[ENG SUB] Free! -Dive to the Future- Live Reading

[ENG SUB] Free! -Dive to the Future- Live Reading

Ah, Rin! Gou-chan! Over here! Makoto-senpai! Kisumi-kun, too, it’s been a while! Welcome to Hidaka University! It’s been a while, huh, Rin? Hey, Kisumi! You really suit the university campus! Long time no see! Your pronunciation is really good You also look like you’ve gotten more muscular, Rin! I know, right? Have you continued playing basketball? Yeah, of course! Basketball is my image, after all! Ah, I remember playing street basketball
with Rin and Sousuke when we were kids Let’s play again with the three of us You’re right, we should I’ll go and tell Sousuke Eh, let’s see… What are you guys doing? Seems like Asahi and the others went to the
karaoke club and it was getting really heated up! Eh? Haru goes to the karaoke?! Yep, he does sing sometimes Like Japanese rice fish songs Huh… We shouldn’t lose to them, too! Come over here! From all the clubs in here, next to basketball, the one I recommend
to Makoto has got to be this one— Could it be..?! Gou, it’s not the muscle club Ehh? But this place seems to be behind the school building… I got it, Kisumi If it’s you, it’s definitely gonna be something like the “Chick Sexing Club”, right? You seem like you’d be good at that Eh? If it’s Kisumi’s hobby, I think it’d be something like the
“Wanpaku Sumo Appreciation Society” Wait, you two! What did you think my hobby was? Eh, it’s not? It’s not! Eh— (clears throat) What I recommend to Makoto is— the “Laughing Club”! …”Laughing Club”? Why would I… “Laughing Club”? I heard from Asahi, Makoto In an after party in middle school, you did a comedy duo act! Eh?! And the name of your act was… “Three Letterz”— AHH! Stop, it’s embarrassing! And he said it was really funny— He’s definitely lying! Asahi’s just saying what he wants! No, no, that’s not true Makoto, have more confidence in yourself Kisumi, you didn’t even see it,
don’t just go believing other people! But the members of the Laughing Club aren’t here, right? Mm~ Usually, they’d be rehearsing around here, but …seems like they’re not here today What a relief What’s with that, so boring Then… Makoto~? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Why don’t you try it out here? A comedy duo act Huh? Huh?? HUH?!?! What are you saying— There’s no way I could! Makoto-senpai’s comedy duo, I want to see it! Gou-chan, you too?! I want to see it, too! N-no, no, no—skfjdfl— Asahi isn’t even here, and I can’t
do a comedy duo all by myself! Then, how about you do it with Kisumi? But if I do it, it wouldn’t be the “Three Letterz” I mean, my name is made up of four characters
*(鴫野貴澄) Was that what “Three Letterz” meant? Ah!! Then, what about onii-chan? Huh?! Sounds good~ Huh?? Matsuoka Rin—
*(松岡凛) It’s exactly three characters! Then, with the name “Neo Three Letterz”— Makoto and Rin’s comedy duo has been formed! No, no, no— Wait, wait, wait X100 Whoo! Why are Makoto and I— suddenly doing a comedy duo? It’s weird! I mean, if it’s a name with three characters, then Gou— – Rin!
– I can’t hear you Rin! Shh! Why are you looking at me with those eyes? Rin… (Just shut up, please) Then, without further ado, please show us your brilliant
and amazing comedy duo act! Whoo! Clap, clap, clap! Neo Three Letterz, please go ahead! Whoo! Clap, clap, clap! H-hey— What are we gonna do, Makoto? I mean— First of all— What did you guys…do before? First of all… Kansai dialect Kansai dialect?? Hello, I’m Tachibana Makoto! (T/N: he spoke standard Japanese) I’m Matsuoka Rin… y’all (T/N: Kansai dialect) Seein’ sights I ain’t seen before is my hobby… y’all What’re ya suddenly sayin’~ 1, 2— – We are—
– Neo— (flustered) 1, 2— – Ne—
– We are— 1, 2— – We are—
– Neo— 1, 2— We are the “Neo Three Letterz”! (T/N: they continue talking in Kansai dialect here) Say, Rin? W-what is it, Makoto? Ain’t it been only 15 seconds since our duo was formed? Guess yer right. I was thinkin’? For us to get to know each other better… Let’s do something funny! Huh? So suddenly?? Let’s do something funny!! (/≧▽≦)/ W-wait a sec! C’mere, Makoto! Come here! Eh? Eh? (T/N: back to normal) What the hell… That innocent act just now It feels like it’s turning into a penalty game for me! I can’t do it! My jokes would totally bomb like this! I don’t wanna get burned! I mean—! I can’t just suddenly think of something funny! Rin, I’m begging you?! No, wait, wait Don’t just make me carry all the burden,
I can’t do it!! (ಥ﹏ಥ) So, What did you guys do for your act before? Uh… we did tongue twisters and… “Divine Hawk” poses… ヘ○ヘ
(T/N: looks like this) And also… Singing Singing? You sang?? I did Ahh, is that so! Ah… But doing the same thing is kinda not good… As an entertainer Who’s an entertainer now? – It’s kinda boring, right, doing the same thing
– Mmm, yeah Then, let’s do it like this— (whispering) I got it! ٩(°〇°)و Yer right! x3
(T/N: back to Kansai dialect) Let’s go! Hello! We’re the Neo Three Letterz! Listen, Y’know, ain’t you just came back from Sydney? Oh, that’s right Then, ya gotta know a few American jokes, right? Can’t ya do some for us? ‘Course I can! What sorta image do I have in yer mind? Besides, Sydney ain’t even in America! But if it’s for you, guess I got no choice! I didn’t say that much I do have this specialty joke Eh, really? Let’s hear it~ (clears throat) Here I go ☆( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey, Mike~ They said in the city’s drugstore, there was a bear Oh, Charlie, that’s my wife (???????) Shark! (T/N: same pronounciation as ‘shock’ for Japanese) Rin? Rin?
(T/N: back to normal) – Let’s talk
– I thought so I thought so What was that just now? What was that just now? I don’t get it! And that ‘shark!’ at the end was
Mikoshiba-san’s thing, wasn’t it? Why would you copy from others? I did… Also.. The joke kinda bombed It did.. Did you see how everyone didn’t know how to react? Yeah… You were just forcing yourselves to clap Somehow… It was a really warm applause That’s harsh – So the air was chilly, huh
– Yeah We also kinda froze up here… Shut up! I don’t know how comedy duos work! What are you saying, Rin? If you’re saying all that— I’m not saying anything Then why don’t you do something you think is funny! EHHHHHH?!??#$#@$?! Go on, it’s your turn! This is really fun~ Yeah~ I feel really nervous for them, too Don’t you wanna try it out too, Kisumi-kun? Yeah, absolutely— NOT (◕▽◕✿) Hello, we’re the Neo Three Letterz! (T/N: back to Kansai dialect) Makoto, I know yer excited, so tell us yer funny joke we’ve
never heard of before~ Uhm… Quickly! Makoto, go for it! Uh… Uh (;°Д°) Uhhh…
(T/N: “etto”) Winter swallow
(T/N: “etto tsubame”) (questioning his life) What’s that? (T/N: “etto tsubame” is not an actual thing,
it’s the title of a song by Masako Mori) It’s etto tsubame. Etto… etto… (Whatever you say, Makoto…) You’re gonna pay for this… – Was that Makoto just now?
– Makoto-senpai? What? What’s wrong? Rin, what’s the matter? Makoto-senpai? Did you hear something? – M-Makoto-senpai?
– N-no… somehow… – Suzuki—
– Rin x3 – Suzuki Makoto—
– RIN I wanted to show you a sight
you’ve never seen before~! Etto, etto… etto tsubame Uhm… Eto… e.. Toei Shinjuku Line… (It was in the script!!!) Why? Why? Why? Eto… E…toe… E…Toei… E… Toei Shinjuku Line What about the poses? Pose—! Etto tsubame— he did it, though He did, he did What do we do? – Let’s do Toei Shinjuku Line
– 1, 2— This is how people look like on trains ( ⊙ _ ⊙ ) Ah, you’re already doing it..! – You’re done now
– Yeah – You’re ok with that?
– Yeah Try looking it up Ok, what face does Toei Shinjuku Line look like— So that’s Toei Shinjuku Line That’s right What about the Shonan-Shinjuku Line? Shonan-Shinjuku..?! So that was the Toei Shinjuku Line, What face do people make on
the Shonan-Shinjuku Line? For the Shonan-Shinjuku Line… (◉ 目 ◉) ( ゚Д゚)b How about the Toei Shinjuku Line…? How about Shonan-Shinjuku Line? Rin, Rin Listen to me already You’re good at that kinda stuff too, right? That’s not in the script!! Gou, Gou, continue..! (I ain’t saying a thing) Gou!! “Kisumi-kun~” “What is it, Gou-chan?” “What should we do with this atmosphere?” “I guess it’s time to stop them, huh?” Then— You have to act it out too While we’re saying the lines, act it out~ Yep, that’s right~ Here we go! I want to see the hopeful facial
expressions Rin is good at! Shinkansen Here we go~ Kisumi-kun~ What is it, Gou-chan? What should we~ do with this atmosphere~? – I guess it’s—
– From hopeful to— From hopeful to echoing That’s not really it Do the Shinkansen Should we wait some more? Let’s watch them for a bit more Just hurry up! Let’s get this over with! I guess it’s time to stop them, huh~? Doing any more is too harsh..! Let’s just take it and go Never-before-seen— Yes, thank you! Thank you very much!

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