Former Trump campaign aide: The Deep State is real

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  1. BearClawAK47

    The media and deep state hate Trump because he may expose their crimes and treasons against the American people. Hillary herself said in an email that if Trump gets elected they would all hange.

  2. Howard Petterson

    Of course they exist. They live in the same country as the birthplace of the baby jesus and they play in London city and new York where they manage the menial workers and its been like that since the pyramids

  3. nemakjack

    get out and stay out, reduce, reduce, reduce, Ship all the departments of Washington DC to the various states.Department of Justice, agriculture, health, welfare, environment, education, ship them out.

  4. Brandon Koehler

    They are going to impeach the president again.

  5. Shaun T Pearson

    The biggest mistake Trump made when he first became president was, not firing every last one of the Obama holdovers on day one.

  6. Navy Phyrfitr

    After the 2020 Re Election of President Trump the gloves come off and Deep State prosecutions will be so many it will make the Nuremberg trials look like traffic court.

  7. Based lvl 9000 Ultra Chad Boomer

    The prosecutors quit because they're criminals and they know they're going to be prosecuted.

  8. Toga Tours

    Stone was deep state, you are so right! Now trump is going to pardon his Stone's crimes for trump is that cool or what? when is he going to get the others out of jail? Why is Barr being so slow? Did he not hear the instruction tweets?

  9. Toga Tours

    deep state is the Great Pumpkin Trumpin…he even colors himself orange

  10. Luis Gonzalez

    Once President Trump wins re-election, he needs to go scorched earth and raze the deep state from top to bottom. No holds barred, just annihilate them all to save our Republic.

  11. Wolf Mama

    Who’s thrown in jail? WHO are the criminals arrested and tried? Flynn? Manafort? Stone?
    Sedition and treason exist in the Swamp. There are a few high electives and executives I’d like to see there in that Club facing long sentences. …Seems like the DOJ is blind to it. If Barr can overcome this, we got somethin’ !!
    I’d like to see the budget for DOJ cut by trimming off the whole IG staff. They are the in-betweenie Weanies who do not indict. A total waste of investigation.

  12. TheMrProtocol

    A major problem is that Trump hadn't got his people in office due to the Senate.

  13. Rayna Engle

    LOU! why do you have guests come on your show when you end up talking all the time ??? …and arguing with them?

  14. David Pomella

    maybe the Justice Department should bring an indictment against these people for spying in the executive branch of the government ( Treason ) .

  15. Todd Dietrich

    so much for the last word

  16. Mary Kelly

    Here we have 2 reptilian shape shifting demons…..all tv networks are run by these demons…wake the hell up!!!! Trump IS the Antichrist spoken of in the Bible and all you people love and follow…praise a demon….Trump is pure evil…he will turn on all of you soon enough.

  17. Adrian Morrison

    The Deep State "Israel"

  18. katden220

    My concern and hope is that Durham isn't bought off. I don't think he can be, but you just never know.

  19. A J

    these are all criminals. half america is dumb as stones. good job giving our country to the mafia idiots.

  20. Rockin Rollin

    Just disgusting , these deep state crooks need to be exposed and prosecuted .

  21. Peter Degroot

    President Trump didn't wake up only America but the whole world. Thanks Americans for voting him. Just saying

  22. Gil D

    March 31st

  23. KarateMan

    The deep state, LOL. Poor pathetic trumpkins do not even realize that the reason Benedict don loves the uneducated is because they swallow his Cons every single time and go back and ask for seconds. Kiss your social security and medicare goodbye. The goPutin party only want your vote so they can steal every last penny you have thought about saving………..enjoy your life eating dirt.

  24. Tim Noyes

    If Trump is as great as you say he is then why do so many people hate him.
    Ask yourself, why?
    And it is not just Democrats. It's also Republicans and independents.
    The man is pure corruption and lies.
    The Republican party is covering everything up for him.
    Absolutely disgusting. What does he do next?????
    And how will the Republican party explain????😠😠😠

  25. Jonathan Sterling

    If the Deep State isn't real, explain why Washington DC and area cities are in fact 90% Democrat…

  26. Mihail

    The deep state is real folks

  27. Michael Davis

    Shut up Dobbs, he is your guest and a good guy. Geeze, if you would keep your mouth shut, and let your guests talk, you might learn something.
    We like you a lot Dobbs, but tone it down.

  28. kra3339

    DS is ruining our country.. or at least trying to. GO Patriots!!

  29. Gloria Escano

    I agree with the anchorman, don’t say that AG Barr is independent, he is great, brilliant with independent mind, a man upholding the law. He’s not, not swayed by anyone. He’s just doing a great wonderful job. I’m glad he’s our AG. I deeply understand your point of view calling him independent, don’t forget to mention that he’s a man upholding the law. For those who blast him, they are nothing but rotten individuals. Shame on you. This man has integrity and you don’t.

  30. Glenn RH

    thank god for ag barr, its to bad 2 years were wasted when sessions was ag

  31. sina mumuta

    They scared of the truth because they controllng the Country with hatred dangous bullied and threaten victims of politics action,but most they a aloud illegal activist terrorists drugs trafficking in to Destroyed innocent people but they pretend they don't know but they the dangerous violence to the Country

  32. William Griffin

    David Norman Bossie (born November 1, 1965) is an American political activist. Since 2000, he has been president and chairman of conservative advocacy group Citizens United and in 2016, Bossie was the deputy campaign manager to the Donald Trump presidential campaign. In May 2019, Bossie was accused by the Internal Revenue Service of defrauding political donors by funneling their donations to himself through consultants and book sales. President Trump has distanced himself from Bossie and demanded a thorough investigation

  33. PocketAces

    @3:00 Lou, the reason for all these swamp creatures STILL is because POTUS hasn't done enough to drain the swamp; he better pick up the pace soon or it will be a Promise Made, Promise Not-Kept. What ever happen to 'lock them up'?

  34. William Griffin

    Bossie worked on the campaign of Bob Dole. Bob Dole and is still with us at 96 YOA.Though he retired from public office, Dole has remained active in public life after 1996. He appeared in numerous commercials and television programs and served on various councils. In 2012, Dole unsuccessfully advocated Senate ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

  35. Frank Smith

    Hillary still says it doesnt exsist.

  36. Jim Holder

    So is the booger man! 😂

  37. paul starr

    its not state news is state tv news, were asking that the top FBI off be followed and watched tapped and kept under a boot, then we want charges ready at the aim were asking the families friends and other workers to watched keep following they shall flip start pulling them in were now asking Korea and honking to help us we offer a great deal for all of those that flip

  38. Incel Insurrection

    Trump: No one Wins as much as all of us Win.
    Leftist: No one Hates as much as all of us Hate.

  39. Carmen Gardiner


  40. shawna dee

    I was born knowing it and I believe and perceive many of us here now , was born onto this earth knowing this and are here to change this evil in high places

  41. J AI

    Deep state getting rich supporting and taking kickbacks. Biden and his entire family are crooks, Obama the biggest crook working as a puppet for Soros. Democrats and deep state are shielding Obama’s corrupt doings. We elected Trump to rid the country of the deep state and he is doing an outstanding job, seeing the panic in the deep state which includes democrats and msm.

  42. zamo8 Lamora

    Nancy Pelosi is %100!

  43. Ed Johnson

    Look up fascism. Seriously. Look it up. THAT is the Trump administration.

  44. buzzcrockett


  45. m beginization

    I dont understand why he would waste his presidency just to win over obamas holdovers

  46. 1safety4all

    The deep state has been in place since WW2, remember  Eisenhower spoke of industrial war, and Kennedy secret societies, they are embedded and must be routed out they are accountable to nobody, they are not even elected, many have shown their faces during these impeachment hearings that was one sided, and the trial at the Senate saw right through that, the Deep swamp must be drained for the sake of the country

  47. Jeffre Surrency

    Lou has got a point and he is right! The Attorney General is part of the Executive Branch and works for the President.

  48. alexander lowder

    It feels nice skipping every Bloomberg ad he paid so much money for.

  49. Robert Percevil

    Why isn’t Hillary Clinton in jail?

  50. Howard Bradley

    It's always been corrupt…is now , probably always will be…

  51. gizmo1

    Trump has debased the presidency. He has removed America from its moral and practical leadership role in world affairs. Like a bratty kid, he has spitballed foreign leaders — Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron — mocking them for their principles. Yet, he has nothing bad to say about Vladimir Putin, the neo-Romanov ruler of Russia and soon, maybe, of the “Little Russians” as well. Ukraine, beware.

  52. jester


  53. EasyYog11

    Well said.

  54. Len

    A good and very fitting title for them.. "The glinton obumer deep state swamp dwelling treasonous gangsters" ..

  55. Iam a Masterpiece of the DivineCreator

    Deep-state hate patriots
    DNC represents deep-state
    Deep-state hates Trump
    Trump represents patriots
    Out with all professional politicians!

  56. Susan Auger

    Deep state is very Swampy. Cryin Chuck first in line! He just looks sketchy. His facial expressions look like the Joker or something

  57. Rich Callahan

    “They” also killed a Supreme Court judge just to sneak their guy in. Obama, the Clintons and the Bush’s and many many others should be executed.
    They play evil subversive games, they don’t even know their puppet masters end game. They are literally the most exploitable and most incompetent professionals. If I could, I’d wipe half these clowns out myself.

  58. Chris Russak

    I sure hope that all security clearances were pulled for all that walked away, were let go. It is dangerous to allow them to have the clearance as a weapon.

  59. John Henderson

    Get rid of all the Holder holdouts. You can't fire them because they're civil servants. So reassign them all to the Detroit office.

  60. bill howes

    another liberal liar

  61. john somebody

    Lou Dobbs thank you for spreading the truth and keeping us informed. GOD Bless you and your family

  62. Mr303medic

    \ Well, no sh!t.

    \ Keep Leftists out of Government.

    \ Defend the Union.

  63. Gnome Socks

    The deep state is whatever the majority is. It can't be conservatism cause that is the uk's old ideology. not usa. it is treason to usa.

    p.s an independent. fox is such propaganda.

  64. Tylan Mccollum

    Lou Dobbs shows a spark of passion,, Go Lou

  65. We The People

    Just go to Kevin Shipps channel, he is an ex CIA whistleblower, he will blow your mind as to what’s going on. With backup evidence.

  66. charlie copeland


  67. Butterfly Effect

    Republicans should stop complaining but fight back. You know all along that Dems have so many crimes which were very obvious but you cant expose them or put them in jail. When will you guys stand up. Enough is enough.

  68. Coach Hannah

    Well, that IS what Rump is trying to create, of course, so to the extent he has succeeded, then, yes, the rightwingnut deep state exists in a state of creation.

  69. Brett Silk

    When ????????

  70. Betts Who

    You talk too much and interrupt your guests. I want to hear what the guest has to say more than you… stop talking so much!!!

  71. Wallace Mulls



    Investigate the break away programs! They are still targeting individual citizens. They don’t want the people to unite against them!

  73. NYCThrax1

    Barr is a WaSickton DisCease swamp product!
    He’ll prosecute no one.
    He’ll punish no one.
    You folks at Faux Njews are useful idiots!!!
    From bad (Sessions) to worse (Barr) America is getting shafted like never before.
    Pres. Trump has NO allies because the swamp is mostly controlling him as well.

  74. Ellen Gonzalez

    David used a number of Q expressions, did anyone notice?

  75. Virginia Addis

    Yeah trump bull sheet.

  76. Tony Orr

    Lou you kind of lost it a bit on the silliness of "independent". He is not of a Committee he answers only to the Constitution and the bastardizing laws we've allowed to be held over us, thereby in the context of politics he's independent!

  77. Rock Climber

    Thank you Lou and David Bossie You are true Americans!

  78. Ace1King1

    It's interesting to watch two powerful minds work out their differences.

  79. Tony Orr

    I bet there's some scandalous mother fuckers out there Shocked by the corruption of the District of Criminals Washington. I'm willing to bet even that for some they even find it cold sneaky slimey wickedness.

  80. Jerry Wilkinson

    Make the swamp look like the desert!🇺🇸

  81. DoorKicker

    This is true.
    Also what's true is that Jerry Nadler soils himself several times a day.

  82. Loyal slave 2 feline overloads Catman

    Hating Trump is a distraction. The real hoax was overbilling US tax payers by corrupt attorneys about S50M

  83. Debbie Jacob

    Maybe get REGULAR AMERICAN PATRIOTS from the people here to help run our country….everyday regular people who love our country….our President and our CHRISTIAN GOD

  84. Baruch Spinoza

    The Deep State has been around for a long while. Even JFK was lied to by the CIA; they deliberately doctored reports about Vietnam before they were presented in his Daily Brief.

  85. queensberry Q

    Lou dobbs is a boss. Good man. Fair and honest

  86. revpgesqredux

    Deep State is real, but not that deep. They are shallow and brittle and most of all stupid and filled with losing ideas.

  87. joan Neel

    And if the commies get in it will be the end for all conservatives.

  88. Rebel Geek

    More deep state conspiracies theories. Yet not one charge, convection, or any real evidence what so ever, despite the fact they have spent 3 years trying to get our "orange barking clown". Man, how gullible are all these magots?

  89. kathykay2010

    It's way past time to beef up all toothless laws that allow
    government officials and employees to commit treason
    against our Constitution, a duly elected sitting President
    and every American and then just "resign." They will most
    likely leave with a hefty government pension still intact!
    When will there be real justice for the worst criminals in

  90. V 4 Vendetta

    So why haven't they been locked up? Get them behind bars by any means necessary. Otherwise we're all doomed and our nation will cease to Exist.

  91. Pamela Katz


  92. john johnnston

    The world is fighting the deep state globalists worldwide like never before, and then boom Wuhan all a sudden happens… Ya sure thing deep state.

  93. Ronald Cifala

    How great is America u have a CORRUPT Trump , Pompeo and Barr running the country and then u have a Rock Spider like Jordan in the senate Wow Trump really did make America Great again

  94. Homo Sapiens in Futurae

    And FOX is right in the middle of it, in the swamp!
    The party of the rich and elites are the Republicans!
    And the deep state is also to be found among the Republicans and not among the Democrats !!
    Who lied to wage war in Iraq and Afgahnistan?
    The Republicans want to keep the status quo and exploit the peoples of the world, not that the Democrats are angels, but nobody is so ruthless with other countries to get their natural resources!
    Hence the hatred of Russia and China, which block access, or at least make it very difficult!
    Who was the 9/11 assassin, Saudis, and what is it?
    Business continues with Saudi Arabia, especially with weapons, large war equipment!
    The deep state is the military industrial complex and vice versa !!!!

  95. hmmm

    I LOVE LOU DOBBS! Thank you for your patriotism!

  96. Marc Bell

    Hahahahahaha, FOX at it again pretending the deep state are liberals.

  97. Patrick Wilber

    Barr is a Bush acolyte. 'Nuff said

  98. red flame

    i am stupid and "9/11 loose change" is a possibility?

  99. D͙i͙g͙i͙t͙a͙l͙ S͙o͙l͙d͙i͙e͙r͙

    Mainstream propaganda media outlets (i.e. "FAKE NEWS") were having conniption fits for weeks after President Trump fired the corrupt Ovomit-holdover Ambassador to Ukraine Yovanovitch, yet they we're fine when President Ovomit fired EVERY SINGLE Bush appointed Ambassador (read article below):

    (December 3, 2008)
    The incoming Obama administration has notified all politically-appointed ambassadors that they must vacate their posts as of Jan. 20, the day President-elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office, a State Department official said.

    The clean slate will open up prime opportunities for the president-elect to reward political supporters with posts in London, Paris, Tokyo and the like. The notice to diplomatic posts was issued this week.

    Political ambassadors sometimes are permitted to stay on briefly during a new administration, but the sweeping nature of the directive suggests that Obama has little interest in retaining any of Bush's ambassadorial appointees.

    Most ambassadors, of course, are foreign service officers, but often the posts involving the most important bilateral relations (such as with Great Britain, Japan and India) or desirable locales (such as the Bahamas) are given to close friends and well-heeled contributors of the president.

  100. jeremy banks

    Wealthy influentual people get where they are by doing bad things unless they inherit their position

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