Gunner Fact or Fiction | Side Arms

Gunner Fact or Fiction | Side Arms

March 26, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 65 Comments

Gunner Fact or Fiction | Side Arms

All right Marines I hear a lot of trash talking
about your sidearm, and I don’t think so. So I’m gonna do a drill where I fire three magazines
as quickly as my arthritic hands can fire it. No specific drill, or discipline to this. If anything I just want to show you, your
pistol can fight. Let’s do it So as you can see you don’t need to baby
the Beretta, the M9 will fight just fine. You take care of it, it’ll take care
of you. Okay Marines let’s do a little relative
comparison. Do the same drill, Undisciplined as it may be, 46 rounds
through a Glock 19. If you’re going to Afghanistan you may be issued one of these, So will see how it does. Okay not bad pretty fast I’m a little
old so it was a little slower than maybe 20 years ago, but you’re going to
Afghanistan you can fight with this gun too. Semper Fi

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  1. Rushburry

    I love these videos

  2. S N

    Okay….And that proves?

  3. Justin

    So Marines are getting Glocks too? I know Raiders already have them but I think Gunner Wade just spilled some beans 😂

  4. Antonio Tavres

    Wow you are the best

  5. Joseph Payne

    "My rifle and I know that what counts in war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count"

  6. HalfBluedust

    You shot it but…… it dead sir?

  7. pipboy344

    That Glock shit melts in fucking Afghanistan. My magazines get warped in the states if they sit in the sun

  8. AlmightyKhan

    Love this guy

  9. CJ

    Oooweee get summm

  10. rivalsairsoft

    Holy shit I love glocks

  11. Painted Smile

    ._. When your thinking of how much your hands would hurt after doing that same thing with a M1911A1

  12. Kim Jong Un

    and don't forget to hydrate

  13. Riley Swaim

    The problem with the issue M9S is not the model, but how it is treated. Previous Marines may abuse or just use the firearms in extreme ways and conditions, and having the same guns recycled for several years is the real problem.

  14. FMT

    Hope it or Glock. M9s are ok but there's better now.

  15. Floyd Burdett

    Don't need all the background 'music?' that sounds more like just noise…

  16. Alex TV prank

    how to get a job on the army bacse

  17. Conrad Monlezun

    Yeah and the 1911 would blast that target back 50 feet

  18. George Mravik


  19. Brenda Proffitt

    Totally incredible big difference between them .but the accuracy of them was dead did an amazing job on this video..Thank you so so much..

  20. disphoni

    "my arthritic hands can fire"

  21. Josh V.

    If only they had some H&K pistols…

  22. Michael Stott

    Just stumbled on these videos 🙂 as an Aussie Veteran I had a Browning Mark II in Iraq and Afghanistan as a side arm. The main point I got out of this was if you take care of your weapon it will take care of you😎

  23. Ben Jacobs

    This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. Without me, my rifle is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless.

  24. John Gross

    If you've drawn that sidearm. Bad shits already happened, you are mortal close, more and fast is better. After that. . .there is still Kbar

  25. Brian Nguyen

    this Gunner is so fk'n badass lol

  26. Brian Nguyen

    is that a grey belt or black?

  27. Random Person

    I'm just a kid watching these and these tips might help if I ever want to join 😄😊

  28. yttrium

    What's thot piece of string ?

  29. Isaac

    Keep the M9. There is nothing wrong with it. I would honestly rather have a 1911, I know people will give me shit for this but when you think about it, if we ever go up against another modern military, body armor will stop 9mm, along with 5.56. So I would use the Glock or 1911, there is currently no need to switch to anything else besides those. Also we need 7.62 rifles like the M27 as the standard rifle.

  30. Medic83

    Damn, sir!! Not bad shooting at all!

  31. Jon Carr

    Is that the water elemental or the fade?

  32. Oh yeah yeah

    Don't forget to hydrate.

  33. sin7wu

    So….every marine has a side arm now?

  34. GlobalistsR Traitors

    US Marines: Defending the borders of Israel and profits of Saudi pedophiles.

  35. Aikibiker1

    My only complaints about the M9 were the weight and size. I wear size large gloves and found the grip uncomfortable. Females had one hell of a time shooting it.

    The Checkmate magazines were another issue. Had to take them apart and clean out the sand constantly. Beretta manufactured mags were good tp go.

  36. Fuckk Face

    Great muzzle control

  37. J3SS3 H

    I'd take it over nothing, but if my rifle is out, I still doubt I'd ever find it that useful against anything over 25 meters.

  38. Alphis Lin

    And don't forget to eat crayons

  39. Anthony Torres

    Remember switch to hot side arm is always faster then reloading

  40. chrismc410

    So much for one instructor I knew saying not to use the slide lock/stop saying its fine motor skills. If an self admitted arthritic Marine can fire that fast and use it without slingshotting the slide on two pistols that couldn't be any more different in function and manual of arms, I can do it too. Using the slide stop/lock is more natural to me anyway. Just saying

  41. BJ McKEEN

    Can I use the glock target as a co-sign signature?

  42. Garrett Smith

    The M9 failed to lock back on the last magazine and also the magazine did not drop free and had to be pried out of the weapon.

  43. Garrett Smith

    Why are they using a compact Glock designed for concealed carry? They should use the Glock 17 or Glock 18, or better yet the Glock 22. Glock 17L or Glock 34 would be good too.

  44. Cashflow

    Whats that cord on the beretta?

  45. Adam Sprague

    Good now throw it in that dirt pile to reenact running to cover while under fire and tripping over a rock and dropping your weapon into a pile of sand and get the sand in the barrel and on some of the mags and then tell me how they run.

  46. D Hermo

    Those fucking groupings though!!!

  47. Sam O'Nella University

    Just give the Marines a polymer 1911. Lightweight and powerful.

  48. OG Cuddi

    Personally I’d rather have a 45 IMHO. A Sig Sauer P227 wouldn’t be a bad choice. Neither is a Glock 21

  49. Eugene Cooper Jr

    Gunner is HMFIC….Semper Fi devil dog…..

  50. EnjoyPool

    The old Gunners would A:: Never have a Youtube channel; and B: Wouldn't stand 3 yards from a target firing as fast as they can to justify a weapon's point.

  51. MrRdvs87

    Gunner Wade probably shorted a half lb of ground espresso beans before doing this.

  52. Flex Chambers

    Gunner's only a gray belt huh?

  53. Nabil Budiman

    The M9 firing sound sync with the beats.. Nice

  54. Ray


  55. Alejandro Alvarado

    Marine Corps!!!!

  56. Josh K

    You're going to need three mags with 9mm in FMJ. So I guess the drill is realistic. With the M9 consider yourself blessed if you don't have one so old and worn out the bullets are coming out of the muzzle like a frizbee…

  57. Addicted 2 Tone

    Nice shootin!

  58. georgedrumz93

    Pistols don't win wars, but they save the lives of the men who do.

  59. Blake Gorham

    The baretta didn't lock back after the last shot haha

  60. Tristan Ramos

    That cadence is solid
    This dude can shoot

  61. Eagle Tuba

    "Don't shit talk your sidearm" fires 3 mags and the slide lock fails

  62. mskiUSMC


  63. Ok Ok

    Whats the wire for?

  64. Andrew Olson

    absolute ledgend

  65. DanTheLowBlood

    Uuuuhhhh I don't think so
    Fuckin love Gunner I hope I get to meet him before he EAS out

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