How Does Coal Walking Work?

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  1. TheVlien

    Very nice

  2. m7488

    Very very nice

  3. Joey

    Well hypnosis and self-hypnosis can definitely manifest in a physical way. 

    I have seen someone been hypnotized. The hypnotist laid a plain piece of paper in a person's hand who was under hypnosis. The hypnotist told the person this piece of paper was actually burning. The person let go of the piece of paper and felt sever pain in his hands. Sure this could be bullshit, but there was actually severe redness, indicating a burn wound, on the place where the paper was laid.

  4. Leeann N.

    very very very nice

  5. Gwolfsoun

    Well I definitely think its mind over matter because they're smart enough to use science. Sounds like using mind to over matter to me.

  6. Potato

    Very nice

  7. only half bad 333

    I learned about this trick on the tv show,Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

    Damn I miss that show :/

  8. Sandrine P

    In my home country (Reunion Island), Hindu people walk on coals. Some of them walk very slowly and others run through it. It's still pretty amazing.

  9. Selena C

    This was talked about on MythBusters, but great video anyways.

  10. Osiris Malkovich

    I always thought it was just a trick. Thanks for doing this video!

  11. Sad Guroo

    I do hot metal sheet walking

  12. Gson 72

    I wish YouTube allowed memes. Pictures r better then words

  13. Itskelvinn

    Wrong. God protects them because they have faith.

    (Just kidding)

  14. Sir Reelist

    Coal walkers are such cheaters.

  15. TheMonyarm

    We don't do coal walking in bulgaria

  16. Stephen Mortimer

    3,901 views …212 likes (apathy) 3 thumbs down (same % stats as votes for Putin)  It comes to me that Der Vogelbaum might have some thoughts on "juicing up" the stats??

  17. Superbigdildoman

    Why the fuck would you walk on hot coal

  18. eowbvrwjer

    Hmm was on natgeo yesterday

  19. elmonte5lim

    Whatever happened to 'the leidenfrost effect'?

    As an explanation for protection during coal-walking, it seems to have fallen out of fashion.


    Of course mind over matter. An unprepared mind midway may panic and stand still or dig deeper to accelerate.

  21. dbsirius

    You spoilt the magic…

  22. Alex M. Chong

    This video sounds like yet another claim.

  23. Equilibrium

    I'm so mad! Mario Lopez's finding love show on VH1 had the girls walk over coal to prove their love to him, and I thought that was so insane, but apparently they weren't even doing anything that crazy! I understand reality TV is sort of fake, but I just feel disrespected right now.

  24. Pratik Sb

    Why does white roads ( Concrete ) make so much noise than Dark roads..?

  25. Dirtboxhor

    Or take a lot of drugs and and be doped outta your skull.  That works too.

  26. Ian Tabor

    I have done it and it truly is mind over matter, in fact i have done it multiple times. neither time have i gotten a fire kiss.


    Great video. I have conducted several fire walks over the years, with martial arts groups I have been involved with. I have used the experience to put the "mind over matter" rituals used by faith groups and personal growth organizations into perspective. By enabling a person to experience the powerful psychological effect of "walking fire", and then — afterward — explaining the physical / physiological reality of the exercise, encourages discussion, debate and practical education among participants.

  28. uncipaws

    Thanks. So to safely "firewalk", have a good amount of charcoal no longer burning, just glowing, spread it evenly on a stone floor, cover it with a layer of ash and walk on it (and do it at night because only then you see the glow)?
    I'd love to do this for entertainment at a group event next summer if I find volunteers to participate. But I don't want to be responsible for injuries. I'm already more resistant to hot road surfaces than most others I know, so I'm confident I'd remain unhurt.

  29. iDropAll Pkers

    I was once in my home country and the villagers had a HEIGHT of coal, they convinced me to be hypnotized and that I would be able to walk through it perfectly. They video taped me.

    It was no stone underneath, it was hot coal as I felt the extreme heat before I even got into the hypnotic state. And the coal was deep. It was not one or 2 layers it was like 5 layers of coal. They hypnotized me and made me walk through it (as I volunteered) and no damage was done.

    After that I came out of the hypnotic state by their wish and I was amazed. They then made me to do another thing in another hypnosis which was to touch a cool stone. A lot of others felt it as well and my mother held her hand on the same stone as the same time as me, when I was hypnotized, they made me burn my hand on the cool stone by just telling me to feel like it's hot. I got some minor burning damages but it was amazing. Explain please?:p

  30. Nicolas St-Gelais

    some people walk on red hot metal grills without getting burnt. Some people can extinguish cigarettes on their skin without getting burnt. Science explains some of it but there is definitely an un explained side to this apparently related to ones state of mind

  31. Jack Kenway

    Well there you go, I've always heard people say that walking on hot coals is mind over matter or they have some kind of connection with the spirit world… but no there's science behind all that, thanks guys!

  32. Shawn J

    Tony Robbins?

  33. Phantom 1

    Pam did it.

  34. Sotoshi Koruto

    on my uncle birthday we were cooking bacon with coal in the floor out side and the ground just explode why?
    and also i got coal in my foot arm and also lips taste bad 😛

  35. Prakash Besra

    They do it at night because compared to day , night has relatively low temperature and also moisture in air brings down the overall temperature.

  36. PrestonHD

    I've actually burned my feet recently with 1st 2nd and 3rd degree and I now think this is so damn stupid. Plus they were ashes and I DID cook like bacon. (I also had to run through it to get out.)

  37. JeRome Welch

    I believe the practice of walking on coals is based in conquering ones fear… Peace love your work. Thank you!

  38. kapura

    i still consider it somewhat mind over matter. at least, that AND the science of it. when people give into their fears when approaching something scary, something counter intuitive….its natural for people to hesitate. as said in this video, that hesitation can mean injury caused from breaking a fast enough stride to prevent burning. in that case….your minds choice to just keep going depite the fear is ALSO what keeps you from getting burned, along with the science. just imo.

  39. RianMK

    Coal is for pussies, real savages walk over lego

  40. Gojira

    jonathan strickland.. strickland propane

  41. Real Human

    Coal walking is nothing! Try walking on legos!

  42. Newshesha Rajeshwar


    Read more

  43. Seth Morris

    when i was young my dad said watch out for the hot coals and then i wasn’t paying attention and walked through and didn’t notice a thing until he told me then i started crying

  44. Ian Jung


  45. Chef Number 1⃣

    Man's not hot confirmed

  46. Clorox Beach

    I have done it, I just zone out the pain, I probably did it wrong according to this video, but it did hurt, I just had to zone out the pain.

  47. Howard Hughes

    The coals are at 400ºC-500ºC – if coal is such a poor conductor a) why is used for barbecues and b) how come other media are used i.e. lava, sheet metal or heated rocks? It's conducted when the sun goes down for effect – most people will not believe the incredible feet they have a achieved when they don't see the glowing coals. Length of the firewalk – as an instructor I did a 40ft firewalk which would rule out duration on the coals. Finally, people buring themselves on the second pass when the coals should be cooler but they will tell you that they did it 'because everyone else was doing it but I didn't really want to' which is the mindset end of things. Keep up the great work.

  48. Abdul Hassan

    Dude, they even EAT red hot coal.. not just walk on it!

  49. J

    A bed of embers can exceed 1000°F, and the world's hottest firewalk in 1997 actually topped 1750°F—the same temperature used for cremations. Look at the mythbusters episode Adam goes unprepared and gets burned. Punishment for not being mentally prepared turned out it was mind over matter you can even see that chick fail because she has no idea what she is doing then the light hearted guy walked it twice with no pain! 😉 Fools the science is the fact our minds control matter.

  50. S.S.M. Artism


  51. Resxolbor


    when you step on lego


    Aladdin brought me here!

  53. Chris Glacken

    so if you walk on water it makes you jesus, but when you walk on fire does that make you the anti christ?!?

  54. Poeta De La Luna

    I have walk 3 times in one night and by the next day my feet were healing up because of how strong was my connection between me and the mother nature. It's more spiritual than mind.

  55. Timmy Flaherty

    Your science is the Word of God. His promises already laid down.

  56. afendi ujud

    Super bullshitdo

  57. TZMDanTVP

  58. insorte diaboli

    i have seen people walk on flaming coals, i have even seen people walk on fresh broken glass covered in naptha and set on fire, so i think that for some extreme versions it is a mind over matter thing but most coal walkers are not really putting themselves in danger. for instance i am a glass walker among other things, most people use old glass that has had most of the sharp edges removed, i do not, i stand on real extremely sharp broken glass, i do not even romove the more dangerous shaped pieces and i lift weights on that glass, and even jump up and down, and i have never yet cut myself. now having said that i have been practicing for a long time, after a while you can know wwhat you can do and take it to the next level slowly over time to be able to do more and more dangerous things, so it i believe it isnt just about mind over matter but it is also about experience, knowing your body and what it can handle and building your body to be able to handle more over time, the body can do absolutely amazing things if you know how to train it

  59. Kathy Reddy

    If coal walking is as fake as you say it is. Give it a try.

  60. Peter Kazavis

    It works by not listening to your dumbass

  61. Fiodar Sazanavets

    "Coal is a poor conductor of heat". Have you ever tried doing a BBQ?

  62. azimuth361

    I would suggest that it IS mind over matter to some extent. A person has to summon up the courage to walk on the coals. But it takes the same kind of courage to skydive or bungee jump.

  63. Nedunjelian Narayasamy

    Have you walked on it before?

  64. Dark Knight


  65. M Smith

    About the hot stone walkers of Fiji they stop to greet tourist and after the walk they prove the stones are burning hot after the walk.

  66. Arjun Verma

    I would like to see you doing don't explain it by talking

  67. Fringe Wizard

    Can one go upon hot coals, and his feet not be burned?

    Proverbs 6:28

  68. xauun YT

    so you telling me people are cheating when they do this

  69. basant vimal sharma

    Jqust try stepping on a small piece of coal amber and you will Fiji there is an island called Beqa where the natives walk on white hot big stones that have been set in huge bonfires and even pause in the middle.your scientific explanation does not apply to them .they are blessed .if someone gets burnt not a Beqa islander any accidential burn victim first second third degree if a bega islander touches the burning sensation and pain is gone the burn will heal in day severely burnt persons have been cured and not even a scar will be visible after a few weeks. I myself am a burn victim.check u tube .just type Beqa fire walking

  70. Brandishing Bob

    I just did it on a fire…

  71. We Frost

    My sister just went to a Tony Robbins coal walking seminar. 12-18 hours a day to be brainwashed and walk on coal. I wanted to find out the science behind it. Thank you.

  72. Duncan Kalel Alba

    The secret is,just don't stay your feet into hot coal in 2 seconds to prevent burn and Pain

  73. shell company

    Imagine tripping and falling

  74. Patrick Freeman

    Yeah? Show me. Go ahead and give it a try. If it's science, if the coals are "poor conductors of heat" why do why do so many people get 3rd degree burns. And why don't you prove your theory by giving it a try?

  75. vaira vell

    stupit explanation….try ur self thrn u will the right and wrong

  76. Martina Radeva

    Have you ever seen a coal walking by yourself? It seems to me that you haven’t! Don’t underestimate the capabilities of the people who spare their whole lives to practice how to do it! You are basically calling them cheaters which is totally unacceptable! You are making fun of peoples traditions! So lame and stupid video! I personally touched one of the coals just for a part of the second and it burned as hell. Try that first and then make stupid videos!


    so many stools and say nothing!

  78. DRGoldTurtle

    Have you gone firewalking? I've done it several times and know many people who do it every year. It hurts. You get burned. Everything you said is wrong.

  79. blasko229

    Didn't even demonstrate

  80. MFT_Sauce

    I’m pretty sure this got patched in 12.3.5

  81. LuSiren

    If this guy knows so much then why doesn't he give a demonstration?

  82. Misbah Ul Hassan

    For your claim just watch this video and you will know that there are many of them who actually walk or run through glowing hot coal or fire.

    For you it might be unreal or strange but for a believer nothing is unreal or strange. The name they chant when walking is the real reason of everything. Trust Islam brother, it is the last hope for humanity.

  83. XXX XXX

    Try walking on ice cubes

  84. firewalking mail

    well why do people burn sometimes?

  85. Geoffrey J Carp

    Mind over matter prevents you from getting burned by fire as much as it stops gravity when you fall.

  86. Im The Devil

    When i was little, my dad used to walk in the snow in bare feet and stir boiling food on the stove with his fingers. i asked him how he does it and he said "you build up a tolerance to it." So i figured it was normal for adults and i too built up enough tolerance. Years later, i found out that he was always drunk but i dont even care cause now, i can do things normal people cant 😁

  87. USER

    💯 % pure science. I have tested it and all these explanations matches. Good job

  88. London Power

    This is Dionysiac rites from ancient Greece

  89. Jonathan Sakks

    This big gay try walk on legos

  90. David Čuljak

    R u stupid

  91. Christopher Howard

    You talk better then you walk.

  92. Elijah Peterson

    Then you should try to walk on it

  93. Panth Mantheon

    Nobody walks on coal in Greece you dickhead

  94. Gen Z Gaming

    Coal is the hottest part of the fire not the fire fire..

  95. Alok Sanga

    my mom did this

  96. Narayan Dass

    You're full of crap man. evr stepped on a coal that fell out of the bbq? ive seen others do it and gotten burned badly. I did this myself on a bed of 1300 degree coals. after walking across unburned i then dnaced in the coals kicked them around stomped on them and stood still on them your science doesn't hold up.

  97. Narayan Dass

    people do get burned walking on coals

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