Harry Styles reveals whether rumours about him are true – The Graham Norton Show 2017: Preview

Harry Styles reveals whether rumours about him are true – The Graham Norton Show 2017: Preview

[Graham] Here’s the thing. Being a cultural icon, all sorts of stories get printed about you. So last week Warren Beatty’s here and we did the thing with him where we just read out some of the mad stories that have been in the papers about him over the years. [Harry] This could be fun. [Graham] and just kind of read your expressions. There’ll be a camera very close on your face [Harry] Okay [Graham] as I read these out. [Harry] Oh God. [Graham] We’ll just try and gauge from your face- and you’re young! Your face moves. So uh let’s see. Are you ready for this? [Harry] No [Graham] It’s The Warren Beatty Deadpan Challenge You took a carrot cake to a Fleetwood Mac concert That’s a yes! [Other] That’s a yes, that’s a yes. [Graham] Is that a yes? Yep, that is a yes [Harry] I did take a carrot cake to a Fleetwood Mac- I like carrot cake! [Graham] And Fleetwood Mac, hopefully. [Harry] Love. [Graham] You and Liam got chlamydia, from a koala bear [Harry] I’d like to confirm that’s not true by the way. [Graham] You were thinking of becoming an estate agent [Other] No. That’s a no. [Graham] Okay. Set your face for this one. I really want to see this one. Okay. You had a sexual relationship with Barack Obama [Other] You’re wavering aren’t you? [Graham] Define relationship [Harry] I’m legally not allowed to say. [Graham] Do you to see a picture of him. [Harry] Don’t it hurts. [Graham] You keep your skin in check with sheep placenta. [Harry] That’s not true. [Audience member] Ohh! [Graham] Alright, fair enough. And finally, you auditioned to be the new Han Solo. That might be a yes! No it isn’t. Okay [Other] I think that’s a yes [Harry] Get out of there with that. Get out of there with that. [Other] It’s a maybe [Graham] For a second, you just smiled and I’m thinking “Oh he is! It’s all true!” Well done!

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  1. viju mahadevan

    is no one gonna talk about my baby's pants

  2. Tahrema Hossain

    Ugh his reactions bahaha 😂 it hurts so bad 😂

  3. Ravenclaw Louie

    I mean… this kinda proves he can take fake shipping lightly right? He makes fun of Hobama and has gone "ARGH NOOOO" for Taylor, he has denied Narry and but when it's Larry he's all like "um.. I mean.. yeah… I- mean- errr… yeah" like wtf?

  4. Starr Davis

    Oh my, Im old(42) but i do believe, I would be all about this kiddo back in my day! Very handsome and quick wit!

  5. November Beauty

    He's so Fine 🙈

  6. Ainobolic

    Harry styles exists

    British moms : faint*

  7. Larry Stylinson

    Sweet Creature😍😍😍

  8. faustina suvi

    Are not ready?? NO;)

  9. Louis Freaking Tomlinson

    I bet a lot of people thought they were going to talk about larry

  10. arihabt Chatterjee

    "You had a sexual relationship with"
    Me:Louis Tomlinson!
    "Barack Obama"
    Me: He is not Niall!

  11. benio san

    these jokes are so hurting. why they dont have the kind of questions from fan instead these bullshit

  12. Celia Servaites

    I really thought they’d talk about the whole Zarry thing…I’m dissapointed…and very late to this

  13. Lady midnight


  14. Princess Vega


  15. larry fucked

    God why is he so pretty😭

  16. WckdLttlSnnrs 28

    .. a koala bear? Wtf

  17. shivangi kandpal

    Oh my God I'm literally watching him after a year and still in love with him 🤦. God wtf😩

  18. Cole Weston

    Undoubtedly the hottest guest in the history of the show right? 😎

  19. carrot tomlinson

    0:31 "are you ready for this"
    H: nO

  20. Naseeha Sahar Ansari

    I’m sorry but how am I supposed to deal with the trauma of this appearing on my YouTube page suddenly after, like, two years?

  21. Pramod kumar

    "His expressions are precious"
    I could just die.

  22. Pramod kumar

    Can you give me that glass which Harry used?

  23. Pramod kumar

    Harry: "I like carrot cake"
    Me: why am I not a carrot cake?

  24. avenas

    Harry looks like Harry of the amazing Spider-Man.

  25. Rebecca

    Everyone is laughing now but just wait til next week when Harry be battling Michelle on the Late late show for Obamas heart😏😂😂😂

  26. Bia

    i love that the woman gasp when graham says “sexual relationship”

  27. Mayidah Hashim

    He only has a sexual relationship with one and only Mr Louis Tomlinson 😌

  28. Moshe Shamuel

    For all who didnt know Barack obama is the code name for zayne malik

  29. Lilly

    "Are you ready for this?" -"No" 😁

  30. stypayhorlikson 3000

    "You had a sexual relationship with Barack Obama"
    Well now Harry and Michelle are playing for his heart
    17/06/19 #LateLateLondon

  31. jódete

    I can't be the only one hoping for a Larry question?!

  32. ari

    "i'm legally not allowed to say."

  33. Isabel Kiwi

    Sañorita ❤

  34. 1D FAN FOR LIFE!!! !


  35. TheEastEndBoy

    Did anyone else think he was gonna say “you had a sexual relationship with… Louis Tomlinson”

  36. gummy bear jelly bean

    1:16 I love how he slaps himself its adorable

  37. Zouhera M

    Shawn Mendes should do this

  38. Jennifer Wang

    Glad he had a nice relationship with his step father. Most in China is horrible, well in TV dramas 😛

  39. Fat Freddy

    Talentless plastic fake musician and actor

  40. DRIA.

    I bet Harry's mind was like, "Don't bring up Stylinson. Don't being up Stylinson. Thank God." 😂😂

  41. Regitastyles

    Graham: "let's see. Are you ready for this?"
    Harry: "no"😂😂

  42. Divya Nair

    Gimme more ultra close ups of Harry frickin Styles.I want to see goddamn pores of his skin,his baby hair;just give me more Harry Styles!Okay,this got weird real quick and I am gonna stop now coz it's a family show.Or iss it?

  43. elisabeththeavocado


  44. Shania Kayy

    Harry: I like carrot cake
    Me: *gets flashback to when Louis said he likes girls who eats carrots*

  45. Little Mixer

    Has anyone realized Harry has just disappeared from everywhere since 2018…

  46. Miko Delatorre

    I am always interested about Harry Styles i dont know why?

  47. This is us

    Harrys interviews are the funniest

  48. Almudena Carnero

    Alo saludos grc casi humanos d vivió grc vine dar saludos grc lo sepa. Todo el mundo Salomé chayane otros y as mundo. Viva mys sentimientos. Por. Ty por my. Con música se vive mejor. Se vive. El amor llega la paz. Mundo ponle color con fe toka doce media ya diré te call me eapage. Uno dos. Tres aplauso Grc grc grc.

  49. Samantha Wells

    God wants a perfect man on the planet even you know how stupid are you okay

  50. Samantha Wells

    I need that easy about Obama

  51. Sasha Onedirection

    Louis: I love girls who eat….carrots

  52. Tiegan Green

    "Are you ready for this?"

  53. jeane secret

    He grew up so well

  54. Harry Styles's Wife

    Graham: “Are you ready for this”
    Harry: “No”
    OMFG he is my absolute moood

  55. Shafi Sediqi

    Graham norton is like that stressful student who is getting ready for speach and practices the speach like thousands times till he can say is fast untill its not funny enough!!!….

  56. Nana Owusu


  57. Almudena Carnero

    Amaral ok ya luz casal ok me otero mundo grc grc grc. Te. Call me espage alo pli permi saludos navidad ya dire ok love mundo

  58. Joyline Flanda

    My boy 👦 love you Harry always 👄💄

  59. Snickidy Snack

    It's not a fricken koala BEAR. they are not BEARS. just say koala!

  60. khushi styles

    "You were in a sexual relationship with"
    Me: Zayn Malik?
    "Barak Obama"
    Me: cries like a shit

  61. Sophie


  62. Shristi Nath

    He looks like a baby in here 🙁
    My heart hurts

  63. audience2

    He should have been Han Solo.

  64. Alisha Chowdhury

    Why was his cough so cute

  65. TINI

    1:42 what does the Fan say?

  66. I love { 1D & LFC }

    H : " I like carrot cakes "
    Me having Flashbacks
    L : " I like girls … who eat carrot "
    Sorry but I had to 😂😂

  67. Riya Singh

    Why the hell he is so beautiful????

  68. di


    louis on their 1d video diary: i like girls who likes carrots

  69. Kaylee

    I also love Fleetwood Mac and carrot cake

  70. mas pok

    Fame made a jerk out of him.

  71. Nikkita Govender

    Yup. He's the most beautiful man I have ever seen. That's it. That's the comment.

  72. Jaison Markus Issacs

    Why Barack Obama can’t it be some dickless asian….

  73. Nicole Danielle Rodriguez Marcano

    was he talking about bulkying or the first one direction album cover im hiding anyway

  74. Sharmin Jahan

    Damn those lips!

  75. Jean Gibbs

  76. Penguin Ate my chocolates

    I suddenly ship Hobama #hobamaisreal

  77. louie t

    he’s perfect idc what anyone says

  78. that coffee feel

    He actually looks good with lipstick😶


    I wish I could ever get that flawless skin


    He looks like a mick Jagger

  81. Vanessa Hardin

    gasps we got a little hair flip at 1:16 does a back flip YAYYYY!!!!!! GOD IVE MISSED THOSE!!!!!

  82. Shubhangi Raghuvanshi

    Harry is just perfection personified-ohhhhh gawd

  83. L. R.

    So he auditioned for Han Solo? Omg

  84. ta sa

    You're a yummy kitten Harry! Those pink lips and deep dimples, you sexy cake you! 💋

  85. OXlob le malin

    He had a …… w barack obama?

  86. Jennifer Grice

    90% chance they skipped some Larry questions

  87. Yem M

    Everybody wants him and no one can have him. 😭

  88. Annalee Killingsworth

    For the Obama one I really thought he was about to say Louis Tomlinson

  89. vava voom

    One more truth about him that hes transsexual

  90. Lal Hmangaihi

    Is harry gay

  91. 1d Fan

    My guilty pleasure :

    staring his face.😍😍😍

  92. Rikai Sasson

    Super adorable kid!!

  93. VEANNE

    stream fine line by harry styles <3

  94. Athaya K.

    You know what i can’t even pay attention on the question i’m too busy admiring his handsome face 😭

  95. Angela Cicero


  96. Evelyn grace Hague

    i was waiting for a louis question

  97. Tribe Fan12

    Perfect Harry Moments in this video:
    1. How deep his voice is and his beautiful accent!
    2. "This could be fun"
    3. After Graham Norton asks him if he's ready to play: "No"
    4. His smiles throughout the entire video and his dimples!
    5. "Don't it hurts!"
    6. Literally everything else about him! Lol!😄😍

  98. Comet Crookshanks

    harry : "i like carrot cake"

    flashback to 2010

    louis : "i like girls who eat carrots"

  99. grc J

    Harry 😍

  100. cute girl

    I came for this

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