Future of Banking: Mobile, IT, Technology Partners – Futurist Speaker on Banking Industry

Future of Banking: Mobile, IT, Technology Partners – Futurist Speaker on Banking Industry

I’m here, once again in Turkey, which is a
country I greatly enjoy visiting, at a
fascinating time in its history, this is February 2014, advising one the largest banks in the
region, on how to stay ahead of all kinds of technology and
consumer trends. And one my challenges is this, and
it’s the same with all my largest banking clients, ‘How big do you have to be to survive?’ And
I’m not just talking about the scale needed to provide globalised
services to multinational companies. I’m simply talking now about retail: how
big do you have to be to be able to keep up with the
phenomenal, meteoric, pace of change of increasingly mobile multi-channel
customers, who are, changing the way in which they, they are, functioning in terms of their
online world, their private world, their network world,
their banking world, at the speed of light. And the difficulty is this: that you know, you
can have a bank that spends maybe four hundred million euros a year 500 or 600 million euros a year, but
they’re going to be up against banks that are able to spend 800 million, 900 million, maybe a
billion euros a year in IT development, and banks that are
working in collaboration with other banks, so that maybe you have, three or four non-competitors, a big
Latin American bank in partnership, sharing development costs on, lets say, new mobile-enabled platforms or, voice
recognition technologies, or next generation payment systems, or
whatever it is, these things cost a fortune to develop,
they cost another small fortune to make them secure against hacking and things
like that, in the face of savage cyber attacks which are growing
exponentially, every week at the moment. And, these kind of
budgets are just beyond the, the capabilities up most mid to
large range banks, as they’re currently structured in
different countries. So I think in the future we’ll see technology partnerships in all kinds of creative ways, between financial services
organisations as I say who are in non-competing territories, but also
between technology partners, people like
XXXSalesforce or Google, or others. Implementing partners,
consulting firms and others, looking to provide similar solutions but adapted to
particular banks, into particular territories but all trying to do the same thing,
which is to provide a next-generation ‘Wow’ experience to the digital mobile customers of
tomorrow, in a way which is absolutely simple, reliable, easy-to-use, transforms their lives and puts a smile
on their faces.

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