How The Dirt Ignored Motley Crue’s True Story

How The Dirt Ignored Motley Crue’s True Story

February 15, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

How The Dirt Ignored Motley Crue’s True Story

In the world of rock biopics that gloss over
the more unsavory aspects of their subjects, the supposed honesty of Motley Crue’s The
Dirt is refreshing. But even a good movie can’t keep everything
in. Here are parts of Motley Crue’s story that
The Dirt ignores. Early on in The Dirt, we see Motley Crue gleefully
fighting during their first concert. Though it’s played largely for laughs, it
establishes the idea that Motley Crue is a band that’ll happily throw some punches, apart
from Mick Mars. He remains onstage with his guitar…though
he does get a kick in. Later on in the movie, drummer Tommy Lee punches
a confrontational girlfriend on a tour bus, and everyone, including Lee, reacts with dazed
shock. These scenes make it appear like The Dirt
fearlessly depicts the band members’ most violent instincts. In reality, the movie pulls quite a few punches. It certainly doesn’t show just how comfortable
most Motley Crue members were when it came to hurting people. Vince Neil has allegedly assaulted women multiple
times. In fact, actor Nicolas Cage once had to intervene
during one of Neil’s alleged altercations. Tommy Lee was sued for assaulting a photographer
in 2013. As E Online notes, he was also sentenced to
six months in jail for spousal battery in 1998 after a nasty scuffle with Pamela Anderson. Although Nikki Sixx’s destructive tendencies
were mostly aimed at himself, Rock Candy magazine reports that he once got himself and his manager
arrested by throwing a bottle at a man’s head in a bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo. The most glaring character omission from The
Dirt is arguably actress Pamela Anderson, whose turbulent relationship with drummer
Tommy Lee would probably have sparked a lawsuit or nine had it been featured in the movie. “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Still, while Anderson is noticeably absent
from the film, she definitely left an impression on more than one band member in real life. As Vince Neil is all too happy to share in
his autobiography Tattoos & Tequila, Anderson briefly dated him before she got together
with Lee. But Neil’s brief involvement with Anderson
is nothing compared to her scandal-ridden marriage to Tommy Lee. They became one of the most famous couples
in the world, and managed to make waves wherever they went. They also inadvertently starred in what’s
generally considered the most famous celebrity sex tape of all time. And as we mentioned, the couple had an intensely
ugly falling out. Absolutely none of this is touched upon in
The Dirt. As MTV News reports, Tommy Lee found himself
in a strange predicament in 1999. He evidently thought his glam metal days were
behind him and decided to try his hand at something else. That “something else” turned out to be…hip-hop. He put together a rap-metal act called Methods
of Mayhem, and started collaborating with such artists as Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes,
and even Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst. We imagine this strange career turn was omitted
from The Dirt because it would’ve caused a lot of undue confusion. Plus, Lee reportedly got the idea for Methods
of Mayhem during his six-month jail sentence, so it sounds like a potential plot point that
would have been worthy of a veto for a number of reasons. John Corabi’s fate in Motley Crue is that
of the classic “new guy.” Fans never really warmed up to him, and he
was quietly phased out when Vince Neil returned to the fold in 1997 for the Generation Swine
album. As Corabi told Rock by Wild in 2012: “I was in Motley, and I never knew they were
going to bring Vince back. You know, so things have a way of just…life
has a way of just sort of working itself out, you know?” The Dirt deems him such an unimportant piece
of Motley Crue lore that we only briefly see him onscreen…and he never utters a single
word. As Raw Music TV notes, Corabi actually offered
more to the band than a goofy grin and a lackluster album. In fact, the publication claims the new singer
outright saved Motley Crue from fading into irrelevance. When Neil left the band in 1992, Motley Crue
tried to produce a worthy follow-up to its most commercially successful album, Dr. Feelgood. But in the context of the era, this proved
to be an impossible feat. Grunge music was rapidly showing hair metal
the door, and artists such as Poison and Ratt were quickly finding out that their brand
of rock just didn’t have legs anymore. Corabi ushered in a different songwriting
style, forcing the band out of their comfort zone. Unfortunately, his fellow band members undermined
this new injection of creativity with a bunch of awful mistakes, like firing their manager,
lawyers, and accountants while attempting to produce the record themselves. But Corabi was reportedly never an issue for
them, and they liked him so much they wanted to keep him around despite the 1994 album’s
lack of success. Until Neil returned, that is. The Dirt devotes some time establishing Motley
Crue as a band that thinks about their image pretty carefully, if drunkenly. That’s why it’s not exactly a surprise that
the movie never mentions the time they turned in a miscalculated music video that got them
banned by MTV. The lyrics to the 1987 single “You’re All
I Need” are particularly vicious, and Motley Crue decided to double down in the video. It depicts a doomed, destructive relationship
and features the man trashing their home and ultimately killing his significant other. As you can see, much of the video was shot
in the matter-of-fact style of a news story. Let it suffice to say, the clip didn’t go
over well with MTV executives, who banned it from the channel. Nikki Sixx later admitted that the song’s
dark lyrics were inspired by his own failing relationship…with a girlfriend he was convinced
had been cheating on him. Sixx says he dealt with the situation by writing
“You’re All I Need,” playing it to his now-ex-girlfriend, and dramatically walking out of the door when
she started crying. According to The Dirt, guitarist Mick Mars
first met Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee during an audition, and he quickly proved that he
was the right man for the job. “Listen to me. There’s only room for one guitar player in
this band, and that’s me.” However, the movie conveniently ignores the
fact that the real Mars and Sixx had met long before that…even if they didn’t realize
it at the time. In 1978, Sixx was reportedly working at a
liquor store when who should walk in but Mick Mars. According to Loudwire, the guitar player had
a gig with his band White Horse at a nearby venue called Stone Pony. He allegedly snuck away to grab a bottle of
tequila because the Pony’s $2 shots were just too pricey. Mars reportedly recognized Sixx as a fellow
rocker and struck up a discussion, asking what bands he liked. Unfortunately, Sixx’s answer included KISS,
which didn’t impress Mars at all…but the guitarist still invited the kid to White Horse’s
concert. After Sixx finished his shift, he reportedly
got wasted and walked into the bar, only to witness the magnificent sight of Mars grinding
out a guitar solo by using a microphone stand as a slide. The highly impressed Sixx hung on until the
very end, and the two later resumed talking. Mars even drunkenly gave Sixx his phone number. However, this chance encounter never led anywhere…until
years later, when the guitarist happened to join his drinking buddy’s band. The Dirt doesn’t hesitate to show us some
of Motley Crue’s more…inspired rock star behavior. In the same way ’80s action films have training
montages, The Dirt has a montage that’s dedicated exclusively to the band destroying hotel rooms
and terrorizing people. “Ah, this is a nice place. Time to redecorate.” The movie has a tendency to gloss over these
antics as “boys will be boys” misadventures…and the band doesn’t really suffer any consequences
beyond massive hangovers the next morning. Really, cop cars only seem to turn up for
the real life-and-death stuff, namely, when Vince Neil crashes his car and kills the Hanoi
Rocks drummer Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley. Of course, in the real world, it’s very easy
to get in trouble for Motley Crue’s brand of obnoxious behavior. Apart from the more serious stuff that landed
Motley Crue members in hot water, they’ve also been involved in a fair share of bizarre
lawsuits over the years. In 1999, MTV reported that Motley Crue harassed
a security guard during a concert and almost started a riot. In 2016, Metal Sucks reported that a supporting
band sued Motley Crue for assorted shenanigans, including members of the Crue entourage spraying
urine at them. And yet, when the band is forced to face consequences
for their actions, they evidently prove to be rather thin-skinned. In 2005, MTV reported that Motley Crue was
suing NBC. Why? Because the network reportedly banned the
band after they dropped an F-bomb during a live Tonight Show broadcast on New Year’s
Eve. The Dirt presents Motley Crue as a rather
amazing live act, so it’s not particularly surprising that the movie chooses to ignore
all the times their rock concerts took a decidedly nasty turn. For example: In 1985, a 13-year-old fan was
reportedly partially blinded during a concert in Alabama. That’s because something, possibly a chunk
of dry ice from malfunctioning equipment, flew into his eye. The 1988 trial was reportedly heated and difficult. As president of the band’s business affairs,
Nikki Sixx was in town for the duration of the proceedings. His stay was reportedly something right out
of a “fish out of water” movie: Following his near-fatal 1987 overdose, Sixx had reportedly
straightened himself out somewhat. Instead of an outlandish rock star, the locals
reportedly found a friendly, super-famous, nice guy who offered Lifesaver candies to
fans. He even struck up an oddball friendship with
a local lawyer. Sixx gave the lawyer guitar pointers, and
the lawyer taught Sixx how to tie a necktie. The case ultimately ended in a mistrial, and
Motley Crue later settled out of court. The Dirt is based on the book of the same
name, a book that has certainly added to Motley Crue’s notoriety, thanks to its avalanche
of filthy rock stories. But wouldn’t it be strange if much of the
memoir was built on untruths? We’re not saying it was…because we don’t
need to. As Loudwire reports, Nikki Sixx has basically
admitted as much himself. In 2019, Sixx was in hot water over a story
in the book that described a wild party. That party evidently ended with Sixx and Tommy
Lee committing sexual assault on a woman by fooling her into switching partners mid-act. The bass player defended himself to Rolling
Stone, claiming that he actually didn’t remember the incident ever happening. He also claimed he didn’t recall giving a
lot of his interviews for the book. Sixx said the interviews were conducted in
2000, a year before he went into rehab, and a year in which he was allegedly going through
a particularly rough patch with his drug and alcohol intake. Will we ever know whether the incident actually
happened? Probably not…but it’s one of those moments
when you really hope the person is lying. The Dirt introduces Mick Mars when the guitarist
shows up for an audition, outplays the blonde guitarist, and promptly fires the guy when
Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee can’t work up the nerve to do it. “Really?” As Ultimate Classic Rock reports, there’s
no proof this ever happened. We imagine the scene was included to establish
Mars as a detached, cynical veteran. However, it just so happens that Motley Crue
did originally flirt with another guitarist before Mars came along. But Greg Leon was a far cry from the sad sack
we see in the film. He was a well-known singer and multi-instrumentalist
in the Los Angeles hard rock scene. Lee was a huge fan of his, in fact, he ended
up joining Leon’s band Suite 19 for a year and a half. In 2017, Leon claimed that Lee had wanted
him to join Motley Crue early on, but he was reportedly uninterested because of Sixx’s
involvement. Basically, he thought Sixx was a terrible
musician. He also didn’t like that Sixx was intent on
recruiting a frontman, because he was sick of sharing lead vocal duties. Motley Crue and Leon went their separate ways,
but the guitar player didn’t exactly fade into obscurity. He became Randy Rhoads’ replacement in Quiet
Riot, played with Dokken, and fronted a number of other bands, too. So that’s that…but one more thing before
we go. You know what else wasn’t included in The
Dirt? This commercial: “If you have a touchtone phone, call us on
the Motley Crue hotline. 1-900-832-CRUE!” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
stuff are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
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