HÀ MÃ vs CÁ SẤU: Ai mới là bá chủ?| Amazing Facts about Hippo

HÀ MÃ vs CÁ SẤU: Ai mới là bá chủ?| Amazing Facts about Hippo

Hi guys, I’m Hà Serious The name hippopotamus comes from ancient Greek to mean “river horse”. They are most commonly spotted with enormous, bulky body submerged beneath the water with only its nostrils peeking out. Hippopotamuses may look plump, goofy and awkward, Hippo feeling but they are one of the world’s most dangerous beasts.
Only very lucky or patient nature lovers get to witness their special features. In this video, I will reveal some interesting facts about this extraordinary African animal. 1/ Hippos and Crocodiles: Who is the true hegemony of the African river? Crocodiles can be considered as one of the oldest animal origin on Earth, moreover, over millions of years of evolution, they are also innate assassins with countless scary “weapons” dead people. Possessing abundant camouflage, remarkable patience, alligators are true ninjas in the wild. It can be said that here, alligators are the absolute power with their terrifying right to birth. However, those “monster dress” still have to be afraid of an opponent. That is the hippopotamus! Although not a pure carnivore, hippos possess a variety of scary weapons such as armor-thick skin, wide jaws, powerful bite force that is enough to tear any animal … If accidentally angered animals with this erratic character, even the crocodile is not necessarily the whole network to leave. If anyone asks, can crocodiles kill a hippopotamus? The answer is yes, of course yes but most are young hippos, not enough to protect themselves. Also standing in front of a player who has both strength, endurance and superior fitness, the winning gate of the crocodile is not much. 2/ How much does a hippo weigh? On average, an adult male hippo weighs between 1500 – 1800 kilograms. A female hippo weighs between 1300 – 1500 kilograms. A male hippo keeps growing in size and weight, unlike the female which whose size doesn’t change after a certain age. This is why a grown bull hippo can weigh upwards of 3000 kilograms. 3/ Can hippos swim? Although spend most of the time in the water, Hippos can’t swim or float.
They moves in water by using its feet to propel itself forward. A hippo’s body is well adapted to move in water with ease. The facial features such as the eyes and nostrils are placed on the top of the head to allow for total immersion except for the eyes and nostrils. 4/ Hippo sleep like? Hippos sleep in water by completely submerging their bodies under water. After 5 minutes they will automatically rise to the surface and breathe while they are still sleeping, then continue to dive into the water and sleep for another 5 minutes. The process of rising and breathing and then submerging takes place unconsciously and naturally while the hippos are still asleep making us feel like they’ve stopped breathing. This can be considered an unconditional reflex. Another special thing is that hippos can close their nostrils and ears to prevent water from entering when they sleep. 5/ When will a hippo open its mouth? A gaping mouth is not a yawn but an indication to warn you. You will only see hippos opening their mouths in the water because they only have territory there. A hippo can open its mouth to full 150 degrees. This is important if the hippo needs to defend itself, or alert the opponent. 6/ How strong is a hippo bite? The hippopotamus’s mouth is very strong with a truly horrific bite force of up to 828 kg / inch2 (1825 psi), which can sever a human body or a crocodile with a single bite This is one of the animals with the strongest bite force in the world. 7/ How does a hippo mark a territory? Like a few other animals, marking the hippopotamus’ territory is a sign of supreme control, dominance and power. However, they do it in a way unlike anyone else. When excreted, it uses its tail as a propeller motor. When the feces are excreted, the hippopotamus uses its tail to turn back and forth continuously at a very fast speed, their feces flying everywhere. Scientists still don’t have the most accurate answer as to why hippos are acting so oddly. It can make you suffer from a shower of stool if you stand behind them. 8/ Hippo has blood sweat? Hippo skin is very sensitive and they don’t have sweat glands. So if they are forced to leave the water during the day and are exposed to the sun for a few minutes, the mucous glands secrete a thick oily layer of red pigmented fluid, which appears around the ears and eyes. Its main purpose is to protect the animal’s skin from drying and cracking under the action of ultraviolet rays, while protecting them from germs. This mucus is thought to be a mixture of blood and sweat so they are nicknamed “blood sweat”. That is also why hippos spend most of the day in the water and only go to shore to feed mainly at night. 9/ Do hippos eat meat? Hippos are herbivores and mainly feed on short grass. An adult hippo can eat an average of 40 kilograms of grass. A hippo’s stomachs are multi-chambered and can store food for a long period of time, helping them live and maintain for more hours before eating again. Many people still believe that hippos are a vegetarian but according to scientists, this is incorrect. Last time, there were sources hippos attacked and ate other animals. This happens much in the dry season or food scarcity. The first case of a hippopotamus was recorded in 1995 by Dr.Joseph Dudley.(University of Alaska) while visiting Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe However, there is still no exact image or information that confirms that a hippopotamus can eat meat because its stomach structure and digestive system are like other herbivores. , that is unable to digest meat. 10/ Hippopotamus fertility Like other mammals, to mate, males and females will mate with each other
Due to their aggressive nature sometimes the male hippos must attack each other intensely and gain the right to reproduce with 1 female. Although breeding can occur year round, it is most common between February and August. Females have a gestation period of eight months and have only one baby at a time. When the female nears the time to give birth, she leaves the herd for one or two weeks to give birth to her young and create a bond with her baby. She is comfortable giving birth in water or on land. If the baby is born underwater, the mother needs to push it to the surface to breathe. The mother stays in the water with her newborn for several days without eating, and she waits until her baby is strong enough before they dare leave the water at night to graze. For 18 months, the baby nurses while its mother is on land, or it swims underwater to suckle. At 5 to 7 years old, the hippo calf is fully mature. 11/ Hippos are one of the noisiest animals in Africa Some hippo vocalizations have been measured at 115 decibels, about the same volume as being 5 meters (16 feet) away from the speakers at a rock concert! Hippos vocalize on both land and in the water and are the only mammals that make amphibious calls. 12/ Hippopotamus is the “culprit” that killed fish in the African river. “Fecal death” is probably the most unpleasant “go-go” fish , but this is a situation that fishes in the Mara River are suffering from many times. The cause of many fish deaths in the Mara River in Africa turned out to be due to the huge amount of manure that hippos “emit” upstream. In total, the hippopotamus on the Mara River emits about 8,500 kilograms of fecal matter that contains part of its digestive system. When hippos excrete, their droppings will sink to the bottom of the river. However, when a huge amount of manure decomposes the stool digest bacteria will also use oxygen in the water and this causes dehydration Bacteria also produce chemicals such as ammonium, hydrogen sulfide, methane and carbon dioxide. In particular, two of these substances are potentially toxic to fish. The sudden flow of oxygen-deficient water can cause a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the river water downstream and this causes the fish to suffocate. it is pitiful! 13/ Are hippos related to Pigs? Despite the physical similarity, Hippos are not related to pigs. Their closest relatives are whales and dolphins.

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