English Setter – TOP 10 Interesting Facts

English Setter – TOP 10 Interesting Facts

The English Setter is one of the oldest
gun dog breeds. A distinctive coat and gentle active and alert personality. There
are TOP 10 interesting facts about English Setters. Number one origin – the English Setter was
originally known as Setting Spaniel because they naturally crouch when
tracking and the word setter also refers to seated position which is dog doing
when they find game. they’ve pretty long history that trace back to 14th century
Their ancestors were various spaniels but most importantly Spanish and French
pointer. Number two coat – the most distinctive feature of the English
Setter is definitely its coat it’s very attractive coat. with feathering on the
chest ears belly legs and tail. The base color of the coat is white with
different color ticking. You can find them in blue Belton which is white with
black flecks, orange Belton which is white with orange flecks, lemon Belton which
is white with orange flecks and lighter nose, a liver Belton and tricolor. Puppies
are very often born all white and they develop the markings as they grow Number
three two types. There is quite a difference
between the English Setter field dogs and show dogs. The show dogs are larger and
they also have more luxurious coat and differ slightly in coat pattern. Patches
of color are often seen in Field English Spaniels but they aren’t desirable for
show dogs. Number four – novice dog owners unlike most of the hunting dog breeds
who are poor choices for novice dog owners the English Setter is manageable
even for people if only little experience with dogs. Of course there are
some better choices but English Setter is intelligent and most importantly
eager to please dog which is very important. They can have independent
streaks and you should keep the training sessions short and always give them
praise and treat when they are doing good job. Number 5 exercise – this is a
highly active breed, especially when it’s younger. English setters need plenty of
exercise and they are great companions for hikers or joggers. They definitely needs
daily longer walks regular training sessions or
task-oriented playtime is also needed to stimulate not only their body but also
their mind. Number 6 size – the English Setter is elegant and
slim dog breed with average height between 23 to 27 inches which is fifty
eight to sixty eight centimeters and weight between 45 to 80 pounds which is
20 to 36 kilograms. Naturally the females are a little bit smaller than males
Number 7 great memory This dog breed has amazing memory and it
can be both good thing or bad thing. The good thing is that once you teach them
some command they do not need much repetition because they will just
remember it. On the other hand they will also remember all the bad habits and it
will be twice as hard to break them Number eight head – the English Setter has
bright and very expressive oval hazel – dark brown eyes, moderately long ear set
low on dog’s head and dark nose. They have strong mouth and jaws with perfect
scissor bite. The English Setter has a long, lean and muscular neck. Overall
when you look into English Setter eyes you will see an intelligent and curious
dog. Number nine grooming – just look at the coat and all the feathering. Of
course this is a high-maintenance breed English setters needs to be combed and
brushed several times a week. You should untangle the mats and use metal comb or
slicker brush to remove the dead fur and keep the coat in top condition. Just like
with all dogs you should regularly check their eyes ears and nails and clip them
or clean them if needed. Number 10 health this is a relatively healthy dog breed
with average lifespan between 10 to 12 years. Just like all the dogs they do
suffer from some health issues most commonly from hip dysplasia deafness
hypothyroidism and dermatitis. Tell me in comments what do you like the most about
the English Setter and what is your experience with this dog breed if you
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