Facts About Sister Wives That Will Make You Feel Uncomfortable

Facts About Sister Wives That Will Make You Feel Uncomfortable

Four spouses sharing one husband is already
enough trouble, but you’d be surprised by the disturbing drama going on behind the scenes
of TLC’s Sister Wives. Here are a few facts about the show that might
make you a bit uncomfortable. You would think a guy with four wives would
have an especially deft touch with the ladies, but in Kody Brown’s case, he’s apparently
about as charming as a cousin who shows up to weddings in a tuxedo t-shirt. According to excerpts from the family memoir,
Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage, Kody described his third wife Christine
as “a little chubby” when they first met and said it “turned [his] stomach” to watch her
take down a plate of nachos. Kody wrote, “I couldn’t watch her eat them. She must’ve been starving, because she was
eating so quickly, and there was chili sauce and nacho cheese everywhere.” He also admitted that he wasn’t attracted
to Christine, quote, “in any kind of physical sense.” Unfortunately, Christine wasn’t the only wife
Kody wasn’t feeling upon first sight. Kody described laying eyes on Robyn for the
first time like this: “She looked like a soccer mom. She had a van, three kids, and was divorced. I thought, I didn’t need a van, a divorced
woman, and three kids in my life, that’s just trouble.” Sure, these women say they love being in a
plural marriage, but come on, there has to be some tension now and then, right? In one 2011 episode, the sister wives admitted
it can be unpleasant to think about their “spiritual husband” having an intimate relationship
with all of them, especially when a sister wife becomes pregnant, such as Robyn, the
woman Kody is legally married to. And just to add another layer of cringe to
the situation, we’ll pause here to remind everyone that Kody technically divorced his
first wife of more than 24 years, Meri, in order to wed Robyn and adopt her kids from
a previous marriage. There are rumors that Kody “spends the bulk
of his nights” with fourth wife Robyn, and Robyn only, fueling jealousy among the other
wives. In fact, Meri reportedly expressed her true
feelings about their complicated marital situation to an online suitor who turned out to be catfishing
her. Apparently, Meri revealed multiple secrets
to the scam artist’s fake alter ego “Samuel,” including a bombshell confession that Meri
at one point was considering leaving the Brown compound for good because her heart wasn’t
in it anymore. “I spent the entire summer telling her she
was being catfished and she wouldn’t listen to me.” In a twist that could only happen to the cast
of Sister Wives, Radar Online reported that Janelle was previously married to a man named
Adam Clark Barber, better known as Meri’s brother. According to court documents, Janelle and
Barber finalized their divorce in June 1990, shortly after Janelle met Kody. Yet another intra-family connection occurred
when Janelle’s mother, Sheryl, married Kody’s dad Winn three months before Janelle and Kody
got hitched. There’s more: Sheryl and Winn’s marriage created
a plural union between them and Winn’s first wife, Kody’s mother Genielle. Confused yet? Kody Brown knows exactly where his bread is
buttered, the family reportedly earns between “$25,000 to $40,000” per episode, according
to In Touch Weekly, so it’s in his best interest to keep Sister Wives going as long as possible. What better way to maintain healthy ratings
than to tease the idea that he might add a fifth wife to the family, right? As of the making of this video, there aren’t
any new nuptials on the horizon, but there have been rumors about a new union for years. Kendra Pollard, a friend of Robyn’s, told
Life & Style in 2016, “[Kody wants] someone really young, like 19
or 20. And she has to be attractive and thin.” Another source claimed he’s well aware “that
teasing the intro of a hot new wife” could “give people a reason to tune in” and keep
the network interested. When the Browns were being investigated for
potential bigamy charges, they hurriedly escaped to Las Vegas, where “mere cohabitation” does
not constitute a punishable bigamy offense, as it does in Utah. What that means in layman’s terms is that
Kody and company were free to live like one big, happy, plural family, so long as only
one marriage license existed between him and one spouse. But was their flight to the Silver State really
as dramatic as they made it look on TV? According to third wife Christine’s aunt,
Kristyn Decker, the televised suspense was a ruse. Decker told Radar Online that the family had
allegedly intended to move to Vegas for quite some time, saying, “That was their plan and they used the State
coming after them for ratings. That’s my strong opinion.” It should be noted that Decker has since left
her own plural marriage and became an activist against the practice, so she might be biased. In the summer of 2018, the 23-member family
moved from Las Vegas to outside Flagstaff, Arizona, their new home for season 13 of Sister
Wives, scheduled to hit TLC in early 2019.

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  1. Nicki Swift

    What other reality shows should we feature next?

  2. Natalie Dahl

    They live 45 mins away from me. I haven’t seen them yet but I want to!!

  3. CheetoFireCat

    Yo, if he can have multiple wives they should be able to have multiple husbands just saying🙄 i watched 1 full episode once and ratings or not made me want to strangle the mofo. However, their lifestyle..have fun with that. (P.s. get out while you can)🤣

  4. tracie day

    The whole thing reminds me of a cult.

  5. Pretty Mommy

    So obvious he only wants Robin ( sexually)

  6. Cyndee Payton

    Ugghhhh….this guy just looks greasy..yuck! I wouldn't even shake his hand, much less get close enough for sex! (Shudder)

  7. Debora Ritchie

    There's something creepy about 4 perfectly capable, seemingly intelligent, grown women sharing and slobbering over one jackass of a "man". Eeeewwww.

  8. Geraldine Pebdani

    Cody is Covetous and cruel. Wolf in sheep’s clothing

  9. MES

    OK am I the only one who finds this web of marriages among the families?! I am not saying its incestuous because they arent biologically connected, but it is a weird dynamic within their own little circle. Also, sorry ladies, I know he's YOUR husband (on a rotating schedule) but he oozes with rudeness, superiority and at times just straight up pompous behavior. I am not saying plural marriages should or shouldnt be allowed but I just dont get what you are seeing and getting from Kody that would make any woman wanting him so badly, they will share all of him to the other wives. Im not judging one bit but had to ask why Kody? 🌹

  10. Heidi Bartlett

    He must be really good in the sack…ijs

  11. P S

    End this worthless, horrible show!

  12. CoolxFrigginxBeans04

    Ugly ass twat

  13. John Smith

    wives by the ton!

  14. matt 4you


  15. MES

    Look I could give a hoot if some narcissistic, egomaniac wants to "collect" women and call them wives. What I find disingenuous and hypocritical is the way he preaches this is a religious practice yet imo, he has got to be the most un-christian/mormon/FLDS member EVER! I will never understand why anyone would be attracted to a man with multiple women and once married, xpected to fulfill his needs, wants and beliefs first and foremost before his wives. I have interpreted his actions and how he presents himself as unsympathetic, selfish and a manipulator of the wives he has chosen. No judgements honestly, but why would any of his loving, loyal, intelligent and doting wives EVER accept the way he controls them and not for nothing, who ever pictures a life of sloppy seconds!? What a thrill to be on a rotating schedule waiting for this "man" to pick which wife is up next…..feels like a damn deli line waiting for your number to be called, I really believe its not his plural marriages that are unacceptable, its the way he behaves, speaks, treats, leads and dictates his wives which seems to be based solely his own desires, demands, needs and wants….sorry but I find his ongoing pursuit to recruit, marry and extend his family just shameful and blasphemous hiding behind "God" in order to get away with fulfilling his drive to get another! He needs to stop riding on the coattails of God. God did not tell him to marry multiple women…he made that decision all on his own based on his interpretation of the bible. It is actually an insult to me that his goals are made in the name of God! If his marrying multiple woman are cemented in his religious beliefs at what point did he learn its perfectly acceptable to speak so disrespectful, dismissive and hurtful to ANY of his wives…cant pick and choose which parts of his religion to follow….the point is to at least try to ALWAYS walk with and live by Gods words.. For the record….I have the utmost respect for each of his wives but how they handle and accept his behavior as well as sharing him with their sister wives is beyond my understanding. Again, I am not critising or judging their lifestyle but rather how he treats the women. 🌹

  16. blastman8888

    My guess these woman feel they can't get any better then this guy who has one thin wife he spends all his time with 3 fat woman try to get his attention

  17. Brittney Murdock

    I live in Utah and I saw Cody in a TJMaxx buying luggage a few years ago. He kept staring at me and was walking around like he thought he was the shit. Definitely gave me the heebie jeebies.

  18. T L C

    He's so gross. 🤢🤢🤢 How he could even get one woman is beyond me?

  19. Briley

    what a power hungry narcissist lol

  20. hello hello

    These woman have very low self estem. He is soooo disgusting looking.

  21. hello hello

    These people are very disgusting

  22. TheMoonlover93

    Okay everyone dragging them but a lot of people are sister wives with their on again off again relationships. Men with multiple baby mommas and women with multiple baby daddies so 😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Corren And Munchie

    Why!?? Just why!!???????

  24. Eileen ONIY EILONLY Davey

    i dont know what they see in him sure not his looks iwish mary would find someone that cares for her Now thinking of a 5Th wife he cant handle 4 What ever goes i guess

  25. Dannia Mendoza

    White people

  26. ce christine

    A pimp and his prostitutes. Case closed. And TLC pays the bill.

  27. Jessica Flores

    I get gay vibes from him! I feel like the sister wives is a cover up for him

  28. Alexandra H

    They are a fucked up mess and it's terrible that they are bringing children into this world in a situation like this on. They are all at fault not just Cody 😡😣

  29. TaraRockRevival BeBe

    Well all them ladies are beautiful! I think the WOOFER here is the goofy ass dude who they are married to. So if he’s married to 4 people then he should have on 4 different wedding bands as well!

  30. M Good

    This is giving into dirty, greedy disgusting men. He’s a pathetic monster. These women are disturbed with serious low self esteem. They have deemed themselves worthless.

  31. JENI T

    Dumpster fire.

  32. Chrissybabe1095

    Never liked this show

  33. Chrissybabe1095

    Just imagine being 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th to this man and not 1st. Like you're just a number to him.

  34. Gingembre Homme

    He is sooooo grosssss. No idea what any of these women see in him.

  35. Jessica RiverRain

    I wish TLC wouldn’t give someone like this a platform and money.

  36. Johanna Jacob

    I've always felt there is something a little "helter skelter" about his eyes- like Manson- just kind of dead.

  37. AJ Young

    I worked at a gas station in Lehi just before they left Utah. He came in once TOTAL ASSHAT!! He thinks he's so special but it's easy to see him for what he is pathetic!! Utah was glad to see them go!!

  38. Kelly Ellis

    Cody is gross! In fact , this whole situation is DISGUSTING!

  39. k m

    Cody sucks

  40. Lisa Napier

    Are these Women stupid or what? They have no self esteem or feel like they have no self worth? I don't understand!

  41. Jilly Girl

    Then he should not have married them if he wasn't attracted – he mentioned in an interview that Christine is" polygamy royalty"
    THIN ? That is his criteria for a wife ?

  42. Say It

    Nasty nasty nasty – he needs to wash everything. Eww – the women may as well do each other

  43. Say It

    Wait, he WAS attracted to Janelle? 😳

  44. JoDee PS

    I watched the first 2 seasons and that was more then enough. The fact that Kody and his so called wives are making money off their “religious beliefs” is a disgrace, this tells me they have no respect or belief in their religion. Enough is more then enough, get rid of this show already…they are nauseating, I can’t understand why people are still watching this farce of a family….who in their right mind would even consider being one of Kody’s wives, I wouldn’t let him touch me with a ten foot pole 🤢

  45. Soccerchic265 jkns

    I'm just disgusted that he actually thinks he has the status to court and marry a woman younger than some of his children. He has 4 other wives and at least 17 kids. Also he's super broke. He has no shame putting that out there, ya I want a young thin hot 19 or 20 year old wife.

  46. knight night

    I am 100% for defining a marriage the way you choose whether it be a man and a woman a man and a man a woman and a woman or multiple partners. But this guy is just slimy as hell. The way he talks about his wives is shameful and disgusting, and a really bad example for the males and his family

  47. Dede. Terrebonne terrebonne

    They will stick together for benefit of the show It’s all an act they need the money Their is no way that these women want to stay with that creep unless they are all idiots and desperate

  48. sherry p

    Kody is a Dog and these women are very weak.. and he's ugly he looks like a caveman. he can have his cake and ice cream and eat it too. along with a couple of balloons and presents.😕😒😑. I don't believe he loves any of them. just himself he has a two seater car really.

  49. Jills Mcfarland

    Wait until the wives find out that it's their daughters he wanted not their special selves.

  50. Jills Mcfarland

    Access with 8 bedrooms yet drives a 2 setter sports car,dah.

  51. Test Pilot

    I would not , kiss that man , he s had his tongue in another woman's mouth !! 😷🤧😦😭😵😕

  52. Wicker Buni

    He is nasty…straight up nasty. He is a pervert. That is all.

  53. Dianna Shuster

    Je is so damn disgusting, who the hell would want him?

  54. Grandma P

    This guy has no room to talk! Can’t hide that baldness with long hair and he’s very unattractive himself, I’m surprised he has one wife, much 4!! He also has a horrible attitude, I don’t watch anymore, but hope Merri left him and found a man that loves her. My daughter is divorcing a man just like him right now, I act like I’m sad for her, but I’m doing 🤸‍♀️ of joy behind closed door! I can’t stand him!

  55. Marley Sassy

    Cody only sleeps with Robin I’m sure!

  56. Girl Travelin Alone

    The thing that makes me most uncomfortable about Sister Wives is Kody's off trend man bun. Christine had no choice but to order a plate of nachos when she saw she was marrying that.

  57. Teresa Morehead

    Cody Brown is a creep. He makes me feel like I should join a convent.

  58. Bar Romodon

    has he even been arrested before? since the rest of the polygamist men have?

  59. Angela Nova

    You couldn’t pay me to marry that guy. There is no amount of money.

  60. Paula Roy

    If, Kody looked like Tim McGraw I could understand, sort of! He must be “hung” like an Arabian Racehorse, or a really good lover, but, I just don’t see the attraction of this 60’s burnout surfer looking “dude!” Lol Wake up ladies, you can do much better!

  61. Debi Freeman

    Cody is a clod. Can't see what the women see in him. They all could do better.

  62. Susan Burkett

    Meri was stupid for divorcing him so he could marry Robin. Now she has all the legal rights!

  63. Slash G&R

    She looked divorced. Only a squirrel like him would say something so stupid.

  64. Amber Key

    Meri should leave. She's way too smart for all of this.

  65. clubdino

    He's so gross.

  66. Teresa Harmon

    I live here in Utah. No the law wasn't after him for cohabitation
    The state of Utah really does have better thing's to do. And since half the state cohabitates, well come on. Cody thinks he special or something. He is on some kind of ego trip. Like he is a catch. He'll land his ass in jail for messing with a younger women.

  67. YvetteM Jones

    Why marry them, if you weren't attracted to them? He has a lot of nerves!

  68. Glenda Roberts

    Cody needs a REAL JOB!!!!!! A conceapt that jackass has not thought of. Either his wives work or he gets a ck from sister wives series……cody is such a jackass……there is NOTHING appealing about that dipstick that likes to be in charge and for wives, and the kids; everybody has to agree what cody wants to do.
    Cody is not a dictator nor a royal king but he sure acts like one.
    Those women could have done better for themselves. jmo

  69. Julianne McCulloch

    There are so many single men out there looking for a soulmate and there's none because all the polygamist having all these women to themselves, not fair at all

  70. Candy Smith

    His other wife is Janelle and he's talking about not being attracted to Christine? I though the man maybe prefers curvy women. Robyn's facial features remind me of an old man. lol He's not attractive at all in looks or personality, so who is he to talk crap about the wive's looks. Pfft! I think Meri lucked out only getting preggo with ONE of his kids. She can move on and not depend on him for support. Her daughter is an adult now. Meri has the prettiest blue eyes!

  71. Tammy Ky

    Mary and Christine are my favorites

  72. Denise Johnson

    I just don't believe in this I know a lot of people do but I don't and I just don't care for him I feel sorry for those wives that he has it's not right but that's my opinion

  73. Rikki Abu

    To each is its own … this lifestyle not for me tho . He ain’t even cute.

  74. Yvonne Mcdaniel

    Just a reminder, he is not married to all of them remember he is only married to one, he is only uses these women for income. You know he is not having sex with none of them except Robin.

  75. Kyote 10

    2:30 Doesn't their parents marriage make Kody and Janelle _ step SIBLINGS?_ 🤣

  76. Floridaaa girl

    Lmaooooo the first minute & 6 seconds🤣 these women are desperate!!😂😂

  77. Teresa Tradewell

    Why in the heck did he marry Christine if he thought she was so disgusting? He is the. Sleaziest guy

  78. Brent Dicker

    I will utmost stop watching this program I promise you that

  79. Lorie Postlewaite

    He’s just a disgusting pig he ridicules all his wives…what makes him so grand?

  80. Sangeeta

    I’m not as weirded out by the women, I’m more sad for them. I’m super weirded out by Kody. He makes me so uncomfortable!

  81. beverly a

    He has one legal wife and the others are who is committing adultery with. Its disgusting that some women would sink so low as to put up with being second best

  82. Carmen Carlton

    But each woman had something between her leg that you had in bed

  83. alfred spon

    all four wives cant stand each other , that is easily observed, kodi is really a despicable person just moves from one woman to another and the pathetic weak willed woman let him gets away with it. i blaim the first wife for allowing him to get away with it. look how he treats women like cattle. you can see his favourtite the youngest one, until he moves on to the latest version. SHAME ON WOMEN.

  84. S P

    Actually Mari divorced Cody, so he could marry Robyn and adopt her kids. Not the other way around.

  85. vianjelos

    Please TLC, Lets get a sister wives/90 day fiance cross over and have Kody divorce Robyn to marry the foriegn wife. I mean, if you REALLY want viewers that would make for great trash TV. I mean thats the only way a hot young woman is going to go anywhere near Kodys greasy ass anyway.

  86. Skippy19812

    God bless that man. He took the bullet no less than 4 times so the rest of us don't have to.


  87. Mariella Serrano

    Meek needs to leave man 😭 I love her too much I hope she finds happiness one day 😭😭

  88. jaywannabe whitebread

    He is a disgusting piece of human garbage. He preyed on women with little self esteem. I believe there will be some dirty dealing coming out about him.

  89. Luna 333

    Leave this family alone. They seem more 'normal' and great with their kids than I've seen a lot of so-called conventional relationships/marriages

  90. Jennifer Lundgren

    that would make the 5th wife younger than his daughters. Who would want that for a husband?

  91. ash

    She was stress eating because she was raised to believe she was an animal, not even a human.

  92. ash

    A 50 year old wants a 19 year old that's pretty and thin… Let me guess, God commanded it?

  93. Bobbie Manniello

    You can see the wifes can't express themselves like they'd like to so not to make waves!!!! Make waves ladies!!!! STATE UR MINDS!!!!

  94. Amanda Morris

    I feel bad for mary

  95. A C

    I don’t feel uncomfortable Nikki lol
    Robyn is the 4th wife, the wife matured Kody chose. No wonder his matured self chose her and likes her most although, Jenelle is very appealing to me. She’s 💯 mentally & emotionally, a staple for the family unit.

  96. Myka Morrow

    I hope he marries a 5th wife,That'll server Robyn a plate of what she did to Meri!

  97. Charlene Scott

    Everyone needs to loosen the hell up and learn to live and let live. They are all consenting adults…
    And who among us wants to be constantly dogged for how we choose to live our lives?!?

  98. Elena Rosado

    Sobyn Robyn has a chin in her like popeye 😂

  99. Shell anon

    It,s sad he has no use for Nel in bed. She,s a lovely gal. She must be fine with it tho.

  100. Para-Mentis Channel by Piggsy Lamb

    There's no love, its like a something from the game of thrones.

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