[ENG/RUS/ESP] MC주니 차니의 버킷리스트는 무엇? [A.C.E 고독방 7화]

[ENG/RUS/ESP] MC주니 차니의 버킷리스트는 무엇? [A.C.E 고독방 7화]

[Chan and Jun from A.C.E have invitied you] A show that solves your problem and comforts your soul! A.C.E’s room of solitude! Let’s share! [Drop the beat] I think you should do it again Can you start over from “check check”? Oh good A little more! There we go A little slower [Can you please start…?] Problem solved~(rapping) Comforts your soul~(Stil rapping) [Emergency: Can’t breathe] It’s A.C.E’s Room of Solitude! YAYYYY [A.C.E’s room of solitude] [Your personal problem that you couldn’t share with anyone!] [Now it’s time for you to open your heart!] [Empathize as you share your story] [And also comfort song prescription!] [Problem solved] The topic of this week is ‘Bucket list’ I think Jun’s bucket list is beatboxing Beatbo…What? kick snare~ kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare [Maknae’s cute acting makes me cute today lool] Guys As Chan said earlier [Beatboxing class with Mr. KicksnareJunhee] For beatboxing, You only need kick and snare because you just have to hit them.. I’m sorry but this is too silly hahah Bucketlist for me, it’s not beatbox It has been on the list for a long time Trip to Switzerland Ohhh Switzerland I knew it was on your list It has been on my list for such a long time You can just feel it just by looking at the photos you know The feeling that tells you “I must visit this place one day” If you get a chance to visit Switzerland and you are only allowed to bring only one member from your group Definitely Chan But I wanna go alone tho Huh? I wanna travel alone I take it back HAHAHAHA Why do you wanna go with me? We are on this show together That’s the only reason? Ughhhhh this guy is really…. Noooo that’s not the only reason You picked me because all of those cameras are filming you! Chan is really…what should I say Chan is the type of person who becomes very lazy when traveling I am also like that but as we enjoy good views in Switzerland I would like to see Chan running around happily and enthusiastically I think he will be like that if he goes to Switzerland Am I Heidi or what? [The alps Jun and Chan running around in the middle of Switzerland’s nature] For me, I think it would be good to have some certificates For instance, cooking. I am recently watching a lot of cooking videos So if there is anyone who is willing to try food I cook,,,,, [I’m ready] What’s the food you cook the best? Kimchi fried rice and ramen And there is the most important bucket list I want our song to be listed on top 100 music chart Please listen to our song many times We should try to win the first place ohh first place? Yes All of us have the same goal I think that is a bucketlist for A.C.E First place in music chart And we have our staff members here We can’t skip asking their bucketlist right?>What would be your bucketlist? A.C.E winning first place A.C.E winning first place? A.C.E winning first place? Are you sure? It says ‘Getting off from work”, “Quitting work” on the script Let’s change it to A.C.E winning first place to make it peaceful and beautiful Although it says ‘Getting off from work’, ‘quitting work’ I understand the first oen but why would they want ‘quitting work’ hahahha We work for same company you know…. [Guuudbye Eburibody~~] [First story from ID: Chaehyuniyuni] Story from username Chaehyuniyuni Knock knock! I heard this place is well known for problem solving so I am here to tell you about my story I have a bucketlist One of my bucket list is, participating in National Singing Contest! National~ Singing Contest~~~~ Ta-da-da-da-da-da~~~ [That’s not the theme song…] [I’m sorry..] This is the one Anyway! Paricipating in National Singing Contest! People around me often tell me that I am pretty talented and I need to show it off one time Ohhh…okay [‘Talent’ has exploded] And I just all of a sudden decided to contest in the show [Yes! I have made up my mind!] But as soon as I decided to start preparing, I’m not sure what song I should sing, what I should do if I fail in the qualification round, what if I get too nervous and fail to fullly show my talent? and those worries make me hesitating You can get nervous for sure As a mater of stage performance, Can you please give me some tips or suggestions? [Master of stage performance] I am kinda embarrassed hahaha Master? haha How come we are masters… We wil! Today! Tomorrow! and the day after! always work hard! We are working hard type so I wouldn’t call us a ‘master’ HAHAHAHAHA~ But thank you for calling us masters Maybe we are seemed as masters to Chahyunihyuni I was also this kind of person My friends always said “You don’t belong here” “You should go to hanyang(old name for Seoul)” Hanyang…? Yeah Hanyang which is Seoul It’s Chosun dynasty now! The reason why it’s so funny is This is my first time talking about it in public I also have experience participating in National Singing Contest Oh really? WHAT THE~~~~~~ He is also an experienced! When I was a trainee, there was a break period It was National Singing Contest Episode Suncheon right? I heard there was audition for National Singing Contest Episode Suncheon I was not able to control my excitement, or my talent and my family told me to try They suggested and I was not so sure if I should at first but I ended up taking it as an opportunity Did you sing a ballad song…? Nope What do you think I sang? Chilgapsan? Nope! I think you can guess it You are almost there Unconditional? I did sing Unconditional [Unconditional by Park Sangchul] Anyway… UGHHHH that is REALLY SAD But you know? I was young and it’s always good to try so I totally understand Chahyuniyuni’s feeling On top of National Singing Contest, being in front of a big crowd is a good experience! When would you able to do it if it’s not now? You should take the chance when there is one I think it’s always right to do such stuff when you can Being on a stage is all about audacity Everything that involves being in front of a huge crowd is about audacity How big is your audacity? Mine is about 3.7cm thickness Mine is about hardness level 9 Hardness level 9? You will hurt your hand if you punch it Wowww that is amazing Baaaaang~ like this I think we should give her a tip on how to get rid of nervousness before going on the stage For me personally, you know, right before we go up on the stage If we shout out ‘Fighting’ all of us together I think it kinda relaxes me Personally The way not to get nervous is, as we said, audacity! For me, I do a lot of mind control I always perform on the premise that I can make mistakes Because the moment you start thinking that you should not make mistakes, you fall in a mess [Like this…?] So I always try to remind myself that I can make mistake and I also tell myself that it’s okay to do bad I will just enjoy This is what I tell myself the most Always keep in mind that you are the best That will give you confidence which didn’t exist before I often remind myself of this thinking So the conclusion is that Jun is the best Okay I got it You know,,,,maybe.. OKAY LET’S MOVE ON TO THE COMFORT SONG! Since we are talking about National Singing Contest, I have prepared a song that everyone knows of It’s Love Battery by Hong Jinyoung I was low on battery and needed charging Right in front of you, there is Suncheon Bay Garden With Mr.Songhaem Suncheon Bay Garden and for the bgm National~~~~~~~~~~ Singing Contest~~~~~~~~ Hello~Let me sing Love Battery~ [Jun’s comfort song filling you with confidence] [Song pick that makes everyone shakes their body] [He burnt the stage] [Human xylophone, human glockenspiel’s sound for pass] [Is your confidence charged? :D] And moving on to the next story Username A.C.E-CHOICE=0 Username A-O I stay in a study room all day long to achieve my dream As I study, sometimes I wonder if I really can achieve my dream and I also wonder if I will be happy even if I fail the test I am pursuing my dream but I am also nervous. Jun & Chan please give me words of support! I want to get some advice from A.C.E who were really desperate to achieving dreams which were being an artist Just by the fact that you are worrying about your dream and thinking about it, it makes you a great perseon and I think that kind of trials and errors in your life makes you stronger and will lead you closer to your dream And she told us that she goes to a study room everyday and the fact that she is doing something consistently is the most important thing What about you chan? When was your most diffcult time in your life? Dream is literally a dream It’s a goal but it’s obviously hard to achieve it Since it has been your dream, since it is really hard to achieve, there is no word to explain the sense of accomplishment it brings when you achieve a dream That is why, when I finally have become an artist I was REALLY HAPPY At the same time, we have put so much effort with my members It might be tiring and boring but if you endure it and if you look back on your past after you achieve your dream You will realize that those moments were really what you needed to be where you are at right now I think it is so natural to feel nervous when you are pursing something but if you think a little bit outside the box If you can change that nervousness to a driving force It can be your energy drink for you Use that nervousness well And when I meet my people around me They always tell me that I am so cool And I ask them why They always tell me that me planning on future, dream, and goals and achieving it by doing what I need to do is really cool His friends are even so cool They also tell me that they always regret that they never tried for their dreams when they had a chance , when they were younger with energy Having a dream and challenging yourself to achieve it is such a wonderful thing to do and a good experience in your life and it will be the root of yourself so please don’t give up and move forward until the en A.C.E supports not only A-O, but also everyone who is pursuing their dreams Jun and Chan supports you! Okay so the comfort song! What song did you prepare? Comfort song I prepared is I Dream by 15& Please say some words like narration Today, we have invited a guest, Chan from A.C.E he told us that he is pursuing his dream Chan is singing I dream by 15& [Wanted to be a singer more than anybody wanted] [All the sweats] [And all the difficult times] [It was possible to endure them because he was not alone] [Username A-O who sent us this story! Chan will always support you! The lyrics are wonderful Dreaming can’t always be good but just the fact that you are dreaming is something pretty, cool, awesome so please don’t give up Let’s admit something before you move forward The fact that it’s not easy If you wanna do easy things, it’s not so fun so if you tell yourself “This is hard so I will work hard to get it” Life is fun when there is hardships Isn’t it? How old are you…?? Maybe around 240? HAHAHAHA I thought you were an old man who has lived his life for so long Okay so that was the stories about bucket list We wish you achieve things on your bucketlist one day! Let’s go guys Fighting!!! Chan’s bucketlist is! [Subscribe] Jun’s bucketlist is! [Like] Please click them~! See you next time~BYE~~

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