distance between the eyes, the distance of each eye from the middle axis and the curvature of the eye. I still draw the circle block first. With the angle of inclination, the eye closest to the eye we see, it’s distance to the face axis point will be shorter than the other eye. The center axis of the eye will tilt towards the face. The inner part of the eye changes from a circle to an ellipse. The upper eyelid curve will also be shorter and more curved than the eye seen at the front. The other eye will also be shorter There are incline angles on the bridge of the nose that will partially cover the other eye. The more you tilt your face, the more the bridge of the nose will cover eyes. When looking for face angle painting information, you will find that three corners are used a lot. That is the front angle, the 3/4 angle and the half angle When you want to know how many degrees angle and how specific drawing, you need to research and observe more. I practice drawing by copying all the angles with human face. Make yourself a habit, which is to observe a lot and copy your samples. Whatever object or picture you like, this is the way you should use when you want to improve your drawing skills. There is a note, when you divide the frame, it is still flat. But when you draw details and add light and dark that will create blocks. Sketch frame helps you build better. As for the blocks if you do not understand it will be difficult to draw light and dark. You need hand basic knowledge of blocks and light. In the following videos, I will talk more clearly. This part I will detail drawing for your observation, I will not go into it in detail. Remember to devide the curved axis following blocks. Especially when you draw face at an angle. Now I will have a more inclined angle. The important thing is drawing the axes. If you are new to drawing without lining axes, the eyes are easily diverted. I will align the upper clips for you to compare. The eye on the right will draw closer to the face axis. The upper eyelid is also more curved, the iris is slightly flatter. The bridge of the nose is also important. It helps you adjust the face direction. This angle is quite inclined so you will see the other eye is much hidden. The details also draw similar. Drawing eyes at an angle of 1/2 is not difficult. This is the angle to see the half of the face. Because this is a stylized painting, the eye ratio is also different from reality. At this angle, the length of the eye will be shortened by half. The iris will also be flattened and less visible. However, there are many people who draw the wrong length of the eye and the iris. It can be concluded that at different angles the eye distance and eye length will change I hope my share will help you. Support me by liking, sharing, commenting and don’t forget to click the subscribe button! Thank you for watching.

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